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A medium, compact, and comfortable seating vehicle which is also cheap on gas.

I just recently purchased my ford fiesta and absolutely love the ride. Drives smooth almost like a luxury vehicle. It's not too small but is also compact for comfort. The vehicle is spacious on the inside except for the trunk area is small. I recently done some of my own research online about my vehicle and learned the usually have transmission failures. I have not had any issues with the vehicle at this time and the upkeep seems to be light. Another plus though is the ford fiesta is cheap on gas! To me, this was an extreme plus. So I have to brag on this vehicle for the comfort as the inside seats seem to keep you from sweating on hot days as other vehicles I have owned in the past. Another plus, the air conditioning and heat work well in the winter and summer hot and cold conditions. So if you are looking for a vehicle that is comfortable and cheap on gas, this may be a great option for you.

- Jessica S

The Ford fiesta is not worth the investment.

My car has experienced several recalls. I had to take in my car three times to fix the door locks and latches. The third time, it was the right door latch. Due to my warranty expiring, I was told I would need to pay full price in order for my car door latch to be fixed. I was never offered a discount. All of my headlights are out except the brights. I have had to replace my battery, belt, windshield wipers, brakes--twice, and now my headlights. The car has just been a lot of hassle and it is not the smoothest drive. Parts wear out fast. The only benefit to having this car is that it is good on gas, it still goes strong even after reaching the 150,000 miles mark, and it can handle long distance, commuting driving.

- J E

Probably the transmission issues since I believe it might have been recalled for them... Otherwise, I would say it is the perfect car for short people.

The visibility is perfect for me, this is the first car that has minimal blind spots [I'm short]. I love the way it looks. The interior is the perfect size for me. There is a plug for aux and usb on the center console which has been very helpful. I also love that there are tons of cup holders because I have to travel a bit for work and I end up occupying all of them by the end of the trip. Biggest complaint so far is transmission issues, I have had to replace the transmission two times, but thankfully they were under extended warranty and it was covered by Ford.

- Holly B

Small silver 2013 Ford fiesta, made for a single small person!

I drive a 2013 Ford fiesta. I like my car for the most part, but it has a few body issues. The clip from the rubber around my window broke more than once. I do like that my car has great gas mileage, and I only have to fill my gas tank less than once a week, it is a little smaller then I normally would like but I am petite female so it is okay for now. I also like that they have lights on the floor and on the dash that you can change the color of. I do not like that when attempting to connect to Bluetooth, I had a difficult time and couldn't figure it out.

- Amie D

Ford fiesta - right fit for a busy life.

Third Ford vehicle I have owned; previously went with the focus model (sedan and hatchback models). The fiesta is the right car me for this moment. Fuel efficient, compact, ease driving in cities and long distance; never have problems finding parking - and U-turns are a breeze! It is small but does not feel cramped. It gone on many cross-country road trips and has never let me down. Room in the trunk and backseat to fit my flea market finds and it is even did a move-out of a storage unit. I love Ford and would most likely buy from them again.

- Marilyn H

The transmission has issues on these cars. So be careful.

The car itself gets you from A to B. The ride is bumpy but, over time you develop your own driving style to cope with it. The display is nice with Bluetooth feature which is desirable. Since, I have owned there was two fixes on the car that needed to be done by Ford. One dealing with door latches and other with the Transmission issues. The mpg is amazing, but the little 10-gallon tank makes you keep going every week to the gas station. All-in-all it's a so-so car. If it breaks best to scrap it then trying to fix it up.

- Dillon D

The engine works great, after the new transmission we installed, but.

Ford makes fair trucks, carse is another story. My car was expensive, had many problems, I had replace the transmission at only 22k miles. It makes noise as is driven, windows do not work properly, it very difficult to clean the interior, tires are very small, the ride is not at par with otter cars in the same price nick. Residual value is terrible, it is impossible to be able to trade it in, unless it is fully paid. In other words to trade it in would make your next car very expensive.

- Victor S

Why I can depend on the Ford fiesta.

My vehicle sometimes shows the engine light signal when going over bumps when there is no problem found while at the shop which can be confusing and strange. The car itself is comfortable and for those who enjoy small cars, it's just the right size. The Ford fiesta has Bluetooth connection and AUX cord connection which makes connecting to your phone with the car easy and simple. The interior is roomy and comfortable and can seat up to 5 which is perfect for my friends and I.

- Ashley E

Gets you from point a to point b but not super comfortable.

2013 fiestas have major transmission issues. I had to get parts of the transmission changed out at least 4 times. I think the whole transmission was changed out once. Luckily ford extended the transmission/suspension system warranty on this year/model due to all the issues. Interior is cramped compared to other hatchbacks. Warms up quickly in winter, sound system is good. Sync system is not the most user friendly but for the few basic functions I use it for, it works well.

- Danielle M

It is great, the engine has issues, but other than that, we have no complaints.

We bought this car slightly used, (it only had 13, 000 miles on it) however we have had multiple issues with the engine. The car itself seems to run great, however the electronic parts on the inside of the car have a difficult time connecting to the digital parts of the engine. Because of this when the check engine light turns on, all of the other lights turn on and the car dies on the side of the road. (this has happened over 6 times since we bought the car in 2014).

- Katie B

The cooling fan is going to have to be replaced at some point if you own this car for more than a few years. The radio isn't reliable either.

