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Good family car. Easy & fun to drive.

Love having the 3rd row seating although it is not comfortable for adults. Issue with a common problem that was covered on other Ford models but was not covered on the freestyle. This issue caused the car to stop without warning, and cost about $1700. 00 to resolve. We have leather seating but it did not come with seat warmers, so seats are pretty cold in the winter. For some reason when there is a heavy rain we get water in between the outer and inner door panels. You have to undo the weather strip at the bottom of the door and let the water out. Other than that the car runs very well and is quite comfortable. We get decent gas mileage. Rear setting is very easy to convert into cargo space.

- Lisa J

It's like having a truck without actually owning a truck!

I love this car because it is reliable and the size is great for me. It's amazing how much can fit into it! My family lovingly refers to it as my truck! I haven't had any problems with it at all. It performs well and it's comfortable. I wish that it was four wheel drive, but with studded tires it makes it through the winter pretty well. I had a couple of times where I got a little stuck coming up my driveway, but it was very icy and uphill. The only other thing I'd change about it is that the middle row of seats are two separate seats - like the drivers and passengers. I'd prefer it to be one solid seat across because my dog would have a bit more freedom to move around.

- Erica D

The truck is comfortable and gives you tons of extra room all over the vehicle.

My truck is very comfortable, it had heated and leather seats, except when the leather sucks to your sweaty legs in the summertime. It has a moon roof with a closing door so you do not have to be blinded by the sun all the time. It has 3 rows of seats and the back 2 fold down for easy access to hauling bigger items. I also had 2 foster children in my him for a few months and with them and my daughter I was up to 3 car seats, which all fit very well. The automatic rear view mirror adjusts by itself for bright lights behind me. It also has extreme adjustable seats and tilting steering wheel for the most space available.

- Samantha G

The ford freestyle is an amazing 6 seater family car.

The ford freestyle is a great family vehicle. The freestyle has room to seat 6 people, 2 in the front, 2 in the middle and 2 in the back. The back seats are more difficult to get to because the height down the center is not real tall. It is fine for children but more difficult for adults. We bought this car used 3 years ago and have had no problems with it at all. It is a very reliable car. We are just turning over 100,000 mile on it. We use this car to travel long distances for vacations and the car is very comfortable for all. We love all the features in the car, it is equipped well

- Mandy L

Great all around family vehicle

I bought this car used with about 100k miles, I have put on almost 80k myself and have not run into any major mechanical issues. It is roomy enough for a family of 5 to take a vacation and has plenty of room for people and cargo. It has the feel of a mini van with the look of an SUV. The ride is smooth with no excessive engine or road noise. Being a short woman, the seat and pedals adjust just right so I can see everything without being pressed against the steering wheel but also adjusts to fit a large man just as comfortably. All around great and reliable family vehicle.

- Emily V

When it is in working condition, it is very dependable and has good fuel efficiency.

It gets me from point A to point B but it is really starting to nickel and dime me to death. In the past month I have had to replace the transmission, water pump and thermostat. The catalytic converter had to be cut off. I have replaced every sensor known to man and I still get overheating errors, though the engine/coolant system shows no signs of being the slightest bit hot. I know it is older but it shouldn't have what I consider a cascade of failures all at once. I am actually getting scared to drive it.

- Jason S

It's mine! Lol. It rides comfortable and gets pretty good gas mileage.

I love the space of the van. The back row of seats hide in the floor. It has a generous 25 gallon gas tank. The courtesy lights is terrific to make safer turns. I dislike that the sliding door windows do not open. The air conditioner is very weak and does not cool the back of the van at all. The dashboard has a design that does not allow for stick on products, ie.... phone holders, stickers, bling bling decorations etc. The brake fluid reservoir is difficult to check and fill.

- Donna G

when well maintained, can last for a long time. but that can be expensive

Love the size and versatility. We have 3 rows of seating but plenty of room for moving my daughter to college with just this vehicle. Gas mileage and features are nice. Negatives are a channel for the sunroof that can block up and cause water to leak into the cabin. It's hard to do do it yourself maintenance on the transmission and extremely expensive to repair or replace.

- Andrew V

Great family car, lots of room and perks.

