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I love it, very fast car but good.

I love my Mustang, I am a 20 year old female with a blue 2000 Ford Mustang. Most people look at me and say you are way too girly for that sports car but I say whatever cause I love it. I bought the car from my grandmother because she was going to sell but because she had the car since I was a little girl I didn't want her to give it away to someone who make abuse it. The car is very fast so you do have to be careful and learn to go at the speed limit because the police will try to pull you over (it happen to me plenty of times, but I am lucky I have no tickets lol). It is also a old car so now some of the parts are now "extinct" so try not to mess up the car or your just going to be without a car for a while. Gas is also high for me (but that is not a problem).

- Maya R

Reliability and repairing mustang issues help from youtube saves $.

Our mustang has the same issues as time goes on. Thermostat has gone out every winter the last three years. We have had problems with temperature sensors the last three years and this causes the car not to start. The repairs tend to be a bit pricey at times but if you look on you tube most of the time you can find out how to repair any minor issues and save tons of money after getting parts and doing the labor yourself. These two things are the main issues at this moment. Is not a good winter vehicle due to how lightweight the car is and when it rains it also tends to spin out at stop lights etc.. When the car is in good running condition it's a fun and fast car. Its reliable 98 percent of the time. We enjoy driving it!!

- Shannon W

Dark green mustang covered in cat paw prints.

I have had my car since 10th grade. I am 29 now. My parents bought it for me from a car lot but it had actually previously belonged to one of my middle school friend's mom. My dad, a mechanic, worked on the car when it belonged to my friend's mom and knew it was in good shape. At the time it was my dream car!! Luckily all these years later my dad is still doing routine maintenance on it and it is still going strong. I have put a lot of miles on it. It is not exactly the prettiest on the outside anymore and is certainly considered an older car these days. And although I would love a newer car, preferably an SUV, I cannot complain. It is paid for and gets me where I need to go.

- Heather R

The make & model? Extremely poor performance in any inclement weather & easy to scrape the bottom on bumps you wouldn't think would be a problem. MY car? (As in, what problems have arisen after 18 years in this make & model?) Rear windows stopped working, which makes ragtop unusable, ABS stopped working long ago, transmission had to be replaced, Air conditioner stopped working, headlight control stopped working properly, & while applicable to all leather-upholstered convertibles, the sun bakes & destroys the leather & it wears badly becoming ugly & uncomfortable.

Love the heat. How quickly it heats & how hot it gets. Love the aesthetics of it. Has been my dream car since childhood. I don't like the suspension, how low it rides, making it prone to scraping bumps, or the fact that I can't get anywhere in the snow. I understand that a sports car like a Mustang is going to be low & not do well in snow, but it's pretty crazy just how poor traction is. If there's enough snow to leave a footprint, I cannot drive safely. I have to be extremely mindful even in rain & accelerate very slowly from a stop to gain traction. It's my least favorite thing about the vehicle & will be the main reason I replace it when the time comes.

- Ripley K

Well worth the money - would recommend buying to anyone!

It is an older car but has held up well. There have been no major problems mechanically with the car. Only real problem was having to disconnect the radio because it was draining the battery. Still has original motor, muffler, trans after about 175, 000. Only drawback for me now is it is a 2-door and low to the ground that makes it harder for me to get in and out of due to foot problems. Currently looking for a newer Mustang for my son, so would definitely recommend this car to anyone.

- Debra H

Likes of a 2000 Ford mustang.

I honestly like my 2000 Ford mustang it's a nice smooth ride I have yet to have any major problems with it I have over 150, 000 miles. Best this is that it's very simple to find parts for the car and engine has easy access to fix parts. I would advise for people to buy this kind of vehicle but keep in mind it's not a family car it's more of a hit the road have fun enjoy a nice smooth ride. For 1 or 2 people.

- Chris H

Great car, not practical!!

The 2000 Ford Mustang v6 handles great, it is fun to drive! It has very low fuel efficiency and the 2 door coupe style is very inconvenient for activities such as grocery shopping or having passengers in the car. This is definitely not a great winter driver. Absolutely must get all season or winter tires and put sandbags in trunk. I recommend this car as a leisure car. It's not very practical otherwise.

- Christina C

I would say my vehicle is my favorite right now, it's reliable.

pretty old car, falling apart, convertible top won't go down, the paint is peeling off the car and the air won't work properly sometimes. I also have an issue with the stereo and the speakers. It's a reliable car though, it takes me where I need to go and I have no engine issues with it thus far. It's a pretty good car other than the cosmetics.

