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The 2008 ford focus was the best purchase I made. Low maintenance and reliable.

I bought my car brand new in 2008. I cannot complain about this vehicle at all. I absolutely love this car. I have had no issues besides having the weather stripping replaced per the recall. This was done on all 4 windows with no further issues I completed regular maintenance on the vehicle oil changes, tire rotation, brakes as needed. Gas mileage is great on this vehicle typically I am getting 32 mpg city with some highway. Longer highway trips I have been in the 40s. The car is comfortable and for a compact car can fit more than you would think. The trunk is larger than I expected and being able to fold down the seats helps to make larger items easier to transport. The only complaint I have about the vehicle is the cloth seat material is extremely hard to vacuum. I own two dogs and no matter what I have tried vacuum wise their hair is weaved into the seats and carpeting. Overall, I would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a compact car as it has been a reliable vehicle with low maintenance.

- Nicole M

Love my Ford Focus. Lots of fun to drive.

My vehicle is a manual transmission which I love. It is fun to drive and I average 34 mpg. I have a 13 gallon tank, and love that there is a “miles to empty” feature. When it reads empty I usually add about 11 gallons in, so I feel comfortable driving it a bit longer before getting to the gas station. I do not do this often, but like that it is there. An annoyance is that the trunk only opens with the key or the button on the key fob. I wish there was a trunk release button on the dash. The only thing I truly dislike about my Focus is the rear view mirror. It is an automatic night vision that I cannot adjust. It is a low riding vehicle and sometimes in daylight I will get a truck or SUV behind me with super bright lights on and my only option to not be blinded is to move the mirror so I cannot see it at all. Also, the Bluetooth microphone is behind the mirror in the window side, so if it is raining I cannot use the Bluetooth feature. If I could change one feature this would be the first.

- Amy F

The Focus when it was in it is prime.

This car is very comfortable to drive and extremely reliable, it is the car I learned how to drive stick in. It is held up through that and multiple trips across the country. It is getting on in years and miles and there's a problem developing with the transmission but it is still drivable. The sync works okay but the car came out when sync was just starting out in cars so it can be a little user unfriendly before you get to know the system. The car handles snow and ice like a pro, even when the tires are not so great. All the extra interior stuff still works great for a 10 year old car (lights, heated seats, sunroof, etc. ). You cannot go wrong with the older Focuses, they are great vehicles.

- Terry B

One of the details that I love about this car is that it does very well on gas.

I really like my Ford focus because it is very reliable and it is very easy to fix. The one thing that does displeases me is that it doesn't pick up speed as fast as I would like it to. It almost feels like if it is pulling something behind it or something but, other than that it is an awesome car and I would recommend this car to anyone that wants a car that saves gas. Oh, that is another thing that I love about this car. It does very well on gas. I mean, I could fill the tank and I will not have to put more gas for another couple of days! Yup, that is how good this four cylinder does on gas. It is an awesome and safe care. ! Buy one, you will not regret it!

- Andrew G

Ford focus se review and why I enjoy it.

I enjoy my vehicle, it has over 100 thousand miles and no issues since purchasing it. The only issue I can name is that the vehicle tends to shake when at a stop light or stop sign or when in park. The mechanic who checked it didn't mention anything negative regarding it though. The only issue with performance is that the car tends to sometimes resist speeding up especially on the freeway. It will jump a little bit when you try to get it to jump and take its time speeding up. It is a very reliable and gas efficient car. The seats are comfortable, there are not a lot of features.

- Katherine C

My highlight of this car was the gas mileage because I drive a lot.

I never had a ford before so when I seen that red fusion shining in the sun it just caught my eye. The test drive was like riding on pillows. The speed was the best part of the ride. I could feel the power underneath my foot that I knew tickets was coming lol. The radio was amazing for a factory radio that I did not have to take it out and put in my own. However, when needing tires they did cost me because of the size but well worth it for the gas mileage that it gave me specially on the highway. This is one car that I would love to own again.

- Nina A

Focus on function: reliable performance with just the right amount of comfort and extras

This is a very functional vehicle, perfect for commuting and for younger drivers. It's performed well with no serious repair issues for 10 years, and has handled over 100k miles without complaint. It does not accelerate quickly, but it gets there. It doesn't handle inclines as well as it used to, but again, it can do it if you listen to the car and ease off the gas. I've really enjoyed the digital display of average miles/gallon as well as how many miles remain in the gas tank. It's a basic car, but it's got plenty of function.

- Kaitlin C

Get up and go, almost like a sports car!

The 2008 Ford focus has a lot of awesome features. For an example, it has a USB drive reader, where you can listen to all your music if you have it uploaded to a flash drive. It also has an auxiliary output, so you have the option to listen to your music that way as well. The get up and go with this car feels like a sports car, even though it is not. And for being nearly a 11 year old vehicle, it feels as though it is a new one. My husband and I are very happy with this car.

- Brittany D

A great little car with a nice CD player option.

I think the Ford Focus is a pretty reliable car in general. I think it is sturdy and safe. I do think the tires wear a little easy as I have been having some tire pressure with them, but they are the original tires so they are long over due for new ones. It is a very comfortable car for me to drive, especially being smaller. I love that mine still has a CD player but also has the AUX ability. Overall, it is a great little car. The trunk space is also really great!

- Madeline D

Only 1 thing that is not perfect.

I love my 2008 Ford Focus! It is quiet, runs really smooth, accelerates nicely, everything works great on it. The only issue I have had is the airbag light came on, when they checked the code for that light it came back saying that there's a short between the two switches that tell the airbag if someone is sitting in the front passenger seat and if they weigh enough, so the airbag is always off. Otherwise I have not had any issues with my 2008 Ford Focus.

- Lori F

This vehicle has been very good and reliable to me, up until the last 2 years.

The bumper has been replaced 2 times already from being rear ended and now a third one is needed from being rear ended again. I have replaced the tires many times. When I first got the car I complained the alarm was going off for no reason and took it to the dealer at least twice with no resolve, still going off now. Within the last 2 years I have repaired the air conditioning, new brakes, power steering repairs, and many more I cannot remember.

- Michelle T

I love my manual 2008 Ford Focus.

I love my 2008 Ford Focus. It is manual transmission, has a cool chrome piece in front of the front doors, and I have had it for 4 years with no issues. It was my learner vehicle, and an important feature I think is the fact that I can see the front end of my car, which helped when I was learning how to park. I have blue tooth, which allows me to listen to my YouTube radio in the car. It gets good gas mileage, too, at 31 mpg.

- Joseph D

Spacious for a small vehicle.

My vehicle has been very reliable and with routine maintenance has not cost a fortune for repairs or inspections. It is a small car but it does not feel like you are really low to the ground and it has a very spacious trunk. The biggest issue is that I have had kids since purchasing this vehicle and we have outgrown it. The seats are comfortable but the headrests are in a strange position which makes it a bit uncomfortable.

- Jennifer M

Great vehicle for any person or family that wants a reliable car.

I purchased the Ford Focus with 200 miles back in 2008. It is been a great car for our family it is our commuter car to and from work. It is great on gas and haven't had any major mechanical problems except our ac going out last year. We've driven it as far as Florida and back to California. Overall a great vehicle for someone not looking for all the luxury and more economical vehicles that is reliable and good on gas.

- Janet R

2008 Ford focus se sedans.

Very reliable vehicle. I purchased it used with approximately 100, 000 miles. It has 172, 000 miles currently and I have only had to do routine maintenance. It is good on gas and has decent power for its class. It is the se model. I am 6'4" and I find it comfortable to drive, although there's very little room for anyone who has to sit behind me. Though, I had four people in the car multiple times. I would buy another.

- Terence K

The Ford motor company has not recalled the electrical defects.

After research, the Ford Focus vehicles have had lots of electrical problems, starting problems as well. The outcome of these 2 major problems is that the Ford company is not owning up to these issues therefore no recalls have been done on the Ford Focus. These issues seems to be from 2004 - 2012. Not real sure but I believe it is affecting consumers up to a decade of manufacturing these defects in the Ford Focus.

- Carla M

Great mileage. Small gas tank - lower cost to fill tank.

Great mileage around town as well as on highways. We use this vehicle to go on vacation and it is comfortable for both my husband and I. My husband is over 6 foot tall and I am a little over 5 feet tall. The one disadvantage is that there are more and more SUVs and larger vehicles. Because of this, when traffic is at a standstill and you are behind a larger vehicle, it is difficult to see what is going on.

- Carol L

Key points of the ford focus.

I love my car. I have not had any problems with it, except when I needed an oil change, the gas is always getting sucked up. But other than that, it's a reliable car with no issues. Seats are comfortable. The features are great. I do wish the back seats were a little bigger, since I have 3 children. It gets cramped back there for them sometimes. And also, I don't like that there is no cruise control.

- Darlene P

It may not win any races or haul a big load, but it'll get you from A to B as cheap as possible.

