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My car is 18 years old, since I bought it at 16,I have driven it over 100 miles, however, my car has had several electrical issues, and I have had to put over 6k into repairs, it isn't the most reliable car, even when I first bought it with 70k miles, it broke down often, I actually had to buy towing insurance because I had it towed so often. The pain is now peeling off of my car, the sunroof no longer works and the seals are peeling off. I have had to replace the alternator 3 times, replace the steering wheel, timing belt twice, the sensor board, and all four windows 2 times. There is a lot of head space in the car, the seats are leather which makes it easy to clean. I am 4'11 and the car allows me to pump up the seat so it's easy to see over the dash. The arm rest breaks easily. this car is crazy good on gas though. I used to be able to drive it really far on one tank of gas. The AC in the car has had problems for the last 6 years, no matter how many times we get it fixed. I'm pretty sure the transmission is failing at this point because it slams when I drive and shifts gears on its own.

- Kayla W

Get me through college car

The car is old and has seen its fair share of travel. The car seems like something could go wrong at most times but I have had the car for 2 years and I have barely had to put money into the car. The only things that I had to replace are the battery, exhaust system, and minor parts but that is also due to the previous owner taking car of the car. It has been reliable for me during college and have never missed a college class due to a car problem. As I drive it does stall out when I come to a full stop but it always starts right back up. The car does have problems with acceleration to get on the highway and going up hills. The car is comfy in the front but the back is very compact if I were to have 4 people in the car. The car has the basic features that I need such as a radio, brights for night driving, and electric windows. All in all a car from 2000 is really holding up well almost 20 years later.

- Ethan O

My dependable 2000 Ford Focus.

My car is a Ford Focus. It's a 2000 and it runs pretty great. The idle once jumped to a higher level but after the mechanic cleaned the idle air intake valve it easily returned to its normal performance. The body style saw no drastic change from then until now which gives the car a new car appearance and the interior is the same in that it is clean in simplicity from it's build with sturdy stock parts. This gives the interior the same new effect in appearance. This car is dependable and gets me where I need to go without any mechanical problem so far. It also gets pretty good mileage, I believe around 28 miles to the gallon. A full tank lasts a good while and the daily errands I have to run are not an added expense for me at all. Overall, I like the car. It's simple and clean, runs dependably and is great on gas. I don't need much more than that.

- Yvonne D

Interesting detail good engine and air condition.

Overall engine runs good; however I've had to put far more work into it. Many recalls are on it that were not honored. Very comfortable and good air condition. Electrical problems. Ecu went out and dealership told me it wasn't the problem charged me $100 to tell me that. They didn't put everything back on and told me something else was wrong and estimated it to be $800 because the ecu would of only cost $130-50. The supposed issues only costed $176 and car didn't start towing fees and estimates plus it sat for long time only to find out 2 yrs later it was the ecu which in fact was on recall. Ford Focus Kona mtn edition zx3 2. 0 vtec hatchback good engine terrible everything else.

- Lamar S

This Is A Great Little Car

This make and model of car is pretty reliable. This is the second one my family is owned, and while it does have some more issues than the first one did, I think that can be attributed to poor car maintenance done by the previous owners. The first Taurus we had made it to 300,000 miles before finally giving out! This one is about halfway there, but I fully expect it to last about as long as the other one did. We've had no major problems with it so far, just some minor concerns here and there. It's decent on gas and power - definitely good enough for a sedan. My only complaint would be is that it's a little small; I'm 6 ft so it feels a little cramped at times.

- Katie S

Blue 2000 Ford Focus - decent condition.

I have a blue Ford Focus. I bought it used not too long ago so I am still trying to figure out all the ins and outs of the vehicle. So far though it has been really good. It drives really smooth for the most part. The only real downside to it is that the steering wheel has a small dead spot in it that has taken some getting used to but other than that it is not too bad. I guess the other thing I should mention about it is that it is gas mileage is not the best, but it gets above 20 miles to the gallon. In my opinion any car that gets 20+ miles per gallon is good in my book.

- Logan C

My fun facts of my 2000 Ford focus.

Our 2000 Ford focus drives excellent. It is fast, stable and easy to handle. It is comfortable to drive and relaxing to be a passenger. With a smooth ride like this, it is easy to fall asleep for passengers. The few things that have been an issue is the steering wheel is not adjustable and it does not have power windows or locks. But, another great feature is the seat belt strap. It has an adjustment by the door to slide up if you are tall or slide down if you are shorter. I love this feature. The 2000 Ford focus is a very reliable and economical vehicle.

