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Room and versatility of a van but regular doors. Third seat is a plus.

I like the vehicle itself. It is a van, but has the doors that open like a regular door (not sliding). It has a console like an SUV but also has the third seat which I like. It is getting old so it is beginning to have a lot of repair issues, particularly those related to the computerized system. As of late we have had to replace several sensors etc. Which have a cost a fair amount of money. It is beginning to not be cost effective to keep the vehicle much longer as we see more expensive repair bills coming up fairly soon (transmission). If I could purchase another one just like it that was newer and had less miles I would do so as the vehicle itself is perfect for what I use it for.

- Karen H

Overall, my minivan runs just fine and it isn't too terribly greedy on the gas.

My vehicle is fourteen years old already, but still reliable. It was previously owned by a mechanic, so I don't have trouble with it, with only a few quirks. When I back out of the driveway, it makes a groaning sound, with what seems to be some slight hesitation at times. Every once in a while, it will make, short, jerking motions. Occasionally, it will just cut off, with no forewarning, but starts right back up again. The air conditioning works great and is icy cold. The sliding panels doors open smoothly, and it is plenty spacious, so overall, no complaints. It was well taken care of, before I inherited it.

- Kathy W

Back bench seat. It folds into the floor.

It has been an excellent vehicle. The seats are easily removed, rear seat folds into floor. Have not had a lot of expense or repair for a 13 year old vehicle. I am well pleased with the way the body has held up, very minor rust. The windows and other automatic things are still working great. Some censors are not working correctly but nothing major. Cruise control comes and goes too. I love the storage compartment on the dashboard and storage compartments in the doors. It has been a very reliable van and I have driven it hard. I have used it as my dog show vehicle as well as primary get around vehicle.

- Debbie P

Dependable family vacation vehicle with plenty of legroom and storage.

I really enjoy driving my ford freestyle. There are a few things I don't like. Sometimes my keyless entry doesn't work, also resetting the oil percentage was a real hassle. That's the worst thing about the vehicle, but in all honesty it's not too bad, the book is just confusing to figure out. The vehicle performs very well, it's also very reliable if oil and all maintenance cares are kept up with. The comfort on the vehicle isn't so luxury it belongs to a Lexus but it's pretty luxurious for a family vehicle. I really enjoy the heated seat feature and the rear view mirror adjuster for bright lights.

- Ashley R

I like the way the seats fold down to make room to haul stuff.

I recently had to replace the wheel bearing and an arm of some sort that held the wheel on. I have owned this cat for over a year and it's been a really good car. Other than the usual oil changes, tune ups, and tire replacements, this wheel problem.Is the only big thing I have had to deal with. These freestyles were only made in 2005, 2006,and 2007. They have a different kind of transmission that worries some people because the rpms do not go up fast and you cannot hear the gears shift. I have never had a problem with the transmission. The car is spacious but not built real huge like a SUV or van.

- Lori T

DVD player has a remote so I can control it without taking my eyes off the road.

I haven't had a lot of problems with this. Vehicle. It has proven to be a reliable and well built car. I have over 250,000 miles on it. I have used it over a dozen times to help my kids move in to different home. All of my interior gadgets still work including my built in DVD player. I am not one of those. People who keep a spot vehicle. I have grandbabies that I cart around regularly and they spill and throw toys everywhere. Only thing I have had issues with is dash lights coming on and says to have a lot of sensors out.

- Nina M

2005 Ford freestyle sell station wagon.

It took me 2 years to fully be confident driving a large vehicle. I use to drive a Honda insight much different. I like that it does not cost much to change tires, I have done a transmission flush, the routers, brakes, pads, Calipers, the belt has been changed, from my father in law and fiancés standpoint they don't like how compact the area to work with under the hood. Personally I love the comfort and how my legs and back don't ache as bad now that my knees are level with my hips. It's a very dependable car.

- Michelle C

It has a sunroof. And a DVD player which is how we use the AUX in my car.

Weird brake issues. Sometimes when I am driving it sort of skips even if I am one the gas. The air does not work. Neither does the heat. And only three of the windows can actually roll up and down. The radio changes its station by itself sometimes and never comes out clear. But besides all of those things I really like my car. I mean, after all, it gets me where I need to go what time I need to be there. I just sometimes feel unsafe when driving my car long distances like a few hours or so.

- Abby R

A 13 year of Ford freestyle.

It is just an average vehicle. It gets us where we need to go. It has some nice features, but in the end it is really just an average vehicle. I do not trust it to go on long trips, but as long as we're driving around town it is fine. I don't really know how to describe some of the issues we're having because I am not a mechanic, but it is more than 10 years old so it is been a good, reliable car. . . But I do not love it and I do not hate it which is why I gave it a 3.

- Bryan K

It is faithfully reliable car that is spacious and has ample seating.

It has been a faithful, reliable car that we have been driving for over 200,000 miles. It never has had any quarks about it except for the CD player messing up. It's a comfortable ride, spacious. My only complaint is the opening for the liftgate is just curved enough some things that would have otherwise been able to fit in the interior couldn't make it through the opening. Other than that we have been able to haul all kinds of furniture, lumber, etc.

- Corissa S

Family mid size Suv with lots of room.

The things I do love about it, is it has a lot of room and third row seating. We haven't had any major mechanical problems with it and we've had it since 2011. We have some issues with electrical wiring shorting...like the automatic locks and windows will short out and stop working. It is fairly low to the ground and the shocks and suspension have been an issue. Overall it has been a good car for the price and is a good value.