- Lisa C

2000 Ford Mustang coupe back automatic.

I drive a Mustang coupe, it's black and has dark tinted windows, it's an automatic which is something I am not used to because I like five speed usually, but I do enjoy driving it because of the way the engine sounds, it's awesome, it has black leather seats and I installed speakers and amps, it has air and heat and I keep it clean.

- Amanda M

The seats are still very comfortable.

My vehicle has had problems with the light switch. The inner lights on the dash would not turn on but it has been an ongoing issue in this model. Very easy fix not hard at all. Other than that this car is very nice drives good and doesn't give me any other issues. It is reliable and let alone the fact that it looks sleek and clean.

- Carlos V

It is a fine everyday driver.

There is not much to speak ill of pertaining to my car. It does have a back-seat but it is not large enough to be hauling many people around, more just extra room for storing items. As well, being rear wheel drive, it can be a tad squirrely on wet or unclean surfaces. Nothing too extreme but still something to be aware of.

- James F

Fun and sporty little Mustang gt

Runs great but has alag when taking off in 1st with the air conditioning or vent on. Shifts great and can spin the tires on demand. Needs a little body works to get back to looking like new. Interior is in good shape for 19 year olds. Seats are starting to show some wear and tear and will need to be reupholstered soon.

- Liza W

Gas mileage is not that great.

Super reliable gets me anywhere I need to go with no problems. Performance is great literally runs like new inside is a little small but overall comfortable so I am satisfied. Only problem is manifold seems to be cracking. Overall I give it 4 out of 5 stars an if I had to pick again, I would buy the same car.

- Tony S

Quick, cheap and relatively easy to fix.

Poor plastics, but great quality everywhere else and not too slow for the time period. Engine runs cool and the convertible top still works well and the rear window is glass. Stereo is also very loud and sounds good, even when at max. Seatbelts are also still strong and have not degraded from the sun at all.

- Roger R

My little baby horse has great speed, runs well and is easy to park and drive.

No problems except that as I have aged, the seats in the car sit so close to the ground that it is hard to get in and out. The car has always performed well, though I did have to have the fuel pump replaced. I love the roar of the engine going from 1st to 2nd gear. No I have never gotten a speeding ticket!

- Debra M

Ford mustang older model issues.

Love the mustang but have repeated problems with the computer sensors. Check engine light stays on and battery is constantly going dead. It is currently not running due to dead battery and bad brakes. But it looks great! When properly functioning, its an excellent car. No money at the moment for repairs.

- Jackie E

Blacked out Ford Mustang, with a large hood scoop. Fast, fun and loud!

The Ford Mustang, is an Amazing, fun, and fast car! If you like that race car feel and want to rev up that engine, this is the car for you. The only negative opinion I have for The Ford Mustang, is it's lack of comorbidity. You are able to feel every pothole you hit. But an amazing highway Runner.

- Erin M

Not a big fan of Mustangs.

The car is too small and the seat sit to low and sits back too far. The performance is pretty good though for a v6 it does not pick up quick but it does the job. If you keep up on the care then you do not have any major issues which is good. It does lack a lot of cool features that are in newer cars.

- Melissa D

Engine should be monitored and maintained. Oil/coolant should be checked often.

This car is fairly old so it has problems expected from the age. Things such as high mileage and faded paint are common on this year of mustang. As far as the engine, it is reliable so long as it is maintained properly. The seats are decent but again depend on the care they have received.

- Martin R

Great car for over 17 years.

Has been a great car, no problems, runs great, has had little repairs. New paint and convertible top 5 yrs ago. Has been very reliable, 2 new batteries over the years. New tires a few years ago. Will need brakes this year. Had tires rotated and front end alignment after move to new state.

- Diane B

Reliable, but not a winter car.

Very bad in inclement weather. Hard to control on snow and ice. Very reliable mechanically. I have never had any problems with the motor or body, but I did have a window regulator go bad. I put 150, 000 miles on it, so it is reliable. I wish it handled better in bad weather, though.

- Robert T

Love my mustang, so does my family.

I love the Ford mustang because it is fast, looks nice and is comfortable. The downside is that it requires a lot of maintenance, but it is worth it. We swapped our stock cloth seats with leather seats for added comfort. My daughter is 8-years old and loves riding in this car!

- Jen F

Ford mustang, a very fun car.

My car is older and it is still reliable. It is very comfortable to me, I like that it is a smaller car. The only problem it has is that after all this time the overdrive does not work anymore. That is ok for me because I live in a big city, so it gets around just fine.

- Tracy H

Blow the cobwebs out with a convertible!

It is a great car. I have had no real problems with it other than regular maintenance. I have neck and back problems but have no problems with extended driving. Good visibility in back, side mirrors work when I cannot see otherwise. Great stereo, cold a/c, good heater.

