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Lot of perks for you bucks

Great gas mileage. It is a 4 door model and I really like how the back seats can fold down into the trunk. Both or separately. Depending on what space I need. The trunk is large and deep too but sometimes I need a longer space for items. I have never ridden in the back seat but it looks like the seat is kind of short for tall people. Replacement parts are inexpensive. Tires are inexpensive too. It is easy to work on. I like to do the maintenance stuff like changing the oil myself. It gives me a chance to look it over, see if anything is leaking, or appears to be working. It turns on a dime. Very maneuverable. I like the way it looks too. A lot like much more expensive cars. It is one of the best cars I have owned.

- Danita H

Recommendations and Brief Evaluation of 2004 Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is not what I would deem an unreliable vehicle, nor even a bad choice of a vehicle. Perhaps not the most luxurious or comfortable, I would highly recommend this vehicle for a beginner. The interior is quite compact; with the fabric upholstery it can make for quite a stuffy environment. The top complaint on my particular vehicle are the brakes and shock system, though wear and tear is to be expected of a vehicle of this age. So while this vehicle does not drive as smooth as newer models, I would still highly recommend for an individual not seeking a higher end, luxurious car.

- Leah B

Ford focus: awesomeness in a car.

I like the size of the car. I like the miles per gallon that I get. The heater and air conditioner work very well. It has a good strong motor. Does not burn oil. My Ford focus is very roomie. The trunk is very spacious. I can fit several bodies in it. Just kidding. My car has very low miles for how old it is. It is still going strong. The headlights are very bright and they light up a large area when driving at night. I like that I can see blind spots well. All in all I feel that the Ford focus is a great car.

- Laura S

Small, affordable car fit for young adults.

It drives very smooth. It does not take a lot of gas, which is great. About 20$ to fill up at about 2. 70$— 2. 90$ per gallon. It is small though, not much room in the back seats. Fitting two booster seats in the back is very tight. When it is close to time for an oil change, the car starts to vibrate a lot. But when it is just me, at 22, going to class, to hang out, etc., it is a good fit for a younger crowd!

- Bre'anna W

It is a cute little car that I enjoy driving.

I have a gray 2004 Ford Focus. It is not the greatest car but it'll get you there. It gets good gas mileage, ac and heat, radio, CD player, adjustable seats and steering wheel, adjustable mirrors, and good leg room in the backseat. It makes a noise when you start it up and has over 212, 000 miles on it. If you need something that'll get you to where you need to go, then this is the car for you.

- Lisa L

Driving a manual in 2018 can be interesting.

It is an older car which has been modified quite a bit by previous owners. It is a manual transmission, so you do need a certain comfort with driving stick to drive this car. The interior is really nice and comfortable, although with it being dark gray and having leather seating, it really absorbs heat and is really cold when the temperatures drop. Other than that, it is a really reliable car.

- Ashleigh A

2004 Ford Focus: basic but good.

I think the car itself is great. It is definitely very basic, but my husband and I don't really need anything more than that. I am twenty three years old and it is actually still my first car that we're driving and I drove it in Michigan for several years before moving to Texas, so rust is very much so eating it alive and causing tons of problems that wouldn't have existed otherwise.

- Lindsey S

It is paid for, and has low maintenance.

Our car is reliable and easy to repair. Gas mileage is good. It fits a good amount of stuff in it. It's easy to drive. The roof rack easily accommodates our kayak.. The only drawbacks are that is getting old and also, for me there are too many blind spots (i am short). Also the blinkers need to be replaced often but, that might be due to the age of the car..

- Samantha H

My 2003 Ford Focus still gets me where I want to go.

My 2003 Ford Focus zx5 has been a fantastic car. It now has 197000 miles of great driving. It handles better than my 1963 corvette and goes almost 400 miles on a tank of fuel when driving on the interstate at 75 mph. It showing some wear, but the engine is running similar to a new one. No blue smoke or adding oil between changes.

- Leland P

Dependable and great gas mileage. Just don't expect luxury. It was made well as far as engine and body but some pieces/parts of the interior and exterior car were cheaply made.

