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M mustang 2018 ecoboost premium is black and is very fun to drive.

I love this mustang. It is not that great on gas, but it is a sports car. It drives so smooth and is easy and fun to drive. The bucket-type seats are super comfortable and it has plenty of space in the front. In the back, there is not much space as it is a two door car. The trunk is also very spacious and is easy to pack all the groceries in the car. The features are great, the screen is big with navigation, apple carplay, Bluetooth, a lot of features. When it gets close to an oil change the pick up lags slightly, but other than that the performance is great.

- Nicole G

Fast and affordable 2018 Ford mustang ecoboost.

We decided to lease a 2018 base model mustang after we could no longer drive our 2007 mustang. We were hesitant to go with the base model but because of our financial situation we decided that would be best. The more we drive the more happy we are that we saved our money with the base model. This vehicle has all the bells and whistle you could want including different driving modes and its fast. It has a ecoboost engine and a small turbo. The perfect amount of get up a go for everyday driving and fun on the track.

- Katherine S

You get a good amount of luxury for a sports car in the price range.

The throttle response is awesome as well as the brakes. The transmission shifts slightly roughly sometimes which is more noticeable when it is downshifting. The heated and cooled seats are awesome and I can't wait to use the heated steering wheel when it gets cold enough. The leather is very good quality. The digital gauges are really neat and you can set your instrument cluster to show different information. I love the automatic wipers and the auto bright lights. They lane assist is a good feature.

- Amanda P

It's really comfy and it's really nice looking.

For the automaker teams that engineer, develop, and tweak the Chevrolet Camaro and the Ford Mustang, the pony-car war is a seemingly endless, seesawing conflagration conducted with an intensity bordering on religious fervor. The objectives are simple: outgun the opposition on the road and annihilate them on the sales front. When your side loses ground, which will inevitably happen, escalate the war with more power, better handling, additional features, and improved styling.

- Vladimir Q

Have the car with kids and possible maintenance on the car.

Have had no problems with the car involving things breaking or going wrong with it. Did end up getting a nail in the side tire and be warned the tires cost a lot more than on other cars. Very comfortable seats and smooth driving, as long as you are able to get in and out of low cars. Would not suggests for those with car seats as you can do them, but it's very hard to take in and out and if the child is an infant it is hard to maneuver them in and out as well.

- Rebekah A

The Mustang's evolution from muscle car to impressive all-around sports car continues.

The Ford Mustang is the original pony car, a slice of history and a symbol of one of the world's largest automakers, all bundled into one American icon. With its 2015 redesign, the Mustang shed a few other labels — for the better. It can still shred tires with the best of them, but chassis upgrades and the elimination of a live rear axle marked the Mustang's turn from one-trick pony to legitimate sports car, with handling and agility to match.

- Tom P

The best convertible at 30k price point.

The little window on the back will not roll up all the way in convertibles. Other than that everything is working perfectly. Especially the s plus mode makes you feel like you have a supercar. Convertible top is very easy to operate but makes you wish that you can drop the top by using the key fob only. Adding that feature would increase the overall value that the car offers.

- Can B

The fast 2018 Mustang 2.3L

I have purchased a new 2018 Mustang with most of the electronics packages because I have always wanted a Stang and wanted the conveniences of the electronics. I would have like a manual but the 10 speed auto is okay. I have the color that I wanted and heated and cooled from seats. The engine is a 2.3 and not the 5.0, but it still goes fast without effort. It is an ecoboost.

- Michael R

It is very luxurious and fancy.

It is a fancy luxury car with very comfortable seats. It also drives very smoothly when it comes to bumps on the road. It is extremely efficient. Very nice color. Nice windows. Very spacious. The model is pretty. I like the wheels. I love how low the car is. It is one of my favorite gt mustang models. The back window is very big and clear. The trunk is decently sized.

- Michelle Y

Always wanted the mustang gt and after finally getting one at the age of 62.

Really stands up to the performance and handles the curves really well. The interior is very comfortable and the seats hug you. Although it does take a little more effort to get in and out. I do not know about comfort for a long trip yet. . Gas mileage is about 22 m. P. G. For me. . . The pipes have an awesome growl to them and really makes you feel young again.

- Monica A

The perfect car for a dad

I take my car to work and the mileage is okay but it is a lot of fun to drive and makes the drive to work better. On the weekends it good to take out with my son or wife and we enjoy it a lot. The trim is high quality, never had it breakdown and servicing is very good at dealership. I'd recommend it to anybody wanting to spice up their days.