It gets good gas mileage and is comfortable on long drives. I dislike that the air conditioner keeps you comfortable but does not cold enough to put on any setting but high. The radio and engine cooling fan both quit working and the car only has forty thousand miles on it. I replaced the fan but am afraid to even ask what the radio will cost to replace. I HATE that this seems to be a common problem with this car but Ford hasn't done anything to fix the problem.

- David s

Car handles very well. Also the heated seats are awesome! I love this car.

This car is very reliable. I get about 42 miles to gallon on highway. I had only one issue that was automatic lock in all 4 doors were recalled. But it was under warranty. I also love the way the car handles and drives. Heated front seats are a plus. The only thing other people complain about is, the way the transmission shifts. It does shift like a standard transmission. People say they don't like the noise. It does not bother me all. Love my car.

- Melissa F

It is ugly and damaged due to a hail storm. If I had it to do over, I would not buy this car. It has too many problems and recalls.

Unfortunately, my car is the target of many many recalls. I read somewhere that my vehicle was one of the worse cars. I have had to take it back to the dealer several times due to recalls. The car doesn't have any get-up-and-go, but there are some nice features. It has Synch so I can make and receive calls from my cars speakers, and I can listen to my music that I have on my phone. It also have SERIOUS music, but I don't subscribe to it.

- Sandi S

There are some recalls on these cars so make sure to check your vehicle.

My car performance is great, it gets me were I need to go and is great for close traveling. The problem I have seemed to have and so have others are problems with the stereo. It seems to be always broken with no sound coming out and Ford cannot seem to figure out what the problem is when It's addressed. It's a very comfortable small car and Its roomy. It's very reliable when it comes to driving and It's a great first car for younger people!!

- Katie S

Good little car that gets you far! I love the distance I get on one tank of gas!

I have a stick shift Ford fiesta. Sometimes the gears jam in reverse and once in a while bucks or slow starts in first gear. I notice it more when its cold out. I really do like it but the seats are not very comfortable, especially for long drives but it does get wonderful gas mileage. There was a recall on the door latches that Ford took care of right away but I haven't had any major issues with it. Overall it's a good little car.

- Cassie K

Reliable little car with great mpg.

We've had issues with the tumblers in the ignition going wonky and finally recently had them entirely replaced along with keys and it cost a good chunk of money, I drove this car all over for a few years for work and it gets great gas mileage and overall has been very reliable. It only just now is starting to need upkeep in a serious way. . Overall has been a great car for living in a city and having to commute or travel for work.

- Mary M

Super fun to drive. Loves that it has Bluetooth.

I chose my car for its practical side, its small, easy to drive, good on gas, and just all around fun to drive. Its a 5 speed and I like the control that gives me, especially in stopping quickly. The only issues I've had with it where the ignition switch went out and had to be replaced, also there was an issue with acceleration. I would step on the gas and nothing would happen. The ford place fixed both issues in a timely manner.

- Deane C

Great, comfortable vehicle minus jerking issue.

My car is in good working condition and very reliable. The only issue I have is the transmission sensor issue of Ford fiesta cars that causes the car to jerk upon accelerating. Due to the jerking, it feels like the car gets stuck at intersections and you have to take it in to reset the sensor occasionally which is very inconvenient. Otherwise, everything about the car is great. Good comfort, good speakers, heating/cooling, etc.

- Carmen F

Tiny car, excellent choice.

I have had this car since spring 2017. It has not had a single issue besides needing to replace the tires when they got worn down. It is small inside, but I am also small so it is cozy - but it gets excellent gas mileage and the back seats fold and I can fit a ridiculous amount of stuff in the car for how small it is. I have used to it move, to carry work equipment, even helped a friend drive a bookshelf across town.

- Cheyenne S

The interior is small and not comfortable when traveling with car seats.

The car runs well and gets good gas mileage. It's engine isn't too powerful and it can't accelerate very quickly, but it's steady and reliable. The small size makes for easy driving and parking, although the hatchback trunk is spacious enough for luggage and bags while traveling. However, it is not a very family friendly car. Even fitting one carseat in the back was tight, but two make it impossibly cramped.

- Nicole R

My vehicle is small and can be good on gas if you try hard.

It is had a transmission recall; had it replaces three times, a air bags recall, and a door latch recall. Rims bend easily if hit a hit pole no matter your speed. It says it has good gas mileage but it goes down from 40 to 30 very easily. I drive highway mostly and always on cruise control at 75 but it tends to knock it down a lot unless you drive 65. Also burns more gas than what I drive.

- Ashley L

If buying it used, make sure all recalls and field service advisories have been taken care of so they'll get the best service from the car.

I love my car! I bought it brand new. After the break-in period there were some issues with transmission shudder. It was a known problem and has since been corrected as part of a field service advisory. The transmission warranty was also extended as a result of the issue. I have had no other issues with this car. It gets great gas mileage, approx. 27/35. I hope to keep it for a long time.

- Christie E

Compact, reliable, good gas mileage.

It has been fairly reliable. I have only had to do basic maintenance and repair. It is not too comfortable on long trips as it is compact and also a standard transmission. Overall, I would suggest and recommend this model of ford. It has a very good heater and also gets wonderful gas mileage. There was a recall on door locks, but Ford fixed the issue at no charge.

- Hope R

Why I love my fun ford fiesta.

