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Reliable but not fuel efficient.

It is a comfortable car, but mostly only for two people. It features leather seats and you can choose the color of the interior lights. Regarding performance, it is a great car, fast response, easy and smooth acceleration, and great break response. Regarding gas, it is not a fuel efficient car, it typically does 19 mpg in city and up to 25 - 28 mpg on highway. It really depends on what kind of gas you fill it up with. We usually use the regular unleaded, and it gives it a better performance. However, we have found that using the unleaded/ no ethanol gas distributed by Mobil has given the car the best performance, more mpg and it is usually cheaper. This is a reliable car, it will let you know if anything is going on inside the car that has to be checked, or if any of the tires need more tire pressure. Giving the car maintenance is typically not so expensive depending on what you are doing.

- Michelle C

Ford 2014 mustang: the perfect daily driver!

The 2014 mustang is an awesome vehicle all the way around. With 305hp, it's fun to drive on the street and at the same time you get good mileage. Considering the bad stigma in regards to comfort associated with sports cars, I can say that this mustang is the exception. I have driven long distances (12+ hour road trips) and always felt comfortable to whole drive. The car has approximately 50k miles and so far, I have had zero issues with the car. It has been the most reliable and fun car I have ever had. I plan to keep this car for as long as I can, in hopes of passing it on to a child or grandchild in the distant future. I would highly recommend this car!

- Christian L

The 2014 ford mustang is a nice sports car.

The 2014 ford mustang is a nice sports car. The price nowadays is decent. Driving is a blast. The acceleration is super nice. Gets you from point a to b. Although it may not be the best on gas it gets the job done, and also turns heads while you do it. Personally I wouldn't recommend it to younger adults, or that it would be a first car. If you treat this car right it will last you a while. The interior is sharp and clean. Very smooth handling and the lighting on the inside is unique. I would recommend this car if you can find one for cheap.

- Matt M

Mustang's edgiest feature: headlights

the Mustang is an excellent sports car, partly because it strikes an appealing balance in so many areas. For example, its handling is athletic enough to provide a thrilling ride, yet smooth enough for a relaxing road trip. The interior delicately blends modern with retro, resulting in a handsome cabin that showcases an assortment of technology with a nostalgic air. Though pony car's aren't typically touted for their safety, the Mustang is one of the best in this category, earning higher crash test ratings than its closest competitors.

- As K

Love it. Lots of great features, but best for a single person or a couple.

I love my car. I get a lot of compliments on it. It has some great features such as making a sound when your fuel level is low (50 miles to empty) and counting it down for you on the dash. It will also tell you when your tires are low. I can plug my ipad in and get music through my speakers. 2 door vehicle, so not the best family car, as you'd be moving the seats all the time to use the backseat. Doors are quite large, so it can be difficult to open them all the way in crowded parking lots. But it's worth it.

- Laura O

I got my car from a dealership and they screw you over.

I got this car as my first car. When I went to the dealership and bought it, they told me that nothing was wrong with it. A few months after that I had to get my fuel pump replaced (which people say this is common in fords that have 40, 000-100, 000 on their car). Mine had about 79, 000. Also my air evaporator is broken and there is a way for the dealerships to Band-Aid the problem by charging it to make it appear that it is perfectly fine, but it is not and it costs about $2, 000 to fix.

- Christian L

2014 Ford mustang v6 convertible.

The 2014 Ford mustang (v6 convertible) performs very well. The only real issue I have noticed after four years of ownership is that there is a tendency for water to gather in the passenger side quarter panel after a heavy rain. It will slowly drain out over a period of time, but I keep an eye on it, and if it starts draining too slowly, I bring it to my mechanic, who can fix it easily. That aside, it really is a fantastic car, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

- Alexandra M

Black mustang coupe with custom wheels.

Clear coat fails early and Ford does not have it under their warranty. Water pump burst at 20, 000 miles. Performs well and rides smooth even with thinner profile tires. I am having issues with balancing my new aftermarket rims. Taken them in 4 times to get rebalanced and they say it is because the car is having trouble holding the balance even though the rims are custom made for my vehicle and have stock performance tires on them.

