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Nice commuter car but poor family car for kids in the back seat.

2018 Ford Focus

I like that the car sits higher up, I do not feel like I am riding on the ground. The seats are comfortable and it has nice features like heated seats and steering wheels. One drawback is that it is a right space, especially in the back. My children often complain they do not have enough leg room. The car does have great trunk space. I also like the outside appearance of the car. It is sporty but not overly flashy. I purchased this vehicle for my 35 mile one way commute to work. It has helped save on gas money and is nice for this purpose. Again, for a family vehicle to transport kids, it is cramped in the back. Also, my husband if six foot two and he has very little leg room for himself when he drives or is a passenger. Sometimes the radio controls can be confusing. Also at times my phone does not always want to sync. In addition, the voice recognition does not work well. I often have to repeat myself or it calls the wrong person.

- Emily S

Amazing vehicle in every way.

2018 Ford Focus

This car is fantastic. It has a smooth ride for our 1 year old son, the sound system is amazing and there are lots of different settings, as well as multiple different ways to listen including dedicated buttons for Sirius, phone, media, and radio. It has a USB port which allows you to connect your phone to play music files that way as well. The seats adjust pretty far which is great for my 6'2" husband and 5'2" me! The performance is amazing, you can go anywhere from 350-450 miles full to empty depending on how you are handling the drive, and with cruise control which you can set in lots of ways that means a great amount of mileage. The seats are moisture wicking, husband spilled a drink in the front passenger seat and he got out to get napkins. . . The seat was dry and there was a bead of liquid just there, not soaking in or anything. Overall I love this car and I have no complaints.

- Gina D

2018 Ford Focus - my opinion!

2018 Ford Focus

Overall I like the color and style of my Focus. Hatchback and sporty looking with a hot chili pepper red color. My Focus is a 2018 with only 3500 miles on it. So haven't experienced any problems mechanically yet. Gets good gas mileage, 30 mpg on average between in town and highway driving. My Focus is a 4-door so do not have to worry about people climbing over the seats to get in back. One thing I do not like about my Focus is that there is not much leg room and interior space for comfort. Other than that I am totally content with my Focus. Includes back-up camera, Bluetooth stereo, Bluetooth hands-free phone features, decent sounding stereo, cruise control, cold air and other appealing features. Good car for the price.

- Richard F

Features of the 2018 ford focus make it a must-have vehicle!

2018 Ford Focus Titanium

I feel extremely safe in this vehicle! Shortly after purchasing, my tire blew out and I was forced into a guard rail, but I walked away completely uninjured. The vehicle, on the other hand, needed to be repaired, which was a costly venture. I love that it easily pairs with apple CarPlay. It is a great feature that helps eliminate driver distraction. Also, the car is Bluetooth accessible, which is a great option for those without apple products. The car gets pretty decent gas mileage considering I am someone who drives frequently and rather far distances at a time. My biggest complaint with the car is that it sometimes struggles to shift gears entirely.

- Kirsten F

An interesting detail on my vehicle is the motion camera.

2018 Ford Focus Titanium

My vehicle has problems with staying clean In the inside I tend to not clean it as much. My vehicle has performance in high speed driving slow motion driving being able to see what's going on behind me due to my motion camera my vehicle also has performance in smooth riding. My vehicle has reliability in getting me too and from places my vehicle has reliability in safe diving due to my seatbelts and installed airbags. My vehicle is comforting because of the seats & the amount of room it has. And the features my vehicle has is all black 4 door, glass see through windows, black comfortable seats, motion camera, and 4 8 inch wheels.

- Samara B

Love the color and comfort of my Focus.

2018 Ford Focus

My Ford Focus does not have as much pickup as my former vehicle, however, the gas mileage is great. I have gotten as much as 30 mpg, and as low as 25 mpg. It sits lower to the ground than my previous vehicle, but it still easy to get in and out of the driver's seat. The color of my Focus is silver and looks classy, the interior is dark gray, which is nice for hiding little accidents that my grandkids may have made. The ride is smooth and it goes over bumps without much jostling. When slowing down and then picking up speed again, it is a little slower to switch to the faster pace.

- Patricia D

2018 Ford Focus ST is a great hot hatch! Get one while you can!

2018 Ford Focus ST

So far my Focus ST has been great! It is very fun to drive on mountain roads and is faster than my 2015 WRX. It gets great mileage if you drive it nice and it is much more comfortable and easier to drive than my 2015 WRX I had before. I know many people will be cross shopping the Focus ST with the Subaru WRX. The Focus has much better braking, steering, and drivers car feel to it. One problem I have had are that my drivers side door panel loosened up bit but the dealer fixed it very fast and I had a great experience with my local ford dealer.

- Nathan M

2018 Focus ST short review of performance and seats

2018 Ford Focus ST

My 2018 Focus ST is very reliable, fun, and fast. I believe the engine could have a more responsive acceleration but overall the performance is awesome. One issue I have is that the seats are only adjustable up down and forward and back as well as learning. I wish the vehicle had more adjustments to make it more comfortable. The bolstering in the seat is very comfortable and just enough to hold you in while taking tight turns. The passenger seat however has no up/down adjustment which is a big downfall for my passengers.

- Carson S

It is simple, clean and efficient.

2018 Ford Focus

I am a retired senior citizen. I needed a reliable vehicle without all the gimmicks that are typically placed on new cars. I previously owned a 2016 Ford Fusion which had two major recalls in the first year and a half of ownership. The more the gimmicks, the greater the costly problems which are inevitable. My Focus gets 25 miles to the gallon city and 30 miles to the gallon highway. These are actual amounts which I have currently experienced. The car handles well and is remarkably peppy for a small car.

- Ronald M

Overall I like the car but I would not recommend it. The car is very good on gas.

2018 Ford Focus SE

My wife got the car from a lease. I really do like the feature with how the car stops and starts when you stop or if you are on idle. I don't feel as if you are saving that much gasoline. I do like the feature of the back up camera. It helps out a lot. The car is good on gas. It is not very fast and it is not a very big car. I like the volume control on the steering wheel. I also do not like the it don't have a CD player. I don't think that all new cars have them but I wish they would keep them in.

- Timothy S

An Overall Good Quality Car

2018 Ford Focus S

I've owned the base model 2018 Ford Focus for about half a year now and have had no real issues with the vehicle itself. However I did notice that when I had gotten a hole in my tire, there was no tire iron that came with the car, which did cause some minor problems. Not sure if it's because they don't come with one or if the dealership just forgot to put it back in. I have noticed the engine can tend to rev a little higher than normal but again this hasn't produced any issues thus far.

- Thomas D

2018 ford focus hatchback.

