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The telephone Bluetooth allows you to speak hands free while you are driving.

The car is a compact car but looks attractive for such a small vehicle. I bought this as a pre-owned car so there were a few problems that the ford company had to take care of when I purchased it. There was a rattle in engine that had to be repaired. Once that was taken care of the performance of the car has been great. It is great on gas. About 40 miles per gallon on the highway. I can fill up with a 20.00 bill. This will take me back and forth to work if I do not have to do extensive travel.. It is a great car for me because I am in sales and there are some days that I have to travel from location to location. Because it is small, it is easy to find a parking space on a narrow street. I like that the locks for the door is on the dashboard so I feel that this is an added safety feature. The side view mirrors has an added magnifying lens that allows you to see oncoming traffic. The car has the ability to sync with the Bluetooth in your smartphone. So you can talk via your car thru your phone hands free. You can also plug your phone in to the aux to play music from phone. This model is the hatchback which is really convenient for room to carry things. The back seat folds down for the convenience to carry something that is to large for just the truck. The back window has a windshield wiper. It is a compact car but it can ride 5 adults comfortably. It comes in several colors. I have a silver car which I do like the color.

- Mary C

People should not be put off by the small size of the car. It is a good car, at a good price.

My vehicle offers all the qualities I was looking for: its compact size makes it easy to park, because at the time I purchased the car I lived in the city where parking is difficult; it has great gas mileage; it is quite sturdy, something I learned the hard way from a fender bender- my car had no damage but the other car did; it has a lot of trunk space for such a tiny car. My one dislike about the car is that there is no leg room in the back seat, and I knew that would be an issue when I bought a compact car, but passengers do complain about it. My one complaint about the car is the amount of recalls I have had to address with at the dealership.

- Violet B

Roomy, comfortable drive with fantastic MPG

I truly love my Fiesta. The gas mileage is fantastic at 30+ MPG in the city and nearly 40 MPG highway. The heater works great and I wish I could use it to heat my house. Never had a car that I could get so warm in! The car is surprisingly roomy for a compact hatchback and I have hauled many people, pets, and objects in it with no problems or discomforts. It does have the typical powershift transmission issue of slipping slightly with fast acceleration, but nothing that is particularly bothersome. All in all, the car is fantastic and I am so thankful that I bought it.

- Angela M

Radio and lock button problems!! Ugh.

I have had my car for only 6 months or so now. It runs good and haven't had any major problems with it. I do however have many little problems with the car. My radio often times has a difficult time connecting to my USB or my Bluetooth. In past times, it has not worked at all. Also, there are times when someone in the passenger seats or one of the back seats cannot get out of the car when it says it is unlocked. I oftentimes have to lock it and unlock it again for it to work. All of the little issues are very stressful when trying to quickly go about daily routines.

- Hope B

Would not recommend buying this car.

Overall, I am not pleased with my car. The air and heat has broken, the radio has broken, and I feel like I have something new wrong with it every week. For example, I have to get it looked at tomorrow because something is wrong with the front end. As far as comfort goes, it is small however the trunk is a pretty good size. It is also good on gas. You can feel everything in the road when you drive it as well as being able to tell if someone other than yourself is in your car if they weigh more than 80 pounds when you drive it.

- Sarah B

The ford fiesta is a reliable car that more than meets my everyday needs.

My car is very reliable. It has driven me cross country multiple times without issue. My gas mileage is consistently good, about 32 miles to the gallon on the freeway. The hatchback trunk lets me transport a lot more than one would expect when first seeing the car. The only downside to my car is the fact that tall people are not very comfortable riding in it. I am 5 foot even and can comfortable drive and ride in my car. Others sometimes have issues getting into my car and riding comfortably.

- Maddie H

It gets good fuel mileage.

I like the fuel efficiency and the display of average miles per gallon and estimated miles left in the tank. I often enjoy using the entertainment system, primarily using the Bluetooth connection to my phone. There have been a few systemic issues I dislike with the vehicle, such as the air conditioner bring over-pressurized. On hot days, it will sometimes display engine malfunction, and I have to let it rest before it will drive; this is especially nerve-wracking when it quits on the road.