- Kendall O

A beginner muscle car for a fanatic

This Mustang is a great beginner for muscle car fans. It has a punchy engine, is a great commuter car, and does not have bad fuel economy (Despite the V8). I would say that it would be nice to have a little more tech in the car as it is pretty outdated, but who can complain as the reason you drive it for the beautiful engine. I would like it if Ford would put an exhaust that showcases that more, but beggars can't be choosers

- Victor H

Very modern, backup camera, Bluetooth. Black interior/exterior

My vehicle is not loud at all. The stock exhaust fits me well, and does not attract cops. The only problem I have had, is the tires. I had to buy brand new back tires for them not to keep going flat. Very spacious in the front and back seat. Even though it's a V6, it still has some kick to it. The car has a backup camera, Bluetooth, and USB cables. Black Cloth interior and black exterior with black rims and red calipers

- Savannah L

Basic review / basic interior specs

I have not had any issues with reliability. The car is very comfortable for me and has very nice bucket seats even in the back seat. I wouldn't recommend buying this car if you are usually driving more than 2 people because it is short on leg room in the back seats. I have leather seating that has worn in the last 4 years and for some reason the paint on the back of the trunk is fading even though I park in a garage.

- Nicole D

Riding horseback in style!

It is sporty and sleek. Per week it cost $30 to fill up the V6 tank. Has heated mirrors and seats. Just enough space for my husband and I. Got the Pony package which displays the Mustang logo on the ground from the side lights under the car mirrors. It connects to my phone via Bluetooth effortlessly. However, if I use SYNC it freezes my phone. Nice digital dash as well lets me see milage, gas, and oil levels.

- Tysha L

Grabber blue Mustang turns heads and makes memories.

I've enjoyed every moment driving in my car. I look forward to every road trip. The retro body style and grabber blue color always get attention. I will never look back on my purchase and regret it. There have been some issues with the paint on the rear deck lid that the Ford dealership refused to cover. This has been an issue with the peeling of the finish on many cars.

- Michael S

Mustang gt/California special really is special!

I bought my vehicle with around 30,000 miles in 2018 as the second owner. To date I have a little over 50,000 miles and have not had any problems with my vehicle. My mustang gt./cs is very reliable and even more comfortable. The 1/2 suede, 1/2 leather seats make for a super comfortable ride whether you are going a long distance or just 5 minutes up the road somewhere.

- Jessica H

Love my grabber-blue mustang.

I love my grabber-blue convertible mustang. I had ordered it back in 2013. It rides great and it is a pleasure to drive. The beautiful color really makes it stand out. I receive compliments on it all the time. I have not had any issues with it except for the recalls of the airbags which has been the same for almost any vehicle. It really is a dream car and I love it.

- Karol L

Great car with lots of power and options

My mustang is a gt with a turbocharged 5.0 liter v8 engine automatic transmission and convertible top. The car has a lot of power and extremely fast acceleration. The car is also my first convertible it is an electrically powered roof with just a flip of a switch and is very easy to operate. I love this car and highly recommend this car it is really awesome to drive.

- John L

I love the neon lights on the inside of the car you can change their colors.

I love my mustang, it drives very smoothly, it has a tight steering, it body shape is perfect for getting into tight places, I love how the mirrors are it makes it easy to see all angles. If you need to have power you can really move pretty quickly, the body is tight on it, the underneath is easy access to get to. The seats are upper end leather and very durable.

- Stacey J

Mustang convertible gunmetal grey coupe

Car runs super well. Engine is top notch when you keep it clean and well maintained. Never had a problem besides the breaks. Had to put new brake padding but besides that I got the car with 50k miles currently has 90k miles and still runs smooth as a baby. Car is super reliable and with the convertible top makes riding down the highway such a great experience

- Danny J

Mustangs by Ford the v-6 model has plenty of power.

I have no problems with vehicle. It is fun to drive, gets good gas mileage and maneuvers well. It is sporty I get many compliments about its appearance. The car runs great has a lot of power and gets going fast. I recommend Ford Mustang I have the v6 model it is very powerful so if you don't want a v8 you will be happy with the v6 it has plenty of power.

- Denise C

Fun, exciting, good times.

My 2014 Mustang is a lot fun its has 305 stock horsepower and drives really smooth, its pretty spacy for only being a 2 door there are 2 regulars seats in the back and you can also fit one in the middle. A few negatives are my son can't really see out the back windows and there is a government mode on it stopping me from using my car to the fullest.

- Isaiah H

Things to be aware of when dealing with ford.

Love the look of my car however there have been some issues along the way. Bought slightly used so it was missing its antenna. The clear coat almost failed instantly on the deck plate of the car which Ford refused to fix even though it was still under warranty. And the water pump burst with only 25, 000 miles on it. They didn't cover that either.

- Kendall O

Amazing ride! Drive fast in comfort and style!

It does fairly well on gas mileage, does great on tight turns. The seats have lumbar support which is helpful since I have lower back pain. The interior is durable and easy to maintain. There are so many features that I don't really think I have used a majority of them. I like the hands free Bluetooth setting. Less of a distraction for my phone.

- Julie W

Amazingly fun and sporty car! A definite head turner!

