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Overall, the 2017 Ford Mustang is a great performance vehicle at a good price

What I like most about my 2017 Ford Mustang is the touch screen Bluetooth stereo that allows me to sync my music playlist from my phone directly to the car. As soon as I get into the car the playlist automatically syncs and begins playing music. I also enjoy the very soft, leather heated and cooled seats. The dual climate control is a great feature as well as I like to keep my side very cold and if someone prefers a different setting on the passenger side, they can adjust their settings accordingly. The car has a very sleek design and the steering is different from prior years and feels much more sporty and handles curves great! The car has different settings, such as Normal, Sport, Track, and Snow/Wet which is perfect since I drive a lot for work and pleasure and often change settings based on road conditions, desired performance, and desired fuel consumption. The powerful Ecoboost 4-cylinder motor is sporty, yet gas efficient. I would highly recommend this vehicle!

- Jeremy J

The most fun sports car that will not break the bank.

The 2017 Ford Mustang is a pleasure to drive. It handles like a dream except in the rain. It is fast, and the manual transmission makes driving fun. It does well in the mpg area even though it is a sports car. No problems on a recent 500 mile road trip except the speedometer kept creeping up! Fixed it by using cruise control as I did not want a ticket! The back seat is not going to carry anyone but a youngster who is out of a car seat. I do not think a car seat could fit back there too easily, but I haven't tried as I do not have little ones anymore. If I could change one thing I would have upgraded to the model with the navigation system. The sound system is great, the air conditioning will freeze you on a hot day, the interior is very comfortable for the driver, and the car is the most fun to drive.

- Lisa W

In love with my comfortable and beautiful mustang!!

I love my beautiful bright red mustang. I bought it brand new with less than 10 miles. Therefore, I have not had any mechanical or technical issues. My mustang actually gets amazing gas mileage in my opinion, at least for a sports car. My car is a gt and is fully loaded! I love the leather seats that have heating and cooling options. My car has navigation, backup camera, and Bluetooth. The features are perfect for me and are really helpful. I have a 4 and 6 year old that sit in booster seats, obviously in the back seat, and they have lots of legroom. Overall, the stang is the best! It truly is a beautiful car that does turn heads.

- Misty J

The car has a lot of power and gets a lot of looks. Road trips are fun and easy.

I got the gt with performance pack Runs great, lots of fun, plenty of power. Love the car. I haven't had any issues with the car with performance. It will go through tires in the rear if you are having fun with it. I got the 6 speed which makes it a lot more fun as well. I do not drive it in the winter so no reviews on winter driving, but it does fine in the rain. The different driving modes do help out with rain driving if you want a little more control in the wet. The adaptive cruise control is a nice feature that I have on mine, makes highway driving super easy even with traffic.

- Nick R

The vehicle is a 2.3L, 4 Cyl, Ecoboost Coupe. It is black and fast.

The Ford Mustang Ecoboost is good on gas mileage, it picks up speed fast and it is reliable. I have not had many issues with it, except when it is hot, the backup camera will get fuzzy and turn different colors when the car is sitting in the sun too long. The car features includes heated and cooled seats which is very convenient. The car ride is very comfortable and the driver seat has an adjustable lower back support which helps in long trips. The turbo sounds very good when you are accelerating. I am very pleased with the vehicle's performance.

- Sadie C

Ford Mustang convertible is the coolest car, very fun and comfortable to drive.

Problem: sometimes the doors does not close with the finger (is necessary to use the key, same sometimes happens with the trunk) Performance is amazing ( I have ecoboost engine, I am very satisfied with the car power) seats very comfortable. A lot of features I love: lightening inside, button to close/open gate garage, you can change wheel mode to comfort, sport, etc. My car is convertible, that is a very nice feature. Fuel efficiency is not bad for a sport car, I make 24 mpg.

- Yulia E

Beautiful and economical car.

I have a 2017 ford fusion hybrid titanium. It is a great reliable car which gets excellent gas mileage. It has power seats, driver and passenger heated and air condition seats, power locks. Remote start. The seats are very comfortable. This car has just about every option you can get. It is also a pretty car. There is only one negative thing about this car. Since it is a hybrid, the batteries are in the trunk. So the trunk is much too small. Other than that it is a great car.

- Linda N

2017 mustang gt w/pp in grabber blue.

