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'07 Ford Focus Travel's Best friend

It doesn't get very good gas mileage, but is reliable and does get awesome mileage on highway/interstate trips. Comfortable seats that adjust easily for height and/or extra legroom to accommodate just about everyone. It comes equipped with cruise control, power steering, climate control, automatic doors with keyless entry (keychain controller), airbags, electric windows and side mirrors, all of which are easily and conveniently accessible to the driver at any time. The stereo and stock speakers are definitely a bonus to any music lover. It's trunk is unbelievable huge and ideal for adventure seekers with plenty of room for all your gear. The only downside is unless your traveling companions are children, not teens, or of the 4 legged variety, there isn't much legroom in the back. In addition the taillights are a bit of a pain to change, but if you enjoy exploring, weekend trips, or travel this car is definitely worth it.

- Marie M

The 2007 Focus is a great starting out car.

As a college student, I really love my Ford Focus. It is not super nice but it gets me where I need to go and it is a good starter vehicle. It gets pretty decent gas mileage which is extremely important to me during my college years. It is not overall large, but it is not too small either. It fits me and some of my friends comfortably. The trunk space is quite large which came is handy when I was moving into my dorm. Some things I am not to fond about are the stereo and cruise. There is no cruise control at all, which I can live without but it would be nice when I have long drives. I am a college kid and like most college kids we like to play our music loud. There is no AUX or Bluetooth connectivity in this car and the radio does not have the best connection. I was able to add on a AUX plug in but it wasn't cheap. Overall, my car is nice and I like it. But I cannot wait to upgrade.

- Sydney C

Ford Focus pro's and con's.

The 2007 Ford Focus is an economy car. The best thing about it is that it gets 35 miles to the gallon. That is incredible! The trunk is surprisingly roomy and the four doors make it easy for the whole family to get strapped in. I will say that the internal quality is pretty good. Other than, the battery and starter having to be replaced, there was no really bad repairs needed. The worst thing is that the parts are cheaply made. The stick that puts it in drive, reverse etc. fell apart. The locks on the door no longer work. The air conditioning panel got stuck and only blows on the feet. The radio stopped working for 2 years. Also, it feels like your riding in a toy car in the back seat and the wind will blow the car if it is strong. There is little leg room, especially in the back. I would recommend it to a family who wants a car for 6 to 7 years, then wants to get a different one.

- Terri E

It can go long distances with no issues. Engine runs smoothly and quietly.

The car is small, yet sturdy for its size. Aside from accidental issues on my part, it has held up without many issues. The brakes seem to wear out fairly quickly, although that may be my rough handling of the brakes sometimes. Interior, without any modifications or changes, is comfortable and nice. Adjusting the seat is easy and gives enough options to comfortably drive. It has button operated windows so hand cranks are not an issue, child locks for the back seats, and, for extra measure, the driver can lock all doors with the push of a button inside the car (as far as I have seen, there is no keychain lock operator). A comfortable and reliable car for up to 5 people, I am able to drive at least 100-125 miles straight without any break if driving long distance. It is a very reliable car and I would recommend it.

- Julia S

A durable car on the smaller side with basic features. Good for those who don't need all the bells and whistles and want something cheaper.

It's a nice small car, making it easy to navigate around for a worrywart like me. Being around a decade old, it only has basic features, like a radio (but what car DOESN'T have a radio) and air conditioning. It's been a durable car, having no major problems. The air conditioning barely works, but aside from that, everything still functions fine. It performs well for what it is, easily able to get up hills and the like, but it's not the best at accelerating up said hills if that's a concern. I'd suggest not using it to drive in the snow, as it is not four wheel drive. I'm no expert on comfort, but I've had no problems with the seats, whether it's the front seats or back. If you're LOOKING for comfort, I wouldn't go for this, as it's nothing special, but otherwise, I wouldn't worry.

- Elisebeth R

Little red, small but mighty.

My Ford Focus has been a really good vehicle for me. I bought it certified pre-owned from a local Ford dealer. I really liked the red color of the car. It is a 4 door, has a/c, power windows, large trunk - much larger than you would expect and gets great gas mileage. It is somewhat compact when it comes to people space, but will hold 4 adults fairly comfortably and you can get 5 people in the car if necessary. It is an automatic transmission with front wheel drive. It is not a fancy car, but it does the job as far as getting you back and forth for errands, going to work, and I have taken it on trips as far as 800 miles round trip with no problems. It is one of the most dependable vehicles I have ever owned.

- Tammy R

My Ford Focus - small and falling apart but it is tough and keeps on going.

Very good gas mileage. It is a tough car. In the time I have had it I have had the brakes replaced, tires replaced, regular oil change, no transmission issues, replaced gas and water pump and all belts. It is never broken down. I do think it is a little cramped for legroom. The CD player quit working about 2 years ago. The driver side window regulator broke because it is just plastic and I learned that this is a regular occurrence. Even though the actual motor didn't break, it's recommended to replace both the regulator and motor of the window. Also, one of the passenger windows is sounding like it is about to go also. Personally I feel the driver's seat is not very comfortable.

- Lisa L

My 2007 Ford Focus is still a great performing compact car.

My white 2007 Ford Focus has given me constant reliability. I love it is sharp turns and quick speed. It is good on gas on the highway. The only trouble is some rain leakage in the trunk which may be from aftermarket satellite wires and the driver side door handle has broken twice. Michelin tires work the best and I earned Hankook tires do not hold up to potholes, nails, or just everyday driving. I love the cloth seats which stay cool in the summer. The trunk holds a lot of groceries as does the back seat area. I had this car since new and with yearly waxing and washing, it looks almost new love my 2007 Ford Focus because it was built to last.

- Judy L

2007 Ford Focus - A long time owner's review of any issues and performance.

My 2007 Focus has good power and acceleration. I've owned it since 2008. I bought it fixed up after it was totaled. The only real issues I've had with it thus far is sometimes the front passenger window button does not make the window go up or down. Another issue I've encountered is replacing the motor and transmission mounts. Not a big task if you have a lift and some tools. Parts cost me around $180 if I recall. So far that is the only few issues I've found and I've owned it for a long time. Also, running the A/C does pull down on the power quite a bit. But overall, I like it and I won't get rid of it.

- Travis C

In summary, after 11+ years I still love my car & it is been reliable.

I have owned this car about 11 years & I love my it. Good mileage & can use regular gas. I have driven my car all the way to California. Had one recall. The wheel caps are real cheesy could have done better. Haven't had any really bad problems. It drives well and I have basic features; no bells or whistles. It gets me to all my appointments and stores. It is very reliable. The lever inside that opens hood is hanging down' do not know how that happened. The dependability and reliability is still great. It is comfortable and serves its purpose after 11+ and I still have less than 45, 000 miles.

- Denise O

Ford Focus is a great car for saving on gas.

My 2007 Ford Focus 4 door is a great vehicle to own. I purchased my car pre owned a few years ago. It is a small compact vehicle that is great on gas. Its nothing fancy but very reliable, easy to maintain, and has enough space for a family of 4. I have not had any major issues with performance or needed any maintenance work performed besides the basic necessities. Tires, oil changes and brake pads in two years with no engine problems. It does not have any special features inside the car. It has a 6 disc CD changer, am/FM radio, ac/heat etc.. It does have electric windows.

- A G

Ford focuses are the worst cars on the planet.

This car has to be the cheapest made car in the united states. So many different things have just broken or went out on this car it is ridiculous. . I have had several people work on this car from a manufacturers issue of the motor and the transmission mounts. I've had several wheel bearings go out. I have no working a/c, pop-a-lock even told me that one of the main problems with my locks is that they were sloppy and poorly made from the factory. I would never recommend this car to anyone. . The only positives are that it has great gas mileage, and the parts are cheap.

- Katie W

My vehicle has wonderful gas mileage, and is spacious enough for a family of 4.

I absolutely love my vehicle and have add no problems out of it. I have had this car for about 3 years. Gas mileage is great. I live 2 hours away from home, because I am attending a university at the moment, and I do not break the bank paying for gas. This car has more than enough space for multiple people. My car fits up to 3 other people, plus the driver making 4 people, comfortably. There is enough room for 5 people, but the people in the back may get uncomfortable. The trunk is more than spacious enough. I have never had a problem fitting anything into my car.

- Samantha T

This vehicle is incredibly reliable and easy to maintain.

My absolute favorite thing about my car is it's durability. It isn't fancy, and it doesn't have the greatest response time, but it has been incredibly reliable. The fact that with regular maintenance, I don't have to worry about whether or not it's going to leave me stranded gives me a lot of security and makes me want to buy the same or similar model when I do decide to replace it. My only complaint is that the i4 doesn't respond as well as other 4 cylinder vehicles I have driven, though I understand newer models have resolved this issue.

- Suzanne K

2007 Ford Focus: economy sedan and that is about it.

Bought used, I had to replace both front and back struts and shocks within six months, including the sway bar and the front axle. It is a basic economy sedan, so not too comfortable, but it gets good gas mileage with the 4 cylinder engine. The steering is tough, even with the replacements and full steering fluid. Other Focuses I have heard sound just like mine. It is easy to work on. The CD player will not eject the CD, but that is not a model problem, just mine. It will work for me now, but it is not a long-term solution.

- Don C

2007 Ford Focus smooth run car.

I like the size, not too big and not too small. Runs smooth. Only complaint have is that bell that rings continuously if anyone does not have seat belt or if any doors not locked. I guess a safety feature but that bell is annoying. Also the blinkers /headlights seem to have a short. All of sudden the right blinker acts like bulb out and the headlights stay on high beam. But when get out and look the blinker is working. And then after couple of days back to normal. I think a short somewhere that need to check out.

- Jennie H

That it is a good, reliable, midsize car, great for singles to small families.

I like the interior space, the exterior color, and having a few updated features like power windows and doors, but not too much technology so that if the battery dies I can still use a manual key to get into my car doors, trunk, ect. I enjoy the fuel efficiency of it being a smaller vehicle, as well as how dependable it has been over the course of me owning the car. The only thing I dislike is that when it does break down it tends to be the more costly repairs, such as transmission, fuel pump, ect.

- Julie B

It might be old but it runs like gold!!

I like my car cause it is easy to handle and care for. The car was my mom's and when she past away this past year I was given it. The one thing I do not like is the color, it is white and sometimes it is hard to clean. My Focus handles real well on the highway and I sometimes forget that I have to watch the road speed and have ease up on the gas. Sure it would be nice to have heated seats but I like the comfort of the cloth seats. These are all the reasons why I like my Ford Focus.

- Donna B

Great car, comfortable and easy to maintain.