I love my van. There is plenty of room for people and luggage. It is spacious. The seats fold down, which is great for hauling big loads or awkwardly shaped items. It has a good sound system as well. I would recommend this van to anyone looking for more room. It doesn't get the best gas mileage, which is a bummer, but overall it is a great vehicle for our family.

- Anna M

Give Ford Windstar a 5 star rating.

The Ford Windstar is a great mini van the is 3 rows of seats plenty of room. Excellent on gas and lots of storage areas. Great for a family with kids or a single person like me with a big service animal. I would love the Ford Windstar a 5 star rating most definitely. It is a very dependable van great for traveling especially if your retired and travel a lot.

- Tracy W

the car itself is reliable but the interior is annoying

I love the look of the car on the outside. The interior seats are leather and nice but the features of the car are cheap. The handles come off of the seats, it also has a lot of electrical issues that I am not happy with, i e cig. lighters not working and the defrost wires on the back windows are not securely on and frequently break off.

- Elizabeth F

Excellent vehicle, no mechanical problems.

The ford freestyle has been an excellent car. It is probably the most comfortable vehicle I have ever owned. It is 13 years old and I have not had any mechanical problems with it, other than basic upkeep. It has been driven everyday since I purchased it. The space for hauling things as well as room for passengers is excellent.

- Michele D

While maybe not the most stylish car, this car is a workhorse that can be a long running family car.

The car still has low mileage and performs great. I have had no major problems with it which is saying something considering the age. It is comfortable for both me and my family and has plenty of cargo room. The leather seats and dvd player are great additions for a family car. I personally love the 6 disc cd changer.

- Lee B

Beautiful car inside and out with many special features.

Dual temp control. Leather interior. All electric seats and windows. Sleek exterior. Great gas mileage (26 mpg). I like that it tells the driver that an oil change is due, the information control shows status on all elements. Cruise control is wonderful for long distances especially when it comes to gas mileage.

- Becky B

Spacious and comfortable for road trips!

I take care of my car so there are not any problems. She always turns on and runs well, never worried. However, she burns a lot of gas so filling her up does not happen offend for a college student. The car is very spacious for loading a lot or just a simple road trip. Many of my friends love riding in my car!

- Marissa B

Good on gas maintenance ez 3rd row seats Bluetooth keyless entry leather

I bought this car used from a personal owner. I love it for the 3rd row seating! I have five children it's perfect. The leather seats are easy clean up it's comfortable and I don't feel like a soccer mom driving it either! Gas mileage is good and a major part not to many blind spots at all !

- Jennifer R

Overall reliable. Great for someone who has children or pets.

The Ford freestyle has enough seating for 7 with the bench seat in the back. You can flip down bench and bucket seats which makes for a huge area to haul things. It drives smoothly. I have had issues with the seat belts and trunk handle. Gas mileage is ok. It is a reliable vehicle overall.

- Julie W

Safe for the whole family.

The van has been very reliable. Ours only has a little over 150,000 miles on it now. It isn't going as well on gas as it used to. We just do routine maintenance earlier than usual. It accommodates my family perfectly. We have had no major problems that are not just routine maintenance.

- Rebecca C

Excellent vehicle for families with tall people.

I really don't have too many complaints. I bought the vehicle from another owner with over 100, 000 miles. We have not had any maintice issues. We get about 350 miles on a 20 gallon tank. My favorite part is that the foot pedals are adjustable. I do wish the middle row was foldable.

- Heather L

The Ford freestyle is an amazing family car!!

The Ford freestyle is good on gas and comfortably seats seven people without any problems. The Ford freestyle is great in the snow and has four wheel drive. The Ford freestyle is a wonderful family car and great for long trips. The repairs on the Ford freestyle are also affordable.

- Ket B

The Ford freestyle is like a SUV and a van. Has a ton of room and sits 6 people.

It is a good vehicle for the most part we have only had it for about 2 years maybe a little longer and the transmission is about to go any day now. It has a DVD player in it which helped when we went on long drives back to our home town or to visit grandma a hour and a half away.

- Heather W

Great car bad interior. But overall mechanically a good car.

Car if maintenance has run really well mechanically. The only problems I have had with it so far has been that the handles on the front seat lever to recline back have broken off on both front seats. The middle console lid has broken off so just minor interior wear and tear.

- Tiffany R

Love my freestyle, I highly recommend it.

