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Sporty look and works excellent as a utility vehicle.

My car is the 2 door hatchback model. The back seat will fold down to extend the carrying capacity. It's deceptively large and holds more than one would think. It has power windows, door locks and has the chip in the key which makes it difficult for someone to steal without the actual key. One thing I do not like about it is the dash and the lack of more thorough warning lights. The check engine light can come on for something simple like needing an oil change, to o2 sensors needing replaced. Without a reader it makes it difficult to narrow the problem. It also has a faulty fuel cap light. My cap had been left at a gas station and so the warning light came on. After replacing the cap the light will not reset. That simple light made the car fail at an emissions test! The car does ride well and is comfortable to sit in. My little car is a favorite of the grandkids and I hope to be able to continue driving it for years to come.

- Tracy C

The car is a four door with a spoiler in the back.

This car has been pretty reliable overall. The issues I've had so far are the alternator needing replacing twice, the plastic interior parts are cracking and breaking and a major electrical issue that is a nuisance. The electrical issue causes the console displays to freeze up and the stereo to stop working (not even displaying the time). I was having a problem with the battery being drained and realized that it was the electrical issue causing it and that the stereo was still drawing power when the car was turned off if it had frozen up and hadn't been shut off when the car was turned off. Now we just don't use the stereo anymore and it has solved the issue.

- Helen N

Great little car, comes with some quirks though.

The turn radius is amazing. It is probably one of my favorite things about the car. It is very reliable. So far I have only had a few little things wrong with it. No major engine trouble so far, either. The brakes have just started to squeak, but they only do it early mornings when it is cold so mechanics never believe me. The biggest issue is that the key sometimes gets stuck in the ignition. It is as if the car does not realize I am in park. Sometimes I have to back out and park again to kind of "reset" the car. That is it is only major quirk though.

- Elizabeth A

Long lasting and fantastic!

This car has been a champ since I got it! It is got wonderful mileage (for a car that is over 10 years old) and handles great. It came with a really nice stereo package and has been super reliable. The only issue is factory motor mounts, which do need to be replaced more often than they should be-but find a good aftermarket set and you are good to go! Acceleration is good and it is so cute! I have loved this car since day one and am dreading the day when I have to get a new one. I plan to keep it as long as possible.

- Ashley K

Great gas mileage, reliable, easy to work on for maintenance.

Super reliable. Starts even in very cold weather, no problems with engine except starting to get tired after 233000 miles. Standard transmission has been great also. Easy to replace headlight bulb and tail light bulb. Fuse box is only a little hard to get to. ( have to take CD holder out) no tools required for bulbs and only fuse puller for fuse box. Car still had quite a bit of power for a small car at 195, 000 miles. Undercoating a must, though, for cold climates. Rocker panels susceptible to rust.

- Wednesday G

Average performing vehicle.

My vehicle is an average car. It is fairly comfortable and all vehicle controls are in easy reach. The fan control sticks which makes it hard to turn to different positions. The air conditioner does not always cool the car down in very hot weather and does not cool the back seat area very well. The truck has adequate space to carry most items. I have 138000 miles so it is a reliable performer. however, recently the car loses speed while driving. My mechanic cannot figure out the problem.

- Barbara W

Small in size, not in comfort.

I purchased my 2006 Ford Focus used approximately 2 years ago. This vehicle has proven itself over and over again. The comfort is surprising. For it being a smaller car, the leg room provided in each seating location is Optimal. Also, the head room is sufficient as well. I have some larger/taller people in my family and comfort has not been an issue. Also, the trunk is spacious as well. When traveling on vacation we had enough space for everything. The gas mileage was pleasing as well.

- Elizabeth C

The Cadillac of sedans. Comfort at your fingertips.

I love Ford because of the maintenance. The discounted gas, the compactness of the car. The trunk is very big and roomy. I love the colors the cars come in and the designs. I also worked on cars and Ford cars are very easy to work on and the parts are easy to get. Good gas mileage. A full tank is about sixty dollars for the sedan. You can fit at least five people in the car with a full trunk. Love the ease of the car very easy to drive. I have never had a problem with fords.

- Cindy Y

Basic, reliable American-made vehicle.

The headrests are not comfortable for a short person. My husband is 6'2", and I am 5'1". He fits just find. There is not a great turning radius as compared to other small cars. It performs well on the highway and with inner city driving as well. It is pretty basic but does come with a sunroof. Pretty average vehicle at a reasonable price. It is easy enough to work on if you are mechanically inclined. Silver in color makes it not to hot in the Atlanta sun of summer.

- Debbie P

Aerodynamic design cannot go unmentioned. Easy handling makes Focus all time fav.

Ford definitely chose the appropriate name when designing the 2006 Ford Focus. were i'd like to go on an adventure, is all I have had to Focus. Comfort in such a small car is not an issue with this remarkably well designed automobile. Plenty of legroom as well as storage space are ideal for mini-vacation my fiance and I enjoy. Allow ample space for what we need, suitcases, shaving kits, make-up kits, etc. Also whatever souv we bring back, gas mileage and.

- Crystal R

2006 Ford Focus zx3 review.

It is doing pretty well! I bought it in 2014 and it has been holding up quite well. I haven't had any major issues with it. I drive it everyday. I used to have a job where I had to drive an hour to work there and back. I did that for about 6 months for 5 days a week. I also have taken 7 hour road trips in my car and it still drive well. The only problem I have been having is with the tire. I think it is a small like but that clearly is not a major issue.