- Hana S

Has great internal ambiance.

The gas mileage I am able to get is pretty amazing, especially for long distances. The clutch system was replaced under warranty, but I am not sure officially completely fixed the recall. The car sometimes stutters when trying to accelerate. This issue is related to the clutch recall. It has been a reliable car in that it has always started. The interior mood lighting and sound features are great. Have also attached a hitch to the vehicle and did well in hauling a small trailer.

- Rachel R

Small car, great features.

Overall, I am very happy with my car. Though it is a few years old, it is features are still modern (Bluetooth sync, Sirius radio, power locks and windows, and push to start). It is also very good on mpg, averaging 350-450 miles to a full tank. The design is sleek and simple, in a compact build. And it has surprising trunk space for its small size. The only downside is that I will have to upgrade to a larger sized vehicle as my family grows.

- Rhea C

Very flawed Ford fiesta, but still love of my life.

Recently had to replace the hvac blend actuator as the original one had been not moving the blend door because of 2 broken gears inside the part. Have had the back doors hinges replaced because of a recall. The transmission stutters sometimes at take off. The ac had to be fixed 3 times in the last 5 years. The radio speakers have died; so no radio. Even though there are many flaws, it is still a reliable choice of transportation.

- Becky L

The transmission was recalled, but they Won't replace it.

The 2012 Ford fiesta has transmission issues. It shutters often and it is recommended that it is to be taken to dealership every so often to get "updated", but it never lasts very long. The radio also went out for no apparent reason, so the Bluetooth, sync, and CD player no longer work either. It used to be a very good car, but now it doesn't sound very trustworthy.

- Emily T

My car is a 2012 ford fiesta. It has four doors and is a manual.

My car is grey for driving to work and small trips here and there. It is a manual and I love how easy shifting is. It has the sync installed in the car and it works decently. The lights are still very good for it being a 2012 car. There has been no serious issues with the car just some little wear and tear here and there. Overall, I love my car.

- Sara L

Great gas mileage, but not for a family of five.

It has a transmission recall that none of the dealerships will fix cause they say it isn't necessary. I love the gas mileage I get but trying to fit my 3 kids in the back seat is a chore. There isn't enough room for them anymore. I've had my car for 5 years and no major problems beside the recall but it's time for an upgrade with the kids.

- Renee N

Great, affordable ford fiesta!

I love my ford fiesta! It is a smooth drive, very quiet, and all around a good car. I haven't had any problems with it so far and it was very affordable. I have taken this car on several 15 hour plus road trips and it has always done great! It is relatively comfortable for a car and it has plenty of space. I highly recommend this car!

- Zoe D

Great fuel consumption- so is cost effective to run.

Light on fuel consumption, very reliable, comfortable. No major problems experienced. Love the color which is silver. Performance has been reliable. Best thing is that it is manufactured in the United States. Would recommend this model to anyone wishing to purchase an everyday car. I also like the appearance of the car- nice shape.

- Colleen S

Ford fiesta. . . A party wherever you go.

Great car! Had a few issues but Ford fixed them with ease. The back doors stopped latching and the shifter malfunctioned but other than that it is great with gas and has some power. The color choice is amazing! I have the stock but it still drives great. The plastic body is a bit of a worry but again is amazing. I love my car.

- Natasha B

Recalled parts and nothing but bad luck.

I have had the car for a little over 3 years and I have had many issues. Mainly being that there is two different recalled part on the car that I was not informed of when purchasing the car. One recalled part is the transmission module which had broken on me 4 times since owning the car which left me stranded on the road.

- Ryan K

Good the bad and the ugly.

Not many huge issues but a lot of electrical sensors warning lights and the big was the transmission control module but covered free and now all is well. Just a lot of wasted time. The best thing is the incredible gas mileage got from Fresno to Vacaville ca to Tulare on 20 bucks in gas @2.459/gal. I believe 42-43 mpg.

