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Loving my fiesta! Great features!

I love my fiesta. It has the sync system that is really helpful to be hands free when driving. I was disappointed to find out that they took the vehicle diagnostic report feature away. Summer in Texas Is always very hot but I have the greatest a/c! It's so cold at times. I have to turn the temperature down. And the heater is amazing as well. If I need the heater in The winter I usually have it on the lowest setting and I am still sweating! But I wouldn't change it at all. It has great gas mileage as well. I can fill my tank with twenty bucks! And I only have to fill up once a month, but I don't drive everyday either, mostly anyway. When I was driving from outside the DFW area in to DFW on a weekly basis about twice a week I did a lot of miles I can't be specified because I don't recall how many miles I would go each time. Maybe about some odd forty fifty miles a trip. I was only filling up with gas twice a month. Which was forty dollars in gas a month! Which is great when you're on a budget. I like how fast it accelerates. It feels like a big 'ole sports car! I can keep up with traffic fairly well even though it's a little bitty car.

- Paula C

Best front-drive hot hatch ever built

The most fun front wheel drive car I have ever owned or driven. It's a true hot hatch and has excellent handling, acceleration and all around performance. It's also a fantastic value. The Recaro seats are a must have option and are as good as the seats in any sports or supercar. Had some issues with the temperature controller for A/C and heater since the day I picked it up brand new at the dealer but was fixed under warranty. No issues since then. Just like any other performance car, it wears out it's tires in 25-30K miles! But the traction and handling makes it worth every penny. There are some software gremlins in its entertainment and GPS system every once in a while but just like a computer, restarting it gets rid of it. I absolutely love the Fiesta ST. I wish the new version would be sold here in the States.

- William G

Ford Fiesta is not the party you were promised

The Ford Fiesta has had significant issues within the first 36,000 miles. The air conditioner quit working with both the compressor and several valves failing. Fuses have blown on a regular basis. In addition various lights have quit working within the short time I have owned it. The car will periodically have a foul odor that fills the interior. The odor typically occurs when it has rained. The stereo system has various features that are designed make it easier to listen to music from your mobile device but they do not allow for independent control thus forcing you to listen to songs multiple times or to reconnect your phone. While the car does handle well, the positives to date do not outweigh the negatives.

- James D

our dark blue Fiesta fits perfectly the radio is excellent.

the Fiesta is very economical. It drives smoothly and for a small car it picks up speed nicely. It is 4 door but still a small car. I can fill up on less than $20.00. Everything about this car is great except for the interior size. The color seems to hold up well. The tires perform well also. Brakes work very well. There is no jerking when I got to drive or stop. windows( auto) work very well with no sticking or streaks left on windows. Muffler is quiet and interior noise is satisfactory. We are very please especially since this is the first small car we have owned. The back hatch gives good room to store items. The carpet is holding up very well. The interior head fabric is wonderful.

- Rick B

Cute, Reliable Single Person Vehicle

My Ford Fiesta is an extremely cute car! I love the gas mileage and the look of the interior and dash. It has really awesome accent lights throughout the car that you can change the color of with a button on the dash. My only issues with my car are: sometimes the radio will not connect to my phone through Bluetooth (which is a consistent issue throughout Ford vehicles), and how compact it is. I have a son and his car seat takes up so much room, the front passenger seat is almost unrideable because of how cramped it is. Overall, the Ford Fiesta is a great car for a single person, but I wouldn't suggest it to a family/an individual with a child/children.

- Cheyenne R

It gets great gas mileage and it is very reliable.

I love my little Fiesta. The hatchback makes it easier to load things and while it's not huge on space I am able to get more things in than I would with a traditional trunk. The gas mileage is absolutely amazing. I get around 42 mpg highway and around 25 mpg city driving. The one complaint I have is that it seems that extreme heat messes with the SYNC system in the car. When it gets really hot you can only use the radio the car acts like it doesn't have bluetooth at all. It's strange and only seems to happen when it is extremely hot. Once the car cools off a bit everything starts working normally.

- Dannielle G

Comfy and reliable transportation - peppy.

I find my car very comfortable to drive. I have two grandchildren who must be in car seats, and the brackets for properly installing them are not easy to find. This is the only problem I have with the car. It is small and peppy, and I have no difficulty passing cars on freeways with 70 mph speed limits. The trunk is roomy, and the back seats fold down to allow for transporting longer things, like folding tables. They do not, however, fold all of the way down which would make it better. It is comfy, reliable, affordable, and easy on fuel. It is just what I needed.

- Dorothy C

Ford Fiesta Hatchback: Compact, Efficient, Reliable.

The size of the vehicle would be considered a compact car. Though it is small, putting the back seats help when we need to pack the whole back with things whether that be groceries or furniture. It's very good on gas. However, doesn't do very good on hills. When the AC is off it only takes a minute for it to boost up to 35-40 mph. It's very good at defensive driving. A few times I had to pull to the side and brake and it did it fast but safely. Another time I had to avoid a collision I had to swerve around a car, my vehicle is very aerodynamic.

- Jasmine R

Driving a Ford Fiesta SE, not bad at all!

Although the Ford Fiesta is a compact car, the SE comes with everything a big car has, including bluetooth. It drives smoothly and safely. It has plenty of space to stretch your legs. The dashboard looks durable, the radio has good surround sound and also has a CD player. It has AC and cruise control. It came with good quality tires and rims. It has additional airbags for safety. I'm very satisfied with this model even though my partner jokes that it is too small. Most importantly, it is fuel efficient, no guilt about harming the environment

- Wanda R

Comfortable, Capable, and yet won't burn a hole in your pocket.

So far, I've had no problems with my vehicle. It's relatively spacious for a small car, but then again I'm usually the only one that's in it. I wouldn't recommend it for a family or anything like that. It makes a wonderful first car, nothing to advanced or expensive, yet nothing that wouldn't work in this day and age. It's very comfortable for what you're paying for, and it has everything you would really need/want in a car; including Bluetooth capability. I'd highly recommend a Ford Fiesta.

- Leah G

I love that is small enough to drive in the busy city streets.

I love this car. With all the rain it just tried to stall but didn't. Of course I didn't drive it through large bottles. I love the size of it as well, me and my dog get right in and drive off both of us comfortable. I can put the back seat down if I need to for extra groceries, paint, or any supplies I need at the time. The gas mileage is wonderful as well on the highway or in the city. It is the best car I ever had so far and I have a lot of different makes and models in my time.