- Barbara B

A sturdy reliable vehicle that has never given me any trouble.

I bought my focus in 2000. It was the first year the focus was released. This car has been a reliable vehicle for all these years. I have only had to give it the maintenance required. When I bought this vehicle I lived in maui, hi. So, of course, there were not a lot of miles put on it. Since I have moved to tahuya, wa we are able to take longer trips. At that, there are still only 86,000 miles on it. The mechanic who did the brake job recently was impressed with the condition both inside and out. I love my focus.

- Kathleen V

2000 Ford Focus, good work car.

Car was bought used, good engine, motor and transmission. Over 200k miles and runs fine. Switch for fan stopped working, small fix that was under ten. Initial problems with cruise control that were not vital to the car operating. Had to fix wheel bearings on both sides, but it had a lot of miles on it and I am not particularly kind to my vehicles. Regular wear and tear on tires. I have heard that the Focuses can have issues with the driver side tires wearing faster, but I have never noticed. Great gas mileage.

- Sarah S

I love my Focus and would buy another without hesitation.

My Focus has made cross country trips, been thru hurricane evacuations and many other less dramatic events. It's a little loud, but gets decent gas mileage and with regular maintenance it has been a wonderful car. I chose it because it was the right fit for my small family and was affordable. My Focus is from the very first model year for Focus and it is still running and getting me where I need to go. We feel perfectly safe in it and it is easy to drive.

- Diane M

It is an oldie but a goodie! I wish I could get the new version of it.

My vehicle is a cute little red Ford Focus that suits my personality. However, it is getting very old and falling apart, as cars do. I like that it is small, has better mileage than any other car I've owned, and I own it so I don't have to make payments on it. I don't like how things randomly break. Just recently, the air controls broke and now I can only use it on defrost mode. Then, the heat shield was loose because the bolt just rusted out of it.

- Jennifer O

An interesting detail in my car has to be the sound control in the car.

My car is extremely efficient. Performance wise I haven't encountered any problems at all. The engine is in good shape and my battery has lasted longer than most cars. It runs very smoothly and overall it's a great car. The interior is nice and clean, the air conditioning and heating works well. I have heated seating for cold winters and the car includes Bluetooth radio. So I definitely recommend this car for both new drivers and new car searchers.

- Jeremiah D

Ford Focus keeps on running :)

I have only replaced the engine, because the previous owner ran it out of oil. I have to have some heater work done soon. I love how easy it is to buy parts for. However, if you have to replace the alternator be aware that it is located UNDER the engine. If you do have to work on it there are plenty of youtube tutorials to assist you. I love how it drives I love the gas mileage. I love the seats, I do wish they had heaters tho.

- Misty B

when you want to pop the trunk you have to unlock the doors or it won't open.

I am a short person so I love the fact that it's a small car. Good if you have 2 kids. I haven't really had any problems with my car honestly. Its performance is great and its cozy. Features are CD player, oil gage, bright headlights great on gas it's everything you would want in a small car. I can put $20 in gas and it will be full. Very good on gas that's mainly my number one reason why I love that car.

- Megan F

Its small and fits great when driving to downtown areas.

My car is great because it's small and can fit it in small spaces. It's easy to maneuver and drive. Even though it's small it's great on gas mileage. Regular maintenance helps keep it in good condition. If the tires are rotated every oil change, they can be kept from warping. The 2 door hatchback can be a hassle for passengers. The trunk is small but the back seats can be put down for extra storage.

- Vanessa S

Ford Focus, Fuel Efficient

It's an older green Ford focus that I bought used for about 1500 dollars. In terms of fuel efficiency it's pretty good. I drove from Oklahoma to Wisconsin and only had to fuel up about 3 to 4 times. Plus, with the fuel up only costing about 25 bucks it makes things a lot easier. The only real problem i have is with the AC. However that's likely due to the previous owners.

- Joshua C

Ford focus great cars to own.

I own a ford focus and I change the oil in it on a regular basis, basic maintenance is fairly cheap because it an older ford. I think that fords are one of the easiest cars to work on if you choose to. I've really haven't had any major problems with my ford other than having to replace an expensive sensor in it, other than basic upkeep on the car nothing major.

- Melinda S

Ford Focus owner - reliable, great gas mileage, still affordable.

