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Good for a single person or younger driver but not a good family car.

I have a five speed manual transmission Ford Mustang. It is a reliable car if you keep up with your scheduled maintenance suggested in the owner's manual. The disadvantages for me (a single mom whom does car pool, etc.. ) Is the fact that there are only four seat belts so if you have more people than that you have to drive a larger vehicle (which requires you getting less mpg) or take two cars to maintain seating legally. I also find the car feels very small in the back seat so if you have legs larger than that of a small child, you cannot sit without your legs in the seat ahead of you and your head may very well touch the roof. This car has a pretty good accelerating rate for an older model vehicle and gets fair gas mileage as well.

- Amanda G

I love my vehicle because it is a v6 and a has a lot of horsepower.

My vehicle performance is very good. It has many gears and shifts for the speed. The engine in the 2003 ford mustang it is very useful and has very much power for being a v6 engine. The only thing that I do dislike is the left spark plug all the way in the back of the engine is very difficult to take out. I always have trouble taking that spark plug out and the transmission sometimes makes noise changing the gears when there is full fluid of oil in the transmission which it should not be making any noise. Either than that there are many things in this car that I love. I love the way the engine runs on the highway at a max speed about 85 miles per hour and runs very good at a short distance about 35 miles per hour.

- James C

It gets very good gas mileage. Most mustangs do. The newer models. After 2000.

I love that when my car messes up, it is easy to have it fixed. Mustangs are really easy cars to fix, most people say. I have a convertible and love the way it is designed. I have had it for 5 years and only small things have needs to be fixed. It is very comfortable and a reliable car. The ac is not amazing and the tires need to be rotated though. And I have had a problem with the gas cap causing the check engine light to come on and it is apparently the most common. But that is about it!

- Kaitlyn B

Found On Road Dead a true story of a Ford Mustang

This car has taught me how to work on cars. I have replaced so much. Clutch, pressure plate throw out bearing, clutch cable, quadrant, coil pack, fuel pump, brakes, the ac stopped working, and multiple batteries. I have had the transmission out, exhaust off, gas tank out, tested every fuse, and the fuse box is so loose the fuses want to not make contact. The hook latch came loose and the hood flew up and busted the windshield. This has been a disaster.

- Wade P

The mustang convertible that will bring style and comfort to your road trips.

My ford mustang is a comfortable and enjoyable ride. It is also a convertible that can bring even more comfort during the warmer weather. Although it is an older model, I haven't had any major problems. My car has been well maintained. However, it could use another top since it is quite worn but is not urgent. My mustang convertible gets great gas mileage as well even though it has a v6 engine. It is yellow with a white rag-top convertible.

- Debra H

When buying this car make sure to keep in mind that its a 2 door.

My vehicle is a 2003 mustang 3. 8 liter v6 with a clean new paint job, cobra rims, and a custom built exhaust. The car in general is a well get around car, reliable if taken care of properly, good on gas on freeways, steering is ok and the power is definitely there. I can do doughnuts and burnouts in it so that's cool. Strongly recommended for a student in high school or college. Car insurance is very affordable as well.

- Jeremy M

Fantastic leather interior!

I love my '03 ford mustang. I have never had anything go wrong with it, and have always kept up with routine maintenance. Super reliable! The leather interior is incredible. Power seats not only adjust forward and back, but the height and angle of the seat as well. This little car was built for comfort, and steady performance. Gets great gas mileage, highway and city. It is an all-around great vehicle for anyone!

- Amber H

Mustangs come up and background.

Mustang has made a new model every year but there 50th anniversary since the cane around. They are amazing. Some years have the same body style but bolts, or other parts or different. Things you wouldn't notice like a netting in the roofs. The have come so far since they started. I love my car. It does have things it needs fixed but it is also 15 years old. She's my baby and is doing perfect.

- Sarah S

I love the fact of the motorized the top convertible roof.

So far I do not have any major problems with my ford mustang mach 1, of course maintaining a professional service, this vehicle has a plus rating performance and very and great reliable driving car I am very happy and satisfied with this vehicle,I personally add features like stereo system up great wheels and tires trying to keep it as a classic car but with update engine and technology.