My 2017 mustang gt is in grabber blue. It has 435hp. It is very fast. Has 4 driving modes. Rain/snow, economy, normal and sport. Gas mileage is decent for an 8 cylinder muscle car. Over 20 mpg. I also got it with the performance package which has the upgraded intercooler and black sport wheels. Brembo brakes. The car is extremely reliable. No problems whatsoever. The only thing I will say is that the brembo brakes sometimes squeak but I hear that is normal for that brand.

- Mike P

I love the body, the color And I love how fast it picks up speed!

I have no problems, the gas is great I travel forever it feels like and never have to fill up! I love how it drives it's so smooth and laid back. The only thing is it is not meant for tall/bigger people. It is highly uncomfortable for them. As well as it doesn't have an extensive amount of room so it's literally you and one other person but I love it no one asks me for rides!

- John C

If you are looking for a cheap, reliable, and fun car then you have to get Mustang Ecoboost.

I bought my Mustang Ecoboost about a year ago now and so far I have not run into any problems. It runs very smoothly. The fact that you can toggle from comfort to sport for the steering wheel, just makes the car more amazing. AND the accommodations you get from the ford dealership is such a relief. Without going to much into details, Overall the car is such a blast to own.

- Edwin L

Sporty, economical, true Mustang vehicle!

Small back seat. Poor handling in rain/ inclement weather. Poor cornering. Fast off the line. Decent gas mileage. Minimum maintenance. Front seats very comfortable. Very ergonomic. All gauges, dials, and readout are well within reach and vision. Plenty of USB ports. AC works well. Good standard stereo sound. An overall good, quality, vehicle.

- John C

Great sports car for anyone. Easy to drive, but fast for a sports car.

The car rides so smooth & has decent gas mileage. Opening and closing the top of the convertible is easy to do. It has a good size trunk with being a sports car. The seats are really comfortable for being a sports car. I could not find the digital mph in my settings. I always have to reconnect my cellphone to my car every time I get in.

- Lori W

When you open the car door, there�s a Mustang reflected on the ground!

The only issue I have had with this car is related to the A/C. It only blew cold air out on the passenger side. This was quickly resolved with a trip to the dealership, and it was covered by my warranty! Otherwise, love my car. Leather seats, changing accent lights, good speakers, and fast (after the slower 4-cylinder pick up).

- Dee H

One of my favorite things about the car is when you turn on the turn signals the lights in the back blink across in a pattern rather than the bright orange light.

I have a 2017 Ford Mustang GT fastback. It is one of the smoothest driving cars I've ever driven. Being a GT it does have a built in exhaust system that makes it sound sweet when you hit the gas. The seats are made to contour to your body type and can be adjusted in several different ways for additional comfort.

- Amanda S

Review on the 2017 Ford Mustang

It works great has great gas mileage it runs smooth everywhere I go. Seats are very comfortable and has great speed if you're a guy. Speakers sound beautiful. Wish I bought this car sooner never had a car like this. Looks great in the inside and outside of the car. And the headlights are super clean and bright.

- Jonatan S

Total satisfaction and thrills.

Beautiful styling.. My Mustang is slick, responsive and so fun to drive. I feel safe and protected in my Mustang and at the same time have the feeling of excitement in driving a sports car. I recommend this car for anyone who wants to feel the thrill of power and satisfaction of driving a well engineered car.

- Teresa R

The best car I have owned in the past 8 years.

Gas is great on the car. Great drive n very comfortable. Love the leather seats and interior lighting. Love the LED lights and spacious trunk. The black rims really put a nice touch to it. Love the sport option to make it a faster car even though it's an automatic car it has the shifts on the steering wheel.

- Yvonne B

Mustang 5. 0 cs honest review.

I purchased the Mustang 5. 0 cs. I love this car. It has leather seating and it is so fun to drive. I purchased the 6 speed, which makes it funner to drive. The color is also very unique as its not flat white but pearl white. I frequently have people asking me about my car and stating how much they love it.

- Sarah T

Mustang Ecoboost convertible: It's an amazing car you should consider

It sometimes has problems rolling up the back window. I had a 2016 ecoboost convertible and it had the same problem. It's extremely reliable for me at least. It's also extremely comfortable. Sync 3 also works extremely well and the convertible does too. Performance wise its amazing from a 2.3 liter engine.

- Justin A

Mustangs are the number one seller with ford.

I have a bit of a lead foot when it comes to driving so the 350 horsepower makes it easy for me to pick up speed in a few seconds. I love how the mustang . Handles the road and it has all the features you want in a car such as seat warmers, nice sound system and sync. It looks good but is also affordable!