Ford Focus gets excellent gas mileage. Although an older model, still gets about 30 mls/gallon on the highway. As long as regular maintenance is done, car is very reliable. Drive to/from work on major freeway most days without issues. Prefer manual transmission easier to stop in inclement weather. Four-door sedan is comfortable, and has a large trunk.

- Ds K

Ford Focus - reliable and easy maintenance.

Great commuter car. Reliable, still gets great gas mileage. Large trunk for carry groceries and other items. Easy to maintain. Sensors that alert you when something is wrong. Compact so easy to park. Five speed, so good in all types of weather. Front-wheel drive, so good on snow. Air conditioning and heating work well. Starts easily and runs quietly.

- Deborah S

Little car huge perks.Bumper - bumper, something to love for the entire family.

Comfortable gas efficient perfect for any teen learning to drive. Dependable reliable small car but lots of room. Extra large trunk for loading groceries or luggage for a small getaway. Sporty with comfortable leather seats. Easy open sunroof giving one the opportunity to provide a comfortable drive with a breeze or to check out a starry night.

- Mandy K

A Ford Focus Makes for an Affordable Vehicle, Especially For Commuters.

My 2000 Ford Focus has been a reliable vehicle over the years, though it suffers from small problems periodically. Problems with the transmission has been the most common recurring issue, as well as wiring problems and issues with the compressor. The gas mileage is fantastic as is the overall comfort and practicality of the vehicle.

- Katherine M

It is better than the ever ready bunny. It takes a lickin and keeps right on tickin.

I love my Focus because it has served me very well these past 18 years. I haven't had any major problems with it at all, just maintenance. And it is still going strong. It's like me getting better not older, laugh, laugh; I am a 70 year young person. If my focus stopped today, never to run again, I would still have no complaints.

- doris M

2000 honest ford focus review! Read now.

I love my ford focus! It gets amazing gas mileage usually never more than $30 to fill up. I have never had any major issues with my car, and I have had it for a little over two years now! It has a really good sound system for being stock I like to think. Everything is manual though, like locks, and windows, but it is a 2000!

- Lily A

Ford Focus review: why it's a decent car.

It is a very dependable car. Gets me from point A to B with relative ease. Rides a little bumpy and needs more maintenance than I'd like. Comfortable to drive on the highway, but a little rough on surface streets. Would definitely buy again. I would recommend it as a first car since it feels safe but the gas is a bit testy.

- Katherine H

My adventures with my focus

It rides smooth has been reliable minor issues but you the usual wear and tear. I love that I've had this car for so long and it is still running lovely. I love the shiny color the quality and how easy it is to fix. Its comfy and roomy the back seat isn't too small. And we put this car thru the ringer. Let me tell you.

- Carter G

Runs like new at 220, 000 miles.

Had to have all brake cylinders replaced 2 years ago. It has been overall reliable with great gas mileage. To help it keep running great we have the oil changed every 3 months or 3000 miles whichever comes first. We change the transmission fluid yearly. It now has over 220, 000 miles and still runs like a new car.

- James W

This vehicle is a good reliable car with small minor problems.

The vehicle has a minor oil leak which comes from the oil pan. The vehicle also have transmission mount problems. Good on gas with great mileage. The car has a decent size gas tank that allows the car to travel very far without burning hardly any fuel. The factory radio work with exception of the display screen.

- Brandon B

Even through all the trouble this year, I would still buy a Focus.

My car has been pretty good for the last 6 years but after it hit 200 thousand miles everything has started to breakdown. I have had problems with it stalling and have replaced a vacuum hose, among other parts, however it has been a really good car and didn't give me any troubles until it hit 200 thousand miles.

- Amanda D

The Ford Focus is just okay.

The car is decent enough, but nothing fancy. It has recently needed several repairs including a new fuel pump. Over all it has been fairly reliable. It handles well enough and works well on back roads or on the highway. Car has also recently had a fault in the ignition lock system that had to be replaced.

- Zac C

Very fast and cheap on gas!

The Ford Focus is very reliable, does not have any serious issues and it is excellent on gas. It is a little small for me personally. I also dislike the hand operated locks and windows. Power ones would be much better. If you need a car that gets up and goes quickly and quietly this is a great choice.

- Barbara M

Ford focus disaster purchase

Vehicle was not maintained therefore I have had many problems. AC takes up so much power that the car shuts down. The vehicle is comfortable and does pretty well on gas mileage. I would not recommend this car. I would consider purchasing a brand new ford focus rather than buying used.