- Smith A

2018 Ford Mustang Ecoboost Premium.

I bought my Mustang in June 2018. I absolutely love it. It is the basic ecoboost but it has a turbo in it that makes it move fast. The seats are comply. It is a very reliable car and I have had no problems with it. The only downside is that it is smaller on the inside than the other Mustangs, but that is just part of it being a Mustang.

- Micah D

I, and a lot of other people, love the color of my car. It's a crimson red.

I've had to take my mustang in a few times to the dealership due to transmission issues and updates. Sometimes I'll put it in drive and step on the gas, but doesn't move so then I have to put it in park and drive again in order for it to move. I will probably be taking in my car to get that looked at soon before the warranty ends.

- Shema M

Is this 25 characters yet or no

A crimson red sheaths the exterior of the car gifting it a flashy view for the pleasures of the eyes. The interior is engulfed in leather cushioning with silver tinting. The seating is very minimal almost as if meant to be a 2 seat car, yet it stands that 4 seats are available. The backseat is small compared to the roomy front.

- Nathan S

My car is a 2018 Ford Mustang ecoboost. It is black and a really nice car.

I really love my car but it has some flaws in the series 3 on the radio. Sometimes it just will not work, other than that I haven't had issues with it. I also am going to purchase new seats because the stock ones are not so comfortable. It is a fun car and it is beautiful, I love it and would always recommend it.

- Nicole L

The performance of my Ford Mustang has never let me down.

I'm very satisfied with my car, the feel, power and performance give the best experience. I haven't had any issues just yet, there's so much to about the car. Being in the driver seat of a very powerful car gives you the power that normal vehicles; including most electric cars can not even compare.

- Richard S

The best 2018 mustang made.

Performance is the best on an ecoboost enough horsepower and economic. The seats are comfortable, the digital cluster very nice upgrade. The paddle shifters with rev match is one of the coolest features also including active exhaust system. Besides remote start from a distance is also very cool.

- Alexis R

The gas mileage is fantastic.

I have not had any issues with my car at all. It is a great car, and the ground clearance is why I purchased this car. I drive over gravel and on a ferry to work every day. Have not had any issues when the tide was up. Also the acceleration of this car has completely exceeded my expectations.

- Desmond P

Try a mustang you will absolutely love it.

I have trouble with the defrosters clearing off moisture. I love the ability of the car to get out and pass slow vehicles on the road. It is really sporty looking and has all the conveniences on the interior. The on screen helps with reverse and the telephone is easy to use in the vehicle.

- Janet C

Just A Girl And Her Hot Rod

Had my car for 1 year already. It's very reliable and of course with it being new the maintenance is very easy. It's fast and looks sharp. I feel very safe when I'm driving. Got the performance package because I liked the look of the wheels and the rear wing. I'm very happy with it.

- Jennifer S

it handles a lot better than most people think. the IRS(independent rear suspension) allows for superior handling and grip and allows one to make turns at higher speeds with less chance of spinning out

My Mustang Gt is Awesome! it has plenty of power to outperform most vehicles. car is very comfortable as well and does not feel like a fast car until you get on the gas. the Mustang gets better gas mileage than most competing V8 muscle cars and has a faster 0-60 than it competitors

- James W

Mustang black on black very fast not a big enough fuel tank.

Look closely at the paint when the shipped the car it had marks of sparks from the train shipping it. Performance: 460 hp manual shifting can't go wrong its a monster destroy any one in first gear all they see is your tail lights. Comfort is great shifting is very smooth.

- Bryan A

Mustang EcoBoost has lots of get up and power.

I am very happy with my mustang. I like how the seat is fitted to you, it is very comfortable. I was also happy that along with the modern radio and display there is still a CD player in the car. It has a nice smooth ride and has great pick up even though it is a 4 cylinder.

- Sharon R

Amazing vehicle to own and drive

Very reliable vehicle. I love my car and driving it and never have any doubt on its performance. The features on the car are a great addition to, such as: mustang light reflectors when doors open/close, touch screen radio/navigation, and sunroof. I highly recommend this car!

- Jo J

Yes it is an ok car and need one to drive.

Great stuff to drive and I wish I had a car like that because I need a car to drive me places and it would be nice to find a brand new Mustang really cheap and to drive it and I need one so badly sick of walking all of the time it is very annoying and gets old after awhile.

- Jeff J J

Looks amazing, good drive, alright on gas when driving on freeways often.

