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The perfect blend of size and power needed for day to day use and longer travel.

I love the car, it has been extremely reliable. The size of the vehicle is perfect for a single person, it is not too large that it is a problem, but large enough for me to haul things I need. I do not consider myself to be a brand loyal person, but Ford has been very reliable and easy to maintain. The car is older but still runs well, is a smooth ride, and gets very good gas mileage. I would recommend the car to anyone for various needs. Sedan size can sometimes feel too compact but this car is perfect for my needs. It is up to date enough to have electronics where desired but not where not needed as to cut down on expensive or unneeded repairs or upkeep. The ride is incredibly smooth even with having a more powerful engine, so it goes from city travel to highway with ease.

- Matthew L

The dash controls are great. Title: I love this car

I am a short woman, my husband is over 6 ft tall, so there is a big difference in the setting of the car for driving. This car has a control that you can set two peoples seat and foot pedals to their personal preference. A great feature for me is that the foot pedals more up to me so that I'm not so close to the steering wheel to reach the pedals and the seat raises up so I can actually see over the dash. I feel much safer with these options. Bonus with seat heaters. There is a good size center cubby between the front seats and there is one on the dash. There is lots of space. Everyone has plenty of room without feeling confined. The trunk is good size. I like larger trunks, love to carry chairs and cooler and swim gear just in case some fun pops up.

- Cindy L

Stylish look and smooth ride. Good gas mileage.

I love my Ford five hundred. Having mobility issues, I love how easy it is to get in and out of my car because it sits high off of the ground. It rides smoothly so a comfortable drive. We live in Florida where it is very hot and the air conditioning in my car works very well. I also love how it has controls for the radio right on the steering wheel so you are not distracted while driving. Another feature I love is that you can put groceries in the trunk and then lay the back seats down so the air conditions goes into the trunk. I also love the leather seats which are very comfortable.

- Cindy D

Ford five hundred: limited reliability.

I have had several issues with this car over the last two years, but it gets me to and from work so it will work until we can afford a new one. It is pretty old (over 220,000 miles) and it is had hail damage since I bought it. I also had someone rear end me in it, which caused some damage to the trunk. We've had to replace/fix the battery twice, the rotors, the brake line, the motor mount, and more. We've spent about $5,127 on this car altogether. Recently, it is started making a strange sound that almost sounds like a flat tire but they're all fine. I have no idea what it could be.

- Harley B

2005 Ford five hundred is a spacious luxury automobile.

The Ford five hundred is a luxury automobile. It has quite a bit of room and the size of the trunk is great for hauling all my art supplies. It gets good gas mileage. But it has had its sets of problems. I had to have the gas gauge replaced, as well as the dash controls. Ink the winter months the beading around the rims would cause my tires to deflate. The beading around the back door windows also has loosened so the rain gets caught in the door and I have to let it out the bottom. Overall it has been a good car, but as it ages there are many problems I have had to handle.

- Megan J

Door won't latch in winter, otherwise great car.

I have had this car since it was new in 2005. The stereo has been updated, but there is one really annoying issue. In the winter, if it is very cold, the doors won't shut. There was a recall for this, but it was never actually fixed on our car. I was told that the recall was done by the dealership, but the fix either didn't work or just wasn't actually done. It is a frustrating winter issue. I carry a lighter and defrosting spray to defrost the hardware that latches the door shut. This is especially annoying when you are running late for work or to take a kid to school.

- Courtney G

Large, reliable, and simple.

It feels large and heavy to drive - for me this is a positive because it feels safe. The interior is simple, but comfortable. The console controls are intuitive. Mine has been fairly reliable, and even though it is approaching its end of life I still have a lot of confidence every time I get in it. The few problems I have are that the wiper fluid indicator is unreliable, and the trunk mechanism does not give any indication that it is locked or unlocked (most cars click).

- Mitch L

The coolest feature is the massive trunk. I have fit many lawn tools in it

First not off the car has some speed with the v6 engine it has similar horsepower to the v6 mustangs of its time. The interior can seem dated by today's standards but it still doesn't seem like your driving an oldie. The 6 disc CD changer is fun and a great substitute for not having a jack to play music from your phone, the leather interior has held up very nicely. The best feature has to be the huge trunk. It can fit just about anything with the rear seats down!