- Jessica D

My vehicle is reliable, good on gas, great for family, simple and affordable.

My vehicle is gas efficient. It is reliable. It is need of repair of transmission leak and coolant leak. It is comfortable. It has ac/heater, alarm, new radio, used tires and it performs well when auto maintenance is kept up. It has nice amount of room in trunk. It has 5 seats.

- Debra K

it's a piece of garbage really

it's made of weak parts and it breaks down often I wish American made was a real thing it does have amazing guess mileage and a comfort ride but the money we have to spend in order to keep it up is not worth it we will not recommend this car to anyone it's not a good vehicle

- Mikie M

Just a little speck of gratitude.

Nothing really I just wish it was a bit bigger. I am taller so I would like something that wouldn't make me feel like a giant in a car. The mileage on the car is actually really good. I was able to drive to school and back each day with no problem. So yeah a very great car.

- Ivana G

I do not like my car. Way to small I feel cramped, radio sucks,

To small, not enough leg room, radio is static, gear shift sticks. Tranny slipping brakes are bad. I replace fuel tank. Auto lock seat belts chock me! Back seats uncomfortable. Gas pedal is touchy, not enough cargo room. Needs touch screen control is. Heated seats.

- Betty J

Best part about the car is its gas mileage keep up with the oil changes

I have had the car 4 17 years and it is never given me any major problems. Just normal maintenance I'm replacement for normal wear and tear over the years is all I've had to do it has been a very reliable car gas mileage is terrific. Overall I've enjoyed the car

- Nicole C

It is very good for long trips.

It has been a very reliable car with very few major problems. I have had to replace the window controls several times on all of the windows. The gas mileage is good. It has a lot of pick and space for passengers. Also, the red paint hasn't faded over the years.

- Carol H

Very fun and sporty! Good buy.

Definitely reliable, it has never left me stranded. This is a good car and that's why I do not want it to ever go. Very well made can and I am so happy about it. Buying used is never bad. I hope more people love this car like I do. It has great gas mileage too!

- Tara W

The 200 ford focus has been the perfect first car for me!

The Ford Focus is a very reliable and comfortable vehicle. It is easy to drive, turn and especially park. The only problems I've ever had are just problems that come with age since it is around 20 years old. Other than that it has been the perfect first car.

- Abigail H

Year 2000 Ford Focus Review

I love my Ford Focus. I have owned it for 11 years now, and the car is 19 years old. The car runs extremely well for being an old car. The car is great on gas mileage and is easy to run and operate. The trunk is spacious and fits quite a lot of items.

- Michelle H

It is reliable and is good on gas!

My focus drives well for it is age, I hear they're actually better than the new models. It gets very good gas mileage compared to my old SUV. In addition, the parts are pretty inexpensive which makes for easy repairs.

- Selena A

It is fast and very enjoyable to drive.

The engine is nice but overall gas efficiency could be better. I like driving it and it has been my favorite car because it suits me. I enjoy the look of it and there are not many complaints other than gas efficiency.

- Jack A

Very reliable with Its faults though. Have new brakes all around and 4 new tires.

Many electronic issues. Including hatch doesn't work a times gotta use the rear wiper button to engage hatch release. Exhaust is broken on 3rd o2 sensor and will require exhaust system repairs throughout vehicle.

- Samuel J

It appears as a small compact family type vehicle, but it has tight turning.

The front seats do not recline. The front wheel drive seems loud. I do like the engine quick response to controls. It starts up immediately every time you turn the key there is no hesitation. Good gas mileage.

- James O

My truck is super spacious and can fit whole family.

No complaints. Love the size, comfort and acceleration. I have owned it for 18 years and it performs quite well as I have always taken care of it. I have driven it cross country and it 'still performs well.

- Karen K

It is super reliable with regular maintenance.

It has been reliable, gas efficient, has 4 doors, and is a manual transmission. I do not like there is no a/c, the windows manually roll down in the wrong direction, and it sounds like a souped-up go kart.

- Stephanie S

It's hard to get under the hood of it. Everything is really crammed together, so if you like working on the car yourself, be prepare to have to take off a lot of extra stuff to get to what you actually need to work on.

It drives exceptionally well for a four-cylinder engine. It's a little noisy since the motor is so close to the interior of the car. It's never left me stranded on the roadside, so I'd call it a good car.

