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My favorite vehicle I have ever had. Tons of amazing features and you cannot beat comfort and space. Easy to stay organized with different places for storage.

I love my truck. It has great features, for example the back up camera, assisted trailer moving. It has a very smooth and quiet ride. I feel safe in my truck. It has step bars to help get in. I have the chrome package that provide the look like like more. It has average gas mileage but it was not unexpected issue for me. I absolutely love the amount of room I have on the inside. I have the 2 captains chairs in front, not the sit that folds down in middle. My console is huge. It has multiple USB ports throughout the cabin. One of my favorite features is that I have 2 regular plug in (like the ones in the walls inside homes), it makes it so much easier to just plug in my phone chargers! I love the storage I get in all of the doors and both sides of console. I also have a smaller console in front of main console. It has wonderful interior lighting. And the bed of the truck has LED lighting too. I have the touchscreen sync screen, satellite radio and hand controls on the steering wheel. It has the tire pressure reading amount on menu. I like that it tells me the actual number of psi in each tire. It is extremely easy to link my phone to. I had a ton of features that I'm still learning about. Oh and it tells you exactly the percentage of the oil life left. I left my Ford F-150 one time and went to a car. I hated it. The only thing it did better was gas mileage but I don't feel safe like I do in my truck. It has a full size jack to make changing a tire easier (luckily I haven't had to use it). It has power seat in front that move in multiple ways to find the just right spot. It has heated seats for those cold mornings. The remote start is great. I love having my control panel on the outside of the driver, to unlock just my door or all of the doors and to lock doors without having to dig keys out or if you forgot them inside you can easily get in. I pretty sure I will always have a Ford F-150 truck

- Kayla F

Made to work as hard as you do.

I have had my truck for about two years now and I love it. I got it used with about 25,000 miles on it. It is been running very well and I haven't had any mechanical problems with it so far. I have made a couple of modifications to it, but what was out of choice, not necessity. The interior is designed with care and it made to carry and haul. The front and passenger seat has plenty of room and it never feels cramped or small. The back seats have plenty of legroom as well and when there are no passengers in the back, the seats lift up to make a flat space to store toolboxes, tools, suitcases, small furniture. The pace is huge, big enough to sleep in if my camping trip gets rained out. The only reason I would sell my f150 is if I were upgrading to an f250. I am very pleased with the ford truck brand.

- Taylor P

I love my f-150 body style, and the fact that it's real roomy inside. .

I love my f-150, its really big inside and fits my family comfortably especially on road trips, I bought my truck fresh off the lot, I had it 2 weeks when I was already experiencing a problem with it, and took it back to the dealership, they were kind enough to give me a rental until the fixed it, which took about a week, I am having problems with my radio, my Bluetooth, phone, and you can't see the screen all the time, radio keeps playing after I cut my truck off, haven't had a chance to take it back, cause I work all the time, it's not a fancy truck, and I love the rubber flooring, its been really good on gas, I can fill it up and the gas will last more than two weeks back and forth to work, and then some.

- Vivian M

I am a Ford truck person.

I have always owned Ford vehicles, had a Chevy at one point but came back to the ford. The f series trucks by far outperform all the rest in comfort and ease of handling. Shorter wheelbase is a plus. The amenities and appearance, plus price point, have me on my 4th truck. This time it has the aluminum body.. Which I had my reservations about, but after 2 years I am not disappointed. I will say it is a lighter vehicle, better gas mileage but a bit less stable going down steep graveled hilly roads. 4 wheel drive does correct that feeling. Mine is the four door version.. Absolutely wonderful when extra space is needed yet I do not feel like I am driving a semi! I will buy another!

- Joann M

Ford f 150 xl supercrew grey metallic.

I purchased my f150 crew cab used, with low miles. The xl has the Ford sync system that includes Bluetooth built in, controls on the steering wheel and amazing a/c. The back seat is more spacious than any car that I have ever owned. All of the seating is very comfortable, seats are fully adjustable with lumbar support and the fabric seats are very durable. The body is made out of aluminum and is an amazing grey color. As far as the performance goes, this truck has sport mode and really gets up and goes. I have taken it camping and through mountains and it drives great.

- Niki P

Ford f-150 you're headed for fun!

The Ford f-150 is great year round. The spring and summer months it has the sturdiness to pull a boat in the summer to the lake. The winter months you have 4 wheel drive dependability to get you through the Colorado mountains or just simply a snow storm headed to work! We really enjoy the tinted windows and the oversized seats makes long trips or sitting a lot more enjoyable. So go take a test drive today see for yourself! Remember buckle up and do not text and drive, by the way it has all the hookups for all your electronic devices like Bluetooth. Hands free driving.

- Tina B

Best heated and cooled seats made!

The truck is extremely good looking, many extra features that I love, heated and cooled seats work better than any vehicle I have ever been in. Love the sliding moonroof that goes all the way back over back seat area. Step in foot rail is wonderful to help me get in and out. Good gas mileage. Excellent acceleration. However, the start stop engine feature is very annoying. Makes driving very shaky as in vibrations. Even when turned off it seems drive is not as smooth as it should be. All in all a very fine vehicle worth purchasing.

- Debby W

Big truck what more do you need.

It is a supercrew cab with extended box, so plenty of room for other passengers or fold up the seats and plenty of room for stuff you do not want to but in the bed of the truck. Has remote starter, but the phone app works for 2017 or newer so kind of disappointing the app is not useable to start my truck because it would have been nice for winter at work. When you do remote start you can set it up to automatically sense and it will turn on the heat and put on seat warms if it is really cold, which is a nice feature.

- Alan T

Our Forever Vehicle Ford F-150

I really love our Ford F-150 pick-up. There is a lot of legroom in the front, but even more in the back. The front seats tilt so that one can lie down all the way. Especially nice are the heated seats, either to help warm you or for soothing aches and pains in your back. The rear-view camera and alarm are great for aiding in backing up. The back seats are split in 1/3 seat and 2/3 seat, so many different ways to adjust. I will certainly purchase another vehicle just like this!

- Rhonda F

that it is built FORD tough and is very dependable and backed by an excellent warranty

it is exactly what I ordered and it exceeds my expectations Great gas mileage on the highway and in the City. A very comfortable vehicle to drive. It looks great. Easy to drive. No blind spots Ford truck are known to be long lasting and I have previously owned ford trucks and find them reliable and most dependable. I usually buy a new truck every three to four years. My truck has a beautiful interior, and with the four wheel drive is dependable in the snow and off road

- Jim R

Definitely recommend and love my truck.

My truck is highly reliable. I have not had any problems with the vehicle. It is six cylinders so that is not too bad on gas. I use it to travel, for camping, to run errands. I also use it to pick up my kids from school. I use it for everything. I also love that it is roomy in the interior. The truck bed is also very roomy. It has helped us move mattresses and bed frames just fine. I would definitely recommend a purchase of a Ford f-150.

- Dolores H

This vehicle is reliable and absolutely worth every penny!

I have not had any problems with my f-150, I believe that my vehicle is absolutely reliable and safe. I have driven a truck for years and have not once strayed from an f-150. This truck offers many things to make it very comfortable. Depending on your budget you can add many different things including massage seats and heating or cooling seats. Not only can you add items to make your drives more relaxing, you can also add a sun/moonroof.

- Kate T

Ford truck not just a truck but a home shuttle for the family.

Well my 2016 f150 ecoboost 2. 7 is great no complaints only positive things. First it is great on fuel and comfortable in size great family vehicle 100% safe and many great features such as sync where you can answer calls hands free alerts you who is calling and best of all you have camera view for reverse alert if too close to object but what I love the most is the great smooth ride you can not feel the smallest numbs on the road.

- Rosie R

This is the best truck I have ever owned.

I have had no problems with my truck at all. It runs great, started when the temperature was 26 degrees below zero when my coworkers cars would not start. I think it is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. The seats are very comfortable and with an extended cab even large adults are comfortable in the back seat. I love the back up camera and trailer park assist features, they make backing and parking a breeze.

- J S

Great truck, comfortable ride, great options in our lariat model.

Great truck, does everything we ask it to, from pulling our travel trailer to pulling a class a motorhome out of the mud. We added a cap to the truck which gives us covered storage for our travels. The electric side steps are great. The sync navigation is an issue though. Ford does not have updated maps for it, the company has been called and Ford has not told the map company what format to release the update in.

- Cheryl L

I enjoy the ruggedness and roominess.

My f-150 is actually very reliable. I've had my vehicle for 2 years now and surprisingly, no problems. Of course, you have your normal upkeep with any vehicle. But I can actually say, this is a great, reliable vehicle. Especially if you fish, hunt, play sports, spend a lot of time in wooded areas. I live in what some people may call the country, so a truck is perfect for my location and daily activities.

- Crystal D

F150 recalls and issues but comfortable too.

