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Transmission leaking oil

On January 14, 2019, I bought a brand new 2018 f 150 drove it home from the dealership and there was a puddle of oil under the truck,the next day I returned the truck to the dealer . I waited over a week to have the seal replaced.When I got the vehicle home finally, the next day there is another puddle of transmission oil under the truck again. I returned it again to the dealer to have them try and determine why it was still leaking fluid. After the dealership having my truck for 2 weeks could not really determine why the transmission was leaking. They thought it was some valve but weren’t sure and didn’t know the cause. After a lengthy discussion the sales manager intially said they would just replace the truck with another unit which was exactly the same because the MacLin Ford dealership stands behind there customer. Then, at the last minute , just prior to transferring my personal item from first truck to the replacement truck the sales manager said they needed $14,000 difference. I had paid cash for the initial purchase. After getting lead down the garden path and him trying to shock me into writing him a cheque we had words and I was not to polite to say the least. It has been a month since the initial purchase ( paid cash) of my new Ford F-150 and it is still sitting in the dealership supposedly awaiting on Ford parts. They are saying it could take a couple more weeks. After buy 19 new ford vehicles throughout my life . Dealing at MacLin Ford in Calgary has been the worst vehicle purchasing experience ever, bar none! The limited miles/kilometres I have driven it back and for to the dealership to try and get it fix doesn’t really give the true driving experience one should hope for. But other than these issues with this particular truck I think Ford still builds a decent truck.

- James wietzel

Great value for the money, excellent reliability and quality so far.

My truck is extremely versatile, has many great features, and is fantastic to take on long trips! It is also very full fuel-efficient especially for a truck of the size! I love the eco-boost engine which has tremendous power and propels the vehicle to speed very quickly! I also love the features such as the heated and cooled seats, the radar guided cruise control, sunroof, leather interior, and power deployable running boards. The backseat has a great deal of room and is even very comfortable for long trips. There are some aspects of the interior that could use better materials to avoid giving a cheap appearance. Otherwise I absolutely love this vehicle. At this point I have over 25,000 miles on my vehicle

- Jim B

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- John D

Overall impressive versatility and performance.

Backup camera helps to launch boat and hookup work trailer. Love the leather seats, dog friendly and size of cab fits my dogs crated for safe transport. The window tint keeps it cooler in the summer. I added the cover to hide my cooler in the truck bed that I use for groceries etc. . . I am very pleased with the overall performance of the truck. I own a 2005 f150 that still runs like a champ in 2018 so I can safely say I am a very happy f150 owner. I recommend a test drive of the f150 and bring a list of features that are important to you. The GPS is helpful when exploring new areas for boat launches. The truck tows the boat easy - breezy.

- Linda L

Ford F-150. Why it is a must have for truck owners

The F-150 has been Ford's top-selling model and company cash cow for decades. Matching its modern aluminum-body construction is a slew of advanced engines and high-tech driver assists. The handsome hauler can be outfitted for every job and every personality, with three cab and bed styles and numerous appearance packages. Its premier powertrain is a lively twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6 producing 375 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque. Paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission, it's capable of towing a best-in-class 13,200 pounds. From top to bottom, the iconic F-150 is the most complete and compelling full-size pickup to be found. Period.

- Zirk W

its great could not ask for a better ride as nice as riding in a cadillac

all the bells and whistles strong v6 with Ecoboost feels like a 8 cylinder when you behind the wheel but recently went on a long road trip using the air condition all the way and driving at above the speed limit(way above) and averaged 29.6 miles per gallon while traveling up the mountain what's not to love left panama city FL made it to tennessee before buying gas then went to rocky mount VA for a few days on return trip made to south Carolina before filling up again then made it all the back to Florida without stopping again for gas

- mike h

2018 F-150 Lariat Crew Cab, tri-coat white, two tone with stone grey, pro backup assist, twin panel moonroof, technology package, spray in bed liner, Lariat chrome appearance package

Love the truck. Only issue is the navigation screen will not come on about 50% of the time. When this happens, the radio still works, but the screen stays black. Ford isn't able to make the repair, they say it's a "software" issue and they don't know when the software will be developed. This issue has persisted since I purchased the truck 5 months ago. I filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau and things are finally beginning to progress. Happy with the truck minus this, but Ford needs to give better customer service.

- Will Y

It is very spacious in both the front and back seats. USB portals and CarPlay sync with my iPhone is pretty neat.

Dislike the fact that it didn't come with running boards on it as, and that wasn't brought up as an option, but our sales guy saved us a ton of money there because he said his shop guys would charge way more for installing running boards than necessary. I love the huge amount of space in both the front and back seats. Very comfortable for our whole family while allowing us to haul around whatever we need when we go camping and whatever other activities require lots of stuff. I love the lightning blue color we got too. :)

- Kristie J

Spacious, reliable, and affordable vehicle for young families!

We love our truck! We purchased it upon learning that we'd be needing to fit 3 car seats in a vehicle. The Ford f-150 is so spacious, it allows the three large car seats to sit side by side easily. There is a ton of leg room in the backseat as well. We have had the car for a little over a year and put 20,000 miles on the vehicle. We have had no problems. We absolutely love Ford and our truck! The navigation system is excellent. It is reliable even when your phone loses service.

- Natasha G

Comfortable. Solid fun truck.

This truck cab easily seats 5 adults. The seats are comfortable and the two front seats have the ability to heat or cool the seats. We like the climate control that is accessible to the rear cabin. I especially like that I can plug in my hairdryer or make coffee while my husband drives. We feel safe in this vehicle, it feels solid and is very dependable. We have the short bed model, its perfect for me to pick up garden supplies. We can definitely recommend this truck.

- Cathy D

2018 Ford f-150 truck wonderful vessel to have.

Great truck rides good smooth and dependable. I got this 4 door truck because I like the room it has in it. And also the back seats go up too allow more moving storage, it is really very roomy. It also has a hitch in the back for pulling a trailer and the light area was a big range of seeing in the back reverse. Also comes with a 1yr. Sirius radio with all channels. It also has a six cylinder engine instead of a 8 cylinder. They have several colors to choose from.

- Esther F

reasonable price for a reliable truck from a company you can trust

We have only had the truck for about 4 weeks and at this point have only a minor complaint of riding a bit rough on roads that are not fairly smooth. It gets reasonable mileage and the electronics are very good. What we want to do is haul a small camper with the vehicle and think it will be great for that. As well we have a crew cab and can fold the seats up in the back to give us quite a bit of room inside the cab to store things out of the weather.

- Jim B

I have had this truck for several months. It has taken me around town and around the country. I have ZERO complaints about it, or about the service I received when buying it and since. Exceptional.

My favorite part is likely the hands-free ability to make and take calls and text messages. The where is my car parked feature is very handy sometimes. I love that I can start my car from my phone and from anywhere. The ability to lock and unlock it remotely - from my phone! - has also come in handy more than once. If I had to choose a second favorite part, it would be the keyless everything. Not having to dig or search for keys is invaluable.