While there is quite a bit of road noise, the vehicle has proven to be very reliable over the years. The only repairs needed in the five years I have had the car have been the steering pump and the gear shift handle. The car gets average mileage (about 25-30 mpg). The interior is very spacious and comfortable for a car its size, and the rear seats fold down to allow for more luggage room. Overall, the Ford Focus has served me well and I would highly recommend investing in one!

- Kaitlyn A

It's very easy to maintain and is low maintenance. And gives one good gas mileage.

I only dislike the problematic areas as it's aged. There are issues with this car and bad motor mounts. The car doesn't come with an air filter but rather an air filter box that needs to be replaced every 150K miles. It costs 600 dollars to replace it versus a few dollars for an air filter. Whoever designed this wasn't very smart. The AC control knobs for circulation and selection started sticking. Another horrible design because it becomes impossible to switch the AC.

- Jerry m

Great gas miles on very little cash.

It is a very good vehicle with little problems to look out for. I have enjoyed the little amount of cash I have to spend on gas. Just putting in a little get you a long way. It is very comfy and I really cannot complain about anything. The only thing I have noticed is that when wet the breaks are a little more touchy so I would not drive to fast during the rainy season or winter. But besides that I would say it is a great vehicle to own I would recommend it to anyone.

- Holly Y

Great car for new drivers!

I bought this car used in 2017, but have had absolutely no problems with this car. It is great for a first car. It is very comfortable and easy to drive. I would say it is suited for smaller people as it is a decently small car. It has decent visibility with a relatively small blind spot. It also accelerates pretty smoothly and easily (it does not take long or a heavy foot to gain speed). I am the gas mileage is not the best, but it is not terrible (about 28 mpg).

- Mads W

over 220k miles, good feature easy accessible trunk latch next to steering wheel

The biggest issue that I see with these cars are the door handles giving out. They will eventually stop working and just be loose or just will not open the door at all. My passenger side door handle is broken on the outside and my sister car has the same issue but with the drivers side front outside door handle. Both cars have needed an alternator replaced along with shocks. Car is a little shaky usually, but other than that it's pretty good.

- Jasmine R

I had to get the transmission replaced a 60000 miles.

I really only got this car because I needs a cheaper car payment a the time. It is good on gas mileage which is a plus. The thing I dislike the most about the car is that it is pretty loud inside the cabin when diving on the expressway. I also had to get the transmission replaced a 60000 miles, and I bought the car brand new! I have also had issues with the fuses in the dashboard over the years. Honestly, I will not be buying a Ford again.

- Jennifer W

Ford focus quality and durability.

This car has been very dependable. I have driven it across the United States numerous times. I have put a lot of miles on it, but it still runs like a brand new car. It get excellent gas mileage. I have really enjoyed having this car. Everything works as it should. I would highly recommend a ford focus to anyone who is looking for a reliable, dependable, and economic car. They seem to last a long time and are very worth the money.

- Candace F

Not starting after cold nights for an unknown reason.

Randomly does not start during extremely cold temperatures and mechanics cannot figure out the issues that causes this. I am only at 104,000 miles which is not bad so it is unfortunate I am having these issues. Up to this point, the car has been very reliable and this is the first major issue I have had with the car. Hopefully we are able to determine it shortly, pretty confident it is the fuel pump, but still are not certain.

- Emily B

Black Ford Focus ses hatchback.

I have a Ford Focus ses that I have owned for 11 years now and I absolutely love this car. It is reliable, comfortable, and has fit my family perfectly. The hatchback is great for extra room. Most of all is the reliability though. We purchase this vehicle while living in Chicago, and even in the most brutal winters and cold weather I never had to worry about if my car would start or not because it always started right away.

- Connie L

My 2007 ford focus se is a four door sedan I love the most the a/c and all power

It drives and runs really well, it's front wheel drive it's all power with a/c and heated driver seat! It's got cruise control, it's a very smooth ride. It does seem to slip sometimes like the transmission might be going, the blower for the heat and a/c has broken twice. It's a four door sedan and it truly is comfortable to sit in and drive. So what it boils down to is that I enjoy my car and enjoy driving it.


A car that can go the distance.

The car is the perfect size car for our family and needs. Good gas mileage and performance. Nice ac. Ride is comfortable. Affordable to buy. Nice radio. Nice drink space cup holders. Trunk is a good size. Several color choices. The inside is comfortable seating. Easy to get in and out of parking spaces because of the size of the care. Car still function well even at it age now. Easy and comfortable to drive.

- Rita R

Reliable and dependable car.

My car is very reliable and when it breaks it is not too expensive to fix. The trunk is huge for such a small vehicle it can fit my wheelchair and more stuff like groceries, more than one school backpack, and other random stuff. There's plenty of foot room which is another surprise to me because for real my car is not very big it is a 4 door but my sister's car is a 2 door and her car is bigger than mine.

- Sandra M

Reliable with minimal issues.

The ford focus is an economical small car. It is great for commuting. Mine has been extremely reliable with minimal issues for the last three years. I regularly get 30 to 35 miles to the gallon which I love! The only downside to this car is the size. It is uncomfortable to fit my two young children in the backseat when my husband (who is 6 foot 2 inches) is driving. Otherwise it is a great affordable car!

- Beth A

My Manual Transmission Reliable Ford Focus

I like my car because it's a 5 speed and that makes it great on gas. My car rides wonderfully it has great power and is very reliable. The only problem I ever had was I had to replace the clutch when I first got it and I haven't had any problems since. I have driven my car to over 4-5 different states with no problems. And to fill it up only costs $25 and oil changes and services are reasonable as well.

- Katherine F

A reliable car worth owning.

Haven't found any real problems with my ford. The performance has been great, I bought it used and have not had to spend a lot of money on keeping it running. Like most cars there have been minor repairs. My Focus had been in a accident before I had gotten it so I had to get the back end fixed but that was the only major repair it has needed. The car is great on gas and really easy to handle.

- Toni M

Good reliable small car that runs good and is cool to look at.

This is a car that is reliable and drives good. I have had all the maintenance and oil changes and have had no problem with the engine. I have noticed the motor mounts were loose once but besides that nothing. The air conditioner works but blows softly and is not that cold. I give this car three stars out of five because the back seat is small and there is not much room in the front either.

- Laura M

Great affordable vehicle to own.

Never had any issues with my car other than the normal change battery, windshield wipers, and tire change, always performed great, I have owned the vehicle over ten years and runs to perfection, oil change as recommended. I would recommend this vehicle if one is looking for an affordable vehicle that is going to last for a long time, with no major issues but the normal ware.

- Janet L

A 2007 Ford that is not all that bad.

I bought my vehicle second hand. The previous owners was a dealership and then my cousin. The material making up the seats was of poor quality. It snagged easily and ripped at the seams. The steering wheel grip is made of a foam rubber type substance that falls apart upon attempts to polish. Other than that everything still runs smoothly as if it weren't the age that it is.

- Cami M

My old car that I love 10/10.

My car is over 10 years old at this point, I got it a year ago in pretty rough shape from a friend but it's holding up. I love the car itself and I do not hold favorite brands or anything like other people since this is my first car, but I love it. The only thing I am scared of is I hope it does not give out sometime since it is getting old and running rough and all.

- Julia A

2007 Ford Focus st - fun and reliable car.

I have a 2007 Ford Focus st. It is fun to drive and runs very well even at 130000 miles. The only issue that I have had with it is that when I hit 130000 miles the serpentine belt came off due to a bold breaking on one of the pulley's (which is a common problem at that mile range with my car). Other than that small issue though it is very reliable and fun to drive.

- Katie K

Best vehicle in and around town.

I love the gas abilities, this has been my primary car since 2011 when I received it from a family member once she was done driving it. A great car to drive in a city or around town. The trunk space is fantastic and you can comfortably fit four people in the car. I would say this car's performance and reliability are great. I would recommend a Ford Focus to anyone.

- Samantha P

It is a simple and pragmatic car.

I like the handling. Seats are comfortable. Do not like the right armrest, very cheap. It is a good solid ride. I like the 4 doors so others can get in easily. Do not like the door handles, they are somewhat cheap. Like the remote to get in and out of the car. I like fords in general, had pretty good luck with on balance. It can fit into my garage most cars do not.

- Russell S

I own a 2007 Ford Focus sedan.

I bought my car used in 2015. The only issues I have ever had were the battery and alternator going out in 2016. Also, I had to replace tires many times as the car didn't come with new tires and I only ever bought used tires. Other than that, the car has been a dream. It is amazing on gas and gets me where I need to be. I use it primarily for work and school.

- Leah W

Very sturdy and reliable car.

The ford focus is very reliable. I have had the car for 12 years and I have not had a single problem with the engine or other major issues. The model I bought does not have any of the technology that is typically sold with cars made these days, but it is a sturdy and reliable car. A downside is that there is not a ton of storage space for putting big furniture.

- Suzanne S

Good car, bad door handles

This is a very reliable average car. I've never had any major issues with its performance or maintenance. There are multiple smaller issues that frequently occur through. One of these is that the door handles break quite a bit and are pretty pricey to fix. Currently only two work and it seems like another is going. But the car runs really well other than that.

- Lily S

Perfect daily driver or work car. Reliable and efficient.

Cons: heat shield on underbody has rusted off, minor vibration in front end. Pros: good gas mileage, reliable work car, comfortable ride. Basic features, power windows, power locks, single CD player, cruise control. Truck space is excellent for a compact car, handling is great on highway and city streets, snow and ice can be problems depending on tires.

- Joseph S

Well, this car is still going.

The transmission stick comes off and sometimes needs to be adjusted manually or the key sticks in the ignition. I don't know why. Otherwise the transmission is okay. The car seems pretty durable. It keeps going even though I can't afford to take as good care of it as I should. There is an issue with the driver side door. It only opens from the inside.

- Alan B

This beauty is good on gas, reliable and perfect for the daily commute.

I bought my car used with 97,000 miles on it. I have had no issues. I drove to from NY to NC and back without a hitch. It is really reliable and comfortable as well. It takes about 25-30 to fill under the current gas market conditions and I only do so about once every 7-10 days. This is a really good car; the previous owner took really good care of it.

- Dan W


Love the gas mileage. Plenty of room, comfortable seats, handles well. These are the things we love about this car. It is noisier than other cars that we have owned. The doors look up automatically when we back out of our driveway, which is a plus if you have children. The rear bench seat folds down, which is handy if you are transporting large items.

- Deborah B

The compact size makes parking in the city easy.