The truck itself is very nice. The electronics on the dash seem to short out causing the screen to have lines through it or not work properly. There have also been a number of recalls for our specific truck for things like the starter, and several other things. Overall we like our truck, very spacious whether your sitting in the front or back seats! Plenty of room for 6 people comfortably!!

- Michelle G

Double moon roof f-150 is swift on the road, even hauling a boat!

I love my pickup! It is tall enough I am not sitting right on the highway. It has a large engine, not a gas-guzzler, but it can go as fast as I need to go. It pulls a boat very well! I have a double moon roof. . . It is great for liking at the Texas sky at night. . . Deep in the heart of Texas! I have not had one ounce of trouble with it, or the 4 previous Ford pickups I have owned.

- Laurie W

Great features, lots of room inside, looks great, drives nice, very powerful.

We purchased the 2016 Ford f150 lariat about 3 months ago and we absolutely love it. We went from an SUV and I was worried about losing cabin space, but it is surprisingly more spacious. My husband took it off-road and was so impressed with it is capabilities. It does not do so well on gas mileage and I wish it had a front camera, but other than that, we are so happy!

- Amy S

We customized our vehicle to fit our needs.

Very spacious, and runs like a dream! I enjoy the different add ons that ford had to offer, for instance my ecoboost which saves on gas! It is family friendly, but also suits my husband's manly look, so it plays in perfectly for us. Comes with Sirius XM, and a navigation system and then the back seats lift up so it's pretty convenient for any kind of purpose.

- Keeley K

Multi-useful, well crafted. Perfect for family. Not for tight parking.

It is a really great vehicle! Not only is it good for the normal tasks of a truck, but it is also a family vehicle! Really useful for camping trips, and family vacations! The only downside is how big it is. It can be difficult to park sometimes. It is also not a city car, it does not parallel park well. The rear camera can be extremely useful when parking.

- Kate G

Great vehicle that has been super reliable to this point in time.

The ford f-150 is an awesome vehicle. The four wheel drive is very easy to use- there were many occasions last winter that my truck was the only vehicle to move. The truck have been to Florida and back with no problem. It has made three trips. To south Carolina and the same to north Carolina with no problems at all it has been a very reliable vehicle.

- James B

On or off road this truck is the best.

Reliable. Ecoboost 6 cylinder. Incredible power. Pick up and towing power. Comfortable ride for driver and passengers. Comfortable back seat. Handles great on or off road. Took it up the trail to little Bear Peak in Colorado. Got as far as possible without special adaptations. Passed all the cars and trucks parked along the road at lower levels.

- Pat G

The gas mileage could be better, but it is understandable given the large engine.

We absolutely love our 2016 Ford f-150! The ride is so smooth. The interior is extremely roomy and it fits our family of four with plenty of extra room. The legroom is great as well! The sunroof plus moonroof is a fancy touch and we love opening the sunroof at night to look at the stars. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to purchase it!

- Rita H

Ample leg room with very a comfortable ride.

I have no reliability issues, I am tall and the Ford F-150 is one of the few vehicles I have found that gives me ample leg room. I enjoy the comfort and technology included in my vehicle. It has a very comfortable ride and also is capable of operating off road. I average over 18 miles to the gallon, which is very good for a crew cab pickup.

- Carl O

Great for grandchildren wanted something to haul them and yard waste.

I love driving it! It is roomy but it is hard to park. I wanted the extra room and having a bed but like I said hard to park. It does not look like a truck inside very luxurious. The gas mileage is fair. When driving in town 18 miles to the fall. It gets about 24 on highway. I like that the back seats fold up easily for more storage space.

- Pam M

I am happy driving my f-150.

It has been a great vehicle to own and drive. It handles well, rides like a expensive car, comfortable on long trips and around town. It is a v6 with the flex fuel so has a lot of get up and go when I need it. Also averages 22 mpg around town. It is a larger vehicle so can be harder to park. Back up camera is smaller then I would like.

- Timothy M

It is fully loaded and is amazing when it comes to sharp turns.

My Ford f150 is the most reliable and solid vehicle I have ever owned. It's not too bad on gas and the wear and tear is obsolete. It has started to rust a little bit but it is probably because of it sitting out in my driveway. Also, it is very comfortable and the space and comfort is amazing for me and my wife and my 5 year old boy.

- Tara H

Ford truck crew cab 2016 f150.

The vehicle is very reliable and has plenty of room to haul the family. The vehicle has the bed is the perfect size in comparison to our vehicle of similar size. The ride is very comfortable. The engine is good on gas and gets about 18 miles per gallon on normal driving. The truck can tow close to 9 thousand pounds with no problem.

- Marcus W

Ford f-150 is the truck to beat.

I am extremely happy with the Ford f-150. There are several features to select and Ford is great about letting you customize your vehicle. The one thing I regret was not getting the moon roof. I am thinking about getting an aftermarket one. I have the 3. 2 Ecoboost and the performance is right up there with the Mustang.

- Heather O

Comfort and reliable red truck.

I love the comfort and the extra space. Gas mileage is not all that great but I love my truck. I drive 100 miles one way to work and feel much safer in a bigger vehicle on the interstate. The seats lift up in the back for added storage. I have the short bed but it has been a lifesaver being able to haul anything I want.

- Melissa L

Excellent for towing and off-roading adventures!!

We pull a 33 ft travel trailer with it and its performance well exceeds our expectations. Its comfortable, very roomy, the power is phenomenal. We travel to the mountains with our travel trailer. We unhook and go off-road with no issues at all. We have owned our f150 for 2 years with absolutely no issues or problems.

- Ashley R

2016 Ford f150. Crew cab. Ecoboost v6 3. 5.

We bought this truck to pull our travel trailer. It has been problem free. It is very comfortable and roomy. It rides well and is good looking. The only negatives I encountered were the size and step in height. It is difficult to park in normal parking space. And as I get older, it gets more difficult to climb into.

- Donald G

The truck that has everything.

The f150 has plenty of power with the dual turbo v6. Handles very well and has more features than any other truck on the market. The aluminum body is very strong and holds up well with and receives a 5 star crash rating. The entertainment system is easy to use and is very useful with navigation and apple carplay.

- John S

Roomy interior; reliable; versatile.

What I love the most about my Ford f150 four door pick up is the interior room. Able to seat 5 to 6 adults comfortably and plenty of room for bulky car seats. I have had issues out of my Ford f150 and continue to enjoy its reliability. With a sport and towing driving mode options there is a lot of versatility.

- Dana B

Keep coming back to the f150 crew cab.

This is the 2nd. Time I bought a f150 crew cab and I love it. The mileage and comfort are two key factors that made me come back to it. I have an eco boost and had one, too, and it is awesome. The seating is wonderful for tall people and dogs. The hauling capacity is great as well as the look of the vehicle.

- Meghan M

Never thought I'd own a Ford!

there really is not any issue that we’ve had so far. It is great on gas mileage. It is easy to drive and handle especially for a pickup. I never thought I would be driving it, coming from a 5’2, 104lbs woman. The truck has lots to room to stretch out, plus plenty of room in the back for everything else.

- Sophie D

Really love the radio that is hooked up to my iPhone with Bluetooth!

No problems! Love my Ford pick up truck! I feel safe driving it! Mileage is not bad either! So practical and very roomy inside! Lots of legroom in back seat too! I never want to feel like I am sitting so low I feel like I am sitting on the road! Have used it to haul dogs, furniture, 4 wheeler and more!

- Karla H

Ford f-150 is a luxury car and truck in one.

The Ford f150 is a luxury car and truck in one vehicle. The 4 door crew cab offers unmatchable vast leg room. The suspension system is remarkable and provides a smooth ride. The ecoboost fuel system provides quality fuel consumption. The Ford f-150 is the number one rated truck in the united states.

- Lyn A

2. 7 Ecoboost is really nice.

It's a great truck that gets good gas mileage, is comfortable to drive. The 2. 7 Ecoboost is really quick and powerful. The looks are great and the features are great. I have had five trucks and this one is my favorite one of them all. 4x4 is great in the snow. Remote start is nice is cold weather.

- Kevin H

I would buy it again! It is a smooth ride with a lot of comforts and plenty of room for the family.

The truck is very reliable. It feels very secure and it is great to sit up high enough to see and enjoy the ride. It is very comfortable with lots of elbow room and a very smooth ride.It has all the comforts one needs. AC heat satellite radio cruise control phone options and plenty of cargo area.

- Ericka L

Decent, but unimpressed thus far.

Bought it as a certified used with 28,000 miles on it. So far the Sirius radio is awful (they do have a service bulletin about this). Have a rattle in the back seat, likely the seat belt should mounting bolt. Rotors are warped and have some type of squeal under light acceleration (3.5l ecoboost).

- Brian W

My favorite car is a truck.