- Debbie M

Ford: reliability and power.

It is been the truck I have been wanting for a while. It is proven track record and the fact that I only have owned previous years is a good indication that I have been treated with respect and fairness if I had issues goes to prove that it is a true friend when I needed it most. It is has all the power I need, the economy I and afford, reliability I expect, and overall styling and design that I know I am safe and can go anywhere I need to go.

- Christopher B

The f 150 is incredible value for the money.

The f-150 xl stx is very comfortable and stylish with the 22-inch wheels and 8-inch touch display. The gas mileage is excellent for a 6-cylinder truck, getting almost 26 mpg. The auto start/stop feature that partially kills the engine when you stop for longer than a few seconds can get a little annoying, but there is a button to turn that feature off. The only problem is that you have to turn it off each time you get in your vehicle.

- Ryan C

Roomier cabs and beautiful interiors.

I like how high the newer trucks seem to set up. They seem higher than the older models. The backseat area is roomier and bigger than the older models. I like the extra room. I love the interiors and displays, sound systems and all of ford's interiors on all of their vehicles now. I do not like that the truck beds are shorter. They do not seem like they're 6 feet anymore, I am guessing because that extra is put into the cab.

- Lori F

The reasons why I love my Ford f-150 truck.

I love my truck it is comfortable and dependable. I do not have to look for someone to help me move anything. I can put it in my truck and haul it myself. The mileage is not bad. I have always owned Ford trucks cause they last longer and are tough trucks. I love the back up camera which let's me see while backing up. The remote start is great when I am running late. Love the heated seats that also massages.

- Billie F

Truck for nana! Women can drive trucks?

Has a lot of pick up due to the eco boost system on the v6 engine. I sit up high and can see very well. Love the large back seat, my granddaughters can actually walk in to the back seat! The back up mirrors are great and this model does not have a lot of blind spots. Running boards are perfect so a 5 ft 4 inch woman can get in the truck easy easy. Console has a lot of compartments. Back up camera great!

- Karen H

It's a powerful truck, yet economic on fuel, and very comfortable.

I like it's acceleration, comfort and fuel economy. I bought it to replace my other truck as the tow vehicle for our travel trailer. We haven't taken it on a trip yet. I don't like the learning curve. There's a lot of new technology to master. I've been busy, and the videos and reading are taking too long. I think it has too much plastic, and I'm not sure how to care for their finishes.

- Doug M

Nice, solid truck which performs well. Hands well in snow/rain.

A very comfortable, quiet ride for a truck. Nice acceleration. Great cargo bed capacity. Great handling and smooth ride. Instrument panel is very visible and clear. Defroster/heat work very well although the a/c seems to not cool as well as it could. Maybe I do not have it on a high enough setting. Has enough features for me without going overboard.

- Norman S

Ford-f150 great gas mileage.

We do not have any complaints. No problems good performance, comfort riding. Good gas mileage. We recommend this vehicle if you are looking for a truck. It has cruise, CD player, all in all a nice vehicle. So if you are looking for a truck I would recommend getting a Ford f-150, I think people would be greatly satisfied with the performance.

- Sherry J

Never going back. First time Ford owners, always Ford owners.

Very spacious. First time Ford owners, and will not go back. Quiet, excellent gas mileage. No troubles! We got the extended bed. Lots of room in the back seat for car seats! We love the panoramic sunroof, the gas mileage, and the ride. We custom did the wheels and tires, and got a leveling kit. We have head turns each time we drive.

- Lacey H

Bluetooth phone option on main console.

It has seat warmers and massage features but its turn radius is bad. When I was driving up to telluride, Colorado a few years back my seat warmers kept me comfortable the whole trip. The turn radius is not very good though. I was parking one time and almost hit a car next to me because I could not get the wheel to turn far enough.

- Matt B

It checks all the boxes for a versatile vehicle.

The f-150 is a great car for my needs, it has great reliability and versatility. I can put many different items or furniture in the back and haul it with no problem. The interior is very comfortable with plenty of accessories and options to keep you satisfied and the V8 engine has a surprising amount of power for a big truck.

- Joshua J

My vehicle is the best, most reliable on the market today.

Love this truck, it had been a workhorse as well as being a good looking machine. I tow a travel trailer with ease with it. I would not buy anything else but a ford. It performs with top notch precision. Has been extremely reliable. Love the automatic heated mirrors. It has a towing package as well as a snow plow package.

- Marsha F

A safe family vehicle. Multipurpose.

I think its big, and don't like to back up or park in tight places. But, I feel very safe in it. We've had a Ford bronco many years ago. Other fords also. The backup camera is very helpful. The seats are adjustable, works well for my 6'2" husband, and me, 5'5". The tilt steering is nice. The GPS is outstanding.

- Judy L

Love my truck, fast, friendly and good on gas!

I love my 2018 Ford f-150. Great gas mileage for trips, has sports mode, eco mode and is all around a great vehicle! I took a trip from Arizona to a Texas and filled up twice with plenty of gas to spare. The vehicle I have is a 10 speed automatic with ecoboost and sports mode so when I like to go fast it really goes.

- Mary G

sporty design but comfortable

This truck is a sporty model with all the "cockpit" type bells and whistles. It has a gas saver on it that idles down the engine when you stop. Bucket type seats with huge back seat and is a 4 door. This truck has 5 automatic gears that you hardly even notice when they change. One well performing beautiful truck.

- Catherine D

It gets reasonably good mileage. Even when towing a 27 foot travel trailer we generally experience mileage of about 12 mpg.

We specifically purchased this one because of the large gas tank (36 gallons.) We tow a travel trailer about 7-8 months/year and having the extra fuel on board is great, especially in places like Nebraska and the Dakotas. There isn't really anything I dislike about it - it does the job we purchased it to do.

- Linda F

Our truck is a Ford f-150 XLT extended cab mahogany red.

Our truck is a lease but I have never drove a truck before. Love the style run real smooth big inside of cab. Very good heat and air. Great on road trips love the color. Haven't seen any other trucks like ours. Great features for backing up. Haven't had any problems good performance on motor & transmission.

- Denise G

Smooth, comfortable and spacious.

Very comfortable especially on long drives. A lot of room in the front seat and back seat. Plenty of charging options and outlets. Backup camera is very useful. It rides smooth and handles great in all weather. It is equipped with a towing hitch. Have had no problems so far. Very happy with the vehicle.

- Tina K

I am proud of my Ford pickup truck. I get it washed 5 or 6 times every week.

I used to say I would never own a Ford vehicle, but now that I own one, I absolutely love my truck. It is a really smooth riding vehicle. I am always telling people how much I am enjoying my vehicle. I am being asked to help people haul things now and I am more than happy to be able to help them out.

- Janet H

Beautiful interior with lots of room. Very safe vehicle and it great for hauling.