I love the compact size, yet a lot of room on the inside. I have not had any major mechanical issues, just standard maintenance. The car does have some features like electric windows, but it lacks an input for my phone to play my own music. The driver seat is not too comfortable or supportive. Overall it is a decent car to get around the city in.

- Leah G

Reliable, no thrills car. Great for a new driver!

My car is a 2007 Ford Focus and still runs great! I have not had to have any maintenance done besides normal routine things like oil changes, tires, etc. The car does not have a lot of bells and whistles, but has the basics (radio, CD player, automatic windows). My only complaint is that it leaks a bit when it rains, but I am sure that can be fixed.

- Kelsey F

Very reliable but hard on tires

For me this car has been very reliable, have had no problems with the motor. The main problems I have had has been that it seems to go through tires very quickly no matter how often I have a balance or rotation done, even have had multiple alignments done to try to fix the problem. It is a very small car but overall doesn't seem too cramped inside.

- Derek H

Ok car over all but has problems that most folks wouldn't want to deal with.

Multiple sensor failures and wiring issues. Need to replace o2 sensor and air pump as both are making the car run rich. This is common on this model but a pain at the least. Alternator is touch to change as the studs that extend from the block are excessively long and could be shorter to accommodate the replacement of the alternator when it dies.

- John F

my Ford focus is the best.

I absolutely love my 2007 Ford focus. It drives so smooth and I feel and know that I am safe when I am driving it. Gas mileage is amazing on this vehicle and that is the best for me as well. I also love the space I have in my car and the trunk this vehicle is great for storage. I firmly and absolutely suggest this vehicle for a great family car.

- Kristina O

The dream car for the average person.

The car runs incredibly well on and off the highway. It is reliable and cheap to fix. The gas mileage is pretty average for the size. It has basic features like automatic windows, locks, etc. as well as Bluetooth audio. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a car that will be a no brainer and be an easy car to maintain and drive.

- Faith M

Perfectly fine reliable little car.

It is a good reliable little car. I have no particular complaints, nor is it particularly amazing. It is like the peanut butter and jelly sandwich of cars. Perfectly fine. It has plenty of trunk space with one of those little emergency handles in case you get stuck. It also has lots of little compartments for things like CDs and sunglasses.

- Anne W

Very high quality overall.

The car vibrates slightly, but I think that might be unique to my vehicle and not necessarily characteristic of all Ford Focus vehicles. It has great gas mileage and accelerates quickly. It handles well and is comfortable to drive for long distances. If you take care of it, the car would probably last for a long time; it is highly reliable.

- Sydney C

Ford focus hatchback: perfect first little cat

It is a really nice car. Very good on gas. My car is black so it does get very hot when in the sun. The controllers for the ac get stuck and broke. CD player randomly stopped working with CD stuck in there. False back is nice to come out when things need to go into the back. Do not like that the seats do not fold down completely flat.

- Tara B

This make does not have automatic locks or windows.

I am the second owner of the car, I bought it off my step dad in 2015, I've had it going on 3 years now. It has treated me well, other than typical repairs (brakes, oil changes, tires, lightbulbs) I have had no major problems with this car! This is the second Focus I have owned, both being manual. I would recommend this as a first car.

- Anna H

I love my 2007 Ford Focus.

This car has 138, 00 miles on it and I have not had any major problems. It still runs good and feels like it has the same pep as when it was new. The only problem was the air conditioner compressor. If you are considering buying make sure it runs cool. You do not want to have to replace the thermostat as it is a major repair expense.

- Kevin R

Focus: flawed, but lovable.

I love my car, but it has had quite a few issues. Recently, I had to get a new starter, my door handle broke, and my belt broke for the second time. Regardless, however, my car may have had some issues, but they were easily fixable, and it has been very reliable despite that. A newer model most likely would not have as many issues.

- Shane C

Solid build and well put together.

This car had only one owner prior, who kept up with maintenance. It has about 130k miles on it and has yet to show any check engine lights. Also, the frame held up well after a recent wreck and was easily repaired with only some body damage. The inside is spacious and I enjoy the hatchback feature. Hardly a blind spot. Runs great.

- Stephanie M

I was amazed how much can fit in my car. I love that part of this car.

I like my ford focus. It has great gas mileage. It is amazing how much stuff I can fit in my ford. If I put those seats down I can haul a 6ft dresser. I have not had any major motor problems at all. I had a motor mount replaced 4 months ago. That was the only real mechanical work it has needed. I would definitely buy another one.

- Patti J

This vehicle is great, reliable, and has great features for such an old vehicle.

My car is currently 12 years old and has ran up a lot of miles so it is near the end of its life but is still kicking and is reliable car for me at the moment. I can notice problems with the car now but this car has lasted a long time. For a 2007 vehicle, it contains a sunroof, electric window buttons, and a great surround sound.

- sarah S

07 Ford Focus: first car love.

I love my car! Great mpg! Up to 34 highway and about 28 city. Maintenance is fairly cheap to keep up with. I have had no major issues as long as I have had the car, which is about 6 years or so. The only tuning I would change is a little more lumbar support and some more space in the back seat, but the trunk space is incredible.

- Kaitlyn E

2002 Ford Focus ST ZX4 Manual

I bought it used, so I'm not sure if the issues it has are inherently due to the car or previous owners. It was misfiring because oil got on the igniter and this caused the catalytic converter to fail. After getting that fixed it is burning oil at a pretty high rate. Other than that it drives well and is comfortable to ride in.

- Caleb G

Ford Focus - worth the drive.

The vehicle has really good get-up-and-go. There are known transmission issues with this year of the Focus, but Ford has solutions which have lessened the issues. Visibility out all windows is much better than other vehicles I've driven. Sound quality from the radio is nice, and there are more buttons to program for the radio.

- A H

That it still starts and runs pretty good for it's age ...!

It's a four door sedan with lots of space inside ...! The door handle on the driver side no longer works unless you get inside on the passenger side to open it ...! An the air conditioner still works but the front vents blocked so he no longer blows at or on you ...! But other than that it's a pretty great vehicle still ...!

- Rox Ann B

Ford Focus wagon going strong.

I love this car. We bought it brand new in 2007 and it has ran perfect ever since. It is still going strong and we have taken it to and from different states over the years. It is very roomy and gets great gas mileage. We also have a nice luggage rack on top and we have also used it for hauling animals and different things.

- Jennifer H

Whining belts and expensive repairs.

Everytime we drive somewhere we take a chance of the car quitting on us. We have appointments 30 miles away that we cannot go to because we are afraid another belt is going to break. The car is making a whining noise every time we turn a corner and we really cannot afford all the repairs. So far we owe $700. 00 to garage.

- Robin S

Cheap air conditioning controls

reliable, I haven't had a lot of problems. The stereo sounds fine, though no aux input. I have had some steering problems with the power steering, it can get difficult to steer and also makes squeaky noise when turning. The a/c controls broke one day while turning the knob, the knob controls are cheap and known to break.

- Tia D

2007 Ford Focus - 160, 000 miles and still going.

It runs fine but it is rather noisy when I drive it. I have had small things go wrong with it (light on one section of the dashboard has gone out, the lock on the drivers side door will not lock or unlock with the fob - you have to use the key to unlock the door) but it is 11 years old so all and all that is pretty good.

- Patrice R

Great spacious and attractive vehicle.

I love this car! It rides good, great on fuel, and it is so spacious. It is perfect for my little boy and I! This is also an attractive vehicle, making me even more proud to ride around in it. I would recommend anyone to buy this vehicle if they plan on traveling. This is a great and comfortable car for long distances.

- Shayla L

Overall good small car for fuel efficiency, comfort and reliability.

Bought it used in 2012. Have had problems with starting in damp weather, improved that with replacing idle air control valve. Gas mileage is not bad, about 32 miles/gallon in summer, less in winter, with a mix of city and highway. Ride is fairly comfortable. No major engine problems. Body seems to be holding up well.

- Jim K

Safe, reliable, and a trustworthy car and brand.

My car is reliable. It consistently gets my from point A to point B. It has no special features but it is easy to figure out and easy to drive. It is also four doors and a good size. I consider it a safe vehicle with a trunk that needs to be popped open. The seats are pretty comfortable and the trunk is a good size.

- Tracy F

Works well on gas, easy to care for, haven't had any issues for years.

The car itself runs quite well considering its size. Being a lighter car means faster stopping and acceleration, as well. Works well with gas and is cheap to fill up. While its basic in its features, it has room in the back with its back row folding seats and the hatchback door, so it's good for transporting things.

- Brett L

It's a pretty good car. The mileage is fantastic, about 35 miles to the gallon. It has quite a bit of trunk space for a car of its size. It's pretty spacious in the front, at least it is if you're short; my husband is 5'10" and he feels scrunched up.

I like my vehicle; I've had it for about 6 or 7 years and it gets me where I want to go. However, it requires a lot of expensive upkeep, especially as of late. The most recent expense is my AC no longer working and the dials controlling AC/Heat, etc will not budge. It's always on AC but it only blows hot air.

- Jennifer S

Good car for starting out.

It's a comfortable car. Lots of back seat space for a two door. As it's gotten older, of course problems have arose. It's been on multiple huge mile road trips and it has always gotten the job done. City gas mileage isn't as good as highway mileage, like most cars, but it does last a good while between fill ups.

- Cassidy G

Small size with big mileage.

My last Focus went 250, 000 miles for me and is still going for someone else. I like small cars, so the Focus is great. If I didn't hit the curb in the rear so much I wouldn't have had a problem with the engine mount. I have never had a problem getting stuck in the snow. I will more than likely buy another one.

- Jill H

It's not perfect, but it gets the job done fairly well.

I just feel lucky I have a way from point a to point b. My car is pretty crappy as far as performance and gas mileage, but it has lasted me a long time and I appreciate that. I'm starting to see external deterioration that concerns me, but I am hoping I've done enough internal maintenance to keep my car safe.

- wendy s

2007 Ford Focus manual driven with very minimal issues.

This car is a manual drive car. Windows roll manually as well. No auxiliary input for phones nor Bluetooth. Runs well on gas. Can be very loud especially in mornings when it has not been heated up yet, and is slightly loud when driving even after a while and after shifting gears. Otherwise, a very decent car.

- Sara G

Ford focus 2007, reliable everyday car.

It runs pretty smooth and will last long trips. Oil changed and parts are super cheap to replace and easy to replace. Comfort level is moderate. Features are outdated, but I drive a 2007, but not bad, it has a basic radio, but had an aux button and cannot seem to locate the aux plug in. Overall a great car.