No problems really. Seems to go thru tired but that could be my driving. Great gas mileage. Sporty. Very reliable. I have the convertible and it is so much fun! The only major repair was 2 years in a had to replace the water pump. Luckily I purchased an extended warranty which covered the take and repair. Only had to pay $100 out of pocket!

- Beth W

Mustangs are fun to drive.

The mustang is a lot of fun to drive. Having the larger motor in the gt was definitely worth it. Even five years later I still have fun with the car. The fuel economy isn't the best but it's not terrible. It also doesn't have a lot of storage space. But it makes the mundane trips to and from work and other errands that much more enjoyable.

- Thaddeus A

The engine is glorious and massive power comes along.

I love my car because it's very powerful whenever you need power it's there and there's plenty of it. Outward visibility is good and overall is a good daily driver for my personal everyday life. I was able to receive this car at a very good price. The price was good I had to get the car and ever since then I've been in love with the car.

- Alonso D

2014 mustang premium package v-6

Awesome amazing vehicle. Would recommend. Nice performance. 310hp, very quick. No issues. Leather keeps nice but wears on side of seat due to rubbing with jeans when getting in and out of vehicle. Back seat legroom is limited. Large trunk space. Overall vehicle performs great. If you are looking for a good sports car this is it!

- Kim Y

Economical, reliable, and just a little squeaky.

My car has 67k miles and other than replacing a battery and routine maintenance I've not had to have any repairs. So far it has been very reliable. The brakes squeak some when stopping, but the pads are in good condition and the shop cannot identify a problem. According to others on Mustang forums this is a fairly common issue.

- Sh M

My 2014 Ford mustang is amazing.

It is everything I want in a car, power, room, performance, style. It is perfect. I could not choose a better car to drive than this Ford mustang. I drive it to work and for pleasure and I find that it does everything that I needed to do. The gas mileage is not that great but it is not that bad either. Makes me feel young.

- Danny T

My Mustang coupe is an all-American cruising beauty!

My Ford Mustang has been incredibly reliable and is a real smooth ride. It's pretty and fast, and always get offers to race on the highway, which I decline because I'm a chicken and a safety nut. I get it totally detailed every 9,000 miles so the car looks brand new at just over 36,000 miles. It's paid off too!

- Michelle L

It is blue so that is the best part.

I really like my vehicle. It is a very comfortable ride and goes pretty fast which is better for me. It is very eye catching. I do not like that mine happens to be a base model so it does not have many extra amenities. It also has some troubles with the window and the brakes but other than that it is very nice.

- Rachel K

The classy Ford mustang rules the road.

I love my car. I wish I had backup camera and play list. I like that I have had very little problems in well over 100, 000 miles. I like the look, the design and dependability. My biggest problem is the dealership I purchased it from in Bluffton, sc. I do not feel they are honest and misled me on some issues.

- Chuck R

Mustang after mustang. Fan for life

Super comfortable, very sleek. Inside has customary LED lights which is awesome. Drives fast and sounds beautiful without sounding obnoxious. My first car was a mustang and I drove it for 8 years. Now I'm on my 2nd and I've had it for 5. Sustainable and relatively cheap to fix in repairs (door dings/scuffs)

- Courtney M

My car is a muscle car that is convenient and sporty at the sameness time.

The Ford mustang is one of the best cars I have ever had. It has a v8 engine with a 5 l. The leather seats add a one of a kind comfort and feel for the car. The mustang is also American made which, me as a patriot, loves. The speakers are loud and crisp. The acceleration makes such a loud and awesome noise.

- Lucas H

It is an awesome car with great style and speed. It definitely turns heads.

It is a Mustang what more needs to be said?! They're the best can't beat them looks, comfort or speed wise. It is came completely blacked out from the factory need to add some undergo but I absolutely love my car. I really do not know what else to say about my car to get to the allotted number of words.

- Christine W

Love the muscle on this car!

Love this car. Drives smooth and is fairly good on gas. Was in an accident a few years ago and thanks to the muscle of this car I walked away with minor injuries. Not really a family car unless you only have 2 kids but even then the kids love it. Also wish the back seat were a little more comfortable.

- Nicole A

Buying a mustang does not have an age limit!

No problems. Love the convertible! Good gas mileage. Easy to drive. Not the most comfortable but I am older so that is the reason! Very reliable. Have not had any mechanical problems. Just recent airbag recall. Will be serviced soon. My husband and I like to put the top down and just go for a ride!

- Victoria B

2014 Ford mustang. Not a family car at all!

My vehicle is great for single men, or females. But it is only a two door. It is a gas guzzler and right now it is making a lot of weird noises and does not get up to speed like it should. And when it gets hit it does the worst damage for a tiny hit. I wouldn't recommend this car if you have kids.