2018 Ford Focus

This was my first brand new car, and it has a lot of new (to me) features that I love. The engine is very quiet, I like having controls for music on my steering wheel, and the camera at the back of my car is nice. The downsides are that it does not speed up as fast as I would like, I will hit my head on the roof if I lean forward to see around something (and I am not tall), and it fogs up in the cold to where I am forced to just sit and wait for it to defrost.

- Liz D

My car is black and yellow like a bumble bee!

2018 Ford Focus ST

The performance of my car is incredible, I have not had any problems since I leased the car about a year ago. I love the color and the paint work. It is Avery reliable and dependable car and it is also a stick. It gets me back and forth from work or any other places that I would like to go. My car is a very good car to take on road trips or vacations. It has a sports mode and it has a very comfortable inside and the seats are a very clean leather.

- Dominique M

Focus not just your daughter's first car. It's your daughters first car for life.

2018 Ford Focus SE

The new Ford Focus has sync radio. It doesn't allow driver to use radio while driving. It has amazing gas mileage. I took a trip from West Virginia to Canada and I only had to fill up once one way. The interior is a little cramped as we are all tall but the features, looks, and fuel efficiency makeup for that. It runs great and has an option to be automatic or standard transmission. I am now a Ford focus woman for life.

- Whitney H

Nice car with very useful features.

2018 Ford Focus SE

My 2018 Ford Focus so far has been a very reliable car. It has a lot of nice features like a backup camera, built in compass, nice display with lots of information. One feature I like is a low tire pressure warning. It has two trip meters and tracks fuel use. The radio is SiriusXM and Bluetooth compatible. It can link with your smartphone and use the contacts list so you can make calls via voice recognition.

- Joseph W

Do not buy a ford focus beware.

2018 Ford Focus SE

I do not like the way it jumps when you pull out. . It constantly feels like the transmission is slipping. There is no CD player not everyone wants to bluetooth their music. It is not comfortable to sit in the seats are narrow not comfortable for larger people. The seatbelts do not work properly and when you take it back to be checked nothing is ever under warranty. It is great on gas mileage on a trip.

- Leslie W

2018 Ford Focus is the dream car you dreamed of.

2018 Ford Focus

Ford Focus is an extremely soft car. Drives like a dream. The gas mileage is extremely good. One thing I would liked improved though is the screen for the back up camera, Bluetooth, and general car menu. Also would like the door to close more softly without having to slam it. Another thing to consider, compared to other cars the gas pedal is very low while the brake pedal is high so the feel is weird.

- Liliya N

Sporty hatchback, fun to drive, great gas mileage, all together pleasure to own.

2018 Ford Focus

Very comfortable, both the seats and the steering wheel.It hugs curves and is so fun to drive. Backup camera is awesome and easy to use. I love the radio with USB, am/fm and SiriusXM. The car is so quiet and sporty! So far I don't have any issues. If I could change anything it would be for the back seat to fold flat down but hey, if that's the only thing about it that I don't care for I'm doing good!

- Marie B

Good size, good looking, and smooth ride.

2018 Ford Focus

It is a good mid-size sedan. The dashboard is user friendly and connects with my phone through Bluetooth. It feel spacious on the inside, but it can have its limits. If you take your time, you can fit two "some assembly required" bookshelf kits in it diagonally with all of the doors closed. The ride is smooth and the cruise control is accurate. The inside, being all black, is quite sleek.

- Valerie W

The paint job and leather interior are very well done.

2018 Ford Focus ST

It is a decent vehicle, it gets me from point a to point b reliably. However, it is a bit lacking performance wise. There are some concerns when launching as the front makes a weird popping noise when traction control is on. There are also some things that mess with my ocd on the interior. However, overall, it really is a good car, just not the car of my dreams or anything like that.

- Amy R

My Ford Focus se ecoboost with turbo is my favorite vehicle so far!

2018 Ford Focus SE

My car a 2018 Ford Focus se ecoboost with turbo is great on gas. Ford Focus se ecoboost with turbo is a very smooth ride and the tires are hydrogen filled. The only negative I have is that I wish the back seat was bigger but it works! Ford Focus se ecoboost with turbo has great pick up! I've never had such a reliable vehicle just as the Ford Focus se ecoboost with turbo.

- Brittany W

2018 Ford Focus ST, the Baby Race Car :)

2018 Ford Focus

I have a 2018 Ford Focus ST, it is a 2.0L Turbo, ST-2 Edition so it has the cloth Recaro seats, 6 speed manual transmission. I have a lot of performance parts including a tune in the car, 0-60 is around 5 seconds, and a top speed of over 160 MPH. It is very nimble around corners, basically a mini race car that is very fun to drive. Would recommend to any car enthusiast!

- Jake C

The only interesting thing about it is the turn dial.

2018 Ford Focus

I love this car it is excellent. I would recommend this car to many people. It drives well I have had no problems with the car whatsoever. I get all of my cars from Ford and I am never disappointed. It has nice adjustable seats, I love the turn dial. If the car is off and you shut the door but the keys are still inside it will make a sound so you can get your keys.

- Taylor L

Good on fuel, great radio system.

2018 Ford Focus S

The best thing about my vehicle is the fuel economy. I typically can drive 400 miles with a full tank of gas. It also features the engine shut down when the vehicle stops to save on fuel. Another thing I like is the radio system. It features Bluetooth, regular radio, USB, and satellite radio. It also has 3 ports to charge my phone and other people's phones.

- Jacob M

Gas mileage and easy handling.

2018 Ford Focus

My vehicle drives fantastically with a few small problems small coolant leaks and radiator overheating it is an amazing vehicle with great travers ability the seats are soft and can be adjusted comfortably for tall and short individuals it also displays the speed and miles traveled on the center console with and easy to read and maneuver gear shift lever.

- Brad B

The Sony sound system, backup cam, and exceptional gas mileage were my yes.

2018 Ford Focus SEL

I love my car because I know it is a dependable car. This model came with a lot of great extras too. Sony sound system which included a subwoofer in the trunk, and 6 speakers in the car which I love them because I love music, especially in long road trips. Also the backup cam is crystal clear and right in front of me. As well as great gas mileage.

- Brandy R

Love the car, not the dealership.

2018 Ford Focus

I haven't had this car for very long. I can't afford to plate it. They told me it would be around $500. Ended up costing $1,500. Currently taking this survey to gain money to plate it. I knew it was going to be expensive, but not like that. Especially since it has hail damage and such. I love this car though and can't wait to drive it again.

- Alex C

Has great gas mileage and especially for road trips.

2018 Ford Focus

I really like that you have a camera to see behind you when you backup. It's a great safety feature and also helps as far as anyone with arthritis especially in you back and neck. Honestly I can say that I have no complaints of dislikes. This does make my 2nd ford focus and my second one i miss my mood lighting. Didn't have it with this one.