- Rachael C

Ford sucks at providing the quality they are famous for.

As usual with Ford the a/c compressor seized up after 100k miles and takes the serpentine belt with it. This should not be a problem if the whole engine was not reliant upon a single point of failure which for has not addressed, I can live w/o a/c but not a vehicle that is undrivable. Ford is a much better auto manufacturer than this time for them to start showing it and do not disable a whole vehicle for a convenience item.

- John L

Shame they do not make it anymore.

It is by far the best vehicle I have owned so far. Very enjoyable to drive and has decent performance and good handling. Excellent seating room for 6 adults and luggage for a weekend trip. It has been more useful than a Ford ranger I owned as far as internal storage space. I can put a 4x8 sheet of plywood into it with the seats folded down. Gas mileage has been acceptable at 20 mpg for a large vehicle with all wheel drive.

- John A

A great mom vehicle with plenty of storage.

I really love the vehicle. It works great if you are a mom and need third row seating for those that have 3 kids or more. It's really reliable. Very good on gas for being a v6. Car itself is easy to navigate! All in all its an awesome vehicle and I am very happy with it! I also love how it looks like an SUV and also has plenty of cup holders, and storage everywhere. Very comfortable to drive as well.

- Nicole F

For a minivan it is extremely comfortably and has a lot of storage space.

I love my vehicle. We bought is used and have put on a lot of miles and for the most part it still runs strong. It has close to a quarter million miles on it and the engine is good. It has no leaks anywhere. The only problems that we have encountered were 1, the headlights are garbage 2, the display on the dash keeps going out and the sensors on the tires don't work like they are supposed to.

- bambi g

Perfect family vehicle with lots of room great on gas and very dependable.

The only problem that I have had with my freestyle so far is my air compressor went out. The serpentine belt was sort of difficult to figure out how to put it back on. The performance is spot-on lots of room in the backseat it is a nice crossover from a van but bigger than a car. Made multiple road trips it is very dependable great on gas given the size and year and again it is very roomy.

- Selena W

Very roomy and a good car.

My Ford freestyle has been a good vehicle for me I have had very little problem with it. I bought it used in 2012 as the gentleman I was caring for was a large man and we needed the room the freestyle provides when taking him to his doctor appointments. He has since passed away and I no longer need a car that size. Nevertheless, I would recommend the Ford freestyle to anyone.

- Mary S

Pretty reliable car that carries a lot.

The car is still kicking after 14 years so I think that sort of speaks for itself. It had some troubles along the years but some of that comes from the people fixing it, not the car. I would say it is been pretty reliable in that it is problems have never gotten me stranded. It carries 7 people which has been super convenient for carrying people and things around.

- Katie N

Very smooth for rides. Very comfortable and nice running car.

The steering gets tight and traction control can be a hassle at times, usually traction control is turned off. The seating is very comfortable and how you can adjust the seats is pretty cool. Love the seats being able to fold down and get more trunk space and still have passengers in the back without being crowded or worried to carry what does not fit in the back.

- Marilyn M

Reliable vehicle to have with you

The 2005 ford freestyle is a reliable car to own. It has seven seats and extra room by moving the seats. My family and I have racked up many miles on it and have taken it on many road trips with us. We have only had a problem with the alternator but it was a quick and easy fix. The car isn't complex and I would recommend it to anyone who needs a family vehicle

- Ivan V

At 150,000 miles, I'm paying for the major repairs and electrical problems.

Electrical problems such as, passenger side window motor has broken, the tire inflation warning light will not go out even after new tires were installed and balanced. Misfires has been detected even after engine repair, and tune-up. Inner and outer tie rods had to be replaced. Currently, I am replacing lower control arms on both sides in the front.

- Nicole A

Third row seating and safe and reliable for the non minivan owners.

It is a Ford, which I wasn't a huge fan of but this car has changed my opinion on that. It has been a great running vehicle despite having a lot of miles. It has third row seating which was the selling point for me at the time of purchase. It is safe and reliable and I would recommend this car to anyone with a family that does not want a minivan.

- Erin S

Best 7 seater SUV I have ever owned!

My SUV handles remarkable. Has been an amazing vehicle. No mechanical issues. Is a small scale 7 seater and great on gas. Nice to look at and sportier than a minivan. Highly recommended. Well built vehicle! Great for highway driving or country roads. Only thing I wish is it was 4 wheel drive and it is not. All in all I love my Ford freestyle!

- Tera K

Reliable car, back row of seats is pointless.

The ford freestyle runs well and is reliable. For a seven passenger vehicle it gets decent fuel mileage, 17-20 mpg. It is, however, inconvenient to a family with children. Any child that is small enough to climb into the back seats, is too young to buckle themselves, but it is impossible to reach the back seat to help said child with buckle.

- Amy D

Freestyle is my own style.

Love the basic and extra features. It has plenty of room for kids and adults, pets and cargo. It also handles well in different types of weather as long as the tires are well maintained. I plan on driving and keeping this vehicle until it can't function. The next vehicle purchased will be as close to my current model as possible.

- Mandi R

The perfect family car for a softball mom.

I love my freestyle, it is the perfect family car. There is plenty of room in the front and back for everyone to ride comfortably while still having more than enough space for groceries, softball gear, coolers, etc.. I have even taken it to the hardware store for two by fours and was still able to get groceries all in one trip!

