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I love my Ford fiesta titanium! The most trouble free car I have ever owned!

I love my car! Unfortunately, 2018 is the last year Ford will offer the fiesta. If you can find a gently used fiesta, I couldn't give this car anything but my highest recommendation. I have has zero mechanical issues with my car. I have the titanium model, which is loaded. Leather seats, heated in the front, navigation system, Sirius radio ready, hands-free phone connectivity, bigger tires, mood lighting in the front seats (I kid you not!), of course electric windows, cruise control ( which I use all the time and can control with one finger on the steering wheel. The car feels like a little luxury car. One of the things I like best about my car is the headroom. Japanese cars just do not have enough headroom for me and feel very claustrophobic. But the best feature of my car by far is the keyless entry. As long as your key is in your pocket or purse close to the car, you merely have to push a button on the door handle to lock and unlock the doors. It is so fabulous not to have to fumble with keys when your arms are loaded down with packages and your dog is rushing to get in the car. And I love the brilliant blue color of my car. It kind of looks like this 🚙. I will pay off the loan on my car two years early next month, and I have a premium extended warranty until 60, 000 miles ( I do not even have 30, 000 miles on it now) or until 2020. You could say I am in the driver’s seat! I love this car. Highest recommendation.

- Janice B

Adequate for the price. . . Also available with mood lighting.

Apparently my Ford fiesta has been featured in a class action lawsuit due to issues with the transmission system. I have received notifications of this via post mail, but have not taken any action, as I do not believe that I qualify for compensation since I have not had any repairs done on my transmission. However, I definitely feel the issue on a regular basis with my vehicle, which includes a slight shuddering regularly while accelerating. I have not had the issue inspected by a mechanic yet, as I do not see it as a serious issue. The vehicle is fine for routine commuting, but it struggles in mountainous terrain (highway driving), since it does not have much power. The vehicle handles well. It has very limited trunk and back-seat leg room. The central control panel for radio, etc. seems hard to reach and easily operate while driving. Seats are comfortable for long drives. Side mirrors do not fold in, manually or otherwise, which is unfortunate.

- Leah B

The Ford Fiesta: Small but Mighty

The Ford Fiesta is great for people who like small cars and the ease of driving that comes with it. The car has run into some problems since purchase, there were some instances in which if I had not taken it in when I did, it would have shut down completely. However, as long as you are vigilant with making sure things are running as they should be, the car is very reliable. Driving it is easy and the steering is extremely effective. I have, on numerous occasions, commended the braking ability of the car when I have needed to come to a complete stop much faster than I have anticipated and avoided accident. The car is also pretty durable. It is a small car, so if an accident were to happen there is only so much one can do if it is a larger car, however, my car has endured an accident without a single scratch.

- Brenda C

sedan and hatchback offer 12.8 and 14.9 cubic feet of trunk space, respectively. The Fiesta hatchback offers a meager 25.4 cubic feet of space with its rear seats folded. Road noise is another issue; the Fiesta's cabin can be quite loud. Ford equips all 2015 Fiesta models with a CD player, Bluetooth, a USB input, and the SYNC voice recognition system. SYNC picks up voice commands well, which is good

The Ford Fiesta is available with three engine options. The 1.6-liter four-cylinder with 120 horsepower is the standard engine. It revs happily, provides swift acceleration, and delivers an efficient 27 mpg in the city and 36 mpg on the highway. A turbocharged 1.0-liter three-cylinder with 123 horsepower (available in the SE trim only) offers zippe pickup and superior fuel economy (31/41 mpg city/highway). Need a bit more punch? The Ford Fiesta ST has a turbocharged 1.6-liter engine with 197 horsepower, which blasts the ST up to speed quickly yet still earns an efficient 26/34 mpg city/highway. A slick five-speed manual transmission and front-wheel drive are standard. A six-speed dual-clutch automatic is available, but it can feel clunky and jittery in stop-and-go traffic.

- jill G

Great on breaks, gas and compact, comfy seating. !

Great on gas, excellent features. It has an emergency brake which is needed for parking on hills, driving practices with a family member or friend. It has comfortable seating. Adjustable height on driver side and adjustable seating for both front seats. Great ventilation. It is very compacted and if you have infant children, some car seats may not be suitable. Child safety locks. Easy cleaning exterior. Electric windows. Back windows roll down half way. Great for safety. Car comes with foot mats. Cup holders for front seats and in the middle. Good on storage. It has a place for your glasses. Excellent trunk space with a button to push for opening. Pull out car door handlers. Cushion seats. Great on speed and excellent breaks.

- Mercy M

Interior lighting that changes colors along the cup holders/foot space inside.

I really do enjoy my Fiesta. I think it is the perfect size and has great gas mileage. I think for some people, they may find it to be a little small, but I feel it is a great size for me person. I have experienced a few issues with the car. The AC often has issues. There's been times when the cooling fan has stopped working, and often the AC doesn't get as cool when the car isn't moving' even after taking it to the shop to get this issue fixed. I also have to constantly get new tires. I have slow leaks and low tire pressure often. Other than that I've never really had issues with this car, and I do really think it is a great and reliable vehicle.

- Kylie B

Fast, Fun, Efficient, Compact.

My Ford Fiesta is really great overall. It has more room than you would expect. The gas mileage rivals that of our C-Max hybrid and it's snappy to react at the wheel. My only concern is that the motor for the vent switching for HVAC gets stuck and makes a noticeable clicking noise. I'm not too worried as, from what I read, that is more of a Ford 2015 and newer problem and not just a fiesta problem. If you're looking for a zippy, responsive functional and gas efficient car that you don't need to fit a whole family in, I would definitely recommend this car.

- Matthew D

My car is a small white hatchback. It is fast and powerful. Great sleek look.

My car is small but fast. I drive a manual Ford fiesta and I love how small but spacious it is. It has great gas mileage so it is perfect for my commute to work. It is cheap to fill the tank up so a road trip with this car is perfect. The car has tinted windows as well so it helps when it is really sunny outside. If you love stick shift, you will love driving this car. You really feel like a race car driver with the speed and elegance this car has. The price of this car was super reasonable and it was definitely worth the price.

- Amber W

My Fiesta is an agile little workhorse!

I prefer small cars that are responsive and agile enough to maneuver in a lot of different situations. I drive city, suburbs, highways and farms. My car needs to get around easily in parking garages and be small enough to get right up near a door for patient drop off. It has to have high ground clearance and enough power to get around on a jolly farm. I use the back seat and trunk for moving things around and the fold down seats make it easy to carry everything from my bike to lumber. The car looks good and is economical.

- Mary F

Ford fiesta. Fun for the driver!