- William D

Ford vehicles last as long as they are taken care of.

My car is very old now but it is still a really reliable. I enjoy my car very much, it has a smooth ride and gets me around well. I have only had to fix a couple things on it costing around two thousand dollars in the past two years. I recently replaced the upper intake gaskets, the coils, and all of the spark plugs. I also replaced a part that keeps the wheels in alignment. But overall with regular maintenance the car lasts as long as it is taken care of.

- Brittany B

Great looking car that is super comfortable for anyone!

The ford 500 is great! This car is so comfortable!! My brother is over six feet tall and can sit comfortably in the back seat. We have all wheel drive which makes this car very stable in snow. I had a broken leg on a road trip from Washington state to California. It was very difficult for me to get comfortable in any car but this one. All the ways I can adjust the seat made it very comfortable for me to ride long hours in the car. I love this car!!

- Maria D

Ford five hundred- pros and cons.

The five hundred is a durable and full functioning vehicle. I have managed to haul all kinds of horse related materials with no issues. It has a large trunk capacity which is really beneficial for a full packed schedule. It can handle the long road trips and is spacious and comfortable. The only issue I have had was a sensor going out that caused the entire vehicle to shut down, this only occurs after having over 200,000 miles put on the vehicle.

- Alexandria L

Reliable car Alarm system Radio system.

My car is a very reliable car the body is still in good condition the inside is still intact right now I need one fuel injector replaced besides that my car is good I have put a lot of work in my car I have a very nice alarm system I have a automatic starter on it which is great for winter months also in the summer I have had my car for 3 yrs I have also had a very nice radio system put in also brand new tires put on it's a great car.

- Linda O

The Ford five hundred is a great, comfortable, and reliable car!

I got my father’s car after he passed away. I drove it from NC back to Vegas. It is such a comfortable ride. It is a bigger car but one that makes you feel safe when you are in it. I have not had any performance problems since I have owned it which has been for the past five years. This car has been across the country and back several times and I have never had any problems. My dad bought the car new so I am only the 2nd owner.

- Elizabeth M

Ford Five Hundred 2005 a good looking car with a lot of space but not reliable

I love how spacious the car is, it is the biggest sedan I have driven or been in. I enjoy the quality of the interior and the functions on the dash, radio and steering wheel. I have been in a few accidents so there is some damage on the outside. I do not like how much this car breaks down. I don't do anything to make the car break down it just feels like there's always a problem and I'm always bringing it into the shop.

- Angela B

Reliable and comfortable vehicle.

The five hundred is very comfortable and reliable car. I have owned the car for three years and it has not given me very many problems. Just your basic mechanical problems that happen on older vehicles; alternator, battery, etc. My vehicle is a basic model, cloth seats, regular radio, no extras, but is still very comfortable. Which what made this model affordable for me. I am overall very pleased with this vehicle!

- Jennifer K

The thing I like about my car is I can adjust it to where I want my seat.

My car is reliable but in the winter it will sometimes not start. Right now my tire popped so I had to get a new one. I am satisfied with my car with how I am able to reach it because I am a short person and its seat moves forward or up to where I can reach and be able to see over. It is also spacy, I am able to fit my two children and the booster seats. Overall I like my car but still have some issues with it.

- Jacqueline C

Ford Five Hundred is a comfortable and reliable car!

I love everything about my car except for the fact that it's not very good at accelerating when you want to go faster and the mpg isn't the best either. Other than that, very comfortable, very reliable, and would recommend. It is a full sized sedan so there's plenty of room for comfort. The car is very reliable because it tells you when you need to change the oil and the exact amount of gas you still have.

- Victoria S

Good vehicle. The body will fall apart before the engine.

This car is built like a truck. Mine has 230, 000 miles on it and runs like a champ. Downfalls are the rust on the wheel wells and the shocks and struts are bad but with those miles it aint that bad. Also the computer has some issue that causes car to go into failsafe mode after starting when it sits overnight and needs to be turned off and back on but I think it just needs to be reset at the factory.