- James H

It's likely to break down more often than other small cars from other manufacturers.

I have the lowest end Ford. It is not very powerful, has terrible pickup, and the brakes are terrible. You have to ride them hard and then need to replace them frequently. The AC is also not great, which is crazy since it's a small car, so shouldn't need a lot to cool off. I will never buy another Ford again.

- devorah s

Recall issues but a good outcome.

My 2012 Ford fiesta has had several recalls. Once these were all addressed it works fine but this was an issue for several years. The issues were things such as a blade that broke off in the transmission. I can say Ford was good to fix these issues for free. And again it works well now.. Good gas mileage.

- Kelly P

Its my mean green fiesta machine does what it is told.

A good reliable car, it gets me across the country back and forth, I have only had it overheat on me because a overflow valve busted, but other than that it is been a great car, it is been a great for our family, I like the colors that light up you can change them on the inside, gets great gas mileage.

- Chris K

Many parts break but reliable for years.

I have had to replace many things like the radio, engine fan, etc. I have had it for many years (2012) and plan to own it until it consistently starts to break down. It is a standard transmission. There are no features like back up camera or other sensors, that are normally now standard in newer cars.

- Angela J

Very easy, comfortable, and affordable car.

Very comfortable and small! A very conscientious car to drive around, not a lot of wasted gas! Cheap to fill up tank! Electronically filled with new devices! Good quality. Many colors to choose from! Little car but still fits 5 people, and many groceries! Spacious on the inside and comfortable.

- Del U

My car is a lemon and is always having issues.

After having the car for a year, I was informed that I needed a new transmission. And the dealership was not helpful and will not confirm if my car was under warranty or not. The computer in my car has been broken same w the radio. I have had many issues with my car since having it in 2013.

- Monica N

Ford fiesta: compact and efficient.

The Ford fiesta is a small, compact car making it easy to find and fit into parking spots and maneuvering in traffic. It runs very smooth, although due to how it is made, the engine sometimes stalls a bit (happens very rarely though). It is very efficient on gas and has up to date features.

- Harley C

My ford fiesta and what I think about it.

The car itself it is good but it is just made for city. When I drive 70 miles per hours I feel like the bodywork is going to fall. It is comfortable is you are looking for a small city car with a small engine and fuel economy. That's why I bought it because I wanted to save money on gas.

- Carolina A

The fiesta is a small car so it only takes me about 20 to fill up the car!!

I like my car but the first time I drove date within a week the transmission completely went out because of a recall. It has some electrical issue but other than that it is a pretty decent car. I have a hatchback and it is very comfortable and a reliable car just those few problems.

- Jalen F

Overall, nice car. Beware transmission issues in all fiestas though.

My car has transmission issues. It jumps and shudders sometimes. It is due to the electric transmission. I have had it fixed, but it still is doing it. Otherwise I like my car. It drives smoothly, normally. Good gas mileage. It is comfortable. Has a good truck size for a hatchback.

- Jessica P

My reliable Ford fiesta!!

My Ford fiesta is a very reliable car. I really only go to work and back home unless I have something else to do after work. Very comfortable. Very affordable as far as maintenance. I have had to get a couple things replaced but other than that it is the best car I have ever had.

- Sarah V

Great gas mileage. Cheap car!

It has great gas mileage! Not a lot of power. Not a lot of interior options. Small and compact but safe! The car is cheap. Basically bought is for the great gas mileage! I would never sell this car when if I bought a new one. If you want good gas mileage, this is the car to get.

- Stacy H

2012 Ford fiesta is an excellent vehicle, all things considered.

120, 000 miles in 6 years, really have driven it a lot, and virtually have had no issues. Only replacement thus far is a new battery. Gas mileage is still off the charts at 34 mpg. Biggest issue with it is the space, my family quickly outgrew it. Overall a really solid vehicle.

- Tyler W

Clutch replaced by warranty.

One tire or the sensor always pops up at any sign of cold temperatures. Clutch system had to be replaced. Resolved issue but seems like only temporarily. Rubber/plastic piece surrounding windshield has come loose on passenger side. Gas mileage is great. Enjoy the sound system.