The thing I enjoy most is the gas mileage, and how easy it is to fill the tank. I also really like how big the trunk is for such a small car. Having 4 instead of 2 doors is also a plus with me. Dislikes would include the CD player not working, which is a very minor thing with my personal vehicle. More space for cargo would be nice sometimes, but kind of takes away from all the pros of it.

- Justin S

Like the chrome design on the front fenders. Made it look classy and not plain.

Haven't had any real problems with this car, beside the normal wear and tear. It a very comfortable. It is little small back seat for grown -ups. It maybe okay for small children. It is a very nice looking. Performance and reliability is out standing. We live where the weather get really cold and it would start every time. Never had to worry. Handle nicely on any type of road conditions.

- Cathy V

My car gets very good gas mileage.

I love that it is a manual transmission and fun to drive. Great gas mileage. I also really like that the gas gauge has a countdown in miles to empty... I hate that the rear view mirror is automatic and not adjustable. I sometimes have a hard time when trucks and SUVS have bright headlights on during the day... I wish there was a trunk button inside the car, not just on the key fob..

- Amu F

Good car aside from poor driving in bad weather.

My Ford Focus is an older car but it is reliable and without many problems. The upkeep is simple and minimal. There is an issue with the air conditioning that I haven't had fixed because I do not find it much of an inconvenience although I am sure it would not be too expensive. The only note I have is that this car is not good to drive in bad weather, snow, rain, or otherwise.

- Lauren L

The car is very reliable and doesn't break down often, but when it does it is expensive to fix.

I don't like the headrest. I can't keep my head far enough back to be comfortable. The whole car rattles when idling. The sway bars went months after the 3 year warranty expired. The car hasn't need many repairs, but each repair has been outrageously expensive. I had to replace a rim once and it was over $400. A very small part in the driver's door cost over $100 to replace.

- Hillary C

The Ford focus is a simply designed vehicle with many optimal features.

Performance had been good. The problems have included the battery, which I have had to replace twice, the ac system, the tires, and the axles that hold the tires. Its exterior features are sleek and modern. It has a stylish, yet simplified look to it. I loved the pretty kiwi green color that was used for the body. The fabric seats were nice, especially on a hot, summer day.

- Leslie K

My vehicle is reliable, great on gas, and an overall safe car!

My Ford Focus is a reliable car. I bought it from a Ford dealership almost 10 years ago. I am someone that always has a 20-45 minute commute to work, so I need a car that is good on gas. It only takes 30 to fill my car up and I get almost 275 miles until empty every time. I have recently been having mechanical issues after 10 years and over 150, 000 miles put on this car.

- Ora C

My baby blue ford focus is my baby.

My vehicle has been handed down to me by my mother, so it is in no means perfect. Prior to starting the car, it shakes like a go cart, but that will be an easy fix. The car is a bit small in the backseat but very comfortable for the driver and passenger. The radio has CD and aux features. This car is very reliable to get me to work and is fairly good at conserving gas.

- Rai W

Amazing car, reliable and has cheap fixes!

When first buying the car, there are few small problems we had. Some of the engine mounts weren�t sturdy enough, so we had to replace them. It luckily was a cheap fix and helped with a small banging noise coming from the car. All in all, though, the Ford focus is a great car. It is reliable and good on gas. I think we get a full tank on just $20, give or take.

- Nicole C

We've got 236, 000 miles on it and it still runs like a top.

For a compact car, the focus is really comfortable, but not much room in the back for passengers. Gas mileage is terrific and the handling is great. One odd problem is when you open the back windows for a little air, there's an awful thudding that is relieved only by opening the front windows some, which defeats the purpose of a little air without a wind tunnel.

- Betty R

Great gas mileage and audio features.

It is a great little car with excellent gas mileage. It is still running great at nearly 200,000 miles with only minor issues over the years. The size is great for just me, wouldn't really accommodate kids, the back is kind of small. I love the aux port feature so I can play music from my phone if I choose to. I find it a comfortable car, but I am also smaller.

- Megan R

Reliable, perfect size car with a lot of pep in the engine.

It is a small and comfortable car. The ride is smooth and quiet. It has a fast pick up. There decent amount of space for large items. The back seats fold down. No major problems, just routine maintenance and wear and tear. It does not have cruise control which is one thing I wish it had. It is an simple, reliable economic car. I would get another Ford Focus.

- Jessica J

Reliable, great gas mileage, but small

The gas mileage is amazing, but its so small that with a growing family it just doesn't work for us anymore. I have never had anything go seriously wrong with it though and I've had it about 5 years now. As a small 4 cylinder though it is quite noisy and a recurring issue with it is that the engine mounts break and rattle. It's been very reliable otherwise

- Terri D

Ford Focus: reliable, functional and dependable.

I like my car because it is compact and easy to park. It is easy to drive and it has a nice appearance. It is a good car, it runs well and has not given me any trouble even though it was a pre owned vehicle. I also like the fact that it has manual door locks and windows, because I feel safer it also has very comfortable seats and handles well on the road.

- Lisa B

Huge trunk very dependable.

No problems been reliable just doesn't hug curves now living in tn. Great gas mileage perfect for new drivers. Not a lot of legroom if really tall in backseat. Can hold 4 adults and car seat. Back Seats fold down can actually put adult bike in and shut trunk. Lots of space for size. Bought car used and have no complaints. Been a very dependable vehicle.

- Dara S

Do not buy Ford Focus they are no good.

Steering is always messing up. Have to get the steering pump replaced again! Axel is making this weird noise about to break. And having to constantly change hub bearings they make an awful loud noise I have had the car about a year now and it was just a bad experience with this car. Second time I have owned a Ford Focus and both were bad experience.

- Amanda E

Reliable and easy to own.

There is a lot of engine vibration which has lead to repeated replacement of the engine mounts. Otherwise it is a fantastic car, gets great gas mileage and makes me super happy to drive it. We've not had to have any other major repairs done on it. We buy new motor mounts on amazon and it takes about 30 minutes for my husband to replace them himself.

- Lauren F

This model is one of the most basic, has automatic windows.

Great on gas mileage, a nice little car for a single person or a college student. The backseat is a little cramped but the seat pulls out flat for more room for storage and access to the trunk. Have had to replace the part where the key goes to start car. It gets stuck, sometimes won't turn on unless you jiggle it. It's probably the most annoying.

- Steph F

2008 ford focus 11 years old and still runs great!

I bought my focus brand new in 2008. This is a very reliable car. I have done regular maintenance, replaced a few parts and it is still runs great! On the con side all the door handles have stopped working at some point and replacements parts are difficult to find. Other than that I love this car and I would definitely buy another focus again!

- Sadie M

The most important thing others should know about the vehicle that the Ford Focus 2008 SES might not be conformable compared to other vehicles and it isn't what some people consider a "fun" car. This is a perfect car to drive to and from work.

The thing I like about my ford focus is that it is a family car that can carry up to 5 people and still get good mileage. The vehicle was a cheap purchase and is perfect to drive to work. The thing I dislike about it is that parts are plastic inside and break easily. I always have to do work on it every couple months but the parts are cheap.

- Kai H

The Focus I think has plenty of room for a sedan, if you only one person uses it. The engine vibrates a lot more than other models which could bother some people at first but can get used to over time. It is not very powerful as the vehicle will be very slow at accelerating. the mileage seems to be quite average or a bit above average. From my experience, the Focus with the full tank can run for about 8 hours or about 400mi without stopping. It is as comfortable as every other common car so if you do not like sitting for a while, you will not find it to be very comfortable.

One most important thing to know about is details about vibrations. I would guess it has to do with the motor mount but replacing it can be expensive and complicated. I have heard that it is common with the Focus but it should not be a problem most of the time. One should still get it diagnosed before letting it untouched just in case.

- Hayato N

My car is something I worked hard for am take pride in it. I love it!

I love how it's great on gas mileage, I love the fact that I got it in a manual drive, the compact small sedan is great as I have had mostly larger cars, the color is great and has a ton of cup holders. I love the seats upholstery and the color and easy to clean. The color of the dashboard is awesome, I just love it all the way around.

- Jackey T

The most dependable vehicle on the road.

This 2008 ford focus se is probably the most fuel efficient and dependable vehicle I have ever owned. Not to mention the vehicle is relatively cheap and easy to work on if your handy with a wrench. But the most appealing for me was the cosmetics of the car. The car looks really sporty but it also has the room for a fairly large family.

- Daniel H

It runs very well and has had no major issues in 10 years other than normal wear and tear

I love my little Ford Focus. It is a good car to get to wear I need to be. We have had it for almost 10 years and other than occasionally having to put brakes and the normal things on it like tires, we have had no issues with it! The only thing I would say I dislike about it is how small it is. It is not a good car for a road trip

- Kristen H

It gets great gas mileage, especially on the highway.