It has been very dependable and a great gas saver. Ford cut a few corners the year this car was made as far as the rear view mirrors are not very stable, they come off very easily. But then again it is not a luxury car, it is a practical car. I have had very few problems with this car even as old as it is. Overall a great car.

- Lorrie H

The never dying, forever alive vehicle.

Great car, honestly. For the age of it and the fact that it has over 230, 000 miles on it and it is still running and getting me and my daughter from place to place, I would definitely say it is very reliable. But it is a smaller car so this is probably not a family car but maybe a car for a teenager just starting out.

- Alexandra P

Better than your average 2004 car.

My 2004 Ford Focus is sufficient to get me to and from work, but that is about it. The car itself is not bad, it needs new tire and a tune up. And a new radio. I have bought Ford in the past and would do it again. I am my experience they are reliable as long as you regularly maintain them, like any other vehicle.

- Jacob W

Very durable car and very reliable.

My vehicle is small and reliable. Have had it multiple years with no major problems. It drives smooth and the engine is great. The tires that fit the car is great even in snow storm. That is good because I live in Midwest. The color is red and it is very durable. The radio is good. Transmission is good.

- Christopher C

It spends more time in the shop than home.

It always has an issue. First the air conditioner.. Then the power steering. It handles poorly in traffic and is prone to overheating even in the nicest of weather. The gas mileage is not great on the highway or side streets. It also shakes above 50 miles per hour on the highway. Would not recommend.

- Genie C

Overheating two door Ford Focus.

Its a 2 door car which is never as good as four doors. It often overheats when its running and in park, but it never overheats when its actually driving. My reservoir tank has been damaged in the past. It's actually pretty spacious for a 2 door vehicle. Its smaller than most cars on the road.

- Andrew G

I have a 4 door grey Ford Focus.

Though our vehicle has issues, it has gotten us around reliably. It requires a lot of small maintenance fixes but for the amount of miles on it, it is not bad. I like the size of it and that it has 4 doors because we have daughter so it makes it easier to get he in and out of the car seat.

- Brooke S

Good on gas with lots of room.

My 2006 Ford Focus wagon has never had any problems. Of course, now it is old but I have always given it regular oil changes. It is comfortable and I like the wagon style. There are not many wagons out there right now. It is good on gas for it is size and it is easy to handle on the road.

- Wanda A

200k miles and still going strong.

I have been super impressed with the reliability of my car! At almost 200 thousand miles, she is still going strong and I have had 0 major issues with repairs. When I have had repairs they have been minor and very inexpensive to fix. My following cars will most likely all be Ford Focus.

- Arianna R

Pros and cons with a ford focus.

My ford focus zts has had some problems like I had to get alignments and change spark plugs. The performance overall has been alright even though I have had those mainly problems in the past. It is really comfortable, it is small not to big of a car and it still works pretty good.

- Maria G

It's a great car with decent features.

I have a hard time turning the key in the ignition. I love that it has a CD player. Everything is electronic and not manual. It's a great car. It's getting too small for me. I love the trunk, its has a lot of space for groceries. The back seat is big enough for only 2 car seats.

- Sierra B

The outside has clear coat, plastic trim and bumper are falling apart.

The steering is stiff, but I like it that way. Nice leather seats, liquid proof. I hate that the headlights are not very bright. Also the clear coat peels off very easily, even after reapplication. Also discontinue the bright yellow version, the notes I get are all banana jokes.

- Matt T

Good gas mileage and runs well if you keep up with it.

My car is pretty reliable, I have had a few fender benders in it and it has rain well as long as I have had it, which is 4 years. When I first got it I had to replace the temp gage and something with the coolant because it kept overheating, but after that I have had no issues.

- Andrea S

Great car for the price I paid for it.

I really like my car. There is just a lot of quirks and other minor flaws that make it a bit of a hassle to drive sometimes. Since it is an older car, it is a little beat up. It is broken down a few times but for the price I paid for it, that is somewhat understandable.

- Kevin D

Cheaply made vehicle but keeps running.

My Focus is older and seems cheaply made. It keeps running which is good but it is not very nice looking and rattles a lot. Has a lot of zoom though which can be fun. The car is pretty comfortable and the trunk is big but it is so cheaply made, I just do not like it.

