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Still in love with this car.

I love this car, but I know that it has its issues. Like every ford, the interior is not top-notch like you would see with an import vehicle. I owned a 2000 ford focus in high school and the interior dash panel, where the tiles are to adjust the temperature and radio are exactly the same. You maybe would expect it to be a little bit different considering the trim of my vehicle. My car is 11 years old, and the Florida sun is starting to wear on it. However, if you keep this car in the garage, I would say that the convertible top would stay well preserved. The Florida sun and rain is harsh. The top is made from vinyl, but when I decide to replace my top, I will go with canvas. Vinyl is what the vehicle came with. All that being said, I am in love with this car. I love starting the engine and hearing the roar, I love having the top down and the way she looks. When I first bought this car, I could not stop looking in my driveway. Although my car is 11 years old, some people think that my car is brand new. The color is white with a cream convertible top. I find that this car is very reliable. I always keep up with the oil changes, and knock on wood, she has never left me stranded. She is a gas hog, that is for sure, but she is fast. I am still in love with this car after three years, and I do not regret my decision at all.

- Mary D

My red mustang was AMAZING at 17! Now I'm 27, and it's time for a new vehicle...

I loved my car when I first got it! And I still do to a degree. Unfortunately, the material used for the seats is extremely poor quality. Even plain water leaves horrible stains. Overall, the seats aren't very comfortable. Also, over time I have encountered a lot of problems with the vehicle. Every time I turn my wheel now, my mustang makes a horrible loud grinding sound but no one can tell me what it is! Air bags are under a recall. But despite all of those problems, I will never forget how awesome it was to get a mustang as my first car. It's old now, but I will always have a soft spot in my fear for my first car!

- Amber B

Ford Mustang consumer review.

My car handles very well. I love taking it on winding curvy mountain roads, it handles smooth. I love the heated seats and convertible top. The only real issue with it is that it seems to go through turn signal bulbs every three months. It is annoying having to replace the them especially the back ones. To get to the bulb, you pretty much have to break these plastic screws. The trunk is also a bit small. I keep a lot of things in my trunk so I wish it were a little bigger for storage. Other than that it has been an amazing and reliable car.

- Brittany C

4 liter 6 cylinder mustang.

Biggest pros: I drive the 4.0 v6, I love it! She's fast but still reliable and fun. Biggest cons: gas milage is not the best 18mpg about, tires are expensive. Mechanical problems: at 84k the rear calipers needed to be replaced. At 100k the serpentine belt snapped and then the ac compressor had to be replaced. The heater has never worked. I got it fixed but it broke again within six months. Still broken. Those have been my only real problems, currently at 108k. I love driving the mustang. She's beautiful, quick, and safe.

- Victoria G

2008 Ford Shelby mustang review.

I have a 2008 Ford Shelby gt500. I have had zero problems out of the vehicle. It is very dependable. The performance from this car is very impressive. The 5. 4 liter supercharged engine is a monster powerhouse putting out 500 horsepower from the factory. The 6 speed transmission is incredible. It is my dream car. Very nice and detailed leather interior which is extremely comfortable. It is an amazing car. I would not recommend for a non experienced driver because it is a very powerful muscle car but it is a blast to drive.

- Travis J

I like the wheels and the outside look (design) of the car.

I like the leather interior, wheels, trim on the outside (pony package), Bose stereo system, the handling of the car, sleek look and affordability of the vehicle. The hardtop coupe look is sporty too. The inside material of my doors had to be replaced in 2016 (it was peeling away for the interior of the doors) and the battery does run down quickly (been replaced 5 times) and the thermostat has been replaced three times during my ownership. I am the original owner.

- Wendi W

Mustangs have zero space for anything.

The exhaust is a pain in the butt, super small trunk space, gas guzzler, backseats cannot really fit any adults at all. One of my biggest car features I look for is leg room and this has next to none. Next is gas mileage and this will take all your money spending $50 a tank just to get maybe 15 a mile on a good week. The only good thing is the steering is decent and has held together pretty decently.

- Taylor T

My 2008 mustang still gets compliments!

My car is a 2008 and has really only had one major mechanical issue. It is reliable, gets good gas mileage, is attractive, gets compliments all the time despite the age of the vehicle. It had two recalls for airbags which took several years to correct but that had nothing to do with this vehicle but rather the manufacturer. The only downside is that I find the seats are not the most comfortable.

- Monica B

That it has no air conditioner.

What I like about my car is that it gets me to where I need to go. I am able to have a mechanic fix it fast and at an affordable price so it is somewhat economic. What I dislike about my car is that it seems something breaks down every month. If the mustang had a little more space in the backseat I think I could actually take some friends along on a trip but its very little space.

- Michael G

Looks good and comfortable but front end problems.