- Nov L

It's not the newest car or fanciest but it's worked for years.

This is my first car. My dad gave it to me for graduation. I learned how to drive using this car, so it has quite some sentimental value to me. It's not a new car but it gets me front point A to point B.

- Lorena P

Gets good gas mileage, 24 to 28 mpg. Very reliable as long as you keep up the maintenance.

Getting 24 to 28 mpg is helpful. I keep all the maintenance up to date on it, so it is very reliable. It recently has gotten a new battery. I enjoy the four doors and hatchback, having a kiddo with me.

- Michele K

The car is resilient and has gone through a lot, and it should have a lot to go further.

The vehicle is nothing flashy. It runs on a hot motor, therefore it is a lot of shakes since you turn the ignition. it does not accelerate very fast. It is the car to get from point a to the point b.

- oscar v

It is a good car that you can own for a long time.

My Ford Focus is an inexpensive car to own. It gets decent gas mileage and runs well. The only thing I really don't like right now is since it is 18 years old the paint is starting to come off.

- Christina S

It has a lot of room, I am able to fit 4 kids and all my camping things.

I like that I know who has driven the car and what is wrong with it, and it is easy to fix. Its older and does not have any of the cool new features. It does have a large amount of cargo room.

- Ashley M

Gets decent gas mileage. Is easy to get fixed and drive.

Comfortable, easy to drive, Have had a lot of problems with it starting 2 days that I drove it off the lot brand new. All doors are rusted thru. 2 windows don't roll up and down.

- Kathy W

The paint is rough and faded and has high mileage but still runs good.

It's a good little sporty car to zip around in. It performs well with a dual overhead cam 2.0 liter. It's very reliable and great on gas and will get you anywhere you need to go.

- Jean T

2000 Ford Focus Over 225000 miles still running well

My car has been extremely reliable the few problems I have had with itare due to the fact it has over 225000 miles on it BUT considering it does have so many miles it runs great

- Kelsey P

It is a great car if the engine doesn't break and cost you lots of money.

I like the color and the consumer rating on crashes. I don't like it broke by a major defect lots of these vehicles have and cost me lots of money. I like the size and style.

- Michelle E

Ford Focus is a nice small car.

My Focus has been a great car. I've had no mechanical problems. The car gets good gas mileage. Comfortably seats 4 people. Trunk space is adequate for grocery shopping.

- Rose M

It is economical to use which is very important to me as I am on a fixed income.

My car is small which makes it easy to maneuver. My only complaint is the air conditioning does not work. The compressor is out and it is too expensive to repair.

- Marilyn B

Really good on gas work really good.

We do not have problems with the car it is a really good car run really good and really good on gas and works really good on the highway never breaks down.

- Crystal C

It may not look that pretty, but it gets the job done.

I enjoy driving it. I'm happy that I chose it. I feel that it has everything I need and not a lot of extras that I don't. It gets fairly good gas mileage.

- Marsha H

That it gets the job done.

Its back window falls down while I am driving the acceleration is acting wonky. Overall, I just need ro get a new car that car wasn't a good fit for me.

- Autumn D

Drives good look good ac works good and heat works good.

I like but I need something bigger because I am pregnant with my 3 kid it's got good ac and heat and good gas mileage on it too I just need more room.

- Krystal B

Great car for as old as it is

For being a 2000 ford focus its a 4 cyl it gets amazing gas mileage. It is an older car so does have its issues but normally not too expensive to fix


I love my compact Ford Focus

The ford focus is great. I love the complete look of my as well as its reliability. It has all the features you could ask for, in a cute compact car!

- Ali E

It is super amazing in gas!

The only problem I have with the car is that it is too small. It is only two doors and I would like four. It's great on gas and that's what I love!

- Amisha P

It was a cute first car! Super girly and small

It was good at first. Starting going down hill quick though. Wouldn't go up hills. Changed the alternator 3 times. Had to constantly get tires.

- Chelsea M

It is dependable and it handles well.

It is good on gas I like and I do not like that it is older and needs fixed more frequently. Overall good car. Just sometimes it has problems.

- Sara S

It is great for a 16 year old.

Car is 10 years old with 200, 000 miles on it, and it feels like it. Gas mileage is still good, but comfort, power, and noise have suffered.

- William C

The most important thing to know about my car is that it's reliable.

My car is small and comfortable, and as long as you take care of it, there shouldn't be any issues. it gets you from point A to point B.