The ford f 150 drives like a car instead of a pickup. It has all the features of a nice sedan but the benefits of a pickup. The back seat has more legroom than you would find in most cars and the fold up seats give you a large compartment. They fold down quickly when you need to add a passenger.

- Cindi C

Great mileage in a v8 pickup.

For a pickup with a v8 engine, 22 miles per gallon for highway driving is amazing, and the overall 19. 6 mpg since purchasing new - now at over 40, 000 miles - is remarkable. Almost no problems after 2 years, however the entertainment system control module failed, but was covered under warranty.

- Chris S

Buy my f-150! You will not regret it. . .

My f-150 is a great vehicle. I just sold it yesterday. It is loaded--double moonroof, heated/cooled leather seats, ruby red color. It has been an awesome pickup. Simeone will get an amazing vehicle, and just 20, 000 miles! I moved back up to a lovely 1 ton f-350! Oh, the adventures we will have!

- Laurie W

It is stylish and gets many compliments and has great gas mileage for a full size truck

I love the interior space it has for up to 6 passengers. I love the 21 mpg I can get as an average on each tank of gas- higher on long trips. The only thing I can think of to dislike is the fact that the driver's seat cushion seems to be wearing out faster than other vehicles I have owned.

- Rick K

Beautiful truck with great durability.

This vehicle is very reliable and a joy to ride in. It is extremely spacious and has many features in the interior. It is a powerful truck and great on gas. It has an aluminum body and has been rated one of the best in its class for safety. I would certainly recommend this truck to anyone.

- Edgar I

Very reliable Ford truck!

This truck is very reliable. I have never had any issues with it outside of routine maintenance. The gas mileage is good for a truck. This is a work truck and has very limited features, but does have Bluetooth capabilities which allows me the ability to use my phone for music and talking.

- Cameron M

The best Ford f-150 ever!

I really love the ride quality even though it is a pick up truck. It rides just like a fully loaded SUV. I am not happy that I have only owned the trick for 2 years and it is had multiple recalls already. however, with all the options I have in the vehicle it makes my daily commute great.

- Calvin H

Ford f-150 is great and I recommend.

There is plenty of security metal around me in the cab of my truck should I have an auto accident. I keep a hitch on the back and even when rear ended, no scratches. But it has totaled others cars. Its smooth and easy to drive. Electrical is a bit touchy sometimes for no apparent reason.

- Samantha K

I do not know to much about vehicles.

I love the truck I drive. It is comfortable and lots of room. Has a great stereo system. Drives so smooth cannot tell when you are going over bumps. For being a four door, four wheel drive, it is really good on gas mileage. I would suggest this vehicle to anyone looking to buy and love.

- Jessica B

Awesome 2016 Ford f150 pickup truck Color silver with bed cover.

I like this 2016 Ford f 150 truck. The ride is very comfortable for a pick-up. The performance is awesome, has an ecoboost v-6 engine with a lot of pep! The features are great also, has Bluetooth radio, CD, satellite radio, and oversize wheels and tires and other features I didn't list.

- Milton J

More than gas vehicles available.

Plenty of alternatively-fueled choices. If you are interested in something besides a purely gas-powered engine, then ford has some options for you! With vehicles like the c-max energi, the focus electric, and the fusion hybrid, among others, you can enjoy the greener side of the fence.

- Sophia S

It gets great fuel economy

I like my f-150 because it serves me so well as a family vehicle for traveling and I use it to transport my bicycle for my cycling hobby. It also is very good for hauling things for my DIY projects. It gets good gas mileage and is low maintenance and has had no engine or other problems

- Gary E

Great vehicle, so pleased with purchase of this vehicle.

No problems with performance or reliability, one safety recall that has been addressed. Comfort of vehicle and the ride is very good for a truck. Excellent features are available for these vehicles. Features a turbocharged engine that delivers horsepower and excellent fuel mileage.

- Adam B

Ford f150 is a great truck.

The truck has 68000 miles on it I have never opened the hood I get oil changes at Ford and never have had any issues with truck whatsoever haven't needed brakes or tires yet usually trade in at 80000 and her new 1 most reliable truck to own always starts and always stops good luck.

- Paul K

Ford truck is the way to go, when buying a truck.

Great truck! Rides nice and quiet. Has all the bells and whistles. Love the latter on the tailgate! We had a Chevy sierra truck before this truck, this truck is so much better in every way. I can only say good things about truck. When you are looking for a job orders the way to go.

- Maria L

Ford f-150 performs above the rest!

Never have had one problem with my truck. It has the room and comfort we needed. Whether you need one for work, travel or just driving around town, it performs great and is good on gas even in town. If you haven't thought about getting a truck, you should check out the Ford f-150.

- Kathleen J

Ford f-150 extended cab 2016 review.

Great vehicle. For families or otherwise. Lots of room in the back seat. Love that it has Bluetooth capability as well as a USB port. Gas mileage is about 16 city and 18 travelling. Automatic doors and locks work well. We add a key fob for push to start and it has been amazing!

- Kelsey D

It's awesome and Its a Ford.

Ecoboost is awesome, fantastic fuel mileage 20+, has sport mode and it will get it. Very roomy inside, leather interior with heat and cool seats. Keeps you comfy. Upgraded 20 inch wheels make the stance better than the 17 inch. Overall a very nice and enjoyable truck to drive.

- Malcolm D

Roomy and comfortable with all the gadgets you need!

The f150 is very roomy. I love all the technology features on it such as the cross traffic awareness, auto bright/dim lights, auto wipers, auto lights, and heated and cooled seats in the front and back seats. The truck has a great ride. I personally love driving it on trips!

- Amy M

Ford did a fantastic job on their new gen trucks I couldn't be happier.

Vehicle performs really well, it is very reliable and great in any weather condition that I have put it through. It does not have leather seats however the cloth seats are just as comfortable, with more than enough space in the front and back to accommodate for all my needs.

- Matthew A

Ford 2016 f-150 great truck.

My vehicle is comfortable, has good performance and is extremely reliable. Oil changes are needed sparsely, tires hardly need air, turns well, accelerates well etc.. The only issue I personally have with my vehicle is it's size and it's inability to fit into smaller spaces.

- Easton F

The truck can run pretty pricey, but it is amazing for families. . .

Our family vehicle has automatic step bars on the sides of the truck that comes out when the doors open. It has self parking, where the vehicle parks itself. It also has a front view camera which is rare in most cars. Honestly there are no complaints. The truck is amazing!

- Danielle B

My review of my Ford f-150.

My Ford f-150 is a comfortable and smooth ride that I can rely on daily. The hands-free Bluetooth connection to my phone and the numerous controls on the steering wheel make the drive safe and convenient whether it be answering a call or simply changing the radio station.

- Jonah W

I love that it has enough space to carry large items.

It is comfortable and roomy. No major problems so far. It picks up speed good. It is fully loaded and I enjoy driving it. I am pretty happy with my purchase. I have a lot of room so I am able to help my friends when they need stuff moved for them. So pretty good vehicle.

- Jennifer R

It is a Texas edition and despite the eco boost 2. 7 engine, its got sport mode.

My truck is a vehicle I have always dreamed of, its big, roomy, efficient on gas, ruby red, and its got power. It does not have all the amenities of a luxury truck, but its just right for my needs. The best part is it's got enough power to one day pull my camper trailer.

- Santiago P

Great truck - the seats heat.

There is lots of pace in both the front & back seats. I feel very safe in my husbands truck. It makes it very easy to load materials for building and it has 4 doors which makes it easy for shopping. It can pull our boat with no trouble at all. It also has a great radio.

- Victoria C

The rubber floor boards are great for kids.

I love my f150 xl. The rubber floor boards come in handy with children and their spills. We have not had any performance issues or any maintenance problems. The f150 is a smooth riding truck with plenty of leg space in the back or you can fold up the seats for storage.

- Matthew K

Sleek and nice spacious Ford 150 truck.

Preforms incredibly. Comfortable and spacious, feels new no matter how much it is used. Interior is smooth and easy to clean. It is easy to rely on this car because it can never do you wrong! Fun to ride in with family and friends with windows down! No problems so far!

- Jennifer T

Great deal and great performance.

This truck performs great. Has good mileage. Never had a problem with it. I would suggest it to everyone to try a Ford truck. Price is resendable. The only maintenance that I had to do in my truck is standard maintenance. Never had a problem. Ford dealership is great.

- Alberto A

My truck is a powerhouse I love it. The 2. 7 Ecoboost is amazing.

My truck has had a slight shake at 55 to 60 mph ever since I bought it. Also the rear view camera has went out. I had to have a turn signal switch went out and I had to have it replaced under warranty. I did get the extended warranty which I would recommend to anyone.

- Eric S

Ford Fan and Return Customer

This vehicle is high performance. It gets good gas mileage and saves some money, considering I drive to various companies. I have not had any problems, except for new wipers were put on. I would advise you to test drive a Ford truck. Some of the best , on the road.