- Crystal H

Overall it's a car, if it can take me to point a and b in one piece then I am okay.

My 2006 for Focus is an alright car. It has nice a/c for the long summer as well. Then the car also has seat warmers that I also like too. Because in the mornings when I get ready for work and go outside and it's freezing all I would do is start the car and press a button to warm my buns. But the only thing that sucks about my car is that the trunk is broken so u cant put anything important in their.

- Katie P

An all around all American car perfect for the working mom on the go.

I really love my ford focus! It gets amazing gas mileage which is important. I've had my car for 5 years now and haven't had to do much to it outside of general maintenance. Oil changes fluid checks tires etc. It doesn't have power windows or locks but it's a great car. Perfect for my family. Its 4 door and the back seat is pretty roomy. It's definitely a car I would recommend to anyone.

- Laura L

Project car for anyone looking for a little tlc.

The 2006 Ford Focus is a reliable car. Will get you to where you need to be. Problems I have had are, seal for the head gasket broke, tie rods needing to be replaced, the door handles have a tendency to break. I have also had a problem with the heat and a/c breaking down. Overall I would say it's a good started car for anyone looking for a car for their teen or themself really.

- Stephanie Z

Great car for a first vehicle!

It has 126k miles on it, 4 new tires, new alternator, new throttle position sensor, new spark plugs, new engine coils, new battery. Powerlock doors and windows, great gas mileage, cold a/c, great little car and room for extra belongings in back is great! I have had to put a little work into it but with the "love" you put into something is the "love" you are gonna get in return.

- Brittany M

2006 ford focus is an excellent vehicle to buy!

I have never had a problem with my car since I bought it in 2006. I have done general maintenance like oil changes, every 3000 miles. I put new tires, new battery but other than that no problems. I highly recommend a ford focus. It starts up on extremely cold days in winter and has never overheated in the summer weather. It drives very well and is excellent on gas mileage.

- Betty S

06 focus keeps going and going.

Has been a great car, almost 200,000 miles and haven't replaced as much as a spark plug engine wise. Have replaced tires and brakes a few times from normal wear and tear. The outside door handles eventually wear out. Other than that no complaints. Reliable and sporty, runs great. Would recommend to anyone looking for a nice car that does not kill you at the gas pump.

- Eric C

Reliable comfortable vehicle with few maintenance issues.

The vehicle is reliable. It is easy to get out and in the driver's seat. The backseat is a bit tight for adults. I can easily see cars with rear view and side mirrors. Pretty much regular maintenance. However at about 130, 000 it seemed to have some acceleration problems. Air conditioner does not always keep car cool in hot weather especially in the back seat.

- Barbara W

Powerful little car - great for passing but do not speed!

It has a lot of power. That is great when you are wanting to pass someone or get out of the way of a dangerous situation quickly but I accidently speed occasionally and have been pulled over twice. The policemen have let me go with a warning because I have explained that I am not used to this amount of power but I now use cruise control to stay out of trouble.

- Denise B

Do not buy hatchback unless you do not expect to have more than one passenger.

Seat is uncomfortable for long periods of time. Car has no room to haul very much cargo. Back seat is not really big enough for more than small children. After having to have my driver door handle replaced I learned that it is a common issue with the Focus. Another problematic feature is the a/c which tends to break down and only blow through the defrost.

- Mary C

Best first car! Ford Focus 2006.

I love my car! It is a 2006 so it is not super nice. You can hear road noise, it is very dependable. One downfall is that there is not any interior lights for the back seat so putting my kids in the car at night is hard. No problems yet! I have 104 miles on it and it is still running great! Around 260 miles per gallon. I believe it is a 13 gallon tank.

- Lauren L

Review of Ford Focus 2006.

I do not know much about cars but this car is over 10 years old and has always worked and is simple and easy to maintain. It is quite loud but that might be because it is so old, the seats are comfortable and the cooler is nice. Sometimes the brake sticks but then again that might be because it is a 2006 model. Overall I am very happy with the car!

- Sarah S

It is a very fun car to drive! And very easy to operate.

My cherry red Ford Focus is a lot of fun to drive! Very quick to respond and very cute inside and out. I have a great stereo system that was included in the price. I bought it pre-owned but the previous owners took great care of her. I just absolutely love my car with the power windows and power locks too. If feels like a really safe car too.

- Edna D

This car is safe and dependable even having mileage is over 100,000.

I like the fact that it's a four-door, with bucket front seats but I dislike the fact that there is not much legroom in the back. The back seat belt does not work well for rear facing car seat you have to buy an extender to be able to use it. I also would like it better if it had a sunroof but that was not an option for this model.

- Kelli C

280, 000 miles and still going strong!

It has over 280, 000 miles and is still going strong! It has a problem with the air conditioning unit. You cannot turn the dials to the extremes or else they will not turn back. Also, the tires, even after being replaced, keep losing air easily. I cannot complain though because after the mileage it has, it is still running somehow.

- Abby P

Handles great around corners and turns.

Has 158000 miles on it runs great. Gets 400 mile to a tank. 25 bucks fills it up. Gets up and goes. I call it my go cart. Has power locks and power windows. My kids love riding in it. I love driving it. My girlfriend loves driving it as well. Gets me from point A to B cheaply and quickly. Handles great around corners and turns.

- Patrick L

Ford Focus great little car.

