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2005 Ford Focus is amazing on gas!

The only real problem that I have noticed with this vehicle is that it is a bit loud when you first start it up, and continues a little softer throughout the ride. But it may just be because of how old it is at this point. It is extremely good on gas. You do not have to pay as much or as often for gas as many other cars out there. So it is great for those who travel far for work. Average comfort for seating, not something that you would necessarily enjoy resting in, but enough not to be in large amounts of pain after a long car ride. There is plenty of storage for small items. Lots of space in both the front and back seats. Plenty of space in the trunk for groceries and even large appliances. It has great handling and accuracy. It does not include a CD player, but you are able to charge your phone, or hook up a device that will allow you to listen to music from your phone. The radio works very well and the speakers provide clear and smooth sound. The seat and window controls are very easy to operate. Easy to clean inside. This is not a race car, nor anything luxurious, but if you are looking for something cost efficient and reliable, this car is perfect.

- Day F

Good little car, bad color!

It is a reliable 4 door car. However it is loud inside the car, you can hear the tires on the road. It sounds like your driving thru a tunnel all the time. The paint color on this car is light tundra, I would never recommend this color. It is pretty, but becomes nearly invisible when driving. I share this car with 3 other drivers, we have all been hit and nearly hit by other drivers. For instance when on the freeway we have all had times when truckers try to merge on top of us. It has been hit while stopped at a stop light by a cop car. A bear ran into the back of the cad while I was driving. A deer ran into the side of the car. I think the car is a good car, I just don't think the color should ever be used again. I have also seen other ford focus in light tundra and everyone has been dented up.

- Molly C

It is not reliable. Too many issues. Too small.

It is just a car that gets me to work. Transmission, alternator, battery, belts and tires all had issues within the first year of me having it. The ac does not work well. Seats are not very comfortable. It is hanging on by a thread on most places. Hard to clean. Drink holders are not very good. I have had several drink fall on me and roll under the seat. Whenever I go through the car was it jumps the track because neutral is not really neutral you have to place it in between reverse and neutral which almost caused an accident in a car wash. Locks do not work. It has probably seen better days but it has cost me more than it is worth to just make it drivable.

- Kirsten M

My favorite highlight of my ford focus is it is extremely good on gas.

I bought my car my ford focus that is and it only had a 25000 miles on it. The car ever since I have had it is extremely reliable, very good on gas, I have never had any problems with it, and drives really well on and off the freeway or highways. I couldn't have picked a better car it fits 5, with plenty of room in the trunk to fit things whether it is a trip or camping or even a day trip. I have always been out very safe and not car, I regularly have it checked and have the oil changed. And the performance of that vehicle is far better than any other vehicle I have ever owned and I am very happy with purchasing it.

- Chelsea M

2005 Ford Focus SE Great gas mileage, dependable, and reliable car.

The Ford Focus SE is a reliable, dependable car. I have had very few problems with it. My right turn signal has a short in it, but I just need to make an adjustment to the length of the wire and everything will be okay. My trunk latch will not lock. I'm not for sure my but I will have to take back to the dealer to fix it. Other than that, I have great gas mileage. I drive 45 minutes both ways to work and only have to fill my car up once, sometimes twice when gas prices are higher. I take good care of it, meaning regular oil changes, tune-ups and tire rotation. I'm good to my car and it good to me in return.

- Jennifer T

overall is not a bad car, good as starter car but nothing more.

paint job is chipping. Sometimes the brake solenoid does not engage when the car is moved to the Parked position causing the key to become stuck in the ignition. There is either a fuel pump, fuel injector, or fuel line problem not entirely sure but it causes the car to be slow on crack up and sometimes requires turning the ignition multiple times before the car will successfully crank, not as roomy as one would hope. In my personal opinion it's not exactly a family car. Not bad on gas when it wants to be. Despite its size it does have pretty good acceleration and handling. Would be nice to have a sunroof.

- Michael J

Reliable and economical transportation.

Before this car, I had a Chevrolet celebrity station wagon which had been discontinued. The Ford Focus wagon was the closest thing to the celebrity I could find. It still gets 32 mpg and has been maintenance free except for routine maintenance and tire replacement. On one occasion, while driving on the interstate, I had a rear tire blow out. I was surprised at how much control I still had and was able to easily get to the side of the road to change the tire. The spare tire is the donut type, which I am not a great fan of, but it got me the 20 miles to the next stop with a tire store.

- David D

05 Ford Focus: Runs for quite a long time as long as you keep the maintenance on it. Not recommended for people taller than about 5'7-5'8.

Bought it used with 101,000 miles on it at about 7 yrs after year of car. Ran good up until beginning of this year..(2018) Now it's quite rough. Was told All motor mounts need replacing. Plus i have a bad rotor. But besides a few small issues( broken or cracked vacuum lines, battery beefing to be replaced) my car has been quite reliable. It now has 162,000 miles on and i've had it for about 6-7 yrs. Needing another vehicle though sometime soon in the near future. My teenage boys are growing to be quite tall and not enough leg room to be comfortable is becoming a problem.

- Cynthia S

I love my car because it is fast and reliable.

I love my car because it is really fast, comfortable and sporty looking. I can seat 5 people including myself which is great when my son wants to go do something with his friends and I am able to drive them wherever they want to go. My car has good gas mileage. I had one problem that had to do with the computer on the car and it was fixed easily for a cheap price. I am very short and it is nice to be able to lift the seat up high enough to see but still able to reach the pedals. I don't have any additional features on it just the normal things that come with the car.

- Vanessa B

Going on 15 years with my Focus

I've had this car since the end of 2004 and it's now mid-2019. It's still kicking! It has had a fair amount of repairs to keep it going so long, but with proper maintenance, I think it's a good car. It's comfortable, size is perfect and I feel at home driving it. A small thing I don't like is apparently the air filter is not replaceable (or so I've been told) and since I used to smoke and no longer do, I wish I could change that. Biggest thing that's needed work or repairs has been brakes and alternator, but for as long as I've had the car, I'd say that's not too bad.

- Tina C

Great car with one chink in the armor.

It's is a 2005 Ford focus ZXW wagon. I've owned it for 3 years now and it has 188,000 miles on it. It gets about 28mph with a mix of rural and city driving. It's had some wiring issues, specifically the wires that run through to the rear hatch area. The wires become brittle over time and are expected to flex every time the rear hatch is opened. This causes the door release function to malfunction as well as losing my lights for the plate. I repaired it myself and it has been good for almost a year. The car has been dependable and always has plenty of room for cargo.

- Jon G

It is a small compact vehicle that can be simple or spacious.

Problems: my vehicle does rust easily. Performance: it is a little hard to shift, but once I get to where I need to be as far as speed goes, it is pretty smooth driving. . Reliability: it has never broke down on me, and I would call it pretty sturdy and reliable as far as a used car goes. Comfort: I love how it is small but the back seats fold down and the back hatch is way more roomier. Features: I love the space it can obtain, and I like how the back door hatch has two ways you can open it, you can open it as the just the top half up or the whole door that goes up.

- Morgan J

It has a cool trim look to it.

It is old but reliable. On most days the vehicle does the job but it does have a lot of distinguishing problems that stand out. The first one includes the fact that it does not have air conditioning during the summer months. Everywhere I go to I end up having a back full of sweat, which can be very shameful. The next thing that is wrong with the vehicle is the fact that it always has to get its brake fluid replaced. Every month almost I have to open the hood and replace the fluid. That is for sure the most annoying thing about my 2005 ford focus.

- Noah T

My Ford Focus is a very dependable car.

My 2005 Ford Focus is an electric blue 2 door hatchback, it has a dark gray interior. It has a sunroof, front bucket seats, and a good radio with CD player. It is a 5 speed manual transmission. The only trouble I have every really had out of it was when the clutch went out. I discovered that it was a double clutch and cost about $100 less than a new transmission would have cost to replace it. Other than that the Ford Focus is a very reliable car that has good fuel efficiency. Very comfortable interior and it is a low riding car.

- Lori D

It can feel unstable at times.

My vehicle runs well for it is age and does not look too shabby. Living in the Midwest, we get a great deal of snow, which has rusted through the frame. Despite the rust, it runs well, and have had to do little to no repairs or upkeep. The engine light likes to come on for no reason, but hey, gives it character right? The seats are soft grey fabric and comfortable to sit in. It is a compact vehicle and can struggle to chug along at high speeds. Overall I think it is best suited as a commuter car for collet aged people.

- Kristina M

My 2005 reliable Ford Focus.

I really like the size and speed of my car for work. I travel locally to different homes and public locations (parks, libraries, etc. ) For work and my car allows me to get around without guzzling all my gas. I also like that I can park in more confined spaces unlike my coworkers with larger vehicles. Although my car is older, I have found it very reliable but I think that might be due to regular maintenance my husband ensures the car gets. I would definitely consider getting another Focus when we purchase a new car.

- Monica S

Plenty of space for you and all your stuff.

I got this vehicle used when it was about 6 years old. Overall, it has been a decent vehicle, but it has had its problems. It needs maintenance more than I can sometimes afford, and I have occasionally gotten stranded because it has a sudden problem. However, when it is working well, I am happy with it. It has plenty of trunk space (wagon type of Focus), which is great because I am a wheelchair user and need that space for it. Also, there is great legroom in both the front and back. It is also easy to drive.

- Tania M

Ford Focus Station Wagon 2005

My car is a simple and reliable old vehicle. It has occasional needs, such as a bad speedometer which had to be replaced. A couple of years ago the transmission had to be rebuilt. When I need an oil change the engine requires a special, more expensive oil. Overall, it is a good car to get me to work everyday with reasonable gas mileage. It is a station wagon, which empowers me to haul furniture, gardening materials, and other big loads, but it's not so big I can't parallel park on narrow city streets.

- Katie B

I really love the color of my vehicle most.

I love my vehicle. It is pre owned and it is still in great condition. I am very comfortable driving my vehicle, and feel very safe doing so. It is very reliable. I have had no problems with it since I have had it. I like the size and color as well. It is silver and looks small, but it is very roomy. It gets great gas mileage, and that is a plus for me because I can drive up to 200 miles a day. I have a CD player, radio, and great features. There is not one thing I do not like.