- Javier A

My vehicle is grey exterior with grey interior. It is a standard built Mustang.

It's comfortable and reliable. It eats oil just slightly but not too much. My car performs well in running and picking up speed the way it should. It is grey/silver with grey exterior. I've had it a little over a year and I've done repairs on the brake light switch. It needs an alignment, new tires, the radiator flushed and refilled and a few other things that I can't think of right now.

- Cheyenne T

Fast, smooth, and reliable if regular care is taken.

The car is great for summer weather. Awful winter performance. Best if you have a secondary car during the winter. It is fairly reliable, but have had to make a few minor repairs over the years. It is a great car for someone entering college. Gas mileage is not the greatest, but is not the worst. The comfort of the car is nice. Rides smooth. Replaced alternator and a/c compressor unit.

- Jeremy S

My vehicle runs decent for being an older vehicle and I love the color.

Loss of horsepower going from 3rd to 4th gear. At 1000 rpm in 4th gear. Idles at 600 rpm. Should be idling at around 1000 rpm. Interior is very nice for a 16 year old vehicle. The car also has low mileage for how old it is. It has a great sound system and a very nice Bluetooth- capable deck. It has aftermarket tires sitting on American racing rims as well.

- Tim O

it is an amazing car overall!

my mustang is beautiful! I love the interior and exterior design. it's very comfortable and easy to drive. It gets fast quick and brakes very quickly as well. It gets fairly good gas mileage and it only costs about $30 to fill up the tank! the only problem I have with it is that even if the gas cap is the slightest bit loose, the engine light comes on.

- Julia R

2003 Mustang six cylinder base model.

The only problem that I have ever had with my car is suspension issues. Motor & drivetrain wise I have no complaints. Interior space is limited though therefore I would not recommend it to anyone with small children that require car seats. Overall I would buy another one or give a good review if someone was thinking of purchasing a Mustang.

- Jennifer B

Its a Ford Mustang, sports car.

Its older model car so there will be problems, it runs good, repairs I made are alternator, water pump, brakes, rotors, caliber, thermostat. It's a good work car, far as taking over the road no. It's a good dependable vehicle. Comfort no, its sits to low for me, two door coupe red, good on gas, it's perfect for a young single person.

- Ann N

Gorgeous black 2003 mustang gt. Tinted windows, leather seats. Electric windows.

2003 black Ford mustang gt. Five on the floor. Air conditioner blows cold and heat blows warm. Leather interior in good shape. Electric windows and drivers seat. Tinted windows all around. Has 117, 000 miles but has been very reliable. I am the second owner. The original owner was a Georgia state patrol officer. It was his fun car!

- Vicki R

Good gas mileage and reliable.

I think it is a really comfortable car. I do spend about 1000 dollars a year for the upkeep. Every once in a while something goes wrong. I had the thermostat go out on me and my sensors keep acting up. For the most part I think it is reliable. It has good gas mileage also. I have actually been really happy with the vehicle.

- John S

My 03 mustang is the type of car on which since it is so old it needs a lot of repairs such as all in the engine

Since this is an old car most problems that I do have for starts was wiring problems and spark plugs as well as my alternator was old wasn't charging battery. There was also tubing such as where my power steering fluid would leak and gas mileage is horrible. All around these type of cars need a lot of maintenance

- Shaqeeya B

The Stang that keeps on running!

The car runs well and the majority of the issues I've had have been associated with normal wear and tear, as it is an older model. For example, it was having difficulty starting, but all that needed to be changed out where the battery terminals. The main downside is it doesn't get very good gas mileage.

- Katherine B

Fun and sporty for the young and young at heart.

I recently got it l from a friend. It has almost 190, 000 miles. It works great the only problem I had is it the motor that rolls up and down the window on the driver side. . It seems to be in great condition considering the age and mileage. With a 3. 8 Engine a real wheel driver it is fun to drive.

- Pam M

White 2004 ford mustang coupe. Strong driving car.

Well first of all my car scrapes on almost everything I drive over. A lot of the electric components no longer work. It does drive good and been through a lot and still runs. So overall reliable. Strong car can definitely take some damage. Seems like there are cheaper parts than others on the car.

