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The extremely versatile Ford flex.

My Ford flex has not disappointed. The third row is an exceptional help with three children. The storage options are plentiful from a large arm rest to cup holders in the doors in the rear. The third row fold flat seats are extremely easy to manipulate. Instructions are printed on the rear of the third row seats. You also have the option of folding only the back of the seats down which leaves a deep trunk-like area. Additionally, the large cargo area available with fold flat seats is great for grocery shopping or loading up all of our camping gear. We added cross rails and a hitch and are able to pull a large 8x10 foot trailer and add a cargo box to the top for vacations. The vehicle is very versatile. There are a couple negatives. One negative is the need for three alignments in six months. I am not sure if it is because of the vehicle or not, but I am a careful driver to avoid poor roads or potholes. Also, the vehicle is very cavernous and it is difficult to hear someone in the third row up front from the driver’s seat. Overall, I feel like we purchased the perfect vehicle for our family. The additional third row adds passenger capacity, but also allowed for conversion into more cargo space. The Ford flex drives really well with minimal road noise. The addition of cross rails and a hitch make this vehicle as functional as a pickup truck in my opinion. I am very pleased with our purchase and would recommend the Ford flex to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle.

- Lynsey G

My flex, the nicest car I have ever owned.

My flex has had few problems. I have done regular maintenance. I replaced the battery. Entry the car is the same as a sedan, it is not raised like most SUVs. My mom is 91 and it is as easy for her to get in the flex as the sedan she owns. I get better gas mileage than most SUVs. I have a heavy foot and do not baby the flex at all. It is very comfortable for five adults. I leave the back seats down for storage or luggage. I have owned a decent selection of cars, most were purchased new. I purchased my flex used, but it was very close to new. I have taken it on a trip to New England from Ohio. It handled well. No problems keeping up with the faster cars or in traffic with big trucks I'd describe the flex as luxury. You set the temperature and it either heats or cools to your preference whether it is hot or cold outside. With the radio off the flex is quiet unless you punch the accelerator, then you'll hear the engine. I do not use the radio to listen to broadcast news or music. I listen to music I have loaded onto a flash drive. I think it is the nicest vehicle I have ever owned.

- Danny M

Perfect family car, 3rd row seat without the full size fuel usage.

I bought my Flex because of the 3rd row option. I went with the trim package that allowed for captain seats because I didn't like the idea of folding a seat to access the 3rd row. I have 3 kids. Two are in car seats and because the flex has full rear doors you don't have to be crazy strong and get into a crazy position when loading an infant car seat. Our 10 year old loves having the 3rd row, because at this age being nears your parents isn't 'cool' . We've driven out to Yellowstone and had so much room for the kids and our belongings. The car hugs the road and drives like a dream! I am so pleased with the decision to purchase the flex. I have the FWD option and absolutely love the fuel economy that comes with it. We get pretty good winters in our area and have never had any issues getting around. The way you sit in the car, you surprisingly don't have blind spots. I highly recommended the flex to families who want the room a 3rd row vehicle offers, but don't want to go with a full size option.

- Laura S

2014 Ford Flex - Love! Glad we don't have to live without it.

My Ford Flex has been completely reliable since day one. I have not had a single problem. I purchase my Flex in 2014 with 5 miles on it and have kept up the standard maintenance schedule. I have replaced the battery and that is really it. The performance is above average to me for the type of vehicle it is. Acceleration is great offering the power needed to enter freeways safely and get out of the way as needed. Cornering is also above average, which I would assume is enhanced by the lower profile bady of the flex. Completely reliable. Has never left me and my family stranded. The ride is smooth and quite comfortable with an abundance of leg room in the center seat. The third row seat is convenient for the little ones but legroom is a bit sparse back there. However there is still adequate storage behind the third row seats when they are up and even more when they are down. All in all the Flex is a great car. I would buy mine all over again!

- Sandra B

Ford flex not good for the drive in. But a great car nonetheless.

Love it. Gas mileage is not the greatest but what do you expect for a 7 seater. It is super roomie, all seats are comfortable, no matter where you are in the vehicle. My only complaint so far is, you cannot turn off the dome lights and have the doors open at the same time, we have a drive in movie theatre in town and our car was the only one in the lot without lights on, I have spoken with other flex owners and they have the same experience. Also the car will shut off for battery saving mode every so often when in drive in. So it is not a good drive in car. But not many left I am sure. One more complaint, the 2 small plastic window shields in the back are always cracked on most I have seen, bad design.