- Beverly R

Nice for the age of the car.

The car has all the bells and whistles at the time that I purchased it. Power everything but no moonroof. Power seats and front air bags. Gas mileage at the time was ok and power enough to get you where you need to go when you need to get there. Sleek and beautiful.

- Stephen D

2000 Ford Mustang 3.8 coupe

My Mustang is a few years old now. But it is still reliable and runs good for it's age. I have done some modifications to it such as a cold air intake, GT cat back exhaust. And I also built a custom rear diffuser. The car is silver with a 3'8 liter V6 engine in it.

- William S

Cool black mustang from New Jersey.

Fast, handles well, not good in bad weather, good for street racing, not that comfortable, has a lot of aftermarket features, great engine and under the hood, love the spoiler and louvres, love the stereo, heats up quickly, good air conditioning, great for passing.

- Sheryl B

What I love and don't love about my 2000 Ford Mustang

My car is very reliable. Though it's 20 years old, it has only broken down twice in the 5 years over owned it. However, for a larger person, it is not a comfortable car. The backseat and trunk are also very small, making it hard to transport a lot of things.

- Shelby J

2000 Ford mustang convertible.

This mustang is very reliable. It may not be the nicest but it will get you where you need to go. It is good for a little car. It is sure to catch looks with the matte black and red stripe. Kids will think it is cool. Because no one said cool minivan. Good.

- Alexis L

Ruby the mustang is an a beauty

For this car being almost 20 years old it is very comfortable and very reliable, the only issues I've had were cracked exhaust manifolds but other than that no issues I love this car for what it is, and I wouldn't want my first vehicle to be anything else

- Anthony F

One amazing pony to ride!

I find my vehicle to be quite reliable and the performance is rather amazing. The comfortability is outstanding. So far I have not had any outrageous problems other than just your standard maintenance. The dependability of this make and model is awesome.

- Ethan B

I always use premium gas no major engine issues, always passed a smog check.

I have had my for over 10 years. During that it has had very few problems beyond the average maintenance, but nothing major. . The battery had to be replace about 4 times, other than that things like new tires, starter. The engine seems to run fine.

- Phil N

One interesting detail about my car would be the manual transmission.

The 2007 mustang is one of the most enjoyable cars I have ever driven. The performance and looks makes this car desirable for any car enthusiast. No matter if you have the v6 or v8 version, you can endless amounts of fun.

- Patrick C

A fun and exciting Ford mustang.

My mustang has a 3. 8 liter v-8 powerful motor and a 4-speed automatic transmission. It has a cassette player, a CD player, and an excellent am/am radio. It has very good handling and acceleration. It is fun to drive!

- Douglas B

My wonderful Mustang and the enjoyment of ownership.

My car is very comfortable and rides very smoothly. The motor is powerful and very dependable. I enjoy just looking at it in the drive. Driving my Mustang is enjoyable and exciting,

- clyde B

I don't think there is anything bad about the car..

I really like the 2000 body style of my mustang. It has plenty of room and is really nice inside. It is sporty yet big enough to fit people in and I like that I can customize it.

- adeline p

A sense that you are a part of a community of mustang owners.

This car is nice, insurance sucks, you get looked at more and a bad rep for mustang owners. It is an old model so comes with things you’d imagine what comes with an old car.

- Alex B

Know that it is a daily driver, is economical and reliable sports car

Like that this car is stylish, fast, and is reliable and is also economical, is also comfortable on long trips for a sports car, dislike some road noise in the rear backseat

- Darrel R

One of the best fitting vehicles I've ever sat in.

I've never had a problem with my vehicle in the 2 years I've had it. It's very comfortable even for tall people like me. I'm 6ft4 and 290 lbs and I fit well in this car.

- Jordan D

It is extremely reliable and repairs are affordable

I like that it is still mechanics and not a computer system as a vehicle which means it can be more easily worked on. I don't like that it is showing it's wear and tear.

- Anne J

It was my first car and has sentimental value.

My mustang was my very first car. I like that it is a convertible and is in very good shape despite being so old. My only complaint is the thermostat goes out often.

- Joel E

Mustang 2000 short summary

Very reliable car for the most part only Downside is with the v8 engine it goes through gas at high rates. As long as you treat the car well it will treat you well.

- Seth R

Rarely does anything need to be fixed.

Its to small. It is to crowded. I it does not have front wheel drive. And it is getting to be to old. Everything keeps breaking so everything has to be replaced..

- Bridget S

It is not dependable. Always getting pulled over. Parts are expensive.

Very uncomfortable. Feel every bump in road. Always having electrical problems. Uses oil. Leaks water in windshield. Replace tires often. Parts are expensive.

