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I was looking for a good reliable car and got a lot more than that.

I love everything about her, driving her, how she handles, runs, looks. When I bought Charleigh I wasn't necessarily looking for a Mustang or a used car but she found me. When I sat in her for a test drive it felt like home, very comfy. She's only a v6 (to keep me out of trouble) but she roars and runs like the big dogs. I take care of her and she takes care of me. I haven't had any issues with her at all. I am actually a Chevy person but I have always said if I was going to own a Ford it would be the Mustang, possibly a f150. She's a beauty, I never get tired of looking at her or others looking at her while I am driving around. She's a Mustang and she knows it.

- Frances C

Every time i’d see a v8 i’d feel like I was driving a fake mustang. Amazing space.

I love this car, just a little bad on gas. But it's very fun to drive. Rear wheel drive perfect for burnouts. I commuted every day in the mustang. It is a fun ride. On good days and borderline top down days, I dropped the top. The sound system is fantastic. I enjoyed the stick in stop and go traffic and in city traffic. The stick is silky smooth and fun. It is the best way to drive a mustang get convertible. I do not usually do surveys, but I raved about this car for nine years. It has had minimal repairs and functions great. I think I just convinced myself to trade the 2010 in for a 2019 mustang get convertible.

- Michael I

Pros and cons of 2010 mustang convertible (base).

The 2010 mustang convertible is a great buy. The seats are comfortable, it drives smooth. . Not like some driven like a horse and buggy. The performance is spot on. I have driven several hundreds of miles so the reliability is great. So far my only problem is with the motor or timer on driver side window. I had to take the plastic cover off and push down with a bobby pin to get the window up. Other than that it is been great. As far as features I believe it has Sirius radio.

- Lacy S

2010 Ford Mustang: perfect!!

There’s been no issues with my car at all! I absolutely love it! It is extremely reliable, and I never worry about breaking down or anything. The seats are so comfortable, and the radio has perfect settings for me. I also love the fact that it has Bluetooth. I also love the color settings available for the lighting inside the vehicle!! It is an awesome car, and I plan to drive it throughout my next four years of college!!

- Michaela A

2010 Ford Mustang V6 Black with leather interior

I've owned this vehicle for about 2 years now. Haven't had many issues with it up until the past 5 months with my air conditioning. It's a decently Smooth drive, I use this for my daily driver and put quite a few miles on it daily. it's been reliable, and if I've ever had issues my dealership was happy to help. It's comfortable for a sports car and the features now in the newer years helps with that.

- Jade P

White paint + brown leather seats + mustang power = style and dependability!

I am the third owner and purchased at only 27, 000 miles. Little maintenance has been necessary--only new all season tires have installed simply due to living in the Midwest. My mustang drives smooth and the leather seats are extremely comfortable for long rides. Despite only have the v6 engine, there's plenty of power. It handles well during any weather and is dependable.

- Mandy C

If you like to go fast then this is the car for you.

My 2010 Ford Mustang GT is a very reliable car. I have owned the car for about four years or so now and I haven't had any troubles with it. This car is clean, comfortable, and fast. This specific car includes black leather interior, color changing lights for the interior lights including the color behind the speedometer, the center console, and floorboard lighting.

- Britney D

It's an adventure to drive. If you're someone who not is not only considering where you have to go, but how you get there, then the Mustang is the car for you.

My first car was a Mustang, so it's a brand that I love driving. It looks good, it feels good driving it. There are some minor issues with the later models. Some of the vinyl on the door panels has peeled off from the heat. It does, of course, use more gas than other cars, but it's a sports car. I really enjoy driving it, and that's the reason why I bought it.

- James J

Solid car with the usual sports car problems.

My car is great overall. It is comfortable to ride in and drives well. The only downsides are the gas mileage, the trunk, and how huge the hood is. The trunk is actually pretty big but it is difficult to get stuff into it. The opening is narrow and kind of a awkward shape. The hood being so long has occasional made it difficult to park.