Very nice interior and love the reverse camera. Truck runs great and is great for hauling and driving a family around. The truck has great features that came with it and it very safe. It is the first vehicle I have owned where I do not have to worry about breakdowns or anything going wrong with it.

- Derek K

Ford truck is perfect for everyday use or for work.

I love my truck but it already had a sensors problem with the transmission after only a few months of leasing it. Everything else about this truck is great, I love that it is has a lot of room for me and my family. It is perfect for everyday or work truck, family or single, I absolutely love it.

- Stefanie P

Extremely comfortable to drive and a very nice riding truck.

I enjoy driving the my truck it's super comfortable and an smooth ride. There's plenty of room inside the cab and in the back to put all my antiques I pick up during the day. The only downside to having the truck is sometimes it's difficult to park because of the parking spaces being to small.

- Sherrilin S

Very nice truck! Would buy again love the way it handles.

The heater core want bad and they had to fix it three times and I still have antifreeze smell coming in my vehicle. It rides very well and handles good. The body is will made. The inside is very nice and comfortable. I like that the seats have various positions and the steering wheel does to.

- Teresa F

I really enjoy the ride height of pickup trucks. They allow me to see easily.

Most reliable truck I have owned. Very comfortable and has no problems towing or hauling over specification. Taking the truck off-road is easy, with or without modifications or packages. When it says built Ford tough, it definitely is tough. Just go buy one, not a super expensive one though.

- Hill B

The f150 is great for families.

The 2018 f 150 is very nice, especially for families. We fit two car seats comfortable in the backseat and there is also room for a third if we needed. The air works phenomenal which is a must in the hot city we live in. I feel very safe driving both me and my family around in this vehicle!

- Amy M

Awesome moonroof is the best part!

This vehicle is super comfortable. It is roomy in both the back and the front seats. It is also really fun to drive given the moon roof feature; we recently went to another city and it was great to look up at the buildings through the top of the truck instead of straining at the windows!

- Liz C

White f-150 2018 Texas edition review.

The vehicle drives very smooth and gets great gas mileage for a truck! The sound system is very clear and has great bass! The cab is very roomy and has Bluetooth compatibility! The paint is beautiful on the outside, and it has a sleek design. This truck could be a great fit for anyone.

- Casey W

My truck, I have always wanted.

Ford four wheel drive, great towing capacity, has a lot of room in back seat, and they fold up for more storage, four cylinder ecoboost motor gives i5 plenty of power, hitch is standard and towns like nothing is behind you, the headlights are big and bright, with factory fog lights.

- Robert M

Likes and dislikes with 2018 f-150.

I do not like the 10-speed automatic transmission. It is too jerky when shifting in lower speeds. I do not like the automatic garage door opener. It does not have sufficient range for my needs. I like the interior. The placement of all instruments and controls are well thought out.

- Monte E

Service with convenience for owner.

For a truck this vehicle has many features of a luxury car. It has backup camera, premium sound, internet connection, heated seats and great gas mileage for a truck. Ford has great customer service. All of this with the service of a truck. This is the best truck I have ever owned.

- Elizabeth L

The 2018 Ford F150 is extremely fast when using sport mode.

I own a 2018 Ford F150. I love the body style, and enjoy having a roomy full crew cab. I also like the LED lights on the mirrors. The only complaint that I have with my truck is the rear passenger cab lights are in the middle of the roof and not closer to the doors of the truck.

- Matthew J

Reliable best buy the Ford f150.

I like my Ford f150 it has not problems this is the second Ford f150 I have owned. The last one was perfect for 22 years. I think this one will last just as long. Its good its wonderful do not waste your money on any other brand good truck best truck most reliable you can buy.

- James W

Towing capacity of the 3. 5 Ecoboost is actually pretty good.

1. Major security flaw on the door handles. 2. Ecoboost 3. 5 spews black smoke. 3. Locking mechanism concept is good but application sucks. Need to hit the unlock too many times for the crew doors to unlock. 4. Focusing too much effort on technology rather than performance.

- Randy L

Ford vehicles are very reliable!

I love the look and feel of my Ford F-150. The new aluminum body gives us better gas mileage and is a lighter vehicle. Our complaint is that all of the cup holders are on the passenger side of the console which is very distracting when driving and trying to set a drink down.

- rodney H

F-150 the do it all vehicle. The swiss army knife of pick up trucks.

I do not have many problems with my truck at all. I love that I pull trailers or load up the bed with products from Lowes. Also its great in snowy conditions in the winter. There's also enough room for the whole family to be seated comfortably. No negatives for me personally.

- Harold V

Heating and cooling of the seats. Back up monitor is a great.

Good vehicle. Have had no issues with vehicles. Comfortable ride. Great features. Radio sounds are great. Seats are very relaxing like be the heated and the cooling of the seats. Bluetooth is great and the back up screen is wide enough to see very well when backing up.

- Cheryl B

Great truck for work and fun.

Great truck. Comfortable for long trips. A lot of room in the back seat for family. The tailgate has the new locking system controlled from the inside. The tow capacity is more than we expected and pulls without any problem. Really enjoy the touch screen with the navigation.

- Lori K

It is expensive, but keeps its value even after 10 years.

Extremely comfortable with legroom in front and back. Lumbar support in seats. Amazing towing capabilities. Large flat bead with strap hooks and step with handle bar. Double sunroof. Great shock absorbers. Tough tires for off-roading. Amazing acceleration and quiet engine.

- Kimberly B

Ford f 150 truck is nothing special.

I really am not impressed with this truck. Horrible parking, turning radius. Do not like the gas saving traffic feature. Does have comfortable back seat and lots of room with nice air conditioner flow all through cabin. Does have good gas mileage and acceleration for a v6.

- Jennifer G

My f150 is a great blue collar working man's truck.

Love the way the truck handles and the power that the motor has. I have however been disappointed in the new 10 speed transmission. It makes some weird clunking/knocking sound from time to time and shifts odd. But overall the truck has been everything I hoped it would be!

- Travis J

I have a 2018 Ford f-150 platinum. It is reliable truck with great gas mileage.

This car is amazing! It has heated seats, or air conditioned seats if it is hot outside, massaging seats, a full length sunroof, and is very comfortable. This car is very safe and has great pick up. I recommend this car to everyone who is in the market for a new vehicle.

- Ashleigh W

The acceleration is very sensitive.

Easy and quick acceleration, no technical problems, very good on gas mileage (averaging 23 mpg which for a big truck is excellent). The brakes are bit less sensitive than previous models I have driven (2016 and 2011) but I prefer that especially in stop and go traffic.

- Noel C

Remote start and big gas tank. Sit high.

I love my interior, beige color is great. Lots of extras heated seats. Remote start. Backup camera. 4x4 and I can fill the tank and it will go for 600 miles before I need to refill. Service is great at the dealership, I am going to shop there for my daughter first car.

- Rose H

Power and torque in a small engine.