Great little car! Super gas mileage and a lot of fun to drive. Comfort is pretty good for the driver and everything is within easy reach. Pickup is like a little rally car and it zips in and out of traffic. electronics are great and easy to figure out. Back seat is small with no leg room but our dogs don't mind and the hatchback fits the grocery bags. There really is a surprising amount of driver space for the car size and it is very reasonably priced. No engine or mechanical problems so far only normal maintenance.

- Joe D

Great on gas, looks amazing, fun to drive.

My vehicle is absolutely amazing on gas. The only issue that I have run into is that on occasion, the transmission slips a bit from 2-3 gear or 4-3 gear. I love the touch screen and Bluetooth capabilities, however, it is not compatible with my new iOS phone in regards to having texts displayed on the screen like it used to with my old android phone. I wish there was a way to update it to be compatible with my phone. The led lights inside are a great touch to make the car look very neat at night.

- Jill B

Great to drive but the plastic interior and Bluetooth is lacking.

Well I really love my vehicle, I have it a 4/5 because of the difficulties I have with the Bluetooth connections. When I attempt to hook up my phone with my Bluetooth radio it does not already sync and sometimes it will randomly un-sync for no apparent reason. Other than that I absolutely love driving this car and love how it feels. The plastic interior is somewhat lacking as well. Both of my handles on the doors have broken off and my glove compartment is completely broken.

- Alan B

2015 ford fiesta - cruisin' in a compact car.

My 2015 ford fiesta is fantastic. It is a perfect size for me and is a compact and fuel-conscious car which is a bonus so I get access to extra parking spots. It gets great mileage and has always been reliable on the road. However if you are planning on moving across the country, you'll have to pack smart if you plan on using this car. The back gets a bit cramped for additional rides (especially those with longer legs) and can be a big difficult to clean the floors.

- Kris W

Overall it's a great little car, it will get you where you want to go.

Overall the performance is great, especially for driving around town. Long distance driving the gas mileage is not the best. Also the transmission struggles going up a steep or steady incline. The seats are comfortable, the exterior of the car is cute. Ample trunk space. The backseat is more spacious than it looks, while it won't hold a 6'5 person easily, for smaller or shorter people it's quite comfortable. It rides smoothly and quietly.

- Lindsay B

I guess I got what I paid for.

The shocks and struts had to be replaced in the first year. The car seems very fragile/easily broken. I love the stereo & the multi-color interior lights. There is no leg room for anyone riding in the backseat, but the trunk is huge which is great. Overall I do like the car and it seems to be a good value for the money I spent, but I get the impression that it will not hold up over time (as so much has already needed to be replaced).

- Jane K

Great car but many issues.

The car is a great size and serves its purpose. It worked well the first couple of years. However, lately there has been trouble with the transmission, brakes, the battery, the engine, and a/c. Mostly the transmission. Unfortunately, it is an issue that cannot seem to be fixed. Whenever gas is put into the car you need to wait a few minutes, turn the car on and off, gently pump the gas, etc., before you can begin to drive anywhere.

- Ray R

Highly recommended for small family

This car is perfect for my small family. I prefer a smaller car and this car seems to be just right. My son (6) really enjoys the 'fiesta' party lights and car rides at night. My only issue is that it does buck a lot and after research was known to have transmission issues. Back seat drops down to trunk as well which helps when buying longer items. Bluetooth connection is also a plus as I am able to play music from my apps.

- Vanessa C

It's a manual transmission so many people don't know how to drive it. That fact alone is a deterrent to car thieves.

I LOVE the ambient lighting that I can change with my mood. I like that it's a compact car that can fit in spaces other cars cannot. I don't like that the plastic hatch cover guides broke very quickly and I have to manually position the cover every time I close the hatch or it sticks way up where I can't see out the back window. Fitting a rear-facing child seat in the car is difficult considering how small it is inside.

- Taylor O

Great gas mileage, I am able to fill up completely on only $25-30.

I had a problem with credit when purchasing a vehicle so I feel like I was stuck with the Ford fiesta because of credit and income. Though it may be good on gas mileage, the car is very small and I just do not feel safe driving in it. The cup holders in the car have started cracking, the 12v cover has broken off, the car shakes when going above a certain speed. It is just not what I think of when I think dream car.

- Sarah T

Ford fiesta - a basic car with great reliability.

This vehicle is very reliable and has given me very few problems. It does not have some of the more modern features included in other cars but still has features like Bluetooth. The size of the car is great, lots of space for passengers and trunk space but still small enough to park easily. The only thing I dislike about the car is the biting point of the clutch is very high which takes some getting used to,

- Hannah E

My ford fiesta is truly a fiesta!

The car gets great gas mileage for longer road trips! It drives well and is very reliable. Not a great car for winter weather, but overall very satisfied with its features for the cost I pay! Although it is a small vehicle, there is plenty of room for people and transporting things, especially with the big trunk. Any vehicle work or check ups have been very minor over the past four years.

- Jackie S

Parallel parking is so easy, it is so short!

I purposely bought a short, tiny, inexpensive car. The biggest issue with this Ford (and many others I have driven) is that the rear window visibility is useless-- there might as well not be a back windshield! Connecting phones via an auxiliary/usb cable does not always work, because the car seems to really want you to use Bluetooth connection, but the sound quality with Bluetooth is bad.

- Kylie H

Perfect for college students!

This car has been great! It is very responsive and gets amazing gas mileage which is really nice when covering long distances. It is a very comfortable car and while there are not a lot of extra features, there is enough provided to make it comfortable. One problem is that the air does not reach the backseat super well, but once the AC is running for a while, the whole car cools off.

- Hannah D

2015 Ford Fiesta - Great Gas Mileage

There are multiple recalls. It seems I am always having to bring it to the shop. Computer problems. Battery problems. Gets great gas mileage both city and highway. Keep it maintained, still running well with 70,000 MI. seats are comfortable for short periods of time. The door handles are cheap and have fallen off multiple times. If you purchase this vehicle, get better tires.

- amelia M

Good small vehicle. Just a few glitches though.

The vehicle is nice but does not have enough space for 3 kids in the back. Their car seats are sideways to fit them all. The car will get you around. Its performance is pretty good. It does go fast. The shocks go quickly too. Maintenance is cheap. The vehicle does great on gas mileage. We did have a break in and it was apparently rather easy. The alarm did not go off.

- Heather E

Compact, sleek body type, which is suitable for small area parking space.

My car has been efficient economically, it is a front wheel drive which is fairly dependable in the snow or wet road conditions, it is equipped with Bluetooth system, maps system, heated seats, reliable sound system. One flaw is that there seems to be a clicking noise initially when engaging the heating system upon start up which diminishes after short period of time.