- Angela M

It's great on gas. Its smooth. Its comfortable. It worth the money

This is an awesome car. It handles really well. It is a 4 cylinder EcoBoost and it is great on gas. The tires are a little costly but in the long run, worth it. The back seat is very small, so don't bother saying it fits 4 people. More like 2. Get an extended warranty. I've had no problems yet.

- Lori B

2017 Ford Mustang gt is a one of a kind car.

There is nothing wrong with this car. It has speed durability and very good appeal. Blacked out interior and exterior with newly designed turn signals that seem to attract a lot of attention. Would definitely buy another Ford Mustang again. Definitely a fast car and turns heads when you stomp on it.

- Dylan N

Ford Mustang Owner forever

No problems and I have had no issues with this vehicle at all. Best vehicle for the money. It has the power needed when I step on the gas and the tires have lasted since I purchased the vehicle new. The color is perfect and Ford has always made a great car when manufacturing the Ford Mustang.

- Philip G

My car can also go 60 miles in less than 10 seconds.

My vehicle is so comfortable. It's perfect for me because it's not loud, it's fast, and I do not spend a lot of money on gas! Most mustangs are very loud and this one is perfect. One thing I dislike about my car is that it's pretty much just for 2 persons, the back seats have limited space.

- Brenda R

My car is super reliable and have yet to have any problems

So far no problems! Everything is running smoothly ! No complaints. It's super comfortable and reliable. And always a joy to ride in. No regrets and will most definitely buy another one in the near future. My car means the world to me and I can easily see me having it for another 10 years

- Mark G

Sports car with economy mpg

Love the fuel MPG and the handling of the car. Inside it has every option love all the modern conveniences. Outside it's a mustang, nothing more to say. I have 50 thousand miles and no issues. If u want the sports car look but the economy of a small car. Mustang ecoboost is the way to go.

- Michael S

Mustang 2017 ecoboost review.

Amazing car, comfort is great! Can only fit 3-4 people though. Often backseat passengers are not as comfortable since it is a coupe. Does decent on gas as well, washing it takes effort since mine is black. Oil change is every 3-4 months or so. Have not had any problems with it thus far.

- Jake T

At 367 HP and the value of the cost of the car, it is comparable to the V8

The discontinued V6 premium fastback manual Mustang is a great car! Super easy to drive and a great road tripping car. Not much room in the back so best for only two people. Car sits very low so it's not for your mom to be getting out of! If you have bad knees, this car is not for you!

- Nora S

Has front and side airbags.

V6 base model, good gas mileage, smooth ride, bucket seats, sync radio no GPS. Push button start, tilt steering wheel. Comfortable for two, not much room in the back for adults, would not recommend for family, but fun to drive for the single person. I have had no problems with my car.

- Kevin H

it is a great vehicle with lots of features

Its new to me. It is fat, I have to be careful. The seats are comfortable. The features are great. Bluetooth, Sirius radio, backup camera. It has voice commands which is very convenient. The gas mileage is ok. It uses regular gas which is good. It has a spacious trunk. Remote start.

- Susan H

I have the Ford Mustang ecoboost premium convertible! I love the car

I love my ecoboost premium. I have the convertible which is awesome when living in Florida! I've had both the premium and the base model and the premium is ten times better. It come with cool extra features that you can get with the base model. I also like the ecoboost over the v6

- Nicole A

I just think it's a great vehicle and I will buy again in the future.

I love how fast my car is. The seats fit your body so good. It feels like a race car. I like the color of my car its turns heads. This car is awesome... Ford I had them as my first car thought it was used and had a bad transmission. I enjoyed it and it was a good starter vehicle.

- eric V

I prefer coupe cars than a regular 4 door sedan.

I got a v6 mustang because I was a first time buyer as far as engines go. I would have gotten a gt mustang but I wanted to get used to a smaller hsp, than start off with a much bigger hsp. I am happy with my choice, I do get a lot of compliments on this car from car enthusiasts.

- Junior P

Best Mustang ever! Do yourself a favor and invest in one!

I love my mustang!! Its is beautifully designed and drives smoother than the best high end luxury cars! The sound system is so nice it's like a party inside the car! Its so fast and still super safe. It's always been my dream to own a mustang and my dream has finally come true!

- Lacey E

My dream car it has the performance and the look.

Hard to get in and out especially in the back does not have a lot of truck room either but I love the car and the attention I get it fits my personality. It has a good performance I do not have to worry about pulling out it can go fast it does not get good gas mileage through.

- shonda L

The best car I've owned ever!