- Jon P

I love my 2010 Ford mustang v6 premium convertible.

Great performance, very reliable, very comfortable, love that it has Bluetooth. Handles curvy roads with ease, accelerates and stops quickly, bucket seats are very comfortable. Easy to put the top up and down on the convertible. Visibility is not always great but that can be fixed with purchase of cheap blind spot mirrors.

- Emily K

My Mustang is one of the best cars I have ever had!

Very reliable. Somewhat comfortable, but not always for long trips. Love my Bluetooth and halo lights! I haven't ran into any problems with my car other than the fact that I bought it used and the previous owners wrecked it and put cheap parts on it. As long as you take car of it. It’ll last forever!

- Sydney L

My review on my 2010 mustang.

The performance of the car is fantastic. It handles well, I love to drive it. I love the style and the way it looks. I like that I have Bluetooth. I love the color which is candy apple red. I enjoy driving it on long and short trips. It has great pick up and gives me a drive that I really like.

- Jeff S

My Mustang is a 2010 make, midnight blue, and looks purple in the sun!

The only thing I do not like is how it is not reliable in rain or snow. Everything else about (color, interior, comfort, how it runs) I love!! I got my car brand new and I am just now starting g to have to tune up a few things. But it still looks almost exactly like it did when I got it!

- Ashley F

It's hard to check your blind spots out of the windows. This presents a safety hazard.

I like this Mustang because it's a stick shift... that's about its only redeeming quality. I hate how low it sits. I hate the way the windows make it impossible for me to check my blind spots. And it only gets like 22 miles to the gallon. And the seat belts are ALWAYS getting stuck.

- Robin T

It is a comfortable ride and I love the Bluetooth feature.

It is a great car, smooth ride the only issues that I have is having to replace sensors when they go out. That just seems like a real pain I had the same issue twice with my tires showing sensor failure other than that it is been reliable and dependable not really a lot of problems.

- Laurie V

I have a 2010 v6 gold mustang.

I love my vehicle! It performs great and looks great! I love the sound! I have always loved mustangs and it didn't disappoint! It has lights on the inside that you can change the color of. The inside looks great. It has not had any problems with it and I have had it for 8 years.

- Katherine R

It's a great car for the price.

The ford mustang handles like a dream. It hugs the curves of the road unlike any car I have owned before. With routine maintenance it has served me well. Inside is simple set up without a million features to complicate the driving process. Comfortable seating for long drives.

- Care R

2010 Ford mustang convertible. A great reliable car.

This car has been perfect since I purchased it new in 2010. Great car with no issues very reliable. This car is fun to drive with a v8 engine and 325 hp it can get out of its own way, and with the top down it lets you feel a bit freer. Go drive one you'll love it. T.

- Al G

New car or SUV no more Fords.

Only problem was oil change it better to me if I go the Ford dealer and the car is ok but I want a newer model next car will be a SUV or a truck I will be saving up for a down payment. Ford is but I think GMC is better than Ford or maybe a Chevy SUV I will get a SUV.

- A K

Beautiful convertible mustang!

This is a great car. It runs well. I have had no mechanical issues with the car. We get regular oil changes and have not had to have any repairs completed. It is a small car but easily seats 2-3 comfortably. Back seat has little leg room. It is a sharp looking car.

- Michele F

2010 Red Ford Mustang Gt Coupe

My car is a manual and it's pretty quick. It has almost 90k miles on it and everything runs fine. The little features it has is nice too. I've only ran into problems with the computer system, but that was only due to the previous owner messing with the vehicle.

- Spencer H

High recommendation for the Ford mustang.

I love the comfort of my car. Fun to drive and reliable. Sound system is amazing and easy to function. Smooth ride as well. I would recommend this vehicle and will buy a newer model when I am ready for my next purchase. I have had no mechanical issues either.

- Rachel S

Great for first time Mustang owners.

