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The 2015 Ford f150 pickup. Ride in comfort. Save fuel. Great for work or family.

The performance of the 2015 Ford crew pickup is excellent, no problems noticed. It is very reliable, easy start up. It rides smooth, quiet and has a lot of power. All the controls are within easy reach. The pedals can be power adjusted. There is also an outlet on the front panel. The cab and body is made almost entirely of aluminum giving it a reduced weight from 500 to 700 which is great for fuel economy. The seats are very comfortable and adjust perfectly to your body and back. The seats are also heated which is an added plus in the cold weather. Five adults can fit easily in this vehicle with plenty of legroom the sound system is great and it can also be adjusted by using the steering wheel. Your cell phone can be paired up which makes it so easy to talk hands free with voice recognition 'the headlights come on and go off automatically. Backing up is made so easy with the backup camera. If anything is in back of the truck the sensors will start beeping. Three adults can easily fit in the back seats which are very spacious and fold up when needed to make room for tools or pets. The cab is also spacious enough to carry larger tools and cargo. When the back seat is folded up the floor is completely flat. The console in the front is also very large and has a lot of storage room. Great for towing, it has 8400 pound towing capacity. Tow you camper, trailer or boat with ease.

- Vera F

Dependable luxury truck- looks great and performs great.

The smooth ride is wonderful. I drive lots of miles with what I do and I am very comfortable as I drive throughout the metroplex. The heated seats in the winter, the massage features the front seats, numerous plugins and outlets for my electronics including a full plug in the front, the backup camera and front view camera are some of the most favorite features of my truck. I have almost a hundred thousand miles and love it. Going strong. Regular maintenance done such as oil changes and tire rotations, filter changes, and I have had no issues. This is a 4 by 4 truck and I love that versatility as well. Beautiful truck but when I need to get something hauled and picked up I love the capability to do that as well. I would definitely recommend this. Luxury truck with great utility all the way around!

- Fiona W

The resale value is much better than used cars. Trucks are more in demand.

Our 2015 Ford f-150 is not the top of the line model and yet it was very expensive. We use it to tow or 30 ft travel trailer. I would have preferred to have more bells and whistles. It does not have GPS in the system. The seating in the back is ok but not a lot of extra legroom. The console in the front is cumbersome and we rarely are able to have another person sit there when we have many passengers. The gas mileage is not the best especially when we pull the travel trailer. The body of the truck is still in excellent condition since we had a protective coating and undercoating applied upon purchase. I feel they are quality trucks and the resale value is there but trucks are getting way too high in new car purchases.

- Debra W

I believe that the most interest detail is the torque that the F-150 has. It is very heavy and can get traction very well in tough terrain.

My Ford F-150 is one of the most reliable cars I have had in all of my life as a working man. It has a sturdy chassis that can be driven in some of the toughest terrain and is great for farm work as well as driving to and from cities where traffic is tight. I love the suspension because it is very forgiving and does not bounce but rather absorbs the impact. The miles per gallon that I get on my F150 is fair and depending on how you drive it, you can get close to what a small car might be getting. All in all, this car is definitely a sturdy car that can take on any job.

- Eric M

I recommend an f-150 to anyone in the market for a truck.

My f-150 is very reliable. I live where there is a lot of snow and snow drifts and it has little issue getting through. For a full sized truck, it gets great gas mileage (about 20 to 25 mpg). The only problem I have with it is that the turning radius is not great, however this is an issue that does not present itself very often. Another nice thing about my ford is that the suspension is high quality, so when I hit a pothole or drive on rough roads I do not notice the bumps as much. If anyone is looking for a new truck, I am pointing them to an f-150 10 out of 10 times!

- Tom N

Auto engine shut off takes time to get used to.

This is the first Ford f-150 I have owned and I am really enjoying it. I like the way I sit up in the cab, the ecoboost features (mileage) and the cab room (crew cab). Only problems have been the service engine soon light frequently comes on and off. This is regarding emissions, but the dealership service personnel say there is nothing wrong. My wife loves the adjustable pedals and the way the seat adjusts to fit her “fun size. ” the foldable back seats to provide a lot of cab space is also something we really like. All in all, we highly recommend the f150 xlt.

- Tobin D

Thought we loved our ranger till we met our f150.

Got it to pull out camper, but ends up our “car”. So much quieter than our Ford ranger was. Love the sound system (we are weekend musicians too). No problems, but find that is true with all our fords the first 6 or 8 years. Grandkids love the roominess and we were sold at the feature of the back doors not openable till the front doors are opened. When we travel without the camper, he sleeps sitting up ( no electricity for apnea machine) and the back is big enough for me to sleep- I am 5’7. We only argue over when to wake up, haha.

- Christi C

Ford f150 is a great choice when looking for an all around good value!

I love it! The controls are easy to use even with gloves on. The gas mileage is right around 18 mpg in town. The cab is comfortable and quiet. About the only thing I do not like is the placement of the high beam indicator light. Its blocked by the steering wheel. I would also like it if the steering wheel would come out farther as I like to sit back for more leg room. Other than that it's beautiful comfortable and fun to drive. I also like the rear view camera and the step that is built into my tailgate. It's a great option!

- Alan G

A woman's review of her ford.

Smooth ride no matter where you sit. Comfortable seating in front and back seats. Plenty of room for children and all their things. Only problem I have is that it does not have a windshield wiper fluid indicator when it is low. Gets great gas mileage. Love the backup camera being on a bigger screen instead of in the rear view mirror like some vehicles. Like being able to check tire pressure while driving along with mileage. Especially love having a sun and moon roof.

- Casey W

A utilitarian work horse.

The backup camera and sensors kick in 5-10 seconds delayed. Not super helpful if there’s something directly behind you. The sync system is horrible and often does not work in sync with our phones. They shaved off precious back seat legroom in 2015 with the new body style. The aluminum body crumples like a soda can. But she’s reliable so far and adequately comfortable. She does need to go in for a recall due to seat belts causing fires.

- Meredith R

Looking for a truck? Well how about a ford.

This truck is everything that you look for when buying a truck. It is a four door truck with tons of room in the front seat and back, has a good size bed. The gas mileage is great and a lot of people think that it does not tow much because it is a v6 but it actually tows more than a v8 engine. It is a comfortable and smooth driving truck and very reliable. For anyone looking for a truck I definitely recommend this truck.

- Tyler S

Good for hauling things in the bed and/or it can pull a trailer.

I have a Ford F-150 that I currently lease. It has heated seats, heated side mirrors, 2 bubble mirrors on the side mirrors, bed lights, and remote start among all of the other "standard" equipment. It is "blue jeans metallic" and has the small doors that open in the opposite direction and you need to open the front door first to open them. I prefer this so I have more bed space without having to ask for an extended bed.

- Ron M

It is reliable which is important to us to successfully run our business.

Our f-150 is extremely reliable. It allows us to successfully run our business and we never have to worry about it breaking down on us. We have always owned a Ford and will continue to own a Ford throughout all the phases of our lives. My favorite part about our truck is the amount of space the cab has. We always take it on long road trips as there is plenty of room to move around and it fits all of our belongings.

- Casey F

Ford truck lover review of my f one fifty.

This truck is absolutely reliable, however, we have had issues w the 4WD since we used it the first time about a year after we purchased it. We purchased it new. It is been thru 2 hailstorms and repaired nicely. I love the heated and cooled seats and the side mirrors light up if there is a vehicle near you on either side. I also love having a backup camera and couldn't go back to the non camera vehicle!

- Ashley H

Constant vehicle service monitoring.

F-150 is a pickup truck, it has a sport package factory installed. Ideal for towing, 4wd for old road operation. Driver and passenger airbags. Onboard services I. E. , map assist, satellite am/FM radio, 10 disc CD changer, USB port for connecting phones or tablets. A. C. Receptacle with inverter. Driver and passenger power seats, rear tinted windows, electric door locks, keyless entry, security system.

- Donald G

It's all the little things that make my truck great.