- Kayla S

It is sporty and fun. Carefree car that is ready for summer.

Radiator blew out before, the lights are aftermarket and do not go with what the store has, it is very nice though. Very comfortable and sporty. The two door is nice and it is perfect for the type of car I want at this point in my life. It is a convertible so it is nice in the summer time also.

- Brooke F

Great engine and very good to get around

It's a pretty good car. Goes fast and is pretty good on gas mileage. The only thing I don't like is how small this inside of the car is making it hard to get in and out of the backseat. Besides not being very big I love this car and would recommend it to anybody who is looking for a sports car

- Amy M

It is a two door. It is a beautiful all black color.

I like the car it is very dependable. Good on gas. It goes really fast as well. Has needed very little maintenance. The car is very nicely designed. Not a whole lot of space. It only fits about 5 ppl and it's a tight squeeze in the back. Would not recommend this car to people with kids.

- Jessica D

My vehicle is awesome, beautiful and runs amazing.

I absolutely love my mustang. It's great on gas, it runs awesome, it rides really smooth. Its very reliable, the upkeep and tune-ups aren't that expensive. I don't have to worry about getting to or from. It also has a custom option to change the light color on the inside of the vehicle.

- Mikayla M

Ford Mustang Performance Review

The V6 motor has a lot of power. This is not my first Ford. They tend to be very reliable and a great value for the money. While low to the ground, it is still very comfortable. I have the performance package that comes with custom wheels and trim. Over 100K miles and never a problem.

- Chris T

The power! I can from 0 to 60 in nothing flat. 4th gear scratch.

The only problem I have the linkage for the stick shift. It's hard to get it in 1st & 2nd. It handles great. The air and heat work really well. I really like the Bluetooth for my phone so I can drive hands free. I wished it had heated seats. I miss that from my previous mustang.

- Michelle A

Great drive and fun to drive.

The handling of the car is second to none. Driving is fun especially if you have the convertible top down. Although gas mileage is not for the thrifty the car dynamics make up for it. This is my second Mustang and both have been great to drive. Both of my cars were California red.

- Mark D

Very reliable and great car overall.

2014 v6 mustang is a great car, very reliable and comfortable. Not to bad on gas considering. Definitely would recommend. No problems since I bought it. Enjoy riding it every day to work and doing road trips with it. Even though its a v6 it has very good power and great engine.

- Enrique A

Mustang gt premium with amazing performance

The cars performance is amazing it is very reliable. The only downside of is the besides normal maintenance, repairs can be quite expensive but that's what you get with a sports car. Also with the car being premium it's got the cushy extras. Interior lighting and sports mode.


Only problem with new car.

I had car back to dealer twice for front end squeaking. They had no clue what to do and couldn't find a problem. They decided to change upper control arms both sides the first time. Only one side the second time. The third time they duct taped something. It still squeaks now.

- Ann V

My mustang is a silver car

Love the Mustangs. Fun to drive. Very reliable. It's very comfortable and I love the way it performs on the road. It handles great around curves. I get a lot of compliments. The mustang is my all time favorite car. I love the looks of the mustang. Mine is a silver mustang.

- Kimberly S

Car seat difficulty, but otherwise perfect!

I love my mustang. I wanted the gt, and still do, but it is fast enough for me. I can merge on the highway with ease. I have not had any mechanical issues with it. I did just have a baby and using the rear facing car seat is rough, but other than that this car is perfect.

- Brittany S

Mishaps and joys of a Mustang gt.

Have had to replace ac clutch. Key programming is expensive and difficult if you lose the administrative key. Love the engine speed and sound! The car is fast and the sound system is great. Runs great with power. The interior is nice but the seats do sit slightly upright.

- Sarah R

This ride makes me look good.

I love the way it hugs the road. I have always wanted a Mustang and this is the dream car. It has a cool lighting package that illuminates the inside and it is customizable to my taste. It has leather seats and is retro style body. I can't say anything bad about this car.

- Kay A

The backseat is very small.

I like that I feel surrounded and safe in my car. The windows are not so big that they leave me feeling exposed to danger. I love the drive, it is just a better driving experience than my husband's Jeep. My only dislike is that it does not have an automatic remote start.

- Jessica P

I have Foose rims that are so slender and lovely.

It's so low to the ground, hitting curbs is a constant hassle. Besides needing to fix it up already, I love my car. The bottom piece covering the engine comes off too easily and is made of flimsy cardboard but somehow costs $700 to replace. I wish I had rear view camera.

- Anna B

2014 mustang preview. Mine is a convertible that gets a lot of looks.