I really like it. Seems to do everything I need it to do and then some. Has plenty of power for everything I do with it, including pulling a racecar on a trailer. Also the spare tires, tools, jack etc.. And it is only the 2. 7 liter Ecoboost. Twin turbos are strong.

- Logan C

Ford f150 black with a roomy back seat very comfortable ride, good gas mileage.

I have a Ford pickup it is very comfortable for driving and passenger, it is very roomy in the back seat, the controls for the radio is on the steering wheel which really like allowing me to keep my hands on the wheel, I would like it more if it had heated seats.

- Cynthia P

Quality and reliable transportation that is fun to drive.

My truck is very roomy and comfortable. It gets me to my destinations efficiently. I am getting 25-26 mpg most of the time. It has all the features I could want and will likely be my main vehicle for the next 10 - 15 years. I have had no troubles with it so far.

- kev s

2018 Ford F-150 sets the bar

Absolutely love it! Great gas mileage for a truck thanks to the 10 speed EcoBoost v6. Is very spacious and comfortable, has lots of features available such as backup camera and seat warmers. Also it's useful because it's a truck and you can transport and haul

- Brittany D

Auto engine turn off feature.

The truck is very reliable. Has great gas mileage for a truck. I do not like how the engine shuts off automatically when sitting at a red light. It seems a bit unsafe if you need to hurry up and go for some reason. The bed of the truck is tough and sturdy.

- Lo S

Most comfortable vehicle I have ever owned! Great for guys my size (6'5", 315 lbs)

Well designed, comfortable, without a doubt the best vehicle I've ever owned. The technology incorporated in the truck is well thought out and pretty amazing. My only issue is that the gas mileage is not what I had hoped for but I reliably get 18-19 mpg.

- Wayne W

A lot of luxury for a pickup truck. The ride is smooth and quiet as well.

I love the ecoboost engine, gets great gas mileage and I can switch between different modes to get better acceleration or better gas mileage. There is a ton of space in the cab and I have a super crew cab and there is even a ton of room in the back seat

- David S

Ford F-150 4X4 Very smooth driving vehicle

Nice truck. The things I do not like are the air vents are way too big and can not be adjusted properly. It gets way too cold for some. The seat belt is in the way for getting out of the back seat. The seats in the back are not made for a big person.

- Julie S

Awesome gas mileage for a full size truck.

Overall happy with the Ford f-150. Love the cargo space, especially the back seat. One deciding feature between Ford and Chevrolet was rear air. Con is the turning capacity. I have had better in larger trucks. Love the acceleration that I get from a v6.

- Jennifer G

For a family man the F-150 has the versatility to fit any need that arises.

The F-150 is a comfortable car for my needs. It is versatile for hauling things and family members. It is also spacious inside and has many tech features I like. I have the V8 engine which gives plenty of power as well. Overall it's a great vehicle.

- Joshua J

It's a sharp looking truck.

F150 is completely the most comfortable vehicle I have driven. It has tilt steering, the seats have lumbar support for people with back problems. And power windows the crew cab offers plenty of legroom. The dashboard is laid out so it's easy to use.

- Kelly S

Good handling and powerful

I like the styling, handling, power (3.5 L ecoboost 375 hp}, 10 speed transmission and ease of entry and exit. It gets good fuel economy for a crew cab 4 wheel drive (18 mpg average, luxury interior (Limited). I have no complaints or dislikes.

- Jeff F

This is a very dependable vehicle. I can take it anywhere.

Good solid and dependable truck. Love the interior space, the layout of the dash and controls and the comfort of the seats. Easy to get in and out of all 4 doors. I would have preferred a 250 or 350 but prices on those trucks are way too much.

- Dan S

It's very dependable and comfortable, and also rides very well.

I love my new Ford F-150, it has four doors ,has plenty of power, it's also sporty, it's black inside and out has back up camera and all the latest features.it also has the long bed for hauling whatever you need to.And has plenty of legroom .

- Lydia F

It's the top safety rated vehicle for several years.Its fast and reasonably efficient.

I like the ford f150,because it drives well in extreme conditions keeps us comfortable in the process,and the instruments are easy to look at and use.Also its a beautiful truck with lots of power and space for everything we need.

- juan T

The Ford F-150 offers Best in Class Half-Ton Pickup features.

The 2018 F-150 is a beautiful vehicle, with good ride quality, sharp steering radius and great interior room. I thought that I had to have the V8, but 3.7L Ecoboost is clearly the way to go. Couldn't be happier with the vehicle.

- David V

It is a wonderful off road 4X4 luxury truck that will last many years into the future.

This is a top of the line pickup with creature comforts beyond belief to include a 3.5 ecoboost V6 engine and 10 speed automatic transmission. This gives the truck lots of power, plenty of towing capacity and good fuel mileage.

- Richard N

Incredibly smooth ride, spacious interior, good gas mileage, quiet drive.

I thoroughly enjoy the quietness of the cab, even when highway driving. I also enjoy the smooth ride and the increased MPG over older models due to the 10 speed transmission. I dislike that there isn't a built in NAV system.

- Marcus M

Good ride. Good on gas. Real safe.

The ride is real nice. Good on gas. Real sharp looking truck. All the bell in whistle. Has the gas saver button. 10 speed transmission. Extra spring. Real good 4x4. Nice sound system in backup system. Locking tailgate.

- Ronald F

It's. Awesome it runs great it warns you about your tires being low when it needs water and oil

I like everything about my truck it has a camera in the back of it. it warns me if something comes behind me while bagging back.it has satellite radio. And black leather seats and a lot of compartments best truck ever

- Tameka C

This is a reliable, heavy-duty vehicle, that actually gets great gas mileage for a full size truck.

We love the overall styling of our vehicle. The color is Guard, which is a cross between green and gray, and it's beautiful. We do NOT like the cup holders, which are both on the passenger side of the console.

- carmen v

Love my 2018 Ford f 150 xlt.

My 2018 Ford f150 xlt is a fantastic truck for the price. I have owned the truck for around five months now with no problems or regrets. Love the fuel mileage that I am getting with this 3. 5l 10 speed ecoboost.

- Patrick E

My truck fit for me. I love to ride.

I love my truck. It rides good and is good on gas. I can see really well in it due to sitting up high. It fits both me and my husband very well. We take trips as often as we can and it's always a nice ride.

- Cindy S

That it's a Ford!! It's Ford Tough... and It's a good looking dependable vehicle

Love it. It rides well, is well made. The color, Guard, is beautiful. Truck is rugged. Back seat is very large and holds a lot when we travel. And It's a good looking vehicle. Proud to be seen in it

- Laura K

Performance with huge power offers safety and confidence on the road

Ford Raptor. What's not to like. 450 hp, 510 ft/lb torque,ecoboost double turbo engine, beefy good looks, automated up the gazoo, smooth ride, decent gas mileage, 0-60 in over 5 but less than 6 seconds

- david k

The truck rides like a car. The steering is very responsive.

