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Backup sensors. Heated mirrors. Rearview auto tint. Power windows, seats,locks.

2006 Ford Five Hundred SEL

I've done very little since being the second owner in way of repairs. Common issues I run into are throttle body buildup and buildup on the terminals of the batter. . Since replacing the throttle body I have had no issues with its performance. The odometer is now at 200,000 miles and it is still running strong. Shifting is still strong and prompt. The only complaint I have is the price of replacing the throttle body since the entire assembly is one piece that you have to buy whole in order to fix any sensor problems. The cvt transmission could lead you to believe there is a transmission issue but the shifting is entirely normal for that year of cvt.

- April L

Long-time trustworthy comfort.

2006 Ford Five Hundred SEL

I thoroughly enjoy my car. It provides the size of a larger sedan without having to upgrade to an SUV/crossover. I feel safe with the amount of car I have around me for protection. I have been in 2 accidents since owning this and not only was I safe but my car was able to sustain the damage and after repairs, still runs very well. I have driven 3 hours one way for school for 6 years and the car has held up remarkably. There is so much space inside for not only myself as the driver but for all passengers too. The back seat and trunk are so spacious and have served me well for many moving hauls. Personally, I love the sunroof feature my car has.

- Anna S

Nice luxury car from Ford that is no longer in production.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

This car is very comfortable, has a lot of legroom in the front and back. The sunroof is nice to have on those spring days when I want to feel like I have a convertible. I have not had any performance issues with this car. The gas mileage is tremendous. As long as I keep up with oil changes, I can travel up to 450 miles on a tank of gas. It is solidly built and drives like a luxury car. When the windows are rolled up, it is a quiet ride. The only downside to my car is Ford no longer makes this car.

- Peggy F

Boat of a car runs beautifully.

2006 Ford Five Hundred SE

My car performs wonderfully and I love how it runs and the size of it. The seats are comfortable (fabric) and have plenty of room. It seats five comfortably, comes with a CD player, and has a big trunk. It fits my son's car seat in the back no problem. The only issue I have is the air conditioner broke and it's going to cost $900 to fix. Until we can get it fixed, I still use it and prefer it over my husband's SUV. This car is on the bigger side but handles real well.

- Alexandria P

Safe, reliable car for the family!

2006 Ford Five Hundred

I drive over 60 miles every day to and from work. The only issue that I have ever had was engine trouble after 250k miles. The ride is smooth, the leather seats are wonderful, and the performance is great for a midsize car. It comfortably seats five people and has tons of space. It drives wonderfully in all kinds of weather conditions, has great traction control, radio, a/c and heating systems, and gets almost 30 miles/gallon of fuel. Great car for anyone!

- Amie B

Great at first but. . . Now not so much.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

I loved this car when we first purchased it. We bought it used and thought all the issues were disclosed at purchase. We were told that the erg and ecm needed to be replaced or reset. I purchased another ecm and the car would not accept the module. As for the erg, I was told that we would be able to change the filter within the unit. This is not the case as the top has to be Calibrated. I am not loving my car anymore and now it just sits in our driveway!

- Dona L

Very smooth ride performance and powerful acceleration to cruising speed without any of the lurching or struggling sounds I have heard other models make.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

I love the smooth ride of my Ford Five Hundred. It has smooth handling and super-comfortable heated leather seats. The sound of the audio is excellent when I want to play some tunes and I can even control the stations from the steering wheel. I wish that it was a little more fuel efficient and also, since it is an older car, I do not have bluetooth capability to since my smartphone on-board. However, it remains a powerful and reliable car!

- Tammy P

I love my Ford five hundred - great car.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

For some reason, when it pours rain the door panel collects water. I had small holes drilled in the bottom to drain. It is a very comfortable car and is pretty good on mileage. I like that I can find out how many miles I can go with the gas remaining. Also, I can check my mile per gallon. I have never had any problems starting in the winter and it get cold where I live. I love this car and would buy again if they still made it.

- Lynn G

Bad and good all in one car.

2006 Ford Five Hundred SE

First thing that went before 140,000 miles was the transmission, at around 160,000 miles the engine went. Had both replaced, add car been treated better by previous owner those issues may not have happened. Body has lasted well in weather conditions and interior is very comfortable. Cv transmission is actually preferred in my own opinion, this car drives smoothly and quietly. I plan on driving it into the ground.