- Gina B

Ford Flex: Reliability, comfort, and all the features you could want or need!

I did not think I would like this car when I got it because of its size, however, since owning it I truly do love it. It has all the space I need for passengers, while also having a giant trunk space for hauling groceries or any large household purchase. It also has a built in cooler/freezer for small purchases I need to keep cold from the store to home, or drinks I want to keep cold on a trip. This vehicle may be large, but it drives like a car. I do not feel like I am driving a large vehicle and there are not any more blind spots than an actual car. It is very comfortable to ride in, and features heated/cooled seats, navigation, adaptive cruise control, and blindspot mirrors. I love it!

- Allison B

Ford Flex has Proven Itself as a Great Family Vehicle

As silly as it may sound, we chose the Flex so that our aging, extra large dog would have access to plenty of room. She hasn't ridden in it however, because it is higher off the ground than it appears in passing, and her hips do not tolerate jumping up anymore. Having said all of that, we love the Flex. We have taken it to beach and to the mountains. I have a tendency to overpack and there is never a shortage of space! It rides better than one might expect and provides enough acceleration that I am comfortable in high traffic situations. If I could improve anything, it would be the mpg (24-ish) but I imagine that is to be expected with a vehicle this size.

- Susie B

My Family Friendly Ford Flex. The perfect car for your growing family!

I love my Ford Flex. I have never had any problems with it. There is so much leg room in the back. The cargo space is awesome. Even if I have to use the 3rd row, it still has enough room to keep a stroller for the kiddos and run my grocery errands. I love the Sync features and the touch screen. Everything is so easy. My only complaint is that it is a little low to the ground. When next to a high curb it can be easy to scrape the ground with the doors. But I still love the car and am very glad I chose it.

- Heather K

It is perfect for our busy lifestyle with 3 teen and preteen boys and 200 lb dog!

This vehicle is very roomy and has great features, such as navigation and hands-free options. I also love to full row of moon roof's. The biggest drawback to the vehicle is probably the gas mileage. I am lucky to get around 15 mpg on the highway, less in town. The full time AWD is a must have in this part of the country, and the wide base and large tires make it even better. I like the look of the car, inside and out. It is not as smooth as some of the other vehicles I have driven, but it does still drive nice.

- Amy N

The Ford Flex is great if you get them to install the luggage bars on top

I really love my Flex, it is very comfortable on long trips, which we take a lot of. It is also really good on gas mileage. The one thing that keeps me from giving it 5 stars is the fact that it doesn't have the luggage running bars on top. This is a feature we really needed. We did however buy a cage to attach to the back of the Flex, and had a custom box built to store all our luggage in for out trips. I would highly recommend the Ford Flex, but I would ask for the luggage bars to be installed on the top.

- Normilda C

Just how much room the Flex provides, no matter where you are sitting in the car!

I love how much room my Flex offers the whole family. Whether you are driving, in the front passenger seat or in the backseat there is plenty of legroom. The collapsible third row seating is great, especially for a baseball mom who needs room for baseball bag, canopy, cooler and chairs. Also love that the beaksest has its own temperature controls. No complaints from any backseat passengers that they are not getting enough air. Overall, the whole family loves our Flex and it is a dream to drive!

- Suzanne V

Spacious, family vehicle, holds our family And 3 more with room for bags.

I was looking for a spacious vehicle for our family, and the Flex hit it right on the nose. The three rows really allows us to have all of the room we need and if we need to we can lay the third row down and we have room to pack whatever we need. I have not had any problems with this vehicle since the day we bought it. We just hit 50,000 miles. Not a single problem. We get regular oil changes and the check and inspect it every time it's in. Best vehicle choice ever!

- Danielle F

The most important thing to me is that my Flex is incredibly practical. I can fit my family and all of my bags/luggage/purchases and still be comfortable. It is easy to load and unload. I can put huge boxes from the hardware store in it since we don't have a truck to transport those kinds of items. It has proven to be practical in every necessary way for my family.

I love the height of my Flex. I can put my children in their carseats without bending over or climbing up. I love that I can fit my extended family and friends in the 3rd row seating. The seats are comfortable and the appearance is perfectly boxy! My biggest issue with my Flex is that I average only 16 mpg and that is just not what I would consider to be environmentally friendly or cost effective.

- Jessie S

Dependable, fun, and versatile vehicle!

