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Safety feature to lock the doors if you walk away from the car with the.

Dislike mpg. No room in front for purse. Dislike that it is being discontinued!! Dislike that there is no overhead handle on drivers side (bad leg). Dislike some of the entry directions. Dislike that I really needed a couple classes on driving flex. Still learning..... Love the interior room. Only vehicle that fits my big man that is not a truck! Love the interior room! Love the 3rd row lay down seats. Love the interior room. Love my color. Love that it is perfect height for me and elderly mom to get in and out because we can use running boards. Love keyless entry. Love connection to apps, weather radar, etc. Love backup sensor..

- Robert C

Choice between minivan or a flex.

The car drives very smoothly. It gives you a truck feel but not a rough drive. It is reliable but it guzzles gas. I drive a lot and I have to fill up every 4 days. I enjoy the cars head room but the truck space is not great. I have a double stroller and cannot do a decent grocery run with all the kids and stuff in my trunk. I don't really like the center console. I feel like it is too bulky and not much space for my purse between seats. It takes up space in the car. Overall, good car. But if you are going to decide between and minivan and this car. . . Go with a minivan.

- Stephanie T

It is a comfortable drive in town or long distance.

The Ford flex is the best car I have owned. It had a few recalls in the beginning but other than that I have no complaints. It has so much room, comfortably seats six adults and has more room in back for either luggage or groceries. I love that there is separate air condition controls for the front and back. The seats are very comfortable. The flex is a great family car.

- Karen M

Great for a large family!

We are a family of 5 and everyone rides comfortable. We have kids in traveling sports so where on the road traveling most weekends. All of the large sports bags and luggage fit great. The seats fold down great and has plenty of cupholders. The only thing I wish we had would be a TV, but not big deal. This is the second time we have purchased a flex.

- Jennifer S

The Station Wagon Reinvented For the Win!

The Ford Flex has a large amount of usable space, without being a bulky car. I appreciate the third row seating and the electronics package upgrade. The gas mileage is above average and the blind spots are completely minimal. Overall the car is awesome. My only critique is that I wish the car seated 7 individuals versus the current 6.

- Tara Z

The flex is the versatile option for today's family.

I really like the versatility of the flex. Mine has the optional captain chairs in the second row and can comfortably seat six. The ability to stow the third row seats allows storage options. We can also use it to tow our small trailer. The flex is a very stylish option for those that need plenty of seats but do not want a minivan.

- Amy B

Large roomy and comfortable interior.

It is a very comfortable ride and has a lot of get up and go. It also seats 7 people and has the ability to carry a lot of cargo. I love that it lets me know when my tire pressure is low and when it is time for an oil change. That way I do not have to do a lot of record-keeping. For the size of the vehicle the gas mileage is good.

- Kathy B

Ample legroom, reliable and easy to drive.

We chose the flex first of all for the leg room in the 3rd row. I have 3 teenage boys all over 6’. There is plenty of room and the ride is smooth. We also live in the city so the flex is easy to park and maneuver in tight spaces. It is reliable and has had zero issues. We lived the flex so much this is actually our second one.

- Angie G

The outside may look boxy but the interior is pure luxury!

I love the roomier interior that allows me to transport my large family. I love the ease of getting into and out of the vehicle especially for elderly people. I love the ride compared to other Ford vehicles I've owned in the past. I love this car so much I plan on leasing another one next year when my lease on this one is up!

- Maeila B

Easy to handle and park even though it is a large vehicle.

Very comfortable, easy to drive and handled even though it is a large vehicle. Love the 3rd row option, lots of trunk space. Have had it for 2 years with no problems at all. Good gas mileage for such a large vehicle. The additional features such as back up camera and blind spot lights on the side mirrors are a definite plus.

- Echo K

Stylish, comfortable, drives well.

I am on my second ford flex and I love it! I got a stylish charcoal gray color with black rims, which really makes it stand out. It is comfortable and seats my family of 5. I like the touch screen and all of the features that it includes. I also really like the heated seats but wish that it had a heated steering wheel.

- Sara B

Third row seat great for families.

The vehicle has plenty of legroom. It is great for long trips. There is plenty of space in the back for groceries or luggage. The third row comes in handy for carpooling or transporting your kids and their friends. It has reverse assistance which helps if you have trouble seeing with the mirrors.

- Kris P

Comfort & reliance. Snow and ice have never been an issue with this car.

It is gives the comfort of a luxury car and the endurance and feel of a truck. It drives beautifully on the highway (tends to not feel as fast as what the speedometer says!). This is our second flex. There have been no performance issues. For the size of the vehicle, the gas mileage is very good.

- Mary P

Ford flex better than an SUV, sort of like a car.

Interior comfort is excellent. 6 cyl. Engine a little weak of car is full. The limited edition is very attractive. One of the best features of this vehicle is the third row seating which provides adequate room for children or friends. Sony radio and sound system easy to use and attractive.