More room in back seat than Chevrolet. Great backup camera. You can line up the the trailer ball to the trailer hitch without anybody's help . Love the 10 speed transmission and the tow / haul feature.

- Robert M

The auto shut off, your car turns off when you stop and you have to disable this feature every trip. It's not like a hybrid that you only hear a little buzzing, the car actually cranks up as to leave from a full stop. That can't be good for city driving, where you're stopping every 1/10 of a mile for 3 miles!

I like everything about this vehicle except the auto shut off. There needs to be a way to disable it completely! Every trip I have to turn it off. It's irritating and won't buy another vehicle with it!

- Christopher M

Perhaps the most important thing others should know about my car is, despite its size, it still averages over 22 MPG, which is very impressive for a truck.

My F-150 is a large, four door truck. I use it primarily to commute to work and school, but also frequently find myself towing and hauling with it. I enjoy its efficiency, amenities, size, and comfort.

- Daniel S

Vehicle is extremely comfortable. Love the appearance.

Like the room. Love riding in vehicle that is higher up. Like all the cup holders and places to store items. Convenient charging system. Dislike the smoothness of the ride. It is sort of bumpy.

- Linda P

It looks great, runs great and is a blast to drive.

I enjoy my Ford more than any vehicle I have ever owned. I love the look of it, the feel of it and find driving it a pleasure. It drives great and has lots of power. It makes driving a fun time.

- Dave B

It's the best selling vehicle for a reason. You can not go wrong with buying an F150.

I really like the way it looks on the road, and the way it feels on the road. I also like the interior design of it. However, I do not like that you need to buy a Lariat for premium sound.

- Kevin G

It is a high performance vehicle.

My F150 is a comfortable family vehicle that is very capable both on and off the road. Excellent performance is provided by a 5.0 liter V8 engine, Towing and hauling are best in class.

- Paul N

Best Truck I have ever ridden in.

Amazing truck. So many cool and useful features. It has enough power to pull out 42 foot long trailer without issues. Enough seats for my family plus enough room to fit very comfortably.

- Caleb B

2018 Ford F150 turbo with tow package

It has a great ride, plenty of power for passing and entering the busy freeway. The towing capacity is the best for its class and the accessories make the ride even more comfortable.

- John S

Comfort and ride are the best

It is perfect the performance, fuel economy, comfort and versatility is perfect for all applications in life. I think you get what you pay for in trucks and f150 is the standard.

- Tom F

The acceleration speed is very surprising. The comfort and feel of a luxury vehicle is surprising.

drives very smoothly. Technology is very well integrated with the truck. super comfortable seat. Back seat easily folds up. Bed installed and has multiple hooks to tie down.

- David j

Gas mileage and driving comfort.

The features are really exceptional. The remote start and sync connect have made the hands free driving really easy. So far the gas mileage has been a pleasant surprise as well.

- Al W

I really like that it has the 3.5 Ecoboost twin turbocharged V6

It's the 2018 Ford f150 with the 3.5 Ecoboost and the 10 speed transmission. i use it to pull a 16 foot pressure washing trailer. It pulls great and also get good gas mileage.

- Abraham H

I like the sliding side doors activated with the key fob.

Great features for a basic truck. Easy to drive and enjoyable on long trips with the features it has. Plus, plenty of power for hauling items or just cruising down interstate.

- Joey R

It is eco-friendly even as a full size pickup truck.

I like how big and spacious it is. It can haul things and people easily! Quiet inside so you can talk to other passengers. Wish it would be easier to park since it is so long.

- Julie K

It is both beautiful and functional.

It has great fuel mileage for a truck. It handles well with great acceleration. It has the safety features I wanted and plenty of bed and storage space. No complaints yet.

- Joe r

I just love how it handles and gets every job done that we have done with it.

Great truck that has room for the whole family. This works perfect for towing our camping and snowmobiles. Kids love how big it is and that they can see all sorts of things.

- Stephanie M

It is a dependable, comfortable and economical form of transportation.

It is very comfortable to travel in. It gets very good gas Milagros fo a full size pickup truck. I feel safer in it then in a small car. I like it's dependability and looks.

- Eugene B

It is also the most safe car that I have as well with all of the safety options.

I love my f-150 it is really spacious and can fit a ton of stuff in the bed of the truck when moving stuff around. It has a great turning radius and backup camera as well.

- Benjamin B

Luxurious vehicle that everyone would enjoy

Very comfortable with all the features of a luxury vehicle. Rides smooth. Quiet ride and handles like a sports car. It also hauls my trailer and any workloads I need it to

- Joe M

The styling is very appealing.

Overall the F150 has been great. Also, just received a recall notice. Repairs are scheduled for next week. The truck rides extremely quiet and smooth. Good acceleration.

- Sonny T

A truck with good gas mileage. It rides nice and has a great big back seat for passengers.

I like my truck. It does have the auto start/stop and I am getting used to it. It has the 2.7 ecoboost engine and I had the 3.5 before so it doesn't seem as powerful.

- Lori J

It is comfortable and rides smoothly.

My truck is jacked up 6 inches.. Its 4 wheel drive.. I love the color silver. It shines so pretty.. I get lots of compliments on it.. It rides smooth, and runs great!!.

- Dawn M

It is a very comfortable vehicle

My truck is very handy for our rural lifestyle. It gets great gas mileage, is roomy and easy to drive. It also allows me to take up to 4 passengers with adequate space.

- Karen C

It is the best truck by far than other makes. Very comfortable.

I like Ford trucks they have more room inside than other makes. Has all the bells and whistles. I don't like the 10 speed transmission, it seems to change gears a lot.

- Teri P

It is so much fun to own and drive.

It looks great, rides great, has lots of power and is just a blast to drive. It makes me feel good everytime I get in it. I just enjoy my Ford F150 so very much.

- Dave N

The 2018 F-150 has an ecoboost engine that conserves gas and is better for the environment. The engine will turn off while in drive.

I love the look and feel of the truck. The interior is beautiful and comfortable. I do have concerns about the quality of the doors and weather stripping though.

- Stephanie N

It gets great gas mileage and also has lots of room inside.

I like the drive modes toballow for switching between economic, sport, and regular. I dislike the auto stop function and that you can't permanently disable it.

- Donald G

It is the most capable off-road truck in stock form.

Things I absolutely love are as follows, suspension, interior, exterior, overall build quality. Power is really great as well, transmission shifts really smooth.

- Moses G

2018 ford f-150 stx package f150

I have a 2018 ford f-150 with the stx package and I love it. I'm averaging 20 mpg combined city and highway driving. It has been a great vehicle with no problems

- Nathan H

This truck meets the needs we were looking for. There is plenty of room in the front, back, and bed.

The F-150 is the most complete and compelling full-size pickup to be found. Excellent engine selection, class-leading capability, innovative high-tech features.

- Matt A

Never text or call. Not worth your life. Navigation does not allow you to mess with it while vehicle is moving which is a great safety feature.

