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The mustang is a great car to drive.

I have a 2009 v6 mustang and it's a great car. They are not the fastest but you still get a quick car if you like the speed. Performance is good on the mustangs. It's a smooth ride on the highway and interstate. They handle well on curves and sharp turns. I can rely on my car getting me from point A to point B. I have not had any problems with the car. The comfort is also good in the car. The seats are well cushioned and enough leg space up front. The back does not have much space. It can seat two people but leg room is terrible for tall people.

- Adrian L

I cannot speak for all Mustangs, but this car is more comfortable than it looks.

I have not had any problems with my 2009 Ford Mustang, aside from the airbag being replaced at the dealer for a call back, and the light now will not stop flashing. Other than that I find it a reliable, beautiful car. It. When I got it I thought the sound package was bad, but have changed my mind. I tis really pretty good. One issue is that when I open the trunk, any water on the trunk seems to roll down into the trunk, getting stuff wet that is in there. Other than that I have nothing bad to say. It is a great car and I enjoy driving it.

- Lynn J

Beautiful Car with Stunning Interior Lights

I love our Ford Mustang. It has a beautiful design and comfortable, leather seats. My favorite feature is the lights inside that change color. The biggest problem that I've had is that it slides quite a bit in rain/water and snow/ice. That makes it feel less safe and makes us choose the other car that we own in those conditions. Gerally, it's very reliable and safe, though.

- Kathryn M

The vista blue color is the most beautiful color out there.

So far owning my mustang for 4 years and nearly 50, 000 miles, I've never experienced a major issue. My biggest complaint with the vehicle would be the interior pieces. Everything on the inside seems to be a really cheap plastic. Other than that this car has treated me great and never left me stranded. Always gets me from point A to point B and looks good while doing it.

- Logan A

Mustangs . Best style car for any era!

I have always been in love with mustangs. I love the look. Has always been very dependable. I find it very comfortable, however I have never taken a long road trip. My car handles quite well, never had a problem with maneuvering through traffic. Plenty of leg and head room. Not a family car though, no room in backseat for older children. Totally my dream car.

- Tammy J

My car has cool led lights. The radio is both AUX and Bluetooth.

Since it is a 2 door getting in and out is not the easiest thing. Honestly, this car is amazing and I love every aspect of it but getting in and out really sucks. Also, only having 4 seats instead of 5 is hard. A slight blind spot in the front mirror that is an issue mostly when turning left for looking at the cross walk but just requires extra caution.

- Jenna M

Timeless classic muscle car!

Great car with awesome original features, fast, stylish and timeless! It drives amazingly well, and can make sharp turns on a dime and fit into smaller parking scenarios. The convertible top is a lot of fun in those days when I want to feel young and carefree with the wind in my hair oh my!

- Kathy P

Good Ford Mustang to restore.

I hit a deer and the front end damage has not been repaired. I have replaced the radiator twice in the last year. It is the 40th anniversary edition of the Mustang. It would be a good car to restore. It has been a very reliable vehicle. The car color is black and the tires are mismatched.

- Evelyn E

Characteristics of a mustang.

This vehicle is nice in the summer but it is bad to drive in rain or snow. You hydroplane at takeoff, skidding and lose control. But it is perfect for dry weather. Mine is a 2009 and it still has original paint. Great on the inside. Perfect size trunk. I fit everything.

- Bea B

The Ford Mustang is a car that will never go out of style no matter what year it was made.

I love my car because it is almost 10 years old and I have never had any issues with it. It is well made and stood the test of time and still looks as new and is just as stylish and when I first got it. I get compliments all the time about my car. Well worth the money.

- Nicole L

Best car I have ever had.

I have had this car for years and have had no major problems come up, I love the style, the feel, gets pretty good gas mileage, has a sporty look. Handles really good, drives smooth, first car I have had in a long time that I am not afraid to drive out of town,

- Shannon W

Excellent vehicle. Would highly recommend.

Drives smooth and easy. Reliable vehicle. Rear wheel drive, automatic. Handles nicely on turns. Accelerates quickly. Downside is that the car is low to the ground which makes going over speed bumps and rough terrain unpleasant. Would buy again 10/10.

- Victoria K

Fun, Fast, Zippy car!!! Not for the faint of heart.

I love my Ford Mustang. This is my 4th. Mustang and they are such a joy to drive. You can get them standard which still has a lot of get up and go or get one souped up. Depending on how much you wanna spend will determine the "luxury".

- Brandy H

Why Ford great for people like me.

My car is very good for long trips, as it gets good mileage on highways. At other times, the car has rather mediocre fuel mileage. The car is a breeze to drive, and my friends usually comment on how cool my car is.

- Jeremy B

I would like others to know that the car is fast.

I love everything about my car! I love the leather seats, the fast smooth ride, the way it handles in curves in the road and in turns, the electric heated seats. I really have no complaints about my car.

- Cathy S

The performance behind it.

So far I have not had any problems with my mustang. Even though it is a v6, the performance of a classic American muscle car is second to none. Sounds great and still packs a punch under the hood.

- Josh B

This is a rear wheel car.

I don't like that it only has rear wheel drive. I do like the model, style, and how smooth it drives. The Bluetooth compatibility is really nice and it's easy to upkeep and maintain.

- Chelsea H

That I value it highly and any actions that endanger it makes me very upset.

I like the body style. And I like the interior. But it just doesn't have the power that I like to have in my vehicles. It's a nice car but it's just not fast enough.

- David Y

They more than likely do not know how to drive it.

I enjoy the style my vehicle has. I love the color it is. I do not like the gas mileage. I do not enjoy driving it in the city because it has a manual transmission.

- Jordan V

Impractical and uncomfortable car.

There is hardly any room in it. Not practical for large family use. Small trunk and hard to get in and out of when you are someone with back and leg pain.

- Diana G

My car is a usa car. But detroit's spickets are still running brown water.

Its sporty, fast and comfortable to drive. It is the 45th anniversary of this model. It is high performance and handles the windy roads with no problem.

- Dee K

This vehicle is a reliable and long-lasting choice.

I've had this car for around 8 years, and it still runs just fine. It hasn't had any major issues and gets you were you need to go.

- Hayden S

Buying a classic car keeps our past memories alive.

I like the sportiness and styling. It is roomier than a lot of short cars. I am not a fan of the noise with dual exhaust.

- Peggy Z

45th anniversary edition!

45th anniversary edition. I love it. Has programmable interior lights. Can change color of lights on dash too

- Dawn F

The price is right. Both on cost & gas efficiency!.

The body needs a lot of repair. I do not drive it very often. I have a hard time seeing out the windows.

- Evelyn M

Good car, fast powerful

Drives good , light weight... need something heavy in trunk to help the overall of your drive, goods

- Tonoa W

It has small interior and can not seat many people and small cargo space.

I like the way it looks. I like that it accelerates fast. I dislike trying to get in and out of it.

- Vicki W

It's reliable and fun to drive

Like design Like reliability Dislike high pitched turn signal Dislike several recall requirements

- Kristin J

Drives great, lots of power, not enough room in back seat, but big trunk.

Convertible, drives well, never had any problems with the engine or other essential parts.

- Niko D

it's fast and it's old but i like it.

i like the horsepower and the look of the car. i hate that everything breaks on the car.

- donald W

It is reliable and easy to drive.

I like the acceleration. I like the cruise control. I like the sporty look.

- Ron k

It's not a lemon, mustangs get a bad rap for being a ford.

Silver mustang, runs great, never have problems with it.

- Shannon P