My Mustang is great on gas mileage and power. It has really good body styling and looks. The interior can feel a little bit on the cheap side, and the stock radio can be a little bit better. The ride can be on the stiff side, but otherwise it is comfortable.

- Mike H

It is the nicest car I have ever owned and would buy another Ford Mustang in the future.

I drive a Mustang GT and it has been a very reliable vehicle getting to and from work. It is 8 years old and I've never had a problem with it. It is fully loaded - leather, all the top amenities for its model year. I plan to keep it until it no longer runs.

- Christina D

2010 Ford Mustang convertible.

This Mustang has been very reliable. It is at 150k miles now and has no major issues minus replacing a fuel sensor, a new battery, and some ac work. It is very reliable, though not so great on the move. Very comfortable and fun to drive. Sleek and sporty.

- Kyle B

Small mechanical problems, but overall ok with my purchase.

Nothing much wrong with it mechanically and aesthetically, but I wish it had more horsepower. I've had some mechanical issues of late, and it's been a bit frustrating. Although, I do recognize that the car is getting older, so I have come to expect that.

- Aaron R

Leaking issues in the trunk. Previous Mustang also had leaking issues but it was located inside the passenger area.

Currently having trouble with a leak in the trunk. I sold my previous Mustang as it had leaking troubles too. My mustang is normally reliable and performs well. I do not drive very often, but when I do, dependability is very important.

- Corie E

This little race car can hold more gasoline than you have ever seen in your life, and it can also keep a hold of it as well.

My vehicle is close to perfect. I love absolutely every single thing about it other than it's mph cap, but seeing as I live in America, that is as close to perfect as I can get. The color is also very eye catching and I quite enjoy it.

- Chanelle M

This is a rear wheel drive vehicle and have a very light back end. In certain weather conditions, this can be problematic.

All I can really say is I absolutely love this car. I've owned it for about 4 years now and cannot imagine myself driving anything else. I love the way the vehicle responds and handles. It also is comfortable to ride in.

- Jerryn P

It has been my trusted companion for years and has kept me safe when driving. The car knows all of my secrets and the places that I have been to and has always brought me home in one piece.

I like the ease of handling that my vehicle provides and how well it holds the road. I like the sportiness and comfort I feel while I am driving the car. It has a classic style that I find appealing.

- Kliff B

Mustang, looks great, drives even better

I love my Ford Mustang. I have never had any problems with it and I've had it for almost 5 years. I love the interiors and sound system that came with it. Gas is not too bad for a muscle car.

- Raquel G

For being an older car it does have a decent amount of newer technology like bluetooth built in. It is very important to me to have a car that has integrated technology.

I love how it accelerates and the stiffness of the steering wheel. I do not like how much I have to push down on the break to actually stop. It seems to need more maintenance than other cars.

- Alex S

It is so much fun to drive.

I love that it is a convertible. It handles well and has great power. It does have blind spots, and you have to get used to that and compensate. I wish it had better gas mileage.

- Rebecca W

That it is automatic start and you need to have key with you and push start it.

I really like the Ford Mustang 2010 model due to the nature of american muscle. Also, the car's love was past down from my father and I enjoy hearing the sound of a roaring engine.

- Rico H

My car is the premium package and has Bluetooth factory installed and has led lights in the interior.

I like mainly everything about my 2010 Ford Mustang , I have the premium package. It would be nice if it had navigation system. It drives smooth. I love the sporty look on my car.

- Mario C

Awesome Convertible Mustang

I've had my car for 3 years now and I haven't had any major issues with my car. Just had to replace normal things like tires and brake pads. I absolutely love the convertible top.

- Yasmine T

Great car, but its kinda cheap and problematic.

Great vehicle, but very short lived. Beautiful car and I love it to death, but as it gets older the problems continue to pop up. There are also some issues with cheap parts.

- Colton C

It is small. You can fit two people comfortably and that is about it.

Needs more updated technology i.e. radio, heated seats, back up camera, sensors. Better gas mileage would be nice. I like the style, the efficiency of the heat and a/c.