- Alison R

Ford Focus review has been very positive so far

Very nice fuel mileage, plenty of legroom for people over six feet tall, plenty of trunks space, comfortable on long trips, plenty of power in traffic. Travel over eighty miles per day, have had very minimal maintenance problems, have only done route maintenance and had to replace ignition switch one time.

- David C

My 2007 ford Focus model ses.

My vehicle runs like it is new because it is always been serviced by a dealer, the performance of my Focus has been excellent and I have had little mechanical problems with my car. My vehicle is a four door sedan with a moonroof. Even though I no longer garage my Focus the outside finish still looks new.

- Carolyn S

My vehicle runs very good and is going to last me for at least 5 years on 100,000 miles

It has a lot of cosmetic issues, but mechanically it is doing good on 100,000 miles on it. I had to fix a belt that fell off the other day, I just turned into my neighborhood and it broke and fell off. But other than that, the acceleration is a little slow but when it picks up it's good. Overall good car

- Aryah F

My Focus is a sturdy, dependable, little car. She gets me where I need to go.

While being over 12 years old, my Focus is still going strong. I've had problems with the alternator, which I had to replace. My main problem is that the switch to control where the A/C is blowing broke several years ago, and I've been unable to find a replacement that doesn't break within a few months.

- Taylor R

It has no power locks or windows.

My car although it is a 2007 has no power locks or windows. That is an inconvenience. It is also very small in the back seat however, the trunk is large. It is not fancy but has been reliable and gets the job done. It was my grandfathers before mine and he also had no problems with it, he bought it new.

- Nicole M

Candy Apple Red - Never lose it in a parking lot

Performs well in heavy rain, hot weather, etc. I have an older, used car that has approximately 120,000+ miles on it and it is still running. The only thing I dislike is that the car has no option to play music from your phone via Bluetooth or aux (though, it is an older model so it is understandable).

- Breanna L

Manual Transmission, basic car

basic no features no a/c ignition coil went at 50k miles power steering hoses went at 180 k alternator went at 170 k miles. Major suspension overhaul at 180k miles, body work and touch ups as needed for a vehicle in the salt belt. HVAC controls needed repair as the blend door for the selectors got stuck

- Justin C

Best blue 2007 Ford Focus.

I really love the thirty miles to a gallon gas mileage. The car is easy to maintain; has only needed oil changes and new tires. I love the visibility of the bright blue color which makes me feel safe on the road. I have driven it from san Antonio to New York and to Florida and back without any problems.

- Lois B

It's a great car. And its red which I love. But my favorite part is the moonroof.

I had this car for almost 10 years so it's lasted a long time. And am currently putting new tires on it. But I also have leaking power steering hose. So it a little issues right. That needs to be repaired. It still runs pretty well. I will for sure buy another ford. They make pretty well standing cars.

- Terri H

The Ford to your Focus: a look into reliable small cars.

The car is pretty comfortable and has nice performance. The only problem we have with the car is that the air conditioner dial locks up and takes a while for us to get it working again to get cold air. We haven't had any situations where the car performed dangerously and cosmetically it looks decent.

- Aaron F

I have low mileage on my 2007 Focus. I have 43,000 miles on my car.

I like the compact size. I like the color, white. I like the fact that i turn the key and it always starts. I like the fact i have never had any engine problems. I change oil, no other problems or maintenance issues. I like the gas mileage it gets. I don't like the fact it has some rust on it.

- Robin H

Great commuter car. Lots if power.

Still not used to the Cruise control lol. And no major problems just did brakes and tune up on it. Ac is a little touchy does not work half the time not sure why that is. Heat we works great. All we have done is routine maintenance. Just put new tires and battery in it so other then it works great.

- Maurice B

Small but reliable vehicle!

This vehicle has been one of the most reliable vehicles I have owned. The gas mileage is great, it runs smooth, and if it has any problems they are always very easy to fix. It is a perfect small little car, with very nice features. The only issue I have personally with the car is how hard it idols.

- Madison S

"Old reliable". We bought this car from another member of our family.

I believe that the Ford Focus is a great little car. I'd buy this car again. It is reliable and comfortable. It is very good on gas. I am short, and the Focus "fits" me. We have not had any big problems until about a year ago. But that is understandable given the age of the car. I hope this helps.

- Nancy P

Not a bad car, ok for the price.

I drive a Ford Focus, its reliable, I just find it a bit small and loud. There is a lot of road noise that can be heard, even over the stereo. It's an okay car, the gas mileage is not nearly as good as my Saturn. The highway gas mileage on the Focus is what the city gas mileage was on my old ion.

- Steph K

Great car for price sticker

No problems, only oil changes, tires, wipers, general maintenance, reliable, power windows, doors. Comfort level not high because bottom line Ford. Gas Mileage great, about 30 to 35 miles per gallon. Easy to park, easy to drive and trunk space is,large for type of car, more than in larger cars.

- Judy A

Ford Focus Black w/ Some Damage

This car is black and the interior is very close to new. There is a CD player and radio in the car. All speakers are working. Tires are good. Has been dinged a few times. Once on the hood and a second time by the tail light. This car drives very smoothly and has had very few maintenance issues.

- Emily M

car has been extremely reliable and has held up very well (especially in relation to cost)

I like how the car drives/handles. I'm relatively happy with the gas mileage though I would like the next car I purchase to be better. The car also has good trunk space/back seats that can move down for more space. In the future would also like something with built in navigation/bluetooth/etc.

- Krysten J

Basic car, no bells and whistles.

This is a basic model car I took over from a relative. No bells and whistles but that means less that can go wrong. Small car but gets me around. Trying to hang on to it for another year or so. Problems right now are the doors are really hard to open. They do not even make this model anymore/.

- Michelle D

Car is a well rounded daily driver

My 2007 Ford Focus is a reliable car that is used as a daily driver. If you're looking for a car that's going to last 2-300k miles this is the car for you. Drives great through both rain and snow. It's ability to maneuver so smoothly on the road is one of a kind. It's the perfect daily driver

- Logan H

Very reliable car, wouldn't want to drive anything else!

I like how small the car is but I could use a better sound system. It is very good on gas and does pretty well in the snow. I also enjoy the fact that you can fit so much stuff in the trunk and that I haven't had any engine trouble with the car. She runs perfect and is a very reliable car.

- Brian P

Great gas mileage and very spacious!

Driving my Ford Focus has been a major pleasure for me. It is very reliable and is great on gas. I get around 32 miles per gallon and it goes like 60 miles after the gas light comes on. As a passenger it is very spacious and comfortable! It is got a deep trunk, great for all day shopping.

- Katrina R

It is a great starter car, with little costs associated with it.

I love my focus. It gets great gas mileage, and for a small sedan, has a lot of haulibility. While mine is a more baseline version, it is comfortable and has adjustable seat height. It is a noisier backend though, due to the lack of soundproofing in the backend, but it runs very quietly.

- MacKenzie K

My Ford Focus, 2007, runs great. May need rotors but no other issues at all.

It's a great car and runs good but every time I break, the car shakes so it may need rotors. It has a cool car starter, I hope it still works in the winter. Its small but that's ok, . The next car I may want is a convertible. there's a lot out there, you just have to choose the right one.

- Emily C

My Honest Ford Focus Review

The biggest problem with it is the size. It can only hold 4 people, and it's tight with 4 people. The upside to it is the fuel efficiency. I get over 30 miles per gallon regularly. It is very reliable. The only mechanical problem I've had in the 4 years I've owned it is a new alternator.

- Matt H

It is a very reliable car. It seems to be very well built. It was a reasonable priced car at the time when we bought it

We call it the little tank. It has gone through alot of harsh winters, ice storms, rain, and hot summers. We have not had to do a lot of repairs on the focus. my child has learned to drive in it. the only complaint is that the inside is a little cramped but that is not a big deal.

- linda g

Our 2007 Ford Focus SE Hatchback has been a very reliable gas saving vehicle!

My 2007 Ford Focus SE Hatchback has been a pretty reliable car, other than door handles that quit working properly right after we purchased vehicle. We have also had issues with the fuel pump and the heating/air column knobs. They haven't turned correctly and been broken numerous times.

- Gala W

Rides great with great gas mileage.

This vehicle gets great gas mileage. It runs and rides very smooth even over our terrible out holes that we have in our town. I would buy the Ford focus again any day of the week. Wonderful inexpensive vehicle. Perfect for anyone! I would refer anyone to buy this make and model vehicle.

- Rebecca L

2007 ford focus, really comfy and nice to drive.

It takes a little while to heat up and some of the parts inside shake/rattle but there's nothing wrong with the car. I really enjoy the Bluetooth feature of this car, I can listen to my own music and make calls hands free. It is really comfy and easy to change the position of the seas.

- Ashley H

Family car or starter car

It is a Manual five speed transmission, electric windows. I have had it for about 2 years and it has made it to Fort Worth once a month and I have never had any problems. It's a smooth ride. The seats are cloth so no hot seat in the summer. A nice size family car or just a starter car.

- Tiffany S

Reliable, trustworthy, and all around great vehicle.

I haven't had any major problems with this vehicle, it drives good, great on gas. I have it for 5 years and have had no major problems with it. It's a very reliable car and it gets to point a to b. I keep up with the oil changes & monthly maintenance. I would recommend to anybody.

- Shirley K

It is just okay. No interesting details.

It is pretty reliable but very noisy, it is a rattletrap. I have had to have quite a few things fixed on it. Mileage is not nearly as good as it should be which is why I got it. It is running around twenty-five to twenty-six miles per gallon and only about twenty-eight on the highway.

- Kate C

11 years and still going but not strong.

It developed an electrical problem a few years back that no one can correctly diagnose. Otherwise the car has held up fairly well. Works alright for day to day travel but I will not trust it on trips any longer. Makes a strange whirring sound when it has been on the highway for a bit.

- Mathew K

Review of a 2007 Ford Focus.

The alternator is in a bad spot to get it removed, and replace. The cruise control stop working, the battery light is always on even after we put in a new one. There is no overhead light for the backseat. When it does drive it does a awesome ride. Not enough leg room in the backseat.

- Stephanie W

I would summarize my vehicle to be very smooth when driving.

I have had my vehicle a little over two years now and I can honestly state that there are very little problems with my vehicle. It drives very smoothly, good brakes and turning, very comfortable interior, good sound system, and not too sensitive! I'm happy to own it as my first car.

- Joshua V

Small reliable car with everything in great condition.

I love my little car. So far it has lasted me two years. It is my first car. I have only had minor problems with it. Everything was very easy to fix. This car is very reliable and it is drives great. This car is comfortable and easy to drive. The ac works great and drives smoothly.

- Alyssa T

Ford Focus is a reliable and dependable car.