I haven't had any problems with my Ford freestyle, it has 250, 000 and the transmission is just now starting to slip. And my passenger seat heater does not work anymore. Other than that no problems. It is been a great vehicle. It is also great on gas. Very good vehicle.

- Kim R

Family Friendly low cost maintenance

Decent gas mileage spacious seats seven comfortably. Has leather interior easy to clean with kids. Has sunroof power windows locks great stock stereo. Over 200 thousand miles runs great few mechanical issues over all very satisfied. Bought used 5 years ago easily maintained

- Holly B

One of the best minivans ever created

Well my 2006 ford freestar runs great with over 220,000 miles now it's still going. It's a comfortable riding car, and with 202 HP 4.2L it's not to slow either. All i've done to the car is change spark plugs and spark plug wires and that's it. and an oil change when needed.

- Griffin B

Great family car from a great company.

It has pretty good gas mileage. It seats 7 people comfortably. The seats a cloth so stains are easy to see and many of the parts are plastic so easy to break. Had the car for a long time. Huge trunk. Glides for a long time on accelerator. Heating/cooling is good. Reliable.

- Jayden K

Details for ford freestyle 2006.

This vehicle has seats that lower to be able to load a lot of stuff. It is helpful when you are buying small furniture. It has 7 seats. It has 6 cylinders so it does not go through gas as fast as other bigger vehicles. However it is fairly old and has had a bit of issues.

- Katy B

It�s a great vehicle with space

My van a great my vehicle it's good on gas it has a lot space in the hatch then back seat folds down it also has Electric doors And hatch it gets great gas mileage my van is a silver color which I like I don't like that the spare under the van a lot of work to get to

- Amy B

Very spacious and great on gas!!

ford freestyle has be a really reliable car! I love how spacious it is in the car with 7 seats that fold Down that made moving very easy! It can hold quite a bit! It gets great gas mileage which is awesome since I have to travel a good distance to work 5 days a week!

- Hunter R

My Ford van is not a very good vehicle

Everything on the vehicle is falling apart. The seat belts don't work, the check engine light keeps coming on for various reasons (mostly the catalytic converter), the odometer doesn't work and will not show mileage, the air conditioning doesn't work (only blows hot)

- Joseph R

They don't make it any more. I would recommend the Flex as a replacement.

Great family car with 3rd row seating. The car ride wonderfully. The only issue it's getting old and needs repairs. Was not easy to find a new transmission because it is a cheap model. The CD play doesn't work anymore too. Overall was a great car when we bought it.

- janes m

For a family you can't go wrong. Comfort, storage, great gas mileage!

I have had this Freestyle for 4 years. The miles I have been able to go with this car are amazing. It has a comfortable smooth ride. With seating for 6 plus storage. And top rack for more storage. Great gas mileage in city or interstate. It has great acceleration.

- Michelle K

Great crossover for a growing family!

It is not a car or a sports utility vehicle. It is a crossover vehicle. It seats 7 . But only if the 2 in the far seat are not large. Once your child gets past 5 ft 6 in they don't fit well in the third row seats. Very dependable. I wish they made newer models.

- Shirley S

Reliable spacious vehicle

So far I don't have any issues with my vehicle. It was pre owned when I bought it. Its reliable and a comfy vehicle. It's our family vehicle so it's something we trust for our kids to be in. Its spacious and fits our needs. Just all around a good family vehicle

- Angie L

It is spacey and does great on gas.

All wheel drive abs speedometer and warning lights go off if tires lose pressure brakes become faulty if so wheels will not keep air in spares as well other then that it is a dream love third row seating or open trunk space it is perfect for our growing family.

- Jessica M

Ford freestyle, good family vehicle

The only problem I ran into when buying this car was the place we bought it from. They were dishonest and shortly after things started going wrong with it. After we got a new transmission it performed pretty well and it fits all of my kids so I can't complain.

- Lisa H

It is great on gas, 5 door, seats 7, dependable, drives beautifully.

It's actually a windstar but they don't make them anymore, however I love that it uses less gas, has 3 seating areas, seats come out easily, drives beautifully, drivers seat is able to move forward enough for me (I am short). I just love everything about it.