- Christine S

don't let the year fool you. It is a great car.

I love sporty cars! This is a great car! Everything is easy to find buttons are simple and in plain site. I don't want to be repetitive but I really do love this car!

- Johanna A

It is very dependable and has awesome gas mileage!

I like my vehicle because it is a convertible. I like my car because it is good on gas and handles very well. I like my car because it looks sporty.

- Julie C

It is very safe and handles well. This car is made for smaller people, not my 250-300 pound relatives.

I love my vehicle. But from the very beginning of owing it there has been a problem with the fan clicking. Hot ,or cold ,they have replaced it once.

- susan j

I love my car because it's my freedom device. If I feel like relaxing and listening to music, I take it out for a spin.

I know that my car is not for everyone. I know that my car is loud. My car is uncomfortable. My car is unsafe, and bad on gas. But I love it anyway.

- Dominic S

It feels great on the road. It makes my commute more enjoyable than it would be otherwise.

It's a solid reliable drive. I like that it's an American brand because I have family in Detroit. The MPG could be better, but I enjoy driving it.

- Adrian A

Dependable muscle car with retro styling and authentic sound.

The Mustang has been economical, comfortable, and dependable. I have had no issues other than the airbag recall that affected every manufacturer.

- Brandon B

Airbags need changing part of warranty. Understeers in corners

Fantastic value for money. No technical issues. Very reliable And comfortable. Slightly light on back wheels and good fuel economy for 4 litre

- Stefan M

I made upgrades so it's faster than it originally was.

My vehicle is sporty and still drives good It's clean inside and out. It has only given me about three problems the whole time I've owned it.

- Shawn L

Safety, handling, speed, luxury!.

All I can say about my vehicle is I love it. There is not anything I dislike about it. It gets me from point a to b and is very reliable!.

- Jamie H

It is fast and does not handle well on wet surfaces.

The speed and style are great. The gas mileage is not so good. I love the handling. The stereo makes my commute less of a hassle.

- Nicole B

Reliable 2010 Ford Mustang Gt

My 2010 Mustang GT Convertible is a great car It is very reliable and I have had no issues with this car it is very reliable.

- AlG G

Reliable stylish. Eye catcher.

Beautiful, responsive, road hugging. Real driving-5 speed transmission. The original American muscle car. A pleasure to drive!

- Marsha P

It is pretty small in size.

I love its speed capabilities, its small size, its leather interior, the color black, decent gas mileage, sport car feel.

- Sabrina D

It is in memory of my husband now.

I luv it because my husband loves mustangs and he helped me pick this out. And now I lost him 7-9-18 I cherish this car.

- Nikki K

Most important thing is I worked hard and waited a long time to be able to get it

It's american made. It's a convertible. and it's an awesome car. has lots of additional gadgets. Have always wanted one.

- Melissa C

Quality. Nice looks and runs well. A trusted brand.

Love her looks. Love the speed. Love her features. Love the quality of Ford and love Mustangs. We used to own 3 of them.

- Elizabeth W

It gets 18 to 19 miles per gallon of gas, better than most people would think

It is a 2010 Mustang GT. Red, and I love to drive it. I plan on getting door decals for it soon to make it look better

- Mike A

It's fun to drive and a convertible and a reliable car.

I have always like the mustang it sounds really good fun to drive. The mustang is a convertible very nice I live in fl.

- Teresa A

I haven't really had any problems with my vehicle, it runs extremely well; it's comfortable, and it's fun to drive!

It is not good in the snow or ice. It has a lot of power, so I would not suggest it as a first car for a teenager.

- Detrea D

It has a great speaker system

I like the look and power of my car at a relatively cheap price. I dislike the fact that it leaks in a heavy rain.

- Josh w

It is fast and you should drive safely. Also it is cool.

I like pickup, transmission and acceleration of my vehicle. Also, the looks and the sound it makes while driving.

- Ankur D

The brakes are sensitive.