- Katherine G

I would give a 7 out of 10 for vehicle quality, performance and likability.

It has been very reliable. I have basic model. Everything is basic but has never failed and never has issues. Consistent performance. Great gas mileage. It could be a litter more quiet from road noise. It also could have a bit more comfortable ride. The Bluetooth stereo can be a bit confusing, so get the step up from the basic system. We did have a problem with the struts when we first got it. The front struts leaked. Ford replaced them and we have not had any other problems since.

- Keith J

Ford fiesta short review.

I really enjoy my little fiesta. It is perfect for a small woman, and it gets wonderful gas mileage. The radio sync system allows you to hear your text messages while you are driving, along with easy and hands free calling. I have a manual transmission and the only thing I don't like about it, is that it doesn't have cruise control. The only other thing I don't like is that it does not have an elbow rest, which I quickly got over because I was so happy with all the other features.

- Jenna G

The Ford fiesta is a base compact car that would be great for beginning drivers.

This car is an excellent gas saver, however it has had some electrical issues and could use more leg room for the back row. This car is not comfortable for more than 2 people on a trip. It does have Bluetooth and a dial pad on the radio but you cannot actually dial a number in to make a call so not sure what it is for other than radio stations. This car is lacking power windows and a console. The performance otherwise has been fantastic. I would recommend this car for new drivers.

- Shelly M

Nothing's really that interesting about the car, maybe the Bluetooth.

The only bad thing about this car is that it does not really have the “get up and go” that other cars have. I bought mine used and I had a problem with the engine within the first week, I blame the rental company that sold me the car on that. This is my second fort fiesta, the first one saved me. I was in a car accident, since my phone was connected to the car it called 911 for me. There’s also airbags everywhere in the car, which saved my legs from getting broken.

- Samantha W

Great looking hatchback with amazing gas mileage.

The Ford fiesta is a great, nippy hatchback with awesome gas mileage. You get about 400 miles out of each tank. It also has a super cool lightning extra which color changing light options inside the foot wells and around the glove box. The cruise control feature is super easy to use along with all of the other controls on the steering wheel. The car's computer system has easy settings to change and comes with hill start assist which is super helpful in the manual car.

- Ashleigh G

Ford Fiesta, the best car for party animals.

I love my ford fiesta. It gets great gas mileage, it's very comfortable for such a small car, it has lots of power and goes really fast. The speakers and base are amazing, I always look forward to listening to music on my way to work. The Bluetooth audio is great for talking on the phone with no hands. The led lights are amazing and change colors from red, blue, green, purple, pink. I adore this car and I would never go back to a different vehicle.

- Brittany R

It is a very efficient, somewhat sport vehicle, mainly for casual driving.

It is very reliable, comfortable, and safe. It has features such as air conditioning, moveable seats, radio, Bluetooth and radio. Although it is a little rough in cold weather, it drives very smoothly and efficiently. I dislike how poorly it travels on rough terrain or up steep hills. It gets annoying when I have to go through that. But I really like the car overall and would highly recommend it to anyone who needs/wants a car.

- Derek G

Ford Fiestas are great starter or commuter cars!

My Ford Fiesta is a very reliable car. I have had it going on nearly 3 years now and I have no complaints. I get excellent gas mileage and with continual upkeep, I have had no major issues. It is compact, yet comfortable. I do have the base model, which does not include automatic windows or cruise control but I actually love manual windows! The SYNC sound system in car is amazing. I love being able to use my phone hands free.

- Dallas E

I love the interior trim lights because they change colors!

This vehicle is indeed small. I would have liked for it to have a bit more room between the front and back seats but it fits my family fine for now. Other than size I love everything about my fiesta. The feature I use most frequently is the Bluetooth audio and listen to the music from my phone. It gets great gas mileage. I have never had any mechanical problems with it so far. It is a great car for me!

- Erin J

Great car with great value

My Ford Fiesta has been a great car for me over the past few years. Not only does it get incredible gas mileage (about 36 miles per gallon on average), but it's fun to drive! The interior features lighting that you can change depending on your mood, and has Bluetooth, aux, and USB connections. It's relatively compact but still feels roomy inside, which makes it great for single or family use.

- Ashley G

Fiesta ST, it�s good for me, is it good for you ?

It is a very reliable vehicle. The only issue I have with it, is the climate actuator that seems to be a trend with this vehicle. It becomes loose and makes a ticking noise when you go from a/c to hear. This lasts usually about 5 seconds. It's a very quick car which can make the front wheel drive spin if you gun it, and since it is very light weight, it's not very good in the snow.

- James C

Pro's to the 2016 ford fiesta.

The 2016 ford fiesta is an extremely reliable vehicle. The gas efficiency is outstanding. I average 41 miles to the gallon. It is a bit sluggish if you have to go from 0-60, but with a slight adjustment to the fuel injector, you can achieve this with no problem. I tell everyone I know that although ford does not have the best reputation, they have outdone themselves with this vehicle.

- Matthew V

Perfect car for single person.

My car is very little but very comfy. It has a very nice touch screen system and the air works very well. The brakes are easy going. The mpg on this car is outstanding. I wouldn't recommend this car to anyone with a family. How you lock the car from the inside is kind of strange and there are no handles to hold onto when say you are turning a corner. Perfect for a single person.

- Savannah S

Great and Reliable transportation

The 2016 Ford Fiesta handles extremely well and has been a very reliable source of transportation. I haven't had any major issues with my vehicle and enjoy the extra features, such as the different options for the interior lighting. I also love the ability to use the Ford Sync feature to use Bluetooth while driving. It's a great vehicle and I feel very safe driving it.

- Katherine R

Overall great car, small issues

The car is very comfortable with internal size (I.e. seat wise, interior and leg room). Performance wise I've had minimal maintenance issues which were easily fixed. Trunk space is a bit limited and can be hard to pack. The Bluetooth capabilities are a bit difficult to work and I've had to go into service and get a system reset in order to successfully pair my phone.

- Madison S

Very compact car that is not ideal for Inclement weather

The car sits very low to the ground making it difficult to see around other cars and trucks especially, in parking lots but also while driving. The traction will lock the tires which is really difficult to maneuver in snow and ice. The engine has a slow pick up when trying to accelerate. It's delayed and then it will surge suddenly, with a loud revving sound.

- Anita D

Ford fiesta is hands down the best car I have ever had. Great gas mileage!