- Joan L

Love my car! Great on gas, not super spacious but works perfect for my family.

When I first got my car I took myself, my husband, our 4 year old (in a car seat) and my friend to Florida for a week. We loaded the car down completely including everyone's bags, snacks, drinks and a cooler full of ice and things. For the most part everyone was comfortable.

- Kat H

It gets 34 miles per gallon.

My car is a bright green 2012 Ford Fiesta. I love the color, gas mileage, and a feature that lets you change the color of the cup holders and dashboard lights. However, it is a small car so whenever I buy furniture or something else big and sturdy, it is hard to make it fit.

- Randa m

Nice, small, 4-door vehicle.

I have had lots of problems out of my cars transmission. The car does not have a transmission like any other car that I have had in the past. Thankfully, the dealership has a powertrain warranty for life on the car so they have been able to fix it each time without charge!

- Kathy M

Car breaks down as way to small.

My door handle falls off, it shakes while you drive and no mechanic can figure out why. I took it to a lot of people to. The car is small and just a lot of things wrong with the car all together. We just bought the car and already have a huge bill for people looking at it.

- Josh L

Really great gas mileage but has some transmission issues.

I love the gas mileage and look of my car. However, I do not like the transmission issues that these cars have had even though they are covered under an extended warranty. I also do not like that my car's A/C went out at about 50,000 miles and it is very expensive to fix.

- Ashley W

Transmission is jumpy when you hit the gas too hard.

I love how zippy it is! I can fit in very small spots and move quickly once I get up speed. However, the transmission gets a little jumpy when you hit the gas. You really have to ease the car through gear changes until it gets to 4th - then it's the zippiest little car!

- Jennifer G

Great MPG, but transmission is faulty and dangerous! Don't buy!

It's great on gas, I can go two weeks between fill ups. The transmission in this car is dangerous though. When you push the gas you'll never know what the car will do. Sometimes it's smooth other times is will lurch forward with a jump. Crazy car. Wouldn't get it again.

- Manuela B

Nice, but no transmission!

It is a nice vehicle that looks appealing to the eye inside and out, but the transmission has had issues and been replaced several times over the last several years. It has thus created a bizarre shaking sensation when driving slowly or the vehicle is shifting gears.

- Austin M

The Ford fiesta is a great car.

My car is very reliable and gets great gas mileage. Other than the recalls I needed to take care of on my car I haven't had any problems with it. I wish it had a middle console. You do not realize how much you need one until you. Do not have one. So yeah it is great.

- Sara B

Ford fiesta; small but dependable.

The Ford fiesta, while being somewhat cramped, is a very reliable vehicle that me and my family have used for years. It is compact, good with gas mileage, and easy to control, although leg-space can be scarce in the back seat, and the trunk is a bit medium-sized.

- Tony W

2012 Ford Fiesta - Faulty Transmission

My 2012 Ford Fiesta is a great size and gets decent gas mileage. However, it is one of the models of fiestas with a poor transmission. Since I got it in 2014, I have had the transmission reprogrammed twice and clutches replaced once. It is an unreliable vehicle.

- Amanda C

It is a small car that gets me to where I am going and the gas mileage is superb.

The only problem I had with this particular was a national recall on a portion of the transmission. It was easily fixed and no other problems have arose. It has been a reliable vehicle. It has great gas mileage and gets superb gas mileage on the highway.

- Michelle N

A vehicle I wish I could forget.

This car has had several transmission problems and replacement of transmission, clutch, and engine parts. First replacement was not even a year after purchase of vehicle. Will jolt and frequently stall. Would not recommend if looking for a reliable car.

- Nina M

Reliable, safe, comfortable, easy to drive, and comes with good features.

There haven't been any problems so far with the car. It gets good gas mileage and provides an easy, smooth ride. The seats are much more comfortable than other cars I've ridden in and the sound quality from the radio throughout the car is very good.