- Jessie B

My favorite part of this car is the gas mileage it regularly gets 25+ mpg.

It's a great car it is very comfortable and spacious I often use it to transport parts and tools to and from multiple worksites. I have had it for a year now and have had no issues even though I drive it to work every day through heavy traffic about 40 miles a day.

- Logan B

It is the right size. Right price for my family.

My Ford Focus saved my life. I was rear-ended by f 150 truck. We sustained dent in the trunk. The f 150 engine was sitting on the drivers lap. We are all okay. Good gas mileage. Very low maintenance. I love my Ford Focus. No major problems even after the accident.

- Rachel P

Ford focus is a very good little car.

It has been a very good car. It has had minimal problems in 15 years. It has been very reliable and has very good gas mileage. But it is starting to breakdown now which is very sad. We were told the transmission is finally going and we have less than a year left.

- Sarah F

Why to have a Ford Focus.

I really love my car it has had minor issues but nothing expensive really. It is great on gas and it is definitely been a very reliable car to me over the years I have never wondered am I going to get stranded because my cars never gave me a reason to think that.

- Courtney V

It's a very good car for a vehicle I've had for a long time. It's a great choice if you want dependable.

I like that it is very dependable, in not having major breakdowns. It handles pretty well including when driving in rural areas. I haven't likes the stereo system in general with having to tighten the cords every so often and multiple issues with the CD player.

- Luke G

Ford Focus 2004 review of the car.

The car has been very reliable to me though the repairs that have been made can be costly. Drives very well but not very gas economical at the moment compared to current cars. It gets that job done and I am happy with the car until it costs too much to operate.

- Anthony T

It still runs even after all these years.

It's like a tank--it has had a tree fall on it, but didn't get dented too much. It's had squirrels eat battery cables twice, and once squirrels built a nest by the battery. It's still running even though the check engine light has been on for almost 2 years.

- liz v

Get this car now it'll be great for you.

My car is very good and dependable. The seats are comfortable and good on gas. The car drives smoothly and has not had any problems with it so far. I've had it for 3 years so far. I recommend this car to new drivers since it is a small car and easy to drive.

- Emily R

Great car, especially a first one.

It is a great car. I love it. I haven't had a lot of issues with it. I have only had to do routine maintenance on it, like replacing the battery, etc. As long as you take care of it, there will not be any trouble. It would be great as a first vehicle.

- Emily B

Gas mileage is great! And the warranty is hard to beat.

I like that it has ac and it gets my ex-wife 22 miles each way to work. It gets fair gas mileage. Do not really like that it a wagon. Just put a new battery in and the light is coming on so I think maybe the alternator is going bad.

- Darryl C

That it is special to me, that it is good on gas, and that it is more than it looks.

I like that my focus comes from my grandmother and that i have lots of memories with her with it. I also love the gas mileage and how easy it is to work on. All in all it is a great car that hasn't cost me my entire savings.

- Jessica M

Reliable Rust Bucket Ford Focus

It is a rust bucket. The entire underneath is rusted out. I have replaced the ball joints on either side multiple times in the last 3 years. But other then that it has been fairly reliable and gets me where I need to go.

- Amy A

Like it's owner, it is Reliable

Bought it as a rental return and sop have it has racked up over 200k miles on it with very few mechanical issues. It has been reliable, and getting me to wherever I need to be without leaving me stranded anywhere.

- Ed h

I do not use any kind of gas. I get my gas at one store that is Texaco.

My Ford focus is a nice riding vehicle it saves on gas, I haven't had any problems with my vehicle. If anyone looking for a small car the Ford focus is the best car to buy. The parts are easy to find and buy.

- Victoria L

It is a bright red 4 cylinder and it has more zoom than it should but not a manly car.

I like the fact that its dependable and a little zippy. I hate the fact it's small. The car is semi gas efficient , but for its size should have better gas mileage. I really do not like its color of red.

- mike v

I can get around 30 mpg if I am driving on the interstate & that is important!

I like that my Ford focus is good on gas mileage because I drive 30 mins to and from work. I also like that it is small and very reliable. My focus causes me few problems and is usually an easy fix!