This was the first car I ever bought brand new. It drives like a dream, gets excellent gas mileage, and has plenty of room for storage. I have over 55k miles on it and the only work I have had done on it was regular maintenance work. I have traveled long distance trips and it is great for that. Also a great commuter car for to and from work and local things.

- Carrie B

Born to run in a small package.

Mpg is very good overall in the car. The fit and finish leaves something to be desired however it is a cheaper car to begin with. Has a good amount of hip for a car of its size but I have the sty trim. Wish I would have gotten 18 in rims with the car instead of the 19 in rims. They dented over a pothole and haven't gotten the one repaired as of yet.

- Mike K

Amazing car for the family

This is a very reliable car. It has been great to take for family trips and long distance car rides. The back seat is a little smaller if you are trying to put grown adults back there but little kids should fit fine. I don't have to worry about the car giving out on us or many problems occurring. Would recommend for busy people and driving people.

- Angelina C

A great little runaround for getting jobs done

This car has been very reliable. It is basic inside but is a great car for running around town and doing errands. The trunk is also a good size for strollers. There isn't a lot of room inside when you have an infant car seat installed as the passenger seat has to be pushed forward. It doesn't cost a lot to fill with gas and is fuel efficient.

- Elizabeth M

This car is very reliable and it's also a great value

This car handles smoothly. I haven't had issues with anything breaking and I only barely keep up with maintenance. The factory stereo has good sound quality and the interior is definitely weather proof. The trunk is very roomy and fits a lot of stuff in it. I live in the Midwest and the car has always started even in subzero temperatures.

- Kati Q

2016 Ford Fiesta S. Silver color doesn't show dust and dirt like other colors.

My Ford Fiesta features Bluetooth connection to my phone as well as auxiliary, USB and lighter type power source. The S model has roll up and down windows and manual transmission (automatic available). This is the first time owning a Ford and I'm very pleased with the performance. No problems that have had to be fixed... very reliable.

- Sandy H

2016 Ford fiesta se review.

The Ford fiesta is a great car for college students and first time drivers. It comes stock with automatic transmission, Bluetooth radio, duel chargers for your cell phone and other devices. The coolest feature is the lights on the inside, which you can change the color of. The colors include pink, purple, blue, red and clear.

- Christopher R

Love hate relationship with my ford fiesta.

Within months of purchasing the vehicle I had a lot of issues. Had to replace a fuel tank sensor, trim is going bad, speakers do not work well, and radio buttons stick. I love that it drives smooth. It has been in a couple of fender benders, including one on the freeway and is mostly undamaged and protected occupants well.

- Chloe R

Good starter car for beginner drivers

The car is small but I get good miles per gallon. In general, it's very easy to take care of, and is a good starter car, but given that it is a smaller car, it does not perform as well as other Ford cars do. I love the interior, as it's sleek and not too complicated. Luckily my car has a back up camera, which is helpful.

- Isabella V

The hatchback so far is a good size for things I buy.

I have a hatchback and it is big enough to carry different cargoes, is comfortable and easy to drive. Mileage is really good and have never had a problem with it. Love the look and color of it. Is just the right size for me at a really good price. Would buy one again if it was actually sold here. Only sold overseas now.

- Charlie M

Perfect small family vehicle.

I absolutely adore this car, there is little to no problems with it mechanically with easy maintenance. Performance wise it is also outstanding good amount of miles per gallon. It is a compact car so space is a little tight but it's perfect for my little family of three. Automatic shift, with led lights along the floor.

- Miranda H

My car’s the base model and has manual windows which I think is pretty cool.

I love my Ford fiesta as a first car. It is easy to handle and although small, it is very roomy. It has a large trunk as well for storage and really good gas mileage. One tank of gas lasts me 2 weeks. The Bluetooth is very easy to work and has hands free talking so you can make phone calls and pay attention to the rode.

- Destiny C

Comfortable, fuel efficient ride.

It is great on gas, has SiriusXM and Bluetooth radio. I do not pay for the Sirius subscription, but Ford offered it free for 6 months which was good. It drives smooth and is small which helps with gas. It is still big enough to get everything I need. The trunk is huge and if I have something long, the seats fold down.

- Justin S

We love our vehicle. It's like a motorcycle with a body. Very good on gas.

This car is very reliable. I never have to look under the hood for anything. Great on gas mileage as well. Absolutely love it. The car has special lighting under the seats and dashboard. Very safe for young kids. The only issue is the legroom in the back. Not big enough for the taller people. However it's good for us.

- Stephanie L

Functional, Cute, and Cost Efficient

My car gets amazing gas mileage. It isn't ideal as a family car because it is rather small on the inside but it would be perfect for maybe one child. I love the design and the sync system feature. My only complaint is the hesitation with quick acceleration. But it is however a 4 cylinder so that's kind of expected.

- Kayla C

Comfort at an Affordable Price

My vehicle gets excellent gas mileage and is fun and sporty to drive. The sound system is terrific and I love the ability to adjust the volume on the steering wheel. It is very comfortable for me as a shirt person but a taller person might not be very comfortable. Tall people aren't comfortable in the back seat.

- Angi M

I love how smooth it runs

My car was having problems with not vacuum up or as they say fuel line wasn't bleeding up. I had put 900 bucks into the car I tried everything to fix this problem well it was so simple it was a sensor underneath my hood. Once I changed that out the car started running a lot better. There is still some problem

- Stefanie L

Best, dependable vehicle.

I love my ford fiesta. It gets good gas mileage and is very dependable. I have had very little trouble and all problems have been fixed. I love the Bluetooth features that come with the car. I don't really care for the color though. It is black and black gets too hot in the summer. Is a great car altogether.

- Sarah N

Decent car with bad radio.

This car has a radio problem to the point where you cannot have it on. It screeches so loudly that you cannot concentrate on your driving. So it is best to not try. We were told once it started that ford knew about this problem but will not recall it. If you do not mind not having a radio then the car is ok.

- Helen B

I have nothing to say about the car

I am still learning about the car itself. It is a good car and does not take much on gas. It's comfortable but it is a tight fit. It is supposed to fit 5 people but you would not have an space or room to move. I enjoy the features and the fact that it has Bluetooth for my phone. That comes in handy a lot

- Kona P

One most important thing about the Ford fiesta is that it is very good with gas.

I personally don't like how small the tires are on the Ford fiesta because of the potholes on the streets. I also think that the car sometimes is a little bit to small because if it is windy outside it feels like you are going to get swooshed off the highway. However, for the price range it is reliable.