- Lee ann M

The gas mileage couldn't be better.

2018 Ford Focus

Our Ford Focus is a great car. It is fairly roomy and comfortable. (Of course not as much as the larger sized models). The gas mileage cannot be better: 43 mpg highway/38 in town. Any questions/problems have been addressed in a timely manner from our Ford dealership (got a great deal also). All in all, we are quite happy with our selection.

- Mary B

The highlight of my car is the controls and how it glistens in the sun.

2018 Ford Focus

An extremely comfortable and reliable vehicle. So far, I have had no problem with it or its running. Although, the 2018 Ford Focus could use a more powerful engine. I would most definitely recommend this car to family or friends. I could not imagine having a better car. Also, the sun glistening on the clean hood is aesthetically pleasing.

- Roxy M

Affordable with a huge trunk!

2018 Ford Focus S

The 2018 ford focus is a great price.There's nothing too special about the base model. It's a standard 4 door little sedan, but the trunk has a ton of space. I keep my stroller travel system in there and have room for my reusable grocery bags and safety kit, extra blanket and diaper bag. It does pick up speed really fast. So that's nice.

- Mona W

Shaky acceleration/deceleration.

2018 Ford Focus

My vehicle shakes upon acceleration and when going around a curve. It has since as drove it off the lot. We have had it back at the dealership several times and they say nothing is wrong, that it is just a different type of transmission. I personally do not believe any brand new vehicle should make that much noise or ride that rough.

- Katie D

2018 Ford focus review from an actual owner.

2018 Ford Focus

The Ford focus (2018) will no longer be available after this year. If you buy a used model, only buy the 2016, 2017, and 2018 models of this car. They have been tweaked to not have the shudder transmission problems of the earlier Ford focus models. I love my 2018 focus, and have been traveling across the country with no problems.

- Cecilia G

Manufacture issues rear windows and temperature.

2018 Ford Focus Electric

Il like my car it has a good performance. It is a ford focus, the only problem that have is that I bought the economic one and the rear windows do not open automatically and is a problem because we need to do it manually. The other problem is that does not tell the temperature. I suggest that they need to improve that problem.

- Carmen G

It is a small vehicle. It is a mid size sedan, so it is not the best vehicle for tall people or a full car as it can get fairly tight in the back seat.

2018 Ford Focus

It is a very good vehicle and gets very good gas mileage. I haven't had any issues with it. I have the SEL with cold weather package that includes heated front seats, heated steering wheel, and heat side mirrors which is very nice. It has a moonroof and the air controls and touch screen are very nice and are very easy to use.

- Olivia B

2018 ford focus se review

2018 Ford Focus SE

2018 focus. Cons... Trans / clutch issues. Head gasket replaced. Pros... Affordable. Looks nice/ sporty. Bigger than the fiesta. Easy to handle in the city. Fun to drive in the country. Handles and hugs the road nicely. Could use a little more horsepower. Not enough pep. Can feel every bump. Could use better shocks struts etc

- David E

My vehicle is gray with some sparkle in the paint. The interior is also gray.

2018 Ford Focus SEL

I enjoy my car. The car gets really good gas mileage. It is has a surprising amount of room inside and a large trunk. I love the gray color. I chose this car because I have heard it is very reliable. So far, I have discovered this is true. The dealership I bought it from was very friendly and helpful throughout the process.

- Katie W

Ford focus 2018. The vehicle for you and your family to fit all your needs.

2018 Ford Focus S

It's a reliable car and serves my needs. I have not had any problems with my vehicle. It runs good. I would say it is comfortable and could see myself going for long road trips. It performs well and has great features. I would recommend the ford focus to family and friends due to its reliability, performance, and comfort.

- Erica P

This car performs excellently.

2018 Ford Focus

My Ford focus 2018 is a smooth enjoyable ride. It has all the features I need, power locks, power windows, ac/heat, and radio. I love the fact that it can go super fast if or when needed. It is super compact without being claustrophobic. I used to not enjoy driving, my Ford makes me look forward to it once more.

- Elizabeth-ray H

Ford Focus Titanium 2018 For new buyers'

2018 Ford Focus Titanium

The 2018 Ford Focus Titanium is similar to past year titanium's. The only difference I can spot compared to the 2016 make is the tan leather interiors. It is a super low maintenance car and makes to be a perfect first car. I rarely ever spend tons of money on gas unless I am putting a lot of miles in on the car.

- Lex G

Great, reliable car with good mileage!

2018 Ford Focus S

I really enjoy driving my Ford Focus. I haven't had any issues in the year I've owned it, other than a couple tire patches for nails and having to constantly refill the windshield washer fluid. I get good gas mileage and feel safe in my car. It has been reliable, and we like it so much my husband has one too!

- Jenny W

Great looking car for the price

2018 Ford Focus S

The car is in great shape. It rides smooth. It is very roomy. It has a lot of features. Wonderful gas mileage. The sunroof is nice to have. Power windows and doors. It has a GPS system. Also, it has a review camera so you can see if you are going to back into anything. Air conditioner and heater for comfort.

- Lori H

Great first car, highly recommended!

2018 Ford Focus SE

Smooth ride, great gas mileage. I love the look and feel of the car. It is a great car for anyone who needs a small compact car to and from work. Reliable. Would recommend this car to anyone who is looking for a good first car. Great trunk space, and seat fold down. Has I much room for such a small car!

- Samantha B

My Ford Focus is easy to operate, maintain & it is very fuel efficient.

2018 Ford Focus

I love my Ford Focus because it is easy to operate. It requires minimal maintenance. My car is affordable to drive; fuel efficient. It has a back-up camera that is viewed on the dashboard. It has the ability to talk on a phone hands free. It also can have internet access for an additional monthly fee.

- Yvonne B

Smooth riding attractive car with super gas mileage.

2018 Ford Focus

The Focus rides very smooth. I have not had any mechanical problems and I love the gas mileage. The Ford dealership is a super reliable place. The warranty is great. I added an extra yr. to bring it to 6 yr. power train. I love the color I chose. It magnetic color is very attractive. It was a great buy.

- Eugenia R

2018 Ford Focus is Wonderful!

2018 Ford Focus SE

The Ford Focus SE is wonderful! The gas mileage is very dependable. It can withstand pretty much all weather conditions and the sound system is wonderful! Bluetooth audio is great when hooked to your phone, this also acts as a great safety feature so you aren't in your phone and driving. I love my car!

- Emily B

Wonderful 2018 Ford Focus.

2018 Ford Focus

I am happy with my vehicle purchase. One of the things I do not like however is the pickup the car has when you hit the gas. For the car to be a new car it drives like it has transmission problems. It is great in gas though. I like the way the car handles and I do not like the way the vents are placed.