What I appreciate most about my car is its gas mileage (30-something miles/gallon around town and at 40 miles/gallon on the highway). It's large enough to transport several people (with luggage) at a time, but small enough to make city parking relatively easy. It's old and outdated, but it should keep me going for a long while yet.

- Jessica B

A nice long drive vehicle.

There are not very many factory problems, just. A few. Poor lasting performance with air conditioner. Lights do not seem to last very long until you have to replace them. The roomy interior makes for comfortable, long drives. The mid size of the vehicle makes for tight spots easier to handle. Over all, a nice mid size vehicle.

- Dwight B

Not the best but it still gets me from a to b.

Rattled when I drive over bumps in the road. Repairmen can never find anything wrong so I just have to live with it. Interior is not the best quality. My door handle broke once for no reason. Pieces of plastic pop off sometimes. Just overall quality is not great. I have issues with the tires. The car shakes when I drive 60 mph.

- Erika M

Red Ford Focus with a lot of mileage.

It is a reliable car for a single person. As someone who is married, the trunk space is a little small. I am always comfortable while driving an hour to work. Love the Bluetooth features help with listening to music or the radio on my phone. The air conditioner keeps the car at a comfortable degree so that I can enjoy my ride.

- Michael B

2008 ford focus still running well.

The a/c went this past sept 2018. The usb port and one of two charging ports went back in 2017. Amd in spring of 2017 the rear view mirror broke off and was up able to reattach. Had to get an older mirror to replace the one car came with b.C that one cost over 300 to replace. . Other then this still runs good after 11 years.

- Rebecca R

My vehicle is a 4 door and has remarkable trunk space!

My car is very dependable. It has good power when going up hills and good speed. I have plenty of room for children and adults in my car. The trunk space is really good and the back seats lay down so you can haul big items if you need to. I love my Ford Focus and it is a very dependable car for traveling or for work.

- Joy H

The most important thing others should know about my car is that the engine isn't very smooth, but other than that it's reliable.

I like that my car is still able to drive long distances and is still in very good condition despite being 10 years old. I like that it doesn't cost me a lot of money to fill up the tank, however I don't like that I have to fill it up every few days as a result. Other than, I have no complaints as it's my first car.

- Avilah M

People should know that aside from my Focus having the issues it has had/ still has, I have loved my car. The newer the model the more Ford had put into it to help prevents the problems from keep happening.

My car is a Ford Focus. It is my baby! Sadly, though, it has had some odd problems over the years. Those issues are more of the electronic side of things, such as door lock issues and voice command not working, rather than regular car problems. Granted. it has had some regular problems too such as my ac going out.

- Haley M

Ford Focus reliable transport.

I have found the Ford Focus to be reliable transportation. As it has gotten older it has had some problems with the brakes and with engine light coming on without being able to diagnosis the cause. Overall I am pleased with its performance, but I do not drive it except short distances around a rural community. .

- Marcia M

My highlight on this vehicle is the style and the size.

My ford focus has been very reliable, just normal maintenance even after being repaired from an accident and it has over 100,000 miles. It is very comfortable and has good features and its stylish. It has four doors which is very convenient. This car was even bought used and 8 years later it is still going.

- Kimberly R

Good quality car, recommend.

It has been a great car. Have not had any real issues. I have over 150, 000 miles and it stills runs good. I have performed regular maintenance which I think has helped. I would recommend this car to anyone, it is a good car. The only thing is if you have s large family then it may not be the car for you.

- Rog T

2008 Ford Focus- reliable family car.

The Focus is a reliable family car. It is a little on the smaller side now that we have a family of four and need to fit two car seats in the back. With regular maintenance the Focus has not had any major issues. As it is getting older with high miles, the engine has had to have more regular tune ups.

- Kathryn P

Dependable and sporty. Not very much maintenance required. Comes with Bluetooth.

Great on gas mileage. Maintenance and repairs are pretty easy if you are great at learning and doing yourself if you look up YouTube videos on replacement and repairs. Parts easy to find. Spacious for 4 people. Overall just a very reliable and dependable car if your 'not looking for the luxury or frills.

- Jennifer P

2008 Ford Focus-reliable family car.

The car is reliable, 80,000+ miles and still going strong. With regular maintenance there have been very few issues with the car. The back seat is getting a little full now that we need two car seats with our growing family. With the two seats we are not able to use all three seatbelts in the back seat.

- Kati P

My car is 11 years old and I think it's a pretty good car.

I bought my car in 2009, and for the most part it is a good car, I mean for the age it is I just started to have a few problems with it, about 2 years ago I replaced a thermostat, then this past summer my transmission went out and then a few weeks later the hoses to it had to be replace, but that's it.

- Carol M

I love the gas mileage. The Bluetooth for my phone is so very helpful.

Great gas mileage, dependable. Rides smooth, I use in our carpool for school. I love the Bluetooth speaker for my phone. I have Bluetooth radio options, power steering, power windows, power locks. The vents for air control are amazing. I also put in a remote start that has been a lifesaver this winter.

- Jennifer B

This car has a manual transmission, therefore you need to know how to operate it.

I like that the car is compact, and therefore gas costs are low. Additionally, the size of the car makes it easier to find parking. I dislike that the vehicle does not handle as well in winter conditions. Finally, I don't like that there is not much room in the vehicle for roads trips, moving, etc.

- Tam H

A good comfortable road car.

Not many problems. The Focus gives very good gas mileage. It is comfortable for long trip cross country. Seats are easy on the back. Even though it has no cruise control, gas pedal does not pose a strain for longer trips. I have the car for over a year and it has done well on trips over 1, 000 miles.

- Ron S

Good gas mileage. a lot of room. Good car in winter months.

I have had several problems with a Ford Focus. I think that the car was over priced didn't have many luxuries. It was great on gas and had good mileage. A great car for small family or one person. I had a lot of trouble with the ignition switch had it replaced several times and a new unit put in.

- Connie W

Great om mileage. Comfortable to ride in.

Love my Focus great on gas plenty of room, have never really had any problems with this car. I would buy another one if I could get as good of a car as I have now. I have taken my car on several long trips and get anywhere from 28 to 33 miles per gallon. Would recommend a Ford Focus to anyone.

- Melinda K

Ford focus, 2008 se runs great.

My car has not has any big issues, just the normal maintenance. It gets great gas mileage and has no rust even though it sits outside year round. I hope it continues to run well I am very happy and do not want a new car. I do not drive a lot but it gets me where I want to go. Looks good, too.

- Karen B

Get running car. With small transmission issues and ac issue.

Car gets me for point A to point B. Transmission is starting to slip. With a transmission flush the car starts to run better. Comfortable seats for long distance. Heats that can roast you out of the car. Have to get an ac recharge every year. But otherwise it will keep you cool on a hot day.

- Heather S

Ford Focus se 2008, durable and dependable.

I love the way my car drives and the mpg. My factory battery lasted 10 years and I rarely have to provide maintenance. My car steers with stability and ease. My brakes work without issue and the seats are comfortable. The cars window wipers only needed to be replaced once since I had it.

- Tammy P

Great gas mileage. Have driven it across many states and it is very comfortable.

Great gas mileage. Have driven it 180, 000 miles and have only done regular oil changes and replaced the breaks once. Very comfortable to drive long distances. Bluetooth system I use often and is a great asset. Love the dark interior, does not show wear and tear like lighter colors do.

- Haleigh R

It is economical. It gets excellent gas mileage.

Like that it is good on gas mileage and has needed very few repairs over the years. Hate that it is sort of ugly and the wind of a passing eighteen wheeler will almost blow it off the highway. Also hate that I do not have any of the cool new gizmos like heated seats and backup camera.

- Janet G

Oscar the green Focus, my Focus.

My car is green, and it is nickname is Oscar. I just got it fixed, it had issues with the ignition switch/starter and master cylinder. Otherwise, it is a good car and will get me from point A to point B. It has an AUX outlet, a CD player and a good radio. The leg room is extra roomie.

- Am G

2008 Ford Focus Se has great gas mileage and runs very smoothly.

I have no c/o about my Ford Focus. She's a great car. With a good pair of snow tires on in the winter, she can drive just about anywhere. She's great on gas mileage and drives smoothly. She's perfect for long road trips too. enough leg space for comfort and enough space for luggage.

- Kaitlyn G

I would buy a newer model of this make of car.

Nice size not to big or small with plenty of room inside. Rides smooth with comfortable seats. I have only had to buy a new battery and tires. And the blower fan. The fan does wear out in the older model cars. The side boards are rusting some. It is been a very dependable car.

- Mary R

Run-down red car that needs to be traded in.

Since the car is second hand and is 2008; it has many miles on it. Over 200, 000. I am thinking of getting a new car within the next month. I would like to get a car that is new and has many high tech features. Technology is a big thing for me when I go car shopping, so is mileage.

- Breanna R

A well dependable sturdy vehicle.