I haven't had it long but so far it's a great reliable little car. It's really good on gas and there us a lot of storage room. I enjoy driving it and I love the unique color free it came in. We bought the car used and it has over 200, 000 miles on it and it still drives great and there has not been anything major wrong with it.

- Jennifer R

Reliable car with excellent gas mileage.

The Focus gets excellent gas mileage! Although it is a compact car it comfortably fits four to five people and is great for driving in the city. My Focus has over 250, 000 miles on it but still runs smoothly and is just as reliable as ever. My family loved the Focus so much that we actually bought another soon afterward.

- Sam B

Ford Focus is a pleasant surprise to life long Mopar man!

This is my first Ford Vehicle and I have to say I'm pretty impressed with it! The ride, power and handling. The interior has some nice features as well that include a height adjustment for the seat and steering wheel controls for the radio. The one thing I don't like is there is no external release for the rear hatch.

- Keldon C

Nothing fancy and not worth. Gets me to point a and b.

It is old, it needs a lot of work, it is loud and makes a lot of noise. Just got new tires and keeps up with the oils changes and rides smooth. Just very loud and annoying. Second gear grinds and everyone likes to look at me when I am driving and I do not like it because my car is loud. Could be the muffler. Who knows.

- Kelly L

It is better than my old one.

Takes forever to pump gas. The exhaust is super loud. Have to get new brakes because they're sticking and stink. My air is absolutely awful. I had to fix my air awhile ago and I already have to fix it again. The knobs to change where my air comes out, and my hot and cold knob stick so it takes forever to switch them.

- Megan P

Going strong for an old car.

It's great overall. It's a bit small for me and I can not stand how it drives in snow. Its fuel efficient and fun to take on weekend road trips. It fits more things in it than you would think. When I have my Bluetooth adapter in the sound is awful with the stock radio. But, its 12 years old and drives like a champ.

- Linda R

I love my ford focus. Smart and reliable.

It is very reliable, great on gas, plenty of trunk space as I can put the hatchback down and get more space. Two doors, would have liked 4 doors but it is a safe car. I bought the car brand new and have very little problems with replacing parts, keep oil changes up to date, tire rotation, etc. I love this car.

- Carene D

2006 Ford Focus, daily driver.

The Focus is a fuel efficient car that will get you from point A to point B. It is only a 4-cylinder so there is not a lot of power going up hills or when you have the air conditioning on. It would be a good starter car for someone who needs to get to work or school but does not have a lot of cash to spend.

- Deb H

Good on gas and takes up to 20 dollars for a fill-up.

I have hardly had problems tires are good, only been in the shop at least once or twice, not much, good on gas. I have had it up to 5 years. I only do oil changes as needed, every 3 months, or the gas mileage, whichever is closer. . My wiper blades, lights, battery, and other miscellaneous, get checked.

- Karen G

Good little car. Surprisingly reliable for a basic model.

It has a sturdy engine and transmission. It is not high performance, but good, solid transportation. The headlight bulbs have had to be change twice in the last year, and one rear directional bulb. ( They are super easy to change, though) the windshield cracked and wiper motor blew due to an icy rain.

- Wednesday B

My car has a lot of problems on the outside. On the inside is very comfy.

My vehicles has tires problems, the motor does not start well, the performance is pretty good even if the problems, the reliability is perfect, so is the comfort, is definitely the most comfort car I have ever had, my Ford focus is grey, had nice different tires, nice letter interior and very comfy.

- Paula S

Great gas mileage and an A to B commuting car.

Gets great gas mileage it gets about 400 miles to the tank. About 30buck to fill it up. Accelerates nicely and handles corners good. Great A to B car. I wouldn't drive it in deep snow that the only downfall I can think of the car at the moment. It would be a great investment to buy a Ford Focus.

- Patrick E

Ford Focus: an economical and efficient car.

It is a reliable car with good gas mileage. For commuting to the city with tight parking it is the right compact size and ideal. It is pretty basic and economical for people who do not want to fuss with fancy car functions and features. Overall, I like the Ford Focus and it is easy to drive.

- Justin H

For as much as I drive I love the gas mileage.

It is really good on gas mileage. It is only two doors but the seats push up pretty far so easy to get in back. I did have problems with alternator a few times but it was previously owned before me. It is fine now. The trunk is pretty spacious. All in all I am pretty happy with my ford focus.

- Julie K

Amazing Ford Focus car owner.

Driver door does not open from the outside. Often the key fob will make the noise but he doors will remain locked and the key wont work to open the door. I love the heated seat feature, sunroof and spacious trunk. The leather seats are easy to keep clean. The best think is the gas mileage.

- Katie J

Ford Focus sucks but it works.

It gets me from point A to point B. It makes some weird noises. But it runs and it is decent on gas. It needs an alignment and an oil change and paint job and a new stereo and I think I just need a new car. But it is comfortable to a point. It further have any features to speak of either.

- Mat G

It is reliable and has kept me safe for many years.

It is getting old and rusty but it still runs great! It has 175K miles on it and I have never had issues with the engine/transmission. I love its reliability, gas mileage, and hatch. I wouldn't mind if it was a little less noisy on the road and a more comfortable ride for long distances.

- Trevor B

Nice little vehicle that gets the job done.

It is actually very reliable but the interior is cheaply made. It is been wrecked a few times and still keeps going. It does shake a lot though and I am not too keen on the body style but it does get me where I need to go. The new ones are probably better than the older version I have.

