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Ford mustangs safety. My mustang is a very safe car to drive.

I love my mustang it is a v-6 so a lot of people think it has no power. I can tell you that it does you would never have to worry about getting on the interstate or passing another car. The seats in the mustang are very comfortable they tend to wrap around you which on a long drive is very comfortable. My 1999 mustang was totaled by a person that hit my driver side of the car. The car was totaled. I had just came from the store and a dozen eggs were scrambled in there shells. The impacted was so bad that the officer that came on site thought I was dead but my mustangs people compartment never buckled and kept the car from crushing me. To me that is a five star rating.

- Nan K

Reliving your youth when your age and bank account can handle it.

My dream car white convertible with black interior. Love being able to feel the air blowing, the smells of the countryside, the car has power to spare, moves around corners with ease and grabs the highway like a charm, makes me feel young again, the recalls have been few with the trunk latch being replaced and a problem with the airbags, special care to the covering of the convertible has protected the sheen of the black, a little extra care but to prolong the life of the looks of the car it is important, the cost of the car in 2012 being 20, 000 I would purchase it again, the ability to enjoy the sunshine but protection from the heat rain or weather.

- Rebecca B

That it's a beautiful blue color. I've gotten so many compliments on the color in the 7 years I've had it. Everyone loves this shade of blue. And in my area, not many people own them this color so I stand out and everyone recognizes me when I'm driving around.

I've always had a thing for Mustangs, but I'm a small woman and I was always told it was a man's car. The seats move all the way up and forward so that shorter people can drive comfortably and I'm so glad I can. It's painted Grabber Blue, such a pretty color. The only problem I have is that the gas and brakes are very touchy. It's a sports car though so that's to be expected. The interior is beautiful, leather seats and all. Love my car.

- Nikki R

Very dependable and reliable car.

It is a very dependable and reliable car. Its safety features are what I rely on the most from the car alarm to the low gas and low tire pressure. It is also rated among the highest to hold its ground if you were to get in a car accident. Upkeep is simple and will keep this car going and going like the energizer bunny. I have had no issues with my car and has been running smoothly since I have purchased it.

- Danielle S

It is a classic car, looks good and is so much fun to drive!

I love the sporty look of a muscle car...they have meat to them, unlike some of the smaller sports car. The 2012 has a classic look in all black, and as brought on many compliments over the year. I also like that the Mustang has such a owner following/club! I have had some mechanical issues over the years, most of which were resolved by recalls, but mostly a good car. I really enjoy it!

- Lori M

Great vehicle we really enjoy our trips around town or getting on the highway!

It makes you feel good when driving. . . Appearance is one of the best things. Rides great on the highway. We do not drive it in the winter because it just does not ride as well. And when it is real windy it is best to drive with the windows up. You have to take special care of the drop top cover because it will crack and look warn if not cared for properly. Other than that we love it!

- Michelle A

Paint job on Fords never last stay out of automatic car wash.

What can I say always been a lover of all things Mustang get you either love em or hate em but my favorite was my 2006 black loaded with leather 4. 6 to me was faster than my 5. 0 lighter body and the new ones I don't like body style a all hope they change it. Ford has Its issues but they have improved over the years I wouldn't want any other muscle car period.

- Tracy J

Ford mustang gt is reliable.

Battery dies out if car is left out of use too long, requiring a jump start. Leather interior has held up nicely over the years, and overall performance is solid. Only interior problems are minor domestic issues, such as passenger door paneling peeling off. Body and paint have held up very well, not having any problems after about 5 years.

- Alex E

It's easy to get tickets with this car.

I love this car. I read a lot of reviews and test drove 5 other models before I went with this one. I liked that it still feels like the older models inside because it does not have the tech on the center console like the newer models do now. It still drives great even though I have had it for almost 3 years and put 100, 000 miles on it.

- Jessie B

2012 Ford mustang gt 5. 0: ruby red.

The 2012 Ford mustang is a reliable vehicle that gets good gas mileage both in the city and on the highway. We have a manual transmission, and have owned the vehicle for 2+ years now without any issues. The 2012 mustang is great throughout the spring, summer, and fall, but is not well equipped to handle winter weather conditions.

- Katie C

My headlights say mustang and they have a tiny horse.

He sold me a amazing car it is a 2012 Ford mustang it is really nice has black leather seats nice hood it is all black I am in love with it she’s called black beauty I got it from gates body shop in granger Indiana she has a great motor. I love her she’s the best car I have ever had. New tires, new headlights new everything.

- Melissa F

Black mustang 2012 my car.

My 2012 ford mustang is my best friend. My two boys love it. It is extremely comfortable and really fun to drive. It is my everyday driver. It is decent on gas and it will take me a long ways when I fill the tank up. It is black exterior with black interior. My kids call it my race car because it goes faster than my journey.