I keep up on the routine maintenance and the only issues I have had were covered by a recall. It is spacious enough to haul friends, lots of groceries and even 350 pounds of dogs. It gets excellent gas mileage, my average is 38 mpg. It is front wheel drive and I have never been stuck. My car is cute, sporty and fun, and can really get up and go when needed.

- Rae K

Perfect for one person or a couple. Definitely not a family car.

It was bought brand new and I had to get the transmission replaced. After being replaced, I was still having problems with it. I love how I do not have to spend much in gas and it is perfect for just myself. I just wish I had something bigger with a little more room. There is absolutely no space for other people in the backseat to sit comfortably.

- Kc B

Small uncomfortable boxcar.

My vehicle it to small the ac does not work the engine light stays on when you drive it delays and take off when you press it is really good on gas for the most part. It seems like the tires on the vehicle tend to wear out easily I constantly have to buy new tires it is really uncomfortable to ride in there's no space no room just too crowded.

- Skye B

Fantastic gas mileage in city and highway!

I love the gas mileage and size of my car. Unfortunately, Ford had faulty transmissions that end up slipping in these cars from 2010 to 2017. I've had to deal with replacing it many times, luckily only out time as Ford has paid for it. My car has no value because of it but I do love how it handles and it has been very reliable other than that.

- Karen L

It is fuel efficient has has a lemon for a transmission that the company refuses to stand behind.

I bought my car because I needed a fuel efficient and reliable car to get to school (at that time) and work. It has been reliable but it is from the model years in which Ford produced cars with faulty transmissions that slip in and out of low gears. This has made my car very unpleasant to drive in traffic. It does get good gas mileage.

- Stefanie W

Ford fiesta: surprisingly sturdy after 5+ years.

Good car but small, sometimes gets hidden behind regular 4 door sedans. Definitely worried I might get destroyed by a larger car. Rarely wants to work with iPhone and ford sync getting spottier with age. Speakers sounding tinny after 5 years of use. Wears down tires at weird angles but only have to replace once. Average gas mileage.

- Jackie C

Its black with four doors, with a stuffed animal in the dashboard.

My car works fine, besides the fact that sometimes the gas cover gets stuck, but I wish it was a cleaner style. It looks quite normal and sometimes I wish it stuck out more in a parking lot so it was easier to find. Also, I wish it had better mileage because I drive freeways a lot and stopping for gas less times would be nice.

- Maddie B

The Ford fiesta is an all over great car with very few issues.

There is a hitch when I go to speed up. It has really good gas mileage though. Never caused me any real problems until now. It is kind of small, so you cannot really have anyone very tall sit in your backseat. I love that it has an AUX cord port. The heat gets really hot so that is really nice on the colder days.

- Darian D

Ford fiesta complications.

When I first purchased the vehicle it immediately was unresponsive and had to be taken to get fixed. The engine wasn't working properly but has been working ever since. However my only troubles now is a constant squeaking noise made by a supposed loose band that I have taken to get fixed but continues to act up.

- Cassandra A

2013 Ford fiesta post with nothing but transmission problems.

Transmission recalls that Ford refuses to properly fix, computer problems, nothing but problems!! The transmission is manual in an automatic vehicle causing the transmission clutch to shudder and jerk while accelerating. The check engine light randomly goes on and off, never really knowing if there is an issue.

- Heather L

Favorite vehicle for running about doing errands.

In the beginning it had transmission issues covered by warranty and now is perfect. The car is the perfect size for my husband and I and my husband is six foot three, has plenty of legroom. It is four door with a good sized trunk that fits our luggage when we travel and all of our groceries often from Costco.

- Amy T

This car is so small, you can park almost anywhere.

The clutch and the transmission had to be repair soon after I bought it. This car was not my choice, but it beats walking for two years! It is a nice little car but it is not a great car. It was said by some that this car was not made right. I had very bad credit so this car was over price to me. Too costly!

- Robert V

It's small. It's nice for parking, or on short trips if there are only two people, but car seats are much more difficult to figure out.

It has had a lot of technical issues. They've all been covered by warranties and such, but it's still a pain. Plus, it is TINY. When we bought it, we thought it would be a good family car, but fitting two carseats in is a huge struggle and we are very cramped. There is no way we could fit in three kids.

- Nicole R

Sporty, fun but transmission issues.

I love the leather seats and sunroof. I love the sporty feel. The transmission is not the best. It stutters, especially during cold months. The heated seats are a godsend. The gas mileage is impeccable. It is decent to take care of. I love being able to park almost anywhere because it is so small.

- Trisha T

It is tiny cute. Good to handle with good space in the back seat and trunk.

Radio does not work. I guess there’s an ongoing problem with these cars and I am sorry but I will not pay that much to have it replaced. It is small, but so am I so that is good. But it does not work for anyone 5'5” or taller. Started getting good gas mileage, but that diminished really fast.

- Jennifer K

Car I know I can depend on.

Some issues with the engine light turning on when there is no visible problem when looked at in the shop. Good size if you like smaller cars, and comfortable seating and space in back. Radio system is good and connects to Bluetooth or AUX cord making it easy to avoid hands on phone use.

- Ashley E

2013 Ford fiesta sedan se.

My car is a very reliable car. It gets me to work every single day and I have taken it on numerous trips with no serious problems. The only thing is that it makes a weird sound when I am switching gears at a low speed sometimes. Other than that it is a great car and amazing on gas too!

- Dylan G

It has required a lot of work, especially for a car that I purchased "new".