- Amy M

They are worth the money. Good sturdy vehicles.

I mainly dislike the interior design. It just is not very functional for me. The center console is quite small. I also do not like the way the trunk opens. It takes a bit of force to pull it up. Half the time it shuts on me before I can pull it up. There is nothing I particularly like about this car other than that it runs and gets me from place to place. My mom's aunt sold it to us for a good price when we needed a car. Otherwise we probably never would have chosen this car.

- Lara S

Good basic car for daily life

As long as I have driven this car, it has never had any serious issues. Regular maintenance is all that's been needed other than a fuel sensor that went once but that was an easy fix. Generally pretty comfortable but it is VERY loud. Could be signs of issues in the transmission I'm thinking because it also does not shift smoothly all the time. Pretty easy to work on and inexpensive to have worked on at most shops. Definitely a good basic car for commuting and the like.

- Liam D

They are made to last! Can get over a couple hundred thousand miles of use!

Very reliable with good handling and minimal repairs. It drives strong. The interior is well made and I love the style. It has a lot of room with the hatchback despite being a smaller vehicle. They last very long and are dependable cars. The brakes are good and it handles turns very well. It has a good sound system and hasn't failed me in any way. Everyone I know says what great cars they are as well. I would recommend to anyone looking for something to last.

- Janice C

Small compact car with very little horsepower.

What I like about my vehicle is that it's fuel efficient and reliable. The only mechanical problems I've had is a transmission overhaul. What I don't like is that it has no power live a v8. And it has less power with the ac on. I depend on it because it gets me around.It's not so comfortable at times. I have a hard time adjusting the seats because of the way it's designed. They are not comfy. It really doesn't offer a lot of features really,it's very basic.

- Ross S

The little things that come from being a second owner.

I bought the car used just six months ago. It had been well cared for. There are a few problems. For instance, the steering wheel keeps coming loose and always needs tightening. When its loose you feel like you're driving a bumper car. . The auto drive quit working.I believe that is related to the wheel. . There are a few little things that bother me but they are all things that come with not being first owner and having a car over 10 years old.

- Andrea J

Small, convenient, saves you money on gas!

I have had many complications with my Ford focus. Although I have taken it to the shop and repaired it on many different issues it has had, the car still gets me around. It is not an expensive car to fix, but there just have been many things I have had to fix on it. Other than that, it drives very well. It is a pretty comfortable car. The trunk is spacious for a small car. Since it is a small car, it is very convenient while finding parking!

- Vanessa A

Ford Focus: My Favorite Car !

This car really is a good size for an independent individual who doesn't have much company or carpools much. Also it is great for simple runs and gets the job done of going to work and back home and maybe to the store every once in a while. It also is a very productive car and lasts for a long time as long as you take good care of it. Also if you ever have a lot to carry in your car, it has a deep trunk to but a lot of things in .

- Christina M

Old, but gold! Ford makes lasting cars that are cheap to repair!

We bought this car used about 5 years ago. We had the alternator go out on us last year, but we were able to figure out the problem and fix it at a reasonable price. It is rather loud when we drive it, but that might be both because of age and negligence on the previous owner's part. We bought this cheap and really only needed it for short drives (15-20 min) around town. My friend has the same type of car and his drives well.

- Lauren B

Good car with minor issues

It runs really great, it does awesome on the highway, does not excel super fast and you can feel the gears change sometimes, but it gets great gas mileage! I drive to and from work everyday and I fill up on 35$ at most and don't have to fill up for another 2 weeks if I just go to work and home and the occasional recreation stop. Super comfortable, went to Las Vegas In it and she did great. All except for the ac is amazing

- Desi R

Love my '05 Ford Focus zx4 St.

Great on gas and fun to drive. Low maintenance. Replaced exhaust around 100k miles. Replaced switch for reverse lights (which involves taking apart the transmission) about 80k miles and 8 years old. Replaced drivers door power window switch at 105k miles and 13 years. It is a comfortable car, driven on long trips but mainly used as a daily driver, about 4k miles per year. Parts seem easy to find, fairly easy to maintain.

- Jeremy M

I think a lot of people underestimate the capability of a sedan. While my Focus may be front wheel drive, if given the right set of tires and a decent driver behind the wheel, you could take that sucker anywhere and still make it back home in one piece.

I have never liked anything bigger than a sedan. SUVs are too big for me, and trucks are gas guzzlers. My Focus is just the fit for me. It handles the road well, is spacious enough for a family of four, and is a great color. The interior isn't dirty or stained, and the exterior has no rust whatsoever (even though I live in a rural state with four seasons.) My Focus hasn't failed me once, and I love taking care of it.

- Matthias R

That is gets great gas mileage and it's been paid off for years. Saving me thousands of dollars.

I like it because it's still going strong on over 170k miles. The gas mileage is great and maintenance costs are very low. It's also a smooth ride. Best of all, it's been paid off for years. I don't like that it's a little small now for my growing family, my daughters legs are kicking me in the back now because her legs are getting long, she has a big car seat and we have another baby in the back next to her.

- Jason C

The Focus is a great small car to drive in all conditions.

The vehicle is really dependable. Comfortable to drive. Easy to maintain. Mine is a hatchback so it can carry a lot of stuff. Good overall small family car. It handles well in all conditions: rain, sleet, snow or dry. It gets fairly good gas mileage and has a decent size gas tank. It is easy enough to drive that a student driver can easily take the wheel and drive well his first time. It has good safety features.

- Shayla E

My trusty Focus has been a trooper.

The only major problem that I have had due to the vehicle and not because of a wreck is the alternator. The alternator has gone out every two years since I bought the vehicle. It is very reliable. There has been no major issue with the motor. I have only had to do routine maintenance other than when it was wrecked. It has no special features as it is an older car. But it gets me from point A to point B.

- Kristina B

2005 Ford focus which is amazing definitely going to get another.

Our car last year it is not in the best shape has a dent in the hood and a lot of hail damage but it runs amazing the engine is probably going to outlast the body definitely going to buy another focus it is a 5-speed it is got traction control and abs a huge trunk and nice back big back seat plenty of room for three kids it is a hatchback which is big enough to put my pit-bull it is blue and I love it.

- Christopher G

2005 black Focus with all the features.

I drive a black 2005 Ford Focus. It is a very dependable car. Since buying it, I have had limited issues with the car. I drive back and forth a lot and the car is very easy on gas. It is a very reliable car. I do not have an auxiliary port in the car which I wish was a feature. Everything that is absolutely necessary to have in a car is there. The heat, air, lights, and windows all work properly.

- Candice K

Great for getting from point A to point B, great for beginners its an automatic.

My car needs struts, going over a bump tends to make my AC fade out then fade back in. It tends to struggle up hills, but not too much. My car gets around 250 to 300 miles before filling up. Car has no Bluetooth or aux plug. Seats and steering wheel are comfortable. Car has little to no blind spots. There is a lot of trunk space, and the back seats can come down for extra trunk space if needed.

- Alicia J

The Ford Focus is smooth and easily driven

This car gets great gas mileage, and this car is easy to drive. This car does have great acceleration and is easily maneuvered. We have had some trouble with the motor on occasion. Particularly with Ford cars, not only this one. However, the payments are cheap, and the issues have not continued once fixed. This car's transmission is relatively quiet, and the suspension of the car is desirable.

- Bernadette H

It is a small car that does not give you any problems on the road.

The car is absolutely amazing. I have over 100k miles on it and it has yet to give me problems. It is a car that can do much with little gas, it has saved me so much money compared to the other cars in my lot. It is small, perfect for a young adult like me. It fits all that I need. It is small and fits in all types of places so I do not struggle with parking or driving on the road.

- Mia M

The way it drives. It drives so smooth and it feels like your driving on air.

My car is very comfortable. It's good on gas and runs great. I love the way it drives. It drives so smooth. The seats are very comfortable and since I'm short is adjusted to my height very well. The air condition works perfect it will get really cold. My car is the best and I wouldn't change it for another type at all. I would also recommend it to anyone who is looking for a car.

- Tammy A

Ford Focus: A great starter car. Affordable and reliable.

The Ford Focus is a great starter car for a teen, but also good for someone looking for a reliable compact car. The engine is zippy and will feel like it's got more power. There are ample cup holders and other features that make traveling convenient. Unfortunately, this model does not have cruise control so long trips can be tiring for your foot. I would purchase a Focus again.

- Alex H

My vehicle is a smaller sedan with 5 seats in total. It is Put in color

I love my car I bought it used but it still runs very well, very reliable. Only issues I've had was with the coolant reservoir bottle cracking, and I've had to replace the alternator. Other than that it is very reliable, I drive about 25 miles to work every day and have never had an issue with it. Great gas mileage for an older vehicle, I get about 32 mi/gal on the highway.

- Selena R

It is easy to drive and is very economical.

Reliable, very low gas spending, kind of small so not for big family. Can comfortably fit 5 people. There are some noises it will make with time that is found I thing in the axle but can be easily fixed. I have had it since 2011. Going on nine years and I really had not had very many problems with it. Last year it did need major work but it was fixed in no time.

- Miriam A

Good basic sedan that is fun to drive and only a few quirks.

Problems: squeaky brakes that cannot be fixed mechanic says it is the car randomly sticky vent dial which has been replaced and mechanic says is also common for this car. Performance: fast for 4 cylinder and handles well for such a small car. Reliability: haven't had too many issues . Comfort: backseat and trunk space are better than expected for a compact car.

- Nick S

05 Ford Focus extra radio controls heat auto windows and locks all safety features.

The air doesn't work and its 600 to replace. The tire roads are weak and keep breaking. The safety options are fantastic. I have 3 kids and knowing there are all the airbags and seatbelts work properly. Also the frame is twisted. The fact that I have a radio tuner and volume button on the Column is nice also. I don't have the cool seat warms but its all good.

- Makayla K

2005 Ford Focus success!!

This car has had no problems due to regular maintenance and upkeep. I have changed oil regularly, as well as transmission fluid. I have rotated tires and flushed the coolant, which has resulted in great performance despite being a high mileage vehicle. This is a great car for anyone that needs to get places reliably. Highly recommend this model and make car.