- Christina B

Big enough for a large family and the dog.

This SUV seats 7 passengers. When driving you have good visibility. You get decent gas mileage. It has a very comfortable ride. It has air conditioning and a DVD player. I would recommend this vehicle to others. I would also purchase this family SUV again. I plan on teaching my grandkids to drive using this vehicle.

- Donna C

It's incredibly safe and has tons of storage space. You never have to worry about fitting things into your car whether you're grocery shopping, moving, or traveling

This car has about 210k miles on it and while it's obviously needed some serious repairs it's been almost hassle free. It feels extremely safe and has been proven through a few accidents that it's extremely durable, as i've never sustained serious damage. it's spacious, smooth, and a great commuting or travel car.

- Jacqueline E

It is a roomy crossover that handles well and has decent fuel economy.

I like that my car fits six people and still has good storage in the back. I like that it is not a big, bulky car and handles well. I like the CVT transmission and will miss it on my next car since it is not made anymore. I dislike not having a bluetooth connection or navigation. It is also not very stylish.

- Patricia c

2005 Ford freestar family van.

For a used and older model my van is nice, clean, comfortable, runs great! No skipping, shift gears perfectly, great gas mileage. Spacious enough to fit all 6 of us with one extra seat available for out expected baby. It is in perfect condition, like new. Drives smooth, have only needed replace new tires once.

- Leah B

Strong and dependable without the high price tag

I love how much space the vehicle has, the sound system rocks, it does feel a little heavy on the turns but runs smooth in the city. Gas mileage isn't the greatest. Reliable and strong engine. Overall I have used this SUV to move 2 times for college and so far it has handled everything I've thrown at it

- James B

My free star has a really good and smooth ride.

My Ford free star has an electrical draw somewhere so we have to carry a jump box with us all the time. We just had a tune up on it and it seems to be starting fine right now. It is really roomy but they didn't do a very good job when they put the third seat in because it is hard to get in and out of.

- Beverly M

It can handle a lot of mileage.

there has been many problems with this car. A passenger window broke suddenly. The brakes need to be changed every 6 months. It has been hard to keep clean. The sunroof had problems opening. The tires wear out fast and need to be changed out constantly. The oil needs to be changed every couple months.

- Rose Q

Very roomy dependable vehicle would define purchase does again

Very roomy have had very little problems just regular maintenance has over 200k miles and still going strong. My kiddos have plenty of room for long or short trips. Good quality vehicle. Would definitely buy a ford again. Have full intentions of driving till underivable. Great family vehicle

- Crystal H

My family freestyle is old reliable.

The ford freestyle has been a great car. It has over 170,000 miles on it. It's been a great family car for me my wife and our kids. It's had a few minor mechanical issues come to the end but is still a great reliable family vehicle. It's my third ford vehicle and will definitely not be my last.

- Andrew K

Door latches freeze up in the winter time.

The doors freeze up on me in the winter time to the point they will not stay closed the rear windshield wiper always have to be replaced the front end is always in need of repairs like every inspection it is something. It is bad on gas mileage but it is a safe vehicle for the winter for me.

- Sue C

Lots of room for passengers and hauling items.

Transmission issues. The overall comfort of the vehicle is very nice. There is tons of room for hauling, if you need to do so. I would say you have just as much room as a full size pickup truck, just not the headroom for hauling large or tall objects. Overall it is a very quiet mini van.

- Debi L

Dependability, comfort and reliable.

My minivan is the most reliable comfortable and dependable car I have ever owned. It fits my family comfortably. We take several road trips in it and have zero complaints. I have never had any issues or trouble with the van in the years I have had it. Yes its used but I'd never know it.

- Kelly J

Great car for low price!!

The vehicle has been great. Just routine maintenance needed. No major issue with the car so far. It drives awesome and has been a wonderful family car. The parts are easy to find and also replace. Very spacious as well. Third row seats that all lay flat to create lots of cargo room.

- Hilary T

DVD for the kids and enough space for all the family.

I really like my car I haven't had problems with that car only the tires that I got flat. The DVD helps a lot to keep busy the kids during a large trip the only think that I would like to be able to do is different sound the kids are listening the DVD I would like to ear the music.

- Maria M

Great family vehicle for anybody. Who would like a low maintenance van.

Freestar minivan. You have owned for two years and have only had to replace the battery and alternator. Runs good and good on gas. The seats fold down which allows for a lot of room in the back to haul stuff. I would recommend this minivan to anyone looking for a family vehicle.

- Angelo Q

Not a bad car has a few issues but once worked out makes a good family car.

This car is a nice car and would have been better if they worked out all the defects in the transmission and throttle sensor other than that is a pretty good car lots of room in it drives great and gets good gas mileage, seats are comfortable roomy. Has pretty good cargo space.

- Ally L

We have plenty of storage to help move things to and from places. The seats fold down into the back of the van which makes storage very convenient.

I love almost everything about the vehicle except the fact that it needs to have its rotors checked. This might sound cheesy, but I love the amount of cup holders it has! I also love the red blinking alarm light (we live in a bad neighborhood and that light keeps people away).

- Tianna M

It has small problems, but is in good condition

My car is a family car, is in good condition. I use to go to work everyday. It has problems with the brakes. It has a little problems with the motor, but besides that is in good condition. It has good tires and comfortable seats, it has a lot of space and it has good features

- Charlotte A

AWD SUV, that you can put a lot of mileage into.