- Victoria M

It is comfortable to drive, even at highway speeds!

I enjoy how nicely the car accelerates. It's got plenty of comfort features like bluetooth as well. The gas mileage isn't that harsh, much better than my previous car from 2001. The sleek, black color works and doesn't stand out against most cars.

- Ilan A

It's not a good car with a child in a car seat. There is no room.

The door locks don't unlock when the car stops. It was a recall, had it fixed and it still doesn't work. It has a transmission issue with the car shuddering when shifting. It was also a recall. Had it fixed but continued to behave the same.

- Beth W

Transmission issues. Compact and good on gas.

I love this car. It is compact and does amazing on gas. It has had transmission issues twice in the year I owned it. One that wasn't corrected from the previous owner and one I had to fix. There could be a little more room in the back seat.

- Chris R

One important thing you should know it'd good on gas.

Well the problems I am having is that my radio shuts off when it wants too the performance of the car is good reliability it gets me where I need to be the comfort is okay the backseat just needs more legroom and the features I love it.

- Ariel M

Very reliable vehicle and great gas mileage.

I like that it is sporty, a hatchback, has sync.. I do not like that the seats sit down so low.. I like the violet-gray color.. I do not like the cup holders in between the seats because they are too close to the parking brake..

- Peggy B

It gets great gas mileage and is great on trips.

I love the gas mileage and I like how it looks and feels, also. I like how it drives so smoothly. The leather seats are smart looking and the stereo system is rather awesome, considering the fact that it came with the car.

- Carolyn K

It just a good little car its clean I like the way it looks.

I like my car its great on gas it drives good it doesn't have any get up and but that's ok with me I am never in a hurry it's comfortable I keep the oil changed in my car and all the fluids change every 3 thousand miles.

- Michelle R

The radio unit is an abnormal size, so it is difficult to replace in a quick and cheap manner.

The car runs smoothly overall. My air conditioner quickly broke after purchase just after the warranty lapsed. The radio also no longer functions. The car itself is fine, not extraordinary. Gas mileage is quite good.

- Nicholas L

Ford fiesta revue and personal experience. .

This car is sweet. Great gas mileage and great on the road. It's a quiet ride, sometimes I can't even tell it's running. It's very stylish and very comfortable and roomy for a small car. It's our second fiesta!!

- Elizabeth G

It gets great gas mileage and is super compact and easy to drive.

It's white and nice. It's small and easy to park. The transmission is odd because it's got a new supposed to be like a manual, but isn't. Overall I love the car I love the Bluetooth in it and it drives well.

- Bryan B

One important thing about my car would be that it gets fantastic mileage.

For the most part I like my car, it gets great gas mileage and it's comfortable. The pickup was a little surprising at first and the brakes aren't as great as my Ford Focus but it's a pretty smooth drive.

- Amadi W

It has several USB ports to charge several devices as you drive and the Bluetooth range is very impressive

I love the seats, they are softer than most car seats. and the fabric they are made out of is easy to clean. The car runs so smoothly. I love that it tells me exactly how many miles till I run out of gas.

- Alice K

It's fast, fun, and economical. It's affordable without being cheap, and doesn't sacrifice performance for value.

I like the fact that it's a fun color, it gets good gas mileage, and it's fun to drive. I don't like that the audio system won't talk to my phone and that the transmission has bugs in It's operation.

- Grace G

It is fuel efficient, and yet sporty. I enjoy the look and the NAV system.

I like that my vehicle is pretty fuel efficient, I like that it is a four door and has the ability to have some pretty nice upgrades. I don't like the trunk, the back seats do not fold down flush.

- Katie U

It is great on gas. It gets me about 38 mpg. That's amazing for a non hybrid type of a car

I like that it is GREAT on gas. It also looks great as it is a hatchback design. I don't like that I've had some issues with my breaks and that it is starting to make sounds when I start it.

- David T

Great car with a couple issues.

I really enjoy driving the Fiesta. It is a comfortable and responsive vehicle. It has had numerous problems however with the transmission. It has been repaired twice and currently runs good.

