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Sporty, Reliable, Bells & Whistles of expensive luxury SUV without the cost!

2013 Ford Flex SEL

This car has been absolutely wonderful in performance for me. It has been reliable, never had any problems with not starting, or mechanical issues at all. We had to replace the hydraulic door lift at the rear of the car. It was told to us that if someone forces it closed, it can cause the hydraulic to be damaged. Since I have replaced the hydraulic I have not had any problems. This car has a backup camera that makes a noticeable alert if someone or something is coming near or directly behind my car. It also has sensors to of visual alert when someone is next to me in a parallel lane. The alert shuts off when it is safe to move into that lane. It has enough pick up while driving to move ahead of slowed traffic. This car has enough room either for a third row or in our case, my son's wheelchair AND all luggage necessary for our trips to see family. The one and only issue with this car is the fact that since it is built on a 2 wheel drive Ford truck frame, it is not as smooth of a drive especially if you are riding in the rear of my car. But I have not felt necessarily uncomfortable while riding in my car. Freeway driving is wonderful, but in-town driving with bumps and dips in the road are where I notice any discomfort but on a scale from 1-5 with 5 being worst comfort and 1 being comfortable, I would put this Ford Flex somewhere between 1 and 2. I would most definitely recommend this car to any growing family that is not interested in a minivan. This car looks sharp and sporty. This is the first car that I have kept longer than 2 years.

- Debi N

Ford flex: my car is white with a black roof. It is the sel edition.

2013 Ford Flex

I have had this car since 2013. I have had to change the battery four times, luckily it is always been under warranty and I have never had to pay. But obviously there’s a defect in the batteries that Ford carries. The high performance tires on the car are absolutely horrible. I have to change tires yearly it seems. I have tried multiple brands but they are all the same. I cannot change the type of tire because this is the only one this car can have. It performs very well, I love the look of the car, inside is luxurious. I get comments about how nice it is inside. I also love the navigation, Bluetooth, voice command and the parking assist. One other issue I have had with the car is I love the tailgate.

- Mary S

People mover in comfort: the Ford Flex.

2013 Ford Flex Limited

This car is great for long rides. Very comfortable to sit in all three rows. Cup holders for days! 12 in total and all will hold large cups if needed. The car gets pretty good gas mileage and the wide passenger doors make it nice to move adults around. I wish it had more ground clearance. The electronics on the limited trim always made me nervous about longevity but seems to function ok. I've put 95,000 miles on in 5 years and have only done general maintenance and upkeep to the vehicle. My limited has low profile rims and tires which I don't care for performance wise, but they do look good on the car. In all, this car has done everything I've asked and is a great substitute for a minivan.

- Rebecca C

It is not a matter of if the door sensors will go out. It is a problem of when.

2013 Ford Flex

The only problem with the 2013 flex is that the door ajar light malfunctions and then the interior lights will not cut off. This eventually kills the battery unless you fix or have it fixed. To have it fixed costs around 450 to 600 dollars for each door. I have found that this is also a problem with most Ford 2013 models. Also, if an oxygen sensor goes out causing the check engine light to come on, the resulting gas mileage will drop down to around 15 mpg. Which is ridiculous for a v6. Other than that, I have had no problems with the car. It has plenty of power and is very nice on the inside. The sell model that I have has 4 sunroofs. And leather seats. Overall, except for the door ajar light.

- Benjamin K

Ford: Great vehicle but don't trust the dealership

2013 Ford Flex Limited

We purchased our Flex from a local Ford dealership. It was previously owned but only had about 40,000 miles on it. It's Cherokee Brown, which was interesting because it looks black until you get in the sunlight. After arriving home, we discovered one of the seats in the 3rd row seating was broken. Ford refused to help us and said we would've needed to find it before we left the lot because 'how did they know we didn't damage it.' All in all, it has ran beautifully. The sensor in my driver side door went bad recently, so it kept saying the door was open when it was not. We have since fixed it, and upon further research, it seems to be a common flaw with this type of vehicle.

- Jessie L

It fits everyone comfortable with lots of room for all of our belongings.