- Eric W

Good on gas, cheap, and can last a long time.

My car gets me from a to b which is all that matters! Good on gas and hasn't really costed me much maintenance considering how old it is. It was relatively cheap as well. It is an overall nice looking car to an extent. I bought the car in 2009 and I've had it for the past 10 years. It is at 207k miles which is incredible so overall the car is a good car.

- Vincent C

Ford Focus: Car For Winners

I love my Ford Focus. I love the color, the ease of use and how reliable it is. My A/C just broke unfortunately. And for someone who is handy, it's unfortunate how hard it is to get to the low pressure system compared to other foreign cars. But overall, besides that mishap, I'd say it's a great car. Very reliable, great mileage, and very smooth to drive

- Billy A

Compact gas affordable sedan for everyday use.

I like my gold 2005 Ford Focus zx4. It is compact and affordable. It does get good gas mileage but am not sure it works as a family car. 2 adults and two toddlers in boosters barely fit well for us. This is a good single person car or one child, if you like the idea of smaller vehicles. Have owned for 1 year 9 months and no major issues/repairs needed.

- Casey D

5-speed manual transmission.

My car is a 2005 Ford Focus, 5 speed manual transmission. She has been a very reliable car, with a minimal number of breakdowns. Regular maintenance is a must, gas mileage is very good. Also very easy to drive in snow. Handles very well in snowy condition easy to get out of troubled snow spots. Not very good on ice, but not to many cars are on ice.

- Teresa B

It does not have an interesting detail.

Well there are several gear parts. I need to get. I believe they range about. $140 Per piece it is a & b & d. Automatic gear shift solenoid. And I cannot remember the other. But I also have to get that correct fuses. Also one headlight has went out although I thought I replaced it. I guess I didn't but I am progressively taking care of everything.

- Nigel H

Ford Focus a great little car.

Great gas mileage. Reliable, dependable auto. Comfortable, plenty of legroom. The car rides well. No major problems with this vehicle. Easy access to change front and rear lights. Great highway mileage. Plenty of room if your sitting in the back seat, also the trunk is very roomy. First time buying a ford. Would Definity buy a Ford product again.

- Sharon F

Good but bad! Enough to get around but should only be a temporary car.

The car is pretty standard, it's gotten me through some pretty rough situations such as bad weather and more, however there have been many complications I've had with it including the engine functionality, and especially the gas tank. I can't tell you how many times I've spent $20 on gas just for it to be used up in almost the blink of an eye.

- Justin G

The Perfect College Car for Fast Life in the City

My Ford Focus is a great and reliable car. There is lots of room but it is a small enough car for my college/city lifestyle. The alignment has needed fixed multiple times but isn't too bad. Additionally, this car had no aux cord jack. It's a stable car, however, it is a very light car. Excessive wind affects the driving experience in this car.

- Makayla R

electrical problems but otherwise good.

It has electrical problems that mostly concern the lights and starting issues occasionally but luckily I have a place that rewired the whole car although I need to go back to see them again. Otherwise the car runs great and I have no complaints I just need to keep up with getting the oil change and such and it will be good for a bit longer.

- Keith C

this vehicle is wonderful on gas. It has been very dependable for me.

it's small but great on gas. Have not had any problems except one of the seat belts in the back. I love the fact it's a hatchback so u can get something out of the back. I don't like the size of the vehicle because there are so many semis and big trucks. The controls for the radio are on the steering wheel. The cruise control is nice.

- nicole R

Energizer bunny is my 2005 ford focus.

My mechanic said that my engine is the best ford has made in this class. I have only had to replace the normal wear and tear items like, alternator, brakes, muffler. I bought the car used with 32000 miles on it in 2008 and it's still going strong at 170000 miles. I will keep this car till it falls apart. Best economy car I have owned.

- Mar F

2005 Ford Focus with 6 Inch Speakers

I have a 2005 Ford Focus that is a teal color and has 6 inch speakers in the trunk. There is nothing wrong with the car other than the fact that the engine sounds loud due to high revs for the battery to have enough power to support the speakers. We have had the car for almost 10 years now and it is currently at around 150,000 miles.

- Marcel C

I would buy this car again!

I bought this car new, the gas mileage is great I get about 30 miles a gallon even after all these years, easy upkeep I keep the oil changed, lots of room seats 5 room enough for car seats, plenty of room in the trunk, plus the seat folds down if I need extra room, the car has been great for what I needed. I would buy this car again.

- Denise D

This car is amazing! I suggest that you buy it.

I love this car! It is really reliable, and in fact, I have never had a problem with it. Give it any circumstance, it is guaranteed to start. I like that it blows cold ac and warm hot air relatively fast. The seat warmers warm up very fast to. It is also very easy to maneuver in and out of sports, that you might usually not park in.

- Alex M

It's a simple car, oldie but a goodie.

This car is very basic. No power locks, windows etc. I have had to have this car worked on multiple times and it always seems to be breaking somewhere. I do use my car pretty heavily and it is a commuter car. It does get good gas mileage. I wish I was more up to date with radio and heated seats. It's just an older, very simple car.

- Barbara D

The color of the car is teal and has grey interior on the inside.

Its reliable and gets good gas mileage. Has power windows, steering, and locks. Never have had any major problems with it. Also has a detachable stereo, and gets me where I need to go from point A to point B. It's a very comfortable car. The seats can tilt forward and back and can seat 3 passengers in the back and 1 in the front.

- Darcy J

It is good but not a laster.

This car was reliable when we first bought it but now it is changing with age. On the good side we've only just done major repairs on this car even though we've had it for more than 10 years however those repairs were extremely costly and still we have small problems with the car. It is a good car but longevity is questionable.

- Carmen S

Surprising amount of storage space

Relatively good gas mileage. Kinda old and the parts need to be replaced often. Has a lot of miles but runs well enough. Good visibility through the rear and front windshields and has a ton of storage space to fit lots of stuff. I drive back and forth from college over 400 miles and it always makes the drive. Good reliability

- Katy P

Rear folding seats allow for extra space when needed.

My Ford Focus has been very reliable over the years. For it to be an American vehicle it has lasted longer than expected for sure. Around the ten year mark is when the repairs started, but it was nothing a good mechanic couldn't handle. It has all standard functions and it easy to clean and maintain with great gas mileage.

- Angela S

This car is okay. Good for a first time driver.

This is a good car for a teenager. The alternator routinely goes out but after having it fixed the last time, it seems to not have any issues. We will not put anymore money into fixing this car. The a/c knob gets stuck and you really have to yank at it. It's nice having four cup holders up front. Crank window and push locks.

- Chelsea C

Do not force the vent selector switch if it does get stuck.

There are some issues that seem to occur in most cars of this model, mine included. One example is an issue with the vent selector switch getting stuck. Another example is the small plastic piece that sits at the bottom of the shifter knob sliding down, which causes the car to not turn off unless you slide the piece backup.

- Katie P

The stereo is amazing and has a really good sound no matter what music

Needs a little body work great on gas doesn't look the greatest but runs like a champ white with black trim tinted dark windows with light grayish interior pioneer stereo with CD player and aux plugs also oil changes were regular and kept up with only 1 owner and does have high mileage brand new tires all the way around

- Billy R

Squeaks and revs too high.

It squeaks when you turn to go over a speed bump. It hurts my sensitive ears. The engine revs high when you first crank it but it idles at 0. I have taken it to be fixed multiple times without success. Do not purchase from did by rider. I couldn't find anyone with a similar issue. It may not be similar fords just mine.

- Bree W

Why the Ford Focus model is great.

The only problem is the automatic seat warmer. The performance is great. I've drive it I snow hard rain and fog. Its an easy parking vehicle compact but plenty of room in the inside. It has great truck room. It drives smooth. It's easy to maintain with regular check ups when needed and parts for it aren't hard to find.

- Chris K

Good and bad Ford focus how good parts are or bad.

Good engine good brakes good glass roomy space in trunk small door gas saver ok radio dash pocket roll up windows seat belts ok small space for feet windshield washer windshield wipers windshield wiper motor engine oil 05/20 five speed transmission clutch hydraulic brakes anti lock brakes carpet front back and truck.

- Roger B

My review of the 2005 Ford Focus

The vehicle drives very nicely, although the exterior isn't too durable. We also have had some problems with the drivetrain of the car. Other than that, there is a spacious interior with passable seats. The car has held up nicely over the years, and I would recommend it to anyone who would like to drive on a budget.

- Chris B

The best first car for a college student

I have had this car since junior year of high school, my mom passed it down when she got a new Ford. This car currently has 203,000 miles on it. There has been no major problems. Extremely reliable and extremely comfortable for college student. I would recommend this kind of car to anyone looking in the Ford family.

- Elizabeth M

Ford Focus 2005 still with no issues

I love my Ford Focus and will probably buy a newer model when it comes time for me to buy a new car. My car is a 2005 and I have never had any real problems with it beyond normal wear and tear. It is an old model so it doesn't have many 'features' like Bluetooth or assisted steering, but it is sturdy and reliable.

- Elizabeth P

Great running vehicle I love the car

I have no problems with my car it runs great and is good on gas the only downfall is the trunk is a little small. It's great on gas and very reliable. I was able to put a CD player in it because I didn't like the factory radio. The seats are comfortable and my kids like the car also. I have no lights on the dash.

- Tammy S

My vehicle is amazing except for the compactness.

I have quite a few issues with my alternator and internal connections. . My car is great on gas I get 36 mpg highway. It is very small and I am six foot so sometimes I do not feel as if I have a lot of space . Great trunk space . Small backseat area . I wish my car had an aux cord or ability to bluetooth.

- Nicole M

A very reliable car. Good for first time car owners.

I have had this car for nearly 3 years, and the only work I have had done on it since I got it are oil changes and new tires. I have never had a problem with it randomly breaking down while I am driving. Easy handling, and this is a nice first car. Perhaps my biggest complaint is that I cannot play burnt CDs.

- Gabrielle H

Keeps on tickin': extremely reliable even if maintenance is not the timeliest.