- Clint A

Extra expenses that came with my car.

Upon purchasing this car, which was in great used condition. I had to replace both the alternator and the battery. After about 3 years, I have started having problems when it gets cold. I almost always have to jump it now. Not to mention, my oil pan leaked and soaked my spark plugs with oil. I have to get them all replaced and I was told that it is a very common problem with this model.

- Molly M

2005 Ford 500 - Great Vehicle

The Ford 500 is a very reliable car. It is solid and provides a very smooth ride. The features that came standard with the vehicle are ahead of their time. The car was manufactured in 2005. There have been some issues with suspension but I believe this car had been in several accidents before I purchased it. Even still, it runs very well and has not given me many problems at all.

- Maria M

The Ford Five Hundred: A Good Reliable Family Vehicle

I have had no issues with this car besides the check engine light being on for the last couple years and the CD player quitting. It's been through a lot in the 5 years that I've owned it, but it has proven to be a good reliable car with comfortable seating and enough space for a small family. The trunk is very large which is great. It gets pretty decent gas mileage as well.

- Kara W

Ford five hundred riddled with electrical issues when it rains.

When it rains, the dashboard lights go black, and the rear back up lights turn on at the same time. I was told it needs a thousand dollar part to fix it. . . But when the sun is shining, this is not a problem. Also when it rains, the doors collect significant amounts of water, that can only be drained manually. Definitely has electrical problems when it rains.

- Carol R

The car is very dependable and reliable I had no problems with the motor.

This would have owned the 2005 ford 500 for 14 years. It is good on gas mileage has never had any major issues for how old it is simple repairs tire rods wheel bearings brakes roader's it has some rusting out around the baseline of the doors and the wheel wells but for the most part it is a very reliable car and I will drive it until it dies out on me.

- Kelley J

Definitely a top car in my opinion

I bought this car last July for 900 dollars. It runs great no major issues. With 270,000 miles on it and it still runs great. Its my family car that gets us around anywhere we need. Definitely a good choice for a car. Very spacious, plenty of legroom and the trunk fit my daughter's stroller along with 300 dollars of groceries with still plenty of room

- Morgan B

Ford Five Hundred Limited Review

It's a great car don't get me wrong however. There are so many crappy factors. My middle console broke. My sunroof broke. The trim on the side is coming off. However what I've noticed most is not just mine but other five hundreds the bumpers just crack. I'm not sure if it's due to weather or what but all I've seen have a cracked bumper including mine.

- becky M

Great driving car, runs and drives smoothly.

The ride is comfortable and it is gets good gas mileage comfortable seating and plenty of room. The trunk has a lot of room, power steering windows air conditioner radio CD player. The downfall of it water can get in the back doors when it rains there's a drain plug and every now and then it gets plugged, other then that it is a great car to drive.

- Laura B

I love its durability. A wise choice for someone who is hard on vehicles.

It's such a faithful car. This car has definitely changed my mind on fords, I used to hate them. Now, because of this car and it's amazing performance I swear by ford. I bought this vehicle four years ago and was by no means a responsible car owner and regardless of me not taking care of it and keeping it maintained, it has never faltered.

- Victoria C

An interesting detail to me is the rain collecting in the doors.

It is a good vehicle. It looks good. It is stylish. I personally do not like how the sideview mirrors are positioned. I have trouble judging how close I am to the curve when turning. I do not rain collecting in the doors when it rains; but the flap underneath the door can be lifted to let the water drain out. I have had going on 13 years.

- Betty K

Comfortable and great storage.

Totally easy to drive. Very comfortable. Large trunk capacity. Nothing done but changed the oil and tires since I had this car. I am hoping to be able to purchase a used Ford Fusion soon. I totally love Ford vehicles. I had purchased a Chevy Monte Carlo that I traded for the Ford five hundred because I did not like the Chevy at all.

- Linda D

Reliable and comfortable car.

I love the way my car drives and how it sits up unlike most cars. You can sit in it without sinking down into the seats, almost like you are in a truck or SUV. Aside from the normal maintenance you would have to do on a 13 year old car, it runs great and rarely has problems. Very reliable and I plan to drive it for years to come.