2013 Ford Flex Base

I really love this car. It fits all 6 of my family members comfortably. I found this car because we needed something big enough for all of us and didn't want a minivan. This appealed to us because it was all wheel drive. Living in Pennsylvania with the amount of snow and ice that we get in the winter, it is impossible to get around without all wheel drive. This vehicle handles bad roads with ease. I always feel safe in this car. I also like that there is a decent amount of storage in the back for trips and shopping.

- Kristin W

Slick black with speckles.

2013 Ford Flex SE

I bought this car less than a month ago. I am enjoying it. I haven't gotten familiar with all the features yet. The car drives very good. I live in Detroit and the streets are terrible. The roads have bumps everywhere. But this car takes those with little disturbance. The car is about 6 years old but it runs great. The only thing that I have a problem with is the air conditioner does not work. But here in Detroit it rarely gets so hot that you need air conditioning. I will have it checked out closer to the summer.

- Sheila P

Amazing and wonderful vehicle.

2013 Ford Flex SEL

Has been very reliable, comfortable and great on road trips. Plenty of extras including regular electric plug ins for appliances and a number of USB ports, rear climate control making everyone comfortable, ability to fold down both back rows of seat to tote large objects. Drives extremely well. Recently rented a new explorer and was so very happy to get back to my flex. I have long legs to the leg room is terrific and have been told the passengers have plenty of room also.

- Ruth D

My Ford Flex is a quiet comfortable ride that has the luxurious feel of an expensive vehicle for less cost.

2013 Ford Flex

I love the quiet comfortable ride, with the Navigation screen and heated/cooled seats. I love the get up and go power, awd, and the durability of the engine and vehicle. My vehicle is low enough to the ground to get my elderly parents into easily as well as roomy enough to haul around six adults or children. So far, I am pleased with my vehicle, I have driven three other Ford vehicles without any major problems or complaints.

- Deanna D

A great family car and value that depreciates slowly.

2013 Ford Flex SE

The vehicle sits on a car chassis so it has a very smooth ride. I love the third row fold down seats and the adjustable brake/accelerator pedals. Unfortunately the camera needs to be fixed as it now shows the image upside down and the sync feature will only connect to my phone half the time when I am making or receiving phone calls. Overall I love this vehicle and have yet to have any majors malfunction or repair.

- Sabrina R

Flex boxy and basic, but fits all the family life stuff.

2013 Ford Flex

The Ford flex is a great “older family” vehicle. It has a ton of room - plenty of space for long teen legs and young adult stuff. Also, the back and middle rows fold down for college move-in day, or a full sheet of plywood! Rear camera necessary to get good view out back. Handles well in rain and snow. Tires are super expensive. Great for road trips, large dogs and carrying a crowd.

- Co H

Love the look of the car.

2013 Ford Flex Limited

This car is great just wish it had a little more room. Limited trunk space is when the 3rd row is up. Just had twins so my other two kids have to climb in the back to get to their seats. Wish it had captain chairs so easier access to the back seat. It has been a great car gets pretty good gas mileage. Just wish it had a little more room. We really do like this car just

- Christy H

Ford Flex great mileage, expensive upkeep

2013 Ford Flex Limited w/EcoBoost

The air conditioner has messed up multiple time over the last 3 years. However, I have driven almost 100,000 miles on it and it is still in great condition. Runs great. Tires are 19' so they can be pretty pricey with as much as I drive. But plenty of room. The middle seat in the middle row is a little crammed, but works for our family. Very large cargo space in the back!!

- Heather T

This vehicle offers a lot of space on the inside.

2013 Ford Flex

I bought this car brand new off of the lot and I have not had an issue with it since. I have had to do the normal maintenance and upkeep but no major issues at all. It is a very reliable vehicle and is great on gas. The inside of the vehicle is very roomy. I have three children and they sit in the 2nd and 3rd row and never have to touch one another.

- Ashley C

Spacious perfect family vehicle.

