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Spacious and Reliable great for a large family on the go

I bought my flex used. It drives smoothly and the ride is comfortable. It very roomy. We have 4 kids 3 are teenagers. There is plenty of leg room and plenty of room to haul stuff. One feature I really like is the fold down seats. I also really like the rear air/heat controls. It would be great if you could use the bathroom CV k without turning on the front. I have had to replace my serpentine belt and a couple days later the power steering belt then eventually the power steering pump. Also the a's curator doors for heat and cooling need replacing but overall I think that is just lack of maintenance from the previous owners.

- Linda W

My car has plenty of room for the entire family and still has room to store things in the back storage area. It is very comfortable to travel long distances in.

I love the look of my car because there are no other cars that look like it. There are 3 rows of seating and even sitting in the very back is comfortable. The only thing I would like to have in my car that I don't is a back up camera but when I buy a new one they are now in the newer styles. Love that it's easy to get in and out of, you don't have to duck down like with typical sedans and you don't have to climb up like you do with trucks. There is also a button in the back that u press and the middle seats fold up and out of the way so that people can get into the very back seats without having to physically fold the seats up.

- Amanda L

The new high fashion travel station wagon.

I love the space I have, the way the seats recline & collapse for more space. The performance on the separation of the front & rear air & heat. The traction in the winter is great all wheel drive. I also love the back wiper for better view @ night. I do not like that my side mirrors do not turn in when going through the car wash or parking in small carports, I ding my mirror because of that. It is ok on gas if I fill it up. Do not like the aluminum wheels they cause problems when the weather changes on inflation I have to put air in @ times.

- Tracy S

Perfect for big families and very user/driver friendly.

Very reliable. Comfortable seating and a third row of seats that can be folded down for extra storage in the back. Easy to install car seats. Alerts quickly if there's an engine, tire pressure issue etc. Great for long trips with kids. Great sound system and climate control. Back hatch door opens automatically with a button near the steering wheel and on the handle of the hatch door itself. Very roomy.

- Kelsey R

Great car for moms and growing families.

Spacious, comfortable, easy and storage features. Great for a growing family and an alternative to a minivan. Will need to upgrade after 4 kids but has been great for our family of 5 thus far. Very reliable, easy maintenance. Hatch lifts and closes with the touch of a button which is great for busy moms. Seats fold nicely and allow for a variety of formations.

- Sara P

Ford flex mostly fantastic!

I really like my roomy, Ford flex. It rides low to the ground- hence the name wagon vs SUV. It is lower than I am used to but I am getting used to it. The only thing I do not care for particularly is that the seat moves every time you remove the key. I like most everything else about it including that it is easy to handle but feels sturdy. 4. 5 stars.

- Sara G

Great Family Vehicle for fun or work

It is very roomy. We are always shopping together as a family, all 5 of us. Lots of room left for groceries, other things. Kids have friends over, still fit. Our dogs too. We can go get wood for building Halloween decorations, all fit. Looks great too. We had vans before we got the Flex. I love how it looks and how it works.

- Tomomi S

Ford flex is the best don't bother with the rest.

I love my flex. I love the room in it. Only thing I hate is to get to 3rd row you have to climb over the seat. The gas mileage is good to be so big. Very great for long trips. The box shape sets it apart from others in its class. I would highly recommend this to a family looking for a lot of room.

- Katie B

Lots of room with the three rows up and seats 6 comfortably.

Great performance and no major mechanical problems in 8 years. Smooth and quiet ride. Lots of room for cargo even with the three rows up. Captains chairs in the middle row are very comfortable for adults and great to keep kids separate so they do not fight. Automatic tailgate is helpful.

- Amy P

It is the most comfortable ride.

I love my vehicle wish I could use the satellite stereo but other than that it runs great gets up these steep hills here in Tennessee and has not had any major problems in the 5 years we've owned it. It is very comfortable and is great for long trips we have had several times.

- Glo F

It has plenty of room for luggage.

The Flex has plenty of room for packing when traveling.. It also gets pretty good gas mileage for Its size when traveling. Also it is fun to drive. It isn't like driving a van where you sit higher, but more like a car, which I like. Overall I really like this vehicle.

- Lou W

The amount of space inside - great legroom front and back.

Love all the room that this car has. It is comfortable front or back seat. Plenty of cargo space with ability to lay seats down. Very stable rides like an SUV with all the comfort of a sedan. Has been easy to maintain no real issues - just normal maintenance.

- Barb B

That it has 3rd row seating and all maintenance has been kept up on it.

My car is a 2010 Ford flex. It is in good condition. Rides great, has new tires, tune up and recent oil change. All maintenance has been kept up on this car since it has been purchased. Very nice family car. It has 180, 000 miles to date.

- Carrie B

Low-riding car with great cargo room

My Flex handles well and has wonderful cargo room! It seats me a bit low, but I am 5'3" so it might not affect everyone. The main thing I don't like is that the seat moves when you pull the keys out. Overall though I really do like it!

- Sara G

It is a great car if you are a larger family or if you travel often.

I love my Ford Flex! It is dependable, spacious, and perfect for traveling. The only negative aspect of the vehicle is that the brakes wear down very quickly from the weight of the car and the forced needed to stop it.

- Hayley K

Second row seating is very roomy!

I am very happy with my Ford flex. It is very roomy, has a great ride, and is very dependable. I like that is has the third row seating in case we need it and I really like the heated seats on those cold winter days!

- Cheryl K

It's dependable, spacious, and a smooth ride. Great for a family.