- Mal B

Older yet roomier and big trunk space Ford 500 review.

The car is very roomy and has a big trunk. The only problems that I have had is an electrical problem with the gas reader. Once I get down to 70 miles to empty it automatically drops to e. And the radio and sound system in the vehicle could be a little better. Even if I have the volume all the way up it is not very loud.

- Katie A

This vehicle is a nice color, look, and everything.

Very comfortable car! Drives smooth and is very reliable for travel, long or short term. The gas tank is huge and it gets amazing gas mileage. I have never had issues with this car! It has a nice look as well. It runs smoothly and is a great option for a first car for a teen or for anyone at all. I highly recommend!

- Abigail P

Make sure to test output of alternator and sensors. Ensure they're working before you buy.

This car has had a crazy amount of electrical failure. Due to door ajar sensor being off hitch somehow, my car has had to have alternator and battery replaced. The have alternator replaced again in 2 weeks. It caused every electrical piece of equipment that is need to run the car, run into fail safe. It was scary!

- Allie L

Have often thought about buying a new car but really love to drive this one.

I really love this car it is quite roomy just right for long trips. I have had very little breakdowns. Just your average break jobs and a couple of new battery's. It really holds its age well. It still looks really good for its age. It has leather seats and a moonroof. I always get plenty of compliments about it.

- Deborah E

Why not to buy a Ford five hundred.

Transmission problems over and over again. Also, had to replace alternator five times. Gas mileage wasn't as good as claimed. Hard to replace lights. Like the heated seats option. It was a comfortable car to ride in. Also handled well. The air conditioner does not blow cold unless you are driving on the highway.

- Misty S

Great car last a lifetime.

Have only and a few problems with this car an have had it for almost two years now. Most of my problems are just wear and tear on the car. Have had problems with my heater that I still can not figure out. Have had the flouter on gas tank sink but ended up fixing itself one of the time my gas tank was refilled.

- Aspen W

Pros and cons of Ford 500.

Car is nice with a decent mileage and tank size. Good quality as well, some of my problems with the car is that the trunk occasionally opens randomly and the lining of my doors do not stay in, along with the random problem I have with filling up with gas where it will stop several times before I can finish.

- Dayton H

A Great Family Car from ford

Great Family Car. Has all features user friendly. Excellent road grip.Value for money . Quality of this vehicle has surpassed my expectations. With Vehicle frame coming from Volvo platform, excellent road view for short people. 5 star side crash rated vehicle. Definitely recommend for friends and family

- Elijah G

2005 Ford 500-Green, High Mileage

This car is bad on gas mileage. It gets close to 19 miles per gallon. I love the heated seats and sunroof. I would probably not get leather seats in my next car. It's reliable and drives well. It is a larger car so it makes me feel safe while driving, however, I might get a larger car next time.

- Sarah B

Great car fun to drive all the extras.

Very comfortable ride. Good gas mileage. Ac sunroof 6 CD player cruise control premium rims and tires dual exhausts metallic green leather seats power windows and seats. Fun to drive. Six cylinder dura tech engine. Was my dads car but inherited it when he passed away sentimental value to me.

- Jeff B

Great Car for a Family Budget.

I love this car. Great gas mileage. The seats are so comfortable, it's like you just mold into them. The overall car handles very well. Mine is White with black leather seats. Really hot in the summer months in the south. Cold a/c and warm heat. It also has heater driver and passenger seats.

- Brandy S

It was well built and has lasted a very long time.

The car is very spacious and sits up higher than other cars. It has a moon roof, which is nice to be able to open on sunny days. It also has AWD, which we really need in the snow where we live. There is nothing that I really dislike about the car other than Ford stopped making that style.

- Joel V

Smooth ride with excellent control.

Controls for the stereo are on the steering wheel. Has dual climate controls. Driver and passenger electric seats rear view mirror auto dimmer. Alloy wheels. Trunk access through back seat. Plenty of space. 15 gallon gas tank does not do well on mpg city driving rides and handles smoothly.

- Ira E

It has an very roomy the trunk is and passengers always say it is a comfy ride.