The only real problems it has is a cosmetic issue with the suspension, back wiper doesn't work, ac doesn't work, and the trunk won't stay open unless you hold it. Otherwise it is a good steady vehicle. It has a CD player, heating works great, and how cruise control. Also AWD.

- Logan T

Very reliable vehicle with minimal problems, have had it for 10 years.

Very happy with my vehicle, able to carry a lot of items in the back with plenty of room in the seating. I do have oil and transmission leaks at this point due to the age of the vehicle. It rides smoothly and has been very reliable. The only breakdowns due to battery change.

- Douglas A A

Its spacious and runs good on gas and drives smooth.

My car is nice drive smooth and is very spacious fits my hole family I've never had any problems is great on long trips also have a DVD player so kids can watch movies and also has extra inputs so kids can charge their phones I live my car and would change it for the world.

- Sara C

Nice all wheel drive family vehicle at a reasonable cost.

It is all wheel drive. It has enough meeting for six and cargo room for ally hunting gear when I go. Also is nice to drive on the highway. It gets about 20 miles to the gallon on the highway. It has been extremely reliable for me and my family. Insurance is cheap as well.

- James P

My freestyle is an all wheel drive vehicle.

My vehicle has over 200,000 miles on it so I had to do brakes, and I have to fix the exhaust, and fix some other minor problems like the egr valve, mass airflow sensor, and replace the struts and springs. Plus I have to replace the coil packs to improve the fuel mileage.

- Donald S

Has many compartments and removable seats for storage

My van runs very smooth and it is very reliable. Seats and adjustments are very comfortable. I have had no problems so far. I love everything about it. The air conditioning doesn't work but I think that is because of a simple leak that can be fixed and is just from wear

- Kristina G

No mom van here, perfect young parents

You get the features of a van without the frumpy mom van look. 3 row seats fits all the kids with plenty of space for stroller etc. The farthest rear seat folds down for even more stuff!This is our daily driver and we still get a good amount of mileage from a full tank.

- Natalie M

My experience with my 2005 ford freestyle.

I have none. My car works great. The air doesn't get super cold fast and hard problem with the brakes after changing the brake pads it worked great. Performance is great and my car runs well. Accelerates fast and slows down great. Blinkers work and radio is really good.

- Macy D

Acceleration issue but it has good features.

it has a nice third row that works with a big family. The fact that both the driver and passenger sides have their own power control in the seats is a nice feature but It has a lot of acceleration issues. I believe that all 2005 to 2006 has had an acceleration problem.

- Lorraine M

2004 Ford Freestar Electrical Problems

I have a 2004 Ford Freestar (wasn't a selection on your drop down). I bought it new and other than general upkeep it has been good. In the past few years I have had some trouble with the electrical system - doors are hard to lock, etc and one sliding door won't open.

- Kim H

Ford freestyle? Everything you need to know.

Pretty good vehicle all around. Gas mileage is roughly 20 mpg. I have had some issues with the alternator, trying to find the correct one seemed impossible. But parts tend to be fairly cheap. It does not seem to be too rough on the tires either which is awesome!!

- Geoffrey P

Great car for a large family and fits all of your gear.

It has over 100,000 miles on it so it had needed some work but it has been very reliable overall. I am noticing some noise in the steering column but other than that it is performing very well. It is comfortable to drive and it is big enough for my family of 5.

- Deborah K

Very Satisfied customer!!

I've just recently gotten my vehicle due to me needing more space. I like the 6 seats which also fold down! There are leather seats which are uncomfortable with the summer heat! Haven't had any issues so far with the performance! Has a 5 disc built in CD player!

- Summer B

It's still alive and kicking at 13 years old

It's a nice, small SUV that gets me to and from work, and my kids to their appointments. It's also good for family outings when our other vehicle isn't available. Being 13 years old and 208k miles, it's still in good running shape and continues to be reliable

- Dakota H

Throttle body, failsafe mode.

The 2005 Ford freestyle is not a safe vehicle. This car has been fixed 2 times in less then a year. The car goes into failsafe mode for no reason and shuts down. The all wheel drive has also been fix twice. I have never had a more unsafe vehicle in my life.

- Jess M

Review of Ford freestyle.

Great all wheel drive, very roomy and comfortable for up to 8 people. Has normal problems but not with regular maintenance. Does seem to have a few electrical issues that needs to be addressed by Ford as a recall but nothing so far to interfere with safety.

- Nadine K

Freestyle review 2005: good car.

It does not get the best gas mileage but is very spacious. It is an older car now. So repairs can be pricey. It is reliable. The technology is fairly good. Considering the age of the vehicle. I would recommend it to others looking for a reliable minivan.

- Lori F

Free star run good get one.

I really like my car cause it hasnt broke down on me yet and I bought it use its easy to fix and it has a lot of room. My car is a 2005 freestar try it out or a new one see if you like I would a updated one in the future my van is a 7 seater try it out.

- Donna D

Really like the ford freestyle.

The only issue I would like to change about it would like better gas mileage. We bought it used and besides having to replace a few fuses --we have not had any problems from it. Its leather interior is still in great condition, as well as the exterior.

- Ashley N

That my car is safe, fun to drive and lets me feel the freedom to enjoy my day.

I love the space you have in it, I can go on vacation and know that I can buy extra items and get them home. I also like that you can drive for hours and still feel very comfortable. I also feel very safe when driving around in heavy traffic.