I love my Mustang. It is cool, stylish and comfortable. I look way cooler than the other moms in their minivans.

- Audra K

The speed of a Mustang GT is great it helps you get around traffic.

The Ford Mustang is very reliable and very fast car. I truly enjoy my Ford. The technology is also outstanding.

- Cedric M

They are reliable and multi functional.

I love the color. I love that I drive a Mustang. I hate that it is in for repair. I love the wheels on my car.

- April H

That it will always remain a classic sports vehicle and will never go out of style.

I have a Ford Mustang. I love sports cars, especially Mustangs. It makes me feel cool and fits my personality.

- Najswuah S

It's been a reliable car for the most part ever since I've had it.

I like the style of the car and how it drives. I don't like how the car seems to have some durability issues.

- William m

My car gets great gas mileage on the interstate.

My car is beautiful. It has great acceleration. I also like the body style. I also like the leather interior.

- Cheryl B

Mustang's are the best affordable sports car.

I have always loved mustangs. I like sports cars in general. I like the noise it makes and it is performance.

- Katie C

I think the Mustang is the Best car Ford ever made.

I really love my mustang. I think it's the best car ford ever built. I think the 5.0 gt version is the best.

- Chris D

Great gas mileage and have no issues with far trips from the house.

The car is reliable. We have had no issues in 8 years. And it has maintained its newness through the years.

- Lauren J

Best Car Ever! Mustangs Forever

Great car! Decently good gas mileage. Looks great and good quality. Does not have a cheap looking interior.

- Natasha Z

It gets excellent gas mileage, I use regular gas and the engine runs clean.

My Mustang is a part of who I am. I love the body style and have had no problems. No complaints from me.

- Vonnie J

Gets better gas mileage that you expect.

Love the ragtop and the way it handles. Wish the passenger seat adjusted like the drivers' seat does.

- Bonnie W

It is very reliable and a fun car for the price. I would recommend it.

Its very reliable, looks good, hasn't had man mechanical problems. The gas mileage could be better.

- Alex E

This car has low mileage and is well taken care of.

I love my mustang it runs good. It's a great looking car. This car has great engine capacity too.

- Jessenia P

How it has decent gas mileage. It's fun to drive. It has kept me safe for the past 8 years

I love my Mustang because it is very powerful. Gets up to speed quickly and is just fun to drive

- Lisa K

It is the first car that I ever purchased. I take good care of my car.

I have no complaints about my vehicle. I like how long it has lasted me without major issues.

- Matt S

My car is a convertible GT. It's very sporty and nice to drive.

It's a convertible! It's a comfortable ride. Doesn't get very good gas mileage.

- Chrystal G

That it is an American classic and I want to drive it for a long time

Great car. Need to do better job of maintenance to make it last longer

- Larry F

It is very dependable and stylish handles great on curves.

I like the way it handles. I like the appearance. The inside is nice.

- Cindy T

It is good in gas. And very reliable.

I love my car. Really don't have any issues with it. Very reliable

- Claudia S

It purrs like a kitten...

Great car,It's has given me no troubles,Runs like a champ.

- sgs P

I like that it's interior and exterior are a great color combo! I love that it's an convertible. I dislike that it has a computer system issue that no one can seem to fix.

Pay attention to your PCM. Other than that, great vehicle.

- Briana P

I absolutely love the way it looks, I love how it rides, and how I feel behind the wheel

You will love how you feel when you get behind the wheel

- Deborah H

It is a great car to drive.

I do not have any complaints. I like my car. Runs great.

- Shelly C

Nice looking car, that has the power when you need it.

Great vehicle to drive around town or on the open road.

- J C

It is older, and needs to be maintained. But it's great.

Age and maintenance. Color. Stereo system. I love it.

- Jozach C

I love the color and the way it drives. It also has bluetooth stereo which I love. I hate the size, it is hard for anyone to fit in the backseat.

It is fast and can very easily get you pulled over.

- Morgan B