Love my car, it is comfortable and good on gas, also obsessed with the color of it (navy blue). Only thing I do not like is it has a few problems and I have noticed other people with the same car do as well. There is a rattle in the front cannot figure out where it is coming from, I need new actuator, and there is a popping noise from the tires.

- Meagan R

I love to drive my Ford Mustang gt. It is a lot of fun to drive.

Love it, drives great. It is very comfortable. Sometimes it seems a little expensive to repair, but other times, it seems pretty cheap. I wish it had Bluetooth , but in 2008, it wasn’t a standard feature. The trunk is larger than it looks, it can hold a lot of stuff. Gas mileage is surprisingly good, considering that it is a v8.

- Christopher L

Great vehicle, has lasted a long time in fair condition.

It is a great vehicle, very reliable and it drives really good. The car has not caused many issues, it has been a great car. I gave driven this car for many years, bought it new and I really like my vehicle. It has a lot of miles on it but it still works good for the most part, some issues but it is because it is a little old now.

- Marie V

Mustangs are really great cars!

I have not had any problems with my mustang. The car performance is pretty near perfect. The mustang is very reliable. It is probably the most comfortable car I have ever had. It has pretty standard features for the year, nothing too special. My mustang is red and the factory paint has lasted the entire time. All around good car.

- Kal B

Very efficient and has a very sleek body structure.

I have owned my vehicle for 8 years and I absolutely love it. I did have to get both of my airbags replaced but it was due to a recall. Other than that I do not have any issues with my car. It is very efficient and gets very good gas mileage. I would definitely recommend mustangs to someone looking for an efficient vehicle.

- Josie L

At the moment that it needs work such as brakes, AC, shocks, oil change, airbag recall, cracked windshield.

I only have 1 complaint, the trunk is not big enough as a mom with 2 small children. Before having a 2nd child the trunk size was fine. I love all other aspects if my mustang. I love the style, color, accessories etc. This is my dream car and although it it 10 years old and needs work I never want to part with it.

- Erica W

Ford mustang great for inner city living.

Overall, I find that my Ford mustang is practical for everyday usage in a city. It is sleek, reliable, and compact enough to fit into even the smallest parking spots. It is great with parallel parking and the turning radius is amazing! Definitely two features that are needed when living in a heavily dense city.

- Gabby G

Great power and performance in a small package.

It is great! Great performance. Major power. Quick pickup. Can do major burn outs. Both parents and one sister has owned Mustangs. Fun to drive. Nice to look at. Great stereo. Nice design. It’s an American muscle car. Soft leather. Great add on packages. Great sound. A lot of power.

- Renee A

It's cute, reliable and fits my lifestyle and personality.

My son totalled my previous car, drove it without permission with no license and was arrested for drunk driving. So I had to learn to like another car. It is a convertible and I like the relaxation that comes with the wind blowing in face & hair. Reliable, good quality vehicle.

- Sara L

My mustang gt. It is a great car and is a beautiful red!

I have had my mustang for 10 years. It is very reliable and I have had no major mechanical issues. I feel very safe driving it. It is definitely built tough! The only thing negative I can say about it is that it is light in the rear end and it does not do well on ice and snow.

- Susie H

The car is so reliable and good on gas. I love my mustang.

I love my mustang. I have never had any major problems with my car, just a dead battery once. It is very reliable and good on gas. The seats are comfortable. For it to be a 2 door car, it is very roomy inside. I would recommend a mustang to anyone since it is so reliable.

- Whitney A

It's an awesome , fun car to drive and hardly no replacing parts

I love my mustang. It has a great sound system. Drives well. And is a convertible. It has a Lot of pick up and go and handles well. It is fun to drive. We just replaced tires and serpentine belt but everything else still working fine. I would recommend buying a mustang

- Kelly H

Great on gas. A very reliable car Ford all the way for me.

No problems great on gas on is a compact car never had any problems with my Focus. Heats up quickly in the winter cools quickly in the summer. It is a affordable car gas repairs, highway mileage is the best. My car is red stands out easy to find in a big parking area.

- Julia V

Sleek look, good performance, reliable car.

This has been a reliable car with normal repairs. I like the look of the car. What I do not like is the lack of passenger space in the back seat. My mustang is a convertible which I love but I really do not put the convertible down as often as I thought I would.

- Elisabeth C

Review of mustang very positive.

Mustang convertible v6 very good on gas, beautiful car low maintenance very dependable great for weekend driving insurance very reasonable the convertible top is excellent for living in Florida the color is a steel blue that everyone compliments love it.

- David G

My first car in high school.

I have been a fan of Ford mustangs since I was in high school. My step father and mother bought me a brand new Ford mustang for my 16th birthday. I have been very pleased with my car and will continue to drive with that make and model.