It's large enough that I can move large items without being an overwhelming vehicle. It sits low to the ground so it's easy to maneuver in and out of. I wish it did get better gas mileage, though

- Katy D

Sometimes the brake pedal is kinda touchy.

I like how much space there is. Also the radio system is pretty good. I hate the color though. And also I do not like the shape of the back it is kinda boxy. But all the room makes up for it.

- Robert S

It may be ugly but it's nice to drive. It doesn't look very cool, luxurious or attractive. However, it is reliable and comfortable. I can always count on it to get me where I'm going.

I like that's it's reliable, easy to get in and out of parking spaces, tights lots, etc. I don't think it's a very good looking car, very blah and boxy. It's not at all luxurious, either.

- Rosa W

Cute retro looking family car - Not a minivan

I love my car - big enough for my kids and a couple others if needed, good cargo space, good gas mileage, dependable, smooth ride, lots of available features, retro look which I also love.

- Mhari F

It's comfortable for long trips and carries a lot of stuff.

It drives very nice and has fast pickup. Being a suv it can carry a lot of stuff. I'm very tall so are my children and it is very comfortable to sit in for all of us.

- Gloria F

My car is stylish and unique.

I love my car. I have 5 kids so I need a vehicle that will fit 7 people. I am not a minivan mom so I love the look of the flex. It is extremely reliable and stylish.

- Jenny K

It is a great vehicle if you have kids of all ages.

I like the size of the vehicle and that I can seat 6-7 people. There is limited storage when the seats are all up and have had a few mechanical problems and recalls.

- Jessica G

It is the best adult road trip car. It has lots of room and is super comfy.

There isn't much that I dislike about my vehicle. One thing would be that it isn't captain's seats so it is hard to have more than 2 car seats and have 3 or 4 kids.

- Alissa M

Great running car as long as you keep up your maintenance.

I absolutely love my car it is comfortable inside rides nicely. We have kept up all maintenance on it and it is at 129000 miles still runs and looks great.

- Cece L

The vehicle has a lot of legroom and the seats are comfortable.

I like the amount of room the vehicle has. We have had some trouble with the car the gas tank wasn't right and then it smells like gas after we fill it up.

- Sarah K

That it has lots of room.

It has lots of room and gets good gas mileage. It is hard to park though. I like that the third row of seats can be up or down depending on what we need.

- Katherine C

Limited Edition Ford Flex

Very reliable, roomy and comfortable. Having the dual dvd players in the rear are amazing and we use the fridge way more than we ever believed possible.

- Jenina A

Space for a family but so much more fun

I love the leather seats and the heaters in the seats. I love that my car has the space of a minivan but still looks sleek. I love the smooth drive.

- Cherie B

I love it! I have no complaints and will probably buy another one when this one gives out.

Seats are comfortable. It is a good height for getting kids in and out. Very roomy with more leg room in the back row than other comparable suvs.

- Michelle M

You can set the car to notify you if you are going over a certain speed.

Spacious 3rd row seating safety rating. The kids enjoy the DVD players and the extra leg room. Other than the gas mileage I have. No complaints.

- Julie R

For an SUV it drives really well.

I love my car is good on gas, 3 row seating is perfect for a big family. The color is great. Heated seats a dream come true.

- Emily E

It is very roomy. Great family car.

The size the room the interior the Bluetooth I do not like how much gas it uses and the little gas mileage to the gallon.

- Jasmine N

Ford Flex, not your Grandpa's station wagon!

Having trouble with the air conditioning. We just recently also had to replace the water pump and put in a new battery.

- Michele W

It is worth every cent buying it because it is a quality vehicle

I love being able to fit my whole family in the car. The flex handles very well. I wish the boot were a tad bit bigger.

- Heather H

It's very fun to drive and ride in.

It feels clunky when driving it. However, the model looks nice and is spacious. The car is becoming quite old though.

- Melissa M

its big inside and drives good. It has a bench seat option or not. seats lie down and you can use as a truck.

I like its size. it performs well. would like it if it was cheaper maintenance. works good for our family of 5

- natassja r

At 70,000 miles you have to replace the timing belt.

Great mileage! No complaints, it has done me well in the past year or so and I also love the color, deep red.

- Chelsea C

It's a great car for a big families, it has a lot of great things like heated seats and temperature gauges

I love the room and how it drives, I don't like the engine and multiple things on the car are falling apart.

- Brenda V

Carries my precious cargo, my family and fits them and more

Lare and spacious which can be good and bad. But do not like the outside look. People call it a toaster

- Deana B

It's a great family car,I watch my two grandchildren and there is a third on the way. There is plenty of room for us all.

My vehicle drives very smoothly,handles very well in all weather and is large enough to haul stuff.

- Becky J

It is comfortable and great for traveling. You will love this car.

I love my Flex. It seats my whole family and my kids friends. It's great for traveling too.

- Amber B

How nice the ride is. It isn't bouncy like a truck

I love the smooth ride. It fits everyone in my family. The seats are very comfortable.

- Carlina O

It's super comfortable. I love the roominess. My only complaint would be the lack of foot space in the third row.

It's good for a larger family like ours. The heated seats are our favorite.

- Kari M

Great gas mileage .very roomy.heated seats.smooth ride and it has bluetooth.

Love to feel and how it drives. Also love the extras

- Pat B

The flex handles great in the snow and ice! The backup camera is a great feature too.

There are not enough seats for such a large vehicle.

- Brooke J

It is roomy and nice and almost paid for. It runs well

Love the roomy size but not so much the toaster look

- Dea H

great gas mileage on it and no costly car repairs

low cost repairs on the car no problems with it

- jerald b