It is a very sturdy, reliable car even at 15 years old. The only major repairs/replacements I have had to have done were on the alternator and fuel tank; other than that it is just been the standard oil, tires, etc. I did have to replace the oil pan when I first got it, but I have had no issues with it since.

- Leah K

Great car and is very reliable!

This car never gave me any trouble. It is very reliable. It has almost 200,000 miles on it. I use it to go to work and back and to bring my kids to school. The only thing I do not like about it is that I do not feel very safe in it. It's very small and I feel like I will not be protected if I were to get hit.

- Kelly P

A Great, Economic Car that gets you where you need to be

My car has been reliable since day one. I have had to make few BIG EXPENSE repairs, but if you keep up with maintenance, this car will get you far. It gets good gas mileage and handles well in most conditions, except high winds. I have driven this car in winters and it handles well and gets through snow well.

- Ashley L

Reliable and never left me stranded. One of the most reliable cars I ever owned.

Very economical on gas. Car runs great no problems. This car has been very reliable. Originally purchased for my daughter. When she bought a new car. I took over the car. I did a transmission tune up, and I had to add Freon to the car. The car is a 2005. I have invested a very small amount of money into her.

- Liza M

Runs good but can have electrical dash issues.

I like my car but I purchased it from an individual who was the sole owner. It sat dormant for about 6 months before my purchase. There are some electrical issues in the dashboard and the lights on the dash go off occasionally. The car runs fine, gets good gas mileage, and is exactly what I need otherwise.

- Nancy D

The car is long lasting and reliable with regular maintenance.

I dislike the interior because it feels inexpensive. However I like the exterior of the car which has really held up. It still looks fairly new and modern. I also like many of the features such as the sun roof, the radio/6 disc CD player, steering wheel radio controls, and the driver's side CD storage.

- B H

2005 ford focus ses the get to where I need to go car.

Transmission has went out once a year, but it is good on gas, and sufficient when driving. Brakes and rotors stay good for a while as long as you do not ride the brakes. Overall pretty good vehicle to get you here and there, it is a four door which is good for families. Trunk space is huge and roomy.

- Bobbie L

the air doesn't work and you need a oil change ever so many miles

Well its black and the pant is chipping off. the back passenger side door doesn't lock and the armrest thing in the middle between the driver and passenger is falling apart and the air don't work a part fell off behind the control which i found out is common in theses cars, but besides that i love it

- Ashley C

My nightmare, on wheels, or jack stands if you will.

Car started out great, but noticed muffler issues, the caliper, and brakes so the axle locked up, broke and is now sitting on jack stands for over a year. Parts are so expensive I can't fix it and tires have dry rot and have to replace them along with one aluminum wheel. Have no idea where to start.

- Tanya D

The seats fold down in the back and the speakers still work surprisingly

It's really great on gas if you travel a lot. I've had it for 3 years just about and still works great the headlights aren't really bright but not too bad of a car I've been in ditches and fields it's still riding like it should. Would be great for a newly licensed teen for their first vehicle too!

- Gracie B

Great gas mileage, doors do not open.

My 2005 Ford Focus does not have any major mechanical issues. However, the doors do not open properly and the hood. It's very frustrating. Also, there are problems with the electrical fuses, they keep on blowing and need to be replaced often. What I do like about it is that I get great gas mileage.

- Rachael P

I love the economy & value of my Ford Focus.

My Focus is very reliable. I have only invested routine maintenance, brakes, tires, & an alternator since I purchased it four years ago. It is great on gas & does well in wet or snowy weather with all season tires on it. For a small car it is got enough room for my Avon deliveries in the back seat.

- Brenda S

Ford focus still kicking 13 years later.

Needs two front tires along with 2 back wheel bearings. Great car, just not the greatest in the snow and ice. Newer radio added in to allow for Bluetooth radio. The miles are pretty high and is due for an oil change at any time now. There are a few dents on the exterior and stains on the interior.

- Alexis P

Very reliable but too small.

My vehicle has been very reliable, only required general maintenance over the years. Would definitely recommend to an individual without children. Can be too small once a family had been started. Not much leg room in the back and most booster seats do not fit between the seatbelts in the backseat.

- Naomi S

It is a small car which I like and it has ok gas mileage and it is very reliable.

My radio no longer works after my old battery died. My hood does not match the car and it is all rusted and jingles when I go on the highway almost like it was fly up and hit my windshield. My headlights are also very dim and it is almost impossible to see the road at times while driving at night.

- Alicia E

It is an average car, I like it for the most part.

My Ford Focus is average. My directional (feet/face/defrost) is always broken. These parts are made from plastic and almost always refuses to work. No matter how many times I get this part fix, it breaks. Everything else is just average. I wouldn't get rid of it, because I have gotten used to it.

- Kim O

Very reliable Ford focus, model you can trust.

The Ford focus is the most reliable car I've driven out of Mustang and Kia, I would choose the ford, my gas mileage is awesome and has a reserve gas tank for when my car is on e. , the seats are heated which comes in handy if your having trouble looking for housing. And the speakers are awesome!

- Michael Z

A good basic car for getting around.

This is the vehicle I learned to drive in, and it has held up very well considering the lack of regular maintenance I provide. It is pretty basic with no special features, but it is still running. It is comfortable and has enough room for the stuff I end up throwing in my car and leaving there.

- Shannon P

Fuel efficiency, good handling, great climate control.

My Ford Focus is a great like around town car as well as over the road. It has great acceleration, reasonable gas mileage and handles very easily in situations that might be tight for a larger vehicle. I have loved the climate control in all of my Ford vehicles and this one is no exception.

- Linda Z

Ford hatchback loud engine.

My car is generally well running, but does have some issues in regards to its performance. Specifically the car has a very weak a/c system wherein the cold air does not become prominent until winter, and hot air is not as prominent until the summer time. Also the engine is exceptionally loud.

- Max H

Ford Focus four door hatchback.

My four door Focus is perfect for running to work or even short road trips. Great gas mileage. Plain, nice interior. The sun roof is nice for a breeze. I haven't had the car very long but am always looking for Focus because they last and when I have had to replace parts it was cheap and easy.

- Mariah S

It is Deadpool the car that keeps coming back.

It is old. It needs a lot of repairs. It very used so it is not like this is not expected. I hit a deer with it and the car lived. The car is basically Deadpool. It keeps dying and coming back. There are like $1500 in repairs that need to be done to it. It is not that great of a car anymore.

- Jon G

Ford Focus, a car that's reliable and safe

I love my ford focus 05. It is reliable, comfortable and good on gas. It gets me to where I need to go. Any problems I have with my car such as the battery, tires, lights are relatively inexpensive to fix. Also the focus is a good first car as I am a new driver and super insurance friendly.

- Tiyah F

While it is a good car, there are some weird things going on with the design.

The back door handles stick really bad. Have had to replace the radiator and the fuel pressure regulator, along with the sway bar links. The ac port is in a horrible place, behind the passenger front wheel well. The tire needs to be removed the add freon, which must be done quite often now.

- Carrie E

Ford review and benefits of owning a reliable car over the past thirteen years.

It is been a really great car and has not had too many problems over the past 13 years. I have kept the maintenance up and it has over 150, 000 miles on it. Good quality car! Had to get new tires a couple of times and adjust the timing and alignment, but overall this car has been reliable.

- Christie H

Good on highways, sporty looking with tinted windows, hidden departments roomy.

Saves gas, roomy but yet fits in tight places,fast,strip at the right level most of all black the perfect color for tinting windows. Don't forget it has a great highway control system, sporty looking great for highways and smoothly rides, even gots hidden departments under steering wheel.

- anna M

My car is black its name is black betty

I have no vehicle problems with my car its 2005 with 85,000 miles and is running perfectly. A few minor dings from hail and some scratches. Sunroof works and so does everything in the vehicle. The cloth heated seats are nice, also it's a manual and has a turbo. Aftershock stereo and subs.

- Jill H

A No Thrills Reliable Ford

My Ford is always reliable, running strong since 2005 and no signs of stopping. The seating is comfortable but it would be nice if there was a little more leg room in the back. Comes with basic AM/PM radio, a CD slot and car lighter. Holds up to five people and had a very spacious trunk.

- Savannah M

The gas mileage is amazing.

I have had my Focus for about two years and I love it. I have not had any problems with it and it gets great gas mileage. It is very reliable and goes great in the snow. I have never missed work due to car issues. My only regret is not getting the four door because I have three children.

- Spring D

Love g last in and dependable.

The focus wagon is a very handy vehicle. It has great fuel efficiency and very dependable. I feel it is a safe vehicle to drive. It does wear through tires more often than their car models. I have never had any mechanical problems with this car. It has been a solid vehicle for 14 years.

- Melissa S

Ford focus, great gas mileage and dependable.

It gets around 28 miles to the gallon. It enough room for two adults and two children and a baby. Enough luggage space for a three night, two day hotel stay. The car is easy to drive. The stereo is of good quality sound. I've had to do little repairs. So far it's been a reliable car..

- Jeffrey B

My car is terrible. I do not recommend.

I have had to replace more parts than the car is worth. It's been absolutely terrible. Not comfortable very small and does not drive good long distances. Has very little power going up hills. Not reliable at all. The catalytic converter is going bad with not very many miles on the car.

- Brandy W

05 focus. 4 door and a 5 speed. not to bad

I bought it used and it has a lot of miles on it but as far as problems, it hasn't giving me any. changed the rear shocks and brakes and that has been it. I've had it for about 2 years now. it still seems peppy to me for what it is. great for to and from work. leave the truck at home.

- chuck b

My vehicle is painted a light blue it has a spoiler so it's very sporty looking!

I have had this car for about a year now, it runs really good and get good gas mileage. I have put on a new set of tires and replaced the water pump other than that I have had no problem with it! I make sure to keep all the liquids checked and get the oil changed at the correct times!

- Shelly H

Great purchase if your single.

I have replaced the transmission & engine but it is lasted a long time. It does not handle snow very well. The trunk large and can hold a lot. My interior is very light which shows stains easily. It is the perfect car for a single person with a dog but not for a single mom with kids.

- Sarah E

An interesting detail is that it wastes less gas.