- Denise F

A reliable car for everyone.

The Ford fiesta is great size, which is convenient for city-living. Great gas mileage is also a huge benefit of having this compact car. I personally love everything about this reliable car, and plan on keeping it for as long as I can. I have not had any issues with the fiesta since I purchased it.

- Megan K

Fun to drive and easy to drive in traffic.

I like how the Ford fiesta handles in the road, the speed for the small car if fine, like the accessories it has inside and out, is spacious for a small car, doesn't cost too much to maintain, like the features it has such as alerts when it needs an oil change, like the fuel economy of the car.

- Maria C

Ford Fiesta: Lots of fun in a small package!

The car is absolutely wonderful! It certainly lacks space in the backseat but it makes up for it in the trunk. The little car is spunky and fun to drive, it's got a lot of power behind that little engine. The dashboard is full of amenities such as a touchscreen and Bluetooth is also offered.

- Nicholas D

The dashboard light plus around the console can be changed to different colors

2016 ford fiesta is great on gas, comfortable car for its size, has a feature to where you can change the light inside the car different colors and the console, sync phone, everything can be done on the steering wheel. Carpet is hard to vacuum so recommend good mats, air and heat work great

- Stephanie C

Only con is a replaceable part.

My only complaint is that the stock tires are only about 30,000 mile tires and are expensive to replace. Very reliable and fun to drive. Plenty of power when needed and still maintains great mpg. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. The best part is the sporty appearance and speed.

- Hayden M

One interesting detail is that the car already came with blacked out rims.

So far I've had no issues with my vehicle, it drives smooth. I keep the car maintained. The only moderate issue I've had is the Bluetooth disconnecting and having to reset the SYNC component in the car. I like the style of the car, even as a hatchback it still has a sport look to it.

- Cody C

Love the color of it which is cherry red just the right shade not too orange.

Very reliable and gas efficiency is great. Passenger space is very limited. Trunk is adequate. Speed is safely for pickup and getting on off freeways. So I rate this more for your money car. You could pay more for the same conveniences and you might pay less but this is worth the price.


Ford fiesta: says it all in the title.

I really love my car. The Bluetooth in it is one of my favorite things because I am able to connect my Spotify and listen versus listening to the radio. I am also able to make calls. Also, the interior is nice and it is perfect if you drive alone. Also, the lights it has are really nice.

- Natalie D

Bad transmission. Great car.

There was a problem with my transmission. I had to go in and get it fixed but luckily it was still under the warranty. It is very comfortable and I have had very few problems. The transmission still acts up from time to time. I never worry about the battery or any other engine problems.

- Morgan S

2016 Ford Fiesta SE car review

Rpms rev funny, doesn't always shift into gear right, gets you everywhere you are needing to go it's a decent car, Very small- not a family car, back seat doesn't have much leg room but it does have a fairly decent size trunk. Good gas mileage- about 40 mpg. Gets around ok in the snow

- Alexis S

FM radio station, GPS, and iPhone tethering

I love my vehicle it's very fuel efficient. And has boot miles. You can tether it with your iPhone and listen to good music. It has a GPS in the car. Low mileage. CD player and FM radio. My car gets around it's easy to maintain. It's A reliable vehicle. I would recommend it to anybody

- Christina H

This vehicle gets great gas mileage!

It is been a great car but I have had regular maintenance. It has great gas mileage, runs smoothly, has sync for my phone so I can talk hands free. It gets like 35. 6 on the highway. It is a comfortable car, runs well, and is a nice color. People seem to like it and to ride in it.

- Craig T

It gets good gas mileage.

The price was reasonable. It gets very good gas mileage. For a small car, it has a decent amount of space when the back seats are folded down. I would like if the back seats folded flatter or were removable. I would like if the seats were a bit more comfortable for longer drives.

- Kelley Z

Ford fiesta 2016, great company, great cars!

Good performance and reliability so far. Although, I have been informed there were issues with transmission on my vehicle's year make and model. My Ford fiesta is very practical, no extra bells and whistles. Drives very good and great on gas, because of the awesome way it is made.

- Elizabeth V

2016 Ford Fiesta SE. Great gas mileage and good for commuting to work.

Great on gas, simple car and repairs are cheap. Engine runs great but lacks power. Bluetooth sucks but USB connect is great. The seats are good for an hour commute but not for long road trips. Rear seating is cramping, even for children. Car seats fit well but very limited space.

- Buddy G

My silver ford fiesta is sleek, sporty, and easy to maintain.

I love my car, the stereo is awesome and my phone never has an issue connecting to the Bluetooth which I use to listen to music/podcasts every single day. Whenever I need to change my oil or the car needs to be serviced, I am alerted. I highly recommend ford fiestas to everyone.

- Cecilia G

It's great on gas, and very affordable, 3 years and still no issues

This car has been super reliable no issues, great on gas mileage and cool features inside the car as well. This car is well worth the money as an affordable option. This model also has many different styles like hatchback as well and filling up at the pump doesn't break the bank

- Kevin M

Good mileage, weird noise.

The car has a good mileage and is very comfy! The only problem is that recently it start to get this weird noise when I use the ac or heater and I couldn't figure out why! I would appreciate if the car had up handlers and also to have an included back camera and parking sensor.

- Ana M

It�s a beautiful white fiesta we hatchback with a 1.6l engine that runs great

So far I have no problems with this vehicle it's the smoothest Riding vehicle I've ever driven it's got amazing gas mileage and can get going pretty quick when you want it handles well. The accessories are wonderful and easy to use. Honestly one of the better compacts out there

- Frederick S

Great car with sporty feel.

There are no problems, except it is too small for me at the time. I have a laundry service so I am always full. But it is reliable, comfortable and great on gas. I love it. Conveniently fits in parking spaces. Fun, sporty car!! Great for first time car for high school students.

- Monica G

Ford fiesta is a great small car.

The car is really small. It is really a car for one. It gets good gas mileage. It is fun to drive. It is red. It has a great sized trunk. I guess they are going to stop making them. It is a great car for a new driver. It is a great commuter car because it takes up little space.

- Linda C

Performance and fuel economy.

Excellent on fuel economy, features and performance. Very reliable car. It handles very well and also maneuvers very well. If I had one complaint it would be lack of interior space, cannot carry a lot of cargo. The Ford fiesta has been a solid car for me and would recommend it.