- Sarah R

Reliable for a while, eventually things go bad one by one.

It is a good little car, have recently had problems with it though alternator went out, followed by a pulley going bad, then the fuel pump started acting up. And now the fuel filter needs replaced.

- Donald N

First car that my mom has owned that is a 2004.

I like that it is a dependable and low maintenance vehicle. I dislike that the seat levers are in the back of the trunk. And no other way of getting in my trunk when the trunk button doesn't work.

- John A

2004 Red Ford Focus Hatchback

My car was pre-owned when I bought it with 70,000 miles, mostly highway The gas mileage is amazing Costs less than $30 to fill up The heater and air conditioning are amazing Highly recommend

- Shariah P

The most important thing others should know is that it's a safe car and it has great gas mileage.

My car is a very dependable vehicle. I like the color and the ease of driving it. The only thing that I don't like is that it's the hatch is starting to give me a hard time when closing it.

- Deanna T

Very dependable and economical.

Very few issues, routine maintenance such as oil changes make a difference. My only true issue is the transmission flush that is required to clear a sensor that is tied to the speedometer.

- Susan J




It has a little bit of mechanical issues at the moment, but we are planning on getting it fixed.

My car is dependable and isn't to bad on gas mileage. I do wish that it was a little more roomier. All in all,though, it fits my entire family and gets us to where we need to go.

- Allyssa M

That it is old but is still going strong, even though it doesn't look great

I like the gas mileage that it gets. I like how reliable it is, even though it is an old car. I dislike how small it is. I also dislike the cloth seats, I would prefer leather.

- kaitlynn c

Small,compact and has given me yrs. of good value.

No problems for all the years I've owned my Ford Focus. It has given me good performance, reliability and comfort. I haven't had any major repairs since I purchased my vehicle.

- Susan S

Safe vehicle, smooth ride, nice radio; overall reliable transportation.

Ford focus provides safe, smooth, reliable rides. The motor tends to run loud, however, the radio is decent and the spacious interior allows passengers to ride comfortably.

- Dawn M

Ford Focus - In it for the long haul

My Ford Focus has been a good little car. Currently experiencing some issues with the car shaking when it idles. Have not had to have a lot of work on it until recently.

- Karen M

It doesnt like being filled up with gas. When pumping gas you have to fill it slowly or it spits back out at you.

I like the quality of the vehicle but prefer a pickup truck - something higher off the ground. The car is good on gas mileage and reliable. The car is easily maintained

- Kelley A

Its saves gas, I can take wherever long as you have gas money.

I like the fact it's a good saver. Gets me from point A to B. Ant the miles are not too high. I hate the fact that when the car is messed up that is a lot of money.

- King L

It runs and does what I need it to do. Not flashy but not why I bought it.

I like I do not have a payment. I do not like it is not a pickup truck. Its cheap on gas so getting to and from work does not cost much. Does what I need it to do.

- Ron J

It rattles when getting to high speeds but is quick accelerating and smooth

I love the gas mileage, comfort, and smooth transmission. I dislike only the features that have come with age such as rattling noises and suspension replacements

- Jackie F

it is a very reliable car the gets good gas mileage.

I love the simplicity of the car. The size of the car is also perfect for me. Additionally, the fold down back seats for hauling larger cargo in great!!

- julie b

Ford focus 2004 - bought used, still in great shape!

Love my car. Rarely breaks down but it is always a cheap fix when it does. Fairly good mileage. Have taken on many road trips and it is never let me down.

- Britt V

Wonderful and reliable car

2004, 3 kids and a lot of traveling...still going strong. Hardly ever has issues and never have to take it in. Reliable car and good mileage too. Love it.

- Jazmine C

It is a basic car that gets me back and forth.

It does not have cruise control, and the heating system is stuck on defrost. Also, the heating button to re-use the cabin air does not work properly.

- Seth D

Since it is a smaller car, it tends to get good mileage.

It is a smaller vehicle that gets good mileage. It is a bit older, however, so has been requiring more and more maintenance over the past few years.

- Matt W

Nice riding, comfortable car.

I actually have a Mercury Grand Marquis, 2004, nice riding car, stylish, plenty of room inside and I have the GS, so not to many bells and whistles.