- Stephanie W

It glides down the road like an old galaxy.

2006 Ford Five Hundred SEL

It has leather interior, new brakes and bearing assemblies on the rear wheels and a new throttle pedal position sensor. It is AWD and handles all road conditions like a champ. It gets an average of 25 mpg. It has an all electric drivers seat, it also has a 6 disc changer stereo. Unfortunately it is white and is developing rust in all the normal locations that you get rust when you live in Minnesota.

- Aaron N

Loving my Ford 500, dependable, and looks good too.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

I have had no problems with my car. It is dependable, starts every time. It rides nice, and handles well. I love the small dashboard storage compartment, very convenient for small items. The glasses storage above the rear view mirror is great, perfect for a spare pair of my prescription glasses. Drivers power seat is a plus, effortlessly adjusts, wonderful when needing to change leg position.

- Jennifer C

Amazing car with no complaints.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

Every once and awhile the gear slips but nothing major. Super reliable and runs great in all conditions. The stereo system is amazing and the car itself is comfortable and fun to drive. I own a 2006 sel and it runs like a charm still at 200, 000 miles. I would suggest this car for anyone who is a first time driver or likes a car that feels like a luxury car without the price tag.

- Bella G

Easy car to drive for short person!

2006 Ford Five Hundred SE

I had to repair brakes early on. There have been no other repair issues. The car is extremely comfortable to drive. Front seat is high which is most important for short driver. Back seat is great for passengers, with large center fold-down with cup holders. The trunk is more than spacious and with the ability to fold down back seat I can heal most anything I need to.

- Carol B

Interesting detail of my car is the Bluetooth radio that I put in.

2006 Ford Five Hundred SE

It is too big because I am a small person. It drives and takes off so slow. The battery is always dying and something is wrong with the alternator. It has a net on the driver side because somebody hit me backing up. The car is too long I need a smaller car. It's very old but it is a reliable car. I put in a new Bluetooth radio so that is a good feature in the car.

- Kiara J

Very spacious and comfortable. Great driving car.

2006 Ford Five Hundred SE

Very reliable and good smooth driving car. All around this car is very roomy. Huge back seat with plenty of legroom. The trunk as well is very big and spacious. I like that this car, stock, does not sit super low to the ground so I can still drive over bumps in the road without dragging the bottom. Speakers are amazing, best I have ever had in an all stock car.

- Morgan W

The underestimated five hundred.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

I love the 2006 Ford five hundred that I have driven for years. It is roomy, reliable and drives smoothly. Ford has issued a few recalls and service bulletins but those have always been taken care of in a timely fashion with the Ford dealerships. The car gets decent gas mileage to be the size that it is and its great for a family because of the interior.

- Nicole W

2006 Ford Five Hundred Review

2006 Ford Five Hundred SE

Car runs good after 200,000 miles. Problems with this specific model are the information cluster going out and the radiator not running coolant properly. Definitely would like to have an upgrade to a more comfortable riding experience. As far as reliability, it can ensure quite a bit of miles before problems start to occur such as faulty water pump.

- Matthew B

6 CD changer, but no auxiliary.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

I love my car. Its fully loaded. Leather seats, automatic locks, keyless entry, etc. But it doesn't have a auxiliary output jack so I cant listen to music with my mp3 player or phone. It has a 6 disc CD player and radio controls are on the steering wheel which I also love. But it makes no sense to me as to why it doesn't have auxiliary output.

- Toni B

Ford five hundred a sound investment.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

I just bought this vehicle. It runs very smoothly. I bought it used. The inside upholstery is comfortable. It is a very roomy car. The dashboard is simple and easy to read. Early morning the car does seem to 'miss'. It is noticeable at first, not so much after driving a bit. It is great on gas mileage! I was happily surprised to find out.

- Anita B

Reliability and comfort ability in one vehicle.

2006 Ford Five Hundred SEL

This is the first Ford I've owned and I will definitely buy another. The car is roomy but not a boat and has great gas mileage. Other than some minor body damage the car looks good. I have been hit in the rear three times and no damage was done to my car. I feel it is very safe for my seven year old to travel in as well.

- Kelly D

Gas mpg is awful, interior is very large and trunk is large though.

2006 Ford Five Hundred SE

The cars interior is very wide which I love. There is a lot of space, however, the amount of money I spend on gas and how often I do is what makes me not like the car. It has many problems now mechanically that seem they can never get fixed. The paint has began to chip and the overall look of the car has depleted with time.