I like my car because it is small and easy to park, it gets very good gas mileage and it runs well for an older car. I also like the sound system, it was added after the car was purchased. I also like the manual windows and doors, because electric locks make me feel claustrophobic.

- Lisa B

I have a green Ford Focus, it has much space and a wide trunk.

My car has been through teaching many teenagers to drive. It is just an old car, nothing to terrible about it. Transmission is going out and so is the starter. It's been all and all a very good vehicle for my family but we are going to need a new one soon when we have another baby.

- Alexandria K

The famous family Ford focus

I love my Ford Focus. I have three kids and they can be messy but this car has done a great job at accommodating my family. Parts are reasonably priced and available when something needs fixing. It's very reliable and stylish. I do a lot of driving and my car never let's me down.

- Nicole W

2007 Ford Focus, very easy car to drive.

I love my car. Have never really had any problems with it. I love that it is 4 doors. I feel that it is a very dependable vehicle. I hope to upgrade soon to a newer model. I have power doors and windows. It drives very good and smooth. I would highly recommend a Ford Focus.

- Sandra F

It is an awesome vehicle. I don't have children at home anymore so it's just me.

My vehicle runs wonderful. It is twelve years old but it runs like a champ. It runs like a champ. It's much smaller than I've had before but I don't have any children home so it fits me perfectly. I will be getting another Ford Focus again. It is definitely a wonderful vehicle.

- Michelle W

Comfortable reliable, great gas mileage car!

The seats are comfortable. The car is fairly roomy for a compact car. It is Chile car seat friendly. I have had very few issues with it. The water pump went out and the door electronic lock but after 11 years something was bound to break but total costs under 100 dollars so far.

- Elizabeth M

It's old! That's about it, it's an old car and parts are rusting and going bad just due to time. But the engine is great.

It's a blue 2007 Ford Focus. I bought it new and loved it, but it's getting old and rickety. There's some rust, I just needed to get new brakes and a wheel bearing is starting to go bad, but the mechanic said it wasn't worth fixing yet considering the brakes were more important.

- Ashley B

How my car has been for me.

My car has been a good car. It has need a few repairs but the upholstery has held up well and the carpet. The only thing that is strange is where you have to put freon in is under the wheel well on passengers side. The truck is a very nice size also. All in all it's a good car.

- Melissa B

2007 Ford Focus Silver 4 door

My 2007 Ford Focus has been super reliable! It gets good fuel mileage, quiet, good heat and air conditioning, and a good money saver. The front seats are comfortable and roomy, there is quite a bit of room in the back seat as well! It's good for long drives, don't feel cramped.

- Savanna P

The best cheap car to buy.

It is a super reliable car, small car that you can easily drive. Gas is great, max is about 25 dollars to fill it up. Fast little car too. Problem, needs better quality headlights, can barely see, seems like that's a Ford problem, I've noticed. Has the basics you need in a car.

- Haley P

Very reliable and has held up.

While it is a small car it has truly been reliable. It has had its share of problems which are to be expected. It held up this past winter and started consistently when we had the sub zero weather. My next purchase will be the same car. I will definitely recommend to others.

- Barb M

It drives very well never had an issue until I got into a car accident.

I am missing my passenger side mirror due to a car accident but that's all other than that it runs fine it has 4 doors drives really. Smoothly has 5 seats and is a good family car other then that I believe my car is all.Together good as well as it drives good on the freeway.

- Judy B

To be an older car it is good condition. It has taken me on many road trips.

My vehicle is reliable, good on gas and no major issues. The headlights are oxidized and the paint is chipped in places. The ac and heat work but the vent is only working on defrost. The trunk is very spacious and holds a spare tire. I have automatic windows with child lock.

- Elizabeth R

It was a good 1st car. Learned a lot from it.

It's not a car I would have chosen. It's been giving me problems since I got it. I don't even drive it long distance. It is reliable in town but not long distance. My husband doesn't like the car because it's small and since his tall. He can be comfortable most of the time.

- lili M

A very solid car. Although not luxurious, it functions well.

It is a really good car! I got it as a gift and couldn't have asked for more out of it. I have driven it for a couple of years and I haven't had any major problems with it. I am looking to buy a new car soon, but I recommend this car all the way. Best of luck to everyone!

- Henry V

I have a silver 2007 ford focus

It slips out of gear sometimes when and I take off. The gas mileage isn't as great as it should be. But everything is still working good. It's perfect size for a single person but not big enough for a family car. It's a good reliable car to drive to and from work everyday


Great space Great space in the Focus with room for 5

Nothing wrong, good performance on the road. Plenty of room for a family of 5. Good trunk space. Great gas mileage. The heat and air circulate well throughout the car. Nice stereo system. It is green and the paint is original and there is no rust. Plenty of drink holders

- Gina Y

Great car, great mileage no problems

After 12 years of use, I have not had any major mechanical problem, the vehicle has always received maintenance every 3000 miles, the vehicle currently has 160,00 miles and I fully expect to drive the vehicle for another 160,000 miles perhaps an additional 200,000 miles

- Nick K

I have had my car, the Ford Focus, for four years. The car is pretty reliable.

My car has a little bit of tire trouble. The steering wheel fluid needs to be checked. The windshield has a crack in and that needs to be replaced. There are a few dents on my door. The air conditioning needs to be looked at and fixed. The dashboard needs to be cleaned.

- Kathryn E

It is good on gas and is a reliable car with very minimal minor breakdowns in over 10 years (replace alternator once and brakes every few years) of owning the car.

I like my vehicle because it is good on gas and has withstood the brutal Northeast Ohio lake effect winters, which are harsher than anywhere else in the United States. There is nothing that I dislike about the car. I wish it would last forever and have no complaints.

- Elvira R

It has a leak in one tire in the back and we can't seem to find it for the patch

The vehicle runs well when it wants to. It's my girlfriend's car. It never used to have issues but more battery issues and no AC. Connecting to the speedometer and stereo is a problem. It shuts off the lights sometimes. Otherwise it's great on gas, mileage, speed, etc.

- Jesse L

2007 Ford Focus a common mechanical issue with the gear shift

This vehicle isn't made very well. The gear shift messes up and you can't shift until you break down the shift area and tighten screws and it is not easy to get to. I understand this is a common problem. It is pretty reliable but not overly comfortable for long rides.

- Sheila B

Cost effective! Good investment!

Love it, I think it's great. It's a money saver for me since it's so good on gas and it's cheaper to fix or replace things if something breaks, like tires. Not much to fill up on gas and last a while. It's cost effective for me and believe it to be a good investment.

- Angela C

Great mileage!! Engine runs terrific!

No major concerns with my Ford. I have had the vehicle for nearly 3 years and love the gas mileage!! Great running vehicle. Small and comfortable heated seats. My most recent problems/issue with the vehicle is the wheel bearings and wheel cylinder. No other concerns.

- Mona D

Small cars are easy to maneuver

Overall it's a pretty good car I just wish it had a little bit more space on the inside and the trunk. Very easy to fix when you have a problem or an issue no matter how minor or major parts for the Ford Focus are very cheap and reasonable. It's very easy to work on.

- Marcia B

Ford Focuses are good cars for me.

I think my car is a good car for me. I am short and the car is compact, safe, and easy to drive. I like the color, make, and model. I am not a particularly great driver, so I feel it is a good vehicle to keep me safe. It has all the features I need. I like my car.

- Devin K

Ford is timeless and reliable

My ford has been a great purchase. It is reliable. It runs great. It is a very smooth ride. Even though it is any older model, the look of the focus is timeless and does not feel out of date. The interior is very spacious and very comfortable. I am very satisfied.

- Kara O

07 Ford Focus hatchback ses.

The door handles constantly break. The starter has had to be replaced 4 times already. Other than those issues the car is a nice reliable vehicle. I haven't had any other issues with the car and I've had it for 6 years now. Just don't get a 2 door. Its very small.

- Cassandra B

The little car that moves.

Overally, ford is a very reliable brand. So far, I've only had one issue with the battery and the car is now 12 years old. It is very comfortable and has just the right amount of space for me as a single person. I like the size for parking and drivability as well.

- Kelsey A

Want a Reliable Vehicle? Buy American, Buy a Ford!

Have been the only owner of this car since it was new. It has never given me a bit of trouble and has been great on gas. The reason I bought this car was to go to work, shop, visit friends and family which are all close by. Will drive it until I or the car dies.

- Diane M

It has been a very reliable low maintenance car for me.

I like my ford focus because it gets good gas mileage, seats 4 comfortably, trunk is a nice size and the seats fold down to carry larger cargo (like my bike). I do not like the fact that you sit so low in the front seats. It is been a low maintenance car for me.

- Patricia P

Ford focus good but also bad sometimes.

I hate that my air conditioning does not work. The steering wheel rattles and shakes but that was from rust and other stuff from winter damage. Overall the car is good but get stuff fixed like your brakes and rotors and get good tires and even an air freshener.

- Hannah C

Relatable old Ford Focus 2007

My vehicle has been so reliable for me, hardly any problems. The vehicle is great on gas and is a nice car to get around in. It was also very affordable since I'm a college student just looking for a vehicle to travel and is fuel efficient. I love my Ford Focus

- Jeffrey B

4 door. Holds 5 people. Fairly large trunk.

The biggest issue/problem I have with my 2007 Ford Focus is that is has a constant rubbing noise from the front end. I took it to the mechanic and they told me not to worry about it. Apparently it is very normal for the year and model. It is just very annoying.

- Lisa F

Crappy vehicle even brand new.

Has constant engine issues like no car I have had before. When the battery was replaced the starter shot and I have had to replace most of the engine at one time. Costly and poor quality. Every Focus owner I know has similar issues with their vehicles as well.

- Kory L

Ford focus is the maintenance free car for many.

Focus has limited leg room for the back passengers but for single people or older women, smooth ride and comfortable seats. I have a basic model and it has run like a champ and have had very little maintenance. Easy to park and great trunk space for groceries.

- susan K

My thoughts on the Focus yeah.

Having the Ford focus 07 is great it has been reliable from the start. Am/FM is fine for me runs great not to many miles on it yet it's not hard to do most maintenance myself all in all I like the Ford Focus and all the safety features that come along with it.

- Brandon W

The car isn't the worst vehicle

My car breathes like Darth Vader but the mechanics told me it's not a huge problem. I like my car, gas mileage is great. However, I outgrew it, the car is too small. But it runs decent, tires are cheap, and the car cools down fast in the summer. Just too tiny

- Emily P

It costs practically nothing to drive, insure, and maintain.