2013 Ford Flex

Bluetooth & sync has issues connecting & malfunctions frequently. Lots of problems with sensors on the vehicle going off for example the doors, liftgate, & tires. Very spacious & roomy throughout. Visibility is great. Easy to park. Frequently need to replace rotors. Interior is long lasting. Plastic coverings on outer parts of vehicle fade easily.

- Dawn T

The flex is practical, but more sporty and fun than driving a minivan.

2013 Ford Flex Limited

I love my Ford flex. It seats six people comfortably. It rides like a car, not like a SUV. My kids love the walk through second row and the chargers in the back. I don't love the navigation. It could be better and it's costly to get the updated maps. Never had any issues with this car. I would definitely buy another flex in the future.

- Jennifer C

Feels like you are sitting in a recliner!

2013 Ford Flex Limited w/EcoBoost

The flex has excellent handling although it does have a wide turning radius.,it is very comfortable ride with lots of passenger room. We have had no mechanical problems, in routine maintenance. The only issue is with the heating, air conditioning system. It is very erratic and quickly goes from hot to cold without adjusting the knobs.

- Rebecca D

I am so happy with my Ford Flex. I would definitely buy another one.

2013 Ford Flex SEL

The Ford Flex is a great car and has so much room yet drives like your everyday car. It has been a very reliable car and I have not had any problems with my Ford Flex. All my friends and family always tell me how comfortable my flex is. I love the features of heated seats and I love how the 3rd row of seats has three ways to be used.

- Lori G

The best seats wide plus a lot of legroom even in back cargo area holds a lot.

2013 Ford Flex Limited

The car is a great reliable riding driving vehicle. The only thing I had go wrong with it was the center console compartment hinged area it had sprang open and would not close. Ford wanted a ridiculous amount so I ordered mine off amazon and installed myself using youtube video as a guide. Saved hundreds of dollars. Great gas mileage.

- Darcy B

2013 se ford flex review!

2013 Ford Flex SEL

Comfortable, great entertainment with DVD players & XM radio. It's a great looking car. I love the sun roofs. The paint on the car is beautiful. My issues with the car is the third row is really tiny so if you need the third row, it is going to be a little cramped. However if you are just using it on occasion, it works perfect.

- Nicole A

Nice car to cruise in or drive long distances with 4 passengers.

2013 Ford Flex SE

It is a reliable car. Drives smooth. Comfortable. Spacious. Has power. Only downside is it is long body and low to ground. It is excellent on gas. Highway miles are excellent & City mileage is moderate. Easy to service. Traction and steering both are good. Impact from potholes are a little turbulent since the car is low.

- Chris D

Ford flex is a comfortable and reliable vehicle.

2013 Ford Flex

The flex has been a reliable vehicle for us- no major issues have occurred. The tire alignment is slightly off- this is the only default we have noticed. The car drives well, gets good gas mileage on the highway, decent city for a vehicle it is size. Seats are comfortable- no complaints from our 3 teenagers.

- Stephanie B

You can even customize the console lighting, with several colors to choose from.

2013 Ford Flex

Love my flex, but have had some costly repairs. Most repairs must be done by a dealership, due to the special tools they required. It is very comfortable and roomy, and is perfect for family road trips. It has multiple USB ports and a plug in outlet, as well. The automatic liftgate is a great feature.

- Jennifer L

Lots of room, lots of cup holders, ot also has GPS, and a 110 outlet.

2013 Ford Flex SEL

The car, SUV is a great vehicle, with lots of room for all of my stuff and you can set the seats up and you have a small bus size vehicle with a luxury look. The SUV does not have storage compartments for your things. All thought there is a place for your spare tire. The SUV was a great price.

- Susan B

Ford flex - perfect car for growing family.

2013 Ford Flex

The Ford flex is the best car! It is very roomy inside, gets great gas mileage, and runs great. It is great for families and has a ton of room for all your stuff! I always recommend a flex if someone is in the market for a new car! I have owned several Ford cars and this is by far my favorite!

- Maureen P

Not the best car I have ever had, but a good one.

2013 Ford Flex SE

Electronic issue, will not start sometimes until second or third turn of the key. Back door does not always go up. Had to three different dealers, problem still exists. Beyond that, it runs good and gets decent gas mileage. When pulling my boat the mileage goes to around ten miles a gallon.