Auto-start is a must in the hot, summer months. Love the amount of cup holders. Love the Sirius XM radio. Need to tint the windows to combat some of the heat.


It's not 4wd. It has a 2.7 ecoboost V6 engine but its a 10 speed automatic so it has plenty of power to move you around town and for hauling.

I have a Ford F150 XL STX. Few Reasons why i picked it. Price. Black Honeycomb Grill. Lead Foot Grey Color. Extremely large backseat for my kids. Gas Mileage.

- Caleb D

Great deal on this truck.

I love the truck. Comfortable, powerful, lots of room inside, great accessories. Only thing I do I o not like is 5 1/2 foot box. Wish it was 6 1/2 foot.

- John P

Though I love that I can fold the back seats down.

My truck is amazing. My main concern with it is after some time the windshield wipers will go off without being on and the check engine light is always on.

- Payne M

Ford F-150 gets amazing Mpg on highways and residential streets

I like the auto stop feature where it stops the engine when you are idling. I love the space i can haul. The Air Conditioning is slightly lacking however.

- Alex J

Nothing really. It is perfect.

The truck is a good work truck. Also a good family truck. Beach time is awesome. The only complaint I guess would be I wish it was a little nicer inside.

- Hailey G

That it is really low quality for a Honda.

I love everything about my vehicle, the comfortable seats, the automatic start up from my phone, the color (red) the reliability. I have no complaints.

- Gina S

It is not a sports car so don't drive it like one or you will pay a the pumps.

I love the fuel mileage and comfort of the truck. This is a great truck for the price and size. Spend the extra upfront to get the interior protection.

- Jason J

2018 f 150 platinum is the bomb.

Awesome truck I would really recommend this to anyone looking to buy a truck don't get the EcoBoost I've had it and the v8 is so much better honestly.

- Sal V

Twin Turbos can tow and go fast

My truck has been amazing! The twin turbo engine is extremely quick and can tow very well. The interior blows the competition out of the water as well

- Justin E

It's 4 wheel and all wheel drive so it can drive in all terrain. Extremely comfortable.

It's a ford Lariat. It's fully load. Dual climate control, heated and cooled seats, all leather, moonroof, coyote engine, race red. It's beautiful.

- Michelle A

Technology with great mileage

Flawless. Great power and towing, technology is advance and efficient on highway and town. Safety with adaptive cruise and tie in to Alexa is great

- Glenn Y

I have owned several Ford trucks and each one has performed well.

I've owned a truck for a long time and would not want to be without one. I've also owned several trucks and the Ford trucks have been my favorite.

- James H

It drives and pulls things great.

I love my f150 in general, but I really love the blind spot doctor, the automatic bright and dim at night. The heated and cool seats are great too.

- Beverly M

How smooth of a ride it is for a truck.

I love the space it has. I love the bulk ones of it. I love how safe it is. I love the heated cloth seats. I also like the gas mileage for a truck.

- Leslie H

Driving on rough terrain and public

I really like the shocks on the car, allows you to drive over rough terrain without being thrown around. It also just has an appealing look to it

- alex j

It is safe on roads and safe around other cars.

I like that it is smooth riding. Its fast. Its has a lot of room. I dislike that it does not have very many buttons. And that it is hard to ster.

- Logan H

I like the options it has like the navigation system good gas mileage. The only dislike is my 2015 had the 120 watt which was great and I used all the time and my 2018 doesn't have it. Also, my 2015 had the ladder on the tailgate and was told my 2018 hadcone and it didn't. Ours was a order and we didn't see it until delivery and papers were already signed.

It drives nice and it is roomy. It does have valet so if someone has your car it shows where it's been and also there is a max speed that is set.

- Robin M

Love all the space. It drives great and can haul a lot of stuff.

It is great for hauling stuff (college, concessions, etc.) from place to place. I can fill this truck up with so much stuff it is unbelievable.

- Mia S

I would tell others how my truck makes me feel like I own the road now.

I love how heavy duty my truck is. I love the blue color of my truck. I love the gas mileage I get with my truck, and I love my monthly payment.

- Morgan H

It is safe and comfortable ride.

Had a few manufacturer problems but love the ride comfort and the feature it offers. Very spacious. Offers ecoboost which helps on gas as well.

- Rebecca S

Ford's ecoboost engine gives the power I needed for hauling heavy trailers but still gives me good gas mileage when I'm disconnected

I love my new Ford 150. It has all the comfort of a high-end suv with the power and performance of a diesel work truck. Great gas mileage too.

- Jason M

That is runs really well.

I like how it drives. I like the style, how well it rides, and that its 4 wheel drive. The four doors make it easy to get in and out of truck.

- Teresa F

Technology for this vehicle is incredible.

Rides smooth, pulls well. I really like the 360 degree camera and the lane departure alert. I also like the adaptive cruise. No complaints.

- Wayne E

The truck is very reliable and the gas mileage for a truck that size is awesome

I love that my truck is very reliable. It has plenty of room for me and my family. The only feature I do not like is the non tinted windows

- Sam F

Comes in a variety of engines to match your needs.

Good gas mileage. Like the interior it has lots of room. Love the navigation and backup camera. Felt like it is a good value for the money

- Terry M

F-150 2018: an american quality truck

This truck has become in the best car I´ve ever bought, I think that the quality of this truck it's amazing, it have never let me down

- luke s

2018 f150 single cab with a coyote v8.

Very good gas mileage. 10 speed transmission makes highway travel much easier. Has enough power to haul or pass almost anything you want.

- Robert A

The most important thing is probably that it is a nice truck, I would suggest it.

Its powerful, fun to drive, and performs well. It is a pickup truck, so I can put stuff in the back, and even attach a trailer if I want

- bob S

The back up camera and park assist has help me get out of some tight parking spaces.

Blue four door truck with plenty of room. I love the sync three radio with CarPlay. I adore the backup camera and rear park assistant.

- John P

Gas mileage is good. It's fun to drive It works well It's ok

It's nice good gas mileage, but not as heavy and harder to tow with Heavier truck is easier to tow with. Next time I'll buy a 3/4 ton

- Alyssa G

Good mileage, and it is very comfortable to drive.

Smooth ride, technology already installed, seat massagers, lots of legroom, like the pull out step on tailgate, price could be lower.

- Debra C

My truck runs great. It is brand new.

It's great! It's new! I love the gas mileage.. I always wanted a truck.. This truck is cool.. It's new. It works great.. I love Ford.

- Alyssa G

I really like it. The only thing I would change is the turn radius.

I really love the space on the interior and the ride of the f150- I like the ease of the controls and the adjustments for the seats.

- Lora R

The beautiful design of the interior of the truck and a comfortable ride

I really enjoy the Ford F 150. It's very comfortable to ride in and drives well. The only drawback for me is the turning radius.

- Jody W

This vehicle was designed for Baja desert racing.

My vehicle is cool. It has good acceleration and a smooth ride. It has many amenities and comforts, and is made for off-road use.