My mustang is American muscle vehicle and has a masculine vibe to it, however, the drive and interior is extremely comfortable. It is a bit small in the backseat, but as long as you are not always driving more than one person around, it is the perfect car to drive around.

- Liz K

Premium ecoboost mustangs. I am a fan of the fastback look and the 2.3 motor.

I enjoy the power and handling of the car. It has great features. It has heated and cooled seats and heated steering wheel. I have also upgraded some features such as a tune and strut tower brace. I wish it had memory seats and the performance pack with the 19 inch tires.

- Robert S

the color of my car is amazing it�s an dark blue

it's the best car ever! you'll love it. it's the right size, it's very comfortable. My mustang doesn't give me any problems, it's just so perfect. Features are amazing, I love just hitting the gas & going. You honestly cannot go wrong with choosing an mustang!

- Debra I

Performance: had 10 gears and drives like a race car.

Gt no it is a convertible high performance handled the road nicely. Seats are leather heated and air conditioned. I can change the way the car handles by selecting different features such as drag strip, wet:snow, normal or sports driving. This is my 6th mustang.

- Kathy B

I love the all black and tough look

sometimes it is hard to get people into the car due to the fact that there are only two doors and that the car is so low to the ground. I also feel like the Wheel should be adjustable and be able to move up. Also it goes through gas pretty quickly but it's nice

- Jenna C

Mustang gt is a great sports car.

I am getting great performance from this car and it's very reliable, it's very comfortable and it looks great with many features. It gets great mileage and I have not have any problems with it so far. It is a convertible and has both a sunroof and a moonroof.


Mustang horsepower and mpg.

It has a lot of horsepower, definitely for the price. Compared to other cars on the market like the camera and chargers, it is overall just a better car. The miles per gallon is not too bad. I drive on the highways often so I get around 25 miles per gallon.

- Alex P

I love my mustang 2018 reviews

I love my mustang! It has amazing seats. Large trunk. It drives very smooth you have different options of changing to sport. The gas is efficient at least for me. It has a bit of a boost which I love. It's a fancy looking car that isn't that expensive.

- Carol A

2018 premium ecoboost mustang

I have no problems with my car. Very great on gas mileage. Pretty quick, very comfortable to drive on short and long rides. A lot of features that come in handy. Speakers and Bluetooth are great. Drives really smooth and wouldn't trade it for anything.

- Brandon L

Love it! Perfect for two people.

Perfect fun car, very reliable, fast, perfect for road trips, something that is not driven all the time. Very comfortable, heated an ac in seats. Not a family car. Perfect for two people. Fast, dependable, not the best on gas because of engine size.

- Lori C

Mustang GT Convertible Review

Powerful & Comfortable. I'm the type that custom orders vehicles, so the options also match what I wanted (or as close as Ford makes). It's been quite reliable after a peculiar issue when I got it.

- Scott C

2018 Ford mustang GT is the car to buy

It's amazing in all categories. The engine is powerful, drivers like a dream! Seats are comfortable and hug you while driving. Handles extremely well and goes from zero to sixty so far it's crazy

- Kim K

that it's a whole lot of fun to drive and they should get one

i got my car because it is the last year they are m making the color i wanted. i love my car. wished i could have gotten an 8 cylinder but they are too expensive but i still love my car.

- thelma t

Have no accident on it the only problem I had was the ac got it fix.

Actually there is nothing I dislike about this vehicle. She sounds amazing drives even better. Great on gas for a v8. She was made well and solidly. I have lots of fun with this car.

- Thalia S

It is fast but it does not get great gas mileage.

I like the fact that it is sleek, fun to drive, and is fast. I do not like the fact that it is low to the ground and the back seat is small, it is hard to get in and out of.

- Candice B

It's amazing on gas mileage.

I love my vehicle. The gas mileage is great for trips or in town. I like the way it looks and so do others. People stare at it all the time. I would recommend it to anyone.

- Krystal C

Race red mustang with black and red leather interior/ looks great.

I just bought my mustang about 2 weeks ago in ft worth, tx and flew down there to pick up/ love it/ it hold to the road really well and has enough pep for me/.

- Jean B

It's unbelievably fast for a mustang.

Brand new ford mustang recently bought, beautiful. I love the power it has and the way it rides. Nothing bad comes to mind from me thinking about it.

- Felix R

The horse power is perfect and it handles so well!

The eco boost engine gives the mustang great pick up. It handles well and has decent gas mileage. The seats are comfortable and offer great support.

- Katrina M

My vehicle is a 2018 Ford mustang and it is a very great car.

