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Great family vehicle! Lots of space!

I just bought this vehicle last week, and so far I absolutely love it. My favorite feature is the three row seats, and how the back row seating folds down just by a touch of a button, or it can fold backwards into tailgating mode. We just had a baby, so the how roomy this car is was the main selling point. We live in michigan, so winters are very cold, so the heated seats and auto start features are amazing! It also handles great in the snow. And the dual DVD players in the headrests in the back seats are great for long road trips. The only downside of this vehicle is the gas mileage. It is a bit of a gas hog, roughly getting 18-22 mpg. Other than that I absolutely love this vehicle.

- Cj C

Best car I have ever owned.

No problems. Drives easy, comfortable ride, lots of room for passengers and cargo. Just regular maintenance over the last 6 years I have owned the car. Sets up high enough but not as high as an SUV making it easy to get in and out of, especially for someone that is 5'2". My husband is in a wheelchair and is 6'2" and it is easy for him to get in and out of. We can also carry his portable wheelchair in the back. Good size back gate opening for chair to be taken in and out and still have room for groceries. I hate that they quick making this model. When I need a new car I do not know what I can get that will compare. I have never been more pleased with a car.

- Deborah K

Ford focus flex fuel suggestions.

Aside from the recall notice the car is awesome. It fulfills my gas mileage expectancy, it's easy to drive. One thing I do wish that came with the car was a sunroof because I know hatches that have sunroofs. The stereo we have an issue with. Everything says it's in English. It's really in Spanish. I have to speak to it in Spanish and all I know is how to say yes. So that would be cool if that was an easier fix. When the low tire pressure light is on id like it to show what tire or inform us what tire it is.

- Cassandra V

The arrangement of seats and the cooler between the center seats

We love our Flex. It is tall enough for us to get in and out of easily. The backs fold down flat so we can carry lots of stuff. Gas mileage is not the best in the world, but, we can take care of that. Would like a grab bar at the front of the door to make it a bit easier to help get others out of the front seat. If we ever have to buy another vehicle we will get another FLEX!!

- Yolande G

Great for tall people, lots of interior space!

I love my Flex! We are tall people and there is plenty of leg and head room in the first and second row. I can haul big items in the cargo area, and it's excellent for my medium sized dogs to travel in their crates. The third row seats are easy to access when needed. Biggest problem has been the chrome trim detaching from door handles. We glued them back on and no big deal.

- Amy T

the button to close the trunk of the car

The passenger seat warmer in my car stopped working. Had the system updated but that did not fix it. I absolutely love the car though. It has so much room! The back row is so easy for my kids to access using a button that folds the seat for them. The vehicle also allows you to transfer sound to the back of the car only so I do not have to listen to music as loud.

- Summer S

woody van vibes with functionality

I love that my car drives like a car but has room for our family of five. The third row bench seat is really a feature that made us want to purchase it over a van. It has style but it is functional something that a mid 30's mom found important. I also love that while it has third row seating it also has a sufficient cargo area perfect for storage with three kids

- Christine N

Luxury that meets every need!

I love my 2012 ford flex limited! It is a perfect blend of comfort, luxury, space, and practicality. I appreciate it is versatility as a classy soccer mom, doggie limo, or city vehicle. I am petite in the leg area and am able to tilt the seat toward the floor as well as scoot the seat forward. And let’s be honest, the heated seats do not hurt either!!

- Heather H

Ford flex: comfort besides the headrests.

My main complaint is that the headrests are not comfortable. Overall the car drives well and is reliable. We haven't had many problems. It is spacious and comfortable to fit six people without feeling cramped. The fridge in the middle center console is great, especially for day trips where you want to bring snacks, but not a whole cooler.

- Sara B

Nice reliable and comfortable Ford flex.

When we first bought the car we had a problem with the gas tank, it wasn't taking the gas from the holding tank. It is a nice car it drives well. It has a lot of room. It has been a pretty reliable car. It gets good gas mileage for such a big car. Another thing after I fill the gas tank it fills my garage with the smell of gas.

- Sara K

Its eco boost. So it gets the most out of gas and drives well.

I like that its eco bust, has a backup camera that beeps if your getting too close to something. The seats are comfortable and I like that the driver and passengers have heated seats in the front and back seats. I wish the 3rd row would fit 3 people and had the heated seats also and I would like the trunk to be a bit bigger.

- Melissa M

Great family vehicle. Lots of space and economic

It is very comfortable and has lots of room. It's a great family car. Trunk space is small when the third row is up. When its down, trunk space is great. Great a/c with rear climate control. Bluetooth connection as well as cd radio and xm. Leather seats,great for clean ups. Fits 7 maybe 8 people comfortably. Great on gas.