I love my car. It's fast and it's reliable. The convertible is my favorite. It has a bunch of features inside and I love that it had a GPS built in and that I can use my Apple car place in it as well. I like using Waze and it pops up in the car screen when I plug my phone in

- Jessica F

What I like and dislike about my Mustang.

300rwhp, 280 lb. feet of torque, not a fan of the custom exhaust note though. I am also not a fan of the paint job. Figured it would have grown on me but it has not so far, but I also feel like it will once I purchase some wheels I love the sound or rev match down shifts.

- Derrick H

Mustang 2017 is fast, reliable, family friendly and very comfortable for all age

My car is amazing. The seats and steering wheel are comfortable for long and short drives. The cooling seats are great for summer. So far has been a very reliable car, I've had no issues. It's a fast car, but also great for families as a child seat fits great in the back.

- Emily H

There is no spare tire in the trunk, just a tire patch kit.

For the price I paid it should have come with Sirius/XM satellite radio & a built in Navigation program. It also does not have a moon/sun roof, which I would have preferred. Also, I would have preferred a 6 cylinder, but the 30+ mpg with a 4 cylinder is a great value.

- Pamela R

Ford Mustang California Special

My Ford Mustang 5.0 GT California Special convertible 6 speed manual is the most fun and amazing car I have ever driven. It's responsive, fast, and looks beautiful. I am constantly told by people in gas stations, parking lots, etc. what a great looking car. I love it.

- Susan C

Sleek design, high performance sports car.

Amazing vehicle, great performance and comfortable at the same time. Great features and quality stereo system. I have had no problems with my vehicle and feel like I can depend on it to get me where I need to go. It is overall just a fun car to drive and looks cool.

- Kaitlyn P

Fast, shiny, sporty and comfortable.

I love my mustang gt, it is powerful and sporty and comfortable and sleek on the inside. It sounds wonderful when it drives and handles like a dream. The heated and cooled leather seats, and remote start makes cold mornings toasty. The stereo sounds amazing as well.

- Matt W

Fully stocked with flowmaster exhausts the car's speed is so awesome.

The car is amazing, lots of room very spacious for both the front seat and back seat passengers. With features like heated seats and I love the fact that it is a convertible. It is really good on gas. This is my second mustang and I wouldn't trade it for any other!

- Marty R

Great leg room in the mustang gt.

It has no problems. It is very reliable. Has remote start. The seats are comfortable. My four year old has lots of legroom in the backseat. The trunk is roomie, and I can fold the seat down to make more room. It has a good radio. I would totally buy this car again.

- Sara T

Mustang ecoboost convertible: beautiful and fun to drive.

I have a 2017 Ford mustang ecoboost convertible and it is the best car I have ever owned. It gets great gas mileage and is very fun to drive. The leather is comfortable with air conditioned and heated seats. The touch screen is great and the car play is convenient.

- Jeni S

Very fast and cool looking car.

Very fast and extremely cool looking car. Rides fairly smooth but makes up for it in horsepower. I love my car so much it was my dream car to have. The clutch is really smooth when transitioning gears. Probably the smoothest clutch I have felt. Really love my car.

- Brandon G

I have a 2017 Lightning Blue V6 mustang with about 300 HP

I love my car, although it could be a little bit louder and sound a little bit meaner, it is obviously not a V8. But she definitely still has power and feels smooth. Flooring the gas pedal feels like the vehicle is really stuck to the ground. Definitely recommend.

- Gabriel M

Ford Mustang Tire Failure

I have a lot of issues with my tires. I have only had my car about a year and a half and have had to buy 6 tires. I always have a flat or low air. It's very frustrating. I also had an issue where it wouldn't switch gears. They said a certain piece had fallen off.

- Brittany W

The Ford Mustang Ecoboost model has excellent fuel economy.

The only problem that this year mustang has issues with is, digital touchscreen display. Sometime it may also have issues with Bluetooth connection from phone to vehicle. Aside from those downfalls the vehicle is very reliable efficient on fuel and performs well.

- Dylan M

Body style is unique in every aspect

It Runs great, looks great, but get automatic because traffic sucks. Seats are comfortable but it eats up a lot of gas. It is a great toy and you get a lot of compliments but I've had some Issues with it already like: tint, missing connections, and failed lights.

- Kimberly C

Just enough of everything to make a nice car.

My fifth Mustang, always will go back to it. Just sporty enough, fast enough, techy enough. Always a head-turner on the road, looks like it is moving when it is standing still. Dealership always treat me right and I'll keep going back there as well. That is it.

- Jean K

Sporty 2017 metallic gray mustang.