- scott L

There are a lot of mechanical issues with the gears slipping.

I like that its compact and cute. I hate that it constantly has mechanical issues where the gears start slipping. It has to go into the shop at least once a year to have the sensor replaced.

- Tabitha M

It has awkward visibility in certain areas due to window shape and plastic/metal placement.

I do not like the visibility. The shape of the windows and placement of plastic/metal makes it hard to see in all directions. I like the gas mileage. In general I am a fan of Ford vehicles.

- Dana C

Performance and value for money.

I like the gas mileage. It is a smooth ride. What I do not like is it is not very comfortable. With it being a 4 cylinder acceleration is slow but once you get up to speed it is very nice.

- Sharon C

It's fuel efficient. I drive from Peoria to Chandler for work and still spend less than $100 on gas a month.

I like the fuel efficiency. I don't like the mechanical problems I've had with it although that could be just from buying it from a used car place. But it gets me from Point a to point b.

- Alyssa S

I actually have to manually roll the windows down.

I haven't had any problems but it drives great. It does have the tire light one which I cannot seem for it to go off but it has not been a problem yet. I do not like the radio though.

- Savannah K

The most important thing people should know about my car is that it is economical. I can save lots of money on fuel compared to other cars

I have had my car for nearly a year and i have not had a single problem with it. It runs and drives perfectly, and is very comfortable to be in. Even for long journeys up to 6 hours.

- Elliot K

The Ford Fiesta is a great value for the purchase price.

It gets very gas mileage. It's compact, but large enough to carry passengers or cargo comfortably. I can change the colors of the ambient lighting. I find this a really cool feature.

- Nina H

Great handling, dependable vehicle.

Love the size of the car and it is handling. Features are also really nice, the only issue that I have had is that this particular model has had a recall on the transmission.

- Heather T

Poor quality parts and your car will be in the shop a lot

There are a lot of recalls and I have had the car in the shop to have them fixed more than once. This is my first and last Ford. One positive is that it gets great mileage.

- Jennifer B

Fuel efficient on long journeys, well built and low running costs.

The car runs like a dream. The only problem I have is it's a 2 door model and this makes the doors very heavy to open and close. Fuel efficiency is good for a gas model.

- Martin R

It's a little car but it's a car that works properly and won't let you down on the road

I like that I don't have to give him too many services I like that haven't given me problems I dislike it's little, but It's no a problem I like the colour of the car

- Ricardo V

The side mirrors has extra blind spot mirrors to help the driver.

I like the automatic temperature control vs messing with the fans constantly. I like the blind spot mirrors. I do not like the weak acceleration and poor transmission.

- Nico A

Models made after 2011 have transmission issues that cause the car not to start.

I like the gas mileage it gets. I like the compact size of it. I dislike the transmission problems. I dislike the fast wear and decline of the quality of the car.

- Gabrielle G

This car gets 40 miles to a gallon.

I Love the great gas mileage that I get with this car. I do wish that I was bigger. I also dislike how small the cup holders are, can not even hold a soda bottle.

- Kimberly B

That is sometimes works when I need it too.

I like that I can go places. I like how good it is on gas. I do not like that it needed a new transmission after a year and it is constantly getting recalled.

- Monica N

It has plenty of room for those who travel and shop too much.

It's a very sturdy car even though it is used. I love the music system and the ability to connect to Bluetooth. It does have problems going up hills though.

- Rebecca H

It was cheap, reliable, and gets good gas mileage.

I like the color I was able to choose. I also enjoy the reliability of the car. The only issue I had was with the computer after a battery change.

- Danielle C

Great on gas and handles very well in snow.

What I not like is it is not a smooth ride. But great on gas. Other than that I do like the car. I wish it had more options that what I do have.

- Janet M

It gets excellent gas mileage.

My car gets excellent gas mileage. It has been dependable and affordable. I like the standard transmission but wish it had electric windows.

- Bev w

It is small and compact , so it's easier to drive and park.