- Ana B

It has amazing speed, I can go very fast and it's compact

Check engine light is on, the air is squeaky, the engine tends to run very high with my coolant leaking constantly. But I still love it

- Ally B

She looks great. She still has plenty of life left in her. She has treated me very well over the years.

My car is great! It is older-18 years old now-but still runs well and has a lot of power. None of the fancy computer stuff just yet.

- Karen R

It is good on gas and very comfortable.

I like that it is small saves gas it is a four door it is perfect for my kids and I. Enough room in the back seats and comfortable.

- Susan L



- Dorsey G

It was very cheap and has nothing wrong with it. It is a great car.

I like that it can get me from a to b and loved the price I got it for. The thing that I dislike is that it is really old.

- Anthology D

It has great gas mileage on it.

Always has some sort of engine problem. My brother in law is law is always fixing it. Ford is a bad brand of car to have.

- Chris W

it is a very nice car that is good on fuel. The car is easy in and out of traffic

a very good car, small enough to get around town. I really enjoy that the car is good on fuel. It fits our family well

- kimber b

It is dependable, even though it's 18 years old, it still going, like the eveready bunny.

I have NO complaints about my car, it has served me very well. No major problems, only maintenance through the years.

- doris H

It gets good gas mileage.

I like the size and the gas mileage. It has been a very good car for me. Now 11 years old and is still on the road.

- Tammy M

It is reliable and economical. It gets good gas mileage.

The vehicle is compact so it is good on gas mileage. Not real roomy, but it is ok for just me for transportation.

- Kenton M

Get you from point A to B but no AC

It a great car thats getting a little old. The gas mileage is ok but there is no Air Condition which sucks.

- Ryan B

Ford focus is a reliable brand.

Manual transmission, so good control in all types of weather, great gas mileage, reliable, long-lasting,.

- Deborah K

Good storage capacity but engine is too weak considering how much it could carry

Fairly decent storage space with back seat capability of going completely flat. Very weak engine. Noisy

- Jan P

That it is reliable and gets you from point a to point b with no problem still.

Now that it is older it runs good but rides rough. The newer cars are more comfortable and runs smoother.

- deborah d

It has great gas mileage and a very great price for the money

I like it is good on gas. I like it because it is a midsize car. I like it because it is a 4 door.

- Diana L

That every time the car gets fixed it still breaks down

The car needs an upgrade on the style and it also has a lot of problems that need to be fixed

- Jennifer M

As long as you keep it maintained you should not have much problems with it

It is good on gas. I love that I haven't had a lot of problems with it. I purchased it used.

- Wanda M

It gets really good gas mileage. And the small compact size makes it easy to park anywhere.

I really like how small the car is. I do not like how hard I have to push for it to break.

- caitriona f

others should know that my car gets very good gas mileage

I like my cars fuel mileage. I like the color of my car. I don't like the year of my car

- tracy j

safety.good driving.lots of room.lots of room in the trunk,lots of room in the seats,good breaks.

good driving,good gas lots of room in the trunk,lots of room in the seats.fun too drive.


Right side door only opens from the inside . Needs a lot of mechanical work

It takes me where I need to go. But it needs a lot of work. Needs a lot to get fixed up.

- Priscilla G

Car is a practical size to get me to and from places. Gets good gas mileage and has needed few repairs

My car has not required maintenance or repairs beyond the usual things that wear out

- Mark A

The original tires were crap. If the pavement was damp, you would slide all over the place. It was very hard to stop.

This auto is very dependable. When I next buy a car it will be the same model.

- David A



- geoff S



- Dorsey P

It was the first year model, so it had some problems in the first few years with recalls and other concerns, but now is great, has been running for 18 years.

After ironing out the kinks, it runs great and apparently forever

- Jeremy W

I love the way it has a smooth ride. I also like the look of the car. I have no real complaints

It has plenty of room even though it does not look that way.

- Vincenza K

It gets you where you want to go.

Sable's are nice but have lots of needs to keep them going.

- Julie H

That It's old, and i drive stick, It's almost 19 years old

I wish it wasn't so beat up, other than that i love my car

- Margaret K

It is good on gas and small

is good on gas . It is small. It is just what I want

- Dianne G

that it is safe and reliable, i can get where i need to go

i love the ac, love the seats. i love the color of it

- Debra N

ford is a good company, but my car is old

it's small but a good .car. it's old 2000.

- carrie R