- Michael M

The Fiesta is extremely overpriced for the quality of the car. It is cheaply made and my advice is do not purchase one.

The Ford Fiesta is a crappy car. The transmission is slow. Do not pull out in front of a close moving vehicle because you will be hit. It rattles a lot. The radio that comes with the car has terrible sound. Unless you are extremely short or have tiny children to fit in the back seat do not purchase this. The only good thing about a Fiesta is it gets great gas mileage.

- Faye R

Don't get out of the car without having the keys in your hand or having the driver's side window open all the way

It's got more bells and whistles than any car I've ever had. It looks nice and drives well. However, the locking system is in need of an exorcist. The doors lock and unlock by themselves. I know It's not me doing it because the 1st time it happened the keys were in the ignition and I was outside the car and when I went to get back in, all the doors were locked.

- Pete A

Ford fiesta 40 miles per gallon.

The gas mileage is great. Perfect for a small family. Simple, don't have to worry about a ton of computer parts to replace if they malfunction. I don't like that there are no locks or lock buttons on the doors only in the middle console. That can be frustrating. Need winter tires for front wheel drive. Also it is super low to the ground so watch for potholes.

- Stephanie M

Can control the volume of the radio/make/accept calls all on the steering wheel.

The car drives smoothly, super reliable, and decently comfortable and thanks to the computer systems, I get notified when there's a problem. For instance if I my tire was low, or my oil needed changed, I would know. My only problem with the car is sometimes the Bluetooth stops working for a few days at a time but it always starts back up again after a while.

- Angel S

I really like my Fiesta hatchback. I find the hatchback very handy.

there has been no mechanical problems with my Fiesta. I have had to get 4 new tires, which I think is to be expected. The electric windows are starting to be a problem and I am afraid of the cost to fix them. I have not updated the GPS and the 'lady' doesn't hear or misunderstands frequently. It is best to input manually. The cost to update is $125.

- susan H

Small, fun, zippy car to get you from point a to b.

It's a small car, not for bigger sized people. It's very zippy and fun to drive. Exterior has a great profile. Inside has auto climate control, auto windows, standard 6 speed. Interior has a bit lower quality materials. No heated or cooled seats, no heated steering wheel. Has android auto and display works well. Engine sounds deep and torque is fun.

- Brittany G

The Ford Fiesta. Very convenient and cost conscious car.

The Ford Fiesta is Great on gas. Going to the right gas station, $20 gets me close to full. Because of its compact size, it makes it easy to parallel park. As a matter of fact, parking in general is so much easier. Because my car is small it has great pick up for speed. I was afraid it would not be fast but it really gets up to speed quite fast.

- Kelly S

The Fiesta is ideal for younger people who drive short distances

The maintenance is non-Stop. I'm always looking under the hood for something or hearing or feeling something weird. The neon lights in the car are cool when you're driving at night, you can change the colors it's cool for a younger person who drives short distances. The stereo system is nice but the vehicles drive mechanics are butt.

- Jordan T

Super safe and convenient to drive.

The performance is fantastic. It is so safe and the gas Milagros is incredible. Super compact so it makes driving in the city easy and conveniently. It tells you how many miles you have when you are gas light comes on so you know that also, which makes me feel safe in knowing I will not be stranded on the side of the road somewhere.

- Ashley L

Would not advise purchasing this vehicle

Transmission issues frequently occurring. I enjoy that the lock button is in the radio module it prevents me from locking my keys in the car. It does not have any air vents in the back seat. And the color of the dashboard makes the interior very hot easily. Ford discontinued the vehicle health report feature on this make of vehicle.

- Emily S

Good Car that Fits my Needs

This is a great and reliable vehicle with fairly good mileage. The only issue I have with it is driving in Michigan winters without all wheel drive. Other than that, this is a great car and I enjoy the back up camera as well. This would be a good car for a person with a small family, however there is not a ton of room in the back.

- Rachel D

Ecoboost provides fun while reducing consumption.

Fun little hatchback with great mileage, and manual transmission. I am 6'0" and sit very comfortably driving. The model I drive is the 1. 0l ecoboost, and that turbocharger does a great job giving the jump when needed while conserving gas. I easily keep it over 30 mpg city driving, and have often gone around 50 mpg on long trips.

- Mike M

2015 Ford Fiesta - party for your wallet and fun to drive

Very reliable car. Doesn't have a lot of strength but that's to be expected with a small engine. Great on gas. I haven't had any major issues and I am nearing 40k miles on it. As a caveat I would like to add that I am very good about maintenance and taking it for service. If you take care of the car it will perform as expected.

- Andrea P

Fuel efficiency in a compact, space-savvy package.

Great fuel-efficient car, love all the features like heated seats and Bluetooth capabilities. Great amount of space with the hatchback, too. Very dependable car and it was quite affordable. Comes with features like being able to check your average mileage per gallon, highway and city. Rear windshield wiper is pretty nifty too.

- Alex J

My little car has great gas mileage. I was sad to hear Ford is discontinuing the Fiesta. It is a great economical daily ride.

My car goes has great gas mileage which is important to me. For a little car it's got a lot of zip and get up and go. I use this car as my daily commute but did drive to and from Florida (I live in Michigan) with no issues. I think my only complaint is there is a lot of road noise, the sound of the wheels on the pavement.

- Julie J

Function over flash: an endorsement of the Ford fiesta.

The Ford fiesta is not a fun looking car, it is not overly cute but you'd be out of line if you called it ugly. The car is like mashed potatoes without the butter, bland. It is small, which is wonderful in cities, because of parking but the hatchback makes it spacious enough when needing to move a bookshelf or some dogs.

- Kevin K

Ford fiesta is a reliable car but shifts weird...

The car is very reliable. It drives well...i really like the steering wheel... the leather makes for good grip. The car is great in gas. It has good amount of space. The only downfall is that it shifts weird. Have had to take it to the dealer multiple times to get checked for the shifting but they always say its fine.

- Celia L

Gas saver and sporty with decent room for hatchback.

So far no major problems. Great gas mileage and the engine is a simple design to work on. Transmission is a manual style so it acts like one and many drivers are not used to some characteristic of it. Even for a small engine sports mode makes it fast for what it has. Not to overwhelming on electronics systems either.

- Jose G

Overall, it's a great car for a good price. It lacks a few features that would make things more convenient (automatic light and windows, cruise control) but nothing major.

I like the size of the car. It's not too small, but not too big. Love that it has a big trunk. Has pretty good gas mileage, which is good. Drives nice, haven't had any issues. Love the blue tooth and the radio/volume controls on the steering wheel. Cons: no automatic lights or windows, and no cruise control.