- Ricky C

great technology with lots of cameras for backing or even pulling forward

it has lots of great technology, but I am short so the bed it unusable for me. bought it so we could tow our long travel trailer

- Kelli m

It is a smooth ride, and has a nice color to it.

Nothing is wrong with my truck, I love it, cannot complain with the best truck ever Ford made. Hope this helps with everything.

- Ken K

It is technically my husband's as you did not have Pontiac on your list!

I like the size and comfort. I hate how it can be hard to park! Amenities are great and it is roomy while still fuel efficient.

- Julie A

I think the most important thing for people to know is just how much space there is on the inside of the truck. It is perfect for moving a household!

I love everything about it. It has a back up camera and lots of hidden storage spaces. I can't think of a thing that I dislike.

- Colleen M

Platinum at reasonable price!

I love all of the "extras." Backup camera, remote start, heated seats. The only thing I'd change is to have a larger gas tank.

- Jeff L

Reliable vehicle, happy with my purchase, no issues

Great vehicle, no problems, great gas mileage, lots of interior room, great for trips, great for families, great for hauling

- Thomas P

Great ride for a great price.

No complaints at all. It is a great truck to drive anywhere. Very comfortable especially with kids on long rides. Spacious.

- Sarah L

The gas mileage is good for a truck.

It has GPS, and the options are helpful. I love the color silver. I do not like parking it in small spaces. No complaints.

- Judy L

Super vehicle with great tow capability

Very reliable and good tow capability. Sync is a great feature Also like the fact the vehicle is aluminum so it won't rust

- Larry B

Buy one with a bigger engine

Great gas mileage but afraid the engine is too small for heavy cargo. Handles well and is adequate inside room for guest.

- Derek M

Raptor is the Best drive ever

Like most features and quality of truck. Improvements could include better gas mileage. Very comfortable and fun to drive

- Bill P

i think the truck has great features

no problems yet, great vehicle with great features love that the phone connects to sync and can see if your getting texts

- annette b

Horsepower and smooth ride.

Very reliable. Performance is excellent. Comfort and features are perfect for make and model, would highly recommend it.

- Nikki E

I like my F150 better than any car I have had in the last 20 years.

lots of room inside. plenty of gadgets to work with. Great gas mileage for the type of vehicle. quiet and comfortable.

- keven M

It is extremely comfortable inside.

I love how comfortable it is inside! It is also very easy to drive. I wish the tires were wider and the truck taller.

- Catalina S

Ford has a longer history of success and survival than.

My truck is reliable dependable tub gets me where I am going gets the job done I only wish you had bigger fuel tanks.

- George H

5.0 improvements on the 2018 f 150

Ford created a great truck again for 2018. The new generation 5.0 is a great improvement over the previous generation

- James M

Fun to drive, good mileage, reliable.

I love my truck. It is great for family and shopping. Also gets good mileage for a truck. Nice ride and comfortable.

- Kristina K

Spacious. It's cabin is very large for grown adults to spread out in.

I love how it drives, the spacious room for the kids, and how it handles. I don't like the cost it takes to fuel it.

- Nick A

It's blue and is fun to drive

It handles good it's blue and has no problems. It's comfortable and fun to drive but the engine is small only a 2.7

- Charles C

It is great on gas, it has a lot of power, it holds a lot of people.

I love the power. I love the size. I love the ease. I love the color and how it drives along with how fast it goes.

- Caleb C

it fits my lifestyle,very rugged to off road and powerful enough to tow a boat.th engine is powerful yet the gas mileage is above average,

love everything about mostly the 4x4,the fuel economy is better than expected.the cab is very roomy and comfortable

- abraham j

It is very well built and handles well.

I like the room the abilities the 4x4. It has great fuel economy. It handles well off road. I have no complaints

- Marty B

It is awesome to drive, gets pretty good gas mileage.

I love how roomy it is, how smooth it operates. I love the room in the back seat. I love the color of the outside.

- Melissa H

Very reliable and has great features!

No problems at all love fords and will always buy Ford products. Have bought fords and will not buy anything else!

- Dave D

It's a V6 which means it's great on gas. And great on my wallet

Very comfortable. Smooth ride. Great stereo and great back up camera. The screen inside the vehicle is very handy

- Joshua A

Great looks.. Great mileage.. Great sound system.. Smooth ride.. Great space interior.

Love everything.. Love the ride.. Love the space.. Love the gas mileage.. Love the looks.. Love the towing power.

- Mike S

Keypad entry allows you to just type a code on the door and the doors will unlock. No need to have your keys or phone with you to unlock the vehicle.

Keypad entry!!! Can't ever live without it again. Backup mirror, in dash navigation, lots of power, smooth ride.

- Aaron P

Very comfortable seating arrangement.

Very comfortable to travel in. It has a good electronic package. It is very roomy. Nicest truck I have ever had.

- vernon M

Helps my family a lot. Space is a plus because my wife's vehicle is small suv and we are unhappy with that

Nothing that I can think of. I would like more options but it was my fault because I went with the XL package.

- tom d

It's a great family truck it's super tough and has a lot of power

We use it to pull our airstream but it's great around town. It has a lot of power. We really like the interior.

- Tracy W

Reliable truck, with everything you need in the base model.

Great MPG! The base model has more than enough features to be satisfied with. Love the height of the vehicle .

- Adri G

Many horses of forces, the best

My vehicle has a good fuel consumption and high performance in extreme conditions and terrains, all excellent.

- Ronnie W

The best truck out there right now hands down

First of all it's a Ford so I know it's the best built truck out there. Smooth ride and up to date technology.

- Steve J

Gas mileage is amazing for trips

Best truck I've ever owned. Great gas mileage and towing. Very comfortable and very smooth ride. Not my last

- Fred K

It is comfortable, is quiet and is more efficient than my last truck

I love everything about it except the turn radius. I wish it turned easier without making such a big turn.

- Am M

The price was low and the value of the truck is great.

The make and model. The color and performance of the vehicle. I have always owned and drove Ford products.

- Kathy A

Ford is the best made vehicle in America avbs their trucks area the best

My only complaint is a headlight with a short. It is roomy, tows well, a beautiful color and good mileage

- Odis D

It is super comfortable, roomy and versatile while at the same time being able to pull an rv or boat. Great for a family!

Ford's F 150 crew cab is great and towing and a super comfortable option for this with pets and families.

- Heather H

It dousing get great MPG but for what it is its perfect

I have no problems with this vehicle. I like how it drives and rides the road. The acceleration is great.

- Bryan H

2018 Ford review for survey.

Tons of power, handles well, tows really well, decent gas mileage, but no where near what was advertised.

- Henry R

Comfortable, rugged and powerful

Extremely roomy cab with panoramic sunroof. The 5.3l twin turbo ecoboost engine has amazing performance.

- Ammon K

My truck is a single cab short bed F150 with the powerful and reliable coyote V8

Very comfortable to ride in. Truck rides great and will haul anything you put in it or pull behind it.