- Christopher F

The most perfect college car.

I love my car. The fiesta is compact, fuel efficient, and super cute - perfect for me as an 18 year old college student. I haven't had any issues with it since I began driving it. I would highly recommend this car for someone looking for a small, inexpensive, but reliable car.

- Arianna F

GREAT GAS SAVER and great mileage

Excellent on gas and dependable. Just make sure you have small kids. As they grow older and bigger they may not fit in this car. Plenty of trunk space. I got the basic, but it still has the bells and whistles of a nicer car. Saves a lot of money if you are working out of town.

- Brenda T

A great first vehicle for anyone!

I enjoy my car a lot. It is my first car, and though bought used, I have not had any issues with it. The exterior is sleek and sporty, but slightly small. The engine picks up well and the car has nice amenities inside. Unfortunately, the car did not come with a backup camera.

- Jayden A

All around great car to own.

My car is a gorgeous dark red color with tons of trunk space. The car auto connects to my phone via Bluetooth allowing me to make hands-free phone calls. The car even reads aloud any texts I get while I am driving. There are a ton of cup holders and leg space while driving.

- Nick A

Great mileage and capacity.

It runs hard sometimes but gets fantastic gas mileage. It's been incredibly reliable and gets me where I need to go. Spacious and holds everything I need. I got a full ikea trip into the back. Pretty miraculous all things considered. I love the party lights on the console.

- Anna S

Small car very inexpensive but very narrow inside

This vehicle is a really small car which is good in a way that it doesn't waste too much gas or space but the interior space is too narrow especially if you have kids and need car seats, then that's a huge problem only 4 people can ride in the car if two kids need car seat

- Ana R

Titanium Hatchback 4 door fiesta

Used lease, just got a couple months ago. So far so good, great power, only thing is that it is very low to the ground and it is only front wheel drive. The headlights and the door lock button are in a strange place but adaptable. Great touch screen and in a ergonomic spot

- Taylor P

Great choice for the price.

Great performing car... Good gas mileage could be more plush interior and a back up camera is not included..Many bonus features like quick fill gas tank..Exclusive to ford model cars and trucks... A good car for a next level model before the fusion... Quite roomy as well.

- Christopher L

Reliable, fun, peppy and smooth ride for a base model.

Very reliable, handles smooth and turns and stops on a dime. We have the base model so no bells and whistles. The vehicles has been very reliable. I would have liked to upgrade to the next entertainment system to have an easier way to connect my phone and listen to music.

- Keith J

I like the Bluetooth function of the car.

This car is a great car if you are a new time car buyer. It also has great mileage. You can connect your phone via Bluetooth to the sync function that the fiesta has, and it lets you know if you are almost out of gas, if your tire pressure is low, and if you need service.

- Winnie Y

2016 Ford Fiesta SE, hatchback w sunroof. Good buy for the money.

Dependable, small well equipped hatchback which allows you to put down the back seats for shopping. Same size/ looks like the Toyota Prius. I have the pearl w sunroof, heated seats, nice dashboard which can change colors. If you like a small car it's a good buy.

- Rose M

It�s the party car light and cool lights in it.

I like the fact that inside the car it changes colors and you can make it any color you want. That's why it's called the party car. It's really good on gas and doesn't have any problems with engine ever. I also like the fact that for a tiny car it has a large trunk.

- Jordan J

Great car, Bluetooth can be buggy.

The fiesta is great. It is one of the best cars I have ever had. The only issue I have had with it is the sync Bluetooth system can be buggy. If you reboot the system, that usually fixes it. Rebooting the system is an easy process that you can do from your dash.

- Erin T

It rides beautifully and quietly.

I like the ability to connect my phone and answer it remotely. I enjoy the hands free control of my radio and answering phone. I love the quiet way it runs. I dislike that every time I run my air conditioning, the car takes longer to kick into gear and speed up.

- Marilee C

Very efficient gas saving sleek car.

It has touch screen and Wi-Fi compatible, it is very efficient in gas, and also has the rear wiper blades, with fog lights, overall my car is small cute and efficient, it was a very good price with sleek black seats, it looks like an expensive car on the inside.

- Jennifer L

Have a fiesta in your fiesta.

It's a small car but very reliable and easy to operate. It may not be the fastest car in town but if you need to get somewhere fast you know you can rely on this car to get the job done. The interior is very comfortable and you will really grow to love this car.

- Laura D

The version of this car is reliable you can sync up to 3 devices by bluetooth.

Has great drive and all the equipment works perfectly. Great gas mileage. The tires are good for all weather. Reliability is great and you can really depend on this car. The new car is great because it has bluetooth and the newest features. This car is amazing.

- Linnea B

Great family car. Extremely comfortable during long drives.

Good so far. No problem nice family car to go out even on long trips. Spacious great leg room. Great mileage. Highly comfortable. Good so far. No problem nice family car to go out even on long trips. Spacious great leg room. Great mileage. Highly comfortable.

- Sg N

Amazing little car that packs a punch

This vehicle has great gas mileage and drives nice. I really enjoy not having to spend a lot of money on gas. For a smaller car you don't even feel cramped inside of it. I would personally recommend it to anyone that I know. Love my Ford Fiesta it is great!

- Tyler G

Red Ford fiesta se, love it!!

Reliable, fast, small, easy to drive, great for parking in small spaces, great on gas and mileage, compact, spacious, great digital features. drives very smoothly, I love dealing with the service team at ford, it is one of the reasons I love my car so much.

- Alexia M

It is a 4 door hatchback.. It is great on gas and a nice little car.

The ford fiesta is a great car so far. It has been very reliable in getting me from point a to b. The issues I have seen are in the features of the car. The touch screen freezes often, and the middle console is very forward. The seat warmers are very hot.

- Kyle W

Comfortable ride and adjustable seats.

Saves on gas, and I love the wireless Bluetooth that I got so when I am driving I hit the button on the steering wheel and talk, the sound comes out of the car radio speakers so when I am talking I can still pay attention to the road and where I am going.

- George B

My car is great on gas mileage and parking spots are easy to find.

Only problem I have with this vehicle is the Bluetooth goes out a lot. I have to mess with the fuse box in the glove compartment. Other than that I cannot complain. The gas mileage is great and I have a sunroof that I love to open up on a clear sky day.

- Christine S

Small subcompact car, great on gas, and spacious interior.