Love the way the mustang drives and looks. Feel it is a little crowded for my 6'2' husband but he likes the sportiness of it so stuffs himself into it. So far knock on wood it has been very reliable and good on gas. Has all the feature we as seniors would need.

- Virginia V

5. 0 gt mustang is the best.

Good gas mileage, Bluetooth, smooth and very comfortable and its a gt 5. 0 fast coyote motor, leather seats, heated seats nice good looking car and its very awesome, its blue in color and it's a nice design and it looks great, it has navigation and rear camera.

- Jose G

It's not just a car it's one of my babies.

I have always driven a Mustang.I love the power,the horses under the hood,the way they handle,driving fast is fun and just the entire car performs. I grew up with my Dad a Ford mechanic so I've always been a Ford girl and the Mustang is the perfect car for me.

- suzanne Z

Beauty and Power at its best. To drive a Mustang is to feel freedom!

The mustang has a lot of power and drives smoothly. It is comfortable so much so that you want to drive somewhere, anywhere. It has a very spacious trunk, but the backseat is a bit small. It is a very reliable car and very sleek with clean powerful lines.

- Kay B

Black 2017 Ford Mustang v6.

I had a problem with the engine during the first week that I received the car but I've never had any issues sine. I love the size of the car and how smoothly it rides, it also gets great gas mileage. Oil life lasts long, never have any problems out of my car.

- Jessica B

Ford 2017 mustang consumer review.

The Ford twenty seventeen mustang is an amazing car. It drives awesome and is super reliable. I would definitely purchase this vehicle again. I have so many memories with this car and is definitely my favorite car I have owned. Ten out of ten would recommend.

- Mckenzie W

Seat warmers. The ability to use different drive modes.

None. No problems. The car is a good car. I have had no issues. It is comfortable and easy to drive. I would recommend the vehicle to other customers. I like the ability to have the car as a convertible. I like the all black interior. It is a great vehicle.

- Heather S

Less Road noise. Better gas mileage.

This is my fourth mustang to purchase and out of the four it is definitely my favorite. I get fantastic gas mileage. I also really love how sleek it looks. It also ride very comfortably and there is not as much road noise as there was with my older models.

- Sara F

Great road handling. Smooth ride great control everything is right in reach.

Handles the winter roads with ease. It is good on gas and great on long trips. It is comfortable and handles well. It is a very fuel efficient vehicle. Mustang has been around since 1964 and I can see why. I think it will be around for many years to come.

- Tom D

Fun to drive and very attractive!

The Mustang is a great car that handles well. It's fun to drive. It has a back seat but it's basically unusable. It also sits very low so sightlines can be compromised occasionally. The front seats are extremely comfortable and the car is very reliable.

- Heather K

Four cylinders are the way to go!

Most reliable Ford I have ever had. There are many upgrades you can do to this car for less than the cost of a GT and still outrun them. Durable, not cheaply put together. I have had this car for almost 2 years and I've never had a single issue with it.

- Shelby K

I love my Ford mustang gt 5. 0.

I love my Ford mustang gt 5. 0. It is very sporty and has that get up and go power. It is very comfortable and has all the extras. The stereo is awesome! I love the mustang that lights up under the door on the pavement at night. Such a unique feature.

- Marge P

I love it, but wish it was a gt.

No problems, rides a little rough, ruby red is the prettiest color. Wish I could have afforded a gt but at 65 I don't need more speed than the v6. I searched for this car for months, had to speak to way too many salespersons, glad I finally found it.

- Pamela W

She is very comfortable and easy to drive.

I love this car so much I have named her. She is grabber blue and her name is bluebelle. I have only one complaint and that is how the black cloth seats wear in the sun and breakdown in side padding. All other features and performance are top notch.

- Laura B

They should know that it is very comfortable and fast, apart from being very luxurious

is a wonderful car is very comfortable fast and efficient really not had any problem with the only that your gasoline consumption is somewhat high but that is due to the strength of its engine, it is a very good car that I really recommend.

- luis G

The it has great pick up when needed, like passing other cars, or leaving a stop light.

I love my car, it does not do well with fuel efficiency, but I knew that when I bought it. The performance is very good, it is stylish and comfortable, and can seat 4 if necessary. the trunk is a decent size. Love my color blue too

- alex b

The car is extremely reliable and fun to drive. There is a sport mode if you want to take off quickly, or you move to normal mode to save on gas mileage.

I like the body and the rims. The rims are blacked out, and the car looks very sharp. I dislike the interior. The entertainment package is very lacking, and the stereo system looks like it was pulled out of a 1979 Pinto.