- Colleen W

It is a great versatile family car with loads of space for everything you need

It is very comfortable, Drives very smooth, and has lots of space for my family. I love how the seats fold down into the floor and the back makes a large flat area. The awd is also very nice. My only complaint is that it is hard to work on.

- Stephen M

Versatility- 3rd row folds flat, 2nd row folds down too.

I love the versatility, the 3rd row folds down easily and flat. It's a safe car, especially in Michigan winters, with all wheel drive. It's comfortable! I wish I had heated seats and it had an entertainment system in the back (for kids).

- Christina W

My car accelerates very well due to the V6 engine.

There are many things enjoy with the 2005 Ford Freestyle I own, it handles very well in rainy and snowy conditions due to its all-wheel-drive functionality. Also, the all-wheel-drive allows for controllable acceleration onto highways.

- Matt D

The mileage is not very good. Having trouble with the electrical system

I love my van because I can carry lots of things I like to travel as much as possible. I wish I got better mileage. I have an electrical short I can't afford To fix, the right hand sliding door won't slide I have to use the left side

- Nancy S

Its very spacious and drives very well.

I love how spacious the interior is and how smooth it drives. I also like that the car has power everything. I do not like that now that the power doors are losing some power it they do not open all the time or lock all the way.

- Candice Y

It's a good vehicle for a large family - everyone has their own seat to sit!

I love the size of this vehicle, my entire family fits in comfortably. Extra space for extras we may need. I hate that it leaks in the back when it is rained on. The seat belt in the back is soaked and my car smells horribly!

- Jennifer C

My Ford Freestyle crossover

It's actually been a very dependable car for a mom with 4 kids I have had no problems with it , drives good in the snow more than enough room for me and all the kids and grocery shopping days or camping days I just love it

- mandy G

The air conditioning works

I like that it's high enough to get in and out of without hurting my knees. It feels like the transmission might be slipping and I don't like that. I've read that it's the model the vehicle is. I love the ice cold air.

- Christina S

Drives/rides smoothly. Third row seats. plenty of trunk space.

I really like the fact that it has a third row of seats. It has plenty of car seat anchors, which is important when you have several small children. It is relatively inexpensive to repair and have regular maintenance.

- Sarah O

Besides the minimum upkeep for the most part it is been dependable.

What I have liked is that the car has been dependable and comfortable in transporting myself and my passengers. What I have disliked is that it has had problems with the power steering, and the struts over the years.

- Gabrielle M

Ford Freestyle spacious the way you want to travel.

The freestyle is spacious, the AC and Heat is dual sides and has a control in the back also, has a DVD player for long trips. It has seat warmers for weather time. Trunk can hold a lot for things you need to deliver.

- Alisa H

The most important thing you should know is what kind of condition the car is in before you get it.

I love the fact the car sits high allows me to see the road better. The dvd player attachment is nice when the children are in the car. It's also great on gas but i am not a fan of how long the car is or the color.

- Kayla L

That it is a great first car and I have very much enjoyed driving it.

It is a very comfortable first car. It is got lots of room being that it can fit 6 passengers. It is also gas efficient for its size. My only complaint is that it needs repairs often due to it is age.

- Mitchell R

AWD and the ability to seat 7 passengers is what drew me to the Ford freestyle.

No major issues. Just standard maintenance. The car is reliable and performs as is should. It is comfortable for a larger family providing the piece of mind with having all wheel drive for the winter.

- Michael C

It handles well. It is comfortable on long trips. There is a lot of room for people and luggage.

It is very comfortable and I like that it handles well on the road. It has room for all of my grandchildren. One thing i really don't like is the gas mileage is not very good, especially around town.

- Jane S

My car is a very reliable car. It gets me from point a to point b.

My vehicle is a white minivan and has enough room for 7 people. The back windows open up when I want them to. I have a mirror up in the front so I can see my children without having to turn around.

- leslie m

Good vehicle for the money, has lasted with minimal repairs.

I have a 2004 Ford Freestar and bought it new. I love how it handles, the keypad on the door, but I don't like that the transmission is starting to go. Other than that it has been a good vehicle.

- Kim H

It does get us from point A to point B but not sure how much longer it's going to last

the check engine light came on after we had the timing belt replaced now it wont go off it does stall a lot. we had to replace 2 tires they were almost ripped cause the original tires were on them

- cassandra s

This really is a great car, and I wish that Ford would have made them for a longer period.

I like that there is room for all my kids. I love how it drives during the snow! I am not happy that it is older and starting to break down. It is also very expensive to maintain at this point.

- Bob V

It's red has seven seats and four door the seats gold down for extra space.

My car is a ford freestyle I really love this car it has help me to get to point A to B I would recommend this car to people who have kids or a big family it has just about everything you need.


This has been a good vehicle for us so far. We have four kids and this is why easier to get them in and out of than the SUV we had before. I starts every time and gets us where we need to go.

I've read that these have the potential to have weak head gaskets. We haven't had an issues though and are at over 140,000 miles. The interior is very spacious and excellent if you have kids.

- stanley o

7 passenger family car for tons of fun

The ford freestyle is an amazing car, it has 7 seats which helps for big families. the only issue is our a/c went out and it hasn't been fixed. It drives great in the snow and is comfortable.

- antoinette m

Not the best for multiple car seats.

It is fine. There are some amenities I wish it had. Sometimes it spontaneously accelerates. It is difficult to utilize the back middle seat and back row with two car seats in the second row.