- Lindsey B

Small, slow car great; for single young people and great gas mileage.

It's a sensible car. I would recommend it for a college student or a young person with no kids. It's not the fastest or best looking car. I am usually frustrated by the low horsepower. It's great on gas mileage and doesn't cost much to fill up. Might be a little cramped for tall people or more than 4 people.

- Martha J

The ford fiesta is a great car.

This car is the minimum model meaning they have roll up windows in my vehicle. It is nice but the tires are sensitive. It gets good gas mileage. Good radio quality. Overall it is a good car and would be a good car for anyone. Some of the versions have different features so it depends on which model you get.

- Mary S

Great gas mileage, very basic.

It is a very basic vehicle. It has manual windows, which can be really inconvenient. The power locks are nice but the button to engage/disengage is oddly placed. It has done its job and would be a great car for someone with one child, or no children. The gas mileage is amazing. There are no extra features.

- Lexus C

Great car for young driver just starting out!

Overall the vehicle is good. I am a young driver and only needing it for commuting purposes. There is a Bluetooth feature, but I did have difficulties setting it up. The gas mileage is very good, I commute 60 miles a day so mileage was important to me. I haven't had any issues with the safety reliability.

- Holly G

It is vary spacious and fits 8 people.

Two months after I bought my car the transmission started slipping and the air conditioning went out. I took it to the dealership and supposedly they fixed it. My car has been in the shop more than I've been able to drive it. I do like the emergency roadside assistance. I like the phone sync to the car..

- Evelyn C

2015 Ford fiesta SE Sedan review

Very reliable car, haven't had any major issues. The car is rather small but it gets great gas mileage. I would recommend as the car is very affordable and will be plenty comfortable. However, I would not recommend to anyone with a large family as the car will be much too small to accommodate your needs.

- Mitchell S

I like that the car is big enough for 2 people.

The transmission in the car isn't the best. I wish the doors opens further and the car was more wide then narrow. I wish I would have bought a bigger car. I can only fit a carseat in the back. I understand for a economy car it is priced to be small but maybe changing the shape of the car will be better.

- Cherie F

Small car that gets the job done.

It's very small. The reliability is okay, but I've had to get it serviced more times than I would have liked. The performance is okay, it runs pretty good and gets me to where I need to be. Especially since it is driven every day. The bumper under the front hood fell off only after a year of owning it.

- Erika S

It gets AMAZING gas mileage. I take a lot of short trip (read: 3-5 minutes a trip) and I still get about 35 miles/gallon.

My Ford Fiesta is amazing. I love that it has colorful interior lights (They're fun!) There's also mirror warmers and seat warmers that are beautiful in the winter! It runs beautifully, has great gas mileage, and I've never had an issue with it. It's comfortable, compact, and perfect for my needs.

- Jessi B

Not such a great little car. Steering stinks and it is cheap looking inside.

I hate the steer assist on this vehicle. It does not drive straight in its lane on highway. It is not a comfortable car either. Small and tight. Reaching the panels to change radio and menu features are annoying for me. And as a shorter person I feel too low to the ground, seat does not raise.

- Lisa B

It's a convenient compact size for a single smaller person.

I'm short, so the fact that the seat will get close to the pedals is great (had trouble getting close enough with other vehicles I tried). Pretty good on gas, and the small size makes it easy to fit into parking lots. Windows are only roll-down though; would be nice to be able to use a button.

- Valerie H

Ford fiesta: pros and cons.

One of the windows does not roll down on it is own, except being rolled down by the driver's side. I do like that the inside of the doors have an armrest, because it makes it more comfortable for resting your elbow for long drives. Not a fan of the headrests. They're not comfortable at all.

- Melody S

The hatchback is pretty roomy and seats fold down for extra room.

My vehicle is a smaller car but very good on gas. I have had a few problems with it over the three years that I have owned it. As a matter of fact I'm having my cooling fan replaced tomorrow. Other than that it has been a decent car. Has plenty of room for four comfortably, and rides well.

- Sherry A

I love the windshield wipers in the back and the lights go on automatically.

Love it and love the mirrors, no blind spots for when on the highway, love the back window windshield wipers, have not tried it in the snow yet hopefully better than my Kia forte, and I love the trunk space -not to much does not fit beach chairs but the seats go down to fit a kiddie pool.

- Amy L

The color changing inside lights.

I do not enjoy my car as much as I have in the past. The steering wheel shakes, and it is not smooth driving. My speakers also recently began to act up. I do enjoy the size of the car, but I feel like it would be insufficient for someone with a family as the back of the car is very small.

- Nicole B

My 2015 silver ford fiesta 4 door sedan.

My vehicle is a sedan 4 door. It has had general maintenance yearly. It has had no mechanical problems. Had to have new tires last year and new brakes. It is very comfortable seating, easy to drive. It would s a basic model no cruise control, or power windows. I have regular oil changes.

- Mona M

It�s cute, compact, that�s my favorite. I can literally park it anywhere

There is always an issue, every time I think the car is good, another service light comes on. Ford chargers an arm and a leg for repairs so it's hard every time something happens. The Bluetooth isn't compatible with iPhone so I have a lot of issues with my Bluetooth syncing and unsyncing

- Jade B

Great gas mileage and drives really smooth.

Has great gas mileage, drives really easy, not very durable at all, has Bluetooth connectivity and can hands free calling, volume knob on radio does not work well, paint job is kind of cheap, has cloth seats and a roomy trunk, very peppy ride, good car for a teenager to own as first car.

- Haleigh M

A great car for students and commuting to work.

It's a very responsive car. It gets great fuel economy, and has been very reliable. It can carry an effective load with the seats folded down. Its stylish and can get into effective small places, . It's a good car for college students and local travel. It has a lot of modern additions.

- Raymond M

Stylish, great on gas, attractive.

The interior of the car is too small and compact. There is not sufficient leg room. The trunk space could be a little bigger as well. I think that it is not a safe car and made very flimsy and not sturdy. I like that it is good on gas mileage. I like that it does not need much repairs.

- Michele J

I love the interior light can change colors.

I love my vehicle it is awesome. It is the first car for me to ever own. The car drive very well and does great on gas. I can wait to fill my tank up for two weeks. The Bluetooth in the car works very well so I can make calls without using my hands and listen to music using my phone.

- Samantha L

Silver 2015 Ford Fiesta ST

Very reliable, performs well but sounds faster than it really is. Seats can be uncomfortable on long drives. The Sync 2 system is good but you have to pay extra for GPS updates. Climate control has a part that breaks that does not affect function but makes an annoying clicking noise.

- David O

Ford fiesta with great lights.