I love my truck, have had it for about a month now and it is just great. This is my second ford and I am very happy. This one has a prettier trim package and the full extended cab. There is so much room in the back, I am very happy about that. It has heated seats and a locking tailgate. The dash tells me when my tire air pressure is low. I am very impressed with the quality and durability of my truck.

- Stacy K

Comfortable and easy to drive.

I absolutely love our F 150 Platinum Truck. As a woman I was looking for the ease of driving. We pull our travel trailer and I am the one who drives most. It is easy and comfortable and has all the frills that help to make our travel enjoyable. Including the step in the tailgate which I really wanted but the bonus I got and discovered after our purchase was the massage seats. Love my truck!

- Eujeana C

F-150 supercab is the truck to buy.

I have not had any issues and it has been extremely reliable so far! I love it! I love the sync technology and hands free features. I love the fact that the back window opening is automatic. I love the fact I can get anywhere in winter between the high/low/manual options as well as the tire settings that is available. I love how all details I need to know are on my dash and easy to find.

- Amanda R

Ford built tough to last forever.

The best vehicle I have ever owned. It is roomy and has a lot of power. It is fast and has all the bells and whistles anyone would ever want in an car or an truck. I would put this truck up against any vehicle on the road. It is so powerful it can tow heavy loads and do not miss a beat with speed. I love this truck so much that I do not think I will ever buy a different type of vehicle.

- Horace B

Great truck with a smooth ride.

I absolutely love my f150 lariat! The seats are super comfortable with heating and cooling features. Extra-large sun/moonroof makes for enjoyable rides on sunny days. Large touchscreen on the console is easy to navigate and includes your radio/stereo options, navigation, heating and air options and much more. Super smooth ride and excellent, clear back-up camera.

- Casey R

Comfort level high. Towing is effortless. The crew cab has plenty of room for full size adults.

I love my f150. The seats are comfortable. The ride quality is smooth. I tow a camper, boat and a utility trailer regularly. The truck has plenty of power for towing. I also like the integrated trailer brake controller. It has an on demand locking rear differential that operates flawlessly. I would highly recommend this vehicle for towing and everyday driving.

- Adam D

The color is unique. I get a lot of compliments.

My f150 is very reliable and performance is great. Gets good gas mileage, but I find the leather seats to hard for me, but my husband loves the seats. I am a stickler about getting oil changes as needed which helps the performance and reliability. I like the my sync feature and the speakers are not to bad for factory. Overall I am very pleased with the truck.

- Maureen P

It is a tough vehicle. I was rear ended and the ambulance crew commented on my truck being so good because it took a heck of a hit. It was a car that hit me, so it was able to take the brunt of the impact well.

I like the fact that it sits up high (of course because it is a truck) but that it rides with the comfort of a car. It has tons of room on the inside and is one of the first things that gets noticed when I have people in my vehicle. The negative is that it retains water on the hood when driving if it is raining or if the vehicle has taken lots of water.

- Diana K

Best looking truck on the road. Reliable.

Huge cab, very comfortable. It's the second f150 I have owned and have been great trucks. I bought a GMC sierra in-between them but only kept it a year. . Guess I am a Ford guy. Ford has more power and comfort. Also only regular maintenance. . Just a solid truck. Only drawback for me is the trucks tend to rust. But I do live in Ohio. Need to undercoat it.

- Paul A

It looks great and it is huge so it makes me feel safe.

The vehicle is very large and is hard to park but other than that it is very smooth while driving and it looks nice in my opinion. Gas is pretty expensive, it is probably about $80 to fill up the tank maybe more sometimes. It has great traction and does not slip in the rain and I would say that I feel safe driving in the rain and maybe even snow.

- Melissa P

Beautiful and reliable - my f150.

I love my f150! I have a white crew cab with a 6 inch lift and bigger tires. I get compliments on its beauty all of the time. My favorite part is the 5. 0 v8 that puts comparable other brands in the dust. We had the exhaust beefed up so that it would really rumble. The crew cab is so spacious and really hauls around our family of 5 with ease.

- Amanda A

Great daily driver 2015 f150.

Bought this truck with about 30k miles. It's a great truck to drive in the city and to take it off roading. Since we purchased this vehicle we have only had to do its oil change on a regular basis. We also had to take it to get the spark plugs changed which was a bit pricey. Other than that it's a great truck and haven't had any other issues.

- Alejandra C

Great truck for full family use and for taking care of business.

No problems. Lots of great room for my kids in the back seat. The ride is smooth and the truck bed is pretty tough for all the different things I throw back there. It sits high but is easy for my family to get in and out of the vehicle. I haven't had to take it in for any work to be done on it which has been nice. I really like this truck.

- William D

The truck is reliable, comfortable and useful. It handles well in traffic and in adverse weather conditions.

I like that I sit up high above the other traffic and can see all around me. The ride is very comfortable and the truck is easy to maneuver. The surround cameras and back up sensors have been useful when in traffic and crowded parking spots. The vehicle is a Ford so it is easy to find a dealership for repairs and the cost isn't outrageous.

- Christi H

My Ford f-150 has in interesting color.

It is very comfortable, I love the interior and I love that my truck makes me feel like I am top of the world. Purchasing a Ford f-150 was the best decision I ever made. I plan to buy another for vehicle in the future. I love the performance and I love that I can rely on the gas because it saves and I just love the color and the chrome.

- Andrea O

That it is reliable and great for hauling things around for work or any occasion.

I really like my vehicle it is great for work. I regularly transport computers or other hardware so it is great for that since it has a large truck bed. I dislike that I don't get great mpg but I guess it is to be expected with a truck. Other than that I don't really have any complaints it fits my needs and does everything I need it to.

- Arnaldo M

My thoughts on the 2015 Ford f-150.

Very fast, tough, capable, reliable, will go through anything. It has a twin turbo v6 which gets almost 400 horsepower and three hundred some pound foot of torque. It does this while getting around 20mpg. It can also tow 13, 000 pounds and hauling capacity is about 3, 000 pounds. It is very nice and comfortable in the inside as well.

- Joshua P

My vehicle is the bomb. Com.

This is not applicable no problems great vehicle. It has 2 doors a back seat windows a bed tires a radio a steering wheel great truck and I really don't know what else to say no one is going to buy a truck unless they want to buy a truck and then there gonna pick the one they want not one someone tells them to choose boom 250 words.

- Presley H

What I like about my truck.

Great performance, even when towing a travel trailer, love the running boards that retract when vehicle goes off. Steering wheel and seats also automatically move to position when powered on or off. Back up camera function is fabulous. Space in cab is awesome. If I had to say 1 negative it is I wish the bed was a little bigger.

- Lisa S

F150 is best overall truck for work and play.

The truck performs well for the most part. Only real downside is the suspension offers a little bumpy ride. The interior space is very roomy. The four wheel drive function works very well. It also has a high center of gravity and long wheel base. Also the high ground clearance makes it more difficult to get the truck stuck.

- Michael D

It has upgrades from the factory stock vehicle including tires, lift kit, lights.

There are no issues with this vehicle. It is driven to and from work daily. It is also driven on weekends to tow a boat and for other activities. It is also used for errands, lengthy trips. It has upgraded tires and a lift kit along with a lot of other extras as it is also used as a truck in truck shows and has won prizes.

- Michelle O

Best truck on the market!

My truck is so comfortable, easy to drive, does not feel like I am driving a boat. Easy to park, the sound system is awesome! The new body style and frame makes the truck lighter, but still can tow large loads with ease. I wouldn't by any other truck out there! I used to be a Chevy lover, but I think I am hooked on Ford.

- Melissa S

Plenty of room, for legs, cups and luggage.

It is a v-6 so the acceleration lags. I have the xts version, so the back has the perfect amount of space for a car seat. A smooth ride for traveling and, again enough space for luggage. There are lots of cup holders. Ours has a lift up seat in the center in the front, so you can fit 6 people. Which is a lot for a truck.

- Aspen H

Endless opportunities to increase the horsepower due to the twin turbos.