I have had to install a new transmission about 3 years ago. Other than regular and routine maintenance I have not had any trouble and I have really enjoyed owning this vehicle that I bought used with 5000 miles on it. The brakes were very good and I replaced the brake pads regularly.

- Lee R

My car is white and wide. It has a 6 CD changer.

It is very wide and hard to drive for beginners. But I do like how spacious the back seats are for the children. The seat belt alarm has always had problem though and won't ever turn off even when seat belts are on. There cons and pros to this car but is it good for small family.

- Allison W

Enough space for traveling with the family

Purchased this vehicle in 2006. Over the years minor things have happened like fogged headlights, paint is dull. This is to be expected as the car is 14 years old now. This car is extremely comfortable and has the much needed space for travel. Great on gas when on the open road.

- Joshua W

Roomy mid size sedan. Full power.

My car is full power air heat lay down seats. Roomy trunk and is easy on gas. It is very comfortable and mid size. However the check engine light stays on constantly I have had a mechanic check it out and nothing is wrong it is irritating to not be positive if there's a problem.

- Penny W

Big trunk and good gas mileage

It very comfortable, spacious, it get good gas mileage for me. I get 350 to 400 miles with a full tank of gas and the trunk is huge, come in handy with groceries and hauling baby stuff around. Only issue I am have is with the ac which either needs to be replaced or recharged

- Theresa G

Great dependable car, The Ford Five Hundred

My car has been in the shop once every 2 yrs the past 4 yrs but overall has done a great job of being reliable. As it's gotten older, the ride has gotten rougher, but nevertheless it's dependable. My car has had the battery replaced a few times but never had engine issues.

- Erin F

MY 2005 FORD FIVE HUNDRED It just keeps going!

I bought my car used. I have owned it since 2007 it has been very reliable. Honestly the body of my car is going to fall apart before the engine. I have had no major issues only maintenance issues. I feel safe in my car and I feel that my grandchildren are safe!Good car!

- Nancy M

Good things about driving a ford.

My ford car is extremely reliable. It has a smooth ride, fast acceleration and is easy to handle. I chose a lighter color that wouldn't show dirt easily since I am not a fan of having to go to the car wash. It is very easy on gas and drives like a much smaller vehicle.

- Jessica J

I like the color. It is an average size car, it's not big and bulky.

Very reliable car. Not comfortable, Not problems, just wear and tear features like brakes etc. I like the temperature of the outside air feature. I like the console in the middle of the front seat. The only problem I don't like is the AWD feature doesn't work anymore.

- marie Z

I love the car's stereo system.

I would say there are no problems with the car. The performance could only be better if it drove better in the snow. The problem there would be the tires. The car comfortably seats 4 but can fit 5 in the car. The car has a radio. The car all in all is very reliable.

- Charlie A

My Ford five hundred; we ride.

I enjoy the size of the car. Not to big but not too small decent size trunk and not high maintenance. Great on gas. I have 194, 000 miles and it's still running beautifully. Great speakers installed into the vehicle. Just overall a great make and I love it.

- Jeannette H

2005 ford five hundred sel AWD.

The only issue I have had with my car is the instrument cluster went. It was about $1000 dollars to fix. Everything else was maintenance. This is a great car. I have had this car for almost 10 years and have had no other issues. The car drives and runs well.

- Jessica H

It has great accommodations.

Good on gas and just love it. The problem I have is the gas cap doesn't go on good. I drive 130 miles a day and it is very dependable. We have taken many trips in this car. It is very comfortable. The color is good. The oil stays good and level all the time.

- Michelle D

The car is amazing and the maintenance has been very inexpensive.

I love the space and comfort of my car the trunk space is huge the maintenance so far has been affordable the gas mileage is great the Audio sound is awesome the seatbelts are secure and safe the car performs great on long trips it is a very sturdy vehicle.

- Nancy V

It's roomy and comfortable, and reliable.

I love the Ford Five Hundred!! 4 door sedan with almost more leg room in the back seat than in the front (and that's with the front seats all the way back). The trunk is huge. It's a comfortable ride and gets decent gas mileage; has held up well!!!!