It is good on gas mileage but the transmissions for these cars were bad from the manufacturer so I ended up spending $2700 replacing clutch packages which was really annoying. But I do like the car and the way it drives. It's nice inside with the lights in the dash and cup holder.

- Jenna N

The Fiesta is a reliable vehicle

I have the most basic model, so there's no power windows, no digital console, no cruise control, etc. It's handling is a little shaky, but probably because it does have quite a few miles on it. It's a pretty compact car, I wish it had more acceleration but it gets the job done.

- Jasmine P

Ford fiesta, silver and is small and has lights by your feet.

I have a Ford fiesta which is silver and is a smaller car. Has colored light by your feet on the inside and looks nice on the inside. It is not that good in the winter on snow and that's about the only thing I really don't like about my car. This is all I have to say about it.

- Shannon M

Looks good, comes in a variety of colors.

The parts seem to be cheaply made, the seats stain easily, the tires wear out fast, it drives fairly well, cannot use ac going uphill, this is the last ford I'll buy,I do not recommend buying from ford, ford needs to make quality vehicles if they plan on staying in business.

- Jeffery S

Car power and handling on the road.

The one big problem I have is the lack of power. The car is a 4 cylinder and it was a little startling going from 6 to 4. I mostly have issues on take off. I do love how beautifully the car handles and is not too fussy. The car is definitely great for those who love comfort.

- Sativa J

Love my Ford fiesta (aka jellybean).

The mileage is amazing compared to all of my friends' cars, and the handling is sensitive, which I actually like. The only downside is that it is pretty small, which is nice for parking sometimes, but not so great when it is windy or when I need to pack my stuff up to move.

- Rhys F

Nice Compact Car, Good Value

The Ford Fiesta has a good amount of pickup for a small car. It is comfortable and responds well. Overall a great little economy car. The navigation system (optional) is not the best and the voice controls are easily confused. But, overall I have enjoyed the car very much.

- Kerry P

Would be a great car if it didn't have problems right out of the lot

I love the mileage that this car gets. But since buying we instantly had issues with electrical system, transmission, automatic clutch, and fuel injection. Each problem was said to be 'typical' of this model and year. That is unacceptable. Car is a lemon right off the lot.

- Jared E

Roll down windows are a pain

Very reliable car, extremely comfortable, downside is roll down windows and charges phone slowly. But overall a really good vehicle. I would recommend for families since there have been no recalls, as well and I've been in an accident in it, and came out with no injuries

- Alexis M

It is a very small vehicle

I have not had a single problem with my car. It is a very comfortable vehicle to be in. It is a very reliable vehicle to drive. The trunk doesn't have much space. It fit a newborn/toddler car seat perfectly with lots of leg space for the child. Minimal leg room for adults

- Sarah C

Awful, cheap, always broken car

It's ALWAYS broken. It's incredibly frustrating. I've had engine problems, air problems, and computer issues and I've had to bring it in for a recall. It's honestly not worth the money AT ALL. I understand exactly why they discontinued this car. I'd never buy another one.

- Megan M

Free work if you check your VIN number for coverage on broken or faulty parts.

What commonly happens with the focus and fiesta is that their clutches end up going bad due to where they were manufactured. Look up your vin to see if you have any parts of your car up for recall or extended manufacturer warranties called customer satisfaction programs.

- Alecia D

Ford Fiesta: Emphasis on Fiesta

My car is overall reliable. Not very great on gas if you drive a lot but fills the tank at $32 which isn't terrible. Bluetooth compatible with built in USB makes it easy to talk on the road hands free or listen to your own music. Comfortable if you are a smaller person.

- Emily G

It is a small compact car great on gas.

Runs great no problems very cheap on gas very affordable never uses oil I don't know what else to say other then it runs and drives good great paint job on it good window tint and good overall condition don't know what else to say about it other then it's a great car.

- Phyllis P

Easy to drive around the city and affordable.

It does not have quite enough power that I'd like to have. It is super easy to drive around the city and parking is a breeze in tight spaces. The transmission tends to stutter when accelerating at low speeds. Audio system is nice and the interior lights are nice too.

- James A

It shakes violently on the interstate.

My fiesta ran into an immobilizer malfunction. A pretty penny to fix but I have had no issues since. If I am driving fast down the interstate and have to slow down the car shakes violently. Do not purchase this car with hopes of it lasting a long time. It will not.

- Andrew R

Fiesta is the perfect small car.

The Ford fiesta is a great car. It is small but powerful. The interior is roomy. The dashboard is very easy to see and at night the whole dash, door/window buttons are easy to see. The car gets great gas mileage. My fiesta has a very smooth ride and is rattle free.

- Mary A

Ford Fiesta is under appreciated in America

Gets good gas mileage and rides comfortably. However the USB and SYNC voice command by Microsoft is not my favorite. I don't like having to talk to my car to get the USB port to work. The car is fun to drive and had more room than what it looks like on the outside.

- Ashley P

I love the cosmetic things inside the car. Truck small but good gas mileage

I love the sync with my phone. The glow lighting in the cup holders is awesome to! Seats are comfy. Big backseat plenty of room for little ones. I do wish the trunk was bigger but saving money on gas is worth it! Only takes about $20.00 to fill the whole tank up!

- Brent W

Like the sync option for phone to talk on phone or play music from iPhone.

Great gas mileage. Like the modern features. The engine has some pep but the car does have a few blind spots that cause changing lanes or pulling out of parking lots a little challenging. We have taken on several trips and the car is very reliable and comfortable.

- Brian P

Perfect small car for everyday use.

The size of the car is perfect for what I need- something small, but I can easily travel with two other people in the car, and our luggage. In the last three years, I've had no problems with it, and it's only needed regular oil changes and tire rotations so far.

- Lara D

Gets you where you want to go!

Really good gas mileage. Low maintenance. Very simple. No extras. Stick shift which is a little hard to navigate. Poor on snow. Lightweight which causes high wind and tractor trailers to blow the car around on the road. Heater and air conditioning work very well.

- Carol H

My new car it is great goes anywhere.

I have not had any trouble with my car, it is small, has great gas mileage too, is not rough to me but it really not for a tall person, has great room for your feet, has great room for what you want to haul things, easy to park, drives great, white stays clean.

- Jo Ann A

The 2015 Ford Fiesta Titanium is a GAS EFFICIENT vehicle.

I save a LOT of money on gas with this vehicle. I bought this vehicle a year ago with 58,983 miles on it, and as of today the mileage is 65, 587. The vehicle runs smooth and has a great engine drive to it. It's a great vehicle for a family of two or 4 the most.

- Ana L

2015 ford fiesta is decent.