- James J

Great truck, no complaints!

Everything has been great! Only problem that has come up is that the throttle body shut so I had to get that replaced. It was a $600 part! Other than that, no issues. Rides smooth, love the look, and it has a great Bluetooth sound system with the sync 3 technology.

- Alyse B

One size fits almost everyone for leg room.

My family and I love our f150. It rides smoothly and is very comfortable. The crew cab has a great amount of legroom. Our family of six even enjoy long drives for vacations. The truck gets pretty good gas mileage compared to the other major trucks on the market.

- Matt R

2016 Ford f150 sport 4 wheel drive.

No problems. Love it very much. Runs great and has lots of power. Great gas mileage. 4x4 black and gets me where I need to go. Very trustworthy. Have been a Ford man for many years and will probably be a Ford man till I die. Ford makes a very dependable product.

- Brandon M

The new f150 has great features.

Have had no problem with this vehicle, runs great gets great fuel mileage and has plenty of room. Has full climate control with its individual temperature settings. Rear window defroster and heated mirrors, crew cab gives you plenty of space to get comfortable.

- Jack S

We take some short day trips & enjoy the ride. No surprises, just smooth ride.

Our f150 is a reliable, trusty truck. Good on mileage with regular maintenance, such as oil changes and tune up. Spacious and comfortable back seat. We have been driving f150's for a number of years because of the durability and performance. We love our ford.

- Deborah B

Beautiful f-150 red truck.

I love my red f-150 truck very beautiful red it is easy to drive up in the snow and a lot of space for everyone to sit my truck has heated seats that is my favorite part has three seats in the front and three in the back has a back for the dog to sit outside.

- Christina L

It is a very reliable vehicle, and has had no issues so far.

I enjoy the stability of the car, it just seems well built altogether. I really enjoy the built in bluetooth that can connect to my phone so I can listen to music that I want. I enjoy the fact that it is a truck, and can carry large cargo every now and then.

- Sean S

Smooth ride and room to stretch.

Drives like a luxury car. It is very roomy. Having 2 kids and 2 dogs inside the truck is no big deal. Everybody has more than enough room. After having driven in a midsize car for the last 5 years the upgrade to my truck is everything I could have asked for.

- Shane S

It is easy to drive but not so easy to fit in a regular parking spot.

I love that I can fit 6 people In my truck. I am comfortable driving in it. And I love that my kids sports equipment can go in the bed of the truck and not have to stink up the inside. The only thing I do not like is that I do not have dual climate control

- Tricia W

I'm happy in every way with it! I don't think there is a different vehicle I would really rather have!

I love my truck. I had an '04 F150 and '11 F150 before and this 2016 is my favorite yet! It is gray with the FX4 and luxury package. It has automatic start, electric rear window, box light, a great stereo, and a backup camera and sensors. I love my truck!

- Derek M

Ford f150 best sport utility truck that has seat warmers and coolers.

It is roomy and handles well. Only issue is tire sensors are not always accurate. However brakes work well and truck body is nice looking. Other issue is the turn radius is not wide enough. Runs well and oil changes on time keeps the engine humming along.

- Jeremy C

The truck is a utility vehicle. Surprisingly smooth ride, but nothing fancy.

We do not like the auto-engine turn off feature for idling. It is not a reliable feature and we have had to get it fixed twice already. The center console also had to be fixed within 3 months of purchasing the vehicle. This truck has very basic features.

- Allison B

Good quality product value of money.

It's a good quality product and value of money. Its performance is best. Very comfortable. All features has in this. Reliability is good. There is no problem I face. I am very happy with this. It's easy to use. This is good quality product of low price.

- Simon J

Lots of room and the smoothest ride.

This truck is what dreams are made out of. Comfortable, smooth ride, all the extras, plenty of room in the cab and in the bed. Easily cleanable which is great because we have a few dogs that ride with us often. Gets great gas mileage for a large truck.

- Melissa I

The lariat trim is a very nice addition to the truck. It has everything you need.

I really like the fact that is has a remote start. That helps on cold/hot days getting the engine going with air conditioner or heater before I get in the car. Also another nice feature is the double sunroof. Makes the car seem brighter during the day.

- Garrett D

Best for traveling paved roads to mountain trails.

The Ford f150 is a great vehicle. Versatile. Powerful. Economical. Its our family car. We have travelled 3000 miles fully loaded and enjoyed all the in cab features. It was comfortable and efficient for travel from paved roads to 4x4 mountain country.

- Angela J

the wonderful feeling sitting in that machine. i sit higher, can also go out to the fields of my family, clean it up and be good for the city.

love the club cab for my girl friends and when we shop there is no need to limit us. the bed is large enough to cover all of our shopping needs. the only downside is the fuel consumption. it is always thirsty. other than that, i am happy with the car.

- julia l

That new trucks are now becoming economical with the newer ecoboost v6's

What can I say it is a Ford F-150 Pickup truck. One of the best selling trucks ever. Has all the power and now they are getting the gas mileage up near 20 city for the newer models. Can't wait to turn in my lease and buy a new 2019/2020 model.

- Rich S

Truck has Ecoboost and has great gas mileage on both highways and city streets.

4 door pickup with lots of room inside for everyone. Includes a sunroof. Only complaint is that it is tall and hard to get in the bed of the truck if I need to get in there. Wish I would have added the tailgate step as a feature to the truck.

- Preston R

It is reliable and gets good gas mileage.

This truck rides extremely smooth. It has ecoboost that allows fuel for efficiency. The color is a stylish dark grey. It has the all new aluminum body, and an alloy wheel package. It does not have any chrome, which I prefer. It has a bedliner.

- Gina M

The towing of the F-150 is perfect and it rides like nothing is attached.

I like the comfort, ride and pulling capacity for towing my travel trailer. I would prefer the Android Auto worked better, it does not maintain the map when connected. The back-up camera comes in extra handy with getting the trailer attached.

- Martin T

The F-150 Sport truck it's dependable and very reliable.

I have a 2016 Ford F-150 Sport it's been very dependable great on gas I get anywhere from 20 to 24 miles a gallon . The color is called magnum grey .the paint is so shiny It looks like wax is built in to the paint .it washes off with ease .

- Gregory T

Best car for work and practicality with Big size.

The ford f-150 is very nice pickup truck I mostly use it as my daily driver to go to work and .The best part of this car is very practical and powerful and the downsides are its size makes it hard for parking and the fuel economy is bad.

- Redwan H

The extra cab is worth the extra money. Having a backseat is really convenient.

I can tow with it & haul lumber as needed. I do not have to think about how I am going to get something that I am picking up home, there's always room in the truck. I am do not love the mpg, but the compromise is worth it in my opinion.

- Katie B

mighty beautiful and comfortable

It is a very powerful car with lots of strength for everything, especially for the field, very comfortable and relaxed. The disadvantages begin when we consider that it is a very heavy car and it is not very accessible for urban areas.

- alex G

My truck is a sexy beast. It rides smooth and looks great.

I like the look of my truck and the fact that it comfortable seats 6. I dislike the plastic around the door handles and the lack of bells and whistles. Although the lack of bells and whistles does keep the truck at a reasonable price.


That it is a very safe vehicle on the road.

I really like how the truck handles. It pulls our trailer with no problems. It has a lot of room in the rear seats for people and for carrying items. Only thing I wish it had was a camera for front parking, like it does in the back.

- Kat V

It is extremely reliable without losing safety. I depend on it!

I love the gas mileage it is very good compared to the explorer I had before. I have not had any problems with it, no warranty work has been needed. I leased it but I think I will buy it after the lease. I feel very safe driving it.

- Sheryl M

It gets good gas mileage despite the size of the truck.

It's reliable. I have noticed a few minor problems. My truck is a lower version without navigation which would be nice. The back seats don't recline which the kids would prefer. rear cup holder broke, latch on center storage broke.

- John T

Exceptional Ford ecoboost.

Almost 25, 000 miles and has been incredibly reliable. Even the bottom line base model feels up to date and current. It is great for hauling and you cannot even tell you are towing. The level of power is incredible for 2. 7 l.

- Samantha W

I would like people to know just how reliable it is.

The Ford f-150 is an extremely reliable vehicle. When it drives it's very smooth and can even be relaxing at times. The performance is off the charts. I have never once had a problem and I have had it for several years.

- Neil H

2016 Ford F-150 has comfort, power, and great on gas mileage. It has the ride of a luxury car and able to tow a 10,000 lb boat.

The vehicle performance is great, and also on gas mileage. It's very comfortable and all the features are mostly at your fingertips. It includes heated and cooled leather interior and massaging seats for long drives.

- Michael J

Aluminum bed is a neat detail of this truck. Looks great. Less weight.