It is a very dependable car, gets me where I need to go, great sound system and nice ac. I will say the leather interior is a little on the cheap side but the gas mileage makes up for it is cons. I wish I had more horsepower but of course this is a simple city car and I am content.

- Don B

Ford Focus review; reliable, stainable, hard to find parts.

Very reliable, but the part are expensive to replace since they only made a few in this model. The seats in the car are nice, but my color stains easy, I would suggest seat covers. I like the light feature in the car that you can change According to your mood or color preference.

- Kelly R

I feel this car is able to accelerate well and does well because it is small.

I bought this used but at times the back will creak and that is very annoying. Also the key does not go into the ignition unless the wheel is perfectly straight which is sometimes an inconvenience. Other than that this is a very nice car that performs well for its make and model.

- Mackenzie L

It save gas and very confident that other people will love it too It drive safe love you too try one for yourself It handles very good and the kids loved to ride in it

It is my pleasure to help you get the beat answer I can give u so I can say that I have not yet received any problems So all I can say is that that car I drive has been one of the best card I had so I bought another one It was a Ford focus 2003 that is how I feel about that car

- Robert F

You are buying an average car.

It has a nice feel for driving and holds the road well. The back seat has very little leg room for passengers. The amount of needed maintenance is about average. I dislike the trunk access as the lift handle is placed too low and can be nearly impossible use if it is icy.

- lee k

Ford Focus: the dream car.

The Ford Focus is a really reliable and car to go from point A to point B. I often find that the Ford Focus is way ahead of it time with Bluetooth and AUX capabilities all the way back from 2008. From point A to point B, this car will show you a pleasurable and easy ride.

- Brad S

I really love the fact that my phone hooks up right through my car.

I really love my car because it is always been very dependable and great on gas. It is really held out well for me through the years. It is really great on gas and dependable and I love him so much. Plus, its just awesome!! I highly recommend a car like this to anyone.

- Joe M

It is comfortable to drive and also as a passenger and it is big enough that I feel safe on the highway.

The only complaint is that it is a stick shift, and I would rather have an automatic. It drives well and has a big storage space. The ride is smooth and it is big enough that it can hold 5 people comfortably. I like the way the car looks. It is worth the money spent.

- Colette S

Great sedan for price and great for gas mileage.

Car drive great in all weather, gas mileage is outstanding on city roads and highway, audio system is basic but just what is needed. Could use handsfree system. Problems are back seat could have more leg room and could use bigger truck space for things like golf clubs.

- Andrew I

My ford focus is a safe, reliable car.

Well I know my car is 10 years old, but it is starting to rust so I dislike that. It is also really hard to drive in the winter with the snow. I slide all over the place. Other than that it is lasted a long time and I like the size of it and it is comfortable to drive.

- Laurel B

It'll be well worth your money.

Bought this vehicle used. We had no problems whatsoever and we still do not till this day. Love how it is so spacey on the inside & love how it is a beauty on the outside. I think we still have a few more years before it really gives up problems. We'll worth my money.

- Diamond S

That the vehicle has great gas mileage.

I really enjoy how the vehicle handles and steers. My Ford focus is comfortable to sit in for long drives which is important to me. I really love the gas mileage that my vehicle gets. My only complaint is that I wish that it could be a bit larger as my family grows.

- Nici S

Family with real good luck with Ford vehicles.

Our family has owned this vehicle since it was new and have had very little trouble with this car. The only things we have had to replace are the battery, brakes, belts, alternator and of course change the oil on a regular basis. This car has been a real good one.

- Wally H

An extremely compact, reliable car.

The Ford Focus has had no real issues after 10 years of owning it, but it is a small car so backseat comfort is not the best for adults. It is very reliable and drives well. The original battery/headlights/etc. Have all lasted the better part of a decade as well.

- Steph H

For. It being an 08 has light rust and still running strong with 124,000 miles.

I have not had much trouble at all with this vehicle. Starts every morning no matter the cold. Gas mileage is 26 to the gallon in town. Has taken many out of state trips and not feel like I would not make it. Have multi level steering wheel and great in the snow.

- Dawn C

Customized, by me. Alarm system, computerized keys.

It is a beautiful blue color. Has great stereo sound. Can hook phone, and mp3 to the stereo. Great gas mileage. Tilt steering wheel. Great air and heat. Rear defrost. Cost of air filter is high. Changing plugs is easy. Great mirror views. Easy to drive and park.

- Shelley H

Comfortable, smooth running vehicle with Bluetooth capabilities.

I have not had any issues and the car drives well and had a lot of space for a small car. I love that this 2008 has Bluetooth capabilities for your phone, but when it is connected it only says Bluetooth connected, it will not correspond what is on your phone.

- Victoria P

It is a great car for everyday purposes that is very reliable and user-friendly.

I like the room the vehicle has in the trunk, the material on the seats, and the look of the car. The car also does pretty well on gas. I would only complain that my car is older and not as updated, but that has nothing to do with the make of the car itself.

- Stephanie O

Ford Fusion: the family vehicle as well as personal.

My Ford has been very reliable over the years. I have had little mechanical issues. The interior is nice and was to clean. The ride in the car is smooth and the car itself is quiet. The back seat is spacious and roomy. There is plenty of trunk room as well.

- Felicia S

Ford Focus 2008 good vehicle.

Great vehicle. Not recommended for taller people. It durable. It is great in the snow. Had vehicle for 10 years. Nothing came up regarding maintenance, normal maintenance required. I usually stay away from cars, would recommend this though as a quick buy.

- Sh B

If you treat it right, my car can get through almost anything.

I like how compact and reliable my car is. I wish it had more engine power. Trying to accelerate quickly is not easy. I also dislike that it sits at the perfect height that everyone's headlights are aimed directly into the rear view mirror and blind me.

- Ellen J

My 2008 Ford Focus se is a great little car.

My Ford Focus se gets great gas mileage. My Ford Focus se is reliable. My Ford Focus is durable. My Ford Focus se has a great stock sound system. My Ford Focus se looks good. My Ford Focus se is everything I wanted and needed when I purchased it in 2009.

- Brad H

Reliable Ford Focus built for convenience and safety.

It works really well and I have no problems except the tires always become low. The hand free system makes it safe to drive and the control buttons on the steering wheel are convenient. I trust this car to go on long trip even though it is 10 years old.

- Sarah V

The car is better for in city use than on long road trips.

The size of the car is good when it comes to parking or navigating through tight corners but the back seat is definitely a bit cramped for passengers. The gas mileage is comparable to other cars like it. However, it could have better gas mileage always.

- Rachel C

It is cute, comfortable, drives well and looks adorable.

I love my Ford Focus. It runs smoothly, looks beautiful inside and outside, and has all the features that I would want in a car, including an AUX cord and multiple CD slots. The seats feel great and the small size is perfect for me as I am only 5'1. :).

- Kara V

Sturdy car for small household.

Held together nicely. Over 215k on it. Only issues have been thermostat and tire gauge. Overall would recommend for smaller family or single person. Have the base model so there's really no bells and whistles. But the car is a reliable point A to B car.

- Daniel E

It's been well taken care of and is in great condition, despite being ten years old.

It's a good little car with great gas mileage that has held up very well over the past 10 years. The only thing I find difficult about it is when carpooling and it's being a coupe. It can be a challenge for some to get in and out of the back seat.

- Sarah C

It is an easy car to drive, very reliable, and pretty low maintenance.

I like the compact size and I think it looks nice. It was a great price. I like that it accelerates quickly. I do not like that it needs a special expensive battery. I wish it were a hybrid or electric car so that it was better for the environment.

- Marissa W

Great value overall, long lasting and comfortable vehicle

I love the Focus overall, the issues I have with it are relatively minor. My favorite feature is the traction control which helps stabilize the vehicle while driving in snow. I wish that there was slightly more legroom for passengers in the back.

- Kara R

Great car, but bad transmission issue left.

I love my car, but I have had some trouble with it. There are transmission issues with my car. We have had to get it taken it at least 3 times to get it fixed, but then after 3 months it starts doing it again. Other than that, it is a great car.

- Brooke S

It is a very dependable car. It gets great gas mileage.

I love the gas mileage that I get. I needed a smaller car that would be comfortable for me and my passengers. My only complaint would be that I had to replace the door mechanisms which were covered by a rebate in newer models but not for mine.

- laura r

Great little car with good gas mileage.

I bought this car used, but it has been a great little car. I average 26 mpg. The only real problem I have with it is my passenger side door won't open from the outside anymore. It is probably an easy fix though if I'd just take it to the shop.

- Amanda J

Super Comfortable and Cute, but has some problems

Fords are super easy to drive but i've has a lot of problems with the ignition. I've had to have my car put in the shop 3 times because of problems that i didn't know about before buying it. It's a safe car and drives very well other than that

- Sydney G

Reliable car for young drivers

I've had my Focus for about 8 years and it has been very reliable. It gets good gas mileage and I haven't had major issues with any part of the car. The only downside is that it is very lightweight so it gets jerked around a lot on windy days.