- Jessie B

A girl drives and women are usually considered to be crazy drivers.

It is a silver 2006 Ford Focus. It has been maintained, never in an accident, and also has some rust. My car gets me from point A to B and it is actually pretty fuel efficient. It has been kept clean and the interior of the car is black, and the seats are gray. . The vents are broken.

- Jess S

Charging my phone while my car is turned off.

New car for me. So far I like it. Its older so it could possibly have some problems in the future. I bought as is. But it is a good size car I wish the gas mileage was a little better. The inside is pretty big for hauling kids around. It rides nicely and I am going to take care of it.

- Jessica D

Two adults ride just fine. Back seat is small. Gets good gas mileage.

My 2006 Ford Focus is a very reliable car, it currently has 77, 000 miles on it. My problems are it does not have automatic locks not windows. I have to roll up the windows with a hand crank. It is difficult to unlock the doors. The car is not heavy enough to put a much needs car.

- Bonnie H

Fun, family friendly ford focus.

I really like my car. It is very reliable and comfortable to drive. It has plenty of space and storage. It is getting older at this point and I would enjoy a few of the newer bells and whistles cars come with these days. My car is quite loud but that is really it is worst quality.

- Naomi M

Be aware of the first few years.

When I first purchased my car it gave me some trouble but fortunately most of it was within the warranty period. I still have problems with it now and it is a quite loud car to drive. The car is twelve years old so I am glad it has taken me this far. The tires do wear out quickly.

- Michael C

Its an ok vehicle, its reliable.

Hood bent, door frame ripped, reliable transportations, drive smooth, paint scratched, have ac, mirror broke, its a 2 seater, small back seat, automatic unlock button, looks turquoise but paperwork says its green, brand new motor, I think breaks burned out, one tired rim is gone.

- Dj B

Not a bad second hand car

While it isn't the vehicle I would have chosen myself, it's a pretty good car. Mileage isn't bad. It's roomy inside. The doors are tough to open; there is some rust on the outside as well. There have been some major repairs, but nothing too unexpected for the age of the car.

- Tania M

A family Ford Focus wagon.

It needs new tires on the front and back, the window lock is broke, the air does not work, the car shakes really bad if you get passed the speed of 65, the door handle on the passenger side front and back need fixed. That and it will need a tune. And possibly a new head gasket.

- Amanda F

Great car and great on gas. No issues so far.

Cars is amazing. Really good on gas. No issues so far with it. Probably the best car I have ever owned. Would really recommended to other people looking to buy a used or new vehicle. Had the car for about 3 to 4 years and the only issue was a blown fuse. Easy fix and cheap.

- Cele G

Old but still sporty and modern looking!

My car is 2006 but it still runs great, I have 113, 000 miles. Have not had many problems. Just minor things that need to be fixed on cars, like breaks, etc. It is also cute, very stylish. It also gets pretty good gas mileage, about 25 miles to the gallon, for an older car.

- Christine L

My car the old Ford Focus which runs good.

It is good. It is slower because it is old but it runs good and it is great on gas. It does not run out of gas a lot and it does not need a lot of oil changes. It is barely at dealership and it is good on gas. It is never in repair or needs brakes or tires it is good.

- Anita B

2006 Ford Focus review. Purchased used. What a great decision!

I have had no major problems with this car. It is very reliable. I do regular maintenance such as oil changes. It is very reliable and the perfect size for me. I highly recommend this vehicle. My sister has a Ford Focus and liked it so much she recommended it to me.

- Julie T

Nice little car. Great on gas.

Really like my Focus. Great on gas and have had only minimal repair costs. Have to take is slow on snow roads as it is not a big heavy car but it is as one would expect. All in all a really nice ride. Comfortable for me and passengers seem to have enough room also.

- Kacey C

I have only had to repair 3 parts on my vehicle during the 9 years I have owned it.

My 2006 ford focus has been the best, most reliable vehicle I have owned thus far over the ten years that I have been a licensed driver. I have not had to replace many parts and it still drives smooth. The interior is comfortable and easy to maintain cleanliness.

- Victoria C

Best little car for the money!

My Focus is small but dependable. Gets great gas mileage. I have had problems with the front end rattling but all in all its been a good little car. It is front wheel drive so it is good in the snow. I have never gotten her stuck. I'd definitely but another one.

- Micah W

Cherry red firecracker lol.

It has been great. The alternators going out now but nothing else is wrong. Bought it used. I have never had a problem with it. Runs great and been out of state numerous times. It drives smooth it is fast it is reliable and it is really sharp and clean looking.

- Billie M

Great option for a first car.

My stabilizer links needed to be replaced a lot. Also my back tires wore very badly especially the back passenger side. It is a very reliable car though. It is good on gas even with the little gas tank. Wish it had a little bit bigger steering wheel. Recommend.

- Alexis T

It is nice. I hate character limits.

It breaks down a lot and has to be fixed. It is expensive and it is annoying to constantly have in and out of the shop. I wish I had a nicer car but I cannot afford it so I am stuck with this for now. I hate that there’s a character limit on this I wanna die.

- Johanna B

It's a wonderful car for being as reasonably priced as it is.

I love how small and compact my car is, without running the risk of being so small it would be totaled in an accident. I love how easy it is to drive. I love how easy it is to see everything, being short myself. However, I don't like how loud and creaky it is.

- Kate S

Used Ford Focus recommendation.