It is probably my favorite car I've owned. It is small and sporty. It is very quick and great on gas. There is also a screen that you can connect your phone to. You can display your GPS on there too. For such a small car it is very roomy on the inside.

- Joshua C

It's really good with gas mileage.

The car gets me from home to work. It is efficient in gas. Since Its new, it gets me everywhere I go long distance wise. But the problem is It's too small for my growing family. I can't buy lots of stuff because there is no room for them.

- Riza C

You should know it has great pick-up and great gas mileage.

I've only had the vehicle for a short time, but I love it. The breaks lately have started to squeak, and I haven't gotten the system to connect to my phone yet, but I consider those minor problems. It's comfortable and has great pick-up.

- Megan F

Fiesta is a great car. It is fun to drive.

Fiesta is a great car. It handles well, has great acceleration, nice styling, and very comfortable for a small car. The one drawback is the sync sound system which sound good but is difficult at to operate. Overall, a fine automobile.

- Harold K

Important because it is cheap on gas.

I like the fact that is it is good on gas, small body frame, easy to fix and inexpensive payments. It is not as fancy as I would like to own, it is compact back seat, small tires make it hard to drive under extreme weather changes.

- Michelle C

A bit too small for rear-facing car seats

The Ford Fiesta is a nice reliable car, but it's just too tight for rear-facing car seats. For families with forward-facing car seats or just booster seats, it's a fine car. Just wish it was a bit longer and wider for babies.

- Ursula B

The safety features makes it easier to drive - all blind spots are covered.

It is zippy. It has good handling around curves. It is small; which can be good and bad. If you are in an accident, it is so small, you might not survive. I like driving the small car, because it is easily parked.

- Lori M

It gets good gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage my vehicle has but dislike that the back window does not have a windshield wiper. I like the fact that it is small and fit in just about any space. I also like that it has air conditioning.

- Lori B

There is not much backseat space since it is a pretty small car.

My Ford fiesta is a stick shift; the clutch has always been very heavy and it makes my foot sore after driving in traffic or when I am shifting a lot. Although besides that aspect I love everything about my car!

- Lily M

It is very durable but compact so good for single drivers.

Well, I at one point going back home from college hit a rough road section and run off the highway. There was no damage to me the car and it was not that bad to get out of the ditch.also it has good gas mileage.

- Olivia F

Pretty durable in a crash.

I like that it is a sports car and able to fit into tighter spaces than the big trucks. It also gets good mileage. I do not like how little leg room there is in the back seats, but I do not usually use those.

- Kirsten J

The gas mileage is great, for anyone who has a long commute and drives alone or with only 1 person, this is the perfect car.

I love my hatchback, it has enough room for my needs. I usually drive alone or with only 1 passenger, so I don't really need a back seat. It also has efficient gas mileage, so I save a ton of money on fuel.

- laura w

I love the size and all the features of my car. It is so easy to parallel park, and it is perfect for commuting. It is reliable, and it has great gas mileage. Additionally, the bluetooth and radio features in the car are great! I do not have any complaints. I have had this car for almost 2 years now, and I love it.

I think the most important thing for others to know about the car is how is it is to drive and maneuver. Parallel parking is a breeze. It is easy to merge and drive on highways, and it is very responsive.

- Ciera E

If you want a car that is affordable, good on gas, and reliable, than the Ford Fiesta is the perfect choice.

My Ford fiesta is wonderful on gas and is such an easy upkeep. I haven't had any mechanical issues in the two years I've had it, and I drove it from the west coast to the east coast with no problems.

- Jazmyne R

Good compact vehicle, good gas mileage

Good car with good gas mileage, approx 35 MPG. Car is on the small side and if you are tall, sitting in back seat will be cramped. It does drive fairly smoothly for a compact car. Would buy again

- Tina m

Ford Fiesta surprisingly fun and spacious

I have a Ford Fiesta Titanium, I like the size of it it's perfect for me and my wife. I especially like that fact that when I want it to be sporty I can put it in sport mode and have a little fun.

- Raul M

It has good gas mileage. The hatchback holds a lot.

It is a small hatchback which is all we could afford at the time we leased it. We are now looking for another vehicle that is larger to make room for our 3 grandchildren. Very no frills vehicle.

- Sharon W

My 2016 Ford Fiesta Vehicle

My vehicle is a 2016 Ford Fiesta. I bought it at a local dealership brand new back in 2016. It's performed reliably and given me very few problems. It has tremendous pick up for such a small car.

- Victoria A

2016 Fiesta ST great performance at a great value

I own a 2016 Fiesta ST. It's been a great car with good fuel economy and performance. No problems yet with 45k miles. Car has a stiff suspension that caters more to the performance enthusiast.

- David G

You have to be buckled up or else the music turns off.

I like that it has Bluetooth Audio and many safety features. I also like the interior and exterior design. I do not like that it has a volume limit of 14. Also not a fan of the 80 mph limit.

- Chloe L

It is very good on gas I only put $25 in and it fills me up.

I love my car. I bought it last year with only 17000 miles on it. I drive it everywhere I want to go even out of town. It is good on gas and I have only had to change my tail lights on it.

- Raven T

It's a Ford and handles and looks great. Great gas mileage

It runs great has great gas mileage and handling. It fits in small places and drives great. It is a beautiful car and looks especially great today since I had it washed and cleaned out.

- Sandra G

Super compact car. Roomy, fairly priced, comfortable ride,

I love the gas mileage we get with it. I am comfortable in it. It has a lot of legroom for me. We have had a lot of people tell us they really like the color which is coppery orange.

- Kathryn T

Ford Fiesta, comfort, reliable, and fun.

I think it has a great engine, it seats 4 comfortably, however there is not much room in the car if you are trying to move stuff around. Performance is great along with gas mileage.

- John B

Plenty of power and wonderful fuel mileage with a comfortable ride

I absolutely love the fuel economy without losing power. It looks good and is fun to drive. The only complaint I have is it is very light. In the rain it tends to hydroplane easily.

- William H

Good fuel economy, the paint is pretty cheap so I end up with rock chips and scratches easier then my other vehicle.

It has been reliable and a good car over all. I have only put 20k mile on it in a little over 2 years. It is a basic car that is pretty comfortable and get good fuel mileage.

- Matthew C

The most important thing that others should know about my car is that one must manually pull down the windows.

I love the interior design of the car, especially loving how I can play my cd's. The trunk is big which is good for when I'm shopping. And there's nothing to complain about.

- Lily K

it drives very smoothly and it a model that stunt car drivers have used before.