- Holly W

I have had my car for 3 years and I have yet to have a major problem with it.

I love the color of my car. I love how smooth it is. I love that it is a reliable car. The interior is very comfortable. Only complaint is that the exterior is black and the interior is black so when it is hot it gets too hot inside the car.

- Virginia R

My vehicle is compact and gas efficient.

I have never had any problems with my vehicle and I'm currently at 110,000. It is a perfect size for me, but my husband has difficulty riding in the car due to his height 6'3". It has has been extremely reliable and is very comfortable.

- lisa g

It is dirty inside because my kids don't remove their trash unless I get on them. Sometimes it is full of snack wrappers and drink cups.

I bought it used, it is good on mileage. It is small compact. No real complaints except I have two teens, one is very large, the other is tall and sometimes they don't fit very well with their book bags. It is otherwise a nice car.

- Sara C

I have had very few issues with the 2008 Ford Focus

I have had very few issues with my 2008 Ford Focus. All of the things inside of the car work great. I had a minor issue with a tire losing air very quickly, but this is likely from the previous owner and thus not the fault of Ford.

- Isabelle T

2008 Ford Focus-Best used car around!

I love my 2008 Ford Focus. I bought my car used with only one previous owner. The car had right around 115k miles on it at the time of purchase but has run like brand new since the day I acquired it. It truly is a quality vehicle.

- Savannah B

It will run for many years with very limited issues.

My car is now 10 years old and it drives as well as it did when I first got it. It has everything I need. I wish it had a backup camera but not having one makes me be more cautious. I love It's Bluetooth ability for calls as well.

- bob y

It gets great gas mileage. It handles very nicely.

I love my car. It gets great gas mileage and I just love it. I have zero complaints. It has over 100,000 miles on it and hasn't given me any major problems. I just get the oil changed regularly and other regular maintenance.

- Grace K

It's practical, not overly flashy, and gets decent mileage

I'm extremely practical when it comes to cars, so for me, I just want to know if it works and gets me from place to place. It does, so I don't really have any complaints. I appreciate that it has a port for an aux cord and USB.

- Alex K

The brakes squeak and it takes a bit extra time to accelerate.

I like that the vehicle drives well. I bought it at a cheap price and it still holds up well. It is got a little age on it so the technological features of modern day cars is missing from it, but that is not that big of a deal.

- Caroline M

That it is a compact car, but doesn't feel like a small car

I love this deep trunk. I don't like the narrow opening for the trunk. I like how compact it is, giving a lot of head room. I don't like how there is no leg room in the back seat if the front seats are pushed all the way back.

- Trina A

It is a very dependable car. Never had any problems with it.

Very good gas mileage. Is a four door compact car and I like that. Is a very pretty car and has tinted windows which I like! This car has been very good mechanically. Best car I have ever had and would definitely buy another!!

- Paula J

ford focus; great family car

the Ford focus has been a great small family car. it gets good gas mileage, and has not had any big problems with it. the air conditioning is the only thing that has needed to be fixed other than normal wear and tear

- kristy k

It runs excellent and its reliable.

My Ford focus is a reliable car, it has never given me any problems. I like that it's not a big car, so I can park it anywhere, not worrying if it fits. I love the exterior and interior color and I like how it runs.

- Elsa C

It is a reliable car. It gets me to and from my destinations without any funny business.

First vehicle that I bought. I love that the heating and air conditioning works. I like that the windows work. Some of the buttons are wiped off and i wish that it did have phone connectivity like I thought it did.

- Ashley H

It is a nice car. The lights on the interior can change colors

The car I have is in nice condition. I have 4 new tires. It something idles hard when backing up and the back door on the passenger side does not open from the outside. The widow needs a new battery for the button

- Angelina M

I like that it has good fuel economy despite not being a hybrid or electric vehicle. I do wish it was larger in the back seat for friends. I also wish the radio, which is equipped for satellite radio, could display song/artist information when playing music from my phone (it can only provide this information from the radio source).

The wheel bearings seem to wear out faster than most other vehicles I have experienced, so if you start hearing a small grinding sound and it gets worse over time - be prepared for a fairly expensive repair job.

- Brian H

Gets good gas mileage and has a good track record.

My Focus is a vehicle that meets my needs and gets me where I want to go. It is easy on gas and comfortable to drive. This is my second Focus, the first being a 2001. Great little cars that have style and power.

- Jean G

2008 Ford Focus expensive in the long run.

I bought it used. This car was great at first probably because it was my first car. Later on I start having problems trying to start it. The gas also goes gone fast for this car which I simply do not understand.

- Sarah W

I want people to be safe with my car as the same way I will be safe with it.

One of the things I like about my vehicle is that I like when I drive over rough bumps it does not hurt my tire. I do not like that sometimes it does not start up. Also it takes a really long time to get cool.

- Stephanie T

It does the job. I get good gas mileage, it is comfortable, accelerates well.

I enjoy my vehicle mainly because it was affordable, and does the job. I like that compared to an older car I had, it is more powerful. I have no complains, maybe I would like it more if it was a four door.

- Franklin R

My Ford Focus does not cost a lot to maintain. It is good to travel in because it has ample storage space and gets good gas mileage.

Small but not compact car that has not been too expensive to maintain. Good gas mileage, comfortable to drive and easy to park. Can fit a lot of groceries in truck and even put back seats down if needed.

- Pattie M

Great gas mileage, a really good small family car!

We love the gas mileage that the Ford Focus gets. Also it has been very comfortable traveling monthly for 10 years on 8 hour car trips. No major problems with the car to date. Just normal wear and tear.

- Kristina K

My vehicle is great and reliable.

My vehicle is really reliable it has minor problems that was fixed but it never breaks down on me and hopefully it never will. I'm in love with the color of my car and it's just the right size for me.

- keeyona j

It has been a good choice for us. Definitely would consider this brand in the future.

I like that it is fuel efficient. It is a dependable car and parts to fix it are readily available. It has a good amount of storage space in the trunk. It has many miles on it but still runs well.

- sarah T

It has been very reliable with the usual maintenance.

I like the low gas mileage. It is comfortable to ride in. There is enough room in it to haul what I need to. I love the red color. I wish it were a bit larger. No complaints. Been very reliable.

- Mary P

Good gas mileage; not big enough for our family

The Focus gets great gas mileage and is perfect for commuting around town. It's not the most comfortable vehicle for longer rides, nor does it have adequate storage space for our growing family.

- Sam S

That it is a manual car instead of being automatic.

It is a reliable car that gets the job done. It is a manual car which I prefer out of habit and is pretty fuel efficient. It isn't the strongest car though so it struggles a bit on steep hills.

- Todd m

Mechanical problems with Ford

I thought Ford made great cars but mine hasn't held up and I wish I had chosen something else. I will be buying hybrid next time. And definitely not ford! I've had too many mechanical problems

- Eliza L

Easy and fun to drive. Great vehicle.

It is a bit small. Gets great gas mileage. No a bunch of electrical stuff to worry about. Great style and color. Steering wheel adjusts. Seats are comfortable. Like the CD/radio, sounds great.

- Shelley H

It is 10 years old and still driving well at over 150,000 miles

I love the gas mileage and the easy of driving and maneuvering. It has served me well running fairly smoothly the entire time I have had it. I only wish it performed better in the snow.

- Ti C

That it's incredibly sensitive and getting older. Doesn't run as good as it did when I first got it

Like: the size, fuel efficiency, and the stereo Dislike: the size ironically. I hate my backseat. Also that I don't have a light in my back seat. And I dislike that it's a lower end car

- Alexa K

It is a manual car. So not a lot of people are capable of driving it.

I really like it. It is definitely a cheaply made car but it has been extremely reliable for me. I used my car to move from ca to co! Love my car just wish it was a little better quality.

- Madison B

The air conditioner just function good if I press some bottoms.

The thing that I like about the car is although is old all the functions are good, and run like new, the only thing that I dislike is that the car sometimes is too hot when I turn off.

- Gabriela P

Dependable and excellent gas mileage

My favorite is the gas mileage. Also for a compact car the trunk is a deceit size. The dislike would be i can hear a lot of outside noise. I also wish it had a bluetooth phone in car.

- Michelle J

The gas mileage, for sure. I get 35 in town and about 38 on the highway.

My car is old, so it's falling apart pretty bad at this point. The gas mileage is amazing though. It's the only care I've ever driven, so I can't compare it too well to other cars.

- Rebecca K

It gets good gas mileage.

I love my Ford Focus. It drives great and gets great gas mileage! The back seat is not very big or comfortable for passengers. The trunk is a good size. All in all a very good car!

- Wendy M

Reliable and kept me safe in major accident.

No complaints. My Ford focus has been a good car since I bought it in 2009. I like the sporty look of the car and the inside. Do not like my leather seats, so have seat covers now.