- April W

Great body, great ride, great gas mileage.

I love my ford mustang. It gets fantastic gas mileage, and is relatively maintenance free. It rides smoothly, and looks beautiful. I can drive approximately 400 miles on a single tank of gas. The Bluetooth capability is a wonderful addition, so I am able to stream music from my phone into the car speakers easily.

- Nikki W

Gas mileage has some to be desired. But for a coupe pretty comfortable.

Gas mileage is kinda bad. But for un muscle car it is not unthinkable. I was expecting a little better for the year of the vehicle. It is parts and maintenance is good especially for Ford I have always like fords and found them reliable. The features are basic and the it pretty comfortable for a coupe.

- Chelsea M

My red, sporty baby that I had to wait until the kids were grown to get.

A beautiful red, sporty exterior, camel colored leather interior. Drives and handles expertly. Head turner vehicles. Sport spoiler on back. Large v6 engine. Tinted windows, power seats, power steering, power windows. Smokey tinted headlights and brake lights. Gorgeous car. Can drive fast but never do.

- Christy M

Mustang runs great. I enjoy it as much today as I did when I bought it.

It is very stylish. It is very fast. It runs great at 90 mph. For a sports car it gets great gas mileage. It gets about 23 miles per gallon. It has a stylish racing stripe. Of course the major setback is the back seat. It has 150000 + miles and still runs great. I do normal maintenance on the car.

- Gene D

It is a bright red 2012 mustang second to newest model.

I have had my mustang for about 6 years and it works great cheaper on gas and rides smooth. But does not have very much room for as a family goes. Holds up very well but paint is chipping in some areas not really bad. Mine has black leather seats which I love. Not very good for long trips.

- Logan N

Fast sport car with good gas mileage.

Reliable and no problems with my car. I also love how it has great gas mileage and drives well. It has a very good radio and speaker system. I like the leather seats and its ac never has had a problem with me. The cars color is very nice and does not have many dents in it.

- Conner C

When it's running it sounds like it purrs. The custom stripes on the car, really get attention.

Our Mustang has a custom silver metallic stripe and the word "Mustang" with a running horse on each door. It is a dark metallic blue with the word "Mustang" on the back of the mirrors. Wherever we go, people look at our Mustang and tell us it is a really good looking car.

- Pam K

Mustang is my dream car because when I am driving in my Mustang it feels like I.

I really love everything about my Mustang, and will purchase using my American express, I will over and over many times. There is nothing about my Mustang that I dislike. Mustang is my dream car because when I am driving in my Mustang it feels like I am in a dream world.

- Sam S

It is blue. It is nice. It is fast it is convenient.

I do not have any problems. Only thing been the battery every two years. Tires change every four years. It low on miles. I do not use my car much. It is in perfect condition. It is blue. Automatic. Regular oil changes. Regular maintenance. No rips or tares not scratches.

- Jennifer D

I love the mustang and everything it does for me.

I love the Ford mustang. Feels real comfort to drive and love the horsepower that comes with it. Also I really haven't found anything wrong with the car. The features on the car is real good. I got a push start button and kill switch. So overall I love my Ford mustang.

- Jose A

I love the way my car sits feels sounds and drives.

I have no problems with my car at all I am highly happy with it. In the past I have had other vehicles and it's been problem after problem even Volkswagen and BMW. Both were new off the lot and I had more in repairs fixing them then I paid for the cars themselves.

- Calli O

2012 gold Ford convertible Mustang.

I love my car. I have had it 5 years, and have no plans to lose it any time soon. There have been very little problems. The hardest part would be washing it because it has to be by hand. Also the roof recently was messed up in a storm, but its all better now.

- Savannah S

Awesome car for the mom losing her minivan.

I love my convertible. Next time I would go with the gt rather than the v6. It rides well. It is not necessarily the best to have with a family. Not a lot of space. Younger kids are easier to fit in the backseat than older kids due to the lack of legroom.

- Shelly B

Sports car very fast leather seats CD player.

I have a 2012 Ford Mustang, it is blue, it has nice rims, it is a VA and has a lot of power, it is an automatic with leather, all the options, I bought it brand-new and I just love this car, and I love to drive it and show it off, it is really reliable.

- Benny H

It's been very reliable - in the three years I have had it, it has only required regular maintenance and oil changes - and it was purchased used with approx 35k miles

Overall I like it. Purchased in June 2015 and It's been very reliable to date. Gets decent gas mileage. Main complaint is that it is just too small - really only seats 2, even though there is a back seat, and not much trunk space.

- Tom L

Looks great and drives great.

Car drives great and has never given me any problems. The sports package on it gives it nice details and it is perfect for two people. Backseat is uncomfortable and pretty small but aside from that, I would totally recommend.

- Monica L

It is a fast reliable car.