My Ford Focus is the car that I used to drive me around to work and to school, but I have had some problems with it. Various issues that have irritated me. It is comfortable to drive around, my family fits well in it. The biggest benefit I'd consider is that it hardly wastes any gas.

- Arlene C

Been a really good car overall.

I feel it is very small to compact, I love gas mileage it gets the trunk is very spacious replacement parts are pricey mechanically sound not had much trouble from it! Very cold air and very warm heat! Maneuvers well! Comes with good stereo system! Paint is holding up well no rust.

- Michelle K

Great car. Reliable ride smooth cruise!

Always reliable and smooth ride. Gets me to and from work. Easy foxes when the car breaks down. Great gas mileage. Simple small tiny car. Great for long term driving. About twenty dollars fills the tank, great mileage cheap tires at reasonable prices. The ford is a reliable model.

- Samantha O

My 2005 Ford Focus review safety and preference details.

Only had one problem so far with my car I had to replace the alternator other then that I only have 97, 000 miles on it and my car runs good! I bought it used from an older lady 2yrs ago. It's safe enough for my 5 month old who is in it everyday and its used for work and pleasure.

- Suzanne E

Reliable and still runs very well

Usually runs very well. Didn't have any problems early on though lately I have had issues with oil leaks somewhere and nobody can figure out from where. Electrical works just fine; windows, AC and radio. Never had any problems whatsoever with the transmission or the engine itself.

- Michael C

Ford Focus the undefeated

Ford Focus can withstand pretty much anything and has been driving strong for years now. I recommend this car to anyone and it's great on gas! It's also cheap to fix. I can go anywhere with this car! I love it so much! The mileage can go pass 200,000 and still run like it's new.

- Tiffany K

2005 Ford Focus review time

The car is too loud but has held up well. It has a recurring issue with the headlights going out. It gets good gas mileage and can hold 5 passengers comfortably. The vehicle is pretty simple to work on. Replacement parts for a Ford Focus are fairly easy to find so overall 3-5.

- Evan M

I love the handling and size.

Occasional electronics failure, my heat shield is falling out of the bottom, shocks are worn out and I have a little bit of a headlight issue. I find that I have no problems steering or starting. My tires are leaking a little bit, but I think I am going to get that fixed soon.

- Jacob E

2005 chariot of dirt brown gold.

I like my car, it gets decent gas mileage, runs nice, and looks pretty good too. Mine does have an exhaust leak and a couple windows do not work but overall it is a car that I would drive again. It stops clean, does not pull, and the radio is pretty decent for a stock stereo.

- Levi A

It is a safe ride but a bit uncomfortable and bumpy.

Uncomfortable seats. It is very safe and can be considerably fast. The air conditioner sucks and it rattles but. It is a first time car. It has only stalled once and has a small puncture in the gas tube. The gas tube allows the gas to run out faster which costs me more money.

- Jordan D

Car is plain on the outside, inside the front seats are spacious, back fold down.

This vehicle has run for us along time. I have no real complaints for this vehicle, I just prefer to drive a truck. The vehicle has never broke down, we've drove back and forth from Michigan to Florida back to Michigan several times saves on gas when your traveling that far.

- Lorraine M

I like that the back floors are child safety.

Good car, a lot of highway miles.. Runs awesome. Had a few fixes since given to me. Perfect size for two adults and a small dog. Amazing on gas. Easy to clean. Has alarm that shuts engine down so it can't be hot wired. It's blue. Doors lock automatically once driving starts.

- Hilary O

The car is falling apart slowly.

Idles high when you first start it up and cuts off at red lights even though it starts back up. It has a sound that comes from underneath it and it shakes from the back of the car which causes a sound like the wheels are going to come off. It desperately needs a oil change.

- Cameo L

Feelings for a ford focus.

There is a slight gas smell after you start the car, in the car. Also, it is very noisy, at least the 2005 model. I am not sure if this has to do with the age or miles of the car, or if it would carry over to newer models as well. Overall, it is fine. The hatchback is nice.

- Kelsey W

A few common minor problems, but not too hard to fix.

The vent selector switch consistently gets stuck, there’s also a plastic piece on the shift knob that can slide down and cause the key to not release from the ignition, however parts are common and not too expensive for this vehicle. It drives nicely for a car that size.

- Katie P

The focus is quick and effective.

The gas mileage in my focus is amazing. I was always a pickup driver and the focus fell into my lap. It is very comfortable. Mine is manual, which I prefer over automatic transmission. I would highly recommend this car to anyone who needs a reliable gas efficient vehicle.

- Jake B

If you do not care about a lot of bells and whistles the Ford Focus is great.

Great reliable fuel-efficient car. Lots of legroom and huge trunk. I have over 256, 000 miles and I have only had to change the hub assemblies and oil changes every 3000 miles. Normal maintenance like spark plugs ignition coils but nothing major. It has been a great car.

- Dee S

Comfortable and Reliable.

This car is very reliable. It gets me where I need to go without any concerns. It is also very comfortable to ride in. I recommend this car to individuals who are looking for a good, reliable car. If anything goes wrong with it, which is rare, it is a cheap and easy fix.

- Emily P

Ford Focus lasts forever!!

150k miles and still going strong!! We have very few problems all the years we've had it. Even the AC still works great. When we trade it in later this year or early next year we plan on getting another Ford Focus because we've had such good luck with the one we have now

- Amy R

The Ford focus is stylish and ideal for two passengers not to low maintenance.

I own a Ford Focus which is one of the most fuel efficient vehicles on the road, I can travel up to 450 miles on one tank of gas, and it has several stylish designs to choose from, the only thing it lacks is room, I have a four door but it can only seat two comfortably.

- Olanda K

The parts are cheap and break too often.

It is small and not very comfortable. The door handles are continuously breaking and falling off. The car is pretty awful. The mechanics are not great. The parts are cheaply made plastic. Anytime you need to fix one problem, expect 4 more problems behind that first one.

- Christina C

I love my ford. Crazy about a ford focus.

No real problems with the car except for alignment issues. Otherwise, I enjoy the car very much. I especially like the auxiliary features. The trunk space is also huge as well. What else can I say. Ford is my car of choice and always have been. Thanks for memories ford.

- Gavin H

For almost 14 years old it has been good to me.

Only a problem with the tires it is reliable and. It is comfortable a few things broke a little like. The cigarette lighter and the middle arm rest. Sometimes it is hard to shut down unless you. Adjust the stick shift. I learned how to do that on the google search.

- Gina S

It is comfortable plenty of legroom and gas for long trips.

My Focus is a 5-speed I love this car it handles beautifully it is two door hatchback I love it handles beautifully in all types of weather plenty of room for me my husband and our two dogs it is good on gas and very comfortable on long trips near room to stretch out.

- Nicole F

It's a great economy car and well made.

It gets good gas mileage, and it is very reliable. I like that it has a hatchback and it is a good looking vehicle. It is features are easy to use. It wasn't too expensive and it is cheap and easy to maintain. The only thing I do not like is that it only has 2 doors.

- Julie L

Ford Focus Review for Any

The only major problem I have with it right now is the fact that my toddler got smoothie all over the roof... I've had this car for many years and have barely had to have any repairs done. Been on an accident and had little to no damage. Spacy enough for car seats.

- Taylor O

Alright. Car is perfect for quick errands.

It runs great, it is comfy, and hardly wastes gas. It does its job well, I use it to go shopping, pick up my brother from school, and to get myself to work. I do not know what else to say. Seriously? I have to continue writing more?. . But that is all I had to say.

- Arlene C

It runs great and gets amazing gas mileage which was the main selling point.

My vehicle remains runs great haven't had any major problems other than basic routine maintenance. Its 4 door for convenience and is great on gas. Its spacious enough for grocery shopping or traveling. Even though its a basic car it has always been reliable for me.

- Regina J

Small, not much leg room, moves around on the road in windy conditions.

It does what I want and gets me to where I am going. Gas mileage is fair, but not as good as you would expect from a small car. There is also a persistent rust problem along the bottom of the doors. It is paid for and will most likely be my last car. Always starts.

- David M

Repairs/alterations are difficult, and can be a major headache if you attempt repairs yourself.

The clutch is easy to learn and the manual transmission is a joy to drive. The compact size makes it easy to park, but also easy to be missed by others on the highways. Repairs are the biggest downside. The way it was built makes it extremely difficult to repair.

- Caleb C

Ford Focus looks sporty..

It's a good comfortable car that's low on fuel and a smooth ride. It has a few minor problems with the engine but still works like a charm. I would recommend it to anyone who is considering buying one. They are cheap yet have good mileage not good for dirt roads.

- John N

Good on gas it has been dependable.

It is ok had the computer replaced it is really good on gas it is nice because I live in town so it does pretty good on gas because of all the stopping for lights I have to do besides the computer going out it has been a pretty good car I guess I cannot complain.

- Toni S

My little Ford Focus the pros and the cons!

It has great gas mileage and it's spacious! The hatch latch is faulty and it doesn't like to shut. The rear windshield wiper motor broke right away. It rusts out in the back of car so it gets dusty inside but it's a simple car that is reliable for family errands

- Summer K

Outstanding 192,000 miles and still going strong

I bought my Ford focus in 2005 which makes it 14 years old it has given me no problems. It has passed smog every time. it's a very reliable car I'm very happy with it and it has 192,000 miles and still runs great I would buy another Ford focus in a heartbeat

- Barbara H

Very economic and reliable

For a compact car, runs really good, this type of car is very reliable, very economical and good on gas and in taking care. The car is very comfortable and modern looking. I will definitely buy a more modern model, but overall even their price are not that bad.

- Monica V

That it is a pain to work on.

I like that the car is small and gets great gas mileage. What I really hate about it is when something breaks and needs to be repaired. Since I do the repairs myself, I find a lot of these parts difficult to replace. It is like working on a much older vehicle.

- Stefanie J

It is spacious. I have a large dog but it is big enough for him to ride in.

The gas pedal gets stuck in cold weather. It is a decent car. Mine is high mileage so I expect to get a new car soon. Not many problems with it besides the gas pedal. Runs decently in town, a little jumpy on interstate. Once it hits 70 mph it starts to act up.