My car has had a lot of issues...the doors all stopped latching one by one at some point in the first 2 years. The transmission has needed to be replaced multiple times. It's smaller than I thought, and doesn't really work now that we have 2 kids. The AC is good. Gas mileage is good.

- Deanna K

The most important thing for me is gas mileage!

I love the gas mileage, size and the ability to do a status check on the function of the vehicle. The size and nice design is perfect for me. I love that even with the small size I have the luxury of a four door vehicle and plenty of room to store groceries with the hatchback model.

- Morgan M

Small car, big problems. .

Bought brand new and the transmission had to be replaced while still under warranty. I still have problems with it from time to time. It is super small with no space for anyone to sit comfortably in the back. It is great for a couple or individual, but definitely not a family car.

- Kc B

Drive smooth with great mileage.

My fiesta is comfy to drive or ride in. It gets awesome gas mileage-29 mph on the city, 33 on the highway. I have the stick shift and love the control it gives me, especially driving on mountain roads. The only things I do not like is no automatic windows and no cruise control.

- Adele D

Great little car with great gas mileage.

It's a great car and has great miles per gallon. But it also has a lot of mechanical issues that make it inconvenient. I've had to take it in for major repairs several times over the past few years. But I still love the car. It is like a little go cart that drives really easy.

- Holly H

Small, economical but more trouble than it's worth.

This is the worst car I have ever owned. It is very noisy and is not a smooth drive. Also had numerous recalls and problems that were never resolved. Did not feel like customer service was even responsive nor cared about my concerns. Very difficult to contact a live person.

- Mildred D

It is a great economy vehicle.

My car has great gas mileage and has been extremely reliable. It is more spacious than it previously seemed to be. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a small vehicle. The brakes tend to be more touchy than most other cars I've driven but it is easily gotten used to.

- Ethan F

Long lasting, car seems to be more durable.. Than some of the others.

I love that it is small and fun to drive and I love the color and the extra features. I hate that the transmission is garbage and I have had the clutch replaced 4 times in a 5 year old car that I bought brand new. It is a lemon and I am trying to get Ford to buy it back.

- Lori T

Don't buy it! Go look somewhere else. Do your research.

There's something wrong with it and no one will fix it. I thought it was the transmission but ford says its not. It's noisey, and jerks when I don't slam on the gas. Sometimes it has a hard time going if I'm not pushing hard on the gas. I am never buying a ford again.

- Megan A

Ford fiesta is a posh vehicle.

Transmission problems since the day I got it brand new and the dealership refused to help me out and said the car is supposed to drive that way. It shakes and shutters and jerks when accelerating from a stop. It feels extremely unsafe and we will be trading it in soon.

- Heather L

The gas mileage is great!

I love how great the gas mileage is! My two least favorite things about it are the fact that it does not have cruise control, and the back seat is a bit too small. Neither of these things are a huge issue, however it is a deciding factor when going places with friends.

- Megan H

Ford fiesta: the party car with lights inside.

I bought my car barely used. However, they recalled my car a couple times due to transmission problems. The good thing is they replaced it free of charge and were very helpful. I like the size of my car as well as some of the features like Bluetooth and a USB plug in.

- Jennifer B

The perfect commuter car!

Overall I love my little car! I have not had any major issues. One consistent problem has been with the clutch but with a computer update it gets fixed quickly. It gets great gas mileage and has a spacious trunk for the size of the car. It is a great first time car.

- Steph Y

The Ford fiesta is a great car for new drivers.

I absolutely love the Ford fiesta. It is a hatchback that is easy to drive. Drives smoothly. No problems whatsoever. Very comfortable. Seat are fabric and not leather. Good car for new drivers like myself. Good car for in town errands and school. Lights are manual.

- Natalia T

There's not many highlights there's a cool color.

Vehicle recalls bad blood with the transmission door do not never a lot battery always die force clutch you had to have a lawyer to call. Do not buy this car it is a waste of time it is a lemon. I am so ready to return this car. Wish I could get all my money back.

- Troy Turner T

Car doors would not close.

My car jerks at times letting off the acceleration or accelerating after stopping. After buying my car there were 3 recalls for certain parts like the door hinges on the driver side door and the back passenger door would not allow the door to close completely.

- Mercedes D

Roll down windows, no automatic. Good gas mileage.

Awesome gas mileage, does not break to often but does not have much power. Not good for driving in the snow or icy conditions. Lots of space in the trunk and in the back of the car. A lot of space in the front too. Easy to maintain and keep working. Good car.

- Susanna S

Car for handicap person or even one person mom.

Serves purpose with dealing with walker, wheelchair, etc. Hack back was best choice for me. Will have problems if someone wants to sit in back seat since seats are down for walker. . Service has been ok. Radio sound ok. A/c-cool and heat ok. Gas mileage ok.

- Karen M

The car gets excellent gas mileage on the highway.

The car itself is fine. It's small but serves the purpose and gets excellent gas mileage. It has had numerous recalls on the transmission and is terrible driving in town. I would never purchase another field due to this terrible experience.

- Megan D

Small, comfortable, and easy to use.

I really love this car. It is compact and very comfortable. There is plenty of cargo space in general. It is easy to clean as well. The only downside is that it sometimes lurches and has issues like that but we were able to get it fixed.

- Sophie H

Good car. Reliable if you take care of it, fragile if you do not.