- Patricia M

Ford freestyle family vehicle

3rd row. All leather. Moonroof. Power and heated seats. Limited edition sport. It has so much room. All back seats fold down. Captain chairs middle row. Perfect for our family of 5. Great on gas. Drives well. Perfect for road trips. Easy moving capabilities

- Brandy L

Vans are usually safer and more fun than passenger cars.

As I own a 2006 150 E series van and was unable to select it, my comments are about the E-150. The van is a pleasure to drive, as it provides superb sight distance due to it windows and height. It has plenty of room for our road trips.

- Lester F

The Freestyle is great for a couple or small family!

I love the Freestyle. It is a crossover between a car and a small SUV. Although it is older and lacks a few of the bells and whistles of 2018, it's been a great vehicle with comfort. The best feature is the 3rd row seating and hatch.

- Karen M

Classic and Reliable Family Car

The Ford Freestyle is a safe and reliable family car. I love that it has a third row while being narrow so that it fits in my garage. The car has aged well with it's classic design. If they still made Freestyles, I would by another.

- LaRaine R

Ford Freestyle excellent vehicle.

This car is excellent, Very spacious. I love how the seats fold down if you need to transport a larger item. As long as you maintain routine maintenance this is a wonderful car. I have not had issues yet.

- Ilahna C

My vehicle is running with the devil!

I have only had regular maintenance on this vehicle: including oil changes, brakes front and back, a rear wheel bearing. This car hums there are no engine ticks, clanks, engine hesitation. I love this car

- sally F

Fords are very reliable and have been around for a very long time. They are pretty cheap to fix and the parts are reasonably priced.

I like the reliability of the Ford and that it is an American brand. I dislike that they're a little noisier than other brands. All in all I would buy another Ford because of the quality and reliability.

- Angela P

Lots of seats with good gas mileage. You get a lot for your money.

Love my car. It fits my family with room for groceries. It gets great gas mileage too. I only wish it had just a little more room in the trunk area. I love that it isn't fancy but has a lot of features.

- Amber D

Great road trip vehicle with DVD & headphones to entertain the children.

I haven't had any major problems with car since I bought it. I love my car! It seats 6 people comfortably a lot of storage space for groceries and trips. If Ford made a 2019 version I would buy it.

- Katherine L

People should know that Freestyles are reliable and very useful.

I love all the room I have for hauling my telescope gear. The second and third row seats fold flat for easy loading. It also gets great gas mileage for what it is. It's not very stylish, though.

- Matt d

My car has the perfect amount of seating and cargo room.

I love the size of my vehicle. The seating arrangement is perfect. It does have a blind spot on the passenger side that bugs me. I love how much room my car has, and the gas mileage is great.

- Tammy P

233,000 miles and still running!

Our car has 233,000 miles on it and runs great! We have replaced tires a couple times. We have had no major problems with the car for having it so long and it having so many miles on it.

- Lori M

It is so easy to drive, and I can move furniture or haul people around with it.

I love all the cargo space it has. The third seat I can flip up when I need it is so convenient. Not having to climb up into it or out of it is great. I love the way it handles, too.

- Esther R

This van is roomy but cheaply made.

I like the seating capacity. I like the storage space. I dislike the cheapness of the materials it is made with. Several pieces have broken and it has required a lot of maintenance.

- Autumn M

It is definitely spacious. It does not really save gas and needs transmission maintenance.

It has a manufacture type problem with the transmission that cause the car to get out of gear at times. It should have another rear middle seat belt. Overall, it is roomy inside.


The back row can really only be comfortable for small children to sit in.

Enough room for the kids and dog. DVD player. Plenty of cup holders and storage space.. Dislike - mid row seats do not go back very far. Back row has very little leg room..

- Emily S




You should not get one I would get a better one town and country maybe.

Always having to buy new tires and this car always seems to have something wrong with it and soon I hope to get rid of it so that I can buy a new car I will like better.

- Victoria V

How great the car is financially. I only have to get oil changes and tires I have not had any major issues out this car

I love the durability of my car. The make and model are by far one of the best made cars by Ford. I haven't had any issues with the vehicle and it has over 185,000 miles

- Lauren L

the ford freestyle is ford's best kept secret. the third row sitting is such a great thing to have when you have kids.

i have no issues with the car it is roomy and provides me with everything that I need in a car. my kids even love it and the third row sitting is always a plus as a mom.

