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2017 red Ford flex sel great family SUV.

The interior of the car is very spacious and a comfortable ride. I really like how you can program two seat and mirror positions if you have more than one driver for the vehicle. I also like the ease of changing back seat positions for loading groceries, strollers, camping gear etc. The dash gives information about the vehicle, miles remaining until gas tank is empty, oil life, etc. One thing I could not find if it is included is if you get a low tire light, it does not specify which tire and what the level is. I average about 17. 5 mpg and do an equal amount of highway and city driving. The ride is so smooth. Definitely recommend the flex.

- Dana R

The flex has the roomiest of a SUV, lower to the ground and better gas mileage.

Perfect vehicle for older person. Has the roominess of a pickup or SUV but lower to ground; however is not as low as a sedan. Easy to get in and out of vehicle whether the front seats or the second row of seats. This is the second flex I have owned. Kept my first flex for 8 years, gave to family member and bought a second flex. Never had a performance problem. Seats are wide and comfortable. Many upgraded features are standard on the flex. . . Backup camera, adjustable pedals, GPS, heated front seats, blind spot notification on side mirrors.

- Joan P

Roomy, modern and fun to drive!

The ford flex is a roomy, stylish, modern looking wagon that has many cool features. Navigation and the built-in seat warmers are my 2 favorite. It also has a 3rd row seat that you can use or fold in completely. My family and I love the room in it and the automatic trunk. The only dislike I may have is that it seems to have a slower take off speed than most trucks and SUVs I have driven. Not too powerful, but all of the pros definitely outnumber the cons.

- Renee L

Ford flex - the name says it all!

This vehicle has no problems! It is very comfortable, extremely reliable and fun to drive. I love ford sync, which includes a navigation system. This is the most versatile car I have ever owned - it has a large cargo area, or it can seat up to 7 people comfortably. It has enough power to make it fun to drive, while the 6 cylinder engine gets good gas mileage. The AWD makes it great in snow or mud.

- Leslie G

A flex is a great family car.

When we first got out flex we had a few problems with the windows and the doors not closing the right way. Ford got it all fixed up and we love it. I love how it fits 7 adults. I am 5'9" and sit in the 3rd row all the time with a lot of legroom. My kids love that the 2nd row has moon roofs of both side and they can turn on and off the a/c. I love the car cold and they don't.

- Ashley S

The shape of the car is pretty unique. I am not a small girl and my kids are tall and there is lots of room in the car. I can actually get into the back third row seat. I tried similar Ford makes with third rows and it was difficult to get into them.

This vehicle has been amazing. I have had it a year. I had a 2009 flex in the past and loved it so decided I wanted the newer one. This car is super comfortable, has lots of pep and power and is good on gas. It fits the whole family. Third row seat is nice and mine is loaded. There is nothing I cannot say that I love about my car. I have never had any issues with it.

- melody m

Sleek yet comfy and family friendly.

I really enjoy the comfortable design and overall layout of this vehicle and have purchased it multiple times because it works so well for my family and makes us feel like we have room but don't have to buy an ugly van to be comfy. I would highly suggest and recommend if you have a medium sized family and like sleek inner design.

- Dwight S

It is affordable and dependable and a great, basic car.

I really like how affordable, dependable and useful my car is. It runs smoothly, has great standard features such as bluetooth and a back up cam. I love that it's fuel efficient and low emission. I dislike how basic it is - this is my third focus and I love them, but I need to upgrade next time.

- Chelsea S

Retro look of the flex is what originally caught my attention.

The most comfortable vehicle I have ever owned. This is my 2nd Ford flex. My 2009 seated 6 people, my 2017 seats 7. Second row 60/40 bench seat and 3rd row bucket seats all fold down for extra cargo space. Apple CarPlay is a plus. Plenty of cargo space.

- Jan W

It seats seven people and looks neat and has great technology features.

It fits 7 people which is great for a large family, but it doesn't have much cargo or trunk space so it is not the best for traveling. I love the style and the features but I dislike the gas tank capacity and gas mileage.