Like: good size and shape, runs well. I like the color and the style and I like having 4 doors. Dislike: no Bluetooth or CD, AUX is going out. I’d prefer a manual transmission, and the headlights are kind of dim even when super clean.

- Hannah H

transmission problems and good design

i have had my Fiesta, now at 137,000 miles for five years. After the first 2 years I noticed a gear grinding noise and buck in 1st and 2nd gear.it's comfortable with good interior design and exterior styling but performance is not good

- Slim A

This car gets great gas mileage . It is also a pretty safe car.

It is annoying that the only lock button on the whole car is in the middle console. It sometimes also acts jerky when you hit the gas. I like the outside visual appeal and large trunk space. The backseat is very small for a car seat.

- Abby H

The conversation mirror is my favorite feature.

I have trouble with my legs and feet. On the door there is the usual but they have a compartment on the bottom. It takes up to much room and makes it hard to get out. When I go out, I have to park where I can open door all the way.

- Brenda L

Be wary that the clutch system is branded as being automatic, but it is in fact a manual clutch with a chip that switches gears for you.

I like the way it drives - it's very smooth. I like the gas mileage as well. I like It's compact size and the fact that it makes it easy to park and steer. My only complaint is the clutch system and how it had to be replaced twice.

- Ashley F

I would say the best thing about the car is that's it gets good gas mileage and is more economical.

It's a nice car but it's a little bit smaller that what is ideal. My husband is real so he's a little crammed in it. The car also shutters when you take off and that's pretty annoying. It does get really nice gas mileage though.

- Brenda K

Does not run right. It stutters when you go from a stop to go. You have to be careful not to pull out in front of someone in case it does this.

The air conditioner has already been worked on once and I'm going to have to get, it fixed again. Also, the transmission has been worked on and it still does not run right. There have been several recalls performed on the car.

- Donna M

It is the car I learned how to drive with so I am very comfortable driving it.

I like the small size, compactness, and fuel efficiency that my Ford offers me. I dislike that there have been numerous recalls on this vehicle. Overall I am satisfied, though I do not think I would purchase the same make again.

- Jessica H

I am 6'1, and I had much more room than I have had in other compacts.

Water pump seized, requiring a major repair (new timing chain, head gasket, etc.) with less than 50, 000 miles. Other than that it has been very reliable. Handles and rides much better than one would thing for such a small car.

- John S

Be cautious of any transmission issues from the start.

It has great gas mileage. Small car is great for my needs. I did not care for all of the recalls and initial transmission issues I had in the first 2 years, but they have been resolved, and so far, nothing major has come up.

- Erin E

Summarize my vehicle. I would never buy one again. Its was just a big headache.

Its is used. And we had problems with it when we first brought it. I wouldn't buy another one. We had to take it back and forth to the dealership for about 6 months. Ended up suing Ford. And won. The transmission was mess up.

- Deborah T

I have had my car for a year and half now. It is very comfortable to drive in.

I like the size of my vehicle, I also like the color. I dislike the gas mileage & price, I do not drive long distances often but seems like the gas runs out quickly. Gas prices are also high for it being such a small car.

- Emily Y

The ford fiesta gets excellent gas mileage. Over 30mpg

I've had my ford fiesta for a year and a half and have faced very minimal issues with it. It's very small in size which I prefer, but still relatively roomy inside. It gets great gas mileage, approximately 36 mpg for me.

- Miles R

It is a great starter car for teenagers.

I love the space that I have in my vehicle! It is honestly the perfect size for me and it drives really nicely. I do wish it had a center console to keep belongings in, but I cannot really say anything else bad about it!

- Elizabeth B

This car is very fun to drive for short distances.

My car handles very well, has a nice interior and gets great gas mileage. Being a small car it becomes uncomfortable to drive it for long distances. Also, the transmission does not downshift enough in traffic conditions.

- Jason S

While car does get good gas mileage, it takes a while to accelerate.

Car was part of a recall due to transmission issues. Check engine light keeps illuminating however no source has been found to resolve. If given the opportunity, I would not buy this car type again.

- Alice A

The issue I keep having the car serviced for with the transmission seems to be a common problem among all 2013 Ford Fiesta models as I have friends with the same car.

I like that it is small and zips around nicely. I dislike that I have had to have it serviced more than once for the same issue. I dislike not having enough room for both passengers and belongings.

- Tammy B

It is great on gas, which is awesome for saving money weekly.

I love that it is small, but still has enough room to meet my needs. I love how basic the car is, making it a great car for when the kiddo starts learning to drive. Also love that it is stick shift.

- Sophia A

Great gas mileage. The maintenance cost is pretty low. It's a great commuter car in theory.

The car just seems like it's always barely running. The transmission has trouble with the autoshift they used that year. And the wire box routinely rubs the wires raw until my car won't start.

- Erin B

Great gas mileage and can take a lot of abuse.

I Don't like the narrow wheel base which makes winter driving scary. I like the gas mileage. I don't like that the wheels get out of alignment easily when having to drive through deeper snow.

- Adam H

That it saves you a lot of money. It fits anywhere so it is good for small parking places.

I like that it is very fuel friendly. It only spends $30 every week and I drive a lot of miles. I dislike the transmission but I got used to it. Overall I love the small, compact and design.

- Mariana M

Why I Love My Ford Fiesta!