Rear window leakage. Sunroof not opening. Check engine light came on during heavy rainstorm. Tons of torque and horsepower. Tons of backseat room. Very attractive looking interior and exterior. Love the cooling seats. Very quiet cab. Hate the Sony stereo system. Love the twin turbos making horsepower improvements easy.

- Shawn D

The most important thing people should know about my car is that it's very dependable. It not only gets me from point A to point B but it also gives me peace of mind.

I love how dependable ford is. I've had nothing but ford trucks and they've never let me down. My last ford truck lasted me about 10 yrs and it had over 200,000 miles on it. I believe with the proper care such as tune ups and maintenance, ford trucks are very dependable and are of high quality while being affordable.

- Maria C

Fuel saving is fantastic!

National actually great run fantastic plenty of room. Rides comfortably considering t. I have to have an easy ride considering I deal with chronic pain. Considering the size of the vehicle it gets great gas mileage. Something that is neat is the way it saves on fuel at each traffic light the car lightly shuts down.

- Jennifer C

F-150 the best pick up I have ever owned!

Truly this is the most amazing truck I have ever owned. It is sleek has more power then I need and a very amazing interior. The aluminum bed is my only problem but it does help save on gas. I did have a very heavy steel tool box in the bed. I worked in construction. It knocked a small hole in the wheel well.

- Andrew C

It is a very pretty and dependable vehicle.

Problem with dealership more than anything. They didn't fix our problems the want it was promised. I had a full warranty. They never offer me a rental car. When I complaint about it they said that my car was at no charge. When I picked up my vehicle I was charged the rental fee. That is my most compliant.

- Julie C

Great mpg, service, and no rust issues.

Have had no issues since owning it. Mpg for a full size truck is great. No problems towing. Body is all aluminum and will not rust out. Test on issue that I have is that there are two recalls o the chicken currently. Dealership that I purchased vehicle at is great, no issues with the service department.

- Wayne E

It's big with a big back seat, lots of cargo space.

To be honest it's a real good vehicle, very reliable, love that it's high up and very safe because of that because my girlfriend unfortunately has been in 2 accidents with it and she is 5'2" 130 lbs and no ailments thank God so it is very safe and miles per gallon is not the best but DEFINITELY not bad

- Brandon G

F-150 3. 5 l ecoboost - mpg.

I enjoy the 3. 5 l Ecoboost engine. Plenty of power. Currently getting 22. 7 mpg, which included stop and go traffic. Only negative is that at slow speed (backing out of driveway, driving in a parking lot) there is a bit of body noise from the rear. Lastly, visibility when backing could be improved.

- Walter W

Yes like I said I would not trade it for nothing in the world. We really enjoy.

I really like driving my truck it is safe and very comfortable and it is a joy. We use this ride for everything we have traveled about everywhere in it I would not trade it for anything it is a joy. For the summer we went to florida and mobile to get a new puppy and it was a very smooth ride.

- Patricia W

It is reliable full size pickup!

The truck gets decent mileage for a full sized truck. Easy traveling vehicle although it tends to be a little rough riding on washboards roads and concrete highways. It has good rear view mirror sight and does not seem to have any blind spots. Overall a great truck and would recommend highly.

- Ginger B

It fits my needs to pull a trailer and I plan to keep it for awhile.

I use my pickup everyday to go back and forth to work. The fuel economy is good and the ride is good. I love to camp and I pull a travel trailer with it. I have been on several camping trips and it is never given me any problems. I make sure I do the regular maintenance and fix any problems.

- Rose E

The truck drives and handles very smoothly. Nothing but comfort during the ride.

The Ford F-150 is a great vehicle. The truck has plenty of room for luggage during vacations. There is plenty of legroom in the back seat for full size adults. Have had no complaints of discomfort from anyone sitting in the back. Also the vehicle gets good gas mileage for a full size truck.

- Jordan K

Ford 150 crew cab pick-up.

Very comfortable to drive and rides well on the road. Fuel mileage could be a bit better but all in all is well. Nice features, all easy to use. Good quality for the money. Have 42, 000 miles on original tires and breaks and both are in great condition. Has been a low maintenance vehicle.

- Brent T

THat the ecoboost engine is amazing. You can do whatever you need to haul, and still have a fun truck that will go extremely fast.

I love the interior of the F150 it is well designed, and has a great feel. I love the engine, and what I can do with this truck and still get good gas mileage. I love the color, ruby red, it looks fantastic. I only have one complaint, the dual panel moonroof tends to creak when I drive.

- John l

I love the color black on my truck. It gives a shiny look when on the road.

My vehicle has no problems. I love the interior and exterior of my truck. I love the Eco boost. I am thinking about purchasing another Ford vehicle in the future. I also love feeling I am on top of the world when I am driving. There is so much space for my dog and luggage for traveling.

- Andrea B

How safe I feel, as a woman, driving in Dallas traffic, driving my F150.

The F150 is a very spacious vehicle. I have had 6 foot + passengers ride in the front and back and comment on the roominess. I also feel very safe driving my truck in Dallas traffic. I have had zero performance issues. The F150 is a very reliable vehicle for a single woman to own.

- Dar B

More features than you could ever think to have in a vehicle.

This vehicle comes with everything you could want. Heated and cooled front seats, keyless entry, a heated steering wheel for winter time! Drives smooth and does not feel too large. The truck has a remote start and automatic high beams which takes hands free driving to the next level.

- Jennifer K

It's a great truck. Comfortable, quality, looks good.

I have an F-150 SuperCrew with a lift and 30 inch tires. It's great. We use it as a family vehicle and I use it to commute to work every day. Since I bought my truck, 4 of my friends have also bought F-150s as well. I had one before and see myself probably driving them in the future.

- Kevin E

Excellent towing and value.

Had to replace engine at 15000k miles, was under warranty, tow capacity is very good. Style is nice, quite drive, very comfortable seats. Easy access and egress, sound system and navigation capability is awesome and outstanding, none better best truck ever, will not be my last Ford.

- Ron E

As stated previously we love all of the room that the truck offers front and rear seats

I love the leg room that we have in the rear seat. I have a son that is 6' 6"tall and he doesn't have to sit in the front seat . It is so nice when we travel we put everything in the bag with the cover and enjoy the comfort of all of the room we have in the front. Love this truck

- Deanna H

Great truck - pleasure or business.

I have drove Ford f150 for several years and they are very dependable, will tow with ease and are comfortable interior to take on long road trips without fear of cramping. It offers features such as massage seats with both ac/heat that really helps with different weather situations.

- John S

It's reliable, luxurious and practical! Riding in style with family friendly options!

I love my vehicle because of all of the luxuries it offers. The seats massage, the running boards tuck in/out automatically. It rides smooth, has decent fuel mileage, spacious back seat, etc. My least favorite thing about the truck is that I wish I had more seats and it sat higher.

- Andrea P

Roomy, comfortable, and great on gas.

Realizable, decent gas mileage, able to tow a camper through the mountains. Has a decent radio, roomy inside the cab. Can fit 4 adults nicely or stow gear when traveling. The sir conditioning works well as we live in the dessert. When on a long trip, very comfortable, smooth ride.

- Barbara A

I have been driving Ford vehicles for 55 years. I trust ford.

Seats are uncomfortable. There is not enough storage space between the seats. The doors would not stay closed and the vehicle was recalled to be fixed. Although, Ford f-150 trucks are the most dependable vehicles. I will not buy anything but a Ford f-150 when I get my new vehicle.

- Huey A

2015 king ranch supercrew 4x4.

I love the king ranch with the EcoBoost 3. 5 engine and the power that it has. Large interior with room for everything. The sync navigation lags a bit and is difficult to control with voice commands but is good while driving and does not freeze. iPod hooks up great without issue.

- Charles S

Great value and options for the price.

The only issue I have had is the heater in the past couple of days. After research, it sounds like the damper switch has malfunctioned. The vehicle has two recalls on it that need to be addressed, but other than that, I love the vehicle. Great buy for the money, would recommend.

- Bryan A

Big truck big space comfortable, confident and very accurate.

I love my pick up is very comfortable and very good for any place definitely I recommend it %100 I never have any problem with it is like a family car but with convenience like a big truck and you can carry out whatever you want any day any time is very confinable for any road.