- Alexis M

The color and performance, even as old the vehicle is still runs like new.

Never had a problem with my vehicle, it is very dependable. Still runs like new. Make sure I take to oil changes. Has ober 1115 miles and it still going strong. Travel with it as far as Virginia beach several times a year and never had problem. Love my Focus!

- Elizabeth A

Oldie, but a goodie. Very reliable and has been through a lot.

I bought this car when it already had A LOT of miles on it. It has been very dependable, but it has needed work over time. I just got a new battery and alternator. Early on I had the transmission replaced. It's dependable, but it's old and it's seen its days.

- Natalie H

Reliability and performance.

With all regular oil changes and maintenance done this car has surpassed my expectations and for being 14 years old is still very reliable it has 155,000 mike's on it and still performs well I drive back and forth from AZ to ca quite often and I never worry.

- Tina O

It's a fabulous vehicle, would recommend it to anyone!

Great performance, very reliable! No disappointment yet!! Interior very comfortable and exterior lovely design, it smoothly flows! Bought it used and was told it was great and I now agree!! I would recommend it above a few brand new vehicles I have driven!

- Stacy S

My vehicle gets me to point A to point B. Very reliable and inexpensive.

No problems at all. Great reliable car that gets me to point A to point B. I e have this car for 6 years and it has never broken down. I keep my oil change every 3 months and drive carefully. The color is black which is a great color for the rain and snow.

- Ashley T

2005 Ford Focus ZXW SES - A fine, if imperfect affordable ride

Stereo is notorious for failure. I have not had a working stereo for months; good performance engine including pickup, speed, and handling; good reliability; interior is Simple but attractive including good electronic features. Overall, it's a good vehicle

- Timothy L

Information on Ford Focuses.

Only issue is that it is small and the stereo is old, it could pick up a little better and have better sound but overall my experience with this Ford Focus has been pretty good, if I was to buy another car I would considering buying another one for sure!

- Chloe W

Ford Focus: reliable, affordable, great purchase.

Purchased my Ford Focus new in 2005. I have maintained the car well and have had no real major issues associated with the car. It drives well and has been incredibly reliable. The backseat is a little cramped, so I'd ideally make that bigger for comfort.

- Stephanie S

The parts are very easy to find it is a combination of all the makes and models.

It has great gas mileage but has no guts. It's very reliable and cost worthy. Maintenance is very low and cost to replace parts or have repairs done are also low. Has had a few minor issues such as replacing the alternator 3 times in 5 years is annoying.

- Melissa L

It's a good car to have I would recommend the car to anyone.

I have not had any real problems with it. It's been a great car. I probably would want to get another car like it later on. It is a Ford focus. It's a blue or green color. The only thing that do not work is the CD player but the radio works really good.

- Melissa H

Very comfortable and good on the highway.

It is very comfortable. Lots of room in the back seat for kids to sit or for car seats. Lots of room in the trunk. I love that is a manual. It very good on gas mileage. It good on the highway only thing I would change would be is to add cruise control.

- Breanna S

Safe, reliable car that will get you where you need to go.

My Ford focus has been extremely reliable and a good, safe car. A complaint I have is choosing a two door hatchback, which makes it inconvenient to get into the backseat. However, it is comfortable and came with pretty good standard features.

- Lexie B

It is a comfortable, reliable ride.

I call my car, my "smiley face" car; it is a bright yellow and makes me smile. I do rideshare and have lots of folks say that they like my car. If I won the lottery I would try to get the same car again only with newer updated features.

- Regina C

High performance engineering.

Well kept Ford focus with low mileage. Four door sedan seats five. Standard five speed transmission sport model. Four new radial tires and four wheel disk brakes pads and rotors. High performance engine delivers seven hundred horse power.

- William K

It gets only ok gas mileage.

It is a tough little car that has gotten me through some tough little times. It has been pretty reliable for the most part and I have found that it just needs to be taken care of a little bit and can be driven pretty much indefinitely.

- Aaron K

It's a reliable car good for short distances around town.

Well it's been pretty reliable, I've had it 13 years and it's thankfully knock on wood still running. It has had some problems with the wheel bearings needing replaced and a few other issues but It's ok. I wish it had cruise control.

- Aimee G

That it is great on gas mileage.

My 2005 Ford Focus is great on gas mileage but is getting rusty on the bottoms of the doors, as it is a 13 year old car. It runs fine, pretty dramatic over bumps and kind of makes a weird noise. The side mirrors are easy to break off.

- Olivia R

It is reliable, easy to take care of, and good on gas.

I like that it gets good mileage and had been reliable for a round trip to Arkansas and back. I dislike the bars between front and back window because you have a permanent blind spot unless you lean out the window to look behind you.

- Teddy W

This Ford Focus is a great value for such a spunky car.

This car has quick maneuverability and is easy to drive. It is comfortable enough, but not as quiet as I would like. Now that it is older, I still have not had much trouble with it; only replace two brake lines; no engine trouble.

- Mary Y

I am blessed to have a vehicle that works 13 years after purchase.

It is reasonably comfortable for in city traffic. I hate that it gets 25% less mpg than my previous Escort (I get 30 mixed) - 13 years on should have been better rather than worse. I like the larger doors for getting tall people in.

- Dee C

it's a little engine that could. I've used it for 10 years

This vehicle has been the one that I've had since 2005. It's had its ups and downs but it still works. I've replaced so many things I could have probably bought a new car, definitely a used car. But I never have enough at one time.

- Phillip L

This has been a very reliable vehicle.

The car is very reliable and gets around 28 mpg. The only thing I do not like about it is that it is difficult to get out of. I have to stand up out of the car vs going down as I would in a vehicle that is higher off the ground.

- Betsy C

Very reliable, good on gas. No major mechanical issues.

I love my Ford focus because it is really good on gas, very reliable. I give it a four just because of the style. There's no major problems I have with my car, nothing that a $100 cannot fix. Other than that it is a good car!

- Ray B

Transmission is out and it is going to cost quite a bit to replace it.

First off it is a good vehicle great on gas but it is a Ford so naturally the transmission is going out in it. The interior has held up quite well considering all the wear and tear though overall It's been a great vehicle.

- Tyler C

Good car, bad timing I guess. Used.

We bought this car used from my uncle so I cannot really say what its like new, but it was pretty good up until a few months ago. I am not sure what's wrong with it, seeing as its my moms. But it overheats easily now.

- Carmen L

American mades, so very easy to get parts and work on the vehicle. Which leads to cheaper fixes when things need to be changed or fixed.

Love the ease of working on it (ie oil changes). Very reliable, had it for a very long time. Family has always been Ford people so that feels nice to follow that tradition. No complaints, it's been a fabulous car.

- Samantha S

It is easy and safe to drive.

I love that it has a few bells and whistles on it such as anti-theft to kill the power and everything. It is got some power getting into and out of traffic. Easy to drive. I do not like that it is a 4 cylinder.

- Penny C

It's a functional car that only has to last until I can afford a new, better one.

My car has lasted for 13 years, which is amazing. However, things are starting to break. The air conditioning just broke and it's starting to cost a lot of money. It's also very small for other people to get in

- Michelle S

it gets good gas mileage even being as old as it is

Car runs great although I had to replace the transmission a few yrs ago which was expensive but i couldn't afford a new car. The inside is dated looking but otherwise the car looks great. It's a station wagon.

- ty l

Great compact family car- can fit 2 car seats in the back comfortably!

I have had this car for 6 year and have no complaints! It is reliable, great on gas, and the trunk is spacious. It can get cramped when you have two car seats in the back and a taller person sitting up front.

- Tiffany B

Cute, compact easy to access car. You will love the ease of driving it!

I like our car,but it's really loud when we are driving. We wish we could could buy another car but we just can't afford it right now. The thing I do like about my car is that it's easy to get in and out of.

- Brenda O

The car has been very reliable even though it is very high in miles,

I really like my car; at first I thought it was small, but that is actually good-can maneuver into small spaces and it has good pickup for such a small car. Great on gas and upkeep has been very reasonable.

- Morinda J

There are still enough miles on it.

It is paid for. It is reliable. It gets good gas mileage. We have taken good care of it to keep it well maintained. It has 200,000 miles on it so we worry that it will require more expensive maintenance.

- Kelly F

A surprising amount of room for a midsize car that gets good gas mileage.

It's an older car, so I will need to replace it soon. However, It's been very reliable and I have never had a problem with it. I've taken it on long trips and it's been great, lots of storage space.

- Lars C

The 2005 Ford Focus is a great car. It drives well and has lasted many years and nearly 150,000 miles so far. Around 120,000 miles, the cruise control quit working. At about 135,000 miles, the rear windows quit going down. Neither is a necessity, so we have not yet looked into fixing them.

The most important thing to know about the 2005 Ford Focus, from my perspective, is that, if treated well, it will last a long time. It also seems to hold it's value better than other cars I've owned.

- Clarissa T

Drives great, but could use a better stereo. Easy repairs since so common

I really enjoy driving my car. The seats are comfy and it feels nice. My biggest problem is that the stereo is a little poorer than I had hoped. The quality is just a little worse, but it still works.

- Lydia B

The most important thing to know about this car is that it is reliable.

My Ford Focus was purchased in 2005 I have put many miles in this car and it is still going with over 200, 000 miles. I have had some repairs here and there other than that just normal maintenance.

- Er S

Keep up with the routine maintenance and it will last forever.

the thing I do not like about my car is I can't get the radio to work. My car has over 200 thousand miles and other than minor wear and tear. I keep the upkeep of my car and it still going strong.

- Kimberly G

Dependable and economical.

It's very good and dependable. I've had it over a decade and it has needed really minimal repairs. When it does need something, it's fairly inexpensive to fix because parts can be found cheaply.

- shawna c

The color is yellow so it is easy for other to see in blind spots.

I like that I feel comfortable in my car, the way it accelerates, and it is very easy to drive. I do not like that my air conditioning does not work. I also do not like the gas mileage on my car.

- Brooke D

It has been a very economical car.

It gets good gas mileage. Very low mileage, and is very economical. It is been a good car. It is getting old, got a few dings on the doors, upholstery wearing out, cd player never worked right.