I love the sunroof, the lights on the dashboard, how you can change the colors of it. I don't like how there isn't much room in the driver's seat. I like how it drives.

- Ai Lin L

It handles great.It hugs the road.I don't know how to put more words into it than that.

I would have preferred something larger with more room, but I got a great price on this vehicle and it will be perfect for my granddaughter when she gets her license.

- jo l

It is great on gas mileage and can withstand a wreck.

I love my vehicle's gas mileage, the smooth ride, and the sizing. I dislike the base model settings of roll down windows and not having lock buttons on the doors.

- Kiara M

Small but comfy and convenient.

The thing I love most about my car is that I can easily fit into any parking spot. It is a super tiny car but honestly once you are in it, it is not that bad.

- Megan G

It's cheap, but well made and runs well.

I like my car. It was cheaper, but is well made and has great things in it. I like how it drives and wish it was still under warranty though cause of jumping.

- Shannon C

If your tires are too low, it gives you a warning so that you can fill them with air.

It's black so it loves the 90 degree days so that I can fry an egg on the dashboard. The headrest is uncomfortable. I'm tall and it just doesn't work for me.

- Marcy R

Good on gas and rides smooth.

The thing I like most about my car is that it is great on gas and monthly payment affordable. What I do not like is how small the car is. Not enough room.

- Kirby M

The easy care, it is very low maintenance.

It is a smooth ride, easy to drive, and has great mileage. I do not have any complaints. There is plenty of space as well for passengers and when packing.

- Julie S

The Fiesta is very economical in that it saves on Maintenance with good gas mileage.

The car that I drive is great on maintenance and handles very well. It is conservative on gas with over 40 mpg. It is roomy enough for the entire family.

- Richard P

It is reliable, has decent gas mileage, and space.

I would not say the car has any real problems outside of being aesthetically pleasing. The seats are kind of hard and they don't conform to most bodies.

- John W

The car is small and fun. Don't expect a lot of power, but handling is superb.

The Ford Fiesta is a small vehicle. I like the compactness. It does not have much horsepower. I use it as a daily commuter, so I like the fuel economy.

- dave c

There is very little space the back, but I am 6'1" and drive it comfortably.

My fiesta has great gas mileage and I got a good deal on it. The fiesta rides very smoothly and quietly. I do not like that the seats are very narrow.

- L C

If you're single, and don't plan on having kids, this is the car for you.

the back seat is very tight. Not very comfortable for people that choose to ride in the back. Not family friendly. Doesn't fit a car seat very well.

- Anna I

It is very reliable and easy to drive.

I like the gas mileage and that it is a quick little car. I also like that Ford is reliable and easy to repair. I really do not have any dislikes.

- Meredith P

Great car and would buy again.

It has been very reliable except for the first month we had the front struts leak. The dealer replaced them.Other than that has been a great car.

- Jayme K

It is not that big but it is comfortable and it goes fairly quick.

I love the way it looks. I hate that it is only all wheel drive. I want a bigger vehicle. I love the interior. I love how smooth it is to drive.

- Brittany S

a notice was sent that there was an issue with the transmission

i like that it is an economic and reliable vehicle. i do not like the fact that i opted for the most basic model with no power windows, etc.

- laurie r

They should really know this is a very economic car which is great for students.

I really like that it has a great horsepower, super economic car, drives very smoothly. The only thing I would change is the size of the car.

- Daniel S

All things considered, this is a really good vehicle.

I like the size, though a larger trunk would be nice. The Audio interface and Bluetooth are confusing and crappy and honestly never worked.

- Kate G

My car is black and has dark windows

Its small so it's really good on gas. Not a lot of miles is on the car. It's still in perfect condition and gets me from point A to point B

- Willie G

Fuel efficiency, good space management. The price is accessible.

It is fast, cheap and comfortable. It has a good fuel efficiency, reaches great speed in a short time: The technical service is excellent

- Mark H

It is slow getting to speed.

It has low power and takes a long time to get to speed. I have had issues with the a/c and the aux. I like that it wasn't too expensive,.

- Grace S

it is actually bigger inside than it looks, has a lot more cargo room

The fiesta is small but not to where i feel unsafe, it gets amazing gas mileage, has a small engine but tons of pep, lots of room inside

- lisa t

How fuel efficient it is.

I love the speed, the fact I can park in small spaces, the black color and it is a hatchback which is great for luggage. No complaints!

- Vicky H

It gets great gas mileage.

It gets great gas mileage. It looks nice and rides nice. I really enjoy my sunroof. For being a compact car it has a good size trunk.

- Tamara A

It costs about $30 to fill up and gets about 400 miles out of a tank.

I love how fuel efficient it is. I like the extras inside light mood lighting. I dislike how small it is and how small the trunk is.

- Ashlee G

Gas mileage is phenomenal.

I love the way it drives and the tech in the console. Do not dislike anything about it, it is a very standard and easy to use car.

- Victoria D

It only needs two AA batteries to run! Just kidding, but it does get great gas mileage.

It's very cute and I enjoy driving it. You can fit a surprising amount of stuff in the back. We make Costco Runs with no problems.

- Holly H

When I am out in my car and I need to make a turn the sleekness.

I love when I drive I feel safe in my car. The brakes are so smooth when I need them to stop. Steering is so smooth and reliable.

- Ashley C

The ford fiesta has almost no blind spot.

The ford fiesta has Fantastic gas mileage and I would highly recommended this car to anyone who is traveling many miles daily.

- Lynn J

American made, for sure, but dependable.

It is made by America's number 1 brand which is Ford and a positive thing; so far it has been dependable just a little small.

- Hazeleen M

I do not care what it says about me. It is just a means of transportation.

I like the size of the car. In addition, I like the fuel efficiency. The fact that it is white is a little bit if an issue.

- Mary Fran R

The gas mileage is good, but overall, the car is on the small side.

I like how easy it is to maneuver into small spaces. I don't like how small the backseat is. I do like my miles per gallon.

- Amber W

That is has been dependable. Even though it is small. And then Ford is viewed as America's number one brand.

I like the Ford brand; but the vehicle itself is a little small and cramped. I found out they will no longer be making it.

- Hazeleen B

2016 Ford Fiesta: Reliable, Great On Gas

Good small car, great on gas and has been reliable for the 2 years I have owned it. Great for city driving and parking.