Extremely reliable. Very comfortable. So far only routine maintenance. Back seat is little hard for a senior to get in and out of. Otherwise I would highly recommend this car without hesitation. Mileage is good. Another Focus owner recommended this car to me.

- Julie A

It can get you from point A to point B.

I like that my car has plenty of space and the front windshield is huge. I like how big the trunk is and it comes with a top to hide what's in the trunk if people walk by. I do not like that it is only a two door and that it does not have cruise control.

- Allison K

It works. Despite its age and some shop visits, it works fairly well still.

I like the reliability of it. I have had it for over a decade now. I dislike the spoiler on the back, always have, obstructs the view. The wine red color has always attracted me. Fact is, it's old and I do wonder how much longer it'll keep going.

- J G

Overall it rides well. It is dependable. I like that it is a small car but not too small.

Overall the vehicle is a good car. I had another focus before this. I had a better experience with the other focus because it was in better condition. The focus I have now rides fine, but it had a lot of problems from the day I got it.

- Stacey H

The car is basic so cheap repairs is a plus.

I am a big music fan so music is important to me. The sound system on this vehicle is mediocre. Another issue is the cup holders, they are built with a lit in the middle of it. This result in our cup fallen from the slightest of movements.

- Richard R

Good on gas and holds kids always is a plus in my household.

Even though its older, it really us easy to maintain and keep up. Parts are easily replaceable and easy to fix yourself in some cases. It's a good sized room inside but small enough to park pretty much anywhere. Great on gas too.

- Bethany A

All around great compact car.

My Ford focus is a 2 door, hatchback and is very roomy. It is also very sturdy handling and fast. The only negative point is when the seat needs to be raised it is a manual handle below the seat that turns and it is awkward.

- Gertrude L

It runs great even years later, but breakdowns happen.

The air conditioning broke, the dial will not turn off of vent. Brake pads are pretty worn down because the previous owner never replaced them; she also let it sit for long periods of time, so the rotors are rusted through.

- Natasha C

This car makes a great family car and fits almost all car seats as far as I can tell.

My only complaint with my car is that the dashboard does not properly light up any more. Aside from that inconvenience, my car runs well. I get decent gas mileage, and I feel comfortable driving my family around in it.

- Kelly C

It is reliable and good on gas, but you never realize how useful automatic windows are until you don't have them.

I love the gas mileage. I love that it is reliable and has lasted a long time. I don't really like that it is older so there is no Bluetooth or aux port (I had to buy an adapter) and the windows have a hand crank.

- Jackie P

My Ford Focus is a very nice car, I'd tell anyone to get one.

I really enjoy how smooth my ford drives. It gets great gas mileage and is just a fun car to drive around. It's kind of small though so that is the only issue I have with it. Other than the size it's a great car.

- Noah W

The Ford Focus is a great reliable car

Honestly it's a pretty great car, have had nothing wrong with it in general, although the door no longer can unlock from the outside due to someone trying to break into it, but other then that no real problems

- Jarod B

If you keep your car repaired it will always do you right. Under the hood is the MOST important part. I've kept mine repaired and she runs like a charm.

I love my little car. It has 240,000+ miles on it and still runs like a charm with minimal repairs. I wish there was a little more space in it, but I make do with what I have. There's tons of trunk space!

- Tessa C

That it's a solid vehicle and has always been reliable to drive

I like that it maneuvers well and gets me where I need to go and is reliable. I would like a nicer sound system, plus it's just getting older. I feel like I'll need to replace it in a couple of years

- Tanya W

That it's a good and reliable car for a while, but once it hits the 165,000 mileage rate it's going to start going downhill from there. You'll need an oil change every month, maybe even sooner as well as the tire pressure is very delicate at this point.

I like that it can get me to places that I need to be. But that's it. I don't like the interior layout, lack of cup holders, lack of back seat space and the fact that it has to be highly maintenance.

- Austin A

It is very noisy, the windows do not keep out the road and traffic noise.

I like the gas mileage I get. I do not like the noise of the car, even with the windows up you can hear road noise. It has not held up well over the years, even with maintenance the paint has peeled

- Elizabeth G

It's a great car for people who just need something to get them from point A to point B. It has a simple design, and is nothing fancy or luxurious, but it's reliable and easy to use.

I really like the size of the focus as well as how easy it is to drive. The car runs well and is reliable. The only issue is that I am having problems with my brakes, so I need to get them changed.

- Kayla S

2006 Ford focus vehicle review.

My car occasionally has trouble starting. It is Very comfortable, and it drives very well. I drive it more than I probably should so it needs a lot of maintenance, such as oil changes very often.

- Blake D

It is a decent budget vehicle.

Gets good mileage and has aged okay even after over 250k miles. Has plenty of space inside and in the trunk. Has recurring electrical issues, though, and the cupholders are laughably inadequate.

- Sarah G

It gets surprisingly good gas mileage for It's age - usually 30ish mpg.

It's been a good vehicle, but it's getting older and repairs are getting more expensive. Still drives fine, but it's noisy, the AC doesn't work, and there's always some new issue cropping up.

- Cathy L

Small car with lots of space

It's a nice small vehicle with plenty of room. I love the hatchback trunk. Fits child safety seats great. Moonroof is amazing. I like that I can lay the back seats down for more trunk space.

- Michele Q

It holds more than it looks.