- Johnathan H

It fits our 3 kids ok in the back seats.

It has a very quiet ride. It was well maintained prior to my getting it. The size is just right for what I need. There really is nothing that I do not like about my car.

- Donna P

It has plenty of room and it is a good used car to purchase.

We bought it used so it runs fairly well. It came with a DVD player the kids love. The only problem I have with it lately is it hesitates to change gears going uphill.

- Breana T

Great vehicle. A lot room in it easy to clean up good on gas all to.

Is white outside inside is grey. After a couple years the sensors starting to give out. But beside the car is great, radio a lot room in the car both front n back.

- Carmen H

Roomiest interior for driver.

I own a Ford Freestar minivan. I purchased it because of the roomie interior. There is no center console so I don't feel locked into a small space when driving.

- Mishe J

It has lots of room and it rides very comfortably!

It has a lot of starting issues. It jerks when the AC is on. It's a Freestar van and I don't necessarily need a Mama van anymore. Looking for something smaller.

- Mechelle M

It gets decent mileage but the ac unit might go early.

The car is large enough for our family, and the foldable seats are a huge help with car seats! The only hard thing is how hot the leather gets in the sun.

- Joanna T

Great car, has trouble with the air conditioner and alignment

It's a great car, but the air conditioner has had to be fixed four times since we have owned it (in four years) and the alignment keeps getting messed up.

- Ashley B

It is safe to drive and fun to drive.

I hate that it has transmission problems when its warm weather I love all the room in the car. I also do not like that there is no air in the back seat.

- Flanagan A

Safety and handling while driving with children in car.

The vehicle is roomy, equipped with tv/DVD player. Have-not had to fix anything major as of yet. It has a huge trunk and all seats fold down in back.

- Heather E

It is a compact AWD small utility vehicle. It is a Ford.

For Its size, it has a lot of storage room with 2nd and 3rd row seats down. It rides fairly smooth. The major complaint is the AWD. It is noisy.

- Roger M

The freestyle is a dependable vehicle that has room for six people and still get reasonable gas mileage.

I love the room, gas mileage for the size of the car and I really don't like the color but my husband pick it for me so I will live with it.

- Wendy B

Love the Ford Freestyle. Great minivan.

We love this vehicle. I've had various minivans through the years. This has been very reliable. Very comfortable ride and good gas mileage.

- Dawn S

It is a great vehicle, driven respectfully and should last another 100,00 miles.

Like: roomy, lots of head room.. Dislike: lots of road noise, headlights aren't great, would like it if both back seats folded into floor.

- Lory A

This is one of the most dependable cars I have ever owned. I regret that Ford no longer makes this model.

The Freestyle is dependable. It has substantial room and is comfortable. It gets good mileage, and has required very little maintenance.

- Dorothy M

I love my crossover, it's roomy for six adults. All of the seats can be laid down for carrying larger items. I have moved furniture in it before. The only things that have needed repairs are mainly from age since she is 12 years old now. A/C only went a year ago and this year I needed a fuel sensor. Everything else has been reg. maintenance.

My Freestyle is a dark red and it is just now showing fading in the paint but the interior is in wonderful shape. We've loved this car.

- Roxanne R

Has a five star rating. It has a lot of storage space. Can turn it into a truck bed. Runs great. Has a specialty transmission that never needs fluid.

I love how big it is. I love that it has a lot of storage space. I love how I can put all the seats down and turn it into a truck.

- Sue R

Good dependable vehicle runs well

It is a pretty reliable vehicle it does have some problems with the upper motor mount breaking but overall it's really dependable

- Cindy M

Love the versatility of the fold down seats.

Love it. Have 189,000 miles. Very limited problems, a/c that was fixed under warranty. Normal maintenance and it is great.

- Ramona O

185,000 miles and counting!

Most reliable car I have ever owned, only basic repair and maintenance such as new tires, breaks. Absolutely love this car!

- Karen L

A white van with automatic transition and front wheel drive.

The vehicle is a white van with some nicks and scratches but it's still reliable. It could use some repairs and a makeover.

- Devan W

It is safe and fits my family perfectly.

The car is very reliable and safe. All wheel drive. Three rows. Under 100, 000 miles. No accident history. New alternator.