It just doesn't have any guts. It takes forever to speed up. Super small but its does the job. Fits two car seats comfortably. Trunk space is decent. It's a great first car just not a super good family car. Very compact. Stereo systems is pretty good for stock.

- Journey H

The ford fiesta can really pick up speed if needed.

My little ford fiesta may be small, but it makes up for it in great gas mileage, the turning radius allows you to circle around perfectly and is really comfortable. And it fits into small spaces which is good for people who live in areas with a lot of traffic.

- Ashley M

Great on mileage with a small tank. Can get anywhere between 350-420 miles off of a full tank.

Car is small in the general, but has enough trunk space. Great for commuting and long trips. Although car runs well, it could have a bit more power. Seats are comfortable but leg space is a little narrow. If sitting in the back seat, it can get really cramped.

- Jacob G

Fuel efficiency is great, small tanks so fueling up is easy to do.

Great fuel efficiency and I am comfortable during my long commutes for work. The car is too small to carry passengers in the back. Cosmetic items are already breaking on the vehicle. The door handle inside has already broken along with the vanity mirror cover.

- Tara C

The car gets great gas mileage.

The car is a little too small inside. It is been reliable for the most part. I have had issues with the air conditioning and the brakes. It gets great gas mileage and runs pretty well. The body of the car is decent. I would buy a ford again but a bigger car.

- Jennifer O

The ambient lighting is great and the option to change the color of the lights.

The Ford Fiesta is great with gas mileage but not for transporting other people. The vehicle is only suitable for 1-2, although it seats 5 total. There isn't enough space for others in the back and the front 2 seats do not provide a ton of space either.

- Sara V

Ford fiesta is fuel efficient, spacious, reliable.

I like the fuel efficiency, performance, and reliability of my car. I like the dealership support that I get with this vehicle even after I moved. Finally, I like the large trunk space that this compact car offers. I would recommend this car to buyers.

- Mary V

Transmission needs checked out before you buy a used one.

I like my vehicle for the most part. The only thing I don't like is the technology in the car is not user friendly and I accidently created a mykey and cannot figure out how to delete it.I also have not figured out how to sync my media from my phone.

- PJ S

It gets great gas mileage, and is cheap to maintain.

It gets great gas mileage. It is fun to drive, easy to park. The ride isn't as quiet as I'd like, i.e. outside noise. Ride is comfortable enough for shorter, around town driving, but not so much for longer, out of town/cross-country trips.

- Richard H

IT's absolutely awful and I can't wait to leave Ford

Stiff steering wheel, both in terms of the actual wheel and how the vehicle handles. Takes way to long for the vents to blow AC or heat...absolutely freezing first 3 minutes of any winter drive. Can't wait to go back to GM after this vehicle

- Jimmy S

It handles great and has lots of room. It also has great electronics.

I like the mileage that the car gets. I also like the way it holds the road. I like the way you can answer your cell phone with buttons on the steering wheel. There's really nothing I dislike. It's a great little car.

- Charles S

Inexpensive to own, insure and operate.

My Fiesta is awesome! It is small and easy to drive. But, it has a ton of room inside, and can carry large loads. It gets great gas mileage, and is cheap to insure. Best of all, it is comfortable and dependable.

- Dan p

A small car with great gas mileage.

The Ford Fiesta is a small car that gets great gas mileage. It's the perfect car for someone that doesn't need a large vehicle and wants to save on gas. The only issue I've had is the blend motor actuator going bad.

- Matthew S

Very easy and inexpensive on gas.

Small compact low on gas more extended mileage per gallon its black still have o pay service. I love the speed and trunk space. I love the gray interior. I love the sparkle pattern in my black color of the car.

- Denise L

It's a very reliable vehicle and the heated seats are great in the winter.

I like that my car is a compact car because it's easier to back up and fit in my driveway. Front wheel drive makes it easier to drive in snow and it's roomy enough for my needs. There isn't anything I dislike.

- Penny C

If you job commute is expensive this car's gas mpg is excellent. Easy to park.

Gas economy is great, easy to maneuver/drive..,inside electronics are great, really like the hands free call-in/out feature of Bluetooth cell phone calls, engine pickup is a little slow, limited trunk space,.

- Robert L

Great car for a good price.

It is a reliable car, with no major issues. All minor issues were covered by the dealership. It is small but has enough room for the few things I need to take here and there. The included features are great!

- Rebecca H

I enjoy my car very much!

I love my car. Some people think it is too small but it is perfect for me. The only problem I have had since I've gotten it is a weird loud tapping noise that occurs if I turn the air off.

- Amanda F

A decent car for a decent price.

So far I really like my car, it has not given me any problems and is fairly economical in regards to gas/mileage. It has a lot of features of a car that would be a lot more pricey than it.

- Robert G

It's a small car and so therefore it is gas efficient as well as having a smaller price tag. It's worth saving the up front money and the gas cost over time

It's a subcompact car that gets great gas mileage. so when I drive just back and forth from work it's so economical. It's very comfortable and has enough features without going overboard.

- Diane S

The light changes to different colors

The size is really small. I can't out my 2 yr old son's car seat rear facing, which us the safest way for him to travel at this time. I love the color changing light and it's good on gas.

- Kristen B

Even though she's small, it's not a downside. She has a ton of room in the trunk. 5 seating spaces including driver. And I can park in almost any spot.

I love my car because it's great on gas. It's really small so I can fit into any spaces I like. She reaches speed limits fast. She still good space in the trunk even though she's small.

- Taylor U

The gas mileage is great.

Gets really good gas mileage. The hatchback offers a lot of storage space that can expand when the back row seats are lowered. I wish is had more horsepower, but it is an economy car.

- Chris A

A smooth running car and looks sleek.

The car runs smooth, but it could be roomier. I have replaced only the carburetor and tires. I would buy Ford when I am ready to buy again only this time I would get a roomier car.

- Arlene B

Very affordable and comfortable for 2 people. Trunk is large.

Comfortable. Gas mileage. Air has good flow. Love audio controls on steering wheel. And Bluetooth connect for phone. Dislike center console. Backseat floorboard space is limited.

- Zoe M

If you keep up the maintenance, the gas mileage is amazing.

I absolutely love everything about my vehicle. The mood lighting. Everything is Bluetooth. The only thing I dislike is the only unlock button for the doors is on my dashboard.

- Mary B

Great little vehicle that showcases value

Reliable, great gas mileage. Good for what i do. Hatchback makes a difference. Only issue is size when trying to haul multiple people or a lot of stuff. but overall I love it.

- Brad j

I have these lights inside the car that lights up the cup holders dashboard and floors there is like 5 options.