I like that it is incredibly durable, has had no major repair issues, gets amazing mileage per gallon, and the heat is great in winter. I dislike that it is fairly spartan as far as comfort, and it is pretty noisy vs my Infiniti. It also is great in the snow.

- Jim D

2007 Ford Fusion - comfortable, affordable, great for a first vehicle.

A good buy given the price and quality of vehicle. Gets the job done and haven't had too many issues. Comfortable and easy to drive. Makes some squeaky noises but nothing to worry about. Gas mileage is better than most vehicles I've owned. Overall I like it.

- Danielle A

Silver Ford Focus with good gas mileage.

My car has good corning, but fairly slow acceleration. Because it is used, there are a few issues. It is small for a person of my size. It has excellent gas mileage when it is taken care of. The brakes and shocks need work. The cruise control is not working.

- Jonathan H

Handles well in every situation, and gets good gas mileage.

I like the size of it, like I am a small person and it just fits me well. I do wish it was a little newer because there is a lot of miles on it and a few dents on the one side. It is not as reliable as I wish it could be, but it is better than no car at all.

- Mikayla B

2007 Ford Focus is a reliable vehicle.

My 2007 Ford Focus was purchased used. It is reliable but it is small and does not have much leg room, especially in the back seat. This car does not have the automatic daytime lights like my previous car. The trunk space is adequate for the size of the car.

- Teresa J

It is a beast. Maintenance costs are the only main thing I have had to put in this car.

I like the gas mileage on this car. The trunk space is very generous for this small car. The inside is simple but effective in design. I do not like the a.c. compressor went out at less that 150,000 miles, nor do I like the quality of the interior features.

- Amy G

It just a very good car, that's all to it. Everything you need to get you going.

It's great on gas, really good handling, very smooth driving. On top of that it comes with a very good stereo system. Overall I love the car and wouldn't have bought another vehicle. For what year it came out in, it stands up there pretty well. 5 out of 5..

- Daniel M

2007 Ford Focus, silver, 4 door

2007 Ford Focus is the run of the mill economy car. It is has good gas mileage and seems to run well. I am constantly going through wheel bearings. It does not like rain, snow, or heavy winds. But all in all it has not broken down on me or left me stranded.

- Myranda M

My Ford Focus air & heat works great, inside and outside in very good condition.

I love my Ford Focus, she's very dependent hardly ever let me down. The paint job is in great condition, the air and heat works well, I just got 2 new Bridgestone tires, oil change, good condition inside also. I kept it serviced from day 1. She drives good.

- Linda D

Ford Focus: A Solid Sedan

The car runs great for how old it is, but its age is showing. It has fairly comfortable seating and nice amenities. Currently the alternator isn't working so I'll have to get that checked out soon. It also has great gas mileage and the heat/ac works great.

- Jonathan G

Good base model vehicle Ford Focus

The car runs fine has a few issues but what car doesn't. Has a small power steering leak but takes several months to completely run out. The 18 inch rims have taken toll on vehicle have had to change wheel bearings several times. Good solid car all around.

- Phil M

2007 2dr hatchback Ford Focus.

Only car I have ever owned. Bumpy ride, loud, ac does not work. Battery light always on even if there's nothing wrong with the battery. Decent on gas mileage. There's no cruise control. Interior kept up well. No overheating issues, yet. Body holds up well.

- Sydney S

My Ford Focus is good enough.

I love my Ford Focus, but the suspension is getting old very quickly. The wheels also are not terrific, as they need to be replaced more often than they should. It is very comfortable and safe. It has a good a/c system along with a good built in dashboard.

- Chris G

My Focus is the perfect mid sized car for anyone and great on gas.

Great on gas. Runs well. I do wish it had upgrades like the Titanium. It is a great out of college car though. Trunk space is nice, even for road trips. The stereo sounds great. I can hook up my phone via USB and play music. The car is also easy to clean.

- Eric M

Ford Focus is a great car to own.

This car is great on gas. Perfect commuter car. Roomy trunk for stocking up on groceries. Great leg room in front seats. Easy to drive and very easy to navigate. Handles well. Steering wheel is just the right height. Seats adjust in front which is great.

- Lori L

This car is great for an everyday driver.

My Ford focus hatchback is really a fantastic car. The hatchback gives you more room than an ordinary trunk. The only issue I have had with my Ford focus hatchback is the transmission. It is fixed now but for awhile it stuttered when I took off quickly.

- Taylor W

Despite the fact that is over 10 years old, it still handles road trips with around 30 mpg.

In terms of operation, this vehicle has been a dream. Very little maintenance has been required, the fuel economy has remained fairly adequate, however it is starting to suffer. The comfort has never really been anything to brag about, even more so now.

- William C

Nice, fast economical sedan

My Ford Focus is a good vehicle. It's good on gas and has quick pick up speed. The only thing I wasn't very crazy about is the car has a bad blind spot. The seats block your view because they are so close together and have headrests that are in the way.

- Carrie D

2007 Ford Focus, runs great after almost a decade.

My Ford Focus has been a reliable car for over 6 years now. I have never had any issues with the car until very recently. I drove it for well over 300,000 miles before I had any troubles whatsoever. Great gas mileage, as well as very easy maintenance.

- Justin N

The only negatives about the vehicle.

The number one issue is the battery connectors have had to be replaced. There was also an issue with the coolant leaking which caused the ac to go out. This ended up costing a lot more time in the shop which meant finding rentals and or rides to work.

- Amy B

Good starter car but loud

My car is very loud and had a broken radio that I had to get replaced. I bought it used with 90000 miles and it still runs fine but problems keep arising that I will have to fix soon. It is very loud and vibrates a lot. I can't wait to get a new one.

- Dylan V

The small red reliable basic car. Nothing special. Gets you where you need to go

It's a cool car. It has a small gas tank so the gas runs a little faster. It costs 25 to fill it up. I got it used and it was still in good shape. It's a decent reliable car. Very basic. It has only what you need. Small car. It has a Good size trunk.

- Patience L

Good quality car. Great first car. Spacious and comfortable car. Really a fan of Ford's after this car.

Well my car is a used car, but I think it is comfortable and runs well for the year and time that I have had it. I think the performance is great it made it just fine driving 7 hours to my school. I think it is a great first car option in my opinion.

- Alyssa C

The sound levels inside the vehicle are a bit oppressive. The engine is not at all quiet and there is a slight whistling sound from the windows when traveling at high speeds.

The vehicle is decent enough, but the noise levels it produces could be improved. The Gas Mileage, while not great, is still above average. While regular maintenance is required I believe it is holding up well for a car that is over 10 years old.

- Chris S

I like my car even after 11 years.

I've had my car since brand new and I do like it. It gets great gas mileage. It has a huge trunk unlike many other cars out there. The seats are comfortable and will easily fit 4 passengers. I've always purchased Ford because of their reliability.

- Sandra C

The most important thing others should know about my Ford Focus is that it is good for the economy.

First of all, i don't have any complaints about my Ford Focus I've always loved it from day one. What i like about my Ford Focus is that it fits my style perfectly, it's sporty, unique, family friendly, American made and hardly ever lets me down.

- Linda C

It is Ford Focus for the.win!

I bought this car used in 2008. The gas mileage is great. It has been a work car but also drove on vacations. Maintenance has been low. Just regular oil changes and new tires. The only fault is it is small. Not much leg room in the backseat.

- Debbie W

The wheel bearings may have issues. Honestly the car is incredibly solid.

It is the first car that I have had ac in which is nice. It handles well and gets good gas mileage which is nice since we use the vehicle for travel. Only complaint is It's a smaller vehicle and I am a larger guy so It's a bit uncomfortable.

- Avery r

Great transportation low cost.

My Ford Focus is a very reliable vehicle. It is perfect for a small family or college student. I get great gas mileage and have very low maintenance issues just your usual oil changes. I would recommend this vehicle to the frugal car buyer.

- Jamie B

Any ford brand is the best. Especially when it comes to gas

I have not had any type of issues with my car. It is very spacious and good every time it runs. Also doesn't cost much at all to maintain. I spend maybe a total of $30.00 for a full tank. This car has indeed saved me a ton of money.

- Danielle F

If you take care of your car, it will last forever.

I have had very few issues with my ford focus. New battery, new brakes and a new window were about it. I highly recommend Ford vehicles, my next vehicle will be another Ford. The dealership is always happy to help resolve any issues.

- Lisa S

The interior is not put together well but it does rank highly in safety.

I like that it is easy to drive and it is comfortable. I like the color and overall appearance. I do not like that I have had many problems with it and also it feels and looks like it was made using low quality parts inside the car.

- Kristin L

Ford Focus 2007: Good with gas mileage

Overall I like my car, I drive a lot for work and get good gas mileage. My biggest concern is that it makes a really annoying squeaky sound in the back. I've googled and other owners of my make and model have had this same problem.

- Laura H

The great mileage and the money you save on gas!

I love my car so much there isn't much i dislike about it. I love the amazing gas mileage i get and how much money i save. It is a very comfortable and reliable car and i wouldn't trade it. The only thing i dislike is it isn't 4wd.

- Mercedes F

Low cost to maintain, decent gas mileage.

I like that my car is paid off, reliable, has decent gas mileage, and has only required 1 major repair in the 6 years I have owned it. I dislike that it is not "fashionable," requires repairs, and has reoccurring electrical issues.

- Tiffany L

It was cheap and yet works well. I didn't want to spend a lot and for a car that I use a tank of gas every two weeks it's perfect.

It's a great car to get me from point a to point b. It has good space in the hatchback to haul stuff around. The two door model is annoying some other f the time and hard to have more than one passenger or move my baby in and out.

- Michael H

The interior of the vehicle is small and compact so it's not really a car someone bigger or taller would probably enjoy riding in.

It's a cute little car that is fun to drive. It doesn't get the best gas mileage, but it gets me from point A to point B. I've experienced a few things since it's purchase that I wish I known before getting this model of vehicle.

- Marie D

It's a very dependable car, I never have to worry if it's going to take me where I want to go.

I like that it is a station wagon and has more room in the back than a lot of suvs. It's pretty and drives great.The only complaint is that I did have to replace the transmission already and I do not yet have 100,000 miles on it.

- Jyl P

It gets good mileage and I can carry a lot of things in the hatchback.

I like the mileage I get with my focus, 28 mpg. I like the color and the look of my focus. My car is a hatchback which allows me to transport bigger items. My car is a four door which allows me to comfortably carry four people.

- Diana K

If anyone else is going to drive it, that person should know to be careful with the gear shift since the button is loose.