- brandon C

Excellent car for it's age!

This vehicle is extremely reliable. It has never given me any problems. As long as you check oil levels, coolant, and transmission fluid regularly the car works great. It does not have too many features since it is a 2003 vehicle, however, it will very effectively take me from point A to B.

- Ray O

2003 mustang review, great gas mileage

No problems with the vehicle at all, except the paint on the roof fades easily. Gets great gas mileage. Not much leg room in the back seats, but has a decent amount of room in the trunk for luggage or groceries. Great standard sound system and lots of room for upgrades and customizable.

- Christen Z

My vehicle is still in great condition after 16 years of service!

My vehicle really has no problems. Although 4 years ago I had to replace the motor and transmission. But after 12 years of having it that is not too bad. The vehicle interior is still in good shape. And the speedometer still works. The Air condition and heat is in great condition too.

- Victoria R

I think it is interesting that the hood didn't get glossed at the manufactures.

Stay on top of maintenance. Keep catalytic converter clean. They key takes a transponder, it's a special key that needs programed. This year the manufactures didn't gloss the hood so it goes dark/faded quick. The interior if taken care off will hold. But overall a reliable vehicle.

- Tiffany D

The most interesting detail is the sound of the engine.

Very dependable. Never fails to crank, does not degrades over time due to cheap upkeep of the car. Red coloring makes car very appealing. Only issues is how often the tires flatten but other than that it is very good. Picked up a few hotties in it as well. Would rate it a 10/10.

- David C

No regrets on Mustang since purchasing.

This vehicle has been super reliable. Leather seats have held up without any signs of wear. Color also held up very well without any needed paint job. Great fuel economy engine and increase in speed rather quickly. A little short of leg room in the back though otherwise love it.

- Erica D

Don't have a mustang you should really think about getting one.

The ford mustang is a great car I haven't had any problems with it at all it reliable it gets me to and from work and I've had it for over 6 years and I plan on keeping it for as long as I can, it's a 2 door car with a sunroof it's also a supersport with a supercharged engine.

- patrice C

A good comfortable small car to have.

It's a good car to have in gas saving and its small and comfortable.I really didn't have no problems with the car other than the shocks but I fixed it and it's driving smooth and it's working good. The car itself is a beautiful car to have. Mustangs are cars to drive in style.

- Alyssa B

Forget diamonds... Five speed muscled out Mustangs are a girl's best friend!

I LOVE my Sally. Sure she's got some miles, but she runs like a dream. She still roars to life and goes from zero to sixty in four point two seconds. Flat. Maintenance is so easy, I do it myself. Parts are inexpensive, and I've done every repair myself. She's roomy and sporty.

- Lisa P

Super fast, stylish and fun

This vehicle has been well maintained over the years which makes it easy to love. It is good on gas which is surprising for a car of its age and It drives fast and smooth. I also enjoy the sound of the muscle engine when riding down the road especially as you drive her fast.

- Antoinette B

Personal opinion of my vehicle.

Style is good. Mileage is ok. Engine etc. has had little issues. Warranty covered most of fixes. The horse power was awesome. G going long distances worked out wonderfully did not overheat and with great. Mileage. But I do wished the default paint job was more to my liking.

- David F

Perfect mustang - a good quality fun sports car to own.

This car has lasted me over 10 years. It still runs great. The paint is starting to chip away so I need a paint job and the convertible top stopped working. Once I fix a few things it'll be back to perfect. I think my mustang is safe and really is a nice first car to have.

- Kris F

Ford mustang is great for all your basic needs.

It's a just a good vehicle to get back and forth to work with, so its reliable. It's very good on gas and doesn't cost that much to fill up. Nice on the inside and outside. Nice ac and heat for the winter. Just an overall good car for all your needs, and its a sports car.

- Sam C

Great car for a young driver.

Drives well, no really big issues. Just had to buy brakes and tires and a couple things here and there. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a great car. I will look to another Ford for my next car, but no a Mustang as I will need more space in my next car.

- Robert K

Overall great, reliable, safe vehicle.