I love how small it is: it is easy to drive on small streets around where I live. I love it because it is my first car, and I have had it for over ten years. I do not have any complaints.

- Sarah L

My 2006 ford focus zx4 is very dependable.

I have no complaints. My car has been very dependable and easy on gas. I like it very much. My ford focus zx4 is a wonderful car. I still have air conditioning and it runs like a champ.

- Cheryl A

The rear deck lock has failed. Not sure if this is common for these vehicles however it is annoying.

The car has over 100k miles and is in need of some repairs. Due to Its age, the repairs are more than what the car is worth. However, the car is fairly dependable and I cannot complain.

- Jim m

The a/c is great and cools down the car quickly.

It is dependable and needs very little maintenance. I've taken many long trips with it and have never run into any major problems. I would, however, like to have a bit roomier vehicle.

- Rebecca K

The car has great gas mileage!

The car has a lot of problems, the door handle on the right hand passenger side door has broke, the radio cover is coming off, the drive shift shifter button to reverse has broke, etc.

- Carrie L

It still runs good without high repair costs!

I can afford a new car, but love that this one won't die! I like to fuel efficiency for the year of the car. I don't like some feature quit working, i.e. drivers window won't go down.

- linda p

This Ford focus gets 30 mpg. It is really dependable.

I have not had any major problems with this car. I have owned it for three years and had to replace only the alternator. It gets about 30 miles per gallon. It is driven almost daily.

- Roy B

Its reliability and how it can handle the roads.

I love how easy it is to switch gears. The radio does get the god stations, especially on road trips. Gas mileage is amazing!! I do not like how small it is, it gets crowded easily.

- Kimberly M

Nice looking car I like to color good finish easy to clean good on gas.

The check engine light did come on and it was fixed just this year. It is good on gas easy to drive and park has a good pick up. I enjoy driving and it is a very comfortable ride.

- Carol K

My car is awesome! Its a ford focus stick shift

It is a stick shift and I love that about it. It is very reliable. it can be comfortable but not for really long drives. Sometimes it has to crank a few times before starting.

- Rhiannon P

Just right car for older person.

I have had my car for 11 years. I love it. It is just right for me. It is a simple 4 door. Only work done on it besides tires and battery was an alternator about a year ago.

- Phyllis L

My vehicle has over 240,000 miles on it

My 2006 Ford Focus is a well-running car that is outlasting all my expectations. Since it is an old car the coolant leaks a lot and the power steering fails often.

- Justin K

It is a supercar. It does have a lot of miles on it.

I love my Ford. It runs great and gets good gas mileage. It is a sedan and I like that style. I have no complaints regarding my car. It has been a great car.

- Cheryl N

Replacement parts are expensive and gas mileage is mediocre.

The gas mileage is nowhere near what was advertised. It has had several small sensors go bad that are hard to get to and the replacement parts seem overpriced.

- Holly T

2006 Ford Focus, a great and reliable car.

This vehicle is great, it's good on gas and it's steady. My car is reliable, and smooth when driving. I'm comfortable driving my niece and nephew around in it.

- Paige I

My car is American made, reliable and has good gas mileage.

I like the good gas mileage and the features. The features include heated seats and a sunroof. I like how it's easy to accelerate. I don't have any complaints.

- Lucy A

The headlights aren't automatic which is kind of weird for the year of the car.

My car gets pretty good gas mileage and the battery runs good. One issue is the seats aren't that comfortable and the interior doesn't stay nice for very long.

- Ally H

The most important thing to know about my car is that it is very reliable.

I like that my car is red. I like that it is great on gas mileage still as a older car. I dislike that it has some damage. I have no complaints about my car.

- Allison W

It's dependable and is eco-friendly. Doesn't waste too much gas.

I like that it's easy to repair after all these years doesn't give me problems at all, takes me from point A to point B, and I can depend on it for anything.

- Alejandra M

Focus good everyday car for town.

Good small car great gas mileage if you want all the bells and whistles this is not it, for the price of upgrades it would be better it get different brand.

- Lynda P

Still running with 125,000 miles on it.

My Ford Focus is a 2006 and has 125,000 miles on it. It still runs well and gets about 25 mpg. I have always had the cr services that a Ford Dealership.

- Gina H

It is great and everyone will love it just as much as I do.

My car runs great It's awesome and I really love it. I don't need any help with it. I Its a two door car and it is great. It gets me to and from work.

- Rochelle S

My focus hasn't given me any major problems in all the time I've had it.

My car has been dependable in all the years I've had it. It drives well, and I feel comfortable behind the wheel. I'd buy a newer model if possible.

- Meg E

Ford is a very good car and lasts a long time.

Ford is a good running car. Dislike periodically replacing something like the alternator or the gas pump. But it is very comfortable while driving.

- Celia D

There is no new technology, Bluetooth, video, etc. Plain just the way I like it.

Although it looks small, my husband 6'5 can fit quite well behind the wheel. It handles very tight and is a smooth ride. Great gas mileage, 17 mpg,

- Gertrude L

At 140,000 miles and 12 years of age, this vehicle has been incredibly reliable.

It's old but still reliable. Its gas mileage is decent (mid 20's mpg) but could be better for a small car. Best of all, it was paid for years ago!

- Susan E

It gets great mileage and the parts are super cheap and easy to install.

I love this car, it is great on gas and it exactly what my family. It does need front stabilizer links but it doesn't effect the drive quality.

- Craig B

Moonroof super reliable Ford focus that has been all over the country.