- William W

The car only gets about 19 mpg, but has a big tank and is a very safe vehicle.

2013 Ford Flex

The Ford flex is an okay car. The front two seats are very comfortable and it makes for a pleasant drive. The back seats on the other hand feel like you are sitting on bricks. They're very stiff. Also the airbag in the back seats are a very unique and cool feature, but are a bit clunky.

- Tori T

The vehicle that does it all!!

2013 Ford Flex Limited w/EcoBoost

This family fits our needs to a T. With comfortable seats and ride, long trip are a breeze. Camping, biking, shopping, from one kid to 5 kids this vehicle does it all. Fold flat seats, and electric tailgate give it tons of cargo space. The panoramic sunroofs are a special treat for all.

- Brandy P

SO. MUCH. SPACE. We needed something spacious and the flex gave us just that

2013 Ford Flex SE

Very spacious ! 3 rows of seats-seven seats total. The back row folds down completely flat which is very convenient for taking long trips. My phone hooks up to the Bluetooth stereo for hands free talking, it also has a USB port in the center console. All in all it is a wonderful car !

- Sarah S

The Best Vehicle You'll Ever Drive

2013 Ford Flex Limited w/EcoBoost

Wide opening rear doors. The ecoboost is awesome when you're trying to speed up entering the freeway. Heated and cooling seats. Touch screen navigation and radio. Rear view camera and safety alert system. Front and rear sunroofs. The front roof opens, which is awesome! Memory seats.

- Christina L

Ford flex is a five star family car.

2013 Ford Flex

The Ford flex is a great vehicle! My family loves how much interior space is available. We have used the car for road trips many times, and every trip is comfortable and safe. The features for back up camera and safety are perfect for keeping driver and passengers safe.

- Claire E

While it fits 7 people just fine, leg room and space for groceries can be an issue at times.

2013 Ford Flex

We've had a ford flex since 2010 and have loved it. Living in a family of 7 has required a car that has space to fit us all and the flex has done that. We've only run into problems 2 times in the time we've had a flex so it's been really reliable. Very comfortable too.

- Aiyana W

Wonderful car, handles beautifully

2013 Ford Flex SE

I have owned my flex for 5 years. I love it. It's spacious easy to drive handles well and good on gas. We have made trips across country in it with no problems. Just enough cup holders and USB ports for everyone. I love the 3rd row seating since there are 7 of us.

- Donna A

If you like me and you do a lot of shopping then you should I recommend ford se.

2013 Ford Flex SE

Omg! I love this SUV so much the way it ride smooth hold the road well, we plan to drive up to Oklahoma to see his mother in July I cannot wait, it roomy with third rows seat that comes out, for even more storage room heated seat, you have your own climate control.

- Linda T

Spacious and comfortable family vehicle.

2013 Ford Flex

The car is extremely comfortable and spacious. It has back up sensors. It is the perfect family vehicle and drives very well. Great vehicle for traveling. Easy to drive and not difficult to park. Comfortably seats at least 6. All of the back seats can be put down.

- Anna S

I love how feature packed this vehicle is!

2013 Ford Flex Limited w/EcoBoost

I enjoy the vehicle very much. The amount of room it has with three rows is fantastic, however the vehicle drives like a sedan with its low profile and fast ecoboost engine. I have more concerns with reliability with this vehicle than those driven in the past.

- Elisha H

Roomy, great alternative to a van

2013 Ford Flex

We love our Flex. The extra features really makes it feel more high end. We have the wood trim inside with tan interior which looks great. I love how it has the 3rd row but doesn't feel like a minivan or SUV. I plan to use this vehicle for a very long time.

- Tiffany C

Great family vehicle for a growing family.

2013 Ford Flex

It drives wonderfully and doors all the members of my family. Only issue we had been the tire sensors breaking off which is no big deal. We have had it for two years recently paid off and so far we feel as though we made the right choice for our family.

- Mario R

It is easy to drive and comfortable to transport numerous people.