- Elise E

Will drive through it all

Basic model really only problems are due to mileage. Such as using some oil and parts wearing out, drop off in fuel mileage. It has been a very reliable vehicle and I would own another one.

- Kyle B

Great on gas mileage! Very roomy to hold a family's needs

I live the gas mileage I can get, very efficient for the size. I like the extra seating but would like there to be a center console between driver and passenger seats to hold things better

- Karrie W

It has been my family's work horse. It has been driven almost 50 miles daily to and from work for three years.

I purchased it used in 2008, and it has served us well. It is rickety now and has had some issues, but for the most part has been reliable. I am hoping it will last us a few more years.

- Yanet O

Huge amount of cargo space. The amount of cargo space in the back is large and the folding seats make it great for hauling large objects.

My Freestyle is awesome. It has a ton of cargo room, the folding seats make it easy to pack in large objects. It drives very smooth, especially on the highway and is fairly good on gas.

- Kelly C

My car is reliable even though it is older. I feel safe in it and wouldn't change a thing.

I love the feel of it. I like that the pedal can move up so that I don't have to to be to close to the steering wheel. I enjoy being higher in the seat so that I can see more easily.

- Eileen D

This vehicle will seat up to 6, the middle and rear seats fold down for hauling cargo. It is capable of towing light cargo which makes this a great family vehicle capable of being more.

I really love the space and design of this vehicle. I do wish it had a higher ground clearance and 3rd rear seat belt. I also hope that Ford considers issuing this vehicle in the US.

- Yvonne M

This car gets good gas mileage. The rear door area is perfect for groceries or my wheelchair.

I like my Freestyle, because it is dependable, and it is very comfortable to ride in. It takes turns well. I do not have any complaints, because it has been a very good vehicle.

- Joyce P

Limited years made but great little SUV.

Very dependable, great traction control in winter slush. Never an issue getting parts for it if needs, body has held up really well for the age, only rust is on back door bottom.

- Nadine K

The car gets great gas mileage and is very roomy with the added third seat.

I like that fact that the car is very roomy and has a third seat in it. It gets very good gas mileage. I have not had any expensive repairs that have been needed on this vehicle.

- Stacey T

I think it is very economical to operate in city driving as well as on the long haul.

I love the way it handles on the open road and how well it handles in city driving. It is very easy to park. I love the response I get when I need the power to move quickly.

- James C

It will save your life to get you there ,because I know my repairs,and drive well.

I like It's capacity to carry things and/or people. But I have to do lots of repairs on it which I do not like. Plus it is a Freestar not Freestyle but choice was not there.

- Aaron E

That you can take out all the seats to transport anything possible!! It's so easy

It is very spacious!! I LOVE how all the seats are changeable to fit your everyday needs. The back has a lot of room during baseball season and also has good gas mileage!!

- Jason P

the van is heavy but has a nice ride

we had a conversion done to make it a wheelchair van. it's a side entry. we love the van only drawback to it is the small 16 gal gas tank as the floor was lowered 6"

- Stuart G

It is very dependable and comfortable.

I like the fact that my car is a mini van. It's not to big but it has the room I need to carry stuff if I need to. It can fit my family comfortable when we travel.

- First L

It takes a lot to kill it.drive it a lot and it keeps on going

It rides good. get pretty good gas mileage. It's pretty good in the snow..What I don't like is It's got high mileage and a few rust spot's.. Looking to buy another

- Reggie u

They don't make it anymore so it will be harder to fix.

If I had known that I would have so much problem with it I wouldn't have bought it. I do like the 3rd row seating. I wish it was easier finding parts for it.

- Krissie J

the best part I love about my car it has a touch screen radio

I absolutely love my car and the features it has. It has open space can fit 7 people I have no problems out of it motor is perfect great on gas as well

- Ashley L

The speed sensor is bad so the speedometer keeps kicking on and off, so watch your speed

I like that my son's car seat fits great. Would prefer to have handles over each door to help my grandmother get in and out. It gets good gas mileage.

- Jenelle W

Great family vehicle cheap to repair.

It runs like a champ, cheap to repair, lots of room. It seats up to 7 people. Have not had any major problems besides replacing the alternator once.

- Tara R

That It's is very reliable.

It is an absolute pleasure to drive. There's so much room for transporting people & furniture. I enjoy being higher up than a type car on the road.

- Francine T

It' drives good and great on mileage.

Nothing long as you keep up the maintenance. Be sure to be aware of any recalls. I have not had any major issues since I have bought it brand new.

- Monica G

The size of the vehicle go can have a good bit or have a bug family in the car

Vehicle is good but many transmission problem for the car. The throttle body messes up. Ford has all these recalls but refuses to fix the vehicles

- Billie F

It is a quality made car. No major problems-just maintenance.

I like my car because it has room, but it is also a pain because of needed repairs. I was given the car from my mom and currently want a new one.

- Jerry G

Smooth ride, fits my family pretty good and gets us where we need to go. Wouldn't mind some storage though.

It's how I transport my family wherever we need to be, I drive safe and expect others to do the same. I also have decals on it for my Businesses.

- Rachel F

Great buy, good expectations

Car has been very dependable with no major mechanical issues. Good family vehicle and great on gas mileage would recommend to anyone car shopping

- Jodi S

Stylish SUV, . Nice looking car well maintained.

Very economical, , easy to drive very reliable. Have never had any problems it is fully automatic fully loaded. Very comfortable on long trips. .