It has great performance. I have never had any issues with this vehicle. This is a car that I can rely on to get me to my destination and back. It is a great car for a student or a couple, not very good as a family vehicle. It has basic features. Overall great vehicle.

- Amanda W

Lifetime car partnerships.

Car sometimes shakes and has an oil leak from the rear main seal on the engine. I have had the car for fifteen years and other than those issues, car has been great. Just have had to purchase tires and brakes and everything else has been good so very happy overall.

- Robert K

2003 Ford Mustang GT Review

The car isn't the best on gas. In addition, the car tends to have small problems that happen to add up maintenance costs (fuel pump, spark plugs, starter). Also the car isn't ideal for bigger people. I am 6'1 and there are times in which I wish the car was bigger

- John B

Well maintained vehicle, convertible top.

Only a six cylinder engine, so it gets great gas mileage. But it still has get up and go when you need it. Have after factory sound system so it has great music. Have had no mechanical issues or problem since purchased. Regular oil changes, well taken care of.

- Pamela M

most people use mustangs to race, but they are super reliable on long trips

mustangs are really reliable. Super easy to drive. Super light, only downside is, its too small. Not enough space or storage room. Parts are not too hard to find. Another downside, is most parts break easily, one little broken part misses up other parts.

- Delilah F

2003 Ford Mustang-fun in the summer

Really fun to drive, but if there is any ice or snow on the road then the car will easily slide. The backseat is not very big, so passengers are a bit cramped. I have had to replace the alternator roughly 4 times in 11 years. It gets decent gas mileage.

- Lilly S

The mustang is a reliable and sometimes fun car that will last.

The mustang has been a reliable vehicle since 2003. We have had no serious issues so far and the engine has good pick-up and go. Steering can be a little loose and there's not much room in the car for more than 1 or 2 people, but can technically seat 4.

- Joseph W

2003 Ford mustang gt 4. 6l.

I think that the 03 mustang can have a little more pick up then it does. The design is beautiful I love the new edges. I think they are comfortable cars but other people who have gotten in my car might tell you different, overall a good car I love them!

- Tori M

Best car Ford ever came out with

My canary yellow mustang is a good running car. It get great gas mileage. Up to 33 mpg. It run smoothly. I bought mine used. And have had no issues. It is a convertible the only issue is the top. But keeping it under cover helps till its replacement.

- Valerie S

Why you should buy a Mustang.

My 2003 Ford Mustang has been reliable for 15 years now. It still runs well and as long as it is maintained correctly, will last, hopefully, for 20 years. I enjoy driving the car and my daughter loves riding in it. I would recommend buying a Mustang.

- Joseph L

It is very reliable. Repairs have been minimal over the years.

I love that it's a convertible. It has always done what I need it to do and for a 15-year-old car, it is still in very good shape. Keeping it clean is the hardest part as there are no good and affordable car washes in my neighborhood.

- Larry W

My car has been virtually maintenance free other than oil changes and routine fixes since i bought it in 2009

It is a black mustang convertible. overall i like having the flexibility of being able to drop the top. it handles well and is in great condition still. my only complaint is it is rear wheel drive so it doesn't do well in the snow.

- John Q

The car is appealing to look at and is fun to drive.

I love my mach 1 mustang because it is rare, only a few thousand made. The mustang is an American classic. The look, sound, and handling is cool. My only complaint is the windows don't always work when it is hot outside.

- Larry M

Good-looking with the top down.

It's a convertible 2003 Mustang, so it's a speedy thing that attracts attention. It has, over time, developed quite a few mechanical problems, so that's what I dislike about it, as well as It's handling in the rain.


It has a drop top roof so I can put the roof down in summer time.

It rides smooth as a baby bottom. I don't have any problems with it actually. It was very well taken care of by the previous owner. The only negative thing I could have to say is it sucks driving it in the snow.

- Christina B

Mustang Sandy has low mileage and provides an excellent ride!

The seats are way more comfortable in the Mustang than most new cars. It's fun to drive a stick, especially at a stop light and someone wants to race. Even though my Mustang only have a V6, it can really fly!