- Linda L

The most important thing about my car is that my car picks up speed and u wont know that you are going fast for as smooth as it drives.

The car is really good for getting you from point a to point b. Has plenty of room for comforting driving and adjustable seat. The reliability of the car is good. Like all vehicles it will have problems that you will need to take it in the shop for.

- Octavio R

At 13 years old, the car runs well and has not needed many major repairs. .

Likes: cockpit well-designed. Easy to reach & read controls. Seats are comfortable. Dislikes: coin tray on console is too far back so it is hard to retrieve coins, especially when trying to get toll money. Wish it was a little easier on gas.

- Deborah L

Classy workhorse with lots of space

My car has served me very well. At nearly 210,000 miles, it's still going strong! It rides smoothly and is very spacious, both in the interior and the trunk. If they still made this car, I'd buy another after this one dies!

- Kimberly K

My car is comfortable to ride in and gets good gas mileage.

Actually I am driving my husband's car right now, but I like it because it is easy to get in and out of it. The car gets good gas mileage, and is comfortable to ride in. I personally prefer an SUV since they sit up higher.

- ML W

It has 250,000 miles on it, that's a heck of a lot of miles.

I like that I got the car completely free from my grandparents, but It's 13 years old and showing its age pretty bad now, I have had problems with starter and some pump or something in the last few months

- Nick D

Huge trunk and plenty of legroom for EVERYone.

This car fits my body, I don't have to fall into it or pull myself out of it. The armrest, door panel etc. are all located in a very comfortable position. It has all the bells and whistles I wanted.

- Carol W

That its a safe car, its big and reliable mine is a 05 and it is still running great!

i really like my red ford 500 its roomy for my passengers or my groceries good trunk space nice size i like the windshield view no blind spots I wish they'd make this car again cause I love mine!!!

- amber c

Not only does it look stylish but has a lot of room in it.

I like the body style and interior design. Car has a lot of power. Dislike that has a tendency to rust at the rear door tire well area, have had this fixed two times and is rusting again.

- Marlene L

It is a good car with plenty of room and good gas mileage.

Nice size drives good plenty of room trunk is large complaint is back doors fill with water and has a plug to drain it. Otherwise it is an overall good car to drive, gets good gas mileage.

- Laurie B

It has confusing controls for lights, radio, and air conditioning and heater,

It is too large with large exterior mirrors, hard to see when making turns. Light system is very confusing, so is air conditioner and radio controls. Other than that, it runs great!

- Karen T

My faithful Ford five hundred.

I love everything about this car. Comfortable, easy to drive (important for a small person like me) it is been reliable always. My only concern is the fact that it is getting old.

- Colleen L

It has great features that you don't normally find on a car this old.

I like my car because it gets good gas mileage. I have an issue because the transmission started to fail after a few years but I was able to replace it. I love the way it looks!

- Teena R

Comfortable easy to maintain!

They don't make this vehicle anymore. I love my car. It is fully loaded, comfortable and a pleasure to drive. I would buy another one if they manufactured it.

- Cindy M

Wonderful ford 500 car likes and dislikes

I bought it used 40,000 miles for 13,000 after tax. I have had it for 5 years now. The A/C doesn't work and there is no aux cord, however bet reliable car.

- Breyon W

Roomy and reliable vehicle

I really enjoy the size of my vehicle. It comfortably fits a family of five. The engine is holding up great with over 120,000 miles on it. Very reliable.

- Ashley F

It is old but it is still a good car.

It is a nice car, fairly spacious and comfy. It is just old and has a lot of miles on it. No AC., but other than that everything functions well enough.

- Cassidy F

It is a great car. It is reliable.

I like the space. The interior. I like the smooth ride. I like the body style. I do not have any complaints. I will buy another one but a newer model.

- Ashanti D

That the cars computer works well and I maintain it based on its alerts.

It used but the only problem is the air conditioner does not work. I enjoy the comfort that comes with it and its body style. It handles well for me.

- Charles J

That it is very roomy, comfortable plush seats and its big enough to take a strong impact.

Love the way it drives, starts up everyday and never left me stranded. I dislike that he has 197000 miles on the engine and he is starting to rust.