My car drives pretty smooth only issue I have with it is when i'm driving up a hill with the air on it doesn't pull as fast as it would with it off everything else is good.

- Antiqueshia F

It gets great gas mileage!!.

It is little and runs great. I like the black color with green specks. It has a lot of features. I like that the radio shows me the name of the song playing and the artist.

- Carol A

It's a little tight and stiff but so far is trustworthy

I like the gas mileage and it's a good little car. It is quite small for my family though so it's mostly for just running around alone or with one or two of my kids

- Breezi S

It is a reliable car with great gas mileage and is fun to drive.

I love that it is a smaller car, but it has plenty of space inside. It is extremely reliable and has great gas mileage. It is the perfect car for my small family.

- Emily L

Driving it is absolutely great. It's easier to maneuver around while driving on a long road trip. Gas is super great.

It's a super reliable car. Gas mileage is amazing. I get about 35 mpg. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a car that won't leave your pockets empty.

- Brittany M

The fuel economy of this vehicle is outstanding and it is really nice to only have to fill up every couple of weeks for around $20..

I like the fuel economy. I enjoy driving a manual vehicle and it looks good. I dislike how small it is and that it doesn't have navigation or satellite radio.

- Tim Z

It is a good safe commuter and commercial car that is great for everyday use.

I like that its compact and is great for everyday use. I feel that my car is a great commuter car. What I dislike about it is the engine is not that strong.

- Marissa I

The mileage, speeds, belts, air and seats.

The best car in my life, this car is beautiful special and the best because is comfortable and has all of technology good rubbers, seats and it is spacious.

- Monica L

It is cobb stage 3 tuned.

There are zero problems with the car. It is an extremely fast car that is a blast to drive. It currently has 60000 miles on it and it is a 6 speed manual.

- Parker V

Great gas mileage and low maintenance with good safety features

I like the gas mileage that it gets. I also like the amount of space in the trunk. I don't like the size of the back seats. There isn't any leg room

- Angela M

It is a great car for the price.

It is easy and comfortable to drive, and gets good gas mileage. I dislike that the onboard service for the vehicle is no longer supported by Ford.

- William B

Great city car & looks great

This car is super cute, drives well, is comfortable, and is a great city car. However, after a year, my brakes have starting making a weird sound.

- Sarah K

My car gets Great gas mileage and is very fun to drive.

I like that it gets great gas mileage. I like that it is cute and fun to drive. I wish that it had cruise control. Cheap to fill up the gas tank.

- Nic P

My lifetime journey with my Ford fiesta.

It is a great car on gas and maintenance on it has been easy. It is a older car so I have ran into some issues but that comes with the territory.

- Chelsea T

Ford Fiesta is a win! Great affordable car!

I love that it is small and gets great gas mileage. It is cute and very affordable to fill up. I like how it handles and it's a nice quiet ride.

- Nicole P

It's fast, great on gas and yet still roomy despite its small frame.

My car has gotten me from Vermont to Indiana and back multiple times on 1 1/2 tanks of gas. It's insane! I have NEVER had an issue with my car.

- Jessica F

It's pretty, but the payment is not worth it.

No complaints, I think this car is set up well. I like the pick up and feel of a real sports car. I like that I chose the manual transmission.

- Paula L

It is economically designed and small enough for people who dislike big cars.

The engine/car can be shaky sometimes, but I still love it. It's the perfect size and style for me personally. It also gets great gas mileage.

- Kylie B

Great car if you drive a lot, very good on gas.

Very reliable, great on gas, and spacious trunk. I don't really have any complaints, it is slightly tight in the back seat for two car seats.

- Kristen G

Very good on gas and handles good on the road.

Very good on fuel, the cost of tires are less costly than bigger vehicles. Handles well but is a little tight in the back seats for comfort.

- Robert S

It is a fiesta so it is a party car with various lights!

I like that it is small and can go anywhere. It is good on gas. It makes a lot of noises which I have heard happens a lot with Ford Fiestas.

- Nikki G

The most important thing about my car is the color and the fact that it drives really smoothly.

I really love the car I drive. I love the black color. I love the fact that it drives so smoothly. I love the fact that it's really roomy.

- Amanda R

It is been reliable and it is a good first car.

I love the fact that it is my first car and I have not had problems thus far. I do not like that it is small since I have had a daughter.

- Vanessa G

Do not buy this car. It is not powerful. Buy a Mitsubishi.

I like that I bought it new. I dislike that the clutch in the transmission keeps failing and that the paint around the radio is peeling.

- Bernie S

I think the most important thing others should about my car is that it is great on gas.

It is very compact in size and is not great for traveling with more than 3 people. I love that it is great on gas and saves me money.

- Selina S

It is a great little car to get around in.

I like everything about it. Next time I will probably get something a little larger. I would like a GPS and netter radio n CD system.

- Sherry W

It is compact so hard to put much in it, but is good on gas so that makes up for it.

I love how good it is on gas. I also like the Bluetooth so if I get a call my hands are free. I really don't have any big dislikes,

- Ann T

Comfortable ,Economic and beautiful shape

the car is big enough to carry up to 5 person and maybe more , so efficient in the traveling and long trips stable and comfortable


Great sedan for daily routine and longer trips alike

The sedan model with leather seats, top of line, is very comfortable, reliable, spacious enough and, in my opinion, great looking.

- Nuno M

The absolute best detail is the gas mileage I get with the Ford Fiesta.

The Ford Fiesta is an awesome cars it gets fantastic gas mileage. Perfect for running around in both the city and on the highway.

- Virginia M

I love how compact it is and how it goes when I hit the gas pedal.

I love how it goes when I press the gas pedal. However, it makes an awful clicking noise when I use the air conditioning or heat.

- pay k

the Ford Fiesta is very affordable and reliable. I also like the fuel efficiency.

the car is very roomy, accelerates quick and changes gears smooth. I had other similar cars but the Ford Fiesta is my favorite

- juan t

It's small and does get good gas mileage.

It has given us problems since we bought it. It always won't start when you put gas in it and this is a known issue with ford.

- Lisa S

This car is not for those looking to move things across a long distance.

I love everything about my vehicle. I love her speed, her gas mileage. The only complaint I had is that it is a compact car.

- Crystal H

I think it is a good buy for the money.

For a small 4 cyl. , it is quite peppy. For a 6 footer, it is a bit tight getting in and out of. Has a very spacious trunk.

- David W

The Ford fiesta is great for travel and for those who want a small car!

My vehicle drives very smoothly and has a great subsystem and good aesthetics. It is great for those who want a small car!

- Tara S

My car is very saves me money on gas and is reliable.