I've owned my car for 6 years and I purchased it brand new. It is a 2013 Ford Fiesta Sedan SE. It has been a wonderful car and has only needed basic maintenance (new tires, new battery)

- Kelly M

cute little sporty ride for the price

This car is a sporty little car that drives very well. For the price it is well worth the spend mine is fully loaded and so far has been a great car I have had no problems out of it.

- Stephanie M

Technology and aggressive performance.

Sometimes clutch become a problem. But the whole performance is good. It is so comfort to drive in every situation. With the voice command make you easier to communicate to this car.

- Dean D

Good starter vehicle if you do not need a ton of features and just need to get from place to place.

Budget car that has decent fuel economy, but is not designed for people that need to car seats. That vehicle is small, but as a vehicle to get from point A to B it is sufficient.

- Richard S

I really like the sound when it shifts gears. I also like the stereo system.

It always has something wrong with it. My air conditioner just broke down and the gears are falling out again. It's been in the shop multiple times and never been fully fixed.

- Shawna P

The Ford Fiesta is an economical and fuel efficient vehicle.

I like that my vehicle is both fuel efficient and economical. I dislike the size of the vehicle for several reasons. Both the legroom and trunk space is insufficient.

- Rob R

It does not run very well due to the transmission, and is likely to not last very long.

The transmission does not work. Because of it you can participate in a class action lawsuit. Other than its functioning ability, it is great on gas and small to park.

- Taylor W

Even though it is a hatchback, it's got plenty of space!

My Ford Fiesta is quick with moonroof, leather seats, hatchback, very green. Heated seats. Rear camera for backing up. It's comfortable and fairly low on gas mileage.

- Allyson C

It is good on gas. the car is very affordable. Also it has been very reliable. the ac works great.

I like my car because it is good on gas. It is compact so can park almost anywhere. It is a little tight feeling though on the room situation. overall i love the car.

- Melissa H

The sedan model has a very deep trunk.

The gas mileage is 45 mpg, and a very nice compact car. The problem that I have is the manual transmission, it tends to buckle if you press down too hard on the gas

- cindy j

It has very touchy brakes.

I like that it is small and white. I like that it gets good gas mileage. I do not like that it is super low to the ground. I do not like that it has fabric seats.

- Trinity D

It is red and very easy to use when I am driving.

I like it because it is easy to use and I really like Ford in general. I also like the color and it puts me into an excellent mood for the day before I drive it.

- Kelly M

This is a reliable small car that is great for city driving.

My vehicle is reliable, and it gets me around everywhere. I don't have any complaints. I wish that it handled better in snow, but it is overall a very good car.

- AJ G

Great vehicle except my voice command doesn't always work

I really like my fiesta! It gets good gas mileage and is reliable. The only problem I have had with my fiesta is that sometimes my voice command does not work.

- Jondra H

Ford Fiesta offers dependable, economical transportation.

Mileage is excellent. Vehicle has been dependable. The radio/sync system is not working and the replacement is far too expensive for me to do at this time.

- Mike K

Okay for small car I think the most important thing is the lack of power especially with the air on.

I like the power side view mirrors, blind spot side view mirrors, economy and style. Dislike how small the interior is, lack of power especially with air on,.

- Fred H

It's fun and easy to drive.

It's a small quiet care that is fun and easy to drive. It's a hatch back which gives me room for hauling items. It's easy on gas and very low maintenance.

- Craig c

Get the manual. I have heard bad things about the automatic.

It is a 4 cylinder so it does not have a lot of power. I wish it had a little more power. Great reliability and fuel mileage though. Comfortable as well.

- Anna K

The manufacturer is a poor one.

It is small, has numerous design flaws, some small, some large. The transmission is a problem that can't be fixed. I would not purchase this car again.

- David Y

The Ford fiesta is a fuel efficient small compact vehicle.

It is small and compact; U-turns are a breeze. Parking is a non-issue. Great fuel efficiency. It can easily can fit my lifestyle and road trips are easy.

- Marilyn H

It is a very small car there is not much extra space it in

It's been a very good car for me. There have been a few recalls but other than that it is a perfect little cafe for a college student it's a cheap upkeep

- Abby S

Performance and mileage of the car is most important

I like fiesta because i like the exterior style of vehicle, have good performance and money saver. The thing i dislike that it have little cargo space.

- Swa D

There has been a recall by ford on the transmission and it could potentially be unsafe

There are a few transmission issues that have been recalled by the company. The car tends to stall when I make a turn and has a problem shifting gears

- Hannah B

The Ford Fiesta should be recalled completely. These cars are lemons.

I truly dislike this vehicle. It has some many recalls. The transmission is faulty and unreliable. I have found this vehicle unsatisfactory overall.

- Tracey T

Its roomier than it looks.

I love how fuel efficient my car is. I love how even though it is a small car I can still load it up with groceries and my two kids in the car seats.

- Lindsey S

The car is pretty fuel efficient. It doesn't have a lot of power but does what I need it to.

I like that it is fuel efficient. It is small and easy to maneuver. I don't like that it doesn't have a lot of get up and go, but I deal with it.

- K T

Stylish compact Car great on gas.

It's is a compact stylish car. Great on gas awesome on the highway has great stereo and has sync that you can hook up to your iPhone or Android.

- Rita O

The Ford Fiesta gets great gas mileage, both highway and in town.

The Ford Fiesta gets great gas mileage, even in town. The trunk is fairly large for such a compact car. Also love the Sirius radio installed.