- Maria T

Good vehicle for work and play.

Brakes need replacing to much. Good vehicle runs good. Comfortable and has room for the family. Has the power to pull a trailer. Heated rear seats. Lots of plugins for accessories. Decent amount of storage behind back seat. Step in tailgate to get into back of truck with ease.

- Karin E

Truck thoughts and likes about truck.

The vehicle is very clean has Bluetooth connection AUX to connect phone for music, very spacious in the back seat, seats or comfortable, everything really works fine, the bed has light bar for night time working asking easier to see, lifted high enough for it not to flood.

- Roll C

2015 Ford Focus 150 dark blue.

Bought vehicle new and cost was very reasonable. I have had minimal issues with it. The gas mileage is horrible but I have always driven trucks and will continue to do so. Bought this vehicle in 2015 from local dealership and it is in my favorite color which is dark blue.

- James E

Ford made to last throughout generations.

Very reliable very dependable I love it great for hauling great for towing large loads around town I am a third generation Ford truck owner from my grandpa to my uncles to me I wouldn't have it any other way I just hope that my kids go on to keep the brand in the family.

- Jeffrey S

The 2.7 liter twin turbocharged v6 is amazingly powerful.

The auto stop start feature is buggy. It randomly refuses to auto start, which then requires manual intervention to restart again. This is the only complaint so far. The truck is a good performer and very comfortable and economical. There is plenty of power for towing.

- Norman J

Has automatic transmission and with manual shift making it much more Versatile.

New to me so learning these answers. Appears to be in good condition so I am optimistic. Past vehicle of the same make and model gave good service for many years. This truck has many (new to me) features and capabilities making it fun to drive and technically advanced.

- Greg A

Best truck ever. A beautiful blue f150 sport extended cab.

Wonderful to drive. Hauls just about anything. Has better gas mileage than I thought it would but still eats gas. Has all the technology I always needed and wanted in a vehicle. It has 3 different drive modes - standard, towing & sport. These each have their own use.

- David H

Size of a truck but comfort of a luxury SUV.

Ford f-150 rides very nice... More like a large SUV which I love. I also like that it has good gas mileage for a large vehicle. Another good thing is that all 3 of my kids fit in their car seats across the back seat bench. Very roomy in the front and passenger seats.

- Natalie A

2015 f 150 XLT. It picks up speed nicely.

I have a 2015 f 150 XLT. It has a 2.7 ecoboost motor. The truck runs well. Picks up speed quickly. The ride is smooth and the interior is spacious. Plenty of legroom in the back. I have had the truck for 4 years. I have had minimal problems. It is an excellent truck.

- Enrique L

Best in class Payload/Towing, Modern/High tech features. Simple comforts (Tailgate step, Box step)

I've got an f-150 (Lariat edition) That is the best truck I've ever owned. It has never left me stranded or left me looking foolish trying to assist another. Must options are Ecoboost engine, Box-link for cargo, Steel frame w/aluminum body. Carries a lot/ Tows Alot.

- Steve B

It has an extraordinarily large, roomy, comfortable interior which is great for travelling with the family.

I love that we have the crew cab which is extremely roomy and is a very comfortable car for extended drives. I am disappointed because while it is a v6 engine, a lot of people are getting better gas mileage with the newer model v-8's. Love the look of Ford trucks.

- Heather M

Best truck in the world. A very reliable vehicle.

I love the way it drives and the way it rides I love all the options I have on it is great on gas I love the fact that it had an aluminum body I will never get rid of it. It's the best truck I have ever owned. The power it has is excellent. And very roomy inside.

- Mike M

Great price family vehicle.

This truck is very comfortable and roomy. You can comfortably fit 4-5 adults with plenty of leg room and head room. The gas mileage is good for long drives and city mileage is okay or average. Towing is good, bigger campers you can feel but still plenty of power.

- Renee S

It is very dependable! I have never had a single thing wrong with it in 3 years. When I clean it up, it looks like it's new!

I love my truck! This is the first time in my life that I have a truck instead of a car. It comes in handy so much! Everyone always wants to borrow it. It rides so easy. The one negative is me trying to get used to parking such a big vehicle. I often misjudge it.

- Jan C

Ford truck is very reliable and a great vehicle.

Great vehicle. Lots of power. The sunroof does stick At times but it is not that big of a deal for me. The fuel economy is great due to the ecoboost engine. The package that I got is also great. Lots of cool features and it is a four wheel drive. Would buy again.

- Joshua M

The car has an excellent performance with lots of incredible extra features.

It's very strong and powerful. The seats are made out of comfortable leather. The speed is really fast and it has a lot of cool extra features on the car. The car is very reliable and has an excellent performance. The car has little to no problems and is amazing.

- Jeremiah I

I really like the family aspect of my truck with the large amount of room it has.

My truck is great for running around. The back seat has plenty of room for my 2 kids, and all of their stuff. It is smooth while driving, which is super nice because I do a lot of driving. The only thing I really dislike about the truck is how easy it scratches.

- Kristin M

Ford experience excellence.

Very well built vehicle with no engine or body issues. Attractive, dependable, sounds nice, drives smooth and seats are comfortable. Some recalls on some features but all are covered under warranty. Ford makes their vehicles in a very comfortable, sturdy manor.

- Caitlin S

Good dependable vehicle. A good family truck.

No problems. It has been a very dependable truck. It can hold a big family comfortable and pulls well. It has been great for out everyday needs. Had some trouble with it not downloading a new version on the Bluetooth but the serve people fixed it right away.

- Lisa D

Good, but could be better.

It is spacious, but not enough for my toddler to fit comfortably. The car seat fits, but her legs have no space and they sit on the arm rest. It is pretty gas efficient when you travel long distance in the freeway, but it can be quite expensive in the city.

- Clara B

It's fun to drive and has room for several people.

The truck is extremely spacious. We dislike the fact that there are no a.c. vents in the back, which makes it difficult for our kids during the Texas heat. Also, there is a spot to hold phones in the center console, that is not big enough to hold a phone.

- Ang H

Love it best vehicle we have ever owned.

Works great no problems . We use it everyday and for all family events. We camp and do a lot of outdoor activities in it. Our family considers very reliable and convenient. Has a lot of room inside and can transport a lot of cargo. Also hauls camper well.

- Tamara C

Great family truck for getting around and fixing up the house.

Great truck, reliable and heavy duty. Gas is not cheap for this truck given that it is an 8-cylinder. If you need a truck that can haul things around this is the one for you. Great family truck as well, spacious in the back and the cab has plenty of room.

- Ruben I

The truck has all the basic necessities and more.

I am currently having issues with my cross traffic sensor. This stems from an issue that Ford knows about with the wiring harnesses that are under the seats. Other than that the truck rides smooth and it has all possible features. I absolutely love it.

- Mason M

I look for quality, comfort, dependable, and must be safe.

Before I make my purchase, I do my research first. I go in the dealership and ask to speak to a car salesman, I would so plenty of questions, then I would test drive several vehicles, until I decide and choose the best one and one that is worth my money.

- Ira E

An all around great truck.

I love the comfort and room inside the f-150. It is very smooth ride for passengers in the front or in the back. Love the armrest with cup holders and speed when put into sport mode. Does not seem to have blind spots like previous trucks. Like the quiet.

- Zack B

Dependable truck with Great Cruise control

It is a great car. The best part is the cruise control that allows you to set it to a specific speed that can be adjusted one mph at a time. The car runs smoothly and is a reliable car. The only thing I wish was different was that it was 4 wheel drive.

- Mikel Y

The best truck on the market.

My truck is the best purchase I have made to date. I have a lot of upgrades that I plan on doing but it stock from the dealership is amazing. The v8 engine has allowed me to pull anything that I have had hooked from a cattle trailer to my mother's car.

- Noah D

Lots of room. Low maintenance. Reliable.

Very good car. Always choose fords. No problems with it. Drives well. Lots of legroom in the back and front. Travels well. Plenty of room. Lots of extras. Nice looking vehicle. Appealing. No problems with it. Low maintenance. Is nice looking. Reliable.