- Gabby G

It's very economic in gas and good mileage on the highway.

I like that it is easy to drive, the color and has a good turn radius. Things I dislike about the car are gas mileage and the interior is poor quality. I also dislike that you cannot carry much in it and the back seat is so small.

- Emily K

One important think others should know the car is that it was very expensive.

I like that the 2008 Ford mustang is very fast. I like the horse power that the 2008 Ford mustang has. I very much dislike like the tires because they are not that well in the winter with the snow and especially the ice.

- Chantal S

Cheap to work on and reliable had my last one to well over 250000 miles and still never had problems

Always reliable, runs great, makes you feel cool when you drive it, never has any problems. For sure a street car, slips in snow or semi heavy rain unless I guess you had some really good snow tires

- Zackary B

V8 Red Convertible Mustang

I have a red mustang with a convertible top..it has leather seats..it runs really well..only issues I have had since I have bought it have been to fix the air conditioning in it and the alternator.

- Tasha J

Best first car you can own!

Very reliable and haven't had many issues other than normal wear and tear. Only major issue was a recall for the airbags, which was resolved quickly. The vehicle runs smoothly and rides amazing.

- Weston S

It lets me know how many miles I have left until I run out of gas.

My car performs really well. It lets me know when something needs to be checked or when I am running out of gas. The only thing I would say I disliked about my car is that it uses a lot of gas.

- Jasmine C

Its dependable and great on mileage.

I love my mustang. It runs smooth and has not given me any major issues. It has been very dependable and surprisingly good on mileage. It is a comfortable ride and I feel safe behind the wheel.

- Irene N

Get up and go on an adventure.

My mustang handlers really well on all road conditions. It is very comfortable and fun to drive. Have taken several road trips in it and has been very reliable. I have had no problems with it.

- Martha A

Super Fun and Reliable Vehicle

I have had no problems with my 2008 Ford Mustang Convertible other than regular maintenance new battery, tires, wiper blades, oil changes and starter it has been a great super fun vehicle.

- Dee S

Never needs to be in the shop, maintenance is a breeze and inexpensive.

We love everything about this car. The performance, styling and engine are the bulk of the love for this car. We also love that it is a ford, which means low maintenance & repair costs.

- Jenny K

My amazing 2008 fast mustang

My car is a 2008 mustang. It is fast, the gas lasts longer when its used for constant freeways. It is actually comfortable but definitely not for the people in the backseat.

- Jackie E

Lack of trunk button is inconvenient at times.

I love the design.It needs a trunk access button on the driver side though.It has a lot of nice features. I love the sign for the gas cap compared to just the engine light.

- Terri T

It is a reliable car if you take good care of it.

I love the look of my car. The way the engine purrs. I love the interior of the car as well as how dependable it has been (knock on wood). I do not like the gas mileage.

- Frank M

The truck is small and awkward to access.

I love my car. It is fun to drive. I've had no major issues with it, however I have had small problems. For example, the leather panel on the driver side door came off.

- Denise L

The most important thing people should know is that the car is excellent with running conditions. If You treat it well, it'll treat you well. Keep up with regular maintenance.

I love my car. It's simple, and is an attention getter by accident. It's super sleek even though it's 10yrs old. Only thing I dislike is that it's not a GT model.

- Lauren M

It is a good balance between fast and functionality.

It has been a good car. It has good acceleration, plenty of space for me and a few other items (more space than a sports car but less than a 4 door vehicle).

- Chris R

This car drinks gas like crazy & you can barely tap the gas pedal & it will take off

I love that it's a convertible I hate that it has leather seats they get really hot in the summertime but I love that it has seat warmers for the winter time

- tiereney w

It leaks water inside the car when it rains and can't be fixed without spending a lot of money.

I have owned it for 7 years with only minimal problems. Not a great car when you have small children. Common Mustang problem, the passenger side leaks water

- Sean C

that it is personalized for me.. And everyone should know that my car is very important to me.

I like that it's a sports car and that it drives really fast.. The only thing that I dislike about it is that it is a little too small on the inside.

- Carrie D

Sporty and great performance vehicle.

My Ford mustang is reliable, it has exceptional power for steep grades, accelerates quickly. The handling is great as well, handles well in curves.

- Penelope P

It is not difficult to drive in rain.

I like how easy it is to drive and the low gas mileage. It is the perfect size. It has not had any problems. I do not dislike anything about it.

- Emily W

Great car. Will buy another Mustang the next time.

LOVE IT!! have had no problems at all. Drives great and handles great. Only time it has been in the shop was to replace the defective airbags.

- Barbara S

That the gas mileage stinks and there is a recall on the air bags.

The Ford mustang has really horrible gas mileage. I spend too much money on gas every single month. This is a major dislike of the vehicle.