- Kelly W

I've had this car for a while and it's still running and keeping this family going.

I like the gas mileage and it's compactness to park in smaller spaces. I dislike It's durability on long trips. It seems to ride hard even though it has worked for a long time.

- Matthew O

How light it is. New versions have transmission and other issue that have been under recall!

Its older so its needing more repairs. It is a very light car so it slides in the snow easily! Good tires are a must! Gas mileage is going down as it gets older as expected.

- Katie W

I've had the car since I was 16 and have never had any major issues yet. Very reliable.

My car is very reliable. Very few issues with it with over 150000 miles on it. Some things are starting to get old and wear old but other than that, it's been a great car.

- Josh B

After almost 10 years the car is still very reliable.

I like the way my car drives and it also is very dependable as I have had it almost 10 years. That being said, it is very outdated. I would love a better stereo and sound.

- Ashley B

It's fuel efficient quiet and a very smooth ride

i bought my car around 5 years ago wasn't sure if i would like it but i wouldn't trade it for any other if i get another car it will be a ford focus i highly recommend it

- pam w

It is cheap on gas it is a great family car.

The tires have sensors in them and they break in the tire causing your car to shake violently and has eaten up a lot of tires we are in the process of getting them out.

- Samantha B

That it is really good fuel saver.

I love the exterior of my car and how it almost looks like a panda. It is a fuel saver which is also great. Since it is a older car it sometimes does not run the best.

- Ashley L

My Focus can get into tight spots smoothly and the trunk is very roomy.

I hate that the car is two doors. I love the gas mileage on my Focus. I can fill up my car on a Monday and do not have to put gas in again until the following Sunday.

- Andrea S

If you are going to purchase a Ford Focus, be aware they shake a lot and you might have to get the motor mount replaced. But other than that it is a well off car.

I haven't had any major issues with my car. It has gotten me to where I need to go. Good gas mileage. Had some issues with my car shaking a lot but we got that fixed.

- Casey C

Reliable, attractive, easy car.

This is very comfortable to drive and ride in. It has not needed much maintenance as far as replacing parts or repairs. The battery is more expensive than expected.

- Marissa W

Great gas mileage and fuel economy. Safe, reliable, dependable.

I love my Ford Focus because it is a small, compact size and gets great gas mileage. It is enjoyable to drive but isn't overly fancy. The price was very affordable.

- Becca W

Squeaking 2008 Ford Focus.

After driving my Ford for so long, things started to go wrong. There had been a squeaking noise each time I go over a bump that no one can seem to pinpoint and fix.

- Kaitlyn B

I like the fact it tells me how many miles until my gas needs to be refilled.

My car is 11 years old its had its problems new transmission new thermostat, but that's not to bad for its age. It's really comfortable and roomy for a small car.

- Carol M

You may need to have the sway bar replaced a couple times.

Mostly good car, good gas mileage. Relatively few problems overall; I have had issues with the sway bar (replaced 3 times) but I was told it was a design defect.

- Amy R

Cute little blue car with a sunroof

Medium blue color with black leather seats. Very comfortable driver seat and has usb port to play music or charge electronics. Has a dent in the left rear side.

- Marge L

The car is kind of small.

My car has been really good to me, 200, 000 miles and it has only been in the shop once. Very good mpg and rides very smoothly. Overall this is a very good car.

- Jake H

It is cute and small and drives well.

I love that it is cheap on gas.. A little on the small side, I wish it was a little bigger. The tilt of the windshield means that if a rock hits it, it cracks..

- Vivian T

This vehicle does great on gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage for my vehicle. I also really like the comfortability of this vehicle. One thing I dislike is the way the center console area is set up.

- Jacob S

Ford Focus has great gas Mileage. It has been very reliable

My ford has been used for local travel and leisure travel for vacations. I get great gas mileage. It is comfortable for my family to travel in and is reliable.

- Lauren M

It is small but reliable and gets good gas mileage.

It is small, so it feels like it blows around on the highway when it is windy. I wish it handled better in the snow. It gets good gas mileage and is reliable.

- Angela G

08 Ford Focus very good car to buy

This car has been very dependable and has several features that i truly enjoy using in a car. It gets amazing gas mileage as well being only a 4 cylinder car.

- Tiffany M

It's great on gas. Gets me where I need to go.

It's been a good car... However I got in a wreck ( a hit and run) so it hasn't been so great after that.. The ignition starter went out is a problem I've had

- Lauren S

Great car on gas with great working air and heat!!

Great on gas! Easy to maneuver. Just a very nice compact car. This car wasn't very expensive but very easy to maintain. I def am a ford fan from here on out.

- Sheila E

I really consider it a way to get to point a to point b but it is nice to have the freedom to go when and where I want to.

It's really comfortable. I can get to places easily and it has been really reliable. It's getting old so my complaints would be with the wear from old age.

- Daniell G

For the past eleven years, my car has gotten me from point A to point B and so forth.

There is nothing I dislike about my car. After 11 years it's been a very good car. But now, hopefully in a couple of years I'll be able to get a NEWER car.

- Kenn C

It is good on gas and drives great

I love my car because it is good on gas and with the computer it tells me I need to take care of it for example when my tire pressure is low it lets me know.

- Veita H

Not the safest car. There are no side airbags so you may want to go with something with newer safety features.

The car is pretty reliable. Had some issues with the coolant system, but nothing else other than normal wear and replacements. Great car to handle commutes.

- Matthew M

Highlight an interesting details.

The Ford focus is a very good looking car. It is very stylist with chrome, deal tail that is by the front. Gets great gas mileage. Will also fit 5 nicely.

- Catherine V

Back passenger side window no longer works. Also the same door is hard to open.

I like my ford focus because it gets good gas mileage, but I wish it had more space on the inside for transporting things. Also wish the trunk was bigger.

- Taylor M

That it is reliable. I can always count on it to get me from point A to B.

The car has been nothing but reliable. I haven't had many issues with the car. It has ran so well to have over 150,000 miles on it. Has never broken down.

- Josh B




It is a very reliable car. It has never had many issues and the ones that do come up are very small

My vehicle is perfect for what I need. Its small but big enough to hold everything I need. I have had this car over 5 years and have never had a problem.

- Halie W

It has many troubles, but is an all around smooth running car.

Well, since I have had it for such a long time it has gained many problems, most are easily fixable, but some need an expert's touch. Still runs though.

- Bob B

It is a very dependable car and is easy to find parking spaces for it.

It handles very well and gets good gas mileage. It rattles quite a bit. It is still pretty dependable but I wish it didn't have all the rattle noises.

- Belinda W

Blue ford focus with a fist license.

Heated seats. Easy to drive. Wireless Bluetooth. Very good on gasoline. Dislikes the noise my vehicle and it sounds like a chain dragging the ground.

- Kris V

This car gets amazing fuel economy and gas mileage, especially in highway driving.

I love the size of my Ford Focus, it is nice and compact. My car gets great gas mileage and fuel economy. It is efficient, reliable, and dependable.

- Reb W

I love my 2008 Ford focus

My Ford is great it's reliable. Gas efficient witch is excellent specially with gas prices being so high. For a two door car it's has a lot of space

- Marisol S

It is a very reliable car that will last a long time.

It is a great car. It has had very few problems and still runs great. It is the perfect size for me. I like the color (light green). No complaints.

- Julie G

I love this car! It's amazing!

I love it! It really is a great car, it's so reliable and never seems to have any problems. It always starts and never has any issues whatsoever.

- Amy T

It gets good gas mileage but it is a very small vehicle.

My car is way to small. It doesn't drive well in the winter at all. I miss my Pontiac grand prix that got totaled by a lady who ran a red light.

- Sarah K

Nothing really. I don't really care much about cars.

I like that it is good on gas mileage. It is reliable and affordable. However, I do think I'd like more space and it does take a while to cool.

- Melissa K

It works perfectly fine, while it has problems it gets me to where I need to go.

The buttons on the radio have melted from the summer heat. The cars outdated so it doesn't have an aux port. The windows get stuck going down.

- Zayra M

My heated seats are the most exciting feature.

I love my car because it has heated seats and easy to drive and has nice comfortable seating. The downside is the windows get fogged easily.

- Kris V

It is faster than you would think, but also very safe.

I love the way it picks up and goes. I also enjoy how smooth the drive it is. And I love that you can sync your phone up to listen to music.

- Brittany D

Good small gas saving car

Love the gas mileage I get, I have never really had any problems with my car. It could have had cruise control in the car. Good driving car

- Delynn W

Great reliable car that is great on gas. The car is trustworthy and has been with me for several years. I have done the basic maintenance to keep car running smoothly.

that is gets me from point A to point B. It is a good car that is great on gas and economy size so I can stuff the trunk full of groceries.