- Brenda K

I love that the radio hooks to phone so you can talk hands free. This is a great feature

My truck is a supercab with a lot of legroom. It is equipped with air condition that works great. The radio hooks to your phone so it can be answered and talk hands free. The bed of the truck is a good size. The truck body is aluminum so it don't rust.

- Lena D

This truck has a ton of room both in the front and back seat.

I love my F-150!!! It is a reliable truck with a smooth ride. This is one of several ford trucks I have owned in the last several years and it is great. There is a tone of space in the back seat and enough room for everyone to be comfortable!!!

- Ashley R

The size and weight allows the vehicle to drive safely in all kinds of weather.

I love the way it drives, the visibility is great. The vehicle is very comfortable with the massaging seats along with heat and cool air settings. I also love the navigation this way I never get lost. I have not complaints about my vehicle!

- Donna L

Love the leg room and back seat of this truck!

We love this truck! It is so spacious and comfortable. The backseat is huge, allowing for tons of leg or another place to store/move items. Once the back seat folds up it can fit just about anything you would find on the daily grind.

- Hannah G

F = Fantastic 150. Great mileage. I have 46,000 miles and it averaged 22 mpg

I have had no problems. I take long trips (over 3 hours) and my butt and back are still comfy at the end. The features are fantastic. when hooking up to a trailer, the target on the back up camera puts the ball right on the hitch.

- john g

Best vehicle to tow campers/boats.

It is great for towing a camper. It has a large cab with tons of room for the kids. Also has a cover over the tailgate which I love. Only complaint is that i wish the center console in the front could flip up to make another seat.

- Matt W

It's a great vehicle for an active outdoor lifestyle like hunting, fishing, camping and hiking.

I like it's versatility. It's roomy and a comfortable ride for a truck. Cargo space for hunting, camping and fishing is appreciated. Gas mileage is good for the expected performance but obviously is the downside of a larger vehicle.

- Tyler V

Has a very high safety rating and that is the most important for me due to having small kids

Love the room the truck offers, especially in the back seat. Has minor problems, passenger side makeup mirror fell off, backseat cup holders won't stay attached. Driver's side door lock doesn't work. Overall it is a great truck.

- Brent W

it gets the job done every time. Have always been able to focus on my job and not issues with my truck.

This pick up truck I bought 3 years ago has been the best purchase I have made ever! Very rugged and dependable and has yet to fail me at any time. I am able to get work done and run errands. Very solid truck for work and play.

- mark v

It is very safe and reliable.

There are no problems. It has several features to enhance safety, such as blind spot alert, backup camera. It has several comfort features. Heated, cooled seats, lumbar support. It is very reliable, never had any problems.

- Nicole N

Plenty of room for those big pesky but safe car seats.

Love the 2015 F150. Has plenty of room in the back seat for 2 car seats and there is room enough for an adult to sit in between the car seats if need be. Very comfortable for long trips or just short trips around town.

- Lacey W

Make sure you take it into the dealership at least every 6 months to check on any vehicle issues or repairs covered under the warranty

I haven't had many major issues with my truck. I take it in for regular servicing and she's been running great for 3 years. Only issue is the remote start will cut out in the summer due to the heat impacting the fuse.

- Megan Z

The turning radius is not the best. And the millage is not that great either.

I love that it has an open bed for hauling. I love the fact that we have the dual cab for passengers. And love the way it drives. I hate the tires. The voice command does not work. As well as the garage door opener.

- Kelly C

I love my truck! It's the best vehicle I've ever owned.

Truck is great for work as well as commuting. It does not ride like a truck-more like a sedan. Has the power when needed; yet does not drink as much as some I've owned. Overall F150 deserves it's status+acclaim.

- alan h

Ecoboost F150 through 65,000 miles.

My F150 has been reliable through 65,000 miles. The power of the 3.5 Ecoboost is impressive. The only issue I have is the 2 piece lug nuts swelled up and need to be replaced. Ford needs to address this issue.

- Tony T

It is a dependable, well respected brand that has been around for many years.

I enjoy my vehicle as it is a typical car that parts are readily available for in the vent it needs to be repaired. I also have a higher trade-in value on the vehicle as it is highly requested in my area.

- Harima M

Is a great truck for family, go to trips , enjoy the travel and be safety all the time

I like this truck, is so powerful, safe and great valued for my money, is strong and always are new models in the way. I dislike that i don't have always the money to buy the last model, but i always do

- Pedro V

Overall, the truck is great as far as performance.

There is not enough storage space between the seats. It is one big armrest with 2 cup holders. The armrest should open for storage space. No cigarette lighter. Other than that, I am a diehard Ford fan.

- Huey A

It is so much fun to drive.

I love the interior it is so comfortable and very well designed. I love the power and fuel efficiency that you get with the ecoboost engine. I dislike how the dual panel moonroof creaks when I drive.

- Tyler A

Family favorite Ford truck.

Our Ford f150 has been a great family car for vacations and daily use. We've only done usual maintenance in the years since we've had it. We will likely look for another f150 for our next vehicle.

- Jessica W

It is externally spacious and beautifully exterior.

Big Turning radius, spacious interior, overall easy to drive, sleek look. Dislike the sync Bluetooth system that comes with it and the fact the seats are not leather. But everything is amazing.

- Alicia H

The cab of this truck has more legroom than most SUVs. Our kids, dogs and bags fit back there comfort with room to spare.

I love the look of the F-150, especially with the lift kit, bigger tires and brush guard we added. For being a small V6 motor, the truck gets up and goes! The truck gets great gas mileage too.

- Kristin L

This is the most fuel efficient truck I have ever had. I average 20+ MPG (city driving!)

I love that it is a 4x4. I love that it is a super crew, capable of seating my family of 6. I love that even though it seats 6, it is still extremely spacious. I love the hauling capabilities.

- Jeff T

It is sturdy, reliable and just so nice to drive. The ride is smooth and not a rough ride like typical pickup trucks.

I like my paint job and decals. Also, love the built in NAV system, it makes me feel secure when driving to a place I am not familiar with. I just love driving a pick up and Ford is the best

- Linda G

There is a reason that the F-150 is the best selling truck, and one of the best selling vehicles in the world. It simply does everything I ask it to

I love my truck, I really enjoy having the ability to haul whatever I need. The extended cab is useful for carrying groceries (although not so great for people). Really have no complaints.

- Darran H

2015 Ford F-150, 3.5 L Ecoboost V6. Completely underrated

I own a 2015 F-150 with a 3.5 L Ecoboost. The ride is very comfortable all around, the truck as a whole looks beautiful and the engine sounds lovely and makes a satisfactory amount of power

- Samson S

It drives very smooth for a work type of a truck.

I like the style of the new trucks especially the headlights and taillights. I do wish I had a center counsel rather than the flip down seat. I like the rugged look of the inside as well.

- Emily s

It is reliable, comfortable, good on gas and great for grocery shopping.

I love it! No complaints, it rides smooth and has what I need. It has 4x4 which is great for me in the winter, the controls are easy and it is great on the long distance drives we take.

- Dana G

It is spacious and because there is no carpet it is child and pet friendly

It is spacious and due to the lack of carpet it is easy to clean. Being a truck it uses lots of gas but having a large vehicle in case of last minute moves is great. I need an upgrade.

- Reyna R

It doesn't get good gas mileage, so don't buy it for economy.

I like the styling...it is well built. I also like the power of the engine. I don't like the gas mileage, since is usually around 15 mpg around town. I do like the comfort features.

- Roger C

Very Comfortable and reliable truck, plenty of space to do whatever you need it to plus pull whatever you want it to

Haven't had any major problems with the truck, except driving in 2WD something that has to do with the vacuum system to keep it out of 4WD malfunctions read the forums before purchase

- James W

Sturdy body and large enough to feel safe in.

It's a nice looking truck and safe. The truck has a nice smooth ride and very sturdy body so I feel safe. It is good looking and has lots of room inside and plenty of room in the bed.