- Craig K

It gets great gas mileage and seats 4 people comfortably. .

I love my focus. It gets great gas mileage. Has enough room for my kids, my boyfriend, and myself. I would suggest this make and model to anyone.

- Laura J

That I received it as a donation when I wasn't financially able to be able to buy one. For that, I'm very grateful.

It doesn't have any mechanical problems and is fairly efficient. It's small and doesn't have a lot of options. The seats aren't very comfortable.

- Ben S

It's a little old school, but gets you from A to B

Pretty reliable especially for being an older car! Have had a few issues with the antifreeze compartment but once it was fixed it worked great!!

- April D

Ford Focus with two doors review

It only has 2 doors and looks awful. Lots for room inside though. It runs well and its pretty fast. Its comfy inside and the speakers were good.

- Jurnee M

That I am being frugal by driving it. It gets good gas mileage.

It's a 2004 and it still runs. I can't complain too much because I don't have to make a monthly car payment. Wish it had fewer problems though.

- Frances D

Its an econobox and doesn't ride that well. The radio speakers fade in and out.

The Ford Focus is an econobox car. It gets me from point A to point B. It's good on fuel mileage. It has 4 doors so ok to carry passengers.

- Holly H

It is a very safe car with good handling.

I like the size.. I like the model.. I dislike the year.. I would prefer it would be a newer model.. Really no complaints.. Easy to drive.

- Linda S

The car has s lot of trunk space.

The Ford focus has a lot of vibration.the car has a 4 cylinder engine and gets terrible gas mileage.the also does not have much room

- Keith S

it is very old and needs a lot of repairs but it is dependable

it is old and requires lots of repairs it has a lot of mile on it and it has a large dent it it it does not get a lot of gas mileage

- susan B

It is very reliable, and it hardly needs to get checked if you maintain it.

It is very good on gas. Small, but can carry lot in hatchback. Handles well on wet roads. I am sure it will handle well in snow too.

- Amy M

Don't buy a ford focus because it does have a lot of recalls.

It is a decent vehicle. It has very comfortable seats. A.c. and heat always work. Has the control buttons on the steering wheel.

- David B

The turn radius could be tighter, but that's the only complaint. It's a great car.

No complaints here. The car has had no issues. Seats fold back for extra storage. Ac works fine. It's been a great car so far.


My vehicle is a standard. 5 speed.

I like that my vehicle gets me where I need to go. I hate that I have to fill it with gas constantly and make repairs on it.

- Alicia L

I like that it is good on a gas. It is a good car but now that I have a family. I would like to get a bigger vehicle.

There is nothing important to note. It is a good vehicle that will get you to where you need to be. If maintained properly.

- Lisa H

That it is a smooth ride with satisfactory miles to the gallon. The air conditioning and heat also work very well.

The Focus rides well. It is also a compact which is the size I prefer to drive. The car also gets more miles to the gallon.

- Brian O

Make sure your car does not fall under recall without your knowledge.

I love that it is great on gas. The car is a easy fix if need be I can go to a junk yard & pull a part. Nice economy car.

- Jamaica M

Structural problems with ford focus

It was a used car and was hit by a deer. This caused some problems with the vehicle. Especially the hatch of the vehicle

- Lori R

It runs very well and a good family car. Great gas mileage

I really like the ford focus. It has ran for along time with not many problems. Good family car. Very good gas mileage.

- Lauren C

Great functionality and low profile design.

It is spacious and handles very well. It gets great gas mileage for it is year and runs fantastic with minimal upkeep.

- Nick L

Silver with black siding. Beautiful car. 4 doors and spacey trunk.

No known problems. I love my vehicle. Great car and good a/c for my air conditioning system for my growing family.

- Grace B

Even though it's a 2004 car, it still runs pretty well- occasionally has some issues

It's just old and has a lot of miles and problems. I'm looking to upgrade it soon. It does get good mileage though

- Stephanie L

Inexpensive reliable car for first time car owners

It's a cute first car to have. I've had issues with the brakes and AC but other than that it's been very reliable.

- Erica L

Ford focus 2004 and 200 thousand miles.