It is small and compact. It's in good shape, but it doesn't run as smooth as other cars. It also doesn't accelerate as fast as I would like.

- Catharine K

This car gets in and out of every place imaginable with ease.

I like the versatility and maneuverability. I don't like that there is no leg room in the back. There have also been a lot of recalls.


The shudder when starting to move from stopis normal.

I love the look and the size. I like the power. Only downsides are the stuttering engine and the lack of visibility out the back!

- Natalie S

great car with a good performance

my car has great comfort and good performance and Ford Fiesta comes with the latest technology and an interior that looks amazing.

- August F

Great for fuel efficiency but not the best road trip car.

I like how fuel efficient it is, however, the driver's seat feel cramped and no passenger seat arm rest is awkward for my guests.

- Theresa L

It is a cute little car with great gas mileage.

There were a few recalls on the vehicle but once those were taken care of it I have no complaints. It gets wonderful gas mileage.

- Sara B

Great mpg and lots of space and a big truck and lots of legroom

The car is the perfect for a first time car owner and it had great mpg and is a good car for when you decide to start a family

- Emily B

The vehicle gets great gas mileage.

Speaker and radio issues as well as had to replace the transmission. As well as no cruise control. . Also not smooth running. .

- Chris J

Driving is so comfortable with great fuel efficiency.

I have been driving my car for almost 6 years and it has been a great support to me. It is very reliable and fuel efficient.


Great car, a little jerky.

It can be jerky at times when on hills. Otherwise I find it to be a great car. Good gas mileage, perfect size, comfortable!

- Becky A

There have been several recall notices on this vehicle.

I like the compact size of the car. I like the stereo and ambient lighting system. The quality of the car is questionable.

- Bob D

small and versatile vehicle

a small and practical car, really comfortable, economical and profitable, I have not had headaches on the mechanical part

- Katherine W

I have a Candy Blue Ford Fiesta. I've had it for over three years, and haven't had any major issues with it. The A/C is broken, but other than that, I love my car.

My car is great on gas. I drive everyday, but don't find myself needing to fill up nearly as often as family and friends.

- Emily D

Absolutely great car I love it

This vehicle is very good on gas and very reliable is actually very spacious for the size of the car and drives very nice

- Shaylan J

Reliable, good gas mileage.

Decent gas mileage around 32 m/g.. Can hold a bunch of stuff including a full size bass clarinet.. Easy to drive/park.

- Cheryl R

It gets really good gas mileage

It's a black Ford Fiesta. It has four doors and is a 5 speed manual transmission. It gets about 34 miles to the gallon

- Matt L

It has great gas mileage, and has served me well for 6 years.

I like having a stick shift auto. The gas mileage is great. It has 4 doors and a roomy trunk. It is easy to maneuver.

- Stan O

its mileage is very important and also how much maintenance will cost for the car

it's got low mileage but the problem with the car is that it doesn't have a built-in Nav system like my dad's Nissan

- Arslan A

It get good mileage and is very dependable.

Great gas mileage. Handles well. So far no mechanical problems. The car does have higher road noise than some cars.

- Karen D

Has great mileage on it. Great on gas.

It has excellent mileage, runs great. I dislike that it has no pick up. It's a perfect small car to get around in.

- Hannah H

Fiesta very good gas mileage

Very compact and small and gets very good gas..a little bit too small sometime but overall good. I enjoy the ride.

- Parker M

It gets good gas mileage so it is a good commuter car.

It is a little smaller than I would prefer but it does get good gas mileage. It is easy to drive. It is reliable.

- Bridget A

It has had multiple recalls and the transmission had to be replaced.

Too many recalls, small trunk space, small things fall off but gets good gas mileage and is a nice bright color.

- Joan S

The money is save on gas outweighs some of the cons

I love the fuel economy of this car. It drive very nice. con: it's super small and no power locks and windows.

- nancy d

I love the color of the car. I completely remodeled it from the inside out

My vehicle is very reliable and it gets me where I'm going safely. However I need a newer car with less miles.