- Jacki W

Great and affordable first car

Small, compact, great gas mileage! It's a cheap and easy first car. It doesn't run as smoothly as some higher end cars do but is sufficient.

- Kate E

It does not travel long distances well.

Drives well but is always breaking down. Not much interior stuff. Makes clicking noises every time I switch gears like a stick shift would.

- Sabrina D

Please get the manual transmission, the automatic transmission is terrible and you will get better gas mileage

It is a very reliable vehicle. It gets excellent has mileage; I have had the serpentine belt come apart. It fits 2 car seats in the back

- Scott D

It's really good on gas. It's also nice and small so parking is a breeze.

I love my car. It's super good on gas and nice and small so it's easy to park. I have taken it on multiple road trips and it's done great!

- Lindsay V

Good gas mileage, useful commuter vehicle that's also good for longer distance drives

Had to replace some parts sooner than expected. USB port doesn't work. A little sluggish at mid speeds, but reliable, and good gas mileage

- jonathan w

Don't buy a dual-process transmission Ford has not corrected issue.

My car is good on gas mileage but it small, has a horrible transmission problems. Currently part of a class action lawsuit because of it.

- Sarah J

Keep the oil changed and it runs like a new one.

It is small and perfect for me. My car is great on gas, I only have to fill up every two weeks. I do not have any complaints about it.

- Lindsay V

Ford Fiesta Car review with respect to my point of view

It's very good car as I have been driving since 2013 without any problems. The maintenance cost very less compared to few other cars.

- Suresh V

Numerous defects required multiple trips to the dealer and parts on backorder.

Like fuel economy. Dislike all the repairs and defects. Dislike the faulty transmission and multiple attempts to repair that failed.

- Mildred D

It is very durable and comfortable to spite being mostly plastic.

It runs well most of the time. It is rather cheap to repair and maintain. No one will try to steal it. The seats are comfortable.

- Kendra F

It sucks I would never get one.

Too many problems. I have taken it to the shop and Ford never. Takes care of us. We will try Chevrolet next. Never get a fiesta.

- Jared B

It has a lot of mechanical problems.

It has a lot of mechanical problems. I do not like the size. I would like a larger vehicle. It does get good gas mileage though.

- Abby L

It has been reliable for me over 5 years and 80000 miles

I have never had an issue with this car over 85000 miles. Has been reliable for me. However it does lurch a lot when it shifts.

- Jason H

The Sync audio is nice, it connects to my phone

I like it a lot. It has transmission issues but that has been fixed. It was cheap and gets me places and has pretty good milage

- Shelby M

a compact modern car that is fun to drive and has sweet features

it's great for commuting, it has lots of cool features and gets great gas mileage. it is fun to drive and looks pretty cool too

- Jason S

It has a lot of mechanical issues, including problems with the transmission

I love the gas mileage that it gets and how inexpensive it is for me to keep it filled. But it has a lot of mechanical issues.

- Abby L

Cute small red car great for college students starting out

The transmission is really choppy. Otherwise I like my car pretty well. It just violently shakes if you go from 20 to 30 mph.

- Isabella J

The Ford Fiesta is a very economical and fuel efficient car.

I love that my car is very fuel efficient. I like that my car is made in USA. I only dislike that the hatch area is so small.

- Tammy I

It is very fuel efficient.

It is a nice size for me. It is comfortable. I would like maintenance to be less expensive. It is one of my favorite models.

- Theresa M

do not get this car spend your money on a better brand of car

had so many issues so many recalls the radio has been broke 6 months into having the car and the company refuses to fix it

- phyllis w

Economical, gas and mechanical wise.

Excellent mileage per gallon, spacious and comfortable, no mechanical problems so far. Cute adjustable indoor color lights.

- Gio H

You'll enjoy it. If you are looking for good fuel economy, and just enough sportiness, this is the car for you. If you have a big family, or regularly haul a lot of stuff, go with the sedan model.

The fuel mileage is good. Car is sporty. There is not enough room in the hatchback to carry everything I need to sometimes.

- DeWayne S

Others should know this model is known for transmission problems. Ford has extended the warranty on transmission only. Other than this problem, the car gets great gas mileage and it's easy to maneuver in heavy traffic.

I like the excellent gas mileage. I dislike its unreliability. The main complaint is in regard to the poor transmission.

- Leandra A

Car is great but sometimes has Bluetooth issues.

The car is great but sometimes it has issues with the Bluetooth not connecting or registering. Otherwise the car is great.

- Megan F

Gets good gas mileage but will not last for more than about 5 years.

to small and poor quality. the steering wheel has started to come apart. the weather strips are leaking around the doors.

- cory h

Enjoyable Fiesta for the masses

The car was really good when I bought it used at a nearby retailer. It has aged well and still gives me good performance.

- Henley S

It is a very compact car and will not last a lifetime.

Engine, accelerating problems a lot. Not very roomy but gets me were I need to go. Great on gas, but not built to last.

- Ree D

looks good, works great, compact car, good mileage per gallon gas.

Comfortable, side mirror is very clear and covers blind spot, and have all basic features. The trunk is not that great.

- Marvin I

It is good, basic transportation only. It is not a luxury vehicle.

I like the fuel mileage. I like the general reliability and basic transportation. I dislike the size of the vehicle.

- Jimmy B

It is a safe, sturdy 4wd SUV.