2013 Ford Flex

It's a very large car that can easily transport 6 people, including myself, comfortably. The seats have great stowing capabilities for when I need to move large items also. It also has a powerful engine that has never failed me in the snow or a storm.

- Jack G

2013 Ford Flex is a decent car.

2013 Ford Flex

I love the size of the car. The back seats are not very comfortable for long trips. The car is known to have electrical issues with the door ajar button. Overall it is a decent car with a few problems but no more than any other vehicle.

- Jody B

Overall, it is a great vehicle for those who need lots of room.

2013 Ford Flex

I love the fact that it's the same size as a minivan, but not a minivan. It's very roomy and large. The problems I have had with it is the door ajar light won't go off, the alarm randomly goes off, the rotors are cheaply made.

- Yvonne H

Able to haul 7 people 8 in a need to situation. Lots of room and comfortable.

2013 Ford Flex

Like the design how it ride and the gas mileage. I don't like the door sensors. The first one that messed up was covered under warranty. The next one was 1100. There should be a recall due to them messing up for no reason.

- Michelle S

favorite part is the seating of the car, i can fit 7 in my car and it drives smooth

2013 Ford Flex

i like the 3rd row seating and the folding down seats. i like the controls on the steering wheel to change the stations. the only thing i dislike is the material the seats are made of it is hard to clean

- stephanie l

this car is very reliable, we bought it barely used and have had to do little maintenance to it.

2013 Ford Flex

The vehicle is nice, medium sized, has room for 7 passengers. Looks like an upscale station wagon. I wish that the middle row chairs folded down flat for better storage capacity and capability.

- chris s

Ford Flex is a one of a kind experience

2013 Ford Flex

Very reliable vehicle with ample room. Modern technology available from Bluetooth connection to in-dash GPS through the sync service. Automatic traction control available through user options.

- Karl C

nice for long trips. plenty of room. could be better on gas mileage.

2013 Ford Flex

I like how comfortable it is. I dislike how the second row seats never function properly and also how when they did a computer upgrade the heated seats don't get as warm as they used to.

- Jamie K

It's a great car, fit for a family of five. Decent gas mileage and works well for both short and long trips.

2013 Ford Flex

I love the flex. It is a great vehicle for a family of five. It has third row seating and plenty of space for everyone. It's comfy and the gas mileage is decent for a SUV.

- Kristin G

Lots of space for people and luggage or anything else you transport.

2013 Ford Flex

It has a lot of space and a nice back seat for the kids. Low to the ground for them to get into their seat too. Good storage in the far back or a third row if wanted.

- Jake Q

It has Comfortable seating and drives nice on trips.

2013 Ford Flex

Comfortable with 3rd row seating which holds the whole family. Nice features such as rear camera for backing up. Also has navigation systems with hands free phone.

- Cathy R

It looks like a family car but rides like a luxury car.

2013 Ford Flex

I love the size and comfort of my vehicle. It's rides like a luxury vehicle. I think the gas mileage could be a little better but overall I love this vehicle.

- Becca H

It's amazing! Very quiet and easy to drive. Get the back up camera.

2013 Ford Flex

The flex is very reliable and extremely comfortable. If you have more than about 3 small children and are considering a flex definitely get the 3 row seating.

- Matthew W

The one thing others should know about the flex is that it is such a smooth ride.

2013 Ford Flex

I love the comfortability it provides from the seats to the smooth ride. It is roomy enough for the kids to spread out while we have luggage packed as well.

- julie c

we like all the features our Flex offers, the blind spot detection is our favorite feature, we also like the fold down back seats for extra storage

2013 Ford Flex

it has so much room in it, we haven't had problems except the fuel pump went out but FORD covered under warranty. the car rides smoothly and comfortably

- Mandy M

It's a very enjoyable car to drive

2013 Ford Flex

The first thing that attracted me was the styling, interior, exterior. It's comfortable for daily driving and road trips. It's also a pleasure to drive.

- Robert G

It's really fun to drive fast.

2013 Ford Flex

It's really fun to drive fast and weave through traffic in a really dangerous manner that makes everyone else who drives the car look like bad people.

