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The car runs on battery if you go 45 mph or less.

2019 Ford Fusion SE

It is a pretty new car so I haven't had any issues as of yet. It is very reliable. Anyone who has not driven a hybrid before, it is different but definitely worth it once you are used to it. Great on gas! The information center is big and the navigation on it is wonderful. There are voice activated controls so if you need to change route while driving you can without being distracted. The safety features are out of this world. If you are about to experience a collision, the car slows and flashes an alert in the dashboard. There is a rear view camera which is great for added safety. The seat are comfortable for long car rides. I love my moon roof! Plenty of storage in the center console and USB ports to charge devices or stream music.

- Britney H

The automatic lane adjustment feature is awesome.

2019 Ford Fusion SE

The ford fusion se is a very reliable and safe vehicles if you have a small family. Me and my family love it we have one child the age of 4, and it works perfect for us. The best thing about this vehicle are the safety features that it provides. The safety features include, blind spot recognition, lane change safety, and automatic cruise control. Also the air conditioner cools the car really fast and well. The gas mileage on this vehicle is also amazing at 35 to 45 miles per gallon it really helps the status of our monthly fuel bill.

- Cory C

Rear view motion sensor alarm.

2019 Ford Fusion SE

I love the Ford Fusion. It's big enough for my family of four, but small enough for me to feel comfortable driving. I love the back up camera and the motion sensors. Especially the motion sensor that alarms you when there is something behind your car when you are about to back up. I also like the collision alarm right above the steering wheel that lets you know if your speed could possibly hit the car in front of you if that car slows down.

- Amanda B

I have black rims on a grey body, which is a sharp look.

2019 Ford Fusion SE

I really enjoy this vehicle. I have had it for 2 weeks. It has blind spot monitoring and a host of other valuable features. I drove a 2016 Titanium version of the Fusion, and this 2019 SE version has more bells and whistles than the 2016 Titanium. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone who wants a reliable, sporty looking sedan. There is plenty of room for a child seat. The display/electronics are very clean, and allow for ease of use.

- Ben S

Driving this car is much more enjoyable!

2019 Ford Fusion SE Hybrid

I love this car, it's very roomy. I hated driving before I got this car because I was like a taxi taking my kids everywhere. I literally hated getting behind the wheel. Now I want to drive more because of all the features this car has. I connect my phone to the car and my apps are synced. Also the navigation is unreal, I love it...it's makes it so much more enjoyable!

- Elizabeth H

Great mid size car, good gas mileage plenty of pep

2019 Ford Fusion S

I just got this car but previously I drove a 2014 fusion. I had no problems with it. It's a reliable simple car and gets me where I need to go in relative comfort. My car only has basic features but does have some modern safety features such as lane departure alert and automatic brights. For me fewer features are better because there's less that can go wrong.

- Rich O

Ford Fusion Se is the way to go

2019 Ford Fusion SE

Car is a great investment and great on saving gas. For the se model you get quite a bit of features. They include blind spot detection, rain sensing wipers, auto start and stop when in idle, lane assist for when you start drifting out of a lane. We have not had any complaints with the vehicle as of now and have had it for little over 3 months

- Andre R

Fantastic Fun Ford Fusion

2019 Ford Fusion SE

Performance is amazing. Rearview camera. Collision assist. Lane assist. Advanced technology cruise control. Sports mode. Bluetooth and Sirius satellite. Cloth seats. Large Middle console. Blind spot indicator. No problems. Health assessment. App on the phone allows you to lock and unlock anywhere in the world as well as start the vehicle!

- Chris N

Best value I have ever gotten from a new vehicle.

2019 Ford Fusion S

I really love this car. I opted not to get a lot of extra features, but this car is still really loaded. Tons of safety features, all the little extras I need. The only little quirk/oddity I have found in the last 2500 miles is the speech recognition gets a little challenging if you have the air vents pointed at the ceiling.

- Larry G

No remote control. No back window windshield/wiper. No seat heat.

2019 Ford Fusion SE

No seat heater and the remote start requires at&t network and a smartphone. It takes too long to open the app and turn on the card so you would rather to walk in and turn it on manually. Also, it does not have windows wiper for back windows which makes it hard to see your back in rain and snow.

- Yousef N

Very sporty. Heated and cooled seats

2019 Ford Fusion Sport

My car is really great. It's roomy. Drives well. And is very nice on the inside and out. It had heated and cooled seats. It tell you when you are low on gas. Very fast for a sedan. Seats 5 people comfortably. The drive is smooth and stops well. It all so tell you your tire pressure

- Jessica B

2019 ford fusion solid choice.

2019 Ford Fusion SE

Reliability is great, performance is solid, very comfortable seats, love the satellite radio, pairing my smartphone, receiving calls and text messages, love the dual climate control for when your passenger desires a different temperature, USB charging ports come in handy as well.

- Paul D

when you stop say a stop light, the car will shut off, to help persevere gas.

2019 Ford Fusion Sport

I personally absolutely love my ford fusion, I highly recommend getting tinted windows. it's a very easy car to use and to get use to it. it's not that spacious so keep that in mind. It has a nice mileage and it can go fast. This car is actually pretty decent for road trips.

- Sarah T

Convenient car for good money

2019 Ford Fusion S

It Lack the front camera for convenient parking process or at least meters. Seats are convenient and I like roof window. Car is of good size - spacious but not too big, which makes it easy to park. Android auto app lets you easily connect phone which is extra convenient

- Kate S

It�s got a large cab up to date technology, great feature for a base model car

2019 Ford Fusion S

The Fusion is very comfortable, it makes driving much easier and the cabin and trunk are huge!! I feel very safe and relaxed in this car. I feel good about my baby riding in this car, the technology in it is amazing! The SYNC program helps with navigation and media

- Ally K

Excellent vehicle for the budget for the budget conscience.

2019 Ford Fusion SE

Very good reliable vehicle. Great gas mileage great acceleration. Very comfortable ride. Plenty of cargo room. Very easy to use climate control. Great safety features. Plenty of legroom for both passenger and driver. Great handling great stopping power.

- John T