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Great value! Buy yourself a car that is reliable.

This car is of great value and one that I would recommend to all and any of my friends. When I look for a car I look for something that will retain its value after I have driven it for some time which is why this car is incredible. I mean there are definitely some things that I do not like about, such as the gas mpg I think that being able to have this car is a great investment.

- Page T

2005 Ford mustang Gt My experience

Very reliable awesome machine sounds just as bad as it is. In a good way. I actually do the the work on my own car as well when I first got it i would take her to the shop for things that needed repairs or upgrades but i actually love to get under the hood maybe I'm in love with my car either way I am a very happy with my purchase it's more like I bought a new family member

- Heather M

Fun high-quality mechanics bad cosmetic interior.

I love the power and performance, the mechanics of the vehicle are fantastic. Super fast and super fun, I love driving to do anything. My only issue is that the interior is falling off the doors and my seat leather is rubbing down. But it is just cosmetic issues.

- Caleb T

You can't beat a Ford and the way it runs. I love the way it runs.

I mean I've had some problems with my vehicle, but it's nothing that couldn't be fixed. As far as performance it's great wouldn't trade it for nothing.

- Tim A

To take it easy when driving.

I love how my car looks. I love the color of it. I love the way it makes me feel when driving it. The car is very safe. The gas mileage is terrible.

- Lucille G

My vehicle can catch quick speed on a highway. 5 speed 2. 5 turbo.

Cannot drive in the snow. In the winter it stays in the garage. Great summer car for riding around with top off.

- Tj B

It is just to show off!!!

I like my car really much a item just for show!

- Aaron S