2014 mustang premium edition. Love it, now have 50, 000 miles with no problems, except a small rear end oil leak under warranty. Gas mileage around town 18 to 20 miles per gallon. Up to 30 on the road. Six cylinder, cruises on the freeway best at 75 where it gets 30 mpg.

- Tony M

It is stylish and handles the road well.

I love the style and performance of my 2014 ford mustang. I wish that I would have chosen the Bluetooth options but built in aux port works for me. And I dislike that when the low pressure tire warning comes on it do not specify which tire but other than that great car.

- Nora G

Fun, fast car. Just not a family car.

It's small on the inside. Not very roomy. Definitely no back seat. Don't like the headrest. It's uncomfortable and doesn't adjust well. But it is fun to drive. Just not a family car. Style of car is nice and has good horsepower. It has Bluetooth and that's nice to have.

- Wendy R

The back seat is roomy and comfortable.

Nice car, nice looking but you have use the sport mode to get it moving. Should have spend the extra money for the gt. I hate the stock seats in most cars these days with an angled headrest that forces one to hunch over. I dislike no lumbar support in the stock model.

- Marina T

The stereo has no static or break up. It is a great system.

Performance is absolutely phenomenal! I love my car. The pick up on it is beautiful, the handling is impeccable, steering is smooth. It's a convertible. The top is a smooth put down. Unfortunately it is a manual top but the experience when the top is down is unreal!

- Matthew M

Lots of power at the hand of yours.

Quick to pick up speed. Comfortable. Reliable. Cool sleek looking. Lots of horsepower. Easy shifting. I love this car because of the way it drives and purrs. The dual exhaust gives it a nice engine rumble that vibrates your whole body while waiting at a red light.

- Angel D

Love this car! Not good in snow.

It is great! It is reliable, and safe! Hard to drive in ice or snow - definitely do not do that. I love fords and the reliability that they exemplify. I'll definitely stick with them in the future too. There was an airbag recall but they took care of that quickly!

- Sarah M

The vehicle is fun to drive.

Vehicle has had 2 recalls for airbags. I also had a problem with an oil leak that was covered under warranty. . Another thing I did not like about this model is that it did not come with bluetooth and the radio is pretty basic. Other than that the car runs great!

- Gloria G

Black on black. V6. Very fast.

I haven't had any car troubles. Have had normal maintenance done on mustang. It is a comfortable. It is very fast. Has 94000 miles on it. It is black on black. It has a jamming stereo system. It does have a little chipping of paint over both headlights. Easy fix.

- Linda F

Great looking reliable car.

Comfort, safety and reliability are all the most important things to me. My car has everything I want and more including being a sports vehicle. It's a lot more safe than you would think and the safety rating is high. Gas mileage is actually really good as well.

- Jonathan L

It's more comfortable than you'd think. Even my granddaughter is comfy in her car seat.

I love finally having a mustang! I've always wanted one. I love the look of it, the power in it, it's comfortable and fun to drive, gas mileage isn't horrible. I do NOT like the black color of it. It gets much too hot and the paint is chipping off from the heat.

- Kathy L

amazing muscle car, fast and safe

Can't go wrong on a V6 mustang, it is fast and does not spend as much money on gas, very liable for long road trips. Very comfortable but only for two people! do not recommend personally to travel long hours with people on the back seats due to short on space.

- Jacqueline P

Including the engine, breaks, and sound system.

I love driving my car but it is having some difficulties starting now. I fixed up the engine and made it have more powerful. It also has better breaks. I love the color of the car and style of the car. Also I put a better sound system in my car with speakers.

- Amanda M

It is easy to drive, and it is fun to drive.

I have always favored Ford vehicles for their smooth ride. The Mustang convertible had always been my dream car and I finally purchased. There's very little space in the trunk and backseat. I didn't have the option to change the color of the convertible top.

- Maria P

It can go really fast in a short amount of time. Also, if taken care of properly, it can last you a long time.

I have always had a Mustang and love the way it drives. This particular car is great except for heating problems I have had in the last few months. The comfort of my car is great as it is easy for me to adjust the seat in a way where I don't feel crouched.

- Shakira S

The color and performance is amazing.

Great car great gasb miles and really reliable. I love the performance. The feel when you hit the gas it is like riding on a jet plane. It is my daily driver and it just a very fun car to drive. The paint is nice and shiny and I get looks every time I stop.

- Steve S

The best thing about my car is it's comfortable.

I have owned another mustang previously to the one I currently own, and I have to say it's the best type of car I've ever owned. It's comfortable, quick, and depending on the model it's not to bad on gas. Never had any mechanical issues with either of them.

- Jacob C

Reliable, fast, and fun car!