Love this truck. Great family vehicle. Love the technology and gadgets. Smooth ride. But definitely not a Truck Truck. Mud of any kind and your stuck. Pretty show town truck. Not a work truck. Exactly what I wanted.

- Crissy S

It is the best selling pickup in the world.

Has the most towing capacity of a half ton pickup on the market today. It has the biggest backseat and is extremely comfortable to drive. It rides incredibly smooth, almost like you are in a car instead of a pickup.

- Molly A

It gets really good miles per gallon for a truck while not sacrificing power.

The truck has great acceleration and averages around 20 mpg. It is also quiet and the 4 wheel drive allows me to get around better in winter and makes me feel safer because i am not as worried about getting stuck.

- Reed S

The one most important thing others should know is that the vehicle is excellent for towing and having space both inside and out for transporting cargo and people.

I like the F150 because I do a lot of transporting of heavy large items. The truck also has great towing capabilities. The only thing I do not like is the gas mileage, but it is worth it for the use I need it for.

- Matt B

I Love My Great Ford Truck

2016 F-150 is a very nice ride, comfortable, with ecoboost V-6 that is surprising quick, with almost effortless acceleration, and a quite reasonable fuel efficient 20 mph for in town driving for a 4500 lb vehicle.

- Matt P

Much more interior room than other vehicles that I have owned, and more cargo space with a cover added to the bed.

feels like a semi luxury car with all the benefits of a pickup. love the heated and cooled seats. rides very smoothly for a truck, and very happy with all the gadgets that are included. best family car ever!

- Stacey N

My truck has great interior space and is a smooth ride.

I like the interior space my crew cab truck provides. I love that it has a center console. I wish it had the shifter in the center console and not on the column. Love the huge sunroof and entertainment system.

- Greg R

My ford is massive and has a lot of free space

It is a very nice car with tons of room and a lot of storage. It has been a very good car so far and we plan to keep it for longer. The only issue is it's huge size and difficulty to park that comes with that

- James T

It fits my Outdoorsy Lifestyle like a Glove. It has enough Space for the whole Family's Stuff and can take some more into some interesting terrain.

Firstly I Have no Complaints. The Vehicle runs smoothly and more fuel Economically than our households Dodge Caravan. it is a Practical Vehicle for my Personality and use and I Wouldn't swap it for the world.

- Willie d

I have heard that oil changes are very important with the ecoboost.

I have really enjoyed my f150. The eco boost may not always be the most fuel efficient but it is an awesome truck for pulling heavy loads. Almost like having a diesel on a budget. Would highly recomb.

- Van C

This vehicle is a great family vehicle. My family and I have plenty of room.

The 2016 Ford f-150 is a wonderful vehicle. It is great on gas. Everything works great. The back up mirror helps a lot. It is very spacious and a great family vehicle. I highly recommend this vehicle.

- Brooke R

The one most important thing others should know about my ford is it has great safety features.

The safety features, the comfort, and ease of driving are things I strongly like about my vehicle. The price to fill the gas tank up is one major dislike. I do not have any complaints about the truck.

- Catherine P

I love my truck it is reliable and spacious.

It is a great vehicle. The interior is spacious and big enough to comfortable fit a family of 5. The backseat can easily fit 3 full size adults. I love my truck and would definitely buy another one.

- Steve F

There is a ton of space. We love it.

I love how smooth of ride it has. Most trucks feel like you are riding in a truck, but this feels like you are riding in a luxury vehicle. Feels sturdy/solid build. Great gas mileage for a pick-up!

- Chelsea B

The cab is small but the practicality is perfect for a pickup truck.

I hate the small cab for my kids car seats and extra storage. I like the size of the bed for moving furniture and large items. I wish the SYNC had a touch screen instead of numerous side buttons.

- Patrick S

Sturdy vehicle with a few fails

It runs really well, but it is susceptible to rust and leaks. The suspension is very wear hardy. There is tons of cabin space so we can transport our two kids and dog and rabbit at the same time.

- April R

The Eco-Boost can be a little annoying at times, and I'm not even sure it saves gas. Also, the tires are properly inflated but the indicator says that it's not

I like the power of driving a truck. It was a big shift from driving an SUV, but I think my truck drives so much better. I'm also impressed with the gas mileage that I receive from this truck.

- Kristine K

The backup trailer assist for those that have never backed up a trailer is awesome.

The ride of the vehicle is smooth. The seats are very comfortable. I have the panoramic roof and will never have another truck without one. I have not had any issues with the vehicle at all.

- Jeff W

Love the visual back up screen and warning signals.

Comfortable to ride in. Very durable and trouble free. Lots of room in the cab. Great sound system. Lots of useful amenities such as electrical outlets and lighting. Very good pulling my boat.

- James T

Even though it is comfortable to drive, It doesn't get great gas mileage.

There is a lot of room in his truck. It is a lot lighter than most trucks and can fit a lot in the bed of the truck as well. I like the camera while I'm backing up. It is easy to drive as well.

- Jennifer E

The interior is very luxurious in my opinion and makes the truck look good.

I truly enjoy my car/truck. All of the features are very convenient and user-friendly, and makes for an awesome experience while driving. I have not had any issues or complaints with my truck.

- Nina G

That having ecoboost in the truck really makes it worth buying because it saves you on gas and really gives you an excuses to buy one.

I like the body of the truck and the keypad on the outside of the truck. I love the fact it has ecoboost really helps with gas. Also it's a really roomy which is great for my growing family.

- Kaley B

Very reliable and comfortable. Great for road trips.

I get up to 21 mpg highway and 18 combined. I love my truck, with the crew cab, there is an abundance of room in back, it's very comfortable and has multiple power outlets 12v, USB and 110v!

- Gary D

Ford F150 is great for storage.

I love my Ford F150 because it is very reliable and has the towing capacity that I need for my everyday life. It also has the latest features that can be updated and it rarely need repair.

- Dre W


I have had very little problems with my f150! I have the 3.5 v6 twin turbo engine, and this baby can get up and go! It has all the power of pulling and pushing the pedal. I love this truck.

- Cami R

It is very reliable and good on gas.

I love it because it is reliable, dependable, need for work, runs great. I have always owned Fords and have nothing but success with them. The 4 wheel drive is also great for snow and mud.

- Brandon S

Great gas mileage for our family daily driver

I love how spacious it is, and has plenty of legroom, even for my husband who i's 6'. The kids love it that they are crammed next to each other. It gets great gas mileage (currently 22mpg)

- Ann L

Ford F150 Truck for Family

This vehicle has been a comfortable ride for our family on long trips. We did have issues, while under warranty, with the brakes. The dealership was most accommodating during the repairs.

- Michelle B

I like the way it handles and I love how it has great towing I am able to use it for everything

I would like it to have more updated features on the inside it is very basic and it feels like it would have more update then it has. I do like the rugged look and few and it handles well

- Link K

Family Trucks are very versatile! Can haul things and drive the family around!

I love my truck! It is spacious and roomy for us and the kids in the back. I can comfortably fit two car seats and a third adult in the back! The drive is great even for long distances.

- Heather S

The truck is fully capable vehicle for hauling, traveling and comfort to ride in.

I love the roomy interior and the overall performance of the truck. I am easily able to drive in all types of weather. It is great for hauling items and comfortable on long road trips.

- tom T

I love the ride, it is the smoothies for the 4x4

I love my Ford F-150. Over the last 5 years I have owned a new Chevy that was junk. I have also owned a new dodge I didn't care for. The tranny went out within the first 15k miles.

- Matt D

Dual purpose truck for any situation you need.

Very smooth car, has both a sport mode that I use on the highway when passing other cars, as well as a tow haul mode for assistance in the driving aspect if I am towing anything.

- Cooper K

They are very versatile. They have plenty of room for give passengers and luggage stored in the back.

We live in a rural areas where pickups are the norm. I love the room inside. We love that we can carry stuff in the bed. I do have a hard time parking it because of its size.

- Cathy M

That its solid on the road, the gas mileage is great and it is very safe.

No complaints, they added everything I wanted. Tinted windows, new tires and better rims, a bedcover. Heated seats, a backup camera, and adjustable pedals are my favorites.

- Nicole K

It is sturdy and made tough. I feel well protected when driving. It is a nice looking well put together truck

I like that i can haul large purchases home. Furniture, appliances etc.... I also like how roomy the inside is and it is luxury like riding in a car. Has the power to haul

- Nancy A

It's got plenty of towing power and is quite fast for being a pick up

I love the power it has a 3.7L V6 twin turbo ecoboost. I also enjoy all the features including a nav system. The only thing I don't love about my truck is the gas mileage

- david b

It's comfortable and safe. You feel like you have a tough truck that will protect you under the worst weather conditions

Very strong and safe vehicle that seats six adults. Nice looking and has 4 wheel drive that helps in bad weather. Very roomy and can fit a lot of stuff in the truck bed

- Susan C

It is extremely dependable.