- Alfonso N

Good economical family car

The flex is spacious enough for our family of 5 with plenty of truck space for all our "stuff" on road trips or simply groceries or sports gear. Even though it's big, it rides more like a sedan than a big van or SUV.

- Sarah P

One highlight about my car would probably be the comfortability of it.

I feel that my car is not the best but is pretty good quality. The problem about this car would probably be the distance and the speed my car can go, it's such an expensive car for not enough mileage.

- Alexandra C

Spacious, comfortable, and fun to drive.

Very comfortable, spacious seating, smooth drive, very reliable. Kids love the seating and all the cup holders. My only complaint may be the relatively low gas mileage compared to my town and country.

- Melissa B

Love the head room that the flex has.

I really love the way that my flex handles. The flex has 3rd row seating where you can haul all the kids or grandkids plus you can put the 3rd row down and haul big items in the back.

- Jamie T

Engine is somewhat loud and Gas mileage is decent for size

Love the size, can transport 6-7 people comfortably or seats down and room for equipment Drove a hybrid for several years so engine is loud by comparison. Otherwise love it

- Kathy V

My flex is super reliable when going on long driving across country vacations with 4 or more people.

I love car because I have room for my whole family. There's plenty space for laundry shopping trips. I get great gas mileage when we go on family vacations together.

- Briana M

It's a great family car for active families.

I like that my vehicle seats seven and has decent storage space in back still. The interior is comfortable and it drives great. I don't like the gas mileage.

- Stefanie B

This is an awesome choice for a vehicle with 3 rows at a great price.

This car is perfect for road trips with multiple adults and two large dogs. There is plenty of cargo space and it can tow a trailer if needed. We love it.

- Jean C

It's a very comfortable car with lots of space. We have had no problems with it.

I like that there is plenty of room for my family. I love the automatic start and the navigation system. The gas mileage is not the greatest.

- Heather S

Roomy, great for long trips and big families and comes in various colors.

I like the size of the vehicle and its capacity. Not too thrilled about the shape of suv. It has a nice ride and comfy for long trips.

- Cori J

Great family car. Great for vacations and lots of storage.

Our Ford flex so far has no problems. We fell in love with it from the moment we test drive it. Great family car and lots of room!

- Amanda V

It is big enough to fit a large family without the look of a minivan.

I like that it fits my family of 7. I dislike the gas mileage and smaller gas tank capacity. I like that it is sporty looking.

- Kyra N

This vehicle is good for my job and travels.

Has enough space for my work load and for my equipment for my job. Does not save on gas this vehicle consume too much gas.

- Angel M

Perfect vehicle for a family

I love my Ford Flex. It is the perfect vehicle. Plenty of space for all my children and our things. Runs great as well.

- Brianna B

It is safe and easy to drive

Comfortable, starts great. Taken long trip and it is easy to ride in. Plenty room for people and supplies.

- Lerri S

The car is pretty much good quality all around, sure it's not the best looking car but it doesn't break down.

The car is overall ok, just like all cars it has its problems but the fuel consumption efficiency isn't that bad.

- Weston Y

It is GREAT on gas!! It's also very comfortable in long trips with 5 in our family.

I love the bells and whistles! It toes our pop up camper perfectly! It is great for all 5 of us in our family!

- Michelle E

Reliable car, but not fuel efficient

Reliable, not as fuel efficient as they say. Needs more room. Gets me to where I am going. It was affordable.

- Mary P

It is the most comfortable vehicle I have owned.

It is very comfortable. I love the options available. I prefer the styling. It is super spacious.

- Christopher B

It is so much fun to drive and is big enough for the entire family

3rd row seating, comfortable long distance ride, awesome gas mileage, room for my whole family

- Merranda M

Fun to drive, safe, excellent quality and looks great.

Great ride, performance and mileage. Has many safety features and a very good quality.

- James S

A great size for all of my personal and family needs.

Roomy, handles well, great road trip car. Rear seats do not fold completely flat.

- Frank F

Great safety rating. My car insurance actually went down.

I love the technology and safety. I don't like not having a sunroof.

- Melissa D