My car is basically the best except the seats. They are not very comfortable. I love it when the car starts and I open the window and feel the wind.

- Keith C

It is safe, handles with ease, fully loaded.

It is my fun little space ship. It has great pick up, turns on a dime, looks great, every guy in a sports car wants to race me, nice sound system.

- Sher H

the eco boost is not fuel efficient. It does not give the economy stated by the manufacturer

I like the vehicle. It seems to be a quality built american car. I have previously owned foreign cars. The biggest complaint is poor gas mileage

- Dave W

It is extremely fast and is a smooth ride and looks good.

The performance of the car is amazing the bank for your buck in new mustang gt it is amazing much better than the Camaro I test drove.

- Elliott M

Gorgeous gal that makes me bust a nut every time I rev her up.

It is a very sleek and attractive car that I find enjoyable to drive. It is very luxurious and well worth the price I paid for it.

- Lachlan P

Handles beautifully. It is appearance is exceptional and quality is outstanding.

No complaints. I love everything about my car. The only thing I dislike is fuel economy however I knew that before I purchased it.

- Jane T

The safety features are incredible. It has everything and I feel very safe driving in it.

I have a red convertible. Love it! Love the ride, the options, the look of the interior and exterior - love everything about it.

- Nancy M

It's a lean, mean, street machine; a perfect blend of track performance and exquisite ride.

GT model with a low rumble. I absolutely love the design. It's easily the most fun car I've ever purchased. No complaints at all!

- Richard R

That it is a solid, safe and dependable vehicle.

I like everything. It's a great car. It's very fast and good for racing. The only thing that could be better is the gas mileage..

- Jeff N

2018 Ford Mustang - not the usual sports car

Great car, very comfortable, smooth and easy ride, very easy to maneuver, recommend the ecoboost model for great gas mileage

- Lindsey M

Mustang eco good on gas and fun to drive

It is ecoboost safe gas also it is fun to drive with that turbo on it and for a 4 cylinder motor it has power best car ever

- Ben B

Aftermarket parts are pricy.

Love the power. Love the style. Gas mileage is not the best but it is not really for that. Front suspension makes noise.

- Canaan H

Does not automatically lock, you must do it manually.

I like the performance.. I like the appearance of the car as in color and style.. I like the extras the car came with..

- Carol N

Ruby Red beauty of a machine

I have a new GT, my dream car. It's comfortable, has a lot of very nice features, and I get a lot of compliments on it.

- Cheryll S

Mustang: Faster When Lighter

The 2018 Ford Mustang is appealing to the eye and is fast, but not ideal for those with a big social group or family.

- Elizabeth G

Twin exhaust with extensions make the whole ride enjoyable.

Loud and fast. Very comfortable to drive. Chicks love it, but not enough room for nookie inside. Very cost effective.

- Jeremy E

It's a fast car, GT. a head turner. performance is great.

i love my car, fast, sporty. fun car. i love all make and model. the style and options the car offers are great.

- monica d

It is very comfy and fun to drive.

I love the power and ability to go from 0-60 in seconds! Brakes are excellent! Headlights are a wall of light.

- Cat G

El mejor de los autos lo amo.

Me gusto todo de este auto es lo mejor de la moda lo amo como a mi matrimonio sin embargo su motor y los rine.

- Juan C

Great car for the price, the design of the car is excellent!

No problems with the car. Great performance! Quality of the way the car is made is excellent. Great features!

- Donna M

2018 Mustang horsepower and details

It is awesome and very comfortable. I love all the nice features and the many horsepower I could not believe

- Michael c

It's faster than you think.

The look of the sports car. Its my favorite color. The performance is top of the line. The drive is smooth.

- Jeanie G

Great car with great features

This is a great car although I miss having all of the seat adjustments that were on the older models.

- sheryl s

I like how it gets good gas mileage. I like how its compact and sporty. I like all the features that it offers.

Priced to sale and gets very good gas mileage. It is sleek and sporty.

- Wendy N

It is easy to speed and it is pretty low to the ground.

It's spacious and fast. I love my new car. The ride is smooth.

- YP P

It is fast and the seat warmers work really good in the winter.

It has a cheap shift knob. It has a V8. The car drives good.

- John S

It's super dependable, and you won't go broke putting gas in it!

Good gas mileage, great speed, awesome interior and exterior

- Michael H

I'm a collector of mustang, that's why I like everything

I'm a collector of mustang, that's why I like everything

- abraham K

that it is a sports car and is fast

no complaints like the looks and style of the car

- Neil J