- Steve S

Its ran great forever. 170,000 miles with very little problems.

Mustang's have a decent sized trunk but the opening is too narrow to fit things like an ice chest, my grandpas walker or boxes. Flat boxes, long stuff( because the seats fold down, are great though

- Miranda L

I think mustang's are great cars if I can I would buy another one!

I love my car it my work car I drive it everywhere I can it has not gave me any trouble. It performs really well just the basic maintenance. I will keep my mustang until it cannot run anymore.

- Juan S

I purchased it off the showroom floor, so I'm the only owner.

I have a cobra mustang that is challenger orange. I call it the orange crush. I have also added some detailing to the outside in black to enhance its appearance. I have upgraded my stereo too.

- Kelly W

It is fast. It is lightweight. Customizable.

I am brand specific to mustangs, this is my third one. I purchased a 4. 6l v8 engine over the stock v8. Not many complaints, as I am pretty content with Ford and their products.

- Kathleen P

It is very nice looking and has the power to move when needed.

I love my mustang. This one is a GT that replaced my 2001 convertible that I wrecked when I hit black ice. I love the style of this mustang from the scoop to the spoiler.

- Gerri S

Probably that it needs some body body work, but it's held together well.

I like that it takes off when I tell it to . . . Really good acceleration. But i don't like the enormous good and front end. I also don't like the low gas mileage.

- Heidi P

It has a good engine. All gauges work. Never any transmission problems.

The car runs great. It recently has had the a/c compressor go out which makes it really warm driving in this florida heat. It has a new battery and a new alternator.

- Racheal L

the reliability of the car. I have a ton of miles on the thing and have driven it cross county

I have a ford mustang convertible. It has been a very reliable car though i have had to make some repairs due to the fact that I have over 160,000 miles on the car

- Sean P

It gets good gas mileage.

I like how small it is so it can be maneuvered easily. I like the gas mileage I get with my car. I like the storage space it has, it is perfect for my lifestyle.

- Rebecca L

It is very dependable. Good, reliable vehicle. Ford makes a very good product.

Car runs very good. It is dependable and gets me where I need to go. However, it is not very pleasing to look at. And is beginning to have small problems.

- Lynda K

My car is still kicking after fifteen years which says a lot about it.

The car that I drive is over fifteen years old. I love that it is still running just fine. I don't like that it is outdated when I comes to technology.

- Sam G

If you plan on having a family do not buy a mustang

I like it because its sporty. But I hate it because it doesn't have any room. And it's not a good on has at all. And for that year the clear coat sucks

- Samantha G

That is it is a manual transmission that not everyone knows how to drive.

I love the body style of the car. There are plenty of aftermarket modifications that I can choose from to add to the car and it is easy to work on.

- Robert S

An interesting highlight of my vehicle has a good speaker system to listen to music ect

I love this sport car, very smooth ride, and comfortable seating. One problem I have with the car is the gas mileage. I wish it could be better.

- Miranda H

Silver 2003 Ford Mustang.

It is bad on gas and it runs hot if the ac is on more than 20 minutes. It gets me and my family around so I cannot complain to much about it.

- Savannah J

Beautiful black 2003 Mustang gm.

Gorgeous 2003 Mustang gm. New tires, new a/c. Tinted windows. Air blows cold and heat blows hot. Five on the floor. Sounds and runs great!

- Vicki R

My car is a 2003 Mustang Mach . It is azure blue and limited edition. The car is mint condition garage kept and never driven in the snow.

My car is a 2003 Mustang Mach . It is azure blue and limited edition. The car is mint condition garage kept and never driven in the snow.

- Doug C

It is only a 6 cylinder motor.

Its sporty looking and has nice body style but still good on gas. I have no problems or complaints, but a better stereo would be nice.

- Pam M

That it is fast and has worked great throughout the years.

I love my car. It is a GT sports car and has worked great for the whole time I have owned it. I love my mustang and would buy another.

- Jason L

Believe it or not, it is 13 years old with 140,000+ miles on it.

It is a pretty ride. She rides kind of rough, but moves fast and is really pretty. Extremely reliable too with 140,000+ miles on it.