- Nancy B

leave the window down before getting out. sometimes it locks automatically and you still have stuff inside.

i dislike that even after replacing the bulb and parking light connectors the light still only works intermittently. i like the small size of it though. i like that the seats are cruelty-free.

- theresa r

Keeps on going, but rusty

The Ford focus runs well. Just minor problems with a sensor at 150,000 miles. It has started to rust a lot at the bottom of the doors and the bottom of the car. Comfortable, even for me at 6-1

- Mats H

It is 14 years old and still running strong.

I like that it has been very reliable over the 14 years that I have had it. There have been no major problems. I dislike that the CD/MP3 player does not work, but I have worked around that.

- Ronald M

Good reliable car, but a little outdated now.

It doesn't have much pick up and it is kind of old now, so it is out of date. Plus it is getting older, so a couple things are starting to go bad like the battery, wipers, tires, brakes etc..

- Michael L

The car is special to me because my sister also started off with a Ford focus.

The ac unit in the car it very touchy and does not always work appropriately. The car needed new tires and alignment when we bought it but after it has been fixed up it runs very nicely.

- Lisa M

It is a cool and stylish car.

They're are not many problems, the performance is not bad either. It does rust though. The comfort is great really comfortable. Cool details as well like 14 gallon capacity on the tank.

- Peyton G

Ford Focus is the perfect choice for a first car!

My Ford Focus is a perfect car for a teenager's first car. It gets really good gas mileage and takes about $20 to fill the tank. It is small, but just enough room a teenager would need.

- Jacey W

The car is dependable and reliable. It gets about 26 gallons city and 35 highway.

It's a dependable car and also pretty good on gas mileage. I haven't had any major issues with it at all. The only minor complaint I have is there is only one outlet plug in the car.

- Amy K

It is very reliable and has great gas mileage.

It is very reliable other than having engine fluid leak twice. It is also slightly annoying that it does not have electronic locks or cruise control. It gets really good gas mileage.

- Jessica S

The brakes on this year and model are apparently always going to be squeaky, no matter what. They might be safe, but they will screech.

I like my cars size, and the amount of space in the trunk, but that is about it. I hate it's gas mileage, I hate that it has so many unique problems, and the brakes sound terrible.

- Megan E

I love Fords. I like the newer hybrid cars.

I haven't had any problems with this car at all. I have always preferred Fords. I bought my car brand new. I am looking to purchase a 2019 Ford Focus hybrid in the next year or so.

- Debra B

Reliability. I take good care of my car and have never had a sudden unexpected problem that left me stranded on the side of the road. According to my family, Fords are the most reliable vehicles. Reliable and durable, those are very important characteristics for me.

It's more reliable than the vehicles my friends have. It's a little outdated now but that's not a big deal. Maintenance is getting more expensive. Overall it still meets my needs.

- Patricia S

Does what it's supposed to.

Considering that it's an old car it's fairly reliable. The airbag light is on because of an accident. The engine is not as powerful as it used to be, otherwise no major problems.

- Petronella D

It has been pretty reliable other than the transmission. Never had other problems with it and the gas mileage is good.

It's old but it runs fine. I had to replace the transmissions a few years which was awful but i couldn't afford a new car. It's a station wagon and has a nice amount of space.

- tyler l

This is a good first vehicle

It's a reliable little car, with quirks. It vibrates. Loudly. Great on gas. This is my second one - the first was totaled when I hit a pothole and the front axle was torn out.

- Sara C

It is awesome on the highway and fun to drive.

I like it cause it uses very little fuel. I like it cause it is small and easy to park in tight spots. I do not like that it was pre-owned and has almost 150,000 miles on it.

- Robert H

Don't even ask to drive it. Unless you're wIlling to buy me a whole bunch of new cars, 15 at least, don't even ask. Yes, i'm attached to it.

It feels like a sports car and drives like one. It's red color is so cool and makes it so easy to find. Even the name, Focus is so awesome. No complaints about it at all.

- CJ E

It is a very reliable vehicle with proper maintenance

I have had no problems with my car for 15 year other than general wear and tear and user error. Proper and regular maintenance has helped my car run properly all this time.

- Ashley S

It gets good gas mileage.

It is too small for grandsons to ride in now. I would rather have a mid size SUV. The gas does not pump into gas opening properly it comes out & goes on my hand & ground.

- Faye L

My Ford focus is pretty reliable and comfortable as far as looks it's a little bit of an eyesore because of rust it doesn't have any cool features and Doesn't have a aux input so all you can listen to is the radio since the CD port doesn't work

The shift gear stick can be easily moved just by touching it so it's important not to rest your hand on it otherwise you could shifted into a different gear by accident.

- Crystal A

People need to know the civic is fun to drive.

It is a tight fit for my whole family. Decent gas mileage. Ours has some electrical problems. Intermittent wipers do not work and the dash lights will turn off randomly.

- Devin M

It's efficient, cheap, and a good ride, though the road noise could stand to be reduced.

It has great fuel economy and the engine lasts forever, but it is too small and the body rusts easily. There is a surprising amount of storage in that tiny car, though!

- Kate G

My car is paid off and I intend to drive it until the wheels fall off!

I love that my Focus is good on gas and whips u turns beautifully. I hate the manual windows and locks. The Focus is great on gas and has never had mechanical issues.

- Catherine H

Everything about it is great.

It is amazing it runs good it is new comfy it has Bluetooth for music off your phones and Wi-Fi built in its all around just an amazing car you couldn't go wrong with.

- Kate M

Gets good gas mileage when taking a trip. You don't have to worry about running out of gas.

This is a fun car to drive. We have gone on many trips. I haven't had many problems with it. The air conditioner is great and so is the heater. Very comfortable also.

- Cheryl J

The car is reliable. Low maintenance work required.

It is great on gas mileage. Seats 5 comfortable. I have no complains. I dislike that it does not have technology for me to play my music downloaded for my smartphone.

- Bridget W

It doesn't have a build in air conditioning system installed...

I like that it was an inexpensive model. It is also a manual transmission, getting more rare now. I do not like that it is red or looks like it has been through hell.

- Ronald R

Definitely seat warmers. It is also very good on gas.

I like that it has seat warmers. It also has a key ring start button. I dislike that I have a deal in the windshield. I also dislike that there is no auxiliary hole.

- Stacy W

It is smaller than a normal SUV.

I like the fact that it's cheap on gas, its compact, its drives very well. I do not have any dislikes about my car I wouldn't trade it in for anything in the world.

- Kimberly R

Small, compact and reliable

It is small so it's easy to get parking, all the mechanical issues I have ever had have been really easy to fix and always bounces back smoothly after every repair

- Anthony F

How fun of a car it is to drive.

My likes: gas mileage, manual transmission offers controllability, and it is fun to drive. My only dislike would have to be the leg room since i am over 6’ tall.

- Eric N

It has very good gas mileage. It is a reliable car.

My car gets really good gas mileage. The one aspect of it I do not like is it does not have anti lock brakes which can be dangerous when driving in rain and snow.

- Samantha P

Good on gas, and rated well for safety, the Ford Focus is a good little car to get you where you want to go.

It's good on gas, and fun to drive. It has sufficient leg room in the front. It can be a little tight in the back for tall people, but it's fine for the kids.

- Marianna H

Well made product, no mechanical issues with regular maintenance, great mileage.

This is the second Ford Focus I have owned. It is a very economical vehicle for gas mileage, have never had mechanical problems and is perfect for my needs.

- Donna D

It is small but has massive trunk space and is big enough to use as a family car.

It has lasted 12 years without any major repairs. I love the durability, the turning radius, and its compact size (I can make u-turns and park anywhere!!)

- Farin M

Affordable Great First car for students

Overall works very well small and easy to use. Really efficient with gas and isn't noisy. Engine has problems and needs repairs. brakes wear down too much

- chris L

Dark Blue 2005 Ford Focus

The best feature of my Focus is that it has a large trunk. There is a lot of legroom in the front, but not so much in the back. Perfect for 1 or 2 people.

- Deanna F

That it is not very hard to drive.

I like how easy it is to turn. I like how small it is. I like that it does not feel as if I have to struggle to drive it. No I do not have any complaints.

- Elizabeth G

It is built to last and that is what is important.

I wish it was a little roomier. It's lasted a long time and been through a lot. It has weird little quirks but I think it's due to its age at this point.

- Jayne M

It's a trustworthy car I can trust it will drive.

Love that it is compact but spacious at the same time. It is sturdy feels safe. The trunk is huge it fits everything. Drives 4 people drive comfortably

- Laurie O

My ford focus 2005, is a great first car for anyone. Any teen would not feel any type of way but good while driving this car.

My car is very very smooth. It drives smooth and it comes with much horsepower. It's a gas saver and looks fly with the wing spoiler kit on the back.

- Alexander S

durable and last long. all cars should be like this

style is nice and it runs nicely for over 10 years. Very durabile. Coloring coming off and so there is rust forming close to driver side of the door

- l c

Its compact and good gas mileage.

Always starts, is very good in the snow & cold weather.. Has good get up. Decent mileage.. Just wish it would warm up better in the winter months...

- Kathleen B

Honesty of my focus by mw

It is a reliable vehicle and it's a little rusty but I can depend on it the transmission kinda slips but I have had it for 2 years no breakdowns yet

- Martin W

Good, but troublesome little problems.

It is great, but has little problems often. Such as the battery problems. Cheap fixes, but often enough where it is annoying, but no big problems.

- Piper G

That the manual transmission has saved me from many accidents in bad weather conditions.

I like that it is a manual transmission, I like that is small yet roomy for me. I also like that is always reliable and get s good gas mileage.

- Kathy H

It's dependable! My car always starts and has never left me stranded.

I like my vehicle quite a bit! I've never had any major issues with it. Dependability means alot to me. Also, the gas mileage is pretty good.

- Janis F

Don't judge it by its looks. It's an older car, but has held up very well.

It only had one owner before I bought it so it was in great condition. It runs very well for being 13 years old and having a lot of miles on it.

- Katie D

Has a bigger engine than the old escorts with more power.