- Karen A

Easy driving and good power.

The flex has plenty of room to carry all the things my handicapped husband needs and still have room to carry my grandchildren. It is easy to drive and has plenty of power. No mechanical issues and have had flex for 6 years. Only issue is it is a long car and makes parking difficult sometimes. It offers all the features.

- Deborah K

Why you should get Ford flex.

It has been a great vehicle. It has been taken on long trips. There is plenty of room. I really like that it has a mini fridge/freezer. The sun roof is nice. The people in the back are able to control their heat and air. The front seats are heated. They have it where the front passenger can control there air.

- Tiffany G

It is very easy to drive for a big car.

In love how easy it is to drive and all the room it has in it. I feel safe in it because it is big. It is easy to get in and out. It is very good on gas for a big car. It has always be reliability and never let me down. It has a lot of good features and the back is easy to open and can fit 7 people in it.

- Mary R

It is very roomy and comfortable.

I love how much room is in the Ford flex. You can sit seven people very comfortably with plenty of space between them so they do not feel like they are sitting on top of each other. The seats are very large and comfortable. My only complaint would be that the steering wheel does not move in closer to me.

- Melissa W

Ford flex - a solid family car.

The flex is perfect for our 4-person family. It is large enough to carry family, friends, and groceries. It handles well in the snow and on the highway. We love the seat warmers, roomy and comfortable seats, and the overall look of the vehicle. The only downside is access to the third row of seats.

- Pam D

The flex has a very distinctive styling that does not look like every other car.

The Ford flex is a great riding car that is very comfortable especially on long trips. The engine has plenty of power for any of any hills or passing. The fuel mileage is good and the car has been problem free. The driver has easy access to all the dash controls and they are very visible.

- Del R

2012 ford flex review for busy families.

The ford flex is a reliable SUV. It has lots of room for up to 7 people. It is perfect for a family of any size. The seats can easily fold and recline. Some problems is frequent new tires. This depends on the roads you travel. Also, the vehicles mileage per gallon decreases as it ages.

- Tiffany H

The ford hooptie I get to borrow from time to time.

Not a bad whip. It goes when I give it the gas, stops in the red light district, and can comfortably seat all my bitches! It needs a paint job. My peeps tend to spill their drinks in there too, so the floorboard attracts ants. And I keep finding full used condoms under my back seats...

- Chris G

I really love this vehicle it�s very family friendly

This vehicle is very family friendly. The trunk is very spacious and I really like that the two back seats can fold down and that it has two side doors. When we backup it has a beeping noise that tells us if we are getting too close to something. I love everything about this vehicle.

- Amy L

Ford Flex has a lot of extras that others don't.

It's very family friendly. It has the third row seating that folds down for extra storage space if it's needed. It is a smooth ride and has many extra features. It even has an outlet that we can use a regular plug like you would use in the house. Overall it's a great family vehicle.

- Beth C

Ford Flex: Great Car for All

The gas mileage is the best one out of all of the cars we own in our household getting at least 20 miles per gallon on average, which for a 6 seater car is great. There's lots of room for everyone and the Back two seats can be easily stowed at the click of a button it's very nice.

- Morgan T

Reliable 2012 ford flex SUV with 3rd row seats.

I do really like my vehicle and it is nice to have the 3rd row seat but I wish the middle seats were captain seats because it is a pain to fold them down to get to the 3rd row. It is very reliable and the gas mileage is pretty good for an SUV. All in all, it is a good vehicle.

- Karrie G

Dependable for a cheap car.

I like the compactness of this vehicle while still being able to fit up to 7 people in it and have space for luggage. I also like how sleek the design is. I dislike the bright red color simply because it is easy to notice scratches on it, however that was a choice of my own.

- Sofia P

The Ford Flex is a great car to have for family usage

I overall love the car but I am not a big fan of the shape of the car. Currently my air conditioning also stopped working which is a bummer and I am still waiting on it to get fixed in the shop. I took it for a road trip to Atlantic City with my family and it was a blast

- Hafsa N

It is a big enough car for my family.

Lots of engine problems but works well. Very squeaky as well and always has a problem. Gas is good and it holds a lot of people and the radio Bluetooth is great. The Sirius radio comes in handy as well. Air conditioning works and I love the seat warmers.

- Nat R

Awesome car and sufficient enough.

A lot of room and features. It holds all my equipment and has been quite reliable. I also like the color and power liftgate. I like the Bluetooth feature and does not look like a cop car. Also the all wheel drive is good. I just wished it has more power.