- Rob S

Room even for dog while driving on vacation.

I love how much room I have weather it is for shopping or picking up my kids friends. Great on gas, leg and headroom. We even have enough room to bring on dog on vacation with us. Have not had any problem yet that make me dislike it. I wish it had moonroof but we got what we could afford.

- Melissa P

Ford flex is a great family vehicle.

Ford flex is a great family vehicle. I have the 7 passenger model. It drives great, is smooth on the road, and is very comfortable. It is great in wind, rain and snow. Have not had any issues getting stuck. It is a heavy solid vehicle. I would recommend to friends and family.

- Maria N

Would buy a flex again just for the amount of space inside.

No problems. Love the performance. Very reliable. Seats 5 comfortably 7 total. Has heated front seats. Loads of storage when all the seats are down. Love the backup camera. All wheel drive is a must when living in northern Michigan. Remote start works great.

- Brenda S

The vehicle drives so smooth and handles very well.

There is not much I dislike about the vehicle. It is the smoothest, most comfortable, and most spacious car I have owned. The only complaint I have is the difficulty in utilizing the third row of seating and that the 2nd and 3rd row sunroofs do not open.

- Jessica Z

Boxy, but good. The Flex has a unique look to it but all of the convenience of a minivan.

The interior is spacious and well designed. There is plenty of room for storage, even with the third row open. I love the ability to adjust heat and audio for the front and rear seats, and the overall styling is sleek and good looking.

- Aimee P

I love the way it rides so smoothly and comfortably.

It carries 7 people comfortably and drives like a car not a truck. It accelerates quickly and gets decent (not great) gas mileage. The car is large enough and the seats go down so you can transport large items.

- Kathleen B

It may look like a box on wheels but it has a ton of room inside to make seating very comfortable. Even my 6'4" husband doesn't mind!

I love the room in my vehicle. It allows for three rows of seating but it doesn't look like a minivan. I love that the 3rd row also folds down form more storage as well.

- Shannon B

The Ford Flex has plenty of room for all riders in the vehicle.

I love the leg room for my hubby in the flex. The steering wheel and has pedals adjust to help short people like me. The space is excellent for our family and comfortable.

- Patty J

The Flex has lots of legroom

I love how my Flex handles and how much leg room it has in the back seats. The only thing I don't like about it is how little storage space there is in the back.

- Brandy Y

The main thing I would want others to know is how roomy this vehicle is.

What I love most about this vehicle is how spacious it is. I am able to fit my kids along with all our stuff easily. Also, it gets good gas mileage for an SUV.

- Brittney W

The Ford Flex has much more room in the second and third rows versus other third row SUVs on the market.

I love the room in the second and third rows. The Ford Flex has a very smooth ride. Also the Flex accelerates well and can hold speeds going up and down hills.

- Genna G

It sweats a lot of people comfortably. Good family car.

I love the look of my vehicle. Not many cars out there that look like mine. I love that there is a code to use. I do wish it had a little more power.

- Amy H

It is very comfortable. The car rides smooth and nice.

I love it. I has plenty of room for my family. It is a very comfortable ride on road trips. The only dislike I have is that it takes a lot gas.

- Stephanie E

The most important thing others should know about your car is that it is a Ford.

Lots of legroom for second row passengers. Vehicle can carry a lot inside. Great gas mileage for size. Dislike that it eats tires....

- paul b

Lots of room for luggage.

We have had our car for 2 years and love it. Have not had any issues. Drives and rides great. Have a time of room.

- Stacy H

Its versatile and reliable.

I love how roomy it is, how nice and smooth it rides and the gas mileage it gets. There is nothing I dislike.

- Miranda M

Great family car, dependable, safe. Stands out in a crowd.

Spacious, safe, easy to drive, great features. Different from average SUVs and minivans- unique. No problems.

- April B

Great car for family. Plenty of room and comfort

I bought this vehicle for the size. It is surprising how enjoyable it is to drive. Perfect for what i needed

- William H

The idea is nice. It is very comfortable.

The 3rd row is not easy to get into. Besides that it is a very comfortable car and fits a lot of people.

- Pat C

Comfortable 24 7 and can travel with at least 7 adults and 9 children if needed.

Completely satisfied with our comfortable 3 rows of seats that lay flat if I need to haul things.

- Joel F

Great for families and road trips. Hatchback does rattle a little bit.

I like the body style and size. It is easy to drive and very comfortable for all passengers

- Teresa C

It had a lot of space inside for passengers and when not using the back row you have more trunk space.

Enjoy my car very much, has ample enough room, drives very easily, very reliable car.

- Kari C

It drives great and is very maneuverable.

Comfortable, great visibility, plenty of room, many useful features, great AC.

- R C

It is great for our family.

It's very roomy. Great gas mileage, fits our families lifestyle

- Jay f