- First N

Ford quality is job number 1.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

Dependable, comfortable and economical it gets an average of 23 miles per gallon. It cruises along at 80 miles per hour to keep up with the interstate traffic. The car has leather which is very comfortable and the exterior and interior are in wonderful condition. I would buy another one of these if they still made them.

- Mitchell K

Nice, spacious and comfortable for driver and passengers including the backseat.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

Great performance, decent on gas, no problems mechanically so far, very reliable hasn't broke down once since I've owned it. Seats are comfortable, only thing I dislike is that the stereo has an auxiliary option to it but no auxiliary cord plug in available in the car and the CD player sticks and CDs get stuck often.

- Katie W

It's very reliable and is safe to drive. Has maximum comfort. The features in this car are enjoyable, and the car reacts well to the road conditions.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

The car feels just right to size. Knowing it's safety features I feel secure while driving. I enjoy the feel of the seat and the comfort it provides on long trips. The car itself has been reliable. The only drawback is the car doors fill will water during rain. Not good for Florida conditions. Otherwise, I Love It!

- Maelinda S

Happy with my Ford 500 in every way.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

My car has given me very good service. I do take it in for regular oil changes, tire checks, under the hood checks, etc. I have spent very little money on repairs. I am very happy with it. I bought it new and I am the primary driver. We have driven it to Florida a few times, with no problems. It gets good mileage.

- Ann M

I named my vehicle bodiquoi. She is my best friend!

2006 Ford Five Hundred Limited

The ride is smooth even after 125k + miles, there is an electrical issue where the CD player reads error. However the car is very clean on the inside, I purchased it used. The transmission is not 100% as to be expected but it runs nice. The clear coat is peeling and the undercarriage needs sandblasted and recoated

- Sable H

Good car Oil leak affects just the floor of the garage.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

This is the best car I have ever had and I have had it 8 years now. I purchased it used and it has given me no trouble. -- it has an oil leak which has been repaired 3 times, without success. But, it does not affect the operation of the car. I love the car; my garage floor is unsightly, but the car is great.

- Judith A

It is a good car is good for a young person single person.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

I really do not have any problems with my car, it is a good car, I really like it, is good on gas, it is nice, the interior is very nice, it has a CD player, and radio, very nice engine, I did have a problem with the automated lady, was nothing major you have to keep it on because it is a Ford, it squeaks.

- Shy L

Someone told me it was a rental vehicle from Hawaii I do not know if true.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

Get out of snow and ice low gas mileage like it. Good service paint is starting to come off though. Good in all weather dependable little but big car if u know what I mean easy to park and drive around town. Like that it is easy to drive and steer pretty to look at and see in parking lot it is red.

- Carol F

Luxurious and spacious car

2006 Ford Five Hundred Limited

Haven't had many problems other than what the people I bought it from didn't fix. The interior is real nice and luxurious, velvet seats. Very spacious and great storage in the trunk. It handles very nicely. No issues with the gas mileage. Easily accessible when trying to fix anything under the hood.

- Amanda W

Gas, that�s my favorite part of all of it. Very economic .

2006 Ford Five Hundred SE

Good on gas for sure. My sensors went out through a speed transmission one, plus the air conditioner stopped working as well. Good car if it didn't fall apart so fast. On summer days it's difficult with the ac not working and people charging an arm and a leg to fix it doesn't make it any better

- Christopher L

Is an oldie but a goodie.

2006 Ford Five Hundred SEL

I bought it used however did not have any issues with it till well after a few years owning it. Everything that I had to fix on it has been things that would fail in any vehicle after how old it is. Its MPG is acceptable and its storage is amazing. Would recommend to other people.

- Sean B

Good long lasting reliable car

2006 Ford Five Hundred SEL

The only problems I have had recently is that the alternator has gone out but it is a 13 year old car. The brakes are amazing and it rides very smooth. I like that the seat can be raised since I am on the shorter side. It has a large gas tank so I don't have to fill it often.

- Damien P

Faith in Ford restored, car with lots of room and little to no issues.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

The best part about the car is the interior. Very large amount of room to sit, plenty of legroom with wide seats. The trunk is unexpectedly huge. My car is a 2006 and has virtually no issues. Before driving this car I didn't believe Ford was a great car brand, but now I do.