I love my Flex. This is my favorite car I've owned. They are prone to problems down the line. But I haven't had any major problems yet, just normal wear. The Flex is very comfortable and I love it for long trips. The space and versatility are another reason that the car really works for my family. There are 4 sunroofs, the speakers are pretty good and I feel safe and I feel like my kids are safe.

- Katie M

Ford flex has more room than other SUVs.

Ford flex is a roomy vehicle that drive great. Three row seating. A lot of extra features are available such as sun and moon roof, Sirius XM radio, tow package, backup camera and many more. Good gas mileage both local and highway. Did have a fuel related problem that was known by Ford and flex's manufactured in Canada was under recall, but ours wasn't. Other than that no problems so far.

- Jen J

Love the leather interior and controls, extra safe and has such a smooth ride

I love my FLEX. It fits my family of 5 comfortably plus a couple more. Super comfy even riding in the back seat. Really smooth ride. Very safe especially the middle row due to the inflatable seatbelt airbags. Listening to music is nice and for the other time your rider want to listen to the music louder you can adjust it to the rear setting so that you don't have to

- Kaitlyn M

Great SUV for travel with a lot of room.

The ford flex has so much room. My husband and son are tall; so the flex was perfect for their size. I love the leather seats and third row. What I do not like are the electrical problems the vehicle has. Most of those problems are easy fixes, but I wasn't expecting to have to do those. Otherwise it is a great family SUV that I love traveling in.

- Tunisia M

Great vehicle with some common mechanical issues

Great vehicle, until it hit 100,000 miles. Found out the wheel bearings and electronic steering assist have issues and it happened to me. Had to have 2 bearings replaced and the steering rack. Cost is about $370 per bearing and over $1500 for the power steering rack. If you're getting close to 100k miles, try and sell it before it happens.

- Eric H

Ford flex is the best family ride.

This is the most comfortable vehicle I have ever owned. It has a lot of room for storage even when using all three rows! It is a great family car, but does not have the feel of a minivan. It is great for vacations do to all of the room. It has a lot of great features - heated seats, back seat a/c control, back up camera, Bluetooth tech.

- Angela G

Great car, only a minor problem

Car is very big and seats 6 people comfortably. Car has great features and is very reliable in all weather. Only problem is that the door sensors say one door is open at all times and I've found that this is a common problem with all flex's. Car is great for travel and seats go down for extra space to carry equipment when not in use

- Eric C

Ford flex is what it is all about!

I love my ford flex! It is the most comfortable riding car I have ever ride in. It has an optional third row which is awesome. If those seats are down though there is so much room. The price and the room is why we chose the flex over an explorer. It has much more room and is less expensive. It also drives and rides much better.

- Megan B

Car is okay, but not the best.

Speakers are spotty, the car drives okay but can be loud at times, after one car wash the back washer fluid sprayer stopped working, the car is comfortable and a nice ride because it is smooth as it sits up high, the touch screen does not always work and can be very off, the speech commands also do not always work properly.

- Robin B

I like how big the car is.

Lots of space inside the vehicle, very comfortable and I feel safe when driving. I like that I am able to put down all of the seats to allow for more space especially for groceries and furniture. I think that the car is very nice and I have always wanted a Flex, I just sometimes forget how long it is when I a parking it.

- Gaby V

Great family vehicle, spacious and comfortable!

I love the way it handles, it really has a lot of get up and go! It has a lot of leg room, especially in the third row. The tumble down seats are great, too. Has the look of a wagon/SUV, but all the room of a minivan. Comes equipped with Ford sync, and a keypad lock on the driver's door, and a power gate in the rear.

- Shawn K

Too many issues to be worth it!

The cars electronic power steering goes in and out regularly. It apparently is something that was recalled in 2010 but has yet to improve. Also the drive train makes a terrible noise and it started close to 70k miles, this is also an issue many other flex owners have complained about for years without resolution.

- L D

Great performance and comfortable ride

The car is extremely comfortable and has a smooth ride. The gas is fair for a larger vehicle. The space is amazing and good for having plenty of people along for rides. The seats can also fold down making it great for carrying many items. The reverse camera is a must being that this is a larger vehicle.

- Nicholas C

Ford Flex is a great family car

Roomy and very comfortable. Perfect set up for a family of 4 with 2 dogs. Have not had any significant problems since purchasing 5 years ago. Drives well and has been great for all of our family vacations. Love the touch screen and that the back gate can easily be opened with the touch of a button.