- Pat T

So far my truck has been extremely dependable and worth every penny!

I absolutely adore my truck. I live and work in a downtown urban area and still manage to park just fine with the amazing backup camera. I never need more space and feel safe always!

- Casey M

It is reliable and can be a workhorse as well. It's fun to drive and good on gas.

I love that the vehicle is reliable and that it fits the space my family needs. I like that it can tow things I have needed in the past. I also enjoy that it goes off road easily.

- meagan r

It will rust in the rear wheel wells.

I absolutely love my truck, and I enjoy driving it. The ride is smooth, and I love the way people look at it as I drive down the street. There's nothing I do not like about it.

- Kelley S

Gets good gas mileage for a truck. I will not go back to a car.

My first truck I have had. Had only 7 miles when I purchased it. I would have given it five stars but no even 50,000 miles and had to have gas tank removed to replace a censor.

- Helen T

That it does not have rear ac which is tough in Arizona.

Drives great for a truck. I love the color white as it shows the least amount of dust. I really appreciate the rear cameras. It makes it much easier to pull out of my driveway.

- Miranda S

is too comfortable, and big for family purposes

What I like the most about my Ford F150 is that you have a big gas tank, that holds a lot of weight and allows me to carry anything I want ... and I'm going to buy a new one

- Rodney P

It's comfortable and has a lot of space. It's fits my family and dog well.

I like the size. It has a lot of space in the back row. It has four regular size doors. It's been very reliable. Only dislike is that it has water in the frame of the door.

- Steve L

There is so much space in the backseat and unlike any other truck.

The touch screen is really small so when using the backup camera it is difficult to use just the screen. The Bluetooth connection has a difficult time connecting at times.

- Kayla S

It has both a spray in bedliner as well as the covered top. It is versatile.

I bought it used. It is everything I hoped. It has been dependable and is fun to drive. The only knock is it is a bit too large for my needs. Overall, it is terrific.

- Mark H

Durable and reliable. Given its popularity, it is easy to get parts fix and convenient. Not to mention cheap.

The Ford F-150 is extremely reliable. I used this vehicle to travel cross country and back over a 3 month span. No issues at all throughout the trip. Incredibly reliable.

- Oliver C

It is amazing and fun to drive. I think everyone should own a Ford vehicle

My truck had lots of power that is required to pull my camper and I love that. The back seat is very roomy.i don't like that it doesn't have multiple seat memory buttons.

- Perry E

It is a workhorse! Will go through anything with power.

My Ford F-150 is a great truck for hauling a lot of items that are needed for work and such. It will go through any type of ground and is just a great all round vehicle.

- David A

Trucks last for a while. I highly recommend for any truck buyer!

Engine is the mustang's 5. 0 8 cylinder. It is a very nice truck, clean interior and very comfortable. Has had no mechanical issues so far and I love it. Very reliable.

- Ben J

Good gas mileage for a truck

I researched it very well. It is used but low mileage, with extras I wanted (Ecoboost, Sync, XLT pkg). And I like that it is the first year of the lighter weight body.

- Lee j

Reliable dependable simple transportation.

Enjoy driving my F-150. Great ride comfortable and hs an adequate payload capacity for what I do. Has had several recalls however none seem to be extremely critical.


I like the doors on the back. They open the entire way instead of only halfway.

I have no problems with my vehicle. It gets around 22 miles to the gallon and is very reliable. The 4x4 is a great feature to have when dealing with the snowy roads.

- Nicole O

runs like a charm. plenty of room in the back seat

this is the first pickup I have owed much to my surprise I really love it ride is extremely smooth and the gas mileage is great. Additional lots of interior room

- edward m

The gas mileage is better than any other truck I've owned.

I like the great gas mileage compared to other trucks. I like the power added by the turbo engine. I dislike the stiff suspension and "Auto start/stop" feature.

- Sean P

it is very safe vehicle. there is plenty of room for everyone

I like that it is what I wanted. I like that there is enough room for a family to travel comfortably. I like that there was an option for a larger gas tank.

- Todd M

It has a 6 speed transmission with a few different mode options.

Love all the space available in the cap. I like having push button start. Not happy with the heated / cooling seats that don't feel like they work sometimes.

- Ryan m

It is very dependable, I really enjoy driving my Ford truck.

I love the room in my crew cab. I love the power of the power stroke engine. My gas mileage is good. The aluminum body is okay, I would rather it not be.

- Linda P

Can hold 5 people and has lots of trunk space.

The car is big and can hold 5 people in it. There is a lot of trunk space for storing items like groceries or if you need to transport something somewhere.

- Gregory S

It is comfortable and safe.

I like that there is so much room. The luxury upgrades at an affordable price are a great selling point too. Other than mpg, I do not have any complaints.

- Christopher R

The seats are best in platinum model.

Loaded f-150. Seats are the best Ford has ever. Produced. Fuel efficiency is great. Engine has all the power you need plus. Interior design is perfect.

- Paula C

It's a fun yet safe car for everything you need in life.

Love the color of my vehicle, it's a bronze red. It handles very nice in every day traffic. I can pull my TT with or a boat. It's decent on gas usage.

- Brandon M

It's durable and comfortable. Great for long travel, yet has the specs of a truck when needed.

It drives like a dream. We can tow a trailer without any problems. It was very affordable when we purchased it. The interior is very nice and roomy.

- Nicolette N

It's an awesome ride and i love to drive it around town.

i love the style and the size. i just wish it had a little bit better gas mileage. i really can't complain though. it gets good mileage for a truck!

- alyssa c

That so far it has been dependable.

I like that it is a truck. I like that it sits above most cars so I can see further when driving. I like that it is a full cab since I have 2 kids.

- Robert B

My vehicle does surprisingly well with gas mileage. On a recent trip I was able to get 20 mpg.

The truck is extremely responsive when I take off from a stop. I like the features like auto up and down on the front windows and the heated seats.

- Stacy W

that this ford truck has been very reliable for me.

I like the leg room you get with this truck. I like being able to haul items in the bed. I like the power of the engine with very good gas mileage

- michael j

The safety features are amazing

It's light and it handles well. It's also a safe vehicle for traveling with family. It has towing capacities and it has spacious interior and bed

- J B

Its safety rating is excellent.

My pick up is my daily vehicle I use it to run my errands and go to church. I have two girls in car seats and I feel safe with them in the truck.

- Katie M

I have noticed that this truck gets good gas mileage for a truck.

I love the color of truck and the way it drives.One thing I do not like is the seats. Of you are wearing shorts. The seats become uncomfortable.

- Emily b

It drives smoothly and is a great, safe truck.

I drive a blue ford f-150. It has 4 days and is very spacious for all passengers. The bed of the truck is great for moving large/heavy objects.

- Rainer t

Great ride. Makes you feel bigger than life driving a truck.

It gets great gas mileage. The handling is excellent and It's beautiful. Ability to tow. You can put your bike in the back with no problems.

- Bob j

I am able to haul 4 kayaks as well as clothing plus Storage bags. Smooth ride, lots of room in back seats for kids.

Bought used. Few problems already. Drives well. Will see how it goes. Have traveled with family and full load of kayaks and done well with it.

- Eric L

That it is a heavy duty truck and it has power behind it.

I love the size of my truck. I like the capacity it can hold and it is great for everything I want to do with it. I like the size of the bed.

- Darlene D

It is roomy and has a lot of ways to charge the phones.

Love the leg room and arm room you aren't crowded it is very roomy. I just love that the back seats are so big. Plenty of room for everyone.

- Lena D

It's one of the best I have ever owned

Its my forth ford truck Me my 11th Tori overall. They are the most dependable out there. I've never had any major problems with my fords.

- Gary L

Trucks last forever if you take care of them right. This truck is easily one of the most reliable ones out there!

performance is great, very reliable vehicle to get you from point a to b with no hesitation. inside is very comfortable for long trips.

- benjamin j

The name stands for itself. . Ford.

Excellent design and features the comfort and ride of my truck is spectacular. Ford has really taken time in its design and features.

- Larry L

Best truck on the market.