Super reliable, station wagon so it can fit quite a bit if moving. Have it regularly maintenance, was given to me by my grandmother in 2013.

- Kelly S

It still runs with over 180,000 miles.nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

It's reliable and gets me from a to b. It's old and needs a lot of repairs and the ac never worked so I have the windows down in the summer.

- Eva G

It has had NO recalls at all for anything. After 2006 there have been recalls galore.

This vehicle is the best car I have ever owned. I have had very little problems with it. Each of the repairs I have had to make were minor.


It's very economical for the cost.

Gets good gas mileage. Is sporty. Has plenty of room for cargo and people. Runs well. The trunk could be a bit larger for more cargo using.

- Kelly R

2006 Ford focus very reliable.

I bought my car at 73, 000 miles used. I am now at almost 123, 000. My car has been extremely reliable and has never caused me any worries.

- Shannon D

My car gets decent gas mileage.

I'm not much of a car person. I like that my car gets me where I need to go. I like that I only need to fill up on gas about once a week.

- Heather G

That it gets great gas mileage in the city and on the highway.

I've had my car for several years. It's great on gas. Reliable and dependable with little maintenance other than routine things.

- Joane K

It runs well, and is effective. I enjoy this car.

No complaints, it runs well. It makes a weird noise sometimes. I had to replace the radio. Other than that i have no complaints.

- Georgia F

Others should know that it is easy to drive.

I like the small size and the easiness of driving it. I dislike the gas mileage and the time it takes to heat up in the winter.

- Kaitlyn K

We own it outright but it does not have power windows.

Good gas mileage. Inexpensive. Dependable. Wish we would have sprung for more amenities, like cruise control and power windows.

- Sarah R

It is great on gas and I love to take it on the highway.

I like that it is great on gas. I. Dislike that it is only two doors. I like the fact that I have yet to get stuck in the snow.

- Ford M

It is reliable if you change the oil regularly and keep up the maintenance.

It is good on gas. It has a nice interior and drives smooth. The maintenance and upkeep is not that bad. It was affordable.

- Jan T

Great for small family...

I need more seating. And it does not let my husband sit comfortably. I love the trunk space but the trunk release is broken.

- Alyssa A

I have owned this car for 12 years it has never let me down.

Great little car. Inexpensive to maintain. Good gas mileage. Great trunk space for hauling. Back seat folds down very roomy.

- Joanne N

It is a stick shift and it is great on gas.

Need some updates. Such as new handles, battery. It also needs a tune-up. It is very good on gas and that is why I love it.

- Angie D

That is in probably going to buy the same car again if all goes well.

A very nice color, body style and overall comfortable to drive. Easy on gas mileage. Nice interior and comfortable seats.

- Helen W

This car is an extreme gas saver and low maintenance.

I like that it saves gas. Insurance is very affordable for this car. I don't like that it does shake a lot when on brake.

- Karen N

It is dependable and will get you where you need to get.

I like that it still runs well, but it isn't quite as modern in terms of features as some of the vehicles my friends own.

- Michael H

Minivans are great for car seats and kids.

It has great mileage - had to have the passenger door lock replaced (an expensive fix). Would buy a 4 door in the future.

- Jen G

You never know what kind of people drove the car you are going to buy.

Gas mileage is good but car is very old. It is getting rusty. The engine seem weaker. There are few issues with the car.

- Thomas H

It's very reliable, no issues.

It's roomy, and fuel efficient. It's also fairly loud on highway travels. No power windows/locks, or on-board computer.

- Jeff B

That it has no problems and drives great.

I love the brand. I hate that it is kind of high for tune ups. It is great on gas. It has plenty of room for my family.

- Elisabeth A

It is reliable and sturdy. It is a worry free vehicle and is comfortable and fuel efficient.

It has more room than you would think and it gets good gas mileage. It is comfortable and have had only a few repairs.

- Carter K

It is very reliable and has required minimal repairs.

My Focus has been a very reliable car for 12 years. It gets quite good gas mileage and is very peppy and easy to drive.

- Vicki S

The car is nice to drive. It is easy on gas.

I like everything about the car. I like that it is compact and easy on gas. I do not like that the tranny is slipping.

- Wayne G

The most important thing is it is fairly safe. I have driver and passenger airbags.

I like the hatchback, because I can fit larger items in it by laying down the back seats. My only dislike is my radio.

- Rose L

The heated seats go on and off at their own choosing. The check engine light also tends to come on if the gas cap isn't just perfect.

It's silver, has heated seats and gets great gas mileage. Fairly inexpensive and very few miles. I'm happy with it.

- Tina D

My car in general gets me too where need to go and what need it for.

I love my car . My needs money invested over time in order to keep a nice clean running car. Oil changes are a plus.

- Robert R

Good on gas mileage and very reliable and strong car.

I love how comfortable my car is. I have never had any complaints about space. The gas mileage is also pretty good.

- Alyssa T

It's still going! 12 years old 187,000+ miles

Motor mounts loose, power steering pump went out. 12 years old and those are the only things wrong. 187,000+ miles

- Misty B

Don't buy this if you want to really use the back seat for passengers.

It feels like an old lady car. Not much get up and go. Too small on the inside rear seats. Not enough leg room

- laura i

It catches speed quick, so there's no need to exaggeratedly accelerate.

I love the amount of space. The car and trunk are roomy, but my ac has never worked. Also, the engine's too loud.