- Leigh F

It is a great family car.

The Ford flex is a very passenger friendly car with plenty of room for 7 adults. The rear climate controlled add to the comfort of passengers. My major complaint about the Ford flex is the easily damaged exterior making and sort of reasonably priced replacement parts completely unattainable.

- Lisa D

The space in the trunk is great. Lots of room in back seat.

I like that it is big and fits my family comfortably. Lots of trunk space. Great for family vacations and car trips. Good looking and not very common out on the streets. I do not like that small interior parts are breaking in the inside like the center console latch and carpet coming off.

- Erin H

The features are GREAT!!!

I have a 2014 Ford Flex Limited that has been my daily vehicle for almost 2 years. Overall it's a good car. We have had some repairs (CV joint, fuel pump filter). I love all of the features, sunroof, nav system, push-button start. I look forward to having it several more years.

- Alyssa C

Comfortable seats and ride.

I like the 7 passenger seating. The leather seats are very durable and comfortable. The screen for the radio, heat, Bluetooth is very easy to use. The back seats fold down for extra cargo room when they are not being used. There is plenty of legroom in the second row of seating.

- Angela L

It is has room for tall people in the back seat and seats seven.

I like the amount of room in my car. I like the way it handles and the features are updated compared to our last vehicle. I'm not real happy with the color or the lack of the upgrades that we could have gotten if my father would have waited and looked around for another dealer.

- Tracey W

It is one of a kind because of the rims and the decals I have on it.

I love it. I have no problems. I love how it runs and I love the suspension. I love that I hate it has a lot of room in it and the gas mileage is good. And I also like that it is very stylish and I also love that seats that are comfortable and I also love how smooth it runs.

- Jay M

Family luxury vehicle that seats seven people.

Sits 7 comfortably. Back up camera. All back seats can fold down flat. Power everything. Option od Sirius radio. Also has Bose speakers. All leather interior. Back hatch is powered. Have had to replace back hatch power source though but it was covered under warranty.

- Samantha F

It is comfortable and reliable.

I love my flex! It is comfortable, roomy, and has just about all the bells and whistles I could ask for. It is economical and drives very smooth. I have had it for about 5 months and the only problem has been a nail on one of the tires. Other than that, a great car!

- Linda C

The Ford Flex is very free flowing on the road.

The Ford Flex has a lot of room for people to sit. It doesn't have the largest trunk space. The front window cracked easily when a rock hit it. The comfort level is great. I like it because it reminds you have a car but yet it is an SUV. I was used to a smaller car.

- Kelsey C

Love my Ford flex best road trip vehicle I have owned.

Comfortable ride and supportive seats, multifunctional vehicle with unique style. Powerful engine with decent gas mileage for its weight class and size. Huge spacious second row seats. Love the heated seats and automatic tailgate. Decent sound system and Bluetooth.

- Lynn W

Its roomy and Versatile, perfect for someone without kids.

Well, this car is perfect for me personally with the amount of space it has but I can see where it will not be ideal for someone else. The performance is great, especially for the place I live. The seats are comfortable and the features within the car are great.

- Abbie C

The Ford Flex is a better family car than a minivan.

It drives well and we have had very few problems with it. I love that we can fit 5 or 7 people in it and that the back seat goes up/down to accommodate more people or more gear. It works well for us for daily local trips as well as week-long driving vacations.

- Andrea B

It is very comfortable, is very roomy, and has a lot of storage space.

It has a lot of storage for items and passengers. We have all wheel drive so it doesn't get the best mpg's, but it does have great pickup. I wish it had a higher towing capacity so we could get a bigger travel trailer, but for a family of 3 it suits us fine.

- Maria G

It is comfortable and reliable.

The Ford flex I drive is a 2014. It has a lot of room for our family of 5 and the dog. It is very comfortable and provides enough space for us to travel with also bringing along all of our luggage. It provides a very smooth ride and a sound and solid car.

- Karen L

Tons of power and looks great

The car drives very smooth it has a lot of get up and go. There is a ton of room and the seats are extremely comfortable. It comes with heated and air conditioning seats. It has a great navigation system as well. It has four sunroofs. Love the car.

- Jamie H

Very spacious, smooth ride, good gas mileage, plenty of options

Great cars, very limited issues. I work for a ford dealership and we rarely see the flex come in for anything other than routine maintenance. I highly recommend this vehicle, especially to growing families that need larger SUVs without the price tag.