- pamela o

That it's broken down right now and we cant use it.

Its broken down right now. When it worked it drove great. A lot of problems we had to fix. It's still broken down and we spent lots of money on it.

- Billy M

It is very comfortable and also reliable. I have no real problems with it.

I have had no problems with this vehicle. It runs great. It is very comfortable. The only problem I have is that the wipers don't work correctly.

- Melanie D

it gets great gas mileage and it has good power output

It's a great all around car i love it it gets me where I need to go and it allows me to be free out on the open road it's an overall great car

- brett s

Great Ford buy. Great for road trips, very comfortable. Easy to clean.

Replaced power steering pump, 2 injectors, throttle body. Great gas mileage, love the heated seats, very spacious and great sound system.

- Larry C

This is a vehicle anyone would be pleased to have.

The vehicle is very comfortable riding long distances. The gas mileage is great. The only real problem we have is with the motor mount.

- Lala F

The door collects liquid (like rain).

I like that my car beeps when something is in the rear and the back seat is spacious. I dislike the a/c, it does not circulate well.

- Celeste A

It last a long time and ford cars are really good long lasting cars.

I like my vehicle. It drives very well. Ford cars last a long time. I don't really have any complaints or dislike about my vehicle.

- Jasmine B

The car is relative cheaper and oil efficient.

I like the large trunk. I like the large backseat. I dislike the lack of rear wiper. I dislike how it drives in rain and snow.

- Eileen C

It is a really good car. I haven't had any major issues with it.

I love that it is good on gas mileage. I wish it was a little sportier looking though. I also think it is a little too wide.

- Mary S

Midsize 4 door car, power heated seats & windows, leather seats, moonroof..

I love this vehicle, regular maintenance, no problems, well kept, great size, been a great vehicle and I will buy another.

- Teresa W

The Ford Five Hundred is a Safe and Reliable car. I would recommend it.

I like it overall. It is a bit large for my liking. It also reminds me of an old lady car which is why I named her Nana.

- Jennifer B

It gets us where we need to go.

Jumps when you start driving, brakes barely work, steering wheel is peeling, gas goes too fast, takes a minute to start.

- Jenna C

It is very dependable and reliable.

I like the room inside the car. I dislike the gas mileage. This vehicle is easy to maneuver, and quick on acceleration.

- Karen A

That it is a very nice car.

Save gas very small and drives good. Do not have a radio to hook up. Drives real smooth. I need to change the color.

- Norma B

Comfortable Ride for Work or Leisure

Nice and spacious, safe vehicle, easy to get parts for, fully loaded, but uses too much gas, is a fun car to drive.

- Victor A

Works well for its age. Pump gas on passenger side.

I have had problems with the radiator but they are relatively easy to fix. It gets me to work everyday (30 miles).

- Jo N

It's good on gas around town and also on long trips.

I like the room it has in it. It drives really good. It is also good on gas around town and also on long trips.

- Selena G

Comfort and room, with DVD player in rear seat.

I love the size. Full size car.. I wish I had a backup camera.. I love the color black.. It handles great.

- Linda Z


safe, reliable and comfortable very dependable and is very good looking. this vehicle just keeps ticking.

- rudy k

It has been, in terms of mechanics - repairs, a very great car.

It is loaded. Have driven it for 13 years with no problems, only regular maintenance. Love the car.

- Linda G

That you can fit 5 grown adults in the car comfortably.

There's not much to dislike about it. It is a luxury sedan. But I dislike that it isn't an SUV.

- Abigail B

I have not had any major problems with the car. I like how the seats fold down and the size of the trunk.

I like the leather seats, the look of the body of the car, the way I sit up in the car.

- Jodi P

it has lasted since 2005 without any major issues.

i love it roominess. it has lasted since 2005 and easy to maintain it.

- michaele o

Much roomier on the inside than it looks on the outside

The car is very comfortable, very spacious, and has been very reliable

- Garth T

Vehicle is reliable. Vehicle will last a long time. Great trunk space

Love everything . Reliable. Good driving. Great trunk space

- Maryrose A

Good gas mileage. No complaints.

Very decent on gas, never had any breakdowns. No complaints.

- John M