I love the sleek and sporty design of the 2014 mustang. I've owned it for 3 1/2 years, and it has always been reliable, easy to maintain, and comfortable. I like American build cars, and Ford did a great job mixing comfort and performance for this model.

- Miriam P

Stylish and Powerful. Excellent running condition smooth ride.

I love my Ford Mustang Convertible. It's a V6, yet, it is very powerful, great passing ability. Smooth ride. No Mechanical problems. It has 68k miles & it has been great. I did have to put in a new A/C system, which was fine, I do live in the Desert.

- Marcia R

Best car and most fun car I have ever owned.

Love the car and have had no problems. It is service as detailed by ford. It is only used as a fun car and not driven to work. It is a gt 5.0 convertible has a full leather seating with heated seats (nice for winter) abs brakes and stability control.

- janet L

Engine roar, interior/exterior,

I love how smooth my car drives. The acceleration is to die for! Personally, I believe the Mustang is the best car to have! The interior/exterior is gorgeous. The sound of the engine is also great. Try a Mustang for all you wild inner mascara racers!

- Justin E

Sporty and fun to drive. .

My car is built for performance and speed. It is really fun to drive with the convertible top down. The color is red. I often go for drives to the California coast and enjoy side trips to places I have not been to before. This answer is way too long.

- Mark D

You can drive it normal but you have high performance all in one.

I love the design of the car. The design and layout of the interior of the car is sleek and stylish. The fact that I can set the car for racing and see what the air intake exedra is doing without having to add any extra gadgets is great.

- Cinnamon T

The 2013 mustang is fast and sleek a great muscle car with good driving.

Performance is great the back seating is very small not for small children and back seat riders on a road trip. The back tail lights is the best feature on the car. Have several customizable options as well as performance upgrades.

- Kimberly W

It is a ford, and I worked hard to get it.

I love the looks of my vehicle. I also like the fact that it is a 6 speed manual. I was a bit disappointed that I had a minor warranty issue with a decal that ford did not cover. But overall I love my car. It could use a sunroof.

- Kraig W

This car is all muscle, American Muscle!

This car is American Muscle. It's quick and sleek, easy to park and it looks good. It's an American made car, easy to get parts for repairs. I pretty much love everything about this car, its the 4th Mustang I've owned.

- Peggy H

It is fun, reliable, and cheap to own as a daily driver.

It is a quick car which behaves well in day to day commuting or road trips while being fun to drive when I want it to be. Also, the appearance gets complimented regularly with a beautiful blue paint over black wheels.

- Rob M

That the 2014 Mustang has a 9.2 customer rating out of 10.

I really like the power/gas ratio. You have a fast and powerful muscle car without the gas guzzling of other muscle cars with less horsepower. Just the right amount of horsepower, gas efficiency, and just plain fun.

- Douglas M

Mustang shelly. My mustang performs well, drives smoothly, is sporty & stylish.

I have just recently had to purchase a new battery and my car is 5 years old. It drives smoothly and is very comfortable to drive. It has good gas mileage and handles well. (wouldn't recommend driving in the snow).

- Shelly L

It is the best on the market and no other car can beat it

It is a red for mustang. Purrs like a kitten. I love how fast it goes and how I get lots of attention from people on the road. Not many people expect a woman to be driving a hot sports car like a mustang.

- Lorelei B

Excellent for American sports cars. A must have for any mustang lover.

It is very realizable. Comfortable. Handles very well. Decent trunk space. Plenty of horsepower. This is the 5. 0 get with track pack and pony package. Not a luxury car. Feels every bump and rides low.

- Jessie H

It is reliable, fast and gorgeous.

Love my mustang! It has power and I can get on and off the freeway is a minute, the stereo is awesome and I have my Bluetooth connected so I can speak to people without taking my eyes off the road.

- Rebecca K

All around awesome! She's very clean and very easy to work on.

I love this car I have always loved mustangs though but I mean of course with any leather seats it is not the best in the summer because they burn your legs but I love this car. Always reliable!

- Kaitlyn K

you should know that the gas mileage really isn't the best

Honest it's a wonderful car. It goes so fast and the interior is absolutely beautiful. when the you accelerate and you hit the woosh of the horsepower you really feel the worth of the car

- Donald D

rapid acceleration exterior of very good view, sports, represents the modern and stylish man

this car is an wonderful car, very quickly, it unique, for me excellent torque, powerful, rapid acceleration exterior of very good view, sports, represents the modern and stylish man

- wylly o



- Scott P

That it is awesome and everyone should get this car.

The car runs good on gas, it can go really fast and it runs very smooth. The seats are comfortable and the car as a whole is really comfortable especially for my size and height.