- Erica R

I have a nice 2018 ford focus titanium.

2018 Ford Focus Titanium

Ford makes the best vehicles. I love my car it has heated seats steering wheel and side mirrors heating. It's got Sony speakers. It's a great car. It's a cool color blue. Not that great of pickup but it drives smooth. I love the leather seats. It's great in the winter with everything that warms up. .

- Debbie G

Possible flaws/qualities of my primary vehicle

2018 Ford Focus SE

Only thing I see wrong with it is the lack of These not having a cruise control option. It has great gas and it's perfect for me and my families needs! Oh and I almost forgot the rear passenger windows are manual not automatic which can be a negative however I like it due to having small children.

- Kayla G

Focus gets great gas mileage

2018 Ford Focus SE

I travel for work and this car gets Great gas mileage. Radio speakers have a decent sound as well. This car is pretty Low maintenance. Just be sure to keep up with your oil changes and use 89 octane gas and you will be fine. We have two of these cars in the family. And this is my second focus.

- Therese S

The highlight is that it is great on fuel and drive smooth.

2018 Ford Focus

It is a good car and drives well. The only thing wrong with my car is it has no cruise control. The back windows are not electric they are manual. It handles the road well. Kind of small but the seats are comfortable. Needs electric seats and heated seats. And a light in the inside of the car.

- Marilyn M

Fast and lovely car. Definitely worth the money.

2018 Ford Focus

My car is super nice. It is black, fast really cute for a little family. It is comfortable and a very smart car. If you ever hit something it automatically calls 911 for help. It makes you feel safe and to be honest, it is just so much better than my old car and that is what I love the most.

- Amanda M

I love my 2018 Ford Focus!

2018 Ford Focus

I love my Ford Focus! The seats are extremely comfortable, the back up camera is very helpful, and it drives super smoothly. I have never had any issues with it not starting or anything. It is a very reliable vehicle. I also really like that I had the option of a hatchback style, I love it!

- Emma H

2018 Ford Focus Se Hatchback with storage Console, charging dock for phones.

2018 Ford Focus SE

Very good gas mileage, economical, easy to drive, very comfortable, has sync for phone which comes through the speakers in car. Very reliable, parks in small spaces, easy to navigate in town and on highway. Has a nice big trunk with tire storage underneath for the spare tire and car jack.

- Bruce S

Ford Focus 2018. Good technology

2018 Ford Focus SEL

I haven't had any issues with it so far. It drives very comfortably. I love the heated steering wheel. Apple carplay is a great feature too. The backup camera is very clear. The Bluetooth hooks up very easily. The trunk has lots of room. The back seats also have a good amount of legroom

- Emily A

This care does a great job maneuvering through traffic.

2018 Ford Focus S

The Ford focus is a very efficient vehicle for the younger adults and teenagers getting there first car. It is low on gas mileage and it does great on the highway. The only downfall of the car is that it is very low to the grown and when hitting potholes you can hear it through the car.

- Kayla K

Good gas mileage; just okay transmission; the hatchback models are cool.

2018 Ford Focus

The car has good gas mileage. It had an appealing appearance. The different features, safety and tech, are nice. I never had a car with a heated steering wheel before, so that was a plus. Although the new Focus' transmissions underwent an overhaul, they are still not my favorite to use.

- Peyt K

It has been better than we thought it would be.

2018 Ford Focus Electric

For the most part it works great the only time that is concerning is when stopped it doesn't switch to electric mode, but have had it for a year and no maintenance problems. But always feel safe, reliable and wouldn't have it any other way. It is a comfortable car that suits our needs.

- Michael H

My Amazing 2018 Ford Focus

2018 Ford Focus S

Everything's good. Seat's are very comfortable. Haven't needed an oil change yet. Also the brakes are very well functioning. The dashboard has a nice clean look to it as well. The stitching inside the vehicle looks very nice in my opinion. It is just a really great vehicle overall.

- Daniel H

Black, shiny very sharp looking vehicle

2018 Ford Focus

Great on gas, comfortable ride, i really like the car, the only problem is my car overheated after only having it 2 weeks, I bought it brand new and it had a pinhole leak in the coolant reservoir. Was very disappointed as it only had 200 miles . Ford stood by it though and fixed it.

- Marjorie P

Title of your review? Nothing really to title it to or from.

2018 Ford Focus

Nothing really to talk about, we cannot afford to own so our next option is to lease. This was not our choice of car. The only 1 we can afford. If we had our way we would have gone to Toyota which we do plan in 2 yrs. and saving enough for a down payment so we can own it out right.

- Lourdes W

Reliable family vehicle but could definitely use some improvements.

2018 Ford Focus S

I feel like the engine lags. You push the gas and sometimes it does not take off right away. It has a huge delay. It could be the ecoboost but I do not believe that it is. Sometimes I'll hit the gas and it will go minutes after and then I have to slam on the breaks. It can be scary

- Amanda B

Very easy to drive, feels very safe while driving.

2018 Ford Focus

Backup camera is a great help. drives smoother than the fiesta. Has additional blind spot mirrors which make me feel very safe. Digital speedometer provides a lot of assistance when driving, especially when driving on highways and you do not want to look at your speed for too long.

- Julia C

2018 Ford Focus Titanium. Come with backup camera and heated seats and heated steering wheel. It's a decent sized hatchback with more space than you think.

2018 Ford Focus

My car is a Focus Titanium. It's been very reliable not only for around town but also on a few long road trips. The perks that come with the Titanium are well worth the higher price and the gas mileage in town and on highway is really good. I would buy the car again in the future.

- Becky M

2018 Ford Focus Review Better gas mileage than stated.

2018 Ford Focus

Has all-weather floors inside and in the trunk, soft comfortable seats. Large 16" tires for a smooth ride. Love my car except that Ford is not putting CD's standard in the cars anymore. I miss that, but love everything else about it, especially getting 46 miles to the gallon.

- Kim H

Great for driving kids around.

2018 Ford Focus S

Great vehicle.Max ac. No issues. Great gas mileage. Good for the economy. It is a four door sedan. Has room for five passengers. Great for kids. I would recommend it to any who is looking to buy a ford focus. This is our second one. Radio is great and has three charge ports.

- Walter M

I love the leather interior and the sunroof.

2018 Ford Focus Titanium

I love my car. It is one of the best cars I have had. It runs great. Very comfortable and reliable. I bought it for husband for his birthday and he loves it, but I drive it mostly because he had a company van. It was the best purchase I ever made. Can't say enough about it.

- Cruz S

Good little car especially for first time drivers!