It get really hot inside. Not remote start. Small back seat. No satellite radio.. Great on gas. Great truck space..

- Amber L

It is just my size and gets good gas mileage.

I love the size and color. I love that it gets good mileage. I do not like that it has more features than I need.

- Penny L

Engine is so good than other vehicle. And also very comfort for elder ones.

My car looks awesome. Buy mileage wise it is quite small performance. I prefer this vehicle for low class people.


It gets good gas mileage.

It's the perfect size. Gets great gas mileage. I dislike the road noise, and the sync system has a lot of bugs.

- Donna E

Enjoying the Ford Fiesta!

Titanium is tight, but comfortable and zippy. Having problems with window mechanisms. Getting good gas mileage.

- Elizabeth J

It has the capability of blue tooth so it can sink up to my iphone.

My current car is not up to date, slow with no power. I usually like to drive bigger vehicles such as trucks.

- Richard H

If you get a 2013 fiesta make sure the clutch is fixed before purchasing

Shifts bad Love the inside interior it's easy to clean Gas saver Mileage is great Love the size of the car

- Michelle E

It gets great gas mileage and a perfect starter vehicle

Small perfect for a single person or someone who needs great gas mileage. Small back seat not much leg room

- Jess G

The transmission will need to be replaced, which sucks. It's not the most well-built car, but it's good for city driving.

Had to get the transmission replaced, but otherwise it's fuel efficient, has a lot of space, and it's cute.

- Lauren S

That it is a good daily car to drive.

I like that is a fun car to drive. I like that it also fits both of my kids. I like how good it is on gas.

- Alexis W

Great gas mileage with 38 mph average.

It gets great gas mileage and has very low maintenance cost. Tires are smaller so they are affordable too.

- Tanya C

great mileage and low cost of ownership

Great mileage but a bit too light. The price was great and the dealership is very affordable for repairs.

- Tanya G

Transmission recalls watch out!!

I like the number of airbags. I hate all the recalls. I hate the manual transmission in an automatic car.

- Heather U

It's very comfortable, has wonderful gas mileage and can handle long trips.

Like the fuel economy and the look of the car.. Dislike the size and the transmission is a little clunky.

- Jim B

That it doesn't burn to much gas very easy to park

Is an very comfortable car , you can enjoy if you have teenagers .also.the gps system is very clear .

- Josie V

The car is very small and compact.

Everything, I like the look of the vehicle. The engine is horrible and has given me several problems.

- Charmaine D

It gets good gas mileage. It's enough room for 4.

Love the gas mileage. I hate that it has had several recalls and the transmission continues to slip.

- Margaret c

Check for recalls. Listen for rattles. Check the brakes.

The recalls are a nightmare. The rattles under the hood....the front brakes go bad every year.

- Martin S

There were some issues with the computer controlled transmission that we've had on occasion, but generally I like it. It's maneuverable, gets good gas mileage, and since it's bright green, I can find it when I drive to Disney.

It is very agile and gets good gas mileage. It's an easy to drive, fun little car.

- Amber L

mileage for gas is good saves money for my budget I m on fixed income

Good on gas. Little smaller than I really like. At this times no complaints

- Norma W

That it's good on gas and is reliable...

The car is very good on gas. It would be better if there was more space...

- Bernard D

Visibility is very low despite it being a small car backing out of parking spots is troublesome

Very nice and compact but roomy, it's nice for commuting to and from work

- Steven S

the interior can feel cheap sometimes. Lots of plastic that doesn't look very good

I like the hatchback nature of the vehicle, and that it feels quick

- Lucas L

The transmission is a nightmare! The transmission is made to be manuel but the car is automatic

i love the style and size of car but have had transmission problems

- sophia k

Good gas mileage and easy to park and easy to tow. .

It's easy to park. It's easy to tow. It gets good gas mileage.

- Dolly K

It's a good car from a reputed company.

I love the mileage. I hate the color. I would love to keep it.

- Sharmin B

it was good on gas and runs good.

it was cool and fun time it hope. dogs are nice pets and good

- jacob M

it is very economical - meaning it gets great gas mileage

it's small; great gas mileage; easily to maneuver in traffic

- Debbie L

The car is super nice and it is a very nice car that I use to go to work and back. Definitely recommend the car to anyone.

Absolutely do not undervalue this car because of the name.

- John S

Love steering wheel mounted controls, tire pressure monitor, trip computer, automatic headlights, daytime running lights, alloy wheels, rear window defogger, very useful and every day friendly car for me

Great value 4-Wheel ABS awesome for daily usage dont miss

- ellie l

It is fun to drive. She is tiny but has torc when needed

The legroom in back seat. Wish it was just a tad bigger

- Patricia C

The car has had transmission issues since i drove it off the lot with 6 miles on it, I took it back and they told me the shuttering I felt was normal. Now there is a class action lawsuit against ford. Other then that the car is fairly good it gets great gas mileage. My only other complaint is the back seat is tiny,

Watch out for a shuttering transmission and recalls.

- Meghan C

It corners like a race car. It is small, but powerful. It is EASY to drive!

That even though it is small, it has a lot of power.

- Jerrilyn R

My air conditioner is amazing and I feel cold all the time!!!

Easy to drive, good disability, good driving radius

- Millicent S

This car is affordable with great gas mileage!

- Rose K

Lemon ford buyer beware, transmission issues.

- Shelby I