What I most like about my vehicle is that is fast. It is a fun vehicle to have a spirited drive in. What I do not like is that it gets to much attention from the police. Another thing I dislike is the fuel economy.

- Edward R

An important note to share with others is to keep updating the extended warranty on the vehicle. Labor and parts on this vehicle can be pricey.

What I like about my vehicle is owning an American Muscle car. The sleek lines of the body style make a statement. The vehicle has a quick response in gear shifting. I especially like the color, Ingot Silver.

- Maryann O

The most important thing about my car it takes unleaded gas.

The car is great for couples or someone driving by themselves. Definitely not a good vehicle for a large family, as the vehicle is very small and compact. The drive is smooth though and a very reliable car!

- Skyler A

that it is a powerful car

i live my mustang. i have always wanted one so when i got older i purchased a new gt convertible mustang. i love that i get a lot of comments on how everyone likes it and wishes they had a car like that

- patrick C

The Mustang is a car that is fun to drive, sporty and attractive, and also more safe and practical than most might think.

I love the styling of my Ford Mustang. It looks sleek and sporty, but not too small as I feel some roadsters do. It has very good handling and power as well. I don't have any significant complaints.

- Edward P

Paint job changes colors depending on lighting and the angle. 6 speed.

Handles grate. Heated seats, custom made, 6 speed, traction control. Grips down to the road when going around curves. Change out the interior dash lights between 5 or 6 different colors.

- Amber O

Beautiful, but not practical.

I absolutely love my 2012 mustang. It is beautiful and reliable, but not practical if it is you're only vehicle. Passengers have to crawl in the back and there’s not a lot of storage.

- Grant P

It handles and breaks well.

I like the corner handling ability. Has a smooth ride with power to get on highway during heavy moving traffic. Stylish car. Gets much better mpg than I thought I would get.

- Michael c

The Mustang is impressive in appearance, reputation and response.

A Mustang is a beautiful car, it stands up and is very noticeable. The car handles well and I can feel the road. I only wish it had a little more room inside for the family.

- vin B

Before purchasing the 2012 Mustang, I read several reports. Previous year's Mustangs had several problems, that were corrected in 2012. The following two years had problems, also.

It is a white convertible. The interior is also white with a black top. It is a manual six speed transmission. It was bought new at the end of 2014 with 240 miles on it.

- Lewis G

It's pretty tanky. It drives and operates heavily and isn't easy for a lot of people used to driving lighter weight cars.

I love it, it runs well. I've had it for about a year and no major complaints. Just your average tune ups. It's also great for nice weather where I can put the top down.

- Corina J

Lives, breathes and performs power.

It is a classic car from a manufacturer I trust. It has the power and handling I can relate to. It was a great value and the third purchase of this model as a driver.

- Lydia C

It is a tight fit for more than 2 people and prepared to be squashed if you are over 6ft tall.

Was my first car but have outgrown it. I always like to be on the cutting edge and test new things. So while my car is functional I would enjoy driving a new car.

- Steve M

It's a black, 2012 Mustang, with a 305 hp, 3.7L V6.

I love the iconic retro pony car styling. I like the responsive 6-speed transmission. The handling is far better than the 1970 Mustang I drove in high school.

- Kenneth S

Keep up the maintenance in the car.

Maintenance required too many times for how new the car was. Unfortunately, I've had to spend a lot of money on fixing things that shouldn't have been broken.

- Kenny S

Always fun to drive it. Feels good!

Poor exterior paint job. Paint has had a constant peeling problem. Also windshield wiper motor has been replaced a couple of times. Dealership is poorly run.

- Ronald K

It is personalized and no other one is like it.

I love my mustang. It was my first car and I will always love a mustang. I love the look and nostalgia of it. There is nothing I do not like about a mustang.

- Kelly K

It is very dependable and safe.

Like the power.. Like the speed.. Like the fact that it is standard transmission.. Dislike the cost of the tires because the rims are not a standard size.

- Lois A

Gas mileage is pretty good. Handling can be rough in bad weather

Generally speaking, the car has been reliable. It's mostly west and tear repair and the usual maintenance. Largest issue is the squarely control arms

- Kai P

It has more luxury features than I anticipated before buying it.

It runs well and looks nice. Because it looks sporty, other drivers make risky moves near me much less often. Unfortunately, it has a bit of rust.

- Kara B

The 2012 Ford mustang is an amazing car. It is very reliable.

I have had no problems with the vehicle. It is very reliable and comfortable. The back is a little tight for passengers sitting in the back.

- Carter F

It is a v 6 engine but a six speed so I will smoke your car

I always wanted a mustang. It is a sweet blue color that shines in the sun. It has leather seats and is a six speed. It is very fun to drive

- Franco O

The most important thing to know is that the car will last a long time and stay consistent whilst also being comfortable.