2018 Ford Focus S

Great little car! Gas is good and maintenance is affordable! Only issue is the back seat is tight so it is uncomfortable for adults on long trips but perfect for pets or kids! The back up camera is nice however is very tiny and it does not beep when close to other objects.

- Becky L

2018 stick shift ford focus.

2018 Ford Focus SE

The best part about my car is that its a stick shift. It's one of the most comfortable cars I've ever driven. It has a nice black interior. Its sync features are amazing. I've never had any problems with the car so it's very reliable.. Plenty of trunk room for a small car.

- Kayla P

Overall 5 star, 4 because I'm a low key race car driver

2018 Ford Focus SE

I have had a Ford Focus hatchback and how have the sedan. Great pricing and overall great car. The speed does accelerate but for someone like me it is a little annoying how it revs up a little slow, I recommend this as a first or second car. Wouldn't of changed a thing.

- Autumn W

2018 Ford Focus Review for you

2018 Ford Focus S

Comfortably seats three children in the backseat. A.C. And heating system is great. Great on gas. Takes about 25$ to fill up tank. Car Bluetooth audio system is ok at times. Cannot connect if car is in motion. Rear camera comes in handy when it comes to backing out.

- Lex A

Pros and cons of the Focus rs.

2018 Ford Focus

Very stiff ride. The suspension and wheel combination is not the best for city streets. Terrible turning radius (almost impossible to make U-turns on main roads at lights without having to reverse). Very fast and enjoyable to drive on the highways, and it turns heads.

- Dominic I

Most important thing would be how it can go in stick shift mode.

2018 Ford Focus

One thing I hate about my car is the sets I really do not like them. Another thing is that I do not like how ruff the engine sounds. But I do like the color of the interior and also the color of the outside. And one other thing I like about it is how the brakes work.

- Mariah G

Plenty of room in backseat

2018 Ford Focus SE

Great car, plenty of room, great accommodations. Decent price for the vehicle. Would recommend to anyone with a family. Great for long trips or just drives to work, plenty of room for car seats in back. Also the people at Ford are easy to deal with. Great company.

- James B

This is a very fun car to drive

2018 Ford Focus Base

The car picks up very quickly and is very easy to drive. I enjoy the fact that the trunk is so spacious and the car feels very roomy. Unfortunately there are some substantially blind spots, but diligence in addition to the rear view camera help alleviate that danger.

- Elizabeth D

30 to 33 miles per gallon in the city and 40 to 45 on the highway.

2018 Ford Focus SE

I live my vehicle. It gets 32 miles per gallon in the city and anywhere from 40 to 45 in the highway. It is not a fast car but it has just enough get up and go as needed. All the controls are handy and the seat has 3 different adjustments for fit anyone comfortably.

- Laurie L

2018 Ford Focus ST Mixed review

2018 Ford Focus ST

Rough front end suspension. Lots of alignment problems, tie rods and ball joints go easily as well. Very hard car to keep clean as well. Although it is a fast and fun car. Great gas mileage and very easy to drive. Wouldn't recommend as a daily Driver or a family car

- Matthew R

My Ford Focus, perfect for me

2018 Ford Focus SEL

So far it has been very reliable and a great car! I have only had it for less than eight months but so far it has been awesome! I love the CarPlay and touch screen. It helps with navigation and staying connecting while driving without needing any hands on the wheel

- Ivy T

Good mileage on the road (37) but not so good in town (27-30).

2018 Ford Focus

I had a Focus before 2011 which I bought new. I had 195, 000 miles on the engine and this is the first time I had any major problems with the model and it had it 7/12 years. My transmission went out. My new car is a 2018 Ford Focus and I am sure I will love it too.

- Susan N

Ford focus review and general insight.

2018 Ford Focus SE

Ford focus is one of the best sedan cars out the, ford really made a huge improvement especially on the interior and the exterior has this kind of curve that makes you proud as an owner. It also has upgraded its mileage which gives you an. Extra miles on that gas.

- Thor A

Such a reliable and cute car!

2018 Ford Focus SEL

It gets wonderful gas mileage. The only thing I have issues with is the screen sometimes doesn't turn on either when it's hot, or I have a USB plugged in. We tried replacing the fuse and that has seemed to help a little bit. But other than that, I love my cute car

- Madison H

There is nothing to highlight about this car

2018 Ford Focus S

Transmission is bad. It JERK/And ROLLS Back WHEN SITTING AT A LIGHT It is rough riding/ not easy to get in, It is very uncomfortable to ride in for a matter of time. There is hardly any room at all in the back seat. Hard to get into if you a 5 foot 5 person

- Cathy H

Review of 2018 ford focus 6 speed ecoboost

2018 Ford Focus SE

Nice dark interior, room for kids and dog in backseat, dual climate control, lots of cargo room, reliable starts every time and amazing fuel mileage in the manual transmission. Plenty of legroom and comfort features. Black is always shiny and clear. Great car

- Kennedy K

The car is a great size able car that can do just about anything.

2018 Ford Focus SE

It is a great size with a lot of great accessories and has a beautiful interior. I have noticed some clunky transmission noises in between gear changes but so far it over all it is a great and reliable car. I would say it is a great commuter and family car.

- Michael B

Ford make great family cars.

2018 Ford Focus Electric

I do not have any problem with my car it very good great mileage. Have a great team at ford garage to work on my car. It is a family car. It is very comfortable with warm seat in the winter and good air conditioning the summer., have Wifi and power windows.

- Lydia R

It was great for the price. The new car smell still in the car and I've had it for a good six months.

2018 Ford Focus

My new car is so cool. It drives smoothly and has rear and front cameras, which makes parking so much easier. Also it great with gas, and the seats are so comfortable. It provides plenty of space to get my tasks done, but still cute and flashy to my taste.

- Shade W

My Outstanding Ford Focus

2018 Ford Focus SE

The performance of my ford focus is outstanding, I haven't had any problems with the car at all. I feel comfortable driving and it has always gotten me where I need to go and back. The features are very easy to use and I love everything about my ford focus

- kiara C

Good things sometimes come in small packages.

2018 Ford Focus SE

The car is excellent on gas... a bit slow but it's reliable and that's what matters most. I would recommend this car to anyone that wants to save money. It's not as small as most people think it is. It's actually rather comfortable in long distance rides.

- Wanda T

Smooth ride, gas efficient!

2018 Ford Focus

I love my car. I did invest a lot of money into it too. Changed new tires and upgraded the stereo along with other small details. The car drives very smoothly, the technology very much up to date and it works great! It's absolutely amazing, I love my car.

- JJ B

My car is good on gas and especially good for traveling.

2018 Ford Focus

I honestly love everything about my vehicle! When I was picking it out I was looking for certain qualities in a car & my Ford focus met all of these qualities from the color to the size & little extra technology I wanted inside of my car .