- Rob S

no problems great gas mileage comfy to seat in ithas some pep to it and has a big truck plus it can seat up tp 5 people

it didn't cost alot and it's not the fancy model but it's still a nice car if you want something with good gas mileage

- Linda s

The greatest little car around it feels like your on the lake. The seats are comfy the heater and air conditioning will just drive you to want to keep going and never stop

I love my car it drives smooth and good on gas tires are not too expensive speakers are loud voice command is wonderful

- Cheryl O




Its small, hard to fit stuff in sometimes.

The fiesta drives well, has a good sound system, has not had any mechanical issues so far. And is all around reliable.

- Ethan L

My little Ford Fiesta is very fast and fuel efficient.

I like how small and zippy it is. I dislike the simplicity of the interior/control panel. I like the fuel efficiency.

- Claire b

Coolest feature is the mood lighting option

Its is a very reliable car, has some issues with the transmission it seems but it has still survived for a few years

- Cassandra P

Great little car, quick and fun

Has quirks like no automatic windows. Nice 5 speed. Easy to drive. Gets really great gas mileage. Fits 4 to 5 adults

- Anne O

The most important thing is the great gas mileage and Ford is America made.

I like the gas mileage that I get, the only thing I did like is the size of vehicle. I whisper it were more midsize.

- Kathy K

Great on gas mileage!!!!!

Great gas mileage, good commuter car for work. Good for singles or small families. Not a lot of cargo/trunk space.

- Kara B

My stereo system that I have installed.

Small, easy to maneuver. Reliable, good gas mileage on and off the highway. Fantastic car. Love the new Ford cars.

- Zack C

Good family car. Suitable for family of 4.

It is good comfortable for a family of five. Suitable for long drives. No complaints so far and highly satisfied.

- Ss N

Efficient in gas, high tech features,

Its efficient with gas, need small place to park, it has a high tech features but too small for a growing family.

- Riza C

The gas mileage is amazing.

Well my vehicle is a little small. It does good on the gas mileage I can fit my future kids in when I have them.

- Hunter B

that it gets great gas mileage.That it has heated seat. and Its small so not for large family.

I like that it get good gas mileage. I like that it has heated seats.and There's nothing I don't like about it.

- terry b

This car gets great gas mileage, is nice and compact and has great style.

I love the size which fits me perfectly as I am petite. It gets great gas mileage. I like the way it looks.

- janet c

It doesn't take alot to fill up. It does use gas quickly though. It's easy to drive

Could be slightly more spacious. Could use sturdier materials. Could have more cup holders in the back seats.

- Leslie B

I like the color choices for the interior lighting

I have had it for a year and it is very reliable it drives smoothly. Just wish it was a bit bigger for space

- Laura E

A great, reliable small car.

I like that I can pull easily into tight parking spaces. One issue - the headrests do not go completely down

- Barbara E

I don't having anything its. Good.

I love it. Drives good to and it is comfy to its good on gas to its good small I just love it it's amazing.

- Courtney R

Affordable, fuel efficient, low maintenance. Money saver!

Fuel efficient but small in interior size capacity. No recalls. Great trunk space for such a small vehicle.

- Carlos R

2016 Ford Fiesta: Excellent car.

Excellent gas mileage. Quiet drive. Very affordable. I'm of average height, and am comfortable in the car.

- Adam M

This ford fiesta has been very dependable I have had it for a little over two years nobody has ever rode in the back seat as a passenger.

Well I really like our ford fiesta it runs and drives very good it looks great and gets super gas mileage.

- David B

Ford Fiesta gets great gas mileage

At the moment, there are no problems with the car. I get great gas mileage on the highway and in the city.

- Kevin B

It is a red car. It is very spacious and has amazing storage in the back of the car for being a tiny vehicle

Nothing has been wrong with my car. I love it very much and I only have to do the main maintenance work

- Meg K

2016 Ford Fiesta is great on gas!

Our 2016 Ford Fiesta rides very smoothly. It's amazing on gas and will save you so much on road trips.

- Athena M

Great gas mileage. Safety features. Room in back because of hatchback

Love gas mileage, comfort of driving, its pep, safety features. Room of hatchback. The color and look.

- Charlene M

40 miles per gallon of gas.

Good gas mileage. Easy to handle. Good vision while driving. Poor acceleration. Low cost maintenance.

- Fred M

It has some weird blind spots if you have the seats in a certain way.

It is a good car of you are going to be traveling to the highway a lot. It has amazing gas mileage.

- Emily R

Small vehicle with big car quality.

Lots of legroom, great on gas, compatible with any iPhone or Android, oil changes are kind of high.

- Jermaine S

It gets great gas mileage and never have had any engine troubles.

The var ís tó small bút nót at the Time when I purchased it. Other that that it is a good car.

- Sara G

The most important thing about it is it gets great gas mileage.

It drives like it has a bad transmission and I purchased it brand new. I love the fuel economy

- sher m

Good gas mileage and the meter tells me how many miles I have left before I hit empty.

I love my Fiesta - it cools very quickly, good gas mileage and sporty looking and comfortable.

- Dotty V

Small and "Peppy". It is good for short trips and for small parking places.

Small and compact. Great for short trips. Does not perform well on long interstate trips.

- joan a

get good miles for each gallon of gas.is easy to drive.

is an easy to drive. looks nice. gets good miles for each gallon of gas.

- kathi m

It's a nice starter car or one if you have a modest budget.

It's a great car to get around even though I would love to upgrade it.

- Kerry M

good on gas great price . Reliable , fun to drive great price

Good on gas and is small and compact love this car . Very reliable

- Dolores R

Comfortable, affordable vehicle with excellent gas mileage. Nothing flashy, but it gets me where I need to go and offers great features for a pleasant ride. It puts up with a lot... though I do wish there was more storage space.

Affordable, reliable, safe, and sturdy. Great customer service.

- Abigail T




It's quick and nimble. It's got a manual transmission and it made to real drivers

ST is sporty but good daily driver. It is a little small though

- Jeff O

Good for the money, small and cute ,easy to drive,no much extras

Small and cute,accelerate fast,low gas consuming. Cheap body

- Zoia A

It's size is not for everyone. If you have kids or travel with multiple people it could feel cramped

I like the handling I like the size I like how fast it is

- Justin B

Gets good gas mileage and easy to drive in traffic

Good on gas Easy to drive Easy to park in tight spots

- Jane M

one of best for gas mileage of all the cars in the world

good mileage, good service, kind of cramped seating

- Fred D