- Stephanie L

Poor quality interior is placed on the doors, it comes off very easily.

I dislike the interior, gas mileage and difficulty of getting in and out of this vehicle. I do like the color and turn radius of the car.

- Emily K

It has many technical problems.

My car has had many car problems. I like how it looks though. I also like that it is a safe car. I do not like how it only has two doors.

- Matthew R

Greatest vehicle ever made.

Greatest vehicle I have ever owned. Mostly Fords, some Chevys some Kias. Not only is it iconic but runs great with very low maintaining.

- Michael M

It's loud and I love it. I will drive it until it falls apart.

I love my car. I have no complaints about it.it has a loud v8 engine, manual transmission and has enough room to fit my whole family.

- Robert H

It is very dependable and never has a problem with anything mechanical

I love my car because it is very reliable! It is a convertible and I love to have the top down in the summer. It also looks GREAT!

- Charla B

It has high horsepower for a low price.

I mainly like the design of my vehicle. To me the 05-09 mustang are some of the best looking models. It is also easy to work on.

- Troy Vine J

Ride comfort is not the best, again those locked axles take a beating

I love the acceleration, love the feel of the car. One major complaint is the ride comfort the locked axles make it extra bumpy

- chris J

It is a reliable car with low maintenance. The gas mileage is about 20 miles per gallon.

I love the speed of my mustang. It has been very reliable and I had it since 2011. I only had to replace tires and the battery.

- James R

Candy apple red mustang is a great color for this car.

Other than interior panel fabric no longer adhering, I love this car and she is still a stunner. She can still win any race.

- Janey J

It's got the ability to go FAST! And it does so with great mileage due to the manual transmission.

My car is fast and fun. It gets great mileage. I love the way it looks and handles. Manual transmission is the way to go!

- Jenn M

It's easy to drive.easy on gas,good for travel, easy to get to point a to point B

Great performance, great on gas,compact, negativity are not good for car seats,only holds 4.great on gas,not a family car.

- Tiffany T

They run great. My favorite car.

It runs great. It's really a pretty car. Complaints are the leather on the door panels fell down. I have to get it fixed.

- Chris S

Reliable, comfortable, easy to drive transportation.

My Ford focus has not had any major issues. I get the oil changed regularly and all systems checked at the same time.

- Karen B

Retro ac/ heat vents nice paint job

It is a gt, runs great no big problems at all. Smooth riding decent on gas. Great stereo cold ac and great heat

- Tammy F

My car has the best sound system, and I only play SEETHER in the car!

I love the sportiness of the car. I like that it ha a lot of get up and go. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Nancy m

I recommend this car for anyone. Very safe!

I trust that I will be safe on the road. You cannot put a price on feeling safe! Honestly can say no dislikes.

- Tiffany D

that it is a great daily driver and for a v8 gets great gas mileage

i like the styling of my vehicle and like the interior. also that it is a manual and a 8 cylinder with power

- shawn g

It is amazing and completely reliable.

My vehicle is a yellow Ford mustang, it is very fast, reliable, comfortable and efficient. I love my car.

- Caleb H

Mustangs are super cool! I would recommend it to everyone

I love my mustang! It's so much fun to drive and it looks super cool! Mustangs are the best car ever!

- Lori S

Low maintenance very safe.

It's a fast beautiful car and looks great reliable Mustang 2008 5 speed bright blue with a scope hood.

- Joyce K

Gt 6 speed convertible car.

Absolutely no issues. Convertible 6 speed. V8 love the sound. Makes me feel younger to drive this car.

- Donna C

That it's mine!!! I worked to make the payments on it not my parents!!!

I like the way it runs Handles pretty good.. Isn't really made for short tall or fat people to drive.

- Zach W

It's fun to drive and has been a good car, both for short and long distances.

Very low maintenance, performs well, love the style and color. Only complaint is it's noisy inside.

- Tammy T

Not very good on gas, so not the best car for commuters.

I love it. Has great power, stiff steering. Only thing I do not like is it is not very good on gas.

- shelby g

It drives very nice and is decent on gas

I love the way it drives. The back seat could have more leg room. It does decent on gas

- Kyle K

That this car is dependable, it is pretty good on gas.

I like the overall feel of the car. I replaced the sound system that came with it.

- Corey J

Only two people can ride in it comfortably.It has a 6 cylinder engine

I love the fast pickup and right turn radius.I also love the look of the car.

- Terri T

my mustang is the first Ford i've ever owned. my mustang has never given me a seconds trouble. my mustang is my favorite color, Black. i really like my Ford very much.

My mustangs back seats are not big enough for adults.

- jeanee a

It handles very well. Not much negative feedback. Great on gas. Very reliable for both on and off the road.

It has Small back seat space and outstanding on gas.

- Jason S