- Brian P

It is reliable with low mileage.

I absolutely love my Mustang, there is nothing to dislike about this car. It is sharp, cool, awesome, fun to drive, just feel like a million driving her.. No complaints.

- Sharon F

It is very safe and good on gas too.

I love my car it is classy and works for me it is comfortable and I am pleased with the way it runs.. And have had no trouble with it in the four years I have had it.

- Penelope L

Fun but not convenient vehicle.

I like the fact that my vehicle is a sports car. Although I can have fun in it there are some inconveniences. I cannot put anything in it because of how small it is.

- Christian H

Ford mustang is an amazing vehicle. The sound system is amazing.

My car is wonderful. The sound system is amazing. It is really loud. The seats are very comfortable and adjustable. It goes really fast. I like the turn density.

- Ashley E

The side windows are too small to see anything out of.

I love the speed but I hate the rattle of the top because it is a convertible. The convertible is why I bought it but the patches rattle and I do not like that.

- Lisa G

It is a really good looking car! It is also very reliable.

I love my Mustang convertible. It is fun to drive with fast acceleration, fast braking and superb handling. I am going to buy a new one in the nex1-3 months.

- David K

It goes really well in snow.

My Mustang is fun to drive. The top is easily drop in a matter of seconds. I really cannot think of anything that I dislike about it. I love my 'stang!!.

- Connie C

It's beautiful, everything about it. I love it and wish I could keep it forever.

I love my car its had a hard life and maintained very well. I drive it all summer long and put it away in the winter. It does not take to snow very well

- Leesa G

That it is a great value for the money. The only thing it has a small trunk.

I love the style, look and the way it drives. I love that it is a 6 cylinder but has great power and gets decent gas mileage for a sports car.

- Christine P

High performance 6 cylinder that looks great and gets wonderful gas mileage!

I have always dreamed of owning a Mustang. It is my dream car and I absolutely love it! I only wish it was a standard instead of automatic.

- Louanne C

I don't know anything about vehicles.

I don't know anything about vehicles. It's not even my own vehicle, it belongs to my mother. I just use it to travel to and from work.

- Michelle B

It is mechanically stable and very good on gas.

I love the color, the convertible top, the sound and Bluetooth features.. It is a fun car! The maintenance can be a hassle sometimes..

- Joe D

It's A Classic Ford Automobile Wouldn't Drive Anything Else.

The Car Is Beautiful Inside And Out! Runs Beautifully Great Gas Mileage. Very Easy To Drive. I Have Never Had A Problem With It

- Kathy D

It is a great midsize SUV. It is great on gas mileage.

Stylish, sporty, quality, good value, fun to drive. I love the manual transmission. I feel safe and confident driving my Mustang.

- Miriam P

Great sports car, terrible family car lol

The comfort is amazing! Such a good looking, comfortable sports car. Not the best choice for a family but perfect for just me.

- April L

It is my personal style, it fits me, the trunk is too small.

Difficult to see out of blind spots. Love convertible. Good gas mileage. Sporty style. Trust ford. Good service tech in mesa.

- Mary R

The most important thing is that it is only a v6.

I like that it is a sports car. I like how the colors sit. I like how it feels with me. The I also like the rims of the car.

- Tim T

Gotta have it green mustang v6.

My mustang is gotta have it green. It drives really smooth and I love the race car seats inside. I will always drive a Ford.

- Kirsten S

The most important thing people should know about my car is reliable.

It's a great car for the price. It's very sporty although it has limited sight distance looking out the rear back windows.

- Mary P

the engine and how nice and comfortable the interior is and it is more luxury inside.

I super love that it looks FAST and is super sporty ! People love its look and styling and always ask how fast it goes....

- jeff m

I love my mustang and would buy again.

This is my third mustang convertible and I have loved all 3. . . A 1999, a 2010 and my current 2014. And will buy again.

- Todd S

Keep plugs changed otherwise it will misfire.

I like everything about it except for the gas mileage, but I knew that when I bought the car so I really can't complain.

- Elaine W

This is a great car that drives well and will last a long time if you take care of it.

I love the look of the car. I love the way it drives. I love how fast it goes. I love the killer Shaker sound system.

- Scott W

That it's lower to the ground and you need to be wary of objects so you don't hit them.

I like my Mustang as it's a sleek car that has appealing styling. It also has good speed mixed with good fuel economy.

- Brad W

It's mechanically sound. It's ac is quick and cold for a tropical climate. It's a sound investment.

It drives like a go cart so is amazingly fun. It's also a vividly colored convertible. What more could a woman want?

- Joanne C

The car has a great amount of power and is a good entry level sports car.

Great car with lots of horsepower and a comfy ride. It provides decent fuel mileage and looks great while doing so.