- Zoe G

Big and spacious Smith ride

2006 Ford Five Hundred SEL

I bought it used the car is a good car runs well I had to replace the throttle body, and basic things like brakes and rotors also it is extremely hard to find the correct windshield wiper blades. The car is very big and spacious and great if you wanted to take a road trip.


2006 Ford Five Hundred is a reliable vehicle.

2006 Ford Five Hundred SE

One issue I have is the 6 disc CD player has messed up. It makes a noise as though a CD is stuck but there is no CD in there. I love the sunroof and leather seats. It's fairly decent on gas too. It's AWD which helps with all types of weather. Overall this is a reliable car.

- Tia J

It has a pin code. And it censors the back of your car.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

It is hard to accelerate. Specially in the highway it takes longer when you are trying to accelerate. Other than that it is durable. It has a pin code to unlock the car in case you forget the keys in your car. When you reverse it lets you know if someone is behind the car.

- Carolina Z

I love it and still own it after over 13 years.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

The only thing I do not like about the vehicle is sometimes there is a glare because of the angle of the windshield. I do not have any other issues that I want to tell you about to bring you up to the 250 characters. I love the vehicle and this is still why I still own it.

- Chris B

Cruise control is a big plus on the highways and long distance drives.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

No problems got a cream puff, do preventive maintenance every 6 months or so, good on oil and gas, drives smoothly, great truck space and spacious interior, the larger the Ford vehicle the better the smaller like the Ford Focus I wouldn't drive, enjoy a heavy sedan.

- Linda W

It works. Looks beat up, but it does what it was designed to do!

2006 Ford Five Hundred

I bought it used, so it was cheaper. It had low miles and was fully loaded with all the extras available in 2006. I only use it to drive to work and around town, but the air conditioning isn't working now which sucks and I let my daughter drive it and she is awful.

- James H

It needs regular repairs and cannot travel long distances as it can shut down sometimes.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

Ford five-hundred is a full size car which is the biggest reason I love it. It is spacious for the money it is available. It is comfortable and reliable for very short travel distances. It performs well but needs regular services and repairs since it is an old car.

- Kavita K

Detail about the car is the big back so I normally put so much in the back.

2006 Ford Five Hundred SE

The air conditioning doesn't last as long but the car is very big and easy to drive. Also the car has a very big space to put groceries or furniture. Its big comfy and reliable. The car also has cruise control so convenient if you want to stay at within the limit.

- Nina N

Very comfortable and adjustable driver's seat

2006 Ford Five Hundred Limited

Love the way the driver's seat, pedal and wheel move it can really be adjusted to you. This car is very comfortable. I've had it for couple years and have done its regular maintenance and didn't give me any problems till now the transmission is acting funny

- Nubs S

Saves gas, a/c works great.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

My car is a good car, it does have some issues, but it is because I did not take care of it since I bought it. I got everything fixed and it has been working perfectly fine. It saves a lot of gas and the a/c works perfectly, blows out cold air.

- Jacky C

Clean good shape no rust tires are good paint is still nice

2006 Ford Five Hundred

It drives like a truck. The air conditioning is kind of iffy It only cools when its over 50 mph. It's also 11 years old Its not a bad car. The paint is good it's very comfortable The interior is leather and still clean

- Robert H

Very Comfortable and reliable vehicle

2006 Ford Five Hundred

We bought this vehicle used about 2 years ago and this year is the first year that we have any major work done on it. It's comfortable to drive. We have only done regular maintenance up until this point. Very good car

- Sandi P

Red 2006 Ford 500 a great family car or the average family.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

Love this car, have had no serious problems from it in 8 years I have owned it, only issue I have had is an issue with the driver automatic window, if you try to use the auto up it rolls halfway down for some reason.

- Jonathan M

It get me to where I want to go with reasonable amount of gas used.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

I enjoy my vehicle how it is the best on gas 26 miles per gallon. It's older model but it only has 101,000 miles on it. I really don't want to trade it in yet so I'll drive it until major repairs are needed.

- joyce s

It eats through gas quite fast.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

I really like the built in DVD player for the car. And the heated seats. Something I dislike is the fact when you turn on the heater it automatically turns on the ac too so you have to turn it off every time.