I have no real problem with this and I would recommend 2 anyone. I do not like the governor on it. Heated seats would be a plus and auto adjustments for dual.. Drivers..

- Heather B

It is hard to park..lol. It is a very powerful truck

I have a 4 wheel drive F150. It helps me haul stuff that I need to and the 4 wheel drive works wonderfully. I have had it for two years so far, and have no complaints.

- marc j

It's a beast. Got a v6 turbo that oddly kicks in super hard when needed, but purrs n auto shuts off to save gas.. It gets great mileage

It's nice and comfortable. Tons of legroom unlike previous versions. Non leather seats unlike the upper models, nice new engine that serves me well with great mileage

- Bink N

It is as comfortable as a passenger car.

It is a pick up which makes it very helpful in hauling materials. I also like the way I am higher & can see further. I also like the power of an 8 cylinder engine.

- Denise M

It's great miles per gallon on the highway.

I like the mileage the truck gives me. I generally get 29 miles on the highway and 19 around town. I like the safety features such as radar and back up visual camera.


Not worth it. Don't buy one. Just buy an older car. They are made better.

Cheaply made. Basically seems like everything just is made to break. Steering wheel peeled. Some trim is faded, Radio has problems disconnecting all the time it's bs.

- Ryan S

The f150 has tons of torque!!

Radio cuts out sometimes. The screen will go blank and will not cut on. The door will not shut sometimes. This is due to a recall that has already been taken care of.

- Jay W

That is drives great and I can easily drive in the snow. This is very important when you live in Michigan.

I love that I have room in my truck and that I can easily drive in the snow. I also like the ability to move items using my truck. This makes my husbands job easier.

- Leah H

Antenna is too long for the most garages. Aftermarket antennas don't work well.

Love the Ford f-150 xlt. Fits 6 people and fits all 3 kids comfortably. The hauls what I need with no issues. Fast. Auto start stop function. Trailer assist. Great.

- David A

Ford F150 Supercrew the all around vehicle

I really like the LED lights. They illuminate far better than the regular ones. I also like the rear camera. No judgement calls when backing up, it's on the screen.

- Russell E

It belongs to me and no one else. The best decision I have made to buy new instead of used

I love my truck because I am higher than other vehicles. I do not have to worry about getting from point a to b also being able to still drive in the ice and snow

- Sara M

A very reliable truck. It has the comforts that a vehicle of this type needs and is very strong. It has been a workhorse for me and has been very reliable.

Its very reliable and performs well but sometimes in the summer when you are stuck in traffic the A/C does not do the job. |Also fuel wise its a pain in the city.

- Neal L

Spacious and good quality. Plenty of room and comes wiTh great features

Great truck. Overall very pleased. Lots of room in backseat. Have always preferred leather seats but ended up getting cloth seats and they are very good quality!

- Sarah H

That I get 22 mpg on the highway.

It is powerful and gets good mileage for its size. The only thing I don't love about it is that is almost too big. It can be hard to park in a tight parking lot.

- Mike M

It is a great family vehicle.

The truck is spacious and comfortable. It drives smooth and is useful for everyday tasks and hauling. The only complaint is it seems to easily scratch and dent.

- Jordan M

It is reliable. It is also safe. I bought it mostly due to work Bree conditions and it performs well

I have the super crew can and I love the space inside. I li really enjoy the eco boost function as well. I love hay it has an aluminum body so it will not rust

- Jose S

It is an awesome truck. We have used it on many vacations for our family of 6 and did not feel cramped!

It has great towing ability. It allows me to fit 5 passengers. It has a long enough bed to haul all of the items I need to haul. It is comfortable to drive.

- Tim D

The one thing that people should know about Ford trucks is that they are good looking, functional and dependable and built Ford-tough.

I love my truck. I wouldn't prefer any other type or vehicle or brand. Will always choose Ford. I love that Ford makes dependable vehicles. No complaints here.

- Dominica M

It is reliable and good on gasoline. Rides great and is comfortable.

My Ford F150 is a great vehicle. I am able to use it on the highway, as well as on my farm to help me move things. Very comfortable and have had no problems.

- Marco G

It's american made and it is better built then any foreign car I have ever owned. I also tell people that I am not a moving man.

Large capacity for hauling things, very comfortable ride and it is very durable. I do not like the gas mileage that I get but other then that I love my truck

- Kenneth S

The supercrew F150 makes you feel safe while driving and it gets good gas mileage and can haul 5 people and cargo

like having a truck that sits up and you can see out of; feel safe with the bigger vehicle; comfortable to ride/drive; can haul what I need; good gas mileage

- michelle b

Does the job great for me.

Great truck that performs all the duties needed including pulling my boat and hauling both personal and business items in the bed. Comfortable ride as well.

- Adam J

It has been reliable for us. It gets us where we need to go and hauls what we need to carry.

Keypad entry is a favorite feature. Hands free cell phone system is important to me. Gas mileage is as expected, but i wish it had the same mpg as our prius

- richard J

My vehicle is very smooth and I would not trade it in

It's performance is amazing and it has very comfortable seats that are leather. it feels like i'm driving a Lamborghini and it is very smooth on the road.

- Luke n

We always get great service from ford.

I like the comfort and usefulness of the truck. The step up on the tailgate is very useful. Everyone that rides in the back seat tells us how roomy it is.

- Nan D




The V-8 motor is a strong motor and has a lot of power.

It is a SuperCab and it has four doors which makes it easier to get in the back. It has a V8 and has a lot of power which is great for towing a vehicle.

- Christopher K

Great value from company that didn't file bankruptcy when other companies did.

I like that it is dependable, it is loaded with extras, it runs good, it gets decent gas mileage, it looks great. It gets a lot of dust in the truck bed.

- Alicia B

You will get what you pay for.

No complaints this is a dependable vehicle. It runs great and has no issues. The paint is perfect. Runs strong, shifts smoothly. All systems work great.

- John F

Great power and looks in a little half ton truck

The fuel mileage is great considering it has a lift kit and oversized tires, the interior is very comfortable, all the additional features are excellent

- James F

Ford F150 reviewed by a user

Had the truck for 2 years, no problems at all. Fuel mileage much better than anticipated. Snow travel was essential and 4x4 works well. Great truck.

- Randy J

Its awesome its very good and lasting.

Its fuel efficient and it is very powerful. It also has lots of seats. The car has a lot of technology. It also has good braking. It is also very safe.

- Jeremiah M

New truck driver coming through! Take time learning how to park if you've never driven a truck before.

I enjoy having a truck, as it is a new purchase. It has Ecoboost which is an adjustment to get use to. No complaints expect filling up the gas tank!

- danni c

The great amount of space it has in the inside cab.

Rides great, great on gas and comfort. We use it for long drives and get great comfort in it. We would recommend to anyone for its interior space.

- Sharon S

The all aluminum body really helps the gas mileage.

Reliable and comfortable ride. This vehicle is what Ford is all about. It has the muscle for the tough towing and the luxury for the family trips.

- Joe C

It is very comfortable with decent gas mileage for a full size truck.

This truck has everything I need. Heated seats, remote start, keypad entry, and satellite radio. My only complaint is the brakes shudder a little.

- Rob S

That it is reliable & practical but still luxurious.

I love its look, value & dependability. I always wanted a pickup truck and I finally bought one in 2016. Neither my wife nor I have any regrets.

- Alfredo V

It is my favorite truck that I have ever owned.

Love the color and the ride. It is what I have always loved about ford. Plus putting the bigger tires and it and the lift it looks really tough.

- Heather E

Ford F 150 Base model truck

It's not a high end model. Don't like the air vents. Has backup camera but no sensors. Brakes are a bit touchy. Sometimes hard to maneuver.

- Jennifer C

It has plenty of power and can easily haul more than expected.

I have no complaints. I have had a few issues on the past with it. However it is an overall good truck for what it is supposed to be built for.

- Collin K

Lots of technology packed into a truck

My truck is reliable and had great features and I greatly enjoy riding in it. It can haul anything I want and yet is comfortable to drive in.

- Matt M

It has great features. Cool double sunroof. Heated and cooled seats work great!.

No complaints. Love everything but the engine idles rough and cannot seem to be fixed. Has to do with the fact it cuts off at stop light, etc.

- Debbie W

2016 Ford F-150 2.7L 4x4 Supercab

Fuel economy and comfort have exceeded what I was expecting for a full size truck. I'm definitely impressed with it and happy with my choice.

- Nathan M

It got me where I needed to go safely.

I love my truck. The ride is so smooth and comfortable, and the interior is nice and roomy. I do not think I will ever drive anything else!.

- Esther B

Fords are great vehicles.

I love my ford f-150 truck. I have owned a lot of fords over the years. Ford makes great products and will purchase another in a few years.