- Sadie S

Ford Focus Ecosport has lots of Pep

2018 Ford Focus

I really like the way the car accelerates, I have the Ford Focus that has the Ecosport. The car has a lot of pep. I'm not a fan of the side mirrors the fog up in the rain and makes it hard to see, same with the back glass is the worse.

- Michelle B

It is extremely cramped with little space.

2018 Ford Focus

It is extremely small for a SUV or crossover. The manufacturers tried and failed at cramming too much leaving very little room for passengers or cargo. It also very uncomfortable to drive, and feels unsafe due to multiple blind spots.

- Survival R

it's one of the best selling fords

2018 Ford Focus

What I like is that it is a very smooth ride. It does not take a lot to fill up the gas tank What I dislike is that it's a small car. It does not have an remote starter and that it easy for it to get shifted my larger cars going by.

- charles C

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that is has really good gas mileage.

2018 Ford Focus

What I like about my car is that it is compact, that it is really easy to drive. I also like the color of my car which is blue. The one complain that I have is that the display monitor dims a lot to adjust and it gets annoying.

- Nikki G

Great value for the money; Fun and Comfortable.

2018 Ford Focus

It is comfortable, powerful and fun to drive. It has an upgraded interior which includes a nice screen and easy to use sound system. It is rated high on safety and dependability. Also, you can get ford parts anywhere.

- Lance T

Great mileage and comfort.

2018 Ford Focus

I love the hatchback. There is plenty of storage room for travel or for kids. I also love the heated mirrors and steering wheel. I am a big fan of the look as it is sporty looking but great on mileage.

- Jamie L

The best hatchback I know, with good mileage to pair.

2018 Ford Focus

The 2018 Ford focus is fun to drive and offers a comfortable ride. It also has a solid safety score and an above-average predicted reliability rating, which is good because I need this car to last.

- Daniel M

Love the beautiful blue lights on the buttons they look very nice at night.

2018 Ford Focus

My Ford focus is a wonderful car. Love the cruise control and eco mode. I do wish I Had more space, like armrests and a bigger center console but I can live without the that. It's fast and reliable

- Meghan D

Gas mileage is not as good as others.

2018 Ford Focus

I bought my car at the dealership and went through the Costco purchasing plan. I have not had any problems. I would have liked a little explanation on some new features in a slower or clearer way.

- Nina k

The most important thing people should know about my car is that the transmission is fine, it just shifts more than other cars.

2018 Ford Focus

I like how small and compact my car is but I still sit higher off the ground. I like the advanced technology. The heated seats and steering wheel are a plus. I wish I got better gas mileage.

- Mara C

The Ford Focus is absolutely a great value for the money.

2018 Ford Focus

My Ford Focus is great on gas. It is also very fun to drive and looks sharp. I enjoy driving it to and from work each and every day. Very nice car that is a great value for the money.

- Kevin J

Great gas mileage which most people (on limited income ) are looking for.

2018 Ford Focus

The 2018 Ford focus is a great value for the money. It is easy to drive and gets extremely good gas mileage (ours is getting 43 miles per gallon). We were surprised at the space inside.

- Mary B

It is fuel efficient and practical.

2018 Ford Focus

I like the style (interiors & exterior). I like having a fuel efficient car. I like the technology, i.e. voice command and the back up camera. I dislike that there is no CD player.

- Pauline W

Good gas mileage with a fair amount of utility.

2018 Ford Focus

The car has decent gas mileage. It is very comfortable with a good amount of legroom in the front two seats. With the back seats down there is plenty of room for a few golf bags.

- Christopher R

It's not fancy and has no special features but it's a comfortable little sedan for a good price.

2018 Ford Focus

It's an extremely basic car but I have no complaints. I drove all the way across the country in it and was totally comfortable. The price was great and I haven't had any issues.

- Shelley P

The bluetooth technology that is included makes things so much easier when it comes to taking phone calls and other functions while driving.

2018 Ford Focus

I just recently purchased my 2018 Ford Focus two weeks ago, and so far I absolutely love it. I love the fuel efficiency and all of the technology features that are included.

- Andy S

I like that it is a 2018 car.

2018 Ford Focus

Since my car is brand new I don't have any problems with it. It is a a older model so it does not have a navigation system. I love heated steering wheel and heated seats.

- Dana S

2018 Ford Focus SEL, Great Prices

2018 Ford Focus

I have a 2018 Ford Focus SEL, with Navigation and cold weather package. Got it for a steal with the current rebates going on. Great Priced vehicle and well worth the buy!

- Larry F

Good gas mileage and low maintenance.

2018 Ford Focus

Good gas mileage. Smallish size is convenient for one person, it's use 99.9 percent of the time. Model Nast high end fitting, so hi tech and comfortable. No dislikes.

- Mary R

For such a small car it has a large amount of room.

2018 Ford Focus

This car has great gas mileage. It also handles extremely well in traffic. The only downsides to this car is the seats are very uncomfortable for long distance driving.

- Barbara L

Overall Amazing... Although...

2018 Ford Focus

The 2018 Ford Focus is extremely comfortable. Performs very well, has great gas mileage, nice interior, and nice perks. Although, I wish it had a more powerful engine.

- Roxanna M

It gets great mileage. Driving on the freeway isn't an issue for me gas wise

2018 Ford Focus

So far it's my favorite car I've ever bought. It drives smoothly, and the back camera and blind side mirrors are super useful. It's the safest I've felt driving a car.

- Kimberly A

The gas mileage is very good.

2018 Ford Focus

I love the heated seats and steering wheel. The navigation system is clear and bright and pretty accurate. The car corners like it is on rails. I have no complaints.

- Susie S

Dependable, fuel efficient vehicle.

2018 Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is definitely a compact car so if you are looking for space this isn't the car for you. However, it has saved me so much on Gas. It is a reliable car.

- Sonia P

All Electric, very quiet, good for the environment

2018 Ford Focus

Fuel efficient, very comfortable, car is compact, easy to park, has good safety feature, I love the backup camera, it is super quiet because my car is all electric.

- Pick L

My car is very family friendly.

2018 Ford Focus

I really like that it is new. It is bigger and more convenient for children. It is great on gas. If i were to change anything about the car i would want a sunroof.

- Summer H

It's pretty fast, but also easy to drive. Nice if you're looking for something sporty but can also be a family car.

2018 Ford Focus

I have a brand new 2018 Ford Focus ST with a manual transmission. It's very spacious and drives well. The only thing I dislike it the kind of tires it came with.

- Amanda S

It has a backup camera that allow you to see if there are vehicles or people behind you.