- Rachel R

Built in navigation, great for large families

Great features, seat warming, back up camera, touch screen for navigation, Bluetooth capabilities. This vehicle comfortably fits a family or party of 7. The back third row folds all the way down for extended trunk space. Great family/ luxury vehicle.

- Kristie W

It is comfortable and has a lot of space. It is so easy to get in and out of.

I love all the space in the front and back. I love how smooth and quiet it drives. I love how comfortable it is. I don't really like the outside shape of my flex (reminds me a little bit of a hearse and I wish it was a little better on gas usage.

- Dal A

It drives fantastic with great gas mileage and plenty of room for your big family and friends

I love that it drives like a car. Has enough seats for my family of 6. Is good on gas. It does not have enough storage space. luggage rack should come standard. The my ford sync system is always messing up. The car gets dings and dents easily.

- Lindsey R

Very spacious and you can put the two back seats up and have a bigger trunk space if needed. If you are needing all the seats however there is not much trunk space if you are traveling

I really like how big the vehicle is inside. I wish that it was a few more seats with more trunk space but overall the vehicle is very spacious and I have had no problems with it since we bought it four years ago.

- Rachel O

3 kids don't fit in a row with boosters and car seats. I wish I tested that out before buying

I like the back up camera. I have Bluetooth which I always wanted sirius radio if I want. And I really love that I can put a picture on the screen. Dislike my 3 kids don't fit in one row together with their seats

- Kristen D

Decent little station wagon

It is decent station wagon but little things are starting to break. At 80,000 miles the back up camera didn't work. The side indicators don't work and the interior is starting to come apart

- Travis S

Overall the Ford flex in my opinion is very underestimated.

It is very roomy inside which is excellent with two kids, very up to date electronic wise, and has a decent trunk area. The one thing I wish was different is it getting better gas mileage.

- Summer Y

They should know It's roomy.

I love that it's so roomy! Great for family trips. It's good on gas mileage. Love the cruise control and that I can bluetooth my phone to the radio. Wish it was higher off the ground

- Ashleigh B

It handles very nicely. Smooth ride.

My car is so reliable. I love how roomie the third row seating is. I can fit all my boys sports equipment and bikes when needs. I will forever love the touchscreen and my flex.

- Karen F

It is exactly what I wanted!

No complaints I have grandchildren from here to Lancaster to san Diego so I needed a nice vehicle with a third row and plenty of room with the Ford flex this is what I have.

- Donna B

It's all-wheel drive and handles like a dream. It fits up to 7 people with lots of legroom.

I like that it has plenty of room for the family. There is plenty of legroom for adults. I can haul most things I want. My only complaint is the gas mileage could be better.

- Rebecca W

It's comfortable and does not get good gas mileage.

I like that it is roomy and big. It has a big cargo area to haul lots of stuff. The seats are not too high and my elderly parents can get into the vehicle easy.

- Mary N

It has a fantastic ride. It is built on a Lincoln chassis.

I love my car. I had wanted a Ford Flex for a very long time before I got one. It is very comfortable and I think it is stylish and not a typical looking car.

- Mari-Jean W

It is the best car/suv for transporting 6-8 passengers comfortably.

My Flex is roomy and comfortable for up to 8 passengers. I enjoy the smooth ride of my vehicle. It does pretty good with gas mileage, I appreciate that also.

- Ruth R

The Ford Flex has a built in Navigation system, great on gas, very comfortable, nice looking , great travel vehicle

I like that my ford is good on gas I like that it is very comfortable dislike the door problem says not closed when it is. Dislike the 3rd row seating

- Christina E

It's a nice smooth ride and there is a lot of space for your legs

I like the flex because we have a big family and we are able to fit in it. It drives well however it would be better if we could get better mileage

- armando N

It gets great gas mileage

I have a Ford Flex that fits the size of my family. It's comfortable to travel in. It's fuel efficient. It's also really cool with a moonroof.

- Amy M

there are rear seat belts that have airbags in them. you should not install car seats with the rear belts. Use the latch system for installation.

My truck is super dependable. The only problem I have had was made by the dealer breaking my backup camera. Very comfortable and lots of room.

- Mandi B

The 2014 Ford flex is a great family car!

I love my flex! It is the best car to tote around 5 kids every day. It has great gas mileage for being an SUV. Great car for road trips too!

- Hannah M

Ford flex, base model here.

Good comfy seats, Bluetooth, and ac. Wish it has separate climate zones in the front. . . My wife is always cold and I am always hot.