- Nena H

But overall it's a decent car

It's a small car but perfect for me. It does do a vibration but I was told that the 08 ford focuses are very common when it comes to that

- Sabrina C

The car is old but it is also very easy and affordable on gas.

I do not like my scratches on the car, love the Bluetooth on it. Including the gas mileage I get I rarely have to stop for gas anymore.

- Dylan N

This car really is reliable outside of normal wear and tear.

I like that this car is reliable and has lasted ten years. However, it sometimes rattles, and the power steering often has to be fixed.

- Maura S

Perfect car for a small family or traveling.

I like the fuel economy and that it is paid off. And still rides well.... I do not like that it has high mileage and is.. Getting old..

- Kent L

The car isn't breaking bank and gets me where i need to go.

Transmission feels pretty jerky sometimes in the morning. The passenger handle is starting to become loose. Tires seem to wear faster.

- Adam K

It gets great gas mileage! Saves you money, gas prices are high these days

Great gas mileage, reliable, easy to travel in, decent size trunk. Dislike: you need the key to open the trunk, no automatic lights

- Crystal G

Low maintenance and great gas mileage. Has plenty of legroom and trunk space but still compact enough to get into small spaces.

I love my Ford Focus. It is roomy with large trunk space. It has great gas mileage. It handles awesome like it is hugging the road.

- Judy R

Focus is a sporty fun everyday driving car.

I like that it feels very sporty. It has bucket seats,and racing features. Five speed transmissions makes me feel close to the road.

- Robert K

It is paid for! So she ain't pretty but she is all mine!.

It is compact and easy to maneuver. I wish it had more horsepower. I like the leather interior. It is easy to maintain the vehicle.

- Gail C

My Ford Focus has a sunroof in which my kids love. It's great for nice cool fall days. They love to open it up and ride on country roads with music playing.

I really like my Ford Focus. It is very easy to maneuver. Its spacious and is very good on has. The perfect car for a small family.

- Ashleigh C

Its a Ford Focus, black color, and its a 2008 model sedan.

I really have not had any vehicle problems, performance, reliability. I have had just your average repairs to keep my car running.

- Roderick M

It is a good car for long and short trips.

Good mileage and comfortable for longer road trips. A bit too small for luggage and other items. Would nicer with cruise control.

- Ron S

It gets very good gas mileage and has no maintenance.. Problems.

Just no enough space to haul things every once and.. A while I need more space to carry stuff.. Other than that I love the focus.

- William P

The car has good gas mileage.

The back seat is a bit cramped for passengers. The overall size of the car is good though especially in smaller parking garages.

- Rachel H

The lights on the floorboard are very helpful at night.

The Ford Focus is a great car! It is very dependable and easy to drive. It drives smooth on dirt roads. And has a great engine.

- Alea W

The most important thing is that it is a very safe vehicle.

Car is to small, it does not drive well in the winter. It does get good gas mileage though. It can also fit into small spaces.

- Sarah K

Its reliable and gas saver.

I like the gas mileage and hate the size now. I like the body and do not like the horn. I like its reliable and hate the room.

- Andrea C

I needs and oil change, plugs, etc. Is great on gas.

It has mechanical problems. Needs a paint job. Needs tires. Has no airbags. Cd player does not work. Drivers side door leaks.

- Shelley H

Easy to work on and parts are easy to get. I like the looks of it and so do my passengers.

It's getting old and needs repairs on a regular basis. I like the ride, smooth. I like the color, silver and it is roomy.

- Ina K

Ford Focus, is a good car to have , from my experience, I have not had too many problems with it

It runs well most of the time, . I do most of my own repairs. It's a good car to have ,Ford is a good manufacturing company

- Roderic M

That it is good on gas and it is dependable.

It is good on gas. It is dependable. Lot of little stuff was cheaply made and is breaking. It is too small for what I need.

- Ronald D

Make sure to keep up with maintenance and oil changes.

I love this car. I have had it for about 5.5 years and as long as you keep up with maintenance the car will be good to you.

- Ali L

It has great gas mileage.

Hands free telephone and can play music off my phone. I do not like space from the back seat to the front. It is just old.

- Megan C

The particular car I own is a 5-speed manual transmission.

I dislike that I do not have power windows or locks. I love the great gas mileage I get. I also like the size of the car.

- Abby B

It a nice size and easy to drive.

Very reliable car. Not many issues. Easy to drive and maintain. Seems to be popular car in the area. Good on snowy roads.

- Kim V

This vehicle gets really good gas mileage. This vehicle can also fit in really small spaces.

Drives horrible in the winter. Very small car and not meant for really tall people. It does get good gas mileage though.

- Sarah K

They should know that it very reliable.

I love the fact that it has been so reliable. I have had to make few repairs. It has high miles and still works great.

- Rog M

It is pretty reliable. The mpg is good and it is easy to handle on the road.

It is hard for me to get in and out of. It has fairly good mpg. It is just the right size for me to handle on the road.

- Peggy G

Comfortable seats, smooth ride and good on gas.

It is very reliable and good. It fits lots of stuff. It is dependable and great. I like it a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot.

- Rachel F

It is easy to park in small and tight places.

I like the way it rides. It is reliable. I like that it is easy to drive. I like that the air conditioner is reliable.

- Lindsay H

It is a good little car. Gas mileage is good. Engine is good as far as repairs.

I love my car. Its safe and dependable. It gets good mileage. It is a very roomy car. It can hold up to 5 passengers.

- Karen W

The only car I've ever owned with zero complaints.

Fuel efficient, fun to drive, reliable and comfortable. This car has never let me down. Very affordable to maintain.

- Crystal H

My car is my favorite color the color of the sky the one that stay bright.

I do not have any problems with my vehicle, thanks! My car drives perfectly fine and I love every little edge of it!

- Alexis J

Great car! Very practical

I love my car. It is great for gas mileage, the seats are comfortable, drives smooth, and seems to be very reliable.

- Faith S

It has been reliable with few operation problems and running good.

The car is too small for my liking, although good trunk space and good fuel mileage, I just prefer a larger car/SUV.

- Barbara G

Gas saver and comfortable with no mechanical issues so far.

I have not experienced any mechanic issues so far, it's a gas saver and very comfortable vehicle from my experience.

- Katie A

My car is dependable, good gas mileage, room for 5 people.

I like my car which is dependable. I use my car everyday and I go out of town once a month. I like the gas mileage.

- vanessa l

Fuel efficient, compact but powerful. Full tank lasts 300+ miles.

Small and compact but powerful. Easily outperforms other similar sedans. Still running like a champ 10 years later.

- Anne H

It saves on gas! If you work far it is a good car.

I love the gas mileage but it is not a comfortable car. The radio has not worked since I got it. Not that spacious.

- Betsy M

Nothing you do not need to know anything about it it is a very coming car

No complaints great car break. The breaks kinda suck and why do you want so much I'm only getting 30 cents like wtf

- Tyler B

The car is fairly easy to take care of, runs well, and doesn't give me many issues. The TPMS system light going on does seem to be a common problem that occurs in this car, but thankfully it is a minor issue that I can work around.

Although the car is several years old, it still runs well and doesn't suck up a lot of money in maintenance costs.

- Hal S

It is the perfect car for a student.

My car runs good, it is just an older model with manual windows and doors. Besides the old model it performs well.

- Desirae R

It is a great little car and my wallet does not scream when I fill it up.

I like the fuel economy, comfort, and that it has little maintenance. Sometimes wish we had a bigger car, though.

- Betty R

Wonderful gas mileage and no major problems in 10 years with car.

It has lasted wonderful with no major problems. I would prefer a larger vehicle. The gas mileage is super also.

- Jeanne M

Mileages Great gas mileage

It's great on gas mileage, comfortable and rides good. Dependable and I would recommended one like it to anyone.

- Vicki M

It is a good car. I would recommend it to anyone who needs one.

It is green and very easy to drive. I have had it a long time and it runs good. It is a little noisy at times.

- Rumualdo G

It gets great mpg and is very dependable.

I like the trunk space and mpg. I dislike the interior space, but besides that I love everything about the car.

- Sean S

I enjoy driving my Ford Focus. It is not difficult to park. MPG are good. I wish that Ford would make more of their cars in the USA. I will NOT buy a vehicle if it is not made in the USA.

It is comfortable and affordable. You can pack a surprisingly large amount of items in it when you are moving.

- Carol W

its small and can hold up to 5 people, but it handles very well

It runs very well after 10 years and it's very smooth in driving. its radio is up to tech and breaks are light.

- Emily H

Good Gas Mileage Compact and easy to drive Not a good car in snow to drive

Good Gas Mileage - Tires are cheap to replace an overall compact car with 110,000 miles and minimal maintenance

- Bonnie W

It is a good little car, a little tight on space.

It gets good gas mileage. It has the sync feature on the radio. It is a 2 door and the seats do not fold down.

- Melissa L

Dependable and fuel efficiency

No cruise control is the only main negative. Yet great fuel efficiency and mileage. It's been very dependable.

