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ford flex: the family car you never thought you needed but want so bad!

great family car. having all wheel drive in the winter makes a huge difference. it drives so incredibly well in the snow. lots and lots of space and with the back seats able to configure into different variations maximize storage and the ability to move things. low center of gravity makes it a great drive as well. the downside is that they discontinued the tech support in the media center. the sync no longer works and when i went to fix it the dealership told me there was nothing they can do and all my sync features no longer work.

- brad s

Plenty of room to fit all the bigger items purchased.

The ford flex is an amazing vehicle. I am who usually gets tired of a car or finds a reason to upgrade or just get a new one. I have had this car for three and a half years and never want to give it up. There is enough space when the back seats are folded down that I can make larger purchases at stores and not have to wonder if I will fit them in the car. I love the coloring and wheel package it came with as well. The car was affordable for what you get with it.

- Angela S

It is a flex, that means it is flexible and can fit well into your life too!

Easy to drive, very spacious, and looks great. I can pile my kids and their friends in the car because it is as spacious as a van, but it looks much better and is more maneuverable to drive. What else can I say? It's a very nice vehicle and we've not had any issues with it yet. Fits easily in parking spaces but feels safe and secure like a tank!!

- Andrea C

The back is very spacious. It drives well. It is worth the cost.

I like the room in the back, the doors open when you touch the door, the trunk opens with no key. The passenger head rest is a bit awkward. I don't like that there is not a scan button on the steering wheel. The buttons on the center console are flat so you can't tell if you are touching it correctly unless you look.

- Jenny C

How to drive my car fast and quick.

It's fun to drive it fast and to make other people on the road mad at you. It's fun to drive it fast and to make other people on the road mad at you. It's fun to drive it fast and to make other people on the road mad at you. It's fun to drive it fast and to make other people on the road mad at you.

- Ricky L

My Ford flex is the best!

My Ford flex is amazing! I drive 45 minutes for work and back and 45 minutes to see my family. It is great on the interstate and has so much room for all of my niece and nephews! My dog also fits in the back perfectly. When I grocery shop it is nice that I can open the back with the remote.

- Amber D

The perfect SUV. Not too big not too small.

I love the seating capability of this vehicle. It is an SUV that seats 7 comfortably. . It is not a large SUV so entering and exiting the vehicle is very easy. The Ford flex gets great gas mileage. This vehicle also has a smooth ride and although it appears long, it is easy to maneuver.

- Cassandra B

It is a great family vehicle without being giant or hogging gas.

This was my dream vehicle while driving around in my first car, which was a great old Pontiac Grand Prix but a grocery-getter at best. Now I can actually fit all three kiddos comfortably in their carseats, and the air-conditioning works... everything else is just frosting on the cake.

- Genevieve H

Its very spacious on the instead.

It is a mid-size sedan that has third row seating. I can seat up to eight people. I have no issues with the car I just think it is ugly. I can backup using my rear view camera, Bluetooth capabilities and cargo storage. My seats can fold down if I need them too.

- Sasha B

Flex of the good, bad, the ugly.

Bluetooth is glitchy, bad on gas mileage, ignition wore down fast. Computer components had to be replaced in the 1st year. Radio interface is somewhat convoluted. Feel like it could have better technology and more options concerning featured and accommodations.

- Ben B

It have Bluetooth that can connect to your phone so you can play what you like.

The comfort of the car is great because it have a lot of cargo space. It have plenty of room so the seats lay flat in the car if needed. It has a back up camera to see when car is in reverse. It also have seat warmers that can be controlled by each person.

- Sasha B

It is safe, therefore making better to get places without fear for accidents.

I like the roominess and the handling of my vehicle. I like the way it looks, especially in comparison to other Ford flex. I dislike the fact that you have to purchase the updates for the maps. I feel that should come with the car at purchase.

- Jane L

It is a stylist alternative for a mom who has to haul a large family. Sometimes minivans aren't appealing.

I love my Ford Flex. It is spacious and has enough leg room for everyone in my family, especially my husband who is 6' 2". The only thing I dislike is the amount of times my transmission has gone bad since I've purchased it. 3 times.

- Christian T

The most important thing is that is good on gas.

I do not have any complaints about the car. But I do have a lot of things that I like about it for example there is a lot of space, I can feel my sister on flat if I need my room, and I also have 3rd row seating.

- Sasha B

Moderately powerful car, but not always enough space

I like my car. It is powerful enough, I can quickly move around the city in it alone or with friends. But I would like it to be more capacious. When I go shopping I do not always have enough space for goods.

- Mike G

It's a perfect car for families with lots of extra space.

This vehicle is the perfect size for a small but growing family. While it has as much room as many larger SUVs, the price was much more reasonable. I don't necessarily like the body shape of it, though.