- Troy D

The safety features for families.

It is roomy. Backup camera feature. Automatic hatch open/close. Touch screen in console. I wish it had captains seats in the middle.

- Leslie S

Affordable, dependable, comfortable and roomie.

Really enjoyable vehicle. Very roomy. I have 4 dogs and they fit comfortably. Also plenty of room to haul thing like furniture.

- Jen G

Ford Flex great features and roomy interior

Purchased the vehicle to replace a full size sedan. Interior is roomy. Blind spot indicator is great along with backup camera.

- jae j

It has good safety ratings and tip factor is low.

I like that it drives easy like a car and has enough seats for everyone. I like the way it looks. Do not like the trunk space.

- Raquel B

Ford flex is a awesome vehicle

Very reliable very comfortable high quality. Feels like a high end vehicle. The only issue is i wish it had a big gas tank

- Bruce W

It a great vehicle and is very nice to drive.

There is lots of room it's very safe and nice to drive its fast compared to what I originally drove. And I over all great.

- Cage S

Comfort and excellent acceleration

Love my car hate it when someone else has to borrow it and i have to drive something else. I miss the comfortable seats

- Tara C

It drives comfortably and makes me feel safe.

I feel secure driving the vehicle in the snow. Passenger seating is very roomy. Seats easily fold down for cargo space.

- Jen B

It is reliable and has decent gas mileage for a SUV.

I love the size.. It is a. Very comfortable ride.. Gas mileage could be better. I?D like it to be at least 20 mpg.

- Sandra T

Fits big family and is easily changed into a large cargo area.

Like the larger cargo area when the seats are down. Like the ability for seven passengers. Dislike gas mileage.

- Marcia O

It is a Reliable and comfortable vehicle, and it has a hauling hitch.

It is Easy to enter and get out. It has Lots of room. It is Easy on Gas. It is a Smooth ride. It Looks regal.

- Karen W

Comfortable, with lots of nice to have features.

Very comfortable. Lots of room, even in the second and third row seats. Plenty of features. Good gas mileage.

- Tas S

Smooth ride and has a lot of room.

Quiet and smooth interior, automatic back gate, double sunroofs. I wish the moon roofs had capacity to open.

- Beth M

It sits really low to the ground so it feels like a sedan not a truck, SUV, or van.

It has great gas mileage. It fits all my kids car seats comfortably. It has awesome storage in the trunk.

- Amy H

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that it is large enough for my whole family.

I love my vehicle. It has lots of seating space for my large family. It could use more trunk space though.

- jessica c

Very roomy, front and back.

Do not really dislike anything. It is very roomy, drives great, fully equipped with everything we wanted.

- Jennifer J

There is so much room for people and transport, even when the 3rd row is up.

I love that it rides smooth and has a bit of zip. I like the 3rd row seats and it gets good gas mileage.

- Kricia D

It is a very solid vehicle.

Rides nice, lots of room, and comfortable are what I like. I dislike is how expensive it is to maintain.

- Amanda V

It is a great family vehicle

I like how much room it has for my family. It is easy to drive. I wish it had better gas mileage though

- Francine S

Spacious enough for adults even in the 3rd row seats. Back seats fold down completely.

It has a lot of room. It gets great gas mileage. Trunk closure button sometimes doesn't work correctly.

- Malerie S

Metallic black suv 7 passenger

Great car fits all my kids comfortably loves how it's a full size suv but drives like a small sedan.

- Victoria A

It is the best traveling vehicle we have every purchased.

It is very comfortable for traveling. It is very spacious. I really don't have any complaints.

- kim g

It has a ton of space for a growing family. With seating up to 7

I absolutely love my car. It fits all 7 of us perfect. Plus holds all the baseball equipment!

- Allyson T

I love the room my Ford Flex has, I do miss having a sunroof. I regret not getting a power folding 3rd row seats.

it is more powerful than you think, and the heated front seats get very hot on your behind.

- Jennifer B

Family friendly. Big enough for 7 people

Love the size. Fits my family. The only dislike is takes gas.not good on mileage

- Carmen G

The room it has in it. The 3rd row seating.love it

Love the room gas is good electrical has had some issues. Air works good

- Jacob W

My car is pretty big, people can do a lot with a larger car

It's good, a fair car which has things that I need, but it's old

- Simon P

This is a great, eco friendly car that fits your whole family

Great price, big enough for our family, great gas mileage

- Amy H