- Ryan M

My Orange Crush is Carbonated

Comfort of heated seats are great and the AC in them is perfect for Summer. The rear camera system is an incredible accessory all vehicles should have. The performance is excellent and handles very tight. Great job Ford!

- Cari F

2017 Mustang GT Performance Pack

I love my ford mustang gt. It is the best sports cars considering the fact it comes with a whopping 400 horsepower from the factory to the crank. This car is especially good for commuting daily back and forth from work.

- Louis J

The most important thing that people should know about my car is its outstanding performance.

My 2017 Ford Mustang is my favorite car I have ever owned. It is an all black, convertible Mustang with a two-tone interior. It has an amazing sound system, it is fast, and overall a fantastic vehicle!

- Hannah K

It's got a special grill on the front, and has track apps.

Its a v6 its fast, the seats are very comfortable, it's got a backup camera on it. It's got a rtr grill, it's got track apps. I love it the blind spots aren't bad. It's not good in the rain.

- Sharon D

It fits like a glove. It hugs me and the road. The ergonomics are on point.

I love the ecoboost get up and go. I love how the seats conform to my body. I love the cool seat feature. I hate that one of the back windows doesn't go all the way up without assistance.

- Jennifer G

the car was brand new so there was no mileage on it

i own a 2017 ford mustang with it being blue colored. i find the car to run great with the gas usage to not be too bad though it still kinda eats gas fast. the inside is very comfortable.

- jordan s

Ford mustang 2017 ecoboost.

The Eco boost makes it fast and conserve gas. It is comfortable, with a sleek look, and is very reliable. It does take premium gas but it is worth it for how well the car runs and lasts.

- Amber P

That it is a GT premium one of the most powerful Mustang models.

My Mustang is a great car.I really like the power and handling.The safety features are very advanced.The best thing about the car is that it's a convertible. I really have no complaints.

- JW C

The car has numerous features that make it a pleasure to drive

I am very happy with my Ford Mustang Gt the car has been extremely reliable and has had no issues whatsoever. The gas mileage is not the best but what would you expect from a Mustang.

- Jonathan P

The most interesting detail of my Ford Mustang is the functional it is, and the comfortable

I think that my Ford Mustang is a very unique car, I love it, I have to start from there. I feel my car have no problem, I care about it so so much, I like to see my car beautiful

- Keith T

It's dependable and fun to drive with enough power to get you where you need to go.

I love the color and the power of the vehicle. I do not like the very short, small entrance to the trunk. Though it is a large trunk, it is difficult to get items into the back.

- Shannon b

It is a muscle car and it steers like a dream. Love the power.

Like. I love the power of the car. The slickness it drives. The look and feel of the vehicle. Dislike. Could be smaller. Struggle to park it sometimes. Too low of the ground.

- Anton E

Gets me from point a to point b and allows me to feel comfortable as I do

It helps when I need to get one place to another. Helps when I want to feel relaxed but also allows me to get things done. It could stand out but it does not do it on purpose

- Joseph B

Sports car with bucket seats and great mileage

I love the bucket seats and the coupe style. It has nice features like back up camera, hill assist, and navigation. It is very comfortable to drive and gets good mileage

- Meghan F

My car is reliable. My Ford is smart phone friendly and the Bluetooth is nice.

I like that it drives fast. I do not like that it feels crammed. It drives very well. But feel that it could be larger in the backseat. It is more for 2 people not 4.

- Kristen S

The most important thing others should know about the Ford Mustang is that it quickly goes through gas.

My mustang is my favorite car I have owned so far. I really like how fast it is and the reliability. The one thing I don't like is the build quality of the interior.

- Presley G

I haven't had a new car since 2002 and I deserve this car.

It is a four cylinder so economic, but has a lot of get up and go. Very sporty pretty car. I like the lighted Mustang that shows on the ground when the door opens.

- Sharon S

Overall it is decent. It is a fun car to drive.

My bumper came off within a year of having it. Fun car but basic model could be better. Small backseat so I only ride with a passenger. Nice size trunk.

- Shay S

It is a premium model with full exhaust.

It is fast enjoy the sound of it when driving and also looks so beautiful the color is my favorite blue and only complaint I have is the ticking noise.

- Andy L

The reliably of the car and manufacturers with a great warranty and service department that works with the owner.

I like the style and appearance. The way it handles, the interior design and the comfort of the ride. The gas mileage and the maintenance maintain it.