My vehicle is extremely convenient, I've never had any problems with it and it takes me from place to place without any hassle, I love it.

- Dwayne S

I take really good care of my car and like to work on it. I think that if I take care of it, it will take care of me.

I like how it looks and how sporty the car is. I dislike the hood design because it is prone to rust. I also wish it had a backup camera.

- Ryan F

Comfortable drive, comfortable ride

I've never had any troubles with my mustang. It's a comfortable drive and a comfortable ride. With a lot of horsepower under the hood.

- Reagan W

the car looks nice and drives fast. just don't be stupid with speed.

i like ford mustangs. i have been driving them for years. i like the style of the car. only problem is driving in winter conditions.

- eric L

Car engine is wearing down

The engine seems to be running a little tough lately. Shifting up jumps a little bit. The power steering is also starting to fail.

- Mark F

Lots of horsepower, good pickup, excellent handling.

Nice looks, excellent performance and handling. Interior is comfortable. Stereo is good. All around good buy in a sports car.

- Dennis A

It can be hard to get in and out of.

It is comfortable to ride in, but the gas mileage is not great, and the body style creates blind spots. It also is fun to drive.

- Beth S

Wonderful v8 engine, and purrs like a happy cat.

None. We do regular maintenance and upkeep on the vehicle such as tune ups and oil changes. Also maintaining fluids and filters.

- Tori H

It can be expensive to repair or replace parts.

It like how looks great and goes fast. My girlfriend loves so that is a plus. I dislike the gas mileage, I wish it was better.

- Daniel J

It uses a lot of gas and works best with premium gasoline

Really enjoy driving my Mustang, however, it is a gas guzzler. It is a little uncomfortable on long trips...but I LOVE it!

- Susan K

Ford mustang - working man's sports car.

Good car for the money - nice performance - look sporty - but doesn't attract cops = easy to work on and get parts for.

- Joe M

It is fun to drive, and it is gorgeous. The mileage is not horrible.

It is fast. It looks amazing. It gets decent mileage for the type of car it is. The sync system doesn't always work.

- vicky d

Air bags were bad for 6 years and ford didn't care that the car was unsafe to drive...money before customers safety

Sporty and very fun to drive..Get a lot of compliments..Lousy gas mileage and was unsafe for 6 years due to airbags

- dan G

its really fast and its stick shift. i love my car

i actually like my mustang, it doesn't have any problems yet but i do fix the oil change and all those small things

- rolando b

Others should know that my car is sporty and fast.

I love the dark blue color. The convertible top makes it fun to drive. I love that it performs well and is fast.

- Ann H

Mustang 2012 review very reliable

My vehicle is very reliable. I only spend about 20 dollars on gas every week. Has not cause any problems at all.

- Alex B

It's a good all around sports type car and it's super beautiful.

It gets pretty good mileage. It is very fun to drive. It is good looking. I have had very few repair issues.

- amy m

It is the smoothest, most exciting car I have ever driven.

Hugs the road even through the sharpest curves. Handles quick take offs to jump into traffic. Stops on a dime.

- Rhonda C

Mustang GT's are fun to drive.

It is a convertible that sounds awesome and goes fast. It is reliable and fun to drive. It is American made!!!

- jennifer g

the most important thing to know is that a mustang is fun to drive.

I like my vehicle. I like the way it looks. I like the way it drives. but can be difficult in winter weather.

- rick h

It is my dream car, and I have already paid it off.

It is my dream car and it is fun to drive. Buying it was a huge accomplishment for me.

- Andrea A

It is fun to drive with the top down both in the city and on the highway.

I love that it is a convertible, fast, the sound of the muffler, and it is dependable.

- Jen S

I work hard to pay for my car. I spend a lot of time on my days off cleaning it and making sure it looks good

Its black and looks good. It's very fast. It's got an nice exhaust so it sounds good.

- Shane A

It is probably faster than most cars. It can really get it down the road

I like the way it handles. I also like the way it looks. Just really like this model

- Bob B

It gets decent gas mileage for a sports vehicle.

I love that it is a convertible sports car, Mustang, I have wanted one forever.

- Barbara R

That my car is reliable and I have taken care of it

I like that it is reliable. It is good on gas. I can drive it very well

- Stacy M

it is not fuel efficient.

I like the look and the feel however I wish it had better gas mileage

- Aaron E

Valhalla is her name she's awesome

It is a beautiful car. Loud and fast. Love everything about it

- Gina R

It's care free to drive and fun to be in. It has a sporty feeling and handles extremely well on the road

It's very gas friendly fun to drive and in great shape

- George L

it needs high quality fuel to run like It's supposed to.

I like the sportiness but I hate how bad it is on gas.

- kristen r

It's mine and you can't borrow it or drive it. No eating in the car.

Looks good drives good and is functional with a family

- Zach B

Speed, color, and performance.

- Amanda L