- will k

It has comfortable seats and multiple features

It's very dependable and reliable not to mention it's not bad on gas mileage to be a Truck. It's big in size but serves multiple purposes

- Renee M

It is beautiful and very dependable. It has lots of awesome features

Love my Ford because it has never left me stranded. Air conditioning is sooooo cold. Stereo speakers are awesome. I can haul anything.

- Bonnie W

It's great for taking family out and it's great to haul things home from hardware store.

Love the super cab. Lots of seating. Have cloth seats, cool in the south heat. Has basic package but less chance for things to replace.

- Peter S

4x4 durable strong long lasting pickup

I LOVE this pickup. It is durable, easy to control, and very spacious on the inside. We will out in country so 4 wheel drive is a must!

- Kierra G

It can tow a load. Also can carry lots of stuff in the back. Great for traveling And camping

My vehicle it's nice and big (good size) drives smoothly and has a nice interior. And I really haven't found any problems with it yet.

- Milo S

F150 Electric Running Boards a No

Very nice vehicle with all the bells and whistles. It has electric running boards that now are not going back up. Not a good feature

- Kim M

The cab is very large. Plenty of room for the family and gear.

Very good gas mileage for the size of the vehicle. Large cab space easily fits family of four. Never had any issues with towing needs.

- Shaun T

It's the shiznit. I love how it runs and the luxuriousness compared to Chevy or Dodge

It's been amazing. No problems. I'm a loser and put premium in it but it runs so much smoother on it and I feel the truck loves it too

- Dale G

It is a great reliable vehicle that has great space! Can tow and haul things!

It is very spacious! It has great space to fit everyone in and it has the extra seat in the front. It also has a great safety rating.

- Landon W

It has not had any major mechanical issues.

I think it is attractive and highly functional. It makes good use of space and is reasonably fuel efficient. It has nice features.

- Thom L

It is the top of the line in all categories; safety, towing, fuel, and family vehicle

The truck is able to perform all duties that I need it to be used for, and at the same time has enough space to be a family vehicle.

- Austin M

The amble space and hauling capacity makes it a must have!

I'm tall so I love having a taller vehicle. My truck is an ecoboost so I get better gas mileage with it. Love all the room inside!

- chanin t

Large and dependable truck

Never had an issue. Runs great very powerful. Room inside is amazing. There is tons of space not cramped in the backseat at all.

- Tina H

Its roomy in back seats and has great tinting on back windows.

Like the room in it, the quick heat, and bed size dislike radio how poorly it stays in great operations and the bad gas mileage.

- Laura S

Great family truck. Will keep everyone safe and your manhood will thank you.

The ford performs fantastically. It drives great and has been a family helper. I can haul many items and it never slows me down.

- Zachary H

It has lots of room in the back seat. Comfortable to drive.

Very spacious and comfortable. Happy with the engine power. Wish I would of paid a little less. The black paint scratches easy.

- Zach K

It is the smoothest and toughest ride out there.

I like the towing capability for camping and weekend trips. Gets good gas mileage for a truck. Plenty of room in the interior.

- Eric w

My truck gives a comfortable ride and is good on the gas mileage

I have absolutely no complaints about my truck. It has been the best vehicle I've ever owned. I only hate the monthly payments

- Joe D

It has engine auto start in it as well

It's a decent size truck it drives smooth and is very roomy and its good on gas and is also good for transporting kids safely

- Alyssa F

It's a great vehicle to have in our family

I love my ford f150 pick up truck it handles great it is good on gas it is very roomy on the inside has up to date technology

- Donielle C

Very much room, very comfortable and very dependable.

It's a very comfortable ride for a truck, very roomy. And decent on gas. I am a Ford person and this truck is the reason why.

- Travis M

It's one of the safest vehicles out there. Very safe.

My current vehicle is the first vehicle I have ever owned. It's the nicest thing I have ever owned. I love it. It's my baby.

- Katie C

Runs good in great shape no rust spots 89000 miles on it.

Blue F150 rubs good in great condition. Just changed all 4 tires and did a complete oil change. There are 88450 miles on it.

- Jose T

It is an amazing machine with the 5.0l motor. It will do what it was designed to do and last forever if you take care of it.

It has great power and responsive throttle. its comfortable and quiet. i do not like the aluminum body as it dents too easy.

- james s

That it is a Ford and that we got a great deal on it.

I like that it is a truck. I like that it is very comfortable. I like that I can haul things. I also like that it is a ford.

- Ron W

Reliable, trustworthy, dependable, economical for its size, and comfortable.

This vehicle is very reliable. It is comfortable on both short and long trips. For a big vehicle, it gets good gas mileage.

- Lori C

Has great towing capacity..it is black...has four wheel drive...lotsa room inside...handles well..

Love it all..nice and big..holds lotsa stuff.runs well...regular maintenance caring for the truck it is black...four door..

- Suzanne B

Hondas are consistently dependable..

I had engine issues 2 months filling purchase. Good gas mileage for a larger vehicle. Lots of room in passenger rear seat.

- Reid M

It is comfortable and a smooth ride!! Helpful around house to haul items.

I like size and comfort. Really good for long trips. Easy to see out of because high off ground. Good to haul stuff in.

- Beth R

It is very dependable in bad weather and the heavy snow in Montana.

I like that it is a nice looking vehicle. I like the color and for a truck it rides really well. It is a 4 wheel drive.

- Dorothy O

It's a Ford and it's the best on the road. Better than toyota, nissan, chevy or dodge.

It's not top of the line by any means due to the outrageous cost of vehicles today, but as far as a truck goes I love it.

- troy s

It has four wheel drive and people are always commenting on it good looks.

It is reliable and comfortable. We pull a travel trailer without any problems. Gas mileage is not what we had hoped for.

- Sharon W

It is super easy to drive and not to big to drive. The rear camera is awesome to avoid accidents.

I love the fact that the foot rails are retractable. The seating and legroom is great and it handles like a regular car.

- Amanda H

for a truck, it is the best out there

love the durability mechanical is the best can haul stuff whenever I need to Just hard to find parking once in a while

- brenda C

Great driving comfort for a truck.

Love: comfortable, great room, has rear camera to guide parking. Dislike there is no sensors in the front of the truck.

- Terri H

It gets great gas mileage and still has a lot of pick up and torque to tow things

I love driving a truck because I can tow things around. It's a manly vehicle. Gets great fuel economy for a truck.

- Jayson R

Decent gas mileage for a truck.

No major issues. Would prefer better ac vents to back seats for family comfort and better airflow in very hot weather.

- Daniel D

Ford f-150 is a great truck.

This is a great vehicle. It runs well and is reliable and dependable. The only downfall is that it is not good on gas.

- Denise B




Kinda good on gas despite it being a pickup truck.

Roomy and reliable. Inside materials could be more of higher quality! Lots of recalls that take forever to get fixed.

- Christine R

No air vents in back seat.

Only complaint is there are no air vents in the back seat. Like the smooth drive, and gas mileage is ok for a truck.

- Tammy R

It get ups and goes. Super acceleration. Turn radius is restricted though

Just bought. Love the color. No problems. Holds about 22 gallons which was a shock at pump. Lots of power and fast

- Edward H

F150 a truck for everyone.

Love the F150, they make a truck that is good for someone like me. At 6'6 it's hard to find a vehicle that fits me.

- John T

The f150 is a very expensive vehicle to own and insurance is high.

My f150 is a very comfortable truck to drive . It can be a little difficult to park but is a pleasure to travel in.

- Jack S

Black paint is pretty solid

It's a pretty solid truck, has 4 wheel drive and gets me where I need to go, never have a problem with the weather.

- Mike H

It has built in safety functions such as back up camera and blind spot protection

I like the look and style plus the heated seats and built in navigation. I do not like how high up off ground it is

- Jill H

Quality and tough. Won't let you down.

A platinum model and it is loaded. Many great features, sun and moon roof, navigation, heated/cooled massage seats.

- Charles K

Get the trailer backup assist! It's so cool! Even my mom can back up a trailer with it.

My F150 is great for hauling more than just wood around. There is tons of room in the crew cab for my family, too!

- Doug G

It is safe and roomy. The truck has good gas mileage as well.

I like the room in the cab. I like how smooth it rides. Only complaint is that the truck has brake issues at time.

- Jerry J

It's my car to drive and nobody else ever drives it

I like my vehicle as it has very low miles. Dislike would be the amount of miles I get per gallon. No complaints.

- Marsha S

the most important thing to know that it is well built.

I find this ford model to be a very good option for someone like me. It's at a decent price and is well worth it.

- Denned L

The fuel mileage is pretty good for the size of the truck it is

I love the 3.5 ecoboost motor. Love the power it has vs the 5.0 motor. It has done everything I have asked of it

- Aaron M

I love the shade of blue, and the way it drives.