- William O

One of the most important things you should know about my car is that it is a classic.

what i like about my vehicle is that it is a classic muscle car and is from a trusted brand. What I dislike about my car is that it is a gas eater.

- Dusty J

The one most important thing others should know about my car it's the most important in my life

I love my mustang it's fast enough but not too fast. Not too loud and heavyweight feeling. It looks nice and unique and has enough room for just me

- Ruby m

An interesting detail is that it has 160 on the dash.

The performance is highly durable. If you are tall then this car is not for you because it runs small. The features are amazing good seats and all.

- Haylo W

Mustang Roush Stage 1 Review

It is a wonderful car! It is a Mustang Roush Stage 1. It has an ecoboost engine. Even Though it's not as fast a s T, the cosmetics make up for it!

- Manan P

It's Very Fast But Has A Very Good Fuel Economy ..

I Love The Way It Looks & How It Is Black & Very Sleck. It's Also Very Fast. The Only Thing I Don't Like Is The Radio The Screen Is Too Little.

- Jarvis G

315 hp out of a 4 cylinder engine and 20 mpg city

OMG - It's awesome! it looks beautiful - sporty but classy. Turbocharged 4 cyl gets 315 HP with good gas mileage. Has all the goodies too

- Debra m

It is fast and fun to drive.

Love it. No problems a all. Love the pick up and the brake system. Get about 19 miles per gallon. Very comfortable but not a family car.

- Kim M

Difficult steering when accelerating.

My only dissatisfaction with my mustang is it is tendency to drift off the road when shifting gears. Ford seems to think this is normal.

- David A

The Interior and customization options that you are able to have.

I love the interior of the vehicle because it is so luxury at such a normal price. The horsepower is the best part of the whole vehicle.

- Dave S

Ford mustang gt, muscle car revamped.

It is a very reliable vehicle that has great power yet comfort, although I wouldn't recommend the automatic as it is not very engaging.

- Amir D

great for a couple with no kids

poorly designer, minimal space in back seat. No issues with handling. Drives well in winter too. Has multiple drive features as well

- lorie p

It's one of the safest coupes. It is also very inexpensive for the perks that come with the car.

I like how roomy the mustang is. I like how fast it is. I also like how sleek it looks, however I hate how low it is to the ground.

- Alejandro H

The car is a very reliable and fun car, you will love it for years to come

Is a good mileage, reliable, strong, fast, sleek, fun car, I enjoy it very much, is very well built and it has taken me everywhere!

- Albert G

Red Ford V6 Mustang the color is race red which is beautiful in the sunlight this is my dream car

Cloth seats which I really love, Bluetooth speakers, has 6 speakers which is amazing! A V6 Engine is what I love most about my car

- Mariah M

Ford did a great job designing a sporty car that is attractive and has speed.

I love the gray color of my car. I love the sporty body style of my car. This is my dream car. Wish I had purchased leather seats.


Driving it is a comfortable experience.

It has excellent acceleration. The interior is designed for comfort: seats are heated/cooled and the sound system is premium.

- ian B

amazing V8 engine that makes good noise

performance are amazing. The sound of the motor is amazing, it is really nice to have a V8 engine even it burns too much fuel.

- Aaron R

There are three engine types.

I like that it is a newer luxury style body. I dislike how long the front is, makes it hard to park in garages in a complex.

- Nina A

That my car should be respected like it was their own

I like the sleek design of it. The way the turbo motor sounds when i am driving. I dislike that it only has two cup holders

- Alyssa O

Ant Mans 2017 Ford Mustang review for the ages

2017 Ford Mustang V8 engine, fast loud and awesome car to drive. Highly recommend this vehicle if you are into cars at all.

- Ant M

She is an automatic but can be a six speed with the paddle shifters. She is also very low profile so drive with care.

I love the ride and styling of my mustang. I couldn't live without the NAV screen and backup cameras. No complaints so far!

- Gaynell M

Great car! Great power! Great looks!

Great car. Simple and easy to use features. Non distracting dash. Good gas mileage. Fun to drive. Backseat is very small.

- Stacey W

I have a white EcoBoost Ford mustang with black racing stripes.

I have had my car for a little over a year and I love it! I have had no problems so far. It looks great and drives great.

- Kelsey K

It feels great to drive!! It is so fun to get it out on the open road.

I love It's look and power. I don't like that there are certain things about it that make it obviously not a luxury car

- Mandolin Z

It is very fast and powerful car.

Love the look of the car. Love the gas mileage I am getting per gallon. Hate it is 2 door. Hate the small back seats.