My Ford focus 2004 still runs well even with 200, 000 plus miles. I am happy I have a reliable car in my driveway.

- Naomi W

great little car ,gets about 28 miles to the gallon, very easy to drive and park. doesn't ride that good only because it is a small and light car

bought car after 3 year lease, have had very little problems with the car. car now has over 154,000 miles on it

- craig g

It's economical on gas and has lasted me a long time.

It hasn't given me many problems. It's economical on gas. I don't like that some things are expensive to fix.

- Angelica R

A Very Fine Focus On Cars

It is reliable and easy to get repaired if needed. The Ford car is comfortable and a good value on gasoline.

- Dona P

Very quick off the line because of manual.

Very good on gas. Drives very smooth and have had no engine problems. Quiet and has a quality stereo system.

- Brandon K

I have not had any major mechanical problems.

Its gas mileage is wonderful. Its older but easy to fix at home.It also has surprisingly lot of trunk space.

- Leslie P

It's good on gas, great on mileage, and reliable.

I like it because it's fast, small, and does not use a lot of gas.... Wish it had a better antenna/ radio..

- Guadalupe B

Its good on gas and that's a pretty important thing to know as some may not be able to afford the high cylinder

I like i can save money on gas. I like that the vehicle is strong. I dislike the here and there problems.

- Donald C

That it belongs to me and also that it is paid for!

I like that it is a black car. I also like the size of the trunk, I do not like the noise of the engine.


It is very reliable and cheap to fix

I like it, mine has no ac, it's also very reliable and the parts are affordable when it does break down

- Jacqueline H

It has great gas mileage. It is sporty looking and yet an economy car.

I really love the roominess it has and the gas mileage I get with it. Just wish she wasn't getting old.

- Diane h

Comfortable and Compact Car

The car is very reliable especially for it's age. The car is pretty small,but it is still comfortable.

- Nicki J

Has been very reliable, owned for 14-years and little to no issues other than regular maintenance. Too bad they discontinued model.

Reliable, little problems, has been the best car we have had. The car seems noises than other models.

- Jen M

That it is well made and a great running car. It is economical to operate.

I like that it is a sedan. I like the gas mileage. The color attracted me. It goes good in the snow.

- Jeff B

runs great with no major problems and gets great gas mileage

never have major trouble. Great gas mileage. easy to drive and very comfortable. Large trunk.

- Robert S

It's a dependable, well-made, no-frills sedan perfect for city driving.

I love my car. It's reliable, inexpensive, and well made. It's also great on gas mileage.

- Amber W

It's not dependable. There is always something wrong with it.

It seems like there is always something wrong with it. There is not enough space in it.

- Rebecca C

Damn good car for the money.

It's economical to run. It is comfortable. It reliably gets me where I need to go.

- Tex G

gets good mileage around town & really good on the freeway & trips

to low to ground hard to get in & out of and makes noise that I cannot track down

- bob c

Dependable motor. Very fast and powerful. Much better value than most cars.

It's very powerful. Also very dependable and reliable. It's good on gas mileage.

- Brian B

this car gets good gas mileage and is very reliable

good gas mileage always starts even sitting outside in cold weather

- Joann H

It sucks. I hate it. I want a new one.

It's old. The suspension vibrates on the highway. It's small.

- Brian B

My vehicle is in good shape for the year but a power lock connected to my key would be nice. Also, I would like the body of the car to look more modern. Last, having an aux cable is an important character my car does not have.

It doesn't have air conditioning and it frequently goes out.

- Taler M

The car is really good on gas and fun to drive. It is comfortable enough to drive long distances

Roomy trunk Seat lift Leg room in back seat Sound system

- marie a

It leaks oil and transmission fluid, and needs new tires.

It gets great gas mileage, and it's still in decent shape

- Frank D

good gas mileage. nice look. runs great. no complaints

ford makes a great car that is durable and looks great

- dorothy i

gas mileage is about 20 miles per gallon

good gas mileage and good handling, good visibility

- Alex J

It's the first car I have ever owned and it still works great

It is reliable and very easy to find from far away

- Dana K

Just the right size for me.

Just the right size and does what I need.

- Charles L