2018 Ford Focus

I love my focus. It is not only comfortable, it has great gas mileage too. 38.9 mph. I have bought ford products for years and would never switch to another.

- donald c

There is no center console, and the back windows are manual, but fun to drive.

2018 Ford Focus

I like the gas mileage on my car, and the trunk rook, I also like the sync features. I dislike that the back windows are manual and there is no center console.

- Shawn S

The most important thing one should know is that it often feels bumpy

2018 Ford Focus

My car is brand new so I have yet to experience any problems with it and it's driving ability, My only complaint is the windows in the backseat seen automatic

- Madison M

Nice to drive and gas efficient.

2018 Ford Focus

I have always liked Ford cars. They are dependable and reliable cars. I also like that they have the current safety products available at a reasonable price.

- Judy B

It is easy to drive and feels safe.

2018 Ford Focus

Its runs smoothly, enough space, and suitable for myself. Had a back up camera the only thing I do not like is that it does not have a sensor while driving.

- Jackie Z

It's not a big car and there really isn't enough room for tall people.

2018 Ford Focus

My car is very well suited and has a good look to it. It runs very well for a Ford. I enjoy it because it's not load and rarely ever has had any problems.

- Jose R

Very dependable, reliable, and technology friendly

2018 Ford Focus

I would say that this car has very good performance and is reliable. I've had it for about 6 months now and I haven't experienced any problems with it.

- Victoira L

Silver. Inside is beige/black. The seats have scotch guard. It's easy to clean the console also.

2018 Ford Focus

Honestly, I love my car. I had a 2015 ford focus and it had the transmission issue, this model doesn't have that issue. It's small but not very small.

- Lillie F

Highway driving is very smooth and the vehicle. Keeps up with traffic.

2018 Ford Focus

The 2018 Ford Focus is fun to drive and offers a comfortable ride. It does have cramped rear seats. It has two potent turbocharged engines available.

- Lillian H

My Ford Focus is a good car. But no cruise control.

2018 Ford Focus

No vehicle problems. But it doesn't have cruise control or CD player. It does great on highway and city. I get 25 mpg on city and 33 mpg on highway.

- Karen J

More room in it than it looks like it would have.

2018 Ford Focus

Small car so it is easy to get around and park. Good on gas mileage. The vehicle I bought does not have cruise control nor can I have sirius radio.

- Sharon C

Fun to drive, and great gas miles with the ecoboost.

2018 Ford Focus

I have this vehicle for a couple months now, with a little over 5,000 miles on it with no problems so far. Really like driving the 6 speed manual.

- Andrew J

Lots of space. And it is helpful when getting a call while driving.

2018 Ford Focus

It is fast. It has everything I need in a car. It is very sleek, big and safe. The only complaint I have is the car does not have cruise control.

- Faith C

This car is nimble and easy to drive

2018 Ford Focus

It's small and easy to maneuver in traffic. It has great mpg. It is technology filled. It's a bit clunky when shifting gears. Sluggish sometimes

- Hugo P

Very comfy and good gas mileage.

2018 Ford Focus

Very reliable and very good gas mileage. Kind of small so not good for people with children. 12 gallon gas tank so very affordable to fill up.

- Sydney M

It is a small 4 door car.

2018 Ford Focus

Car has no cruise control and has manual windows. For the price the car is outdated. I've had it in the shop 3 times for transmission issues.

- Victoria F

This car is incredibly dependable

2018 Ford Focus

I love the fuel efficiency. I like being lower to the ground as opposed to a truck or van. I love the color of my car and that new car smell.

- Brandon C

It has really good gas mileage.

2018 Ford Focus

I like the gas mileage. However, I don't like the seats, they're uncomfortable. I like the rearview camera for back up. I like the Bluetooth.

- Sara W

Great car- comfortable and stylish

2018 Ford Focus

This car is very reliable and is great on gas. Has almost all of the features i want, including a charging port for my phone and cloth seats

- Kristan A

It's new and clean smells like a new car

2018 Ford Focus

My car is very reliable easy to drive and has a lot of good features it's easy to get in and out of. It's good on gas and drives easily

- Hilary L

Nicest looking of the median priced crossover SUVs.

2018 Ford Focus

It's fine except I do not like the dashboard configuration or the lack of a rear window wiper. It's a rental, so cannot complain.0.

- Jane J

great on gas, safe, and great looking, I have blue metallic, wood not have bought anything else, ford is my car, very dependable

2018 Ford Focus

I love my focus, it is a hatchback, holds everything I need, has backup camera, all safety features I have no complaints, love it

- Debora E

It is a Ford and they make the best and most reliable vehicles.

2018 Ford Focus

Really good gas per mile, fully loaded with all amenities and great price. Rides like a Mercedes. Very impressed by the handling.

- Charles R

the features are not the best = it is very minimal

2018 Ford Focus

I love the gas mileage of having a smaller car but the limited storage is hard for me cause I like having things easily available

- Marla W

Fun Ford Focus filled with fabulous features

2018 Ford Focus

Purchased 6/12/2018 I haven't had any problem with it has nice features including power seats and windows, autostart, moonroof

- Michael R

The ford focus is such a safe and reliable car. It's great

2018 Ford Focus

My ford focus is such a good car. It is safe and reliable. It gets amazing gas mileage. I love how it looks and how it drives

- Lexi D

It is very reliable, it is fast and very comfortable.

2018 Ford Focus

I just like the size and 4 doors. It is economical. It is easy to drive. No complaints. It is big enough to take a road trip.

- Gloria C

It is very good on gas mileage. For the size of the vehicle it has a comfortable ride. It's full of amenities, was a good price and is fun to drive.

2018 Ford Focus

For a six cylinder vehicle it gets good gas mileage during city driving, and jumps exponentially when driving on the highway.

- Chuck R

My vehicle is just the right size for me and I like all the features that it has

2018 Ford Focus

It is just the right size. It has a seat warmer and anti fog windows. I don't like that it does not like a cd player

- Therese M

It is great for families and first car owners that want something affordable.

2018 Ford Focus

I love how spacious the car is. The gas mileage is great on the car and saves me money. It feels very smooth to drive.

- christopher g

Known to be safe and reliable.

2018 Ford Focus

I like almost everything about my car especially the gas mileage. I do not like that the back windows are not power.

- Stacey B

Very interesting but has a lot of issues.

2018 Ford Focus

This car is comfy and has great features. Only problem is Ford sync does not work properly since purchasing the car.

- Brian H

It is reliable, good handling, great on gas.

2018 Ford Focus

Never had any problems. It handles well, only if you are tall as I am it is going to be fun getting in and out of.

- Gianni L

Ford is the best car maker you wont be dissapointed!

2018 Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is an amazing and reliable car and can last quite a long time before any maintenance is needed.