No problems, Excellent performance, Great acceleration, Roomy, Comfortable, Quiet, Safe, Tough, Great tow capacity, Good gas mileage

- Sean C

Great and comfortable vehicle

My truck is fantastic. I have had no problems at all with the vehicle. It drives great in all terrain and is incredibly comfortable.

- Tom H

Great towing and pulling power has the get up and go.

Great pulling and towing power room for the kids in the back seat an infant seat even fits without having to push the front seat up

- Jesse S

Good vehicle, and has good characteristics.

It's great and very black. I think that it has some issues with long distance rides and leaks but other than that I like it a lot.

- Aidan W

It has many seats for a family of 4 or 5 and it is a pickup truck.

It handles well even though it is 3 years old and I am thinking of buying the next one. Ford has just been a really great company.

- Roan R

It is a great daily driver.

No complaints about my vehicle. I enjoy the ability to haul things in the bed of the truck. I also enjoy the good gas mileage.

- Cole G

Huge back seat with so much leg room, so very comfortable to ride in.

It is a very comfortable ride, has heated seats for the cold nights. Is a great looking truck. SO much run in the back seat.

- Becky M

It sucks worse than stepping on Legos.

It is a gas guzzler and it feels like the suspension is broken. It looks like a box on wheels and the air conditioning sucks.

- Dennis T

it gets good gas mileage and has enough room in my crew cab for 5 people

the cargo space suits me just fine. I have room in my crew cab for 5 people. great gas mileage and has a comfortable drive.

- Harvey C

Very dependable and worth every penny I paid for it.

Great v8 engine, 19 mpg, very dependable. Great handling and can handle a heavy load. Smooth ride and awesome turning radius.

- Larry H

It is always ready to go anywhere anytime, whether it is to help someone or just for fun.

It is very room inside the cab. It gets good gas mileage. The Ford F-150 is an all around useful vehicle and looks great too.

- Jason R

2015 Ford F-150 XLT Supercrew

I own a 2015 Ford F-150, crew cab with a short box. It has the 5l V8. The truck is 4 wheel drive, but has a very smooth ride

- David S

The quality is fantastic, it is safe, and it is made in America.

I absolutely love my Ford F150! It is a very comfortable truck. We saw the factory tour and are proud it is made in America!

- Julie B

Great truck with a few minor tweaks

gears jump a little bit and i wish the interior was a bit more modern but i honestly have no major complaints about my truck

- harrison H

It's reliable and has been great and safe. It's good on gas and has power.

I like that it sits high. I like that it's a v8 and that it has room for my family. I also like that I can tow when needed.

- Meagan R

That it meets all my expectations.

it is a very comfortable truck. it has the ability to do what I need it to do. wish I had long bed instead of short bed.

- larry m

F-150 for comfort, durability.

Very comfortable, relatively fuel efficient, durable, well built, great drivability, many creature comforts and options.

- Lucy H

It is a great truck and has lots of room for a truck.

Love the look, the pick up, and the convenience. Feel like things are already starting to go wrong with it mechanically.

- Kimberly H

It drives great and the gas mileage is not bad either.

There is nothing to dislike. It drives great. It is comfortable. I can carry large items it the bed. Great for camping.

- Paul G

It drives well and is very comfortable.

I like that's it is roomy. I like the color. But I do not like the steering wheel. And the gas mileage isn't the best.

- Jessica L

It is easy to drive and easy to back up.

We haven't had any problems. We love the way it rides. It is very comfortable. I love the backup camera feature in it.

- Monica C

Sometime hard to get in without a step up running board

We love our truck. It is a great size. I highly recommend getting a 4 door crew cab. Lots of legroom in the back seat.

- Kim F

Fully loaded ford f-150 Ecoboost

My truck is 4 door, fully loaded, smart features, & ecoboost efficient. To have a V8 engine it gets great gas mileage.

- Shaz P

King Ranch Hurrah for Ford

F150 King Ranch. Pleasure to drive, ecoboost helps. Comfort plus equals many expensive sedans. Supercab is spacious

- Steve C

Ecoboost motor, saves money on gas and saves putting emissions into the air

It is everything I need, plenty of room. It has an ecoboost motor so I save on gas. I wouldn't drive anything else.

- Karen S

Tons of space for a family, all while still being able to use it to haul stuff.

Reliable, no major issues, lots of space, lots of trunk space, decent gas mileage for a bigger vehicle, good towing.

- Rachel G

It's been reliable and great for my family. I have had no major issues


- Jerome R

The steering wheel is very stiff to turn. Apparently it is a Honda feature.

I love it, but getting used to driving a full size vehicle. Love the navigation system. I love the color and decals.

- Linda G

Sync system sucks - there should be an option to upgrade.

The sync system sucks and Ford will not release an upgrade option even though they are available in the aftermarket.

- Gary H

It is great on gas and is a good car for those who commute to work or school.

We have a platinum version. We love the massage seats, heated and cooled. Love the power and all the extra features.

- April K

It is very reliable in the winter time.

I really love my truck I have had it for 3 years and the only thing I had to do to it was get tires and a headlight.

- Heidi T

It's a dream to drive and is totally awesome

I love my truck it has 4×4, all the tech I could want bed liner power windows power mirrors stepsides great on gas

- Steve V

It is a very reliable truck and it is built well making me and my family feel safe while riding in it.

I love the space in the cab of the truck. It is great for taking long trips in. The only downfall is the gas usage.

- Christina C

Great at driving in the snow, transporting, & spacious enough for the family.

I like the style on the inside of the truck. I like the height when driving. I do not like how hard it is to park.

- Constance P

It's a truck. And they are really safe.

The vehicle has a high center of gravity and gets poor gas mileage. It also does not have the radio I would like.

- kevin W

Great ride! Comfortable ride!

Great gas mileage for a truck. Makes me feel safe among all the crazy drivers that are always in a hurry to die.

- Anna T

Awesome truck never lets me down

My truck is a great vehicle. I've been to many different locations and back home with no problems out of my truck

- Ashley B

The fuel mileage is fantastic! I can drive over 500 miles with a simple 22 gallon tank.

Best truck on the market. The ample space in the cabin is fantastic for my family and still gives me over 24 mpg.

- Michael B

The ride is very smooth and comfortable.

Great gas mileage and very dependable. Perfect size for storage/transporting items and family. Very smooth ride.

- Timothy L

Great gas mileage. Great reliability. Better comfort that most cars/suvs.

So far pretty reliable. Two recalls, neither one do they have the parts which is annoying. Generally a good buy.

- Glenn W

That is has really amazing horsepower. So great

It's an amazing black and red Ford truck. I love the seats and how it feels going down the road it's so awesome.

- Nicole M

2015 Ford F-150 xlt, 2.7 v6 crew cab, great gas mileage

The best truck I have ever owned, great gas mileage, power and most of all the ride in this truck is so smooth.

- Shane H

my vehicle is beauty and fantastic

well I think my vehicle is excellent, it have a good performance and have quality, good design and other thing

- dominic m

Best truck I ever owned!!

It's a tough truck! No carpet easy to clean, huge back seat, great gas mileage and super safe and comfortable.

- Stormy R

Ford Casual review / standard

It's nice very good on mileage has good features and is very reliable I haven't had many problems with it yet

- Tyy M

Great space and very comfortable

Love the space and capability, towing. Do not like the transmission noise it makes when taking off at times.

- Tee R

The eco boost gives the v6 nice power.

I love the amount of room in the cab and the ecoboost. I get decent gas mileage for a pickup. No complaints.

- Matt M

Very reliable and it's a very good family vehicle for the family.

Very reliable and comfortable, I've used it many times moving furniture and taking to work on a daily basis.

- harold b

It is very safe, and easy to operate.

Think it cost too much to buy, and used too much gas, but other then that it is a pretty good truck for me.

- Ron P

The ecoboost provides plenty of power to pull an enclosed car trailer.

I like that the truck is comfortable, rides nice, and is economical for a truck. I have no real complaints.

- Merlyn W

I feel totally safe driving my current and past F-150s. Have not owned a "car" in 24 years.