Very good gas mileage and easy to drive. I like that it does not have all the electronic additions. It has 150K on it and still doing very well.

- Roy t

It's PAID FOR and is still a fun car to drive no matter where I go

I like the fact that it is an older model but doesn't act like an old car. It is still spunky and for the most part still is very fun to drive!

- Melody K

Pop of yellow. It looks like a little sports car.

Performance is good. Only problem is that it takes some time to catch speed when the ac is on. It's 3 on level of comfort. It's yellow in color

- Yemna A

It is a very reliable care. Very cheap in gas and all the repairs are cheap.

I love the look of this care. It is also a very comfortable car and also is very good on gas. I have had no problems with it since I bought it.

- Laura T

Ford Focus is a great vehicle!

I love my car! It is great on gas, I can go two in a half weeks without filling up my tank and I usually only put 20 dollars in it at one time

- Heather S

I think the most important thing you should know is how many miles it has.

I love how good it is on gas and its smaller size. I am not a huge fan of the horse power. Also I wouldn't mind if my vehicle had an aux cord.

- Alex V

It has longevity and it has been perfect for me since retirement.

It is old but still has low mileage as I do not travel long distances but it works great for getting around town. I just keep it maintained.

- Gaye E

How to look for a good car.

The vehicle Ford Focus is alright but too much work at times. It work really well but sometimes in the winter it takes a while to warm up

- Esther K

It feels like a safe car to me.

I like everything about the focus. Love the sunroof, the 4 doors are so convenient. Love the 6 disc CD player it is great for road trips!

- Susan M

The transmission is going out and needs to be replaced. Reg fluid change would only do more damage at this point

It's an overall good vehicle great gas mileage and motor. Though the transmission is going out and needs to b replaced first and foremost

- Tyler C

Don't let the small size fool you because it can run most others cars in Its class down!

My Ford Focus is probably one of the best vehicles I have ever owned. It is great on gas, has fast pick up and is comfortable to ride in.

- Cynthia U

My car has some minor issues that needs to be fixed. The tires need to be replaced. It needs a oil change.

I love how it is a 2005 car and it runs so good. I hate how my cruise control is broken. I also dislike how my check engine light is on.

- Keyan W

Tearron Nicole Kidman is the kids are and I dont and I don't and

I like it. It is fast and safe and reliable it is a really good family car we use it everyday to get around it is pretty too vroom vroom

- Tearron F

It is comfortable, reliable and affordable.

It works well and is reliable. I feel good when I drive it and comfortable fitting into it. I think it looks nice and it was affordable.

- Melinda H

If you perform routine maintenance this little car will last a very long time. I have 223k miles on it.

Excellent gas mileage. Great handling and good acceleration. Only thing I don't like is that it's so small. I feel vulnerable at times.

- Daniel L

Dependable vehicle. Easy to drive and park anywhere.

I like compact size. Good mileage. Have had some service work done, but vehicle has 130,000 miles. Would trust it to go on vacation

- Joyce L

It is a safe, reliable car.

The carpet is not fun anymore I would need to get it cleaned. That will be one of my dislikes. What I like about it is transportation.

- Leigh R

My car must be a lemon!!!

My car is old, has two dinks in the back from two separate hit and runs. The interior has water spots, and the engine does sometimes.

- Cali S

Sporty yet comfortable. Eco friendly great on gas!

I have no major complaints with the vehicle the add ins are just fine and I havent had any major mechanical issues since i've had it.

- Amber H

It is roomy and comfortable.

It is worn down but runs good. It gets me from point a to point b. I haven't really had any problems with it since I have gotten it.

- Nancy G

I rarely need it fixed other than usual maintenance

It's fast and compact, but has a lot of trunk space for its size. I've seen a lot of people "pimp them out". The stereo is awesome.

- Isaac M

It is nice little commuter car.

It has performed very well with the exception of the wheel bearings. I have had to replace them every 2 years. They start to whine.

- Diane B

It is a great gas saver and does not take a lot to fill it up.

I like how little my car is, it is very good on gas! It is a wonderful little family vehicle. I just wish it was a little bigger.

- Angela R

That it is a great little car that gets me where I need to go.

It gets good gas mileage. I like that it is small. I do not like that there is a lot of rattling and road noise inside the car.

- Beth H

It is reliable and should last many years to come.

I like my Ford focus because it has held up through the years. It's easy to maneuver, easy on the gas it is a nice looking car.

- Nancy P

That it is a bit overrated in comparison to other cars in it is class.

Our vehicle, even with its many issues has been very reliable. I dislike how every time we fix something, another thing breaks.

- Brooke S

Lots of space easy handling quiet and comfortable for everyone

This car is very Good car and very reliable. Comfortable seats in front and back with a nice large trunk. Plenty of room inside

- Rebecca B

I want a Black colored car.

No purpose to buy in to the newer vehicle program for performance etc. I want a Chevy SUV now with all the bells and whistles.

- Luevon R

Long lasting with no major problems.

I have never had any major problems with my car. It had been very reliable over the years. It is still running pretty good.

- Ronald H

My car is a good running vehicle and the beauty is on the inside

My ford focus is a gray car,it has brake problems,a few scratches,very good performance,It is very comfortable with my vehicle

- Gasia A

The most important thing to know about my car is that you can travel many miles without having to constantly stop for gas

I like the fact that it is one of the best cars on the road for gas mileage What I dislike most is that my car is very small

- Olanda K

It has lots of room for its size.

It's great on gas mileage. Has more than enough cargo space to fit out needs. Only complaint is the age and mileage on it.

- Anthony L

It's great on a long trip, I fill the gas tank and go pretty far with the car.

When I bought the Ford focus I got great gas mileage. I like the color of the car gray I very seldom see dirt on the car.

- Theresa K

2005 Ford focus-cute, compact and comfortable.

I really love how compact my car is. I have enough room in my hatchback and fits 4 comfortably. Also love the moon roof.

- Kelly F

It's lasted me all through high school and college

Very generic car, no power locks or windows Runs great, only had to change brakes and tires in the 6 years i've had it

- Joey S

That it is cute and runs well, and it's fuel efficient

Have never had any major problems with this vehicle. It's reliable, safe and gets great mileage, and has good pick up

- Elayne B

I feel very safe driving it and in it as a passenger.

What I like about my focus its easy driving, low mileage, runs great, what I dislike about the car it is getting old.

- Donna S

Good and reliable vehicle.

It is a reliable vehicle however things go wrong quick on it. When nothing needs to be done to it, it is a great car.

- Amanda N

it's really great on gas. very reliable

it's great on gas, comfortable, fully accessible and have never needed any major part change within the past 3 years.

- daniel m

It is very durable even past 225,000 miles.

I like, the size, the easy repairs, the longevity of it and it is good on gas. No complaints since I have owned it.

- David F

The car wastes less gas than others.

It runs great and hasn't given me any problems. I complain about the color of the car and the damage on the brakes.

- Junior B

Drives great runs great, best and only Ford vehicle I will own.

I like the small size. I like that it is red. I do not like that the shifting is on the console. It runs very well.

- Paula A

It is reliable and stores a lot of things in the hatchback area.

It get me where I need to go, no complaints. It gets good mileage and easy to drive. I have not had costly repairs.

- Mary J

The gas mileage is important to know.

I like that it has space. I like that it fits my height. I like that it goes fast. I hate the color. No complaints.

- Kimberly C

An amazing vehicle to get you where you need to go.

I love my focus. Super reliable, and great for a new couple car. It's not big or bulky, and has great gas mileage.

- Sarah S

Comfortable black Ford focus.

It operates just fine, just takes a lot of gas. It is very comfortable and has enough space in the car and trunk.

- Ariana H

I've driven for over 12 years

The transmission failed at 100k miles but other than that this has been a very solid inexpensive vehicle to own.

- Courtney T

It is ok, for the price but cheaply made.

Up to 100k miles it was great, but the Florida sun seems to be melting the glued parts and the tend to pop off.

- Rachel B

My car is reliable, great on gas and I love it.

My car is reliable. It is great on gas and very dependable. It is comfortable and gets us where we need to go.

- Marsha M

It gets Great gas mileage! Handles well on the highways.

It's an old clunker, but it gets me back and forth to work. It's fairly reliable. Has outstanding gas mileage.

- Jeff M

Ford Focus needs work on it

Fuel pressure sensor out need to change fuel pump and check engine light is on it has a lot of problems to fix

- Mark H

It isn't fancy or cost a lot but it gets me where I need to go all of the time

I like that it has a manual transmission and is easy to control in bad weather and I have no dislikes about it

- Kathy H

It takes me to point A to B.

It is okay just need a/c work otherwise everything is fine good works it is gray a Ford Focus an 05 thank u.

- Nicole H

Good value for the money.

Wagon has plenty of room easy to get in and out, ac needs to be stronger, hatchback does not open by itself.

- Stephen D

Dependable, comfortable, large trunk.

I have had no major problems with this car. It did need tires 3 times but I think I was sold some bad tires.

- Georgia Q

It is a good car for commuters.

It has been very reliable since I have owned it. It is an older car so it has needed lots of minor repairs.

- Beatrice P

I bought it new. It has been reliable. It has exceeded my expectations.

I love the compact size. I love that the only options were a cd player. I love that everything is manual.

- Bryan B

It is gold colored and admired for the ride, which is one of the reasons I bought it in the first place.

Like the ride. Do not like the fuel economy, Planning on trading on soon--do not know what will be next.

- Michael O

My car is very good on gas

I would rate my car a 6/10 on comfort and a 6/10 overall. It is a little older so it runs a little slow

- Kaylee L

It's a great little car, feels like a sports car in some ways.

I like the color - silver. I like the drivability. It's a little smaller than what my family needs now.

- D L

It's been a very reliable car.

It's been very reliable. I haven't had too many repairs at all. This replaced a Ford Escort, love it.

- Bonnie B

That I have a car and that its dependable.

Love the gas mileage but it on the small size. Needs to be bigger. Wish it had built in Wi-Fi and GPS.

- Melissa D

it's a good reliable car i have had no problems with it

it's been a good car with good gas mileage no problems with it at all has plenty of room and comfort

- lacy m