No problems I love my truck, it drives great. I've only had to have a tune up, and oil change, and replace tired

- Stephanie L

It is one of the smoothed rides I have rode in and the interior is comfortable.

The interior is very luxurious with heated and cooled seats. There are also many ports to use to charge devices.

- Amanda R

Decent gas mileage for a truck. I can get 20 mpg with a V8.

It offers all the options I'm looking for and is still a smooth ride for a truck. Handles great in bad weather

- Robert S

Wheels: 17" silver plated aluminum.

2 doors, 3 seats, 282 hp, 3. 5-liter v-6 regular gas, 6 speed automatic with od, color- ingot silver metallic.

- Denise G

The King Ranch model of the f150 is really awesome. The saddle leather seats make the difference

The f150 is a great truck. Has the room, features, and power that I like. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- tanner t

It gets great gas mileage for the vehicle

it drives great,. I like the way it looks. It handles everything I want to do with it. I have no complaints.

- karen L

Rides great and gets great mileage. Plus it can haul anything I need.

Love my truck in every category. Excellent vehicle. Rides great and hauls anything I want. And looks great.

- Jim C

Ford unstoppable 150 get yours

Perfect vehicle. No issues since purchase. Drove for 27 hours straight without any issues. Highly recommend

- Steven M

It gets very good mileage for a pick up truck. It has a really good towing capacity. It rides very well and has a roomy interior.

Gets good mileage for a pickup. Has plenty of power to pull my boat. Has a roomy interior. It looks great!

- Gerald K

I really have no complaints about our truck other then the price but all vehicles are over priced.

It has lots of legroom and rides really good.It is a very good looking truck, good on gas.Would buy again.

- Doris S

Drives and rides like a car

Like the looks of the outside truck . Really like the interior. Very roomy. Would like better gas mileage

- Gary B

My car is very useful when it comes to home improvement projects.

I like the 4x4. I like the utility that the truck provides. I dislike the auto start/stop engine feature.

- Dan C

The Ford F 150 Crew cab is a very versatile vehicle and great on gas mileage.

My Ford F150 is very comfortable to drive. large and roomy. Very versatile vehicle to own. Great on gas!

- tim m

The car is small but it can fit a lot inside of it considering it is size.

Love it, comfortable great for travelers best vehicle for comfort and pleasure always our go to vehicle.

- Danielle R

Great truck. Love the f150. Great in the winter for driving.

Love the vehicle. Only thing for me was I should have spent the extra money and have gotten the 4 door.

- Dave A

Good combination of hard working truck, and appointed luxury

Great truck, good combination of utility and really comfortable interior. No complaints to this point.

- Cannot D

Great 4 wheel drive for icy Colorado winters.

Ford f 150 2016 no problems With the reliability of the vehicle. Very comfortable and smooth to drive.

- Josh C

I have ford car. Model # F-150

I love my car. I like high wheel cars. Comfortable. Good for high volume loading and transportation.

- Sam P

I love my truck. It tows like a dream, which is the main reason we purchased it. It rides very comfortably and there is plenty of room for the 4 of us in my family.

It rides more like a luxury vehicle than like what most people would think a truck would ride like.

- Miranda V

Others should know how spacious and safe my vehicle is.

I love how much room it has. It also has great safety ratings. It's a great vehicle for my family.

- Andrea R

Its dependable and meets all expectations when it comes to.trucks

I like everything about it. The features, the look, the feel. There's nothing I dislike about it

- Khambyta D

It is made tough and able to withstand a lot. Very dependable

Lots of back seat room for passengers. Dependable, haven't had any issues. Sturdy and reliable

- Pam A

Fuel efficient, comfortable ride, very nice interior .

I love my truck. It is comfortable, efficient, and technology current. The truck is beautiful!

- Diana M

Lightweight, powerful, comfortable, nice looking, and reliable.

It rides rough, but I think most trucks do. I like the power it has, very snappy for a truck.

- Shannon W

That it is perfect for a no kids couple.Since is pretty detailed kids tend to drop thing that might mess up the truck. Is perfect for work and to go out. And look flawless.

I have no dislikes on my ford f-150 2016. Me and my husband absolute love everything about it

- Eloisa B

19 miles to the gallon gas mileage

It's double cab ecoboost truck. Gets good gas mileage for a truck which I love. No complaints

- Liz C

It's a Ford built Ford tough

I love the 2.7 ecoboost engine. Also the backup assist. Wished it had power folding mirrors.

- Ernie A

Not the truck he wanted but was what we could afford.

My husband's truck. Needs larger back up screen. Love the color. Good ride. Plenty of room.

- Pat L

It is a good family cAr and very reliable. I would recommend it.

It is a great truck. It is reliable. It eats gas but other than that I have no complaints.

- Elizabeth H

Love how big it is. Fit my family on the inside perfect. Wish it got better gas mileage but will deal with the gas to have the size. Love the truck!

I can fit my family and all the stuff I need for a trip perfectly! It is so comfortable.

- Tesia E

It is roomy and easy to drive it gives and extra level of safety for it being big

It is big and spacious, but it is hard to park. It is safe to be in and I feel protected

- Tori J

The gas mileage for a full-size truck is great

It is an awesome truck that gets and up goes with the quickness. Don't dislike anything

- Allen G

My truck is four-wheel-drive

I love my truck. Have had a few problems with it but Ford has taken care of all of them.

- Martha M

Such Great Fuel Economy from a full size pickup truck

I enjoy the power and acceleration. I enjoy the fuel economy. I enjoy the interior.

- Rob M

It is a fun truck to drive.

I love my truck. It can go through anything. I never had any problems with it at all.

- Eric B

Very reliable and has never needed repairs.

It's very dependable. Never had any issues with it. It's also very rugged and tough.

- John r

It's large and need to be careful taking it in and out of the garage.

Can carry heavy objects, pull a trailer. It's versatile. I don't dislike anything.

- George H

I really enjoy the roominess of the full size cab. I also appreciate the fuel economy.

For a full size truck it gets great fuel economy without sacrificing performance.

- Bobby D

which is beautiful and necessary, for work and travel, carry heavy things

I like it big and strong to work, I do not like it because it spends a lot of gas

- sofia z

That it is a great truck and everyone should give it a try.

It is a great truck. I have gotten a lot of use out of it. It is a fine vehicle.

- dave f

don't buy one with a sunroof! They have a problem with the plastic parts that make it move. It cost over $1200.00 to fix it.

It is a great truck. I like the gas mileage. The only problem is the sunroof!

- greg c

It is more powerful than people think.

I love everything about my truck. It is roomy, powerful, and it looks cool.

- Bridget M

it's awesome and i love it

my truck is beautiful, love the nav and moonroof, it tows my camper easily

- amy A

It gets great gas mileage for a truck.

It looks good and is fun to drive. It gets good gas mileage for a truck.

- Paul B

It has detectors if you are getting too close to things and a back up camera

I love my truck. Easy to get around, lots of room, can pull a trailer.

- Emily S

the most important is the quality of the motor and the size

i like wath the ford is giving me it a good car with a great design

- jose m

the garanty and space and motor power it the most important

i like the style and the space i have in my car the motor power too

- jesus m

There is room for five passengers very comfortably.

Comfortable ride. Towing capacity. Seats 5 people very comfortably.

- Alan O

It gets great gas mileage. Only have to fill up once every week and half.

It has a backup camera, ecoboost engine and gets great gas mileage,


It gets really good gas mileage. It gets the gas mileage as advertised when we purchased it. That was very surprising. Normally vehicles don't get the gas mileage advertised.

Very comfortable to drive. Good gas mileage. Love the Phone Sync.

- Lori E

It works, I use it to hall gear and stuff very regular

I love ford trucks, they are well made and have always work for me

- Joshua S

It drives very nice and can easily tow a boat, trailer. or camper.

Handles well. Lots of room. Like the fold down seat in the back.

- Garrett T

It's a good looking vehicle.

I like how it rides and handles. I like the comfort of the cab

- Ken B

I like that they know that my car is of a recognized mark and of quality.

I like everything about my vehicle, because it meets my needs.

- Robert R

it size is just great! My whole family gets in there without concern

it's huge! I can transport whatever I want in such an easy way

- kevin n

It's very reliable. I have had zero issues with this vehicle!

I love this truck. It's big and roomy. It fits my family well.

- Brian J

I like it because the ride is smooth. Great acceleration. Has sync with your phone.

It's very comfortable and smooth ride with fast acceleration.

- Egle F

comfort for the family is exceptional the traveling for work, school and vacation

i like everything for the product. is the brand reconocible

- will h

It is safe and dependable. Will probably replace with another Ford F150

It is great for pulling. Looks good . I enjoy driving it .

- Johnny G

That I use my truck for work and hunting.

I like the towing. I like the room. I like the truck bed.

- James M