- Lisa S

It has good gas mileage and runs very well. Has no problems.

My Ford Mustang is a very reliable car. I have had no problems with this vehicle. It gets good gas mileage and runs very smooth.

- Lucinda P

It is sporty and fast. It is a car that can take many miles on it. It is great!!!

I like it because it is a sport vehicle. I love it because it yellow and small and it fit my style. I don't dislike anything.

- Essie L

My vehicle is a black for mustang convertible

My vehicle is a black ford mustang convertible with black top. My vehicle is a v8 GT Model. The motor on the top is dying.

- Sky s

It is fun and reliable. Cost of ownership is affordable.

It is a very fun vehicle to drive. Gets good fuel mileage. It is also very reliable. I would highly recommend owning one.

- Caleb G

Don't forget to keep grease in your ball joints. They are prone to trouble.

The mustang is a reliable sports car. It carries a v6 engine. It does require semi-regular maintenance to stay reliable.

- Alex G

It is very reliable if you maintain it properly

I like that it is easy to maintain. Access to engine easy and is paid off. Sometimes hard to drive in slick conditions

- Eddy B

It's not the roof to worry about it's the sealing on your windows

It's cute and fun but not big enough and the window leaks. Otherwise it's still running great with normal maintenance.

- Cortney J

It takes a beating and keeps on eating.

It's sharp looking. It's kinda fast fast. I like those things but I dislike the clear cost is starting to peak off.

- Zane s

It was given to me and I had no choice in the deciding.

I like how it looks. I don't like how it's old and falling apart. I sometimes have to worry if it will break down.

- Paula S

Its well kept mechanically and always clean !! I keep it in tip top shape and it's a VERY low mileage vehicle

It's a convertible and on nice days the top is always down, I love the sporty feel and sounds like a "muscle" car

- joe s

The compact size makes allows for decent handling

It's a reliable vehicle but runs through batteries pretty quickly and runs into many issues if driven on low fuel

- Hayden C

It's old and has lots of wear and tear but still runs good

It runs very well considering the age and miles that are on it. It does not have working air or tinted windows

- Gerald M

That's It's a sport car and It's my baby

Well I love everything about it and the color is beautiful that's what I loved when I first saw it and bought

- Patricia S

The Reliability of the Mustang

No issues at all with reliability. Still runs well, does need some work. Would recommend buying a Mustang.

- Joseph W

It is an old car but reliable.

It is a reliable car. It is a fun car. It is an old car. It is a red car. It is a cool car. Parts are cheap.

- Connor G

The back seat is very small.

The vehicle has a lot of power but it runs really good.. The vehicle has never been wrecked and is white.

- Adam M

Not really that interesting just love it

Good car I really love that thing it helps me In a lot of ways and I would love to recommend it to anyone

- Jake P

That it's in good condition and runs efficiently. It also has very low mileage.

I like that it's decent on gas and that it's a convertible. I dislike that the vehicle is 15 years old.

- Kathy M

Do not try to drive it in the snow. It's very easy to get stuck in the snow or to slide on an icy patch.

It's a convertible so it's fun to drive. It's awful in the winter. I can't drive it if there's snow.

- grace m

It is fast. If you ride with me you would feel the immediate acceleration

I like the compactness. I enjoy the smoothness of the rides as well. It is altogether a great car.

- Dontai H

can't drive in winter because It's not all wheel drive

i love that It's fast and small i don't like that It's front wheel drive

- Dan A

The car is great, runs great, drives great and you look great driving it since it's a convertible. Excellent for Minnesota summers, stored indoors in the winters. Rust free. Less than 70,000 miles on it. Unfortunately it's not for sale.

Grey convertible. Absolutely perfect condition. Not for sale!

- Jan C

I love Mustangs bought it brand new. Has 58,000 miles on it cute good on gas

Its comfortable easy to drive I love it im so use to it


I love my vehicle, it drives smooth and it is pretty durable. I wish it had more speed but other than that it is wonderful!

My car is very safe and even though it is a sports car.

- Bobby F

ford mustangs are good long lasting cars for the future

A good running car with only a hand full of repairs

- Wayne A