- Rachel K

It is a great, versatile family car.

I like that it is low profile with high seating capacity. It is very comfortable for long family trips. It has a lot of features like the keyless entry that makes life a little easier.

- Mary C

it really is a great car and I love all the extra room and seats.

I love my car so much. I love all the seating ams I love the extra room in it. However, my notifications have started to mess up. It says I have doors open, when I really don't.

- heather p

It does not drive like an SUV.

I love that it drives smooth. It is so roomy that it fits 7 people. I dislike that there is no sunroof. Also I wish it was better on gas. If it was white it would be a bonus.

- Melissa P

It is so big on the inside! People underestimate how roomy it is.

I love how roomy it is without feeling like a big vehicle to drive. I also love how well it handles in the winter. The style is very fun and reminds me of a surfer car.

- Allison N

It has room for a family, comfort for long travel and stylish.

So far I have not had any problems. The seat stow makes it easy to transport large items. 2nd row seating reclines making it comfortable for back seat passengers.

- Andrea T

If it is a nice riding car and lots of room for a family.

Love my car second flex I have owned. Has lots of room for my family and I. We take lots of day trips and we are always comfortable in my car as a family of four.

- Sam B

Push button to start is nice, seat warmer super.

Comfortable, seat warmers. Good gas mileage. Handles well on road. Push button to start, but key fob must be on you or vehicle will not start. I simply love it.

- Donna E

It is economical and comfortable.

I love all the special features that it has and the size of the vehicle. We are able to move the seats up and down easily put seven people in the car.

- Peggy F

It has great safety features and is very roomy.

No complaints about my car. It is AWD, smooth ride, and is comfortable to drive in any weather condition. It is roomy enough for my family of 6.

- Jennie J

It is great with gas. Great for people with kids.

I love my car! I gets great gas mileage. It is an easy vehicle to get in and out of if you have disabilities. It is also a smooth ride.

- Sarah P

It's smooth ride for travel on long trips

Like the warming seats, control of air and heat in the front and back.the cup holders, the cup holder in the middle in the back seat.

- Debbie H

The stylish family car option.

Great reliable vehicle. Very comfy for long family trips. Low profile, but fits tall people really well. a lot of great features.

- Mary C

Family friendly, dependable vehicle.

Wonderful features for the price range. Dependable and full of technology. Good amount of room for our five member family.

- Sarah M

It's a good, solid vehicle. It is reliable transportation with a comfortable ride.

It has a fine interior but the exterior styling is less than jazzy. It is very comfortable but has limited cargo capacity.

- Daniel R

It is high level of safety.

I have no complaints. Best vehicle I have ever owned. Its an outstanding vehicle. I am very happy I chose this vehicle.

- Terry C

It holds up to 7 people comfortably.

I love the optional 3rd row seating. His seats are easy to raise and lower. It also has a good amount of cargo space.

- Beverly B

It may not look that great from outside but it sure is nice inside and drives great

Roomy inside, comfortable drive, easy to handle, very functionable... mileage /gas average, good highway driving

- Marlene M

Vehicle is just ok. Not as roomy as first thought

Not happy with the transmission, it seems to be slipping & I only have 55K miles. Otherwise, car is just "ok"

- Diane E

smooth, highly customizable for each passenger and very roomy

smooth , comfortable, roomy. easy to adjust chairs . everyone can be comfortable with temperatures

- bnw l

It is big but not too big. It is easy to clean but does have a few spots near the drivers seats that are impossible to reach.

I love it! It feels like a small suv but it fits everything and everyone. I would buy this car again.

- Gg R

After 38,000 Miles. I've had no issues at all with this car

No complaints, great reliable SUV. It's comfortable and reliable . Great classic styling

- John B

Lots of room and drives great

It drives well and holds a lot of things. I am short and it's almost too long for me.

- Stacey K

It has a lot of room in the car. It is a lot better then some cars.

I like the room it has. I also like the radio screen. I dislike the mileage.

- Troy M

It's a smooth driving vehicle. It has good safety features.

It's very comfortable driving, it's great on long trips. And it's roomy.

- Christine S

This is my car. It's a great car. You should get one

Big solid reliable smooth Bluetooth I can't think of anything else.

- Joseph E

I like that it has a lot of space and it is reliable. The extra row is nice and roomy. I don't like how long it is because it seems difficult to park. The heating and cooling doesn't seem to work very well.

It is a very large car. It has a lot of room but is pretty long.

- Amy W

Lots of head and leg room. Comfortable to ride in. Feels like a large SUV but drives like a car. Great for families.

May look a little unusual, but it a great family vehicle.

- Jennifer C