- Joel M

Well considering circumstances

Since we got it, it has been falling apart. We bought it used however, and learned that it was in an accident.

- Tobey V

It is durable and great on gas.

I like the mpg as I have a long drive to work. . I like the way it drives. I like that it is low maintenance.

- Tammy J

that it was my Dad's car and I love keeping it going

This was my Dad's car, it gets great gas mileage, costs little to maintain and continues to be very reliable

- Joel S

How expensive is to have a key replaced. After some use of the car, the body seems to me very poorly put together.

My car is a reliable. It rattles a lot. The key is too expensive to replace. I have lost the key many times.

- Ralph V

It gets very very very good gas mileage all the time.

It gets good gas mileage, so that is good. Not as hard on tires as our last car. Hate that it's a two door.

- debbie F

It is very reliable and gets good gas mileage.

It is affordable and reliable. It gets good gas mileage. It lasts for a few years. I have no complaints.

- M C

Its ready to die. Hopefully it will last another year.

Its at the age where everything slowly breaks down. The waterpump just went now. Getting ready to sell it.

- Sal P

Dependable vehicle - have not had any major issues.

Really great car with no major issues. Very nice design and color. Would recommend this vehicle to others.

- Kimberly J

It is suitable for my family. Not too small or big. It is just perfect.

I love that my car is compact.. I love that my car has a big trunk.. I hate that my car only has 2 door..

- Andrea R

It makes a lot of noise but drives good and is safe.

I like the engine and how the car drives. I do not like how easily it needs to be repaired and worked on.

- Shayla F

Its reliable. It has close to 300k and hasn't broken down yet.

I love the gas mileage. I hate the fact that it's so cramped and uncomfortable. I like the overall look.

- Kayla D

That it is very comfortable to drive.

Gas mileage is great. Routine maintenance is not too expensive. There is not much power in the vehicle.

- Heather J

It's a ford focus. It gets very good gas mileage.

It is reliable. It very good on gas. I doesn't require much upkeep. My only complaint is it's so small.

- Jimmie H

that's It's paid off,might not be the most attractive car on the road but It's still reliable and not in bad shape.

like the compact size,like the fuel mileage .dislike that It's getting older with a lot of miles on it.

- chuck K

Great gas mileage. Very cheap to fill up and last a long time.

It gets great gas mileage. It is fairly roomy inside. I feel safe driving it. It is a great little car.

- Miranda H

That it is safe and reliable it also gets good gas mileage

i have no problems i love my car. it is good quality and reliable and has never let me down. its great

- Robert T

Blue fired focus black rims

My car has been the best car ever. Never broke down! Never had to fix anything on it and! Great on gas

- Kylie H

It's really good on gas. I can make a tank last about two weeks.

It's a Ford so that pesky check engine light is almost always on. But my car always passes inspection.

- Christopher N

It is a safe car and operates well in most weather.

I would like a newer version with the back up display on the dash. I would like another color as well.

- Rosalyn W

Very reliable and dependable over the past ten years.

Had no problems in 10 years. Runs well, built it well. Is strong, reliable and great on fuel mileage.

- Brittany S

Reliable Ford Focus for many years

We've had very few problems since buying the car almost 10 years ago. Very reliable and comfortable.

- Robyn d

Small impact. Good mileage. Good gas.

The monthly price and the color. Too many people driving the same car. Gas is good. Mileage is good.

- Felicia W

I really enjoy the mileage on it. It really cuts down the cost of getting around

transmission control module was an issue. really like the mileage. didn't like the speaker issues.

- Sean M

It runs problem free and is safe and inexpensive

I like the look and the fuel Efficiency. I don't like the interior since it's not so comfortable

- Steve R

It's pretty sturdy. I haven't had any issues with it. Keep up with your maintenance and it'll last.

My vehicle is reliable. It is a little small for me now but I still like it. It's good on gas.

- Mee M

It's a dependable economy car.Great car for short distances, like back and forth to work

Its cheap on gas. The interior is just made cheap. Overall it's a decent car short distances.

- Sara S

It dose run great but I don't trust it to take long trips

My AC stopped working after 6 years tires keep losing pressure it vibrates in the interior

- todd g

It is a manual and it rocks.

It is a great car with great gas mileage. It is just a little small for a family of five.

- Mike T

The most important part about my car is that it is great on gas

I love my car it's great on gas Never gave me any major problems..... I do need a new one

- April N

It's practical and functional amd cite

It gets good gas mileage and needs minimal maintenance. Easy to drive. Good reliable car

- Jacklyn M

It's a great little car that will last a long time and take care of your needs.

A great little car that gets good gas mileage, runs great and has had very few problems.

- Richard U

It is reliable. All ways gets me where I want to go.

It always starts when I need it to. Gets me where I want to go. Fits in small places.

- lou r

It does have good gas mileage, and it's reliable and has lasted me a long time. But after awhile everything has started to fall apart.

It has good gas mileage. It's pretty reliable. My only complaint is that it is small

- Hillary K

It's comfortable and economical. There is also lots of legroom.

I'm happy with my car. It's quiet, rides smooth, and is comfortable. No complaints.

- Teresa F

It's fuel efficient and I have never had any issues with the engine.

I wish it was a newer model with more innovative features. It's a good car though.

- Drey U

not a damn thing. It's mine and that's all that matters

I don't like the manual windows nor the broken AC but it handles well in the snow,

- Laura P

It is very reliable. It has very low maintenance cost

It's reliable. We have put a lot of miles on it and haven't put any money into it

- John P

It is innovative and have safety feature and gas efficiency.

I love the performance and safety of the The interior feature and gas efficiency.

- lin f

My car is very practical, nice and compact, good features, and gets me where I need to go.

I like that it is small. It has plenty of space. I don't like the color of it.

- Shelbi E

It is reliable, cheap on cost of of maintenance and compact, drives well on snow.

I like that it is reliable and low maintenance I wish that it was 4 wheel drive.

- Lia F

it gets good gas mileage and it fairly decent to drive.

i like that i have a car. i hate that it is 2 door. the locks also do not work.

- debbie f

It is a manual and has great gas miles, it has a lot of get up and go

I love that it is a manual. I love the gas miles and I dislike the small size

- Hilary E

If you are a taller person the rear view mirror is at an awkward location

I am a fan of the sync system. It is easy to use and makes operations safer.

- Matt J

It is a great car. Fords are dependable. It is great on gas

I love my car it is dependable. It is great on gas. Love the cold. It is red

- Julia V

That my car has been across country twice. It's fun to drive.

I love that its fuel efficient. I dislike that the back seat has no room.

- Winter H

It always has problems and is always needing something to be fixed..

I love that it's not too big. It has good gas mileage.i like the shape.

- Amanda N

It's very dependable. It has not broken down since I have bought it. There has been some problems with the power steering.

It's a good care, easy on gas. It is dependable. It is very attractive.

- peggy m

It gets good gas mileage. It has needed no repairs in the 10 years I have owned it. It is very reliable.

It gets great gas mileage. It is compact, easy to steer, easy to park.

- Barbara M

The speed could be improved so that it's not so slow

I have no complaints. It was a pretty color. It had decent gas mileage

- Natasha T

I love how small it is and easily be able to teach my teenage son to drive. Runs smoothly

It's a small and amazing vehicle to use to get back and forth to work

- Diane K

That it is mine! I like it very much. Best car I have ever had.

It is a very dependable car. Gets good gas mileage. Easy to maintain.

- Russ R

when I got its used with 140k miles the head gasket blew IN a month, nut after replacement it's been reliable since.

it's cheap, but if it's over 100k miles beware of a blown head gasket

- Isaac G

It is old but drives well and handles great. It takes a bit to go fast but it can still go 120 mph

I love my car. It has been with me for 3 years and drives very nice.

- Taylor D

It's been a very reliable car. We've had a lot of trips in this car and it's been great. We had to have a temperature gauge replaced.

It's a good family car. Good features and reliability for the price.

- Phil T

It's a decent car but it's ten years old and has a lot of miles

It's good on gas. It doesn't have much room. It's starting to rust

- Holly K

Very reliable car. Super easy to wear out the brakes and shocks, but great gas mileage. Only had to replace the oil pan because of how old the car is.

Even though it is little, I am little so my car is perfect for me

- Jordyn L

This car gets great gas mileage so I can drive to work and back almost all week on one tank.

Love the gas mileage. Hate the tiny areas and not much leg room.

- Kris T

It is a small sedan. It is easy to handle and park. It is fuel efficient

This car is fuel efficient and easy to handle and rides smoothly

- Barbara S

It is great on gas and that is important to most people

Safe and reliable, does well with gas and have very few problems

- Emma M

i love my vehicle so much. it is the most reliable automobile that i have ever owned and i have had absolutely no issues out of it

that it is reliable and has great gas mileage. with a sunroof

- Lara F