- Joseph W

Good family car for shopping or travel.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

This cr is comfortable. Has plenty of legroom in the front and back. Trunk space is very large and accommodates many grocery bags. Acceleration is adequate. Not many problems, just usual maintenance so far.

- Sandra P

That it is reliable, and very good mid size vehicle for a family that also looks stylish, and gets very good gas mileage and comfortable

2006 Ford Five Hundred

Reliable. Only problem I have had is ac and figuring out the reason it quit. Drives well. No rust, and seats, stereo, looks are great. Driving and handling is smooth, easy to see out of and around. Live it

- Michelle H

Ford Five Hundred SEL AWD

2006 Ford Five Hundred

At the time of production, this car had some features found in more luxury vehicles. Dual driver multi-position heated seats linked to the individual key. The ERG and ECM tends to go in these models.

- Donnetta L

Very dependable and reliable!

2006 Ford Five Hundred

I have no complaints with this vehicle. Absolutely love it. Purchased it three years ago and just paid it off in July. Only thing we had to replace was the alternator and egr valve, and new battery.

- Katie M

It drives great for its' size.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

I love that it is a V6 engine and that it has power behind it. I like how spacious it is and how much you can fit into the trunk. It does make it harder to park though. And I do not like the color.

- Heather H

When it gets low on gas the fuel pump picks up trash and the car cuts off.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

I purchased my car used and it had a salvage title. It has structural damage and has not been driven properly since I got it. I have had to purchase over 7 right front tires in a year due to this.

- Crystal P

My car is spacious and safe.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

Ford 500 is awesome! Its so big and comfortable and fits my whole family. The leather is great and dual climate control is awesome. I love that it has punch pad entry and automatic lights.

- Jennifer S

Ford You Have A Winner with the Ford Five Hundred

2006 Ford Five Hundred

I could not ask for a better car. I love my Ford Five Hundred Sedan. It is good on gas and very roomy. I have had trouble backing up. I think it is some type of cable that is the problem.

- Cora H

My car rides comfortably in both the front and back seats.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

It has been a very dependable, comfortable and easy-riding vehicle. I love the heated seats and the back -up warning system. I dislike that it is a bit noisy when driving on the highway.

- Rose H

My Ford Five Hundred I was lucky the car only had 48000 miles purchased used.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

It is roomy and gets good gas mileage for a nice size car. One hold back is the paint job on the car faded and peeled very soon. The tires are oversized compared to other vehicles.

- Cheryl D

It has been driven all over the country and has over 200k miles on it. And it's still ticking.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

My car is actually a Mercury Montego 2006. I would rather have seats that are fabric instead of vinyl, the clock doesn't work, it cost $250 from a junkyard to get a new tail light.

- Amy L

my ford car that I love and would recommend

2006 Ford Five Hundred

my ford five hundred runs good, have had to do some repairs but nothing major. it's a roomy car and can seat 5 to 6 people. it has a huge trunk to hold everything you might need.

- donetta c

It is a sturdy and reliable car. It has a huge trunk that can extend into the back seat.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

It is a reliable car that gets me where I need to go. I do not like that the bumper is plastic. But I do enjoy that it is still able to be driven even after a minor accident.

- Kaylee P

It is very reliable even for a Ford

2006 Ford Five Hundred

It has over 200,000 miles on it and is still running great. I've replaced spark plugs and coils brakes tires and the steering pump is going out but it is still going strong

- Jessica C

It's a solid car, it has tons of miles and is still mostly going strong.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

The air conditioner was out most of last year, it's mostly working now but it needs a new part I can't afford to be completely fixed. Otherwise it's very reliable though.

- Mary R

This car has a lot of space inside, you Won't noticed by looking it from outside.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

The only problem is that is takes a bit longer when you accelerate. Normally other cars you can't feel the car accelerate, with this car, you can feel the struggle.

- Carolina Z

It's a great first car for people to have as a first car!

2006 Ford Five Hundred

The size is perfect for traveling and taking friends, but also small enough and not too big. I wish it had an aux cord, but I use a bluetooth device to play music.

- Tim S

I would want others to know that my car has been very dependable in all kinds of weather.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

I have loved my car performance for the past 11 years. It's been great on gas and great in the snow. But now it's old and rusting and it's time to get a new one.

- Patricia L

Gets good mileage, and it runs well.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

My fans are not working properly, say the air conditioner really does not work right either. Otherwise it runs good I get good mileage so I am pleased with it.