- Guadalupe M

CVT transmission is fantastic. It is so much better than the other types

it has a lot of space for passengers or cargo. Easily fold seats to haul more. The only complaint is the All wheel drive system is light duty.

- Al K

Still going strong. Ford strong.

Basically it's very reliable, and in very good condition - especially for being 14 years old with 115k miles on it. Just now needing new struts.

- Diane M

It's roomy and comfortable and great for traveling.

It has been a very reliable vehicle. I have had some major costly repairs such as 2 alternators, and a new transmission. Roomy and comfortable

- Gary C

Very comfortable and roomy car. Don't expect it to be good on gas.

I like my vehicle because it is very roomy, has 3 rows of seats, and a decent trunk. I dislike my vehicle because it is very hard on gas (v6).

- Jacob P

That it will be a much better car once I get some issues fixed to where it will last for many more years.

Needs work done with both ball joints, plus needs a new power steering pump as well as new tires. Other than those issues it runs pretty good.

- Kara W

These particular vehicles have been known for transmission issues, but ours has not given us any problem.

It's very dependable. It gets great gas mileage . This vehicle has enough room for the whole family and room to transport some larger items.

- William c

It's dependable and versatile.

I like it for traveling to my juggling gigs. It gets decent gas mileage and holds all my equipment. I really have no complaints about it.

- David H

It's a car and truck in one which is great for families. .

I love that it is a 7 passenger car. Also love that seats all fold down and you can haul 8 foot long things. It also gets good gas mileage.

- ShannaMae Y

comfortable and economic for 7 passenger. and never need a repair

no problem is the best, performance good, reliability good, comfort food, everything very good, the ford co. is better than others factory

- Frank T

It's red, it's big, and it washes easily.

A few problems with the transition, but nothing major. I don't know what else to type because they want me to type 100 characters.

- Justine P

It is a safe vehicle and handles great in all weather

I love that it is not really an SUV but It's not a minivan. It is unique. The ride is very comfortable and it gets decent gas mileage.

- brenda h

good little vehicle regardless of current issues

bought used, has a tick sound not sure what it is also having ro replace tie rod ends and axle transmission was replaced before buying

- Nikita P

It has enough car outlets for the family.

Very comfortable for long distance driving. Ideal for my family size. Has everything including space that fits everyone in the family.

- Valerie C

the car can last a long time and not have many major unexpected costs

it works well, carries the family and what we need to carry with us. It does not normally have issues and has lasted for a long time.

- jennifer K

Don't get the computer wet. And it has some leaks because it is old.

I love Ford cars it rides great . It being used it has some issues it leaks oil and when it rains the computer gets wet it runs bad.

- Shannon C

It is spacious and comfortable.

It runs well. It needs only basic maintenance. It has lots of space, ac vents, and runs smoothly. It has all I need and is paid off!

- Kay M

I like being up high in the vehicle.

I like my vehicle because it is a van. I was in a car accident a few years ago and because I was up high in the vehicle I was safe.

- Lisa P

It's still running with a lot of miles on it

I have almost 191,000 miles on there and the car is still running good It was a great product not sure why they discontinued it

- Mechelle M

That the transmission has been overhauled. It is also high mileage.

I bought it used. It has been ok overall. It has a lot of miles on it. Have had some trouble finding parts when it breaks down.

- Julie M

my car is 13 years old and still going strong! It has not had too many issues other than basic maintenance and A/C replaced

comfortable ride with 3rd row seating and 2nd and 3rd row can lay flat for hauling large items-not too happy with the gas mileage

- Becky D

My car runs great and is reliable.

I like that my minivan has room for my whole family and all of our stuff. It runs well. It has low mileage. It is reliable.

- Carrie F

It runs very good. No problems with it so far. And it fits all my children.

Its roomy enough for my family. It drives very well, and I haven't had any problems since I bought it. And it was very cheap.

- Elizabeth M

It sits up higher than regular cars and makes it easier to see all around the van. Ease of driving.

I love the minivan. The ease of loading and unloading children and groceries is great. Will buy another ford minivan again.

- georgia c

Nice CD player and speakers.

Just replaced water pump. Over 100, 000 miles. Runs well. Interior is leather, some wear on sides of front passenger seat.

- Michelle F

It isn't the best made vehicle. To many mechanical issues.

It has to may mechanical issues. It has front suspension problems. It needs alignment too often. Buying tires to often.

- Myron R

Gas mileage and color and everything really.

Great vehicle, last forever, never really have any problems with it, has so many miles on it. Love this vehicle so much.

- Christina K

It is very nice ride and very reliable. It has been a true asset to our family.

It gets great gas mileage for a van. It has plenty of room for all the kids and their stuff! It's very low maintenance.

- Lori C

Very reliable car runs very nice and very spacious.

I have never had any problems with this car it is reliable and worth the money it is very spacious and comfortable.

- Olivia M

This vehicle provides passengers with plenty of room.

This vehicle is easy to drive. This vehicle gets good gas mileage. I have had no real bad issues with this vehicle.

- Barbara P

It can help you move just about anything.

I do not think there is anything I do not like about it. It is roomy. Lots of room and love how to chair folds up.

- Vicky R

Dependable great family car.

Very dependable rides nice good family car have problem with door latch but might be under recall have to check.

- Lou D

Dependable for long or short trips

Very reliable. Lots of space for people and cargo. Good vehicle for road trips or everyday running around town.