My car runs well and has for a long time - over ten years. I have not had any major issues with it. It does have a current problem with the gear shift. The button is loose and I have to be careful that it doesn't fall off.

- Tonya C

It never failed me, it started after months unused in cold weather.

I like that it has manual transmission, it is reliable and always starts, even after months unused. I also like the big trunk. I dislike that it is small and, having two doors it is difficult to put the baby in the car seat.

- Maria M

To open the back passenger side door you have to pull the handle hard.

I like that it is a small car with a great turning radius. I also like that I have had few to no mechanical problems since I got the car. I also love the color. My one complaint is that the air conditioning is underwhelming.

- Allison F

Great overall gas mileage.

I like that it gets great gas mileage for a gas powered car. The acceleration is decent because it doesn't take long to get to highway speeds. I don't like that the driver's side window motor has broken a couple of times.

- Lisa W

How to change the tire on the car.

I enjoy the color and the bass allowed in thru the speakers. I disliked that I had to replace car parts and they were hard to find. I also do not like that my car does not have leather seats although I love the sunroof.

- Stephanie M

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it has low gas mileage.

I like that my car is still dependable even though I have a lot of miles on it. I dislike that my knob to switch which air vent is being used is broken. I also do not like that I only have 1 plug in area for charging.

- Jessica K

It gets great gas mileage. You don't have to spend a lot of money to fill it up and the gas seems to last for a good amount of time.

I like that it's small. I don't like that it doesn't have a lot of power to get me up hills. I like that it doesn't cost too much to fill the gas tank up. I don't like that the air conditioner doesn't work right away.

- Michelle S

Not the best vehicle I ever owned

car doesn't run smoothly, is small, lights on console are only half lit, back window driver's side is broke. Car isn't comfortable...but it does get the job done by getting me places. Wouldn't recommend this car

- Tina W

My little red Ford Focus is a great car I use everyday, and can tough it out.

My car is a very strong car. Lasting a very long time through my mother driving it for several years as well as me for the last few. I have had almost no problems with it, and the ones I did were easy to fix.

- Lisa M

It is fun to drive and handles well.good gas mileage looks like a sports car I would recommend it to anyone I know.

The 2018 Ford Focus is fun to drive and offers a comfortable ride. It also has a solid safety score and an above-average predicted reliability rating, which help it finish in the top third of our class rankings.

- Daniel G

Ford Focus sedan 2007 great mileage

I've had pretty good luck with it besides it is starting to rust. It is great on gas! It's been very reliable. It is sporty looking with a sunroof and all power windows. It's comfortable but small for children.

- Alexander L

It does not take hills and mountains a full speed, you have to be careful.

The car is a little older, so it is lacking in technology like Bluetooth capability. Overall, the car has had some mechanical problems but is fairly reliable. It is a very comfortable size for multiple people.

- Desire S

This little Focus is reliable and a very good car for quick, short drives. I would prefer a mid-size for long trips

Focus has great pick up and drives very well. The fuel economy is pretty good. The only thing that I dislike is the size. It is compact and probably would have purchased a 4-door, had I purchased it myself.

- Rebecca C

10+ y.o. Focus falling apart

brake lines have worn and it makes squeaking noises. other parts are falling off, vents/heater no longer changes between feet/face/defrost (stuck in defrost) overall working fine for a 10+ year old car

- Jess J

I will buy another focus again when I have to buy another car.

It is a great car. Totally reliable and comfortable. Never had any issues with it that are not normal. Car was bought new, driven from az to ct where I live now. Has just about 65, 000 miles on it now.

- Sarah L

I think it is a good first car, but not great for adult.

The car drives fine, but the reliability is not good. It has major issues every few months. The features are pretty basic to. For example, the cup holders are awful and seats could be more comfortable.

- Rebecca W

it is very dependable and very well built

It was bought used and with very low mileage, it is basic transportation and is very dependable, I like it very much as it suits my lifestyle, I do not have any complaints about it, a very good car

- Elaine S

It has hands free so you are not using your phone.

My 2007 Ford focus is great on gas. It is old and small but it is so reliable I have had very little problems with it. My air conditioning works pretty good, it has handled a lot of rough roads.

- Victoria F

An interesting detail is that it has a sunroof

I drive a 2007 model Ford Focus. I really like it. It drives very smooth, all the amenities (radio, lights, AC, heat) work very well. The seats are very comfortable. I would recommend this car.

- Lily M

It's a station wagon. There aren't many station wagons made anymore, including newer Ford Focus.

I love the fuel economy. I love the storage space. I don't like that the trunk sometimes doesn't want to stay closed. Sometimes I don't like that it's a bit small in legroom for other people

- shannon t

It is great for when you are on a budget.

It has great gas mileage, yet it can also haul 3 passengers. I don't really care for the color (tan). I wish it was red. Going on 60000 mile marker, I have only had to replace brakes thus far.

- Jeremy P

It's a reliable vehicle that requires minimum upkeep.

I like that my vehicle is reliable. I also like that it does not have electric windows. I do not like the traction it gets on wet roads. The slightest bit of rain and it starts to hydroplane.

- Audrey F

Great sound and gas mileage.

I like that the car has good gas mileage from what I can tell. I love the sound system with surrounding speakers. However the car tends to break down often with as the mileage has increased.

- Maria C

Reliable, has good mileage, and is quite peppy. It's fun to drive.

My car has had problems with the heating and cooling system controls that is extremely annoying. The control keeps getting stuck and breaking, which is not great in hot or cold weather.

- Beverly K

It is my husband's car and we use it more than my van.

I don't like that it is such a small car. The part of the heater/A/C control that directs where the air goes doesn't work. And it is only a 5 passenger car that fits 5 people snugly.

- Luann Z

Fuel economical but high maintenance.

I like the gas mileage but it seems to need a lot of repairs. Brake cylinders and ball bearings. It is size is handy. It handles nicely but the ride is not smooth like a bigger car.

- Christine O

I strongly recommend ford focus. Very economical car

I have had my car, which I bought used, for eight years. I have never had any problems with it and it is good on gas mileage. No major repairs. Very easy to get around in traffic.

- Anne H

The car has very good gas mileage.

Good in snow but old and does not have automatic windows or locks. Its pretty old so it does not run that great. I would love to have Bluetooth or an auxiliary input in this car.

- Lydia W

The headlights are not automatic. There's a dial to turn them on or off.

It is a really great car, for how old it is. It is comfortable and fits five people easily. The mileage is also pretty good. It gets me from point A to point B in a smooth ride.

- Katrina L

It is an inexpensive vehicle that gets fantastic gas mileage and is cheap to fix

I like that my vehicle gets outstanding gas mileage. It is an older vehicle but still has a new car feel. It does not have a/c which should forever be a standard in vehicles.

- Jon B

It's not a luxury car, but it does have features that I like , great smaller vehicle.

This is my second Focus. I like the reliability and appearance of the car. Just perform regular maintenance , it has 112,000 miles, will be sad when I have to buy a new car.

- Theresa C

Nothing other than it is paid for. It gets good gas mileage if they are interested in purchasing one.

I have had the car too long to still like it it as much as I did when it was new...plus the bad memories outweigh the good. It also has a number of scratches and minor dents.

- Scorpion M

It is very high mileage and is reliable. It is amazing.

I love that this amazing little car has over 250000 miles on it and it runs perfectly. I love this little reliable car. Everyone did their job correctly the day it was built.

- Barb H

If you take care of it like getting oil changes and tires and fix things before they get to bad it will last

I like the color and the gas mileage. I like that I haven't had to have any major repairs. I don't like the sounds that it's starting to make and how expensive the tires are

- debra W

It is 11 years old and has 150,000 miles!

I have owned my car for 11 years and almost 150,000 miles. I like that it hasn't needed many repairs, besides regular maintenance. I dislike that it has very basic features.

- Angela M

It is reliable. Has great gas mileage. Easy to get in and out of parking lots.

Has great gas mileage. Wish it was more tech savvy. Has no Bluetooth. Only has radio/cd player. Have had to replace vent selector mechanism twice now. Keeps getting stuck.

- Erika Y

It is really stingy with gas!

It is a hatchback, which has helped my with running a small craft business. I can load up my materials, and drive comfortably. It is stingy with gas which saves me money.

- emb d

Ford Focus review love it

I love the Ford Focus it is very easy to drive, great reliability and gas. The only issue I have is sometimes getting in and out of the vehicle as it is low to the ground

- Lexi C

My car has yet to have any major malfunctions and can reliable get you where you need to be.

It's a reliable car that has never given me any trouble. I like that I have been able to depend on it. I don't think it's a particularly interesting or excited vehicle.

- Derrick B

Great gas mileage and reliable.

Great gas mileage, not much upkeep and when there is, it is minimal and fairly affordable. Universal make, so finding parts are easy and a dealership is usually close.

- Sarah M

It is very cheap on gas and very reliable I like it

It is reliable but the heat doesn't work but it gets good gas mileage n gets me from a to b sometimes it shakes on the interstate and one of the back doors wont open

- Cody J

Great cargo space for a small car.

It is a good reliable vehicle. While it is small the fact that it has a good size trunk and rear seats that fold flat to allow us to transport large items is great.

- Shannon P

Mileage has rolled over but still purrs like a kitten.

My complaint would be the shifter at times jumps and pinches my hand. A positive would be it's lasted all this time with few issues. Ford hasn't steered me wrong.

- Samantha B

My Ford focus has four doors, which is great for picking up kids.

I have had no problems with my car, knock on wood!! Its looks great and it is very well built. I do not know if they are still making the Ford focus but hope so!!

- Robin O

The car is rather sporty for the price

The car is great on mileage and looks sporty. Have had some issues with the air conditioning not blowing cold air all the time, but other than that i like the car

- Scott K

very little car repairs very little maintenance highly recommend this care to anyone it has outlasted any car i have ever owned

i bought this car in 2007 the maintenance on this car has been very low the beat car i have ever owned when i get ready to buy a new car it will be a ford focus


It has great game mileage. It is bad in the snow but otherwise an amazin vehicle

My vehicle isn't fashionable but it get the job done. I really like it because it has great gas mileage. The speakers are bad but I can put me ones in if I want.

- Reece L

It holds a lot of memories for me because I have trusted it to take me numerous places near and far.

My ford focus has been a very durable car without a lot of mechanical issues requiring extensive fixing. It's quiet and rides smoothly as well as very spacious.

- Taylor L

It's Small and easy to park. It's good on gas! Not recommended for tall people.

I like that it is a small car. I wish it was newer. Things keep needing to be fixed and tg AC sucks. Still It's decent on gas and it gets me where I need to go.