I have no complaints about my car. It gets great gas mileage and rides smooth. It is a small car which I prefer to drive.

- Ginger C

Reliable Ford Fiesta but tired need work

The overall performance of my vehicle is very reliable, however the tires for the vehicle are constantly needing repairs.

- Megan W

You get a good distance for fuel.

It is a good car that does well on long and short distance travel. Fuel lasts ok. It is reliable and I recommend them!

- Georgia R

Stylish and good on gas vehicle. Great for travel

My car runs good on gas and is a smooth ride. A few problems is that it's too small and no air vent for the back seat.

- Jessica S

ford fiesta sedan, purchased in april 2015 and it's still running fine.

i've had the ford fiesta over 3 years and no problems yet. just one repair that was a minor air conditioning problem.

- daniel b

My car is good on gas and good for travelling long distance.

It is reliable and is good on gas because of the size. But the small size is awful for a child with a large car seat.

- Jessica S

It's a small car but enough to my family.

I love it because it's compact vehicle that doesn't consume a lot of gasoline and has the perfect size for a family.

- Ruben A

It is dependable. It will get you from point A to point B no problem.

I dislike that it is so small because I have long legs. I like that it is good on gas. I Don't like the cloth seats.

- rena s

Small but fully loaded car

My car is small but has all the features I would want. It has a backup camera, Bluetooth, and gets great gas mileage

- Nicole C

It is reliable and drives great

I recently purchased this vehicle used. It has so far been the best one I've ever known. No complaints whatsoever.

- Matthew M

It is a safe car to drive and when I park it is small enough to fit between the lines.

I like that I can make calls by bluetooth. It is small enough so when I backup I am not going to hit another car.

- Zakieh A

It gets great gas mileage.

It is very economical and easy to drive. It can be parked in tight places. It is uncomfortable for long trips.

- Raymond M

It has some of the best gas mileage around.

I like the gas mileage, the exterior look, and the color. I do not like the materials from which it is made.

- Kayla C

Reasonably low priced and good gas mileage

Car is very good on gas. It is nice looking, not classy but nice looking. It is lacking on passenger room.

- Joy B

People should know that this car gets really good gas mileage, city and country.

I love my car especially gas mileage, the only thing I do not like is sometimes my voice control can act up.

- Halie B

Fiesta shocks might not last the winter.

The fiesta is not built for active roads. My shocks and struts have had to be replaced twice in three years.

- Erica T

The most important thing about my Ford Fiesta is its great gas mileage.

My Ford Fiesta is compact but not too small. It is reliable. It has good gas mileage. It has a deep trunk.

- Angela M

I enjoy how compact it is. It's easy to drive and good on gas

Sometimes bluetooth devices have trouble connecting, but the car is very reliable overall and good on gas.

- Shannon R

gas mileage is amazing. maintenance costs are low.

My vehicle is dependable. It has amazing gas mileage. The maintenance is affordable and I just love it.

- William D

Needs to be serviced often.

I like the color. I like the way it drives. I like the look of the car. It also has good gas mileage.

- Debbie K

It's easy to drive and park. Its really cheap for its value.

I like that is very easy to drive. Its fast for its size. It has a great amount of miles per gallon.

- Andres C




It gets me around without worrying about breakdowns

It's good on gas,few problems with maintenance. I have a hard time driving in the snow with it

- Nadine F

transmission issues seem to be a thing with this particular vehicle


- darrin h

It is a very reliable car

Best car for a great price. Has always been reliable. Hope to have it for years longer.

- Gabriel M

transmission iffy. only takes certain type of tires.

transmission went out quickly. uses tires up quickly. other than that i enjoy the car.

- Randy T

Gas mileage is really good

Love the tech that it comes with. Love the gas mileage. Wish it was a bit roomier.

- Rachel j

vehicle gets great gas mileage and looks really sporty

no complaints just the right size for my needs great gas mileage low maintenance

- LaVerne W

that you can get 40 mpg if you take your time and drive carefully

I love that I get so many miles per gallon. It is small, but so worth the money.

- alison K

Gas mileage-nice and comfortable for taking trips.

Good gas mileage Comfortable riding not enough power on take off from stop sign

- Bill F

Great on gas steering is great also easy to change lanes with no blind spot

Great on gas drive smooth no blind spot great sound system just a little small

- Joseph M

The most important thing about the car is the Gas mileage.

I love my car. It is compact and fit most anywhere. It gets great gas mileage.

- Melissa L

The most important thing that others should know about my car is that it is an excellent operating car and great quality

i loved this car because is very comfortable and is a excellent car to travel

- Albert C

The windows are crank windows and i have to tell everyone

Is is small but powerful and has many features. I like it because it is cute

- Brittney K

Exceptional, smooth ride, pretty comfortable and spacious trunk.

Smooth ride, even on the highway. Great gas mileage and small and compact.

- Rocio G

Excellent mpg and parking for work travel. Easy to drive. Hands free phone on board .

Very good mpg for city driving. Great electronics on board. Easy to drive.

- Robert L

It's a lemon. It is so sluggish when driving

Like gas mileage. Dislike having to have clutch work done so often.

- Zoe K

I like the features and space. It has has a few minor problems over the past year that I haven't been pleased with though. But I can't complain too much.

It's a decent car with good mileage and decent space available.

- Jennifer M

It's very small and it's very small. Watch out for me

It's too small. The trunk is too small. The seats are too small

- Ruth R

What type of fuel it uses and to keep the tank full

It slow. The windows are Manuel and it's a pain when it's hot.

- Gabby K

all my driving and the space inside of car because i need a big car

nothing is very good car and nice because is all part with me

- alejandro F

It is small, it runs good, It has all the features that I require.

It is a really neat little car for around town. I like it.

- June C

Fuel efficient, good support.

Fuel efficiency, good performance, nice design, right size.

- Giancarlo C

Small is better. One does not need a boat or a behemoth to get around.

I love the size, the mileage and the shape. No complaints.

- william j

It's paid for and it's a great car

It's reliable runs great I really like it and the color

- Debra B

That is drives so awesome and is such a cute size for a car

I like the inside of it because it is amazingly s cool

- Nivole J

It's smoothness and the comfort

I like the model and it suits me well and I love it

- Krish M

Nothing just gets me to A to B

It's small. Needs some minor repairs. Good on gas.

- Tonya B

My car is very dependable and reliable. My car is very good on gas as well. The only bad thing that stops it from being a 5 is that I love big bodied cars that look different externally. However, it's not my number one priority.

It's very good on gas and reliable for your needs.

- Christeen G

Great for long freeways ride but great to just have for a teen or small family.

- Jessica G

Great car for price, nice quality.

- Southern H