- Robert S

Best truck on the market Thank you

Its brand new. It's pretty and I could not be happier. Has all the features I could want in a truck

- Charles P

Popular and stylish pickup truck that drives exceptionally well.

Very convenient. Very roomy, with spacious rear seating. Excellently appointed with modern technology.

- Terry G

The Ford F150 Supercrew is a very reliable family vehicle.

I like the V8 power. I like the roominess of the supercrew cab. I like the Sync 3 infotainment system.

- James P

I get amazing gas mileage for a truck.

It is a ford. They are the best. I have owned gm trucks in the past but none compare to fords quality.

- Christopher W

You need a good amount of space to park.

It is very comfortable, but there are minor electrical problems. Other than that, I have no problems.

- Adrian R

It is a beautiful blue color and it is made by Ford.

I love everything about the vehicle. It is great and it is very roomy and the whole family loves it.

- Kim K

Good gas mileage for a pickup truck.

It is powerful and is a good ride. I can carry oversized items in the rear. I wish the bed was lower.

- Kevin H

I like the engine the performance of the vehicle.

Great performance and great features and good comfort what I can say about the vehicle and is simple

- Pedro R

It has many safety features unlike Chevrolet vehicles

I like it alot. It is a very good vehicle for many uses. The gas mileage isn't that bad for a truck

- Survivor G

That it drives like a truck! It is not a truck that drives like a car. And there is so much room you could throw a party.

I love my Ford truck. It has a wonderful ride and it very roomy. It also tows our boat very nicely.

- Lynn R

The drive is so smooth and the ecoboost engine helps you save on gas

I love my ford f150 just because of the brand . I also like trucks and ford is the best to go with.

- Roy H

Smooth ride, light weight, great gas mileage

It's been to the shop 4 times in first 7000 miles. Great truck but tired of having issues with it

- Matt k

A Very reliable vehicle that is built to last. Super comfortable too with room to haul cargo.

I like the roominess of the super crew. I like the power of the v8 engine. I like the gas mileage.

- James B

it's safety to drive and the backup feature and it reads the text messages to me and answers the phone while I drive

no complaints I love the way it drives and the gas it uses I like the GPS and the hands off phone

- Tina H

The 360 camera is a must. I usually get 500 miles on a 30 gal tank of gas.

I love having a truck. It has a very large back seat, and the 360 camera is my favorite feature.

- marissa m

Fairy good mileage for a full size truck, club cab could use more rear legroom

The color is a nice shade of blue. The cab is roomy but needs a little more leg room in the back

- Dan H

It's the first time that I have gotten the model I really wanted and didn't have to settle for less.

I like being up in my truck. It has all the bells and whistles and I do not have any complaints.

- Brian C

The comfort and ease of driving in traffic, the visibility proved by the mirrors and in the parking lot the back up camera

I am really pleased with my new F-150, it has all the options I need and gets great gas mileage

- Jerry L

how it feel when you drive in it, because some cars make bad to drive in, but my car doesn't

i dislike nothing about my vehicle, i like all, is awesome, everybody should have this car

- mark h



- leta h

Looks like a truck, rides like a high end SUV. The F150 is the best of both worlds.

It's a great truck. The body is stylish. The mileage is decent. The size is perfect.

- Mike K

It's amazing. I like its features and I bought a tonneau cover for it.

It is brand new. It is a truck. I like the navigation system. I like the sirius radio.

- Jenna B

Our f150 rides good and pulls our camper well . We are also getting good gas mileage. We also like the color and the warm and cool seats.

We feel safe in our F150. We travel a lot in our truck so that is important to us.

- Beverly G

Smooth ride with plenty of extras

I absolutely love my new truck. It has everything that I could want in a truck.

- Jason H

Others should know how fast and powerful she is and still gets good mpgs

I like the roomy cab and the great gas Mileage. I don't have any dislikes yet

- Marc D

Love the cabin space for backseat.

I like the back seat space. Dislike the turning radius. Like the fuel mileage.

- Jennifer W

The most important thing is the big engine with the big cab as well

It has a beautiful interior with a big strong engine. It is an amazing truck

- shahnaz A

That the Ford F-150 should be the car for everyone

I like the smoothness of when you drive it/doesn't keep bouncing up and down

- Conner N

Great gas mileage despite being a truck. can travel most terrain. lots of room to move

It is a big truck. lots of room in the bed. 4 wheel drive. great vehicle

- Andrew B

it has four wheel drive and a back up camera and a crew cab

I like that it drives like a car, has 4 wheel drive, and is a popular model

- Jed A

You should know about the gas mileage and the EcoBoost.

A big black truck that drives smooth and has plenty of room for everyone.

- william c

That it is a great vehicle, holds its value well, great performance and still gets awesome gas mileage

Rides like a luxury vehicle, fast, looks really nice, comfy interior

- Dan K

The comfort it offers when driving and the room it provides for passengers

I like the way it drives I like the room it has I have no complaints

- Virgini B

Value for our money. Economical and affordable.

The looks, ride and room. Great gas mileage. The price was amazing.

- Steven T

It rides very smooth and the technology is great. The vehicle gets great gas mileage.

I love the smooth ride. The technology is great. It is comfortable.

- Dan S

The ride Quality and luxury, leather seats, navigation

I feel safe in my truck when driving it and it has a smooth ride.

- Faith C

It's a very reliable vehicle, and everyone should have one.

What I like about my vehicle is that its very fast and roomy.

- kevin M

Has 10 speed transmission with 5 mode selector switch

I like my truck 4x4 crew cab, and brand new model. STX lariat

- Richard H

I want people to know that they should support American products

No complaints at all. I use it for trips and to haul my RV.

- James R

It has lots of power but also has great gas mileage for a full size pickup truck.

It has good gas. It's a comfortable ride. It is dependable.

- Brian R

Very comfortable and roomy. Computer hookups.Electric plug in outlet.

Good gas mileage, acceleration, backup camera. Lighted bed.

- Scott D

Tons of space, easy to drive, comfortable ride, love the color

Fits my traveling lifestyle. Very roomy. Wish it had 4x4

- Laura T

Even Though it is a truck it is fuel efficient with an ecoboost

It is a truck and very fuel efficient has cooling seats

- Elisabeth S

It's very safe, it's got good control, it's great stability.

I like his driving comfort, I like everything about him

- David B

That it is a very comfortable ride and it looks great

I like the smoothness of the ride.I like how it handles

- Jeff M

Good gas mileage. Large gas tank give great distance between fill ups.

Great truck. Love it. Would buy again. Got great deal.

- Tom T

I like all of the extras that come with my vehicle. I can talk to text and sync my phone with the truck so its hands free. It gets great gas mileage even with such a big motor in it. I'm not crazy about the drivers side and passenger door windows though. I feel like they come down too low on the door which doesn't allow for very much privacy in my own vehicle.

It's very easy to drive and gets great gas mileage.

- Charles S