- Jimmy V

It looks nice drives smooth and great Audio.

Seating is low drives a little rough in the rain hydroplaning likes to skip when it rains other than that good car.

- Charisma D

It is fun to drive and very comfortable.

Sporty and fun to drive. Very reliable and top goes down. Great for sunny days. Looks great and have no complaints.

- Mark B

Fun and comfortable to drive.

I have had no issues. Performs great very reliable. Super comfortable seats and I love the steering wheel controls.

- John D

Ford is a very dependable make of car and the Mustang is a blast

Love having a convertible here on the Central Coast...this is my 3 Mustang and will probably purchase another one

- Todd C

The most important think others should know about my car is that it is manual.

I like the way it drives. I like the comfort of the seats. I dislike the small amount of space in the back seats.

- Maria R

The most awesome Mustang, ever!

I have no complaints about my car. I love it. It is beautiful. It is super reliable and it sounds and looks cool.

- Sheri H

The ride is very smooth and I haven't had any serious problems with the car.

I like how smooth it drives and its general appearance. I dislike the mileage, want it to be more fuel efficient.

- Clarisse M

It is really fast and it give a nice kick every time that you switch gears.

Honestly I got zero complaints about my car. I drive a manual transmission witch is really fun switching gears.

- Luis G

That while sporty and fast, the suspension creates a rough ride.

2014 mustang fastback. Clean history. The suspension is the biggest issue. Sensitive or very flat, rough ride.

- Luis I

This car is fun to drive, gets good mileage and looks great.

I love how the car handles and that it's a manual transmission. I also love the interior design and lighting.

- Caoimgen o

It had projectors in the mirrors.

I am very pleased with my vehicle. My vehicle gets excellent gas mileage. I really don't have any complaints.

- Devin D

my baby is a convertible mustang

the car does everything I need it to do. it drives me to point a to point b. it also is a nice looking good.

- ray m

It's model and features like open top, sports mode, etc.

I like the model, the color. Performance is good. Doesn't cause any issues. Comfortable with enough space.

- Ekta K

It's a black Ford Mustang and it's great for street races.

It's great and really fast. Looks cool, girls like it, but the gas mileage leaves something to be desired.

- Chad M

Do not use it for a lot of long distance travel.

Center buttons broke very easily. Has good highway mileage. Ability to change the colors in side is cool.

- Alicia H

The love for my car runs deep and goes beyond looks.

I love the feel of my car on the road. I love the power at my fingertips. I have no complaints of my car.

- Joseph C

It is a performance car. It is very fast.

Like the way it looks. Do not like the gas mileage. A little to small inside also. Love the way it runs.

- Gina M

Mustang....Must drive, then buy!

Amazing handling, great power and features for your dollar. Easily upgraded to truly open up all power.

- Kyle C

It handles well and it is fun to drive.

It grips the road. It is a sports car. It is red. It has a Mustang on it. It has great take off speed.

- Jennifer H

the most important thing is that the car is stylish and smooth.

I like the style of the car and the comfort. I don't like the size of the trunk. want it to be bigger.

- mohamed O

It's incredibly efficient engine and rigid chassis

Incredibly fun to drive, great gas mileage, great sports car and honestly the best bang for your buck

- John R

It's a manual vehicle with six speeds and it's black

The seat and steering wheel placement is not great. The throttle response on gears 1-3 is super slow.

- Julie K

American muscle car with terrible gas mileage. I guess that should have been expected.

I love the power and feel of the drive. Dislikes are as follows: only 2 passenger and bad gas mileage

- Chris l

Maintenance will cost on an average of $2,000 a year.

I like the gas mileage. I like the sounds in the music. I don't like it's compact and scratch prone.

- Thomas B

Ford Mustang 2014 Great car

Performance is great. It's very comfortable when I drive. I can always rely on my car to go anywhere

- Daniel P

it is showy other than some of the sport cars around

It's a great sports car easy on gas drives great and is easy on gas for the size of it

- joseph O

really fun to drive on a sunny day

convertible with power. love it on sunny days. wanted one since I could drive.

- sue T

One most important thing you need to know is that my car is a Ford Mustang

I like the noise it makes. I like the comfort and looks of the inside of the car

- Sam S

It's very practical, reliable, and fast.

It is very sporty. It rides very smooth and has plenty of horsepower.

- Jimmy D

made in AMERICA by AMERICANS !!!

got a good deal ,used low-mileage great sound system....fun to drive

- Jack K

it's paid for and it's a convertible

convertible a/c not great looks stylish not a bad car

- Barry w

FAST as heck.............

Fast ,good looking and fits my personality

- andy P