- Frederick M

It is very comfortable and has a lot of room, it seats 7 people.

I really like all of the room and it is very comfortable for my family. It's also really nice that all the back seats go down for moving large items! It's silver in color which isn't my favorite and it has leather seats which I'm not a fan of either.

- Nina S

That is a roomy vehicle and had seat 6.

I like that the vehicle is big enough to carry 6 people or 4 people and luggage. I don't like how much gas it consumes and how hard it is to get into small parking spaces. I don't like the color (white).

- Jay W

I love how spacious this car is and how much fun and easy it is to drive.

Only issue I have with this car is I feel like some of the parts area cheap made and break easily. Example the latch on my console between the front 2 seats- broke within the 1st week of having the car.

- Brandy W

My car is very comfortable and it has lots of room.

I LOVE the heated seats. I like that it has a lot of room, and 3rd row seating. I dislike how extra long it is. I also dislike it doesn't have a backup camera, bc it would be super helpful having one.

- Joy C

Ford Flex Is Awesome inside and out

Our car has been fantastic. We travel to and from California at least twice a year and the room and comfort is incredible. A adult can even sit comfortably in the 3rd row which was very impressive!

- brandi j

A great car for families with unbelievable legroom in second row.

The has been a great vehicle. Lots of legroom in the second row. Third row seating when needed. Drives smoothly and great for longer drives. I would buy another one without thinking twice.

- Michelle S

A Ford truck with a powerful engine.

It is a 4 * 4 truck that runs on gasoline. It is very reliable to get me places and has a very strong engine which is used to carry things in the bed of the truck when ever i need.

- Jesse K

Fits 7 people. Extremely comfy.

I love my Ford flex! It is nice on the inside and the out! Reliable and fits my family of 6. Heated seats. Nice look. Comfy. Great price! I love it, step up from a Minivan.

- Ashley Brewer B

Great family car for the long road trips

Great family family car. Third row seating has enough leg room even for a teenager. I added the DVD players in the headrest which was great for the kids while traveling

- Brian K

That it rides smooth like a car and not like a giant suv how it looks.

I like that it can fit all three of my kids with room for two more. It rides real smooth. I wish the breaks were better though, I already had to replace them.

- Ryan C

That it rides a lot better than it looks. It is almost just like a large car.

I like it because it can fit seven people. I have three kids so I need the space. It only has 40,000 miles on it so that is good. No big problems so far.

- Natalie C

Ford Flex for a Family of Four

I have had no problems with this vehicle. It was bought used with 35K miles and there is now about 118K. Been a great, comfortable car for the family.

- Jennifer R

Good family vehicle for traveling

the A/C has been having issues. Great for large families and road trips. It is wide and long so it can be hard to park. Performance is good.

- Shawn E

The car rides very smoothly.

I like that it is really roomy. It does not look like a minivan. I wish it got better gas mileage but for it is size it is not bad.

- Nicole G

The vehicle rides quietly everywhere.

I like how easy it is to get in and out of the vehicle. There is enough room for the kids and the dog. I have no complaints.

- Selina K

It's very reliable and is a good drive in all weather.

It is very dependable. It is an all-wheel-drive. And has a lot of space. It has three rows and many cup holders and a sunroof.

- Ethan G

I want others to know that my car is a decent car.

Lots of passenger room. Easy on gas. Great accessory package. Sync by microsoft in vehicle. Roof rack. Configurable seats.

- Susan G

It is very roomy, even if it may not look it and it is good on gas.

I love my vehicle. The only downside is the front seats are very narrow. And it'd be nice if all windows would roll down.

- Brandon M

Great family vacation car.

My vehicle is very spacious and rides smoothly. Not too good on gas mileage. Family vehicle and I am a single person.

- Constance H

It has more room in it then it looks on the outside

I like the room in the back and the comfortable seats. The cars is not great on gas mileage.

- Derek H

Great vehicle. Lots of room, extremely comfortable.

I love my vehicle. I only wish I would have had the prior damage fixed before I bought it.

- Jennie G

it is a good car and has a lot of room. It runs well but small things are very expensive to fix. I think they are fairly expensive for what you get.

It has a lot of room but I just don't like it as well as previous cars I have owned.

- Tamra M

Roomy, technology, good gas mileage! Great family car.

Nice sized suv, good gas mileage and lots of features.

- Kay R

It's really nice roomy and easy to care for. Easy to clean. Gets good gas mileage.

I like How Durable,dependent, and easy to driver is.

- Case K

Spacious and luxurious ford flex.

- Ashlee A