- Kathleen O

The ride is comfortable and braking is excellent.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

Even though it is 12 years old it never gives me any trouble. It is fun to drive. Lots of power. It has almost 120,000 miles on it and is still going strong.

- Virginia M

Dependable is all I can say about a Ford five hundred 2006.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

Its affordable comfortable dependable and reliable. The only problems I've had was the coil packs on the car. Keep some good tires on it and you'll be ok.

- Tammy J

2006 Ford Five Hundred Sel

2006 Ford Five Hundred

My car has about 260,000 miles on it and it's still a really good car it just doesn't have air conditioning it's very spacious and lots of trunk space

- Teri P

The ford five-hundred is a well made car, that I've had little issues with.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

My vehicle is a well riding car. It's gas consuming but is a bigger car so does better in the winter. The heat and ac work extremely well in the car.

- Brooke O

They should know that the car has adequate space and its roomy. It's great if you have car seats and kids.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

I love the size of the vehicle and it performs well. It doesn't have too many maintenance issues. I really dislike the gas mileage.

- Kijuana W

Ford 500 Sedan Comfortable and Dependable Back seats fold down for a very spacious trunk

2006 Ford Five Hundred

This has been a really good and reliable car. Comfortable and spacious. It is about average on gas mileage as other midsize cars.

- Sheila M

It has high mileage but is a clean vehicle and maintained well.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

Clean, one owner vehicle. Fully automatic with sunroof and plenty of room for 5 adults. Decent gas mileage on highway.

- Adrian H

Good gas mileage and handles well on highway.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

Good gas mileage. Comfortable to ride in. Handles well on highway. I like the color. It requires little maintenance.

- Artie M

It's a nice engine and a nice car.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

can't get the brakes light to work properly and the inside of the car is very nice and very easy to keep clean.

- Cara C

It's a lemon. Drives nice but also always jerking when i'm braking from the transmission

2006 Ford Five Hundred

Throttle body fail prematurely. Transmission failing prematurely cvt transmissions are the worst ever invented

- Ryan H

The warranty was great, 10 years or 100,000 miles.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

Its an older vehicle so it doesn't have some of the interior perks. Handling is also a little stiff at times.

- Kerri S

Lemon car this car does not even get good fuel mileage do not purchase one of these

2006 Ford Five Hundred

It has had everything replaced and has been a problem for day one always buy fords and love them not this one

- Julia H

It is an older car but it has been reliable.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

I like that it is full size. I like that it has requires little maintenance. I like that is has been reliable

- Brian W

The air conditioner does not work.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

The car is very reliable, however the air conditioning does not work and it does not get great gas mileage.

- Liz S

Retired State trooper vehicle

2006 Ford Five Hundred

expensive Tires, Fair gas mileage. Very comfortable and a lot of room for family trips and trunk space

- emily W

Has a big gas tank. 16-20 gallons.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

My car is like a tank. Very dependable. Good gas mileage. Weakened windshield so to a small crack.

- Michael H

It is a dependable car and it gets great gas mileage.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

You can hear the road noise. Seats are the most uncomfortable. But it does get good gas mileage

- Kimberly C

Ford not longer makes this model but there seems to be a defect in the suspension system. I have replace the lower ball joint twice on this car.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

Love the ride and comfort especially on long trips. Wished it got better gas mileage.

- John F

it is very comfortable to ride in for a mid size car

2006 Ford Five Hundred

mid size car with fair/good gas mileage. I wish it were newer with less mileage.

- Janice B

It's very luxurious and very relaxing and very cheap to run

2006 Ford Five Hundred

No crying complaining I love my car it's the best car I have ever owned

- Randy P

It is reliable.150000 trouble free miles. Still runs great

2006 Ford Five Hundred

I have had it since 2006 and have very little maintenance on it.


The back seat folds down which gives more room in the trunk.

2006 Ford Five Hundred

I like the size. Power is good. Good on gas. Roomy interior.

- Ann P

Solid car, but has electrical issues

2006 Ford Five Hundred

Outstanding car, but it has recurring electrical problems.

- J L

it seems to be a very reliable vehicle especially because it gets good gas mileage

2006 Ford Five Hundred

It's a decent car.....haven't had it very long though

- Jean S

style and comfort...second to none

2006 Ford Five Hundred

comfort, transmission, none that I think of

- will S