- Clara G

It is my baby. I love her. Don't knock her or tell me what to do with her.

I love that my car is an extension of me. I've had her for years and she has been reliable. She is also fun and zippy. She makes me happy and I love her.

- Jenna M

It's a blast to drive when the top is down.

It's a convertible, and a 5 speed, 6 cylinder, and I love driving it! No complaints whatsoever! Great gas mileage and it's a beautiful red in color.

- Tammy L

Ford Mustang - most reliable car

Most reliable car ever. It has never left me stranded. I've gone through a few master cylinders, though. It is the only car I have ever owned.

- Samantha M

They should know that the clutch goes out a lot and that the back seat space is tiny

I love the car itself, it's the only one I don't get car sick in. The problem with it is the clutch. It goes out a lot and has to be replaced.

- Brittany B

Tolerable when it works. Don't buy

Everytime I fix one issue another shows up, never ending cycle. Can't drive it in the winter, just had to get a new battery. Just frustrating

- Lorna W

Enjoyed to drive. Pretty and easily accessible to back seat.

Cheap on gas, air works good and fast acceleration on taking off so you do not get hit. Standard transmission. Small and beautiful colored.

- Shannon J

Fast good running and easy to maintain

It is a good car I had it for years and haven't had any issues and it's super fast they are dependable easy to keep up maintenance on.

- Bobby T

High mileage and maintenance is important to longer lasting uses.

My car is reliable to travel to school daily. Average gas mileage and comfortable. A few dents on the hood and back driver side panel.

- Noel F

Looks good and faithful to.

I love everything about my car. Good on gas, runs good to. Gets me where I need to go. I love the air conditioning. I love my ford.

- Bridget N

Ford mustang the car that you would love to hate

The vehicle is great as far as power and aesthetics however internally the engine over years really quickly and causes other issues

- Dudley E

Love the color of my car.

I can't afford parts to be replaced. It runs smoothly. It is a great car after all. The mother of the windows has gone out.

- Destiny M

It is a classic muscle car and is in great condition.

Good on gas, it is a convertible, fun to drive, it suits our lifestyle we live in FL and enjoy sunshine most of the time.

- John B

That it still has less than 40, 000 miles.

After twenty years it still runs like brand new. All of the rubber seals needed to be replaced, like the gasket, etc.

- Erin P

It is comfortable to drive.

I just love the mustang, how it drives, how it looks and the seats. It has great power and is great on the highways.

- Sandra L

It speeds up from 0 to 20 by itself. Breaks need to be pushed hard too.

It runs well with almost 150k miles on it. Convertible top works, a.c. works. I do not like that it is loud inside

- Katya R

It get t very good gas mileage.

Small hard to get in and out of it. I like because it is Mustang convertible. Like it as color is bright red.

- Debra P

It has great trunk space.

I like that I own my car. I dislike that it needs some work beyond what's worth. I dislike that it is small.

- Danielle S

It's 18 years old and still runs like a champ. No GPS tracking (which I like). v6 engine and drivetrain still run like it was new. Needs new wiring in the doors, but aside from that a great little car.

Reliable, agile, and quick. Not a lot of amenities, but really fun to drive for people who enjoy driving.

- Juan M

It is important that others know that my vehicle is reliable.

I do not dislike anything but I love it all. I am happy I have a Mustang. It is one of my favorite cars.

- Alexis L

Very good on gas and ride very comfortable.

I like everything but small for more than two people to ride in it is convertible so it nice when hot.

- Paul P

My mustang is in really good condition

It's a six cylinder convertible,Leather seats and brand new wheels, it green and orange and new radio

- Evelyn E

It's still cool looking after 18 years of service.

I love the way it drives, it feels, it still looks good. What I don't like is it is noisy inside.

- Bruce W

it corners like It's on rails

I drive a Roush edition Mustang, so it has many upgrades a standard mustang doesn't have

- michelle n

The roof is a little rusty. And the ac isn't all that great

I like the body style. It's reliable. It's getting a life old in years but great car!

- Stephanie W

It's reliable and fun to drive!

I love the power of the engine and the freedom of the convertible top!

- Joseph b

Everything breaks down on this vehicle. It has low mileage, I stay on top of maintenance, I'm a careful driver. Yet everything breaks. I've put $8,000 of service into it since I bought it for less than that 3 years ago.

It may look flashy and can drive fast, but it's a hazard on the road.

- Timothy S

Sport car, high performance

Old, but good quality. Like the body style. High performance.

- Deborah O

It's an okay car, I bought it used in rough shape so I can't give a true review of it but it drives nice and is a manual.

That it's a beater that I got for fun to drive around in.

- Brady T