It is reliable. Gets good gas mileage for a full-size pickup truck. Has plenty of room for hauling items.

- Kris C

comfortable, dependable many fine features high tech marvel

best vehicle I ever owned, has many great features. retractable running boards auto hi/low beams ford sync

- David C

Why I like the Ford f-150.

Good gas mileage, very roomy with a lot of legroom in the back seat, dual a/c controls, with heated seats.

- Kirsten H

It is actually used to haul things around and not just a status symbol.

I like having a truck to haul things in. I don't like the gas mileage. I don't like the interior sound.

- Warren S

Its a truck that rides like a car.

Smooth riding vehicle. . Lots of inside room for passengers and gear. Can tow trailer of the size we own.

- Barb A

Great dependable truck! Very reliable.

Vehicle is great! Fun to drive! Wish I had some bells and whistles! But it is a very much a nice truck!

- Gary N

F150 XLT 4 door short bed

No issues with truck. Runs good, dependable, and comfortable. Gets good gas mileage and very versatile.

- Dennis Y

It gets good gas mileage for a truck.

It is a nice looking truck. It gets good gas mileage but I wish it was a 4 wheel drive. No complaints.

- Ryan H

It starts up and heats and cools fast.

The Ford is a good car with just enough features. The only complaint is that it is sometimes too big.

- Toni L

Compressor is said to go out at about 70k miles.

Like it because of the power and hauling capabilities. Only thing lacking is seating and trunk space.

- Gabrielle C

That my truck is safe and powerful. It has a 5L V8 engine with nearly 400 horsepower.

I love the way my truck handles and the way it looks. I has great hauling capacity as well as towing.

- Michael C

That it is extremely reliable.

I would like more features in the base models. Items like a bed liner or cover, tint or vent shades.

- Samuel L

Really great customer service from Ford

Great customer service and it is well made.I like all the options that make it a pleasure to drive.

- E H

It's the best truck on the market for your money and the commercials do not lie about it.

Love it's a platinum. Do not like that Ford does not support Sync anymore. Very comfortable ride.

- Jesus V

The room the truck has inside and the well done interior

Great truck built well lots of room drives beautiful Also has lots of legroom And storage inside

- Eligio C

Reliable and awe inspiring. It looks "BAD ASS". That I care about what I drive.

Fun to drive Good gas mileage Plenty of power Tows extremely well Everything works as it should

- Jon W

Great brand and good quality.

Like the leather inside the vehicle. Gets good gas mileage. Comfortable driving for long trips.

- Jacob W

I like the amount of room it has, and he gas mileage is great. I also like that I can haul things in it. It is a little big for pulling into parking spots.

It is a big vehicle, and the gas mileage is great compared to what you might think for a truck.

- Jeremy C

i can pull my camper with the truck and haul whatever i want in the back of the bed of the truck.

i love how i can pull the camper with it. i also can haul many things in the bed of the truck.

- becky b

It is a very safe vehicle. And has tons of room for everyone.

Love how big the cabin is plenty of room. Dislike the cloth seats. Love the feel of the ride.

- Tina H

that this truck runs very well

This truck runs very well. This truck uses a lot of gas. We got a good deal on this truck

- mj D

That it is the best Ford truck on the market.

I love this truck.It's the best ever made by ford.Drives great and handles very well.

- Jim G

strong power and quick get up. pulls and rv without struggle. fun to drive.

I love my truck. runs great and drives smooth. has great power for pulling our toys.

- rachel c

The tow package is great and can haul a lot of weight safely.

It has a great tow package. It has all the features i like. Could be better on gas.

- craig c

it will last for a long long time....plus its an easy trade in for a new vehicle.

ii can do multiple things..with a truck..haul stuff. haul people. construction work

- william r

It is what I wanted perfectly and is very reliable and efficient.

It is the vehicle I have always wanted. Exact price. It is reliable and efficient.

- Michelle R

I can depend on my truck,I use it everyday and I like the way it drives on the highway.

I like driving my ford truck. Good on gas.We will use my truck to pull a camper

- Beverly B

Nothing other than I bought it from a great person and it is a great truck.

It runs great. It looks great. It sounds great. It is great. It's a Fords.

- T W

Great space and gas mileage. Vision from the driver's seat is great!

We love the extended cab space for storage and leg room. Gas mileage is great.

- Kody H

It's a good dependable comfortable vehicle. Gets good mileage

It's comfortable, roomy (at least for a truck). Decent gas mileage Runs good

- trish s

It is not the most cost effective or most fuel efficient.

I am not fond of the price but the space is fantastic and it is comfortable.

- Brandy R

This truck is reliable, powerful, and affordable. We love it for family drives in the mountains

We love the power, look and everything about it. Tows great. Very reliable.

- Alicia N

it's a very solid vehicle and it has great towing capacity

it is very reliable in all conditions .it also handles very well off-road

- mahdi c

That it rides and gets good gas mileage for a truck.

I love the room in the cab of the truck. Just wish it had a larger bed.

- Dawn L

like the truck like the design

like the design don't like the gas mileage. like the bed to haul stuff.

- michelle K

My f150 has a roomy interior, especially the back seat. It gets good gas mileage and has several power sources.

Ford has the best selling truck for many years. They make good trucks.

- John b

It is safe and dependable. It is great for families.

It is easy to drive. It is super comfortable. It is very dependable.

- Miranda W

It's a lemon. Don't buy it. I feel bad because I will be trading it in and it will be another person's problem.

It needed a new engine at 34,000 Miles. And hasn't been right since.

- John B

Safety is very important for baby

Love the power of the truck and has enough room for 5 people to fit

- Michael R

It is good in the winter and handles well

I like my Ford F150, that year is a good style and it suits me well

- Richard M

I get 21.3 mpg. The ride is comfortable and the workmanship is top notch!

My truck is as nice as any luxury vehicle that I have ever driven!

- Jim V

Good mpg truck has a lot of room for passengers and cargo

Good mpg a lot of room for passengers and cargo needs navigation

- Brandon B

That is is cheap and bad and to spend the extra money to get power everything

It is a basic vehicle, does not even have power locks or windows

- Dave V

Reliable and safe, seats 6, my whole family plus an extra.

Reliable but hard to park. Easy to see out and very comfortable

- Rhonda H

It gets great mileage for a truck and has great safety features.

I would live in it if I had to. Very dependable and reliable.

- James H

I need space so that my family fits

Great space, good mileage per gas tank. Very accessible price.

- Jaime w

It runs well. It runs smooth. Does Not need much fixin.

It's a good truck. I like it. Works good for me. Pretty good.

- Ken E

The back seat is very roomy. Love the power it has. Comfortable seats.

My truck is fast. It has ecoboost and need to watch speed.

- Lisa E

It has good access and plenty of room for our dogs

Its is dependable. It is comfortable. It fits our needs

- ken f

Characterized by its interior and exterior design

My Ford F 150 A strong and powerful car Purchased in 2015

- bamber h

It's very comfortable on the road. It drives well and easily.

Love it. Only thing missing is a heated steering wheel.

- patricia m

I love it. Drives like a charm. Plenty of power. Gets good gas mileage. I like the color. It's white and gray.

Very nice ride. Good gasoline mileage. Worth the money.

- Paul W

that it will run for a long time

It is a 4 wheel drive. It is red. It is like brand new.

- Trudy W

How much room it has. It's one of the safest trucks on the market.

The backseat is very roomy. It gets great fuel mileage

- Kenneth M

it's a ford f150 #1 truck easy to drive & well for family

It's a great truck.fun to drive & performs wonderful

- Carol K

Safe and connected - keyless entry

Ford lariat. Enjoy driving. Easy to connect phone.

- Joseph k

Safety, ease of four wheel drive, room in back seat

Have always loved Fords. Truck is very comfortable.

- Ray W

It is easy to get around driving it,

pleasure to drive comfortable roomy, stylish

- david P

it will last me the rest of my life

I love everything about my current vehicle

- Louis F

I Love the aluminum body.

I love my Ford F-150. Love

- Casey T