- Cory T

I love my car because it is perfect to transport my three kids and accommodates my busy lifestyle. The third row can be folded down to reveal a huge storage space. The only downside to my vehicle would be the gas mileage.

2013 Ford Flex

It is the ultimate family vehicle. Ample space for multiple children and car seats, as well as all the other baggage that comes with having children.

- Katarina J

Love my flex. Problems with the electrical system and battery are a huge pain in the butt and I wish it got better gas mileage

2013 Ford Flex

Your passengers will love the elbow room in this car! You can transport 20 bags of groceries and a full car load of 5 people easily and in comfort.

- Susan H

It works even though it looks broken down and out of service.

2013 Ford Flex

I like how much room my vehicle can hold, but I wish I had a bit more back space. Also do not like that my air conditioning is always messing up.

- Morgan A

It is a perfect family and road trip vehicle. I can comfortably fit 6 adults, or 2 adults and 5 children.

2013 Ford Flex

I love my navigation. I love how smooth and roomy my Flex is. The only thing missing is the moonroof feature. THAT would have made it perfect!

- Mark R

Is a very comfortable very family-friendly vehicle.

2013 Ford Flex

No moonroof. And I hate the service department that I bought my car from because they did not do any service on it like they were supposed to.

- Mark R

Nice vehicle for a large family

2013 Ford Flex

This is a very comfortable riding and driving vehicle, fits a large family. Not the best gas mileage and had issues with the computer system.

- Cheryl M

Only problem with the Ford Flex.

2013 Ford Flex

Overall we love this vehicle. The only problem we've encountered is a well documented issue with the door closed sensor malfunctioning.

- Rachael T

It is very comfortable and handles well.

2013 Ford Flex

I like that I can seat 8. I like the sparkly paint. I like that it is quiet when traveling. I have trouble seeing over the front.

- Pat G

The flex is very roomy. It heals a double stroller AND groceries from Costco with room to spare!

2013 Ford Flex

I love the room and the rear view camera. It's been very dependable and had decent gas mileage. The flex is great on roadtrips!

- Janice S

There are too many mechanical issues associated with this SUV!

2013 Ford Flex

I love the room and the third row. I love the shape of the car. I don't like all the mechanical issues I've had with the car.

- Kristen G

Roomy in the front and back seats and easy to drive!

2013 Ford Flex

Love my Flex! It is roomy and rides nice. It does have an electrical issue but nothing that takes away from my satisfaction.

- Beth G

you can fit a family of 5 comfortably and have room for 1 extra

2013 Ford Flex

it holds 6 passengers. 2 in the back, 2 in the middle, and 2 in the front. it feels like a SUV without being big and bulky.

- heather w

It looks good in the road and the color is beautiful

2013 Ford Flex

I love the candy Red color. It has a third row seat and is the perfect size for my family of four. It rides well.

- Elizabeth C

It's good for a small business owner with plenty of room.

2013 Ford Flex

I love the gas mileage. But it's noisy. You can feel every bump in the road. And the seats are not comfortable.

- Laurie P

7 passenger seating, drives smoothly, has bluetooth capabilities. I absolutely love this car. Child locks for safety

2013 Ford Flex

Great seating for a big family, plenty of space. All the back seats fold down for extra space. Very smooth

- Kelly T

It is very comfortable to ride in, and it is fun to drive .

2013 Ford Flex

It has a great ride. It has very good cargo area. It gets good gas mileage for the size of car it is.

- L W

It has Three rows of seats or fit all your kiddos or out of town guests comfortably.

2013 Ford Flex

I like that it is roomy inside and has three rows of seats. I don't like how low to the ground it is

- Ackenzie D

very roomy very practical good looking powerful engine

2013 Ford Flex

real full sized wagon ,great fuel economy will haul long or bulky cargo

- brian a

The exceptional smooth ride & handling

2013 Ford Flex

The smooth ride, interior design, power & fuel economy

- Richard H

it moves down the road when I need it to.

2013 Ford Flex

the car is ok. I like it. it serves me well.

- kent B

Really spaces for more than five in a family.

2013 Ford Flex SE

- Rosy C