- Caitt C

Very reliable everyday vehicle.

Have owned this vehicle since 2010. One major problem was having to replace the alternator. I am a low mileage driver and this vehicle has had minimal problems.

- Ron V

It is easy to maintain, but some parts are expensive to replace.

I like the millage it gets. It is a well built car. It is a hatchback with plenty space. It handles well on turns. The dashboard lights are not bright enough.

- Charles H

It has a huge trunk and you can fit a lot inside of it! Lots of room.

I like it cause its good on gas. I like cause. It's a 5 speed. I dislike it cause. The AC is out. I dislike it cause it small. I like it. Cause it's paid off.

- Dawn C

Its kiwi green and only have seen a few others with the same color.

Replaced alternator 3 times since buying new, not very quiet inside when driving. Stereo CD player quit working, shocks for trunk broke and it shuts heavily.

- Tabs M

The Grey Focus that everyone still has

Runs great. Great gas mileage and has had few problems. Lots of storage for a small car. Not really comfortable for more than two people to ride in however.

- Dominic M

It should be reliable first and foremost.

To begin with it is quite old. More than 10 years. It's starting to fall apart and rust. I can't afford a new one so I'll just make due with the one I have.

- Matthew V

You got to pull the handle hard to get in.

The only thing I don't like about it is that it is loud and vibrates when I drive. It gets good mileage though. I like the color its like an electric blue.

- Amber L

It is a great gas saver.

There is nothing wrong with my car I absolutely love it. It's a great gas saver. My has a sunroof. It's a great little car perfect for my family of four.

- Kristin O

It's an affordable vehicle and easy to drive!

It's easy to maneuver and the gas mileage is terrific. It's getting older now, however, and therefore is prone to have problems that need to be repaired.

- Samuel H

Dependable reliable great on gas.

Very reliable good on gas mileage not as roomy as I would like it to be but is comfortable. Haven't had any maintenance problems has held up really well.

- Amanda M

It's a good deal for what you get.

It is very dependable. Good gas mileage. Pretty color. Has all the features I need. I am short in stature, so everything is located conveniently for Mr.

- Nancy K

It lasts forever! My brother had it in 2007. I got it in 2013, I'm honestly really bad with keeping up general maintenance and it it still running smoothly.

I love this car because it has been very reliable. It does very well with gas too. I don't really have any complaints, it has nice features for the year

- Brianna P

It has served me well for 11 years so far.

I like it because it has been running excellent. I have not had any problems with it. The only complaint is that the a/c is going to fail any time soon.

- Edward B

The Ford Focus is an affordable, reliable car.

Steering wheel fluid needs to be checked it makes a weird noise when I turn, tires need to be checked, air conditioning works but needs to be improved.

- Kathryn E

I love my car, and I hope that it'll be a long time before I have to get a new one. I have no problems with it.

It's very dependable. I've had it for around six years and still don't see the need to get a new car. It also has good mileage and a nice-sized trunk.

- Caroline J

Good for daily use, lots of room in the trunk of you need that!

I like my vehicle, it gets me place to place and it is very roomy. It is over ten years old now though and it is starting to fall apart a little bit.

- Alexis P

Aux port sucks. Rest of car is great

Love it. Reliable. My one complaint is that the aux port doesn't work. I'd have to spend several hundred dollars to install something to make it work

- Eva M

Focus hatchback. Would recommend.

I have driven this car for 10 years and have had very few service issues. Any issues I have had have been resolved quickly and with little trouble.

- Kaitlyn P

It is a reliable, long-lasting car if you do the regular maintenance that is required with any vehicle.

It gets me from point A to point B with little problems. The gas mileage is fair. It doesn't have many bells and whistles but it gets the job done.

- Katie M

Gas mileage Is amazing!!! This car goes forever on a single tank.

This car is great on gas, But it's a real pain to fill the tank, or roll the windows down, and the radio doesn't work...... But it's great on gas!!

- rebecca r

The doors all stick, so you have to basically yank them open.

Car has a lot of miles on it and is starting to perform like it. Shakes and rattles a lot. Makes a lot of noise. Generally not enjoyable to drive.

- Jeff C

Great car. Bought used and still runs like new.

Car runs smoothly. Easy to start in cold weather, and really good on gas. The radio and cd player work better then expect for the size of the car.

- Toni A

It is very reliable in starting .

My ford is very fuel efficient. I have had no major repairs performed on it since it was purchased. It is easy to handle in all kinds of weather.

- dyann C

It is fast to drive, and it takes corners very smoothly.

I love my little ford focus because it is dependable. I also love driving it because it is fast. I like the gray color and the inside is stylish.

- Krista S

The fact that it does get good gas mileage but it rides loud.

It gets good gas mileage but it is hard to put in Freon. It is comfortable but it rides loud. Good thing you never have to change the air filter.

- Kristi A

That year was one of the best years for a focus.

No complaints. I love my focus. I have kept it like it runs new. It has been a very good car for me and I will probably keep it for a long time.


Small Focus with a lot of pep.

It has 137000 miles on it and it runs great. I have driven it for a year with no major problems. It has pep and handles well. I love driving it.

- Kevin M

It is a manual transmission. It only came in four colors.

It is the sty model - better engine and exhaust than other models. Short-throw shifter is great. Could use a bit more power. It is fun to drive.

- John H

It is more roomy than it actually looks.

I like my focus because it is small but not too small. The trunk is large. I feel I can plan on it going 250,000 miles because my last one did.

- Jill H

Reliable and great gas mileage.

Great performance, reliable. Had to have driver's side door fixed, it would not open from the outside. A small wire inside the door had broken.

- Emma H

Very Reliable Comfortable Car

Excellent very reliable car. I have over 200,000 miles on my 2007 Focus and it is still running great. I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Jason H

Great gas mileage! Love the hatchback and rear folding seats.

I love the gas mileage that I get. It's just the right size for me and my young grandchildren, but can only comfortably carry one other adult.

- Paula M

It looks worse than when it runs. But it's a car and it does its job.

I like my car its reliable but it's starting to get old. And now makes noises from it being older. So it's good to drive but not fun to drive.

- Jessie L

Gas mileage is high. I have had my Ford for close to a decade.

It has almost 125,000 miles and has never had any problems of any kind. We've never had to have any work done other than routine maintenance.

- Kelly P

It is reliable and gets good gas mileage.

I like that my car gets good gas mileage and is small and compact, but it does not have any updated features, such as power windows or locks.

- Kelsey P

The car is running just as good as it was the day I bought it. It is fundamentally an amazing car.

My Focus has been an excellent vehicle to commute to work in. It has great gas mileage and amazing handling. It has been going for 11 years.

- Chris M

Good for Grandkids sports - equipment fits in the back - groceries, etc. Very pleased with the vehicle

Great Vehicle. Plenty of storage space. Comfortable Seats Great mileage; good on gas. Medium size - no major problems; regular check ups.

- Mikki B

It is fairly decent on gas.

I am not liking how small it is for my family of four. The place I bought it from is overcharging. What I like is it is fairly good on gas.

- Shannon A

It has great gas efficiency for its size and weight. Very versatile for farm use.

It gets great gas mileage, is a comfortable ride & drives well.. I wish it was newer & had better front seats, but it does have low miles.

- Ja J

Fun to drive and it gets good mileage.

I use it a lot to carry stuff and for camping. It is also great for taking vacation. It gets good mileage and it is comfortable to drive.

- Cheryl J

It gets pretty decent gas mileage, especially when traveling long distances.

It can be a bit cramped for longer road trips, but it is easy to drive and park. I love driving it everywhere and will continue to do so.

- Brittany L

Review of my ford focus car

I have been driving my ford focus 2007 for over 10 years and I have not had any problems with it, other than the occasional tire blowout.

- brena e

No frills. No power locks, windows. Like it that way.

Reasonably good mileage needing few repairs. Good headroom in front seat very reliable even in poor weather. Comfortable for a small car.

- Charles M

Very Reliable & Great Mileage!

It has been reliable, hasn't broken down since I got the car. Has heated seats which I love and I feel like it gets really good mileage.

- Michelle K

That it starts up every single time.

It was a lot of miles. The bumper is cracked and being held by a bungee cord. It only gets 22 miles per hour. I do like it's blue color.

- Kenneth B

Over ten years old but still very steady and reliable.

The biggest problem is that the air conditioning has issues and every year we have to take it into the shop and get new Freon installed.

- Philip A

Not a fancy luxury car but it meets all your transportation needs.

It's a simple car that meets my transportation needs. I don't like the cup holders, though. Other than that, it has been a reliable car.

- Michaela R

It gets very good mileage and does not burn a lot of gas even though it is peppy and can keep up with traffic.

It is a good vehicle but it is not as durable as other brands. I would not purchase another Ford again. I will go with Honda or Toyota.

- Katherine W

It's a beater. I am planning to upgrade soon to something more reliable with more features.

I like the size and efficiency. It is easy to drive and park and easy on gas. But it is also kind of flimsy and it isn't that reliable.

- Anah v

An important thing others should know about my car is that it is reliable.

I like that my vehicle has a nice style. I like that it has a lot of trunk space... I dislike that my vehicle is lower to the ground..

- Shannon K

It is great on gas and will save you lots of money.

It is reliable. It is great on gas mileage. It was all the features that I want. It also has great heat and has never disappointed me.

- Mary J

While not fancy, it is reliable car with good gas mileage.

I think the Ford Focus is a good little car which gets great gas mileage. It is not really deluxe but it is reliable and functional.

- Rhonda A

It is a safe car and has never had any issues.

Nice car with good gas mileage. Low miles on car and has no accidents or mechanical or engine problems. Only had one previous owner.

- Stephanie N

It's gray. It doesn't have any running problems, and gets you to where you need to go.

It has some dings on it and the upholstery is coming apart on my seat, but it has been dependable and gets me to where I need to go.

- Naomi B

Gets me where I need to go.

The car drives fine but has had multiple issues over the years. Most of the interior is cheap and plastic and rattles all the time.

- amy g

My car handles well considering how big it is.

The vehicle is good on gas and do not require a lot of maintenance. It is stylish, reliable and affordable. It just works for me.

- Unique C

I don't like silver for a color but it works for right now. I like smaller cars and it fits that category perfectly ( with enough room for a carseat and booster seat). It works great for longer and shorter trips for the day or a weekend.

It's a smaller car because that's what I prefer. I want to get seat covers in a design that's different from what I usually like.

- Monica W

Small compact lost of room big truck security system.

No problems at all. I love my car. Very small compact car I have two toddlers and there is still room it has a big trunk as well.

- Kayla D