- Dulce E

Reliable and economical starter car for a teenager

It feels like I'm driving a boat on most days. It is reliable though and has a roomy interior. Great visibility.

- Ajay D

its breaking down, not sure how much longer it has

the motor mounts had to be replaced sooner than expected, plastic engine parts that Id prefer were made of metal

- Ashley k

In the event something does go wrong, parts are rather cheap and most mechanics know how to work on them.

My car gets great gas mileage. It has been sturdy and reliable and gets me from A to B. I trust the Ford brand.

- Kimber O

it's economical, efficient, easy to use and was a good value for the money. I enjoy driving it very much

it's reliable, easy to use, comfortable, and has worked for a long time. It's cost effective, save money on gas

- Jus H

It is great on gas and handles well in the city. On interstate it hits the road and holds it true and meets my needs

I love the zip of it and the gas mileage. It is small and economic while big enough to transport my grand kids.

- Jackie R

It sucks and I absolutely hate it.

Always messes up. Constantly in the shop. Does not get good gas mileage anymore. I just really dislike my car.

- Nicole P

Overall great car! I do not care what others think about my car!.

I like the size. I like the color. But I hate it when it is not running. Then I have to ride in the other car.

- Sandra B

It handles well when driving. Fuel consumption is very good. The engine has the power needed which helps to prevent accidents.

It has motor mount issues. I am told that the invite is powerful in ''this car and contributes to the problem.

- Jerry C

It is very reliable and safe.

My car is very reliable and dependable. There is nothing that is really special about it, but it is reliable.

- Miranda D

My car is an "in-between car". I'll be getting a new one soon.

I guess Focus' are ok but mine is rebuilt and I do not like it. The new ones look very nice though for sure.

- Jessie B

Dependable, reliable, good gas mileage

very nice car, reliable, roomy, good gas mileage, dependable, fun to drive, durable, economical, good price

- Judi S

It is old but still works and is doing well.

I like how it is small and can fit into small places. For one person and small dog it is the perfect size.

- Erika S

I love the big trunk! It runs great and helps me save on gas most of the time!

Very reliable used car! Great purchase! Has required a few repairs but is very fuel efficient! Great car!

- Ashlee T

Hatchback car and it drives smoothly.

Comfort and looks. Currently needs more room and needs to be more comfortable. Looks need to be improved.

- Samantha M

My my focus is overall an excellent car for the city

My focus eats tires. other than that it to excellent car that gets great gas mileage and easy to drive

- Sean S

Great vehicle, good gas mileage, plenty of room, comfortable, great radio.

No problems, great gas mileage. It is very comfortable for my wife and i. We travel in it quite a bit.

- Debbie L

How I love my Ford Focus. Great gas mileage, roomy interior and good ride.

This is a good driving car. I have 150, 000 on it and it runs like a champ. Great on gas mileage too!

- Cheryl F

Bought and paid for. There are no issues with my car. I love my car.

Love it. Rides and drives good. Excellent radio. Perfect size trunk for groceries or going shopping.

- Patty C

Fuel efficiency is the greatest aspect of my car so far

It is a base model. That means no power windows. Or locks. Or cruise control. But I love it.

- Rebecca d

It's good on gas when I want to go on a long trip. It's comfortable. Maybe needs to be just a little bigger/taller more head room.

It's a great overall car that gets me where I want/need to go without cost a fortune in gas.

- Karina S

Very economical. Low cost on fuel and maintenance.

Very good on fuel. Comfortable ride,lots of room and trunk space. Seems to be very reliable.

- Jim Y


I love It's gas economy. Very strong and dependable little car. I love everything about it.

- Mario L

This Car is well constructed & intelligently designed.

My car has performed well for over 10 years. It is economical, fun to drive, & practical.

- Richard B

It's reliable and safe while still being fun to drive.

I like that it is compact without feeling overly small. I also like the gas mileage.


Although it is an older model, this vehicle still looks new and great!

Very zippy vehicle with great features. No complaints with life cycle of vehicle.

- Nicole P

With the gas prices today it last me week It's a gas saver car

small and convenient for me also is a gas saver on the highway my car is my baby

- andrea w

Haven't had many issues with it in the 12 years that i have owned it,

It's compact. It's great on gas mileage. It's old and It's starting to rust.

- Beth G

It gets great gas mileage.

It is dependable. It gets great gas mileage I just wish it was a newer year.

- Debra M

Smooth riding, great A/C and electronic features. no complaints

great gas mileage and eco friendly. would recommend not get a dark color

- Kylie s

It will get you from point a to b. It has no ac.it needs an alignment

Has no air conditioning. Is good on gas. Has been in 2 accidents

- Jen M

Best car I've ever owned. 200 thousand miles.and not a single probleme. Just put new tires on it. Still going strong.

It gets Me to where I have to go Not afraid to.take it anywhere

- Howard L

the thermostat has problems. The temp gauge goes all the way to hot then back again

It's been a good car for the most part. It's very loud though

- Aaron r

It's good on gas and easy to maintain. It has high miles on it now . Great car.

Like that it's good on gas. Dislike the high miles on it now.

- Robert Y

The Focus is a Reliable car with great gas mileage.

It runs great - I wish I had bought a 4 door rather than two.

- Jenny G

Great gas mileage roomy air conditioner

Color comfort mileage modern looking roomy

- Tim M

Happy customer with the ford focus.

- Matt S