- Brian W

It is a bit on the small side of car sizes but it is a reliable vehicle.

2018 Ford Focus

It too small. It is a good gas saver though. And it comes at a good price. Not sure what else to say about it.

- Kevin A

It is small and the Bluetooth is annoying.

2018 Ford Focus

I love the gas mileage on this car. I love the size of the car. I dislike the eco option that the car offers.

- Javan J

Nice car. Could be better.

2018 Ford Focus

It is a good car. Just not quite the style I prefer. I wish it was sportier and I wish it had cruse control.

- Sarah W

SL model comes with a 10 speaker song sound system, has ambient lighting.

2018 Ford Focus

Needs more horsepower other than that I like it, SL model comes with a great sound system, has nice rims.

- Joshua H

Black beauty. Stunning black exterior with interior to match. Love the lighting.

2018 Ford Focus

Have not had a problem with this car since purchase. I recommend it for long trips very comfortable ride.

- Carol S

It has wonderful added features.

2018 Ford Focus

It has wonderful features. While it does not have a lot of speed, it is a great car. I enjoy driving it.

- Scotty N

It's great on gas mileage, drove it to Florida and got 43 miles a gallon.

2018 Ford Focus

Love it, no problems. Owned an older one and bought a new one. Drove it to Florida and it was the best.

- James M

It has great fuel mileage

2018 Ford Focus

I have a four cylinder vehicle that I love. It has the latest technology and never ceases to amaze me.

- Ryan C

Vehicle moves fast and stops well

2018 Ford Focus

great, everything is as it should be, looks nice runs smooth, shifts well radio, back camera is awesome

- debbie s

The displacement of the vehicle is the best, or feel, it seems that it was flying and inside is super comfortable

2018 Ford Focus

the design is elegant, it stands out very much in the public eye and has a lot of power in the engine

- Allen M

the best low cost vehicle for americans

2018 Ford Focus

good performance, good price, the best power for the low cost, good design good performance of petrol

- Declan J

The most important thing to me is gas mileage.

2018 Ford Focus

I absolutely love my car. The gas mileage is amazing. On average I get about 38 miles to the gallon.

- Casey L

It has very good safety ratings. With airbags all over the car. The gas mileage is great.

2018 Ford Focus

I like the gas mileage (33 mpg) and the comfort. I dislike it's the basic model, not super fancy.

- Sarah M

quality well built car that drives smooth

2018 Ford Focus

I like I my focus because it's a nice looking car, very comfortable and gets good gas mileage..

- eric m

I love the heated seats and steering wheel it's so awesome things to have

2018 Ford Focus

love everything about my car. no complaints. I really love the heated seats and steering wheel.

- tina c


2018 Ford Focus



Ford is a brand that I think has earned a good reputation for making dependable vehicles

2018 Ford Focus

I love the gas mileage and interior space. Design and color options could be better.

- Mark F

My car is eco friendly. I love the color. It is good on gas.

2018 Ford Focus

They should know that this is a nice compact vehicle. Great quality and affordable.

- Jenielle C

It gets great fuel mileage for a reasonable price.

2018 Ford Focus

It was a cheap car. Did not have cruise control and power windows only on the front.

- Joshua W

It's reliable and a very pretty white color. It has plenty of room for my little family of four. Its very new to me but I have enjoyed knowing I have a reliable running vehicle.

2018 Ford Focus

This Focus is very reliable. It's great on gas. Plenty of room for my family of 4.

- April K

Good mpg. small car with a good engine, need more features

2018 Ford Focus

My car does not have cruise. It is good on gas Small reliable car fun to drive

- Mmas r

I love the onboard computer. I hate the transmission. I also love the body. The body is modern.

2018 Ford Focus

Needs new transmission system. It feels like a manual instead of an automatic.

- angela m

Ford Focus: Great Gas Mileage, Great Driving Experience

2018 Ford Focus

I love my car. The gas mileage is great. I can't think of anything I dislike.

- Sherry S

It's definitely a great gas efficient car. Could be a little bigger

2018 Ford Focus

It's a compact car but good on gas mileage. Not a good fit for larger people

- Kevin R A

Don't be intimidated because it's a manual! It is the easiest manual I've ever driven.

2018 Ford Focus

It's really easy to learn how to drive. It's how I learned to drive stick.

- Nicole F

Very good lease deal from Ford on a three year lease.

2018 Ford Focus

Good mileage, rides a little rough, comfortable except for the back seat.

- gary f

The most important thing to know about the car is that it turns off when you stop at a traffic light, a stop sign, or any other type of stop to save gas.

2018 Ford Focus

I love my car. It is zippy. It is sleek. It also is an eco friendly car.

- Toni B

I like the added features such as bluetooth & the way the new model looks. I dislike the small size of the back seat and the way the transmission runs.

2018 Ford Focus

It gets really great gas mileage compared to other cars of similar size.

- Brandi M

I really enjoy the drive quality and the add on sub

2018 Ford Focus

The gas mileage is amazing on the freeway. I really could not believe it

- Matthew K

It holds a lot more stuff than you would think

2018 Ford Focus

It has a lot of safety features. It gets GREAT gas mileage. Huge trunk

- Kymberly Swope E

Versatile, decent build quality, and the ST3 package os worth it

2018 Ford Focus

2018 Ford Focus ST. Great car, quick comfortable, and fuel efficient

- Ryan J

Great gas mileage, getting a minimum of 34 to 36 miles per gallon.

2018 Ford Focus

I love the color. I love the gas economy. I love the space inside.

- margaret c

nothing, it drives perfectly and looks great, extremely reliable

2018 Ford Focus

no complaints, rides extremely smooth and is great on gas mileage

- Marlene R

Grat! great! Great! Great! Great!

2018 Ford Focus

Good ride,good mileage,good value.The best car I have ever had!

- Scott P

It is a very reliable car. I haven't had any issues with it. It is a fuel efficient car. Comfortable to drive and ride in.

2018 Ford Focus

It gets good gas mileage and hasn't had any functional issues.

- Jennifer F

its cheap itts super fun to drive around and its safe

2018 Ford Focus

Its good. its small. and its cheap and fun to dricve around

- t o

it has to be safe for my family and provide the best services

2018 Ford Focus

any dislike. It is a good company for me and my family

- jhonny j

if the tires have air because if your tires don't have air, you aren't going anywhere

2018 Ford Focus

no complaints, smooth ride, Sirius radio, low payment

- amy s

Just the right size for me. It's roomie & comfortably.

2018 Ford Focus

Like size of the car. A lot of space to move around.

- Susan M

I really like my car. I have not have any issues with it.

2018 Ford Focus

It is great on gas. It has the back up camera on it.

- Michelle O