- lmb b

Set the seat height and how tall or short the person is.

It's an amazing car very roomy I love the fact it has a built in DVD player heated seats a five disc changer.

- Jennifer G

I love My Ford freestyle 2005.

It's perfect for my family. It seats six. I love the seat warmers, but the driver's seat warmer quit working.

- Sarah D

Ford is a great brand, great features and good to drive.

It has lots of seats and lots of space. Vehicle is almost too big for me to drive and the floorboard leaks.

- Anja S

Very cheap parts! Learn to fix your own vehicle and you'll save so much with Ford! It only gets expensive if you don't know because the service is what gets expensive!

Ford is my favorite make! When there is something wrong with it (rare), the parts are always super cheap!

- Isabel G

It's a great family car. Its dependable and comfy.

No complaints it's a blessing to have this vehicle. I enjoy it very much. To gets me where I need to go.

- Veronica T

Its dependable and good for families.

It's been very dependable and easy to drive. The third row seating hasn't been as convenient as I hoped.

- Debbie D

keep up on the maintenance. it will keep the car running smooth

it's a great vehicle it has low mileage. regular maintenance keeps it riding well. i would buy it again

- mary t

Best car for your and an suv that hates gas

Has transmission issues, gets very good gas mileage, seems 6 comfortably, rides nice and easy to handle

- Tony C

Other that needing a new battery a few weeks ago this is a great car

Great little car it is 13 years old but still runs very well. Four doors and good seat belts Great car.

- Laura F

It was a great quality for price I paid for it. This Ford is a keeper

It's been very dependable over the years. Interior hasn't torn. The van is my reliable transportation.

- Maria L

Decent every day simple driver.

Reliable vehicle with decent features, although basic. Tends to have somewhat of a rough ride though.

- Kyle N

it is reliable and dependable in all types of weather

we have kept our vehicle so long because it is so dependable and we like driving it---no complaints

- ann B

I like it because it is dependable when not requiring constant service. I dislike it because it is a "money pit". So many things going wrong with it, it's like a cascade failure.

It had lots of features such as a built in DVD Player, Power Locks and Windows, "Lojack" and more.

- Margaret O

Good gas mileage and drives nice. Plenty of room for 6 people and other things

I like that I can sit just high enough and I don't feel like I am sitting too close to the ground

- Heidi H

I love the room. I love being able to haul stuff. I hate that the A/C went out. This is the second vehicle of this make and model whose A/C went out.

It's roomy. The space is convenient for both transporting passengers and hauling stuff.

- DeAnna M

It has been dependable van have not have many things to repair

I have a Freestar 2004 and it has been a great van. I give the rating to be 5 stars

- Sandra R

The car is still very reliable after almost 14 years

My only dislike is that the car contains too much plastic. That makes it look cheap.

- Michael Y

It's a ford good gas mileage seats 7 and its dependable and good .power

Ride nice and dependable ,looks good .not bad gas mileage .parts are to expensive.

- Doug S

This vehicle runs really great.

Not good for rural gravel roads. I like having extra room. Prefer something else.

- laurie M

It takes a lot to keep it running & a lot of money

It has had numerous mechanical issues, recall, etc. I like it fits all my family.

- Christie B

it drives great and is a lot of fun to drive, has a dent that a car hauler hit as its too high for anything else to have hit

Gas Mileage could be better and the back seat should be a bench not bucket seats

- John A

Don't buy one. They don't last long and it's a waste of money

I hate it. The transmission is bad and it's commons in these vans. Piece of crap

- Melissa C

It seats seven people comfortably and has air conditioning

I love the room it provides. I would just like to upgrade to something newer.

- Janet H

It is a gas guzzler and a people hauler.

I like the up high driving. I like the room. I do not like the gas mileage.

- Tara I

It is a safe family vehicle. It is good for the size of our family.

It has a DVD player for the kids. It has a lot of room. It is easy to drive.

- Stephanie R

It has served me well over the years. I have fit dressers, even a full size door in it.

It is old and starting to fall apart. It still has all the functions I like

- Brenda A

It runs well and mechanically i haven't had any major problems

It gets me where I need to go and is reliable. It seats my family well.

- RoyAna S

It's roomy and runs great

Enough room for my children. Rides smooth and quiet. Low maintenance.

- Elizabeth C

Has been a very dependable vehicle for many years and provides driving comfort.

Do not dislike anything about it. Have no complaints, love Ford.

- Bessie R

It's easy to take care of. Fun to drive and easy to maintain

I like everything about it. Driving it is relaxing and easy.

- Margaret M

It's very comfortable. Not a looker, but it has been dependable. Have had no real problems, just routine maintenance.

The resale value is not high at all--far less than I thought,

- tee w

It's paid for. I don't have any car payments on my vehicle

I don't know at this point . No complaints about my vehicle.

- Diane G

I can unlock from the outside.

I like it, but doesn't have all features some vehicles do.

- Tracy P

has third row of seats and it can also lay flat for hauling stuff

I wish there was more leg room for the middle set of sets

- Cathy B

Reliable and great passenger room.

Air conditioning does not work. Not great gas mileage.

- Renee S

Its Mine, free and Clear.

nice rise but, uses a lot of gas not power windows,


The interior is very spacious and could seat six and still have enough room in the trunk

Spacious, Reliable, Blessing, love this car

- Natalie P

It works. It will take you where you need to go.

It's air conditioning is good on hot days.

- Jason k