- Jeanie P

this car is awesome and fast

My Mustang is awesome. It is an ecoboost and has an incredible ability to take off fast. The steering is wonderful.

- Teresa B

great power and performance good gas mileage in the city

love style handles well dislike the way seats are unable to go back in place after loading things into the back seat

- susan g

It is so much fun to drive.

I really like the way it handles and looks. This is my favorite car ever! I dislike how much gas it uses though.

- Javier H

my car is dope when I drive everybody is looking

I love my car its goes fast and its in good shape good on gas. I go everywhere in it the transmission is good also

- john w

The car is comfortable and very fast, but still good on gas

It's great. Good gas mileage and great comfort. Very smart and very responsive on the road. And got a good deal

- james b

That it is great with gas.

I love the look, the sounds it makes, the looks I get from everyone around me. It is a lifestyle and I love it.

- Andrew R

Although it can go pretty fast and accelerate fairly quickly it's very good on gas from my experience.

I like the ecoboost feature. Also the roof is very easy to lower and raise and lastly I like the sound system.

- Ashlyn S

it gets better gas mileage than what the sticker says that it does

The ford mustang handles great and hugs the road. You can stop on a dime and outrun anything else on the road

- Glenda L

It's fast and fun to drive!

I love the style, features and the way I feel when I am driving my Mustang. I LOVE the convertible top, too.

- Marie B

Its my favorite color I love that it's small the speed is great the interiors is a light brown I really love it

I love to drop my top I love that its a fast car is just the right size for me and my wife to go for a drive

- Robert B

Great car for late 20's to mid-30's and beyond, comfortable yet sleek.

Comfortable, great on gas, easy ride, great in all weather, very reliable, better than previous cars owned.

- Marge C

Fuel economy is very important

Love my cars power and fuel economy.only complaint is the back seat is no d of small. Also I love the color

- Richard S

mustangs are easy to customize so they all can look a little different

No problems, love it ,love ford. fast looks good lots of accessories for it....pretty inside and out

- mel b

It's mine. I enjoy driving it. It looks great and that what makes it mine.

I have driven mustangs for 18 years and love them. They look great. They run fast and I enjoy that.

- joe m

That it is a reliable car that is sold for a good price. It is nice looking too.

I have had Mustangs since I was old enough to drive, they are reliable & sell for a good price.

- nancy m

Others should know that it is a "cool" car with great features.

I like the features my car offers. I only wish that I had sensors in the front of the car too.

- Kaitlin P

The car is a sports car but, it rides very smooth.

I like that the Mustang is stylish. I also like that it's sporty. The car is also affordable.

- Alicia F

It is very beautifully designed, interior and exterior.

The car is beautifully designed. It is pretty good on gas, could be a little better though.

- Steven M

The gas mileage is not good. I frequently have to fill up the gas tank .

My car has bluetooth and navigation. It is a convertible. The gas mileage is not very good.

- nicole k

It is a very reliable vehicle, despite gas mileage. It is a fun vehicle to drive.

i love my car. it sounds amazing on the highway. it's a great and fun vehicle to drive.

- chelsey k

Safety ratings of the car compared to other vehicles.

Too low to the ground. I like the car. I do not like the Ford dealership that I go to.

- Emma L

It looks good and is sporty.

I like the look of it. I wish the seats had recaro ones in them like my last one.

- Chris E

It's sporty and defines me.

I love the sporty convertible top. I dislike that it does not have apple carplay

- Maggie H

It's a blast to drive and take out on curvy, demanding roads.

It has great looks. Very nice performance. Grabber blue is the best.

- John S

I really like the way it looks and drives. I don't like the way it guzzles all of that gas.

It takes a lot of money to keep it on the road as far as gas goes.

- James N

I love it. It is awesome it is fast and black and big and it looks cool and my girlfriend love it and so do I

It is fast fast fast oh yeah man it is really really fast

- Zhaohua S

That i really love my car. It has reached all of my expectations

Amazing car. One of the best purchases i have ever made.

- Randy M

It's fast and an awesome car to own

I have owned 3 Mustangs and this is by far my favorite

- Christina F

It stands out but It's flashy

Good on gas and easy to drive and gets to speed quick.

- Joseph h

Love the color and that it is a convertible. No complaints to speak of. Hate that I can't drive it as much as I would like.

That it is very fast and also comfortable to ride in

- becky p

the part most important in my car is the motor, horsepower

very good like it my vehicule all, nothing dislike

- jesus N

Its very Luxury. And fast

I really love my Mustang!. It's very comfortable

- Arlinda R