- Neila I

It's a stick shift so if you don't know how to drive it, don't ask to learn. Very light but low Center of Gravity so stable in windy conditions

Moved to Colorado from Florida. Mountain driving is much more difficult. But other than that, no complaints.

- Kyle B

Small car, with excellent mileage/gas rate.

Gas/mileage is perfect (upto 38 mi/gal). Reliable (almost never at the shop). Small for certain activities.

- First Name L

Best small car I would buy

This is by far the best car I have ever owned . I love to drive all day in this car and the gas is great .

- Travis A

Very economic car and nice

I love it. It's economic, good on gas, roomy. The engine makes a lot of noise - that's my only complaint

- Wendy L

They should know that it is a very good car.

It is small I like that. It has good gas mileage and makes u turns easy. It has lasted a long time. . .

- Savannah L

that it gets great gas mileage

i like that it gets great gas mileage it also is an easy car to drive i don't like that it is to small

- roger y

It is easy to go over the speed limit.

I love the size and look of my car. I do not like that my particular car does not have cruise control.

- Virginia G

that its small but it gets the job done just fine

VERY good gas mileage. depending on where i go, i can fill up with only about thirty bucks. very nice!

- ken y

It is very small but convenient.

I love the gas mileage and speed. I hate the size. And I also hate that it is not good in the winter.

- Annie N

I love my car , it's a great car , I love fords ......................

It doesn't really have any problems, I love my car .it's a great car. I love fords . ................

- Carrie G

The most important thing people should know about my car is that it's priced fairly.

Decent mileage. Right size. Has an aux input which allows me to connect my phone to the speakers.

- Tom W

The car has no leg room and very little trunk space.

The vehicle is way too small, and began to wear out very quickly due to cheap manufacturing

- Anthony H

It has low maintenance costs and if there is a problem with a recall you get a notice for repair.

This car has good gas mileage. It handles will in snow. Requires little or no maintenance.

- Dorothy P

That it is a manual, so there is a better chance that my car will not be stolen.

I like how it is small, but still roomy. I like the air conditioning and the great brakes.

- Alicia L




The color is called Lime Squeeze. Yes, it is kind of obnoxious but I don't care.

It is tiny, lime green, and gets great gas mileage. I love it. It has everything I need.

- Sam P

It's a small package but large on power

I like that it has great gas mileage, It's compact and easy to fit into small spaces

- Rhonda W

It's bright blue and safe

It's starting to need more repairs and the dealer won't honor the warranty anymore.

- Jerusalem j

It has a great turning radius and this makes it super easy to get out of a tight spot or make a U-turn.

I like everything about the car, but I have one side mirror that needs fixing.

- Miriam P

I get good mileage from the care and upkeep is very reasonable

Like the gas mileage I get (about 35 mpg ave) wish I had more cargo space

- Jeff O

That the transmission stinks and there is a major lawsuit against ford about it

I like the way it looks but MAJOR problems withe the transmission

- kathy n

It gets good gas mileage. Esp. on long trips. Very economical.

I like it. It is very compact. It is a little small though.

- Tam M

transmission problems, AC is decent, usually doesn't fail

Smooth ride, no leg room, transmission failed couple times

- taylor c

transmission has issues and takes some getting used to it.

Transmission has It's issues though gets good gas mileage.

- Mark P

Gets almost 40 miles to the gallon in city driving

Great fuel economy Bright blue Bluetooth enabled Siriusxm

- Patricia G

Very limited space for luggage.

Compact. OK quality. Performance OK. Comfortable seat.

- mike M

Good gas mileage is a plus. It is bigger than it looks.

Bluetooth connection sucks, AC sucks, good gas mileage

- Cristal C

the technology on this car is not up to the date. I want get a new car.

nothing to explain good or bad. the vehicle just okay.

- jason h

economical fuel usage and easy to manoeuvre

very economical and great to move around in a big city

- peter r

Never buy one it is not a good car

It is small no features and always something wrong

- Maryann S

Safety and gas saving amount

The size is nice, and it saves a lot of gas

- Sugey R