- Kristin M

I can put a lot of stuff in it. It hardly ever runs out of room.

I can move a lot of stuff in it. It holds a lot of people. It gets me where I want to go. Dislike it uses a lot of gas.

- Jackie M

I love being able to take the family for a quick weekend trip, pack everything needed in the back, and good driving offered by the Ford.

love the roominess, handling on the road, as well as the good gas mileage for the space it offers. I would recommend it.

- earl d

There are 6 seats not 7 seats

I like the third row seating for my children. I wish there was 3 seats in back. Otherwise very happy with my freestyle

- Marlo D

It is safe. And beautiful.

Car starts every time.. It seats 7 in three rows.. Still works fine as it is pretty old.. I do not have car payments.

- Beth H

Perfect for growing families!

It's been reliable so far, it's roomy, plenty of space for loading in the back with an option for a third row seat.

- Jennifer G

I have been driving it since 2006

It has been a reliable van. It ran well, ac went out at 146000. Best feature is that it seats 7 very comfortably.

- Patricia S

Three theater seats. Fits 7 very well.

I love the size, look, and had millage. Do not like all the recalls and problems we had that no one can pinpoint.

- Linda W

It does have squishy brakes.

The vehicle is very comfortable to drive, I have had it for about ten years now, and it is held up quite well.

- Roy E

I love the space in our vehicle! It is perfect for traveling.

I love our Freestyle. There's plenty of room for our family. We have also used it as a truck to haul items.

- Michelle H

2006 Ford freestyle suv amazing vehicle

Only thing wrong with my vehicle is that a wrench pops up if you take off to fast or if it gets way to hot

- Brittany B

My van has a DVD player in which is nice because of the kids

This is my first car that I have not had to much problems. Did have to fix a o2 sensor but that was it

- Kimberly T

It is comfortable, roomy and gets fairly decent gas mileage

I love the room it has for traveling with pets and other passengers. I don't really have any dislikes.

- Audrey B

My car will last longer than theirs.

It gets me to my destination, it has been reliable, I do not owe anything on it, its transportation.

- Ralph G

It is a Very comfortable ride & has been very dependable

Air conditioner works on passenger side but blows heat on drivers side. Handles very good on roa.

- Carolyn R

Its american made and a american company don't want know dam import.

It's a minivan what is there to like really. Its a ford not a Chevrolet so that's a downfall.

- Randy C

It is green in color and after so many years it has not needed any major repairs

Like that is has lasted. Gets me from point a to b. Hate that parts are hard to find.

- Karen R

its sturdy as they say built like a ford. it also has a movie system for the kids love it.

i like how my vehicle is very good on gas. i dislike how little trunk space there is.

- cici v

it's a minivan which is what i need for my wheelchair

i don't dislike anything about it. the only complaint i do have is the CD is broken

- jami W

3 rows of seating, 3 area heating/cooling good amount of legroom

No complaints so far, bought used and have not had any unexpected expenses with it.

- Theresa S

it gets me to where I want to go, and then back home again

it is transportation, I own it free and clear, it gets me to where I want to go

- Ralph Z

The inside is very large & can fit a lot of stuff in it

It is very comfortable. Has lots of room to haul things. Great for travel.

- Jane P

The most important thing about my car is that it turns on when you turn the key.

It always runs when I turn it on. It has windows and tires and a radio.

- Donna C

Driver seat comfortable especially for a bigger man, and good leg space.

Good reliable van. MPG not that great. Ride is good. Good cargo space.

- Bob D

It is a nice looking vehicle that provides good performance

It is big enough for my needs. It is a very comfortable van to drive

- Bruce R

Versatility & seat configuration. Room for 6 without being a minivan.

Versatile. Lots of room & cargo space. Room for lots of people.

- Sarah G

It's reliable and good in the snow but it eats up gas

I like the space and storage. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Justin P

Lots of room, good on gas.

Automatic doors, lock system plus alarm. Lots of room.

- Donna S

It has a lot of space to fit seven people and all of their stuff.

I love the comfort. I love the space. No complaints.

- Tracy W

It's red and roomy and comfortable

like It's roomy comfortable but poor gas mileage

- chuck D

DVD is a life saver to keep kids under control during those road trips.

- Ester E