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The reliable, jack-of-all-trades car.

2001 Ford Ranger

This vehicle has more manual feature than many newer cars do, which only makes it all the more simple to deal with. Even if you are not a "technology geek" or a "car person", getting to know every button and control in this car is so easy. The car drives very smoothly without jerking if you tap the break a little too quickly. Unfortunately, the rear wheel drive system causes some problems in bad weather if the bed of the truck is empty, as the lack of weight gives the rear wheels nothing to grip the road with and skidding can be common. In winter, though, shoveling some snow into the bed or adding weight in some other way completely solves that problem. The material used for the seats do not feel cold in the winter or hot in the summer like leather seats and other materials do. The gauges on the dash can sometimes be a little unreliable (the gas can fluctuate about 1/8 of a tank back and forth sometimes), and the mph gauge reads 10 mph at a full stop, but those things have never caused any problems for me or others who have driven this car. The windshield wipers are one of my favorite features, with over 10 different speed settings that allow for the perfect speed in every type of rainstorm.

- Katie C

Ford rangers are the perfect truck for anyone.

2001 Ford Ranger

I love my ranger it is super comfy it is small enough to fit most places. I have had a few minor issues such as wheel bearings and shocks but that is mostly because I drive it for the post office. It has 4 wheel drive and is tough enough to go pretty much anywhere. It is also tough enough to haul just about anything. My ranger is pretty reliable it is been through a lot and still runs like a champ. It is a 2001 so it is getting old but still works great! The radio still has a tape player but also has a CD player. I have never had issues with the heater or air conditioner they also work fantastic. I know that the door lock is going out on the passenger side but yet again that is due to age and work use but has nothing to do with performance. I would definitely recommend this truck for just about anyone. It would be a great starter truck for teenagers or great for a work truck. It also has a center conceal that lifts up so you can fit 3 people in the front if you need to has two cup holders up front as well as 2 in the back with two fold down seats. There really is not a whole lot of room in the back but they fact that there are 4 cup holders is a major score.

- Chelsea L

Bright Yellow Ford Ranger

2001 Ford Ranger XL

My vehicle was bought used, and with quite a few miles on it, so it wasn't in the greatest shape to begin with. Despite this, it's only issues were a few rusty patches and two minor leaks. It is an incredibly reliable truck and extremely comfortable. The heat and air conditioning both work well and it only takes a minute or so for them to really get going. It does have a mildly uncomfortable set of back seats, but for the space that's back there I can't complain.

- Sara H

My Ford ranger is a dependable workhorse.

2001 Ford Ranger

My Ford ranger is a very dependable vehicle. I bought it new in 2001 and the only major repair I have had was replacing the fuel filter about six years ago. The only drawbacks are a very cheap tailgate latch mechanism which broke within the first five years and a decided lack of comfort in the cab. With the exception of these two items the truck is a true workhorse and always starts when I need it.

- Ed A

The one important thing is the rear end is very light when it comes to winter, so make very sure to put weight in the bed of the truck.

2001 Ford Ranger

This range is really a terrific little truck. It is 4x4 drive and it has never had any major problems, only minor. Transmission and engine are in tiptop condition. The only thing that you have to be careful of in the snow/ice is to make sure you have weight in the back because the rear end of the truck is very light weight. Otherwise, she's got 190,000 miles on her and she's still going strong .

- Tammarra B

The 2001 let Ford ranger extended cab truck with cloth interior is reliable.

2001 Ford Ranger

My vehicle is a red 2001 Ford Ranger XLT extended cab truck. It has approximately 67000 miles 3 liter engine and gray cloth interior. The truck is used salvage and we have had 0 issues with anything. . This is the most reliable and enjoyable vehicle we have ever owned. Ford makes a top quality vehicle and I would suggest that anyone looking for an affordable work truck purchase a Ford ranger.

- Judah L

2001 Ford ranger dark navy blue.

2001 Ford Ranger

I have a 2001 Ford ranger and it is an xts extended cab model. It is a v6 with a 3. 0 flex fuel engine. It is a dark navy blue color almost black. I haven't had really problems with it besides the vehicle maintenance and other maintenance that comes along with an older vehicle. I think it is a great first truck for someone getting a license or even a good work truck with good fuel mileage.

- Sam R

My Ford ranger: best truck I've ever owned.

2001 Ford Ranger

This truck is a manual stick shift. It has absolutely no problem shifting and has never broken down on me. It easily shifts to 4 wheel drive with the twist of a knob and helps me get where I need to go during the winter. The seats are plush and easy to clean and there is plenty of storage space for baggage and groceries. There is also a third seat behind the passenger.

- Haley F

Ford ranger 2001 deep purple people can't tell what color it is really.

2001 Ford Ranger XL

I love my truck it will take me anywhere I need to go I have a bed liner and don't have to worry about what I haul in the bed I have the little pull down seats in the back that is the only thing I don't like about my truck I have twin boys that are almost grown men and really can't fit back there comfortable they are cramped I would have liked to have the full seats.

- Melissa I

Fun and practical vehicle.

2001 Ford Ranger XLT Off-Rd

My ranger is 18 years old-at that time there was a lot of 'new' features but today's standard it is old school. It is a fun vehicle to drive, easy to handle as it is smaller than the f 150 but still a truck. It is good in snow. The only problem I had which was a little pricey was the engine gaskets but the ford dealer did an excellent repair and it is back to good.

- Sharon B

It is very problematic and not good.

2001 Ford Ranger

It has done a super job staying running for this long considering it is a 2001. However, we’ve had many issues and it is been in the shop numerous amounts of times. The motor has been replaced several times as well as spark plugs and ball joints. The window motor on the driver side has went out 3 times. Ac breaks every summer but the heat works well.

- Erin M

Yellow Two Door Ford Ranger

2001 Ford Ranger XL

It's as old as I am and rusted out front to back. When I first got it there was a hole the size of my foot on the drivers side. The thing is impossible to keep clean and super cramped in the cabin with only 2 and a half seats. I can't drive anyone that I know anywhere because they can barely fit. However it is yellow and that is why I love it so much.

- Laura H

I love my dependable Ford ranger!

2001 Ford Ranger

My vehicle has been extremely reliable. It has 161, 000+ miles and the engine is still going strong. It starts right up and runs smoothly. The only issue has been some rust to the body and rocker panels, but nothing to major. I love my ford, it been extremely dependable and I will definitely stick with Ford for my next car purchase.

- Kristina F

Love for my truck and the way it runs

2001 Ford Ranger Base

haven't had any problems. Truck drives great. No complaints just lots of love for my truck. Never once has broke down or ever given any major problems with the overall operation of the vehicle. Only thing wrong is my truck needs a new paint job and maybe some new tires at this point. But that's normal routine maintenance anyway

- Lynda S

Nice looking sharp vehicle very dependable.

2001 Ford Ranger

2001 Ford ranger pickup I love this vehicle it has always been a very dependable I would start out on a long trip anywhere in the world I know is a truck I can depend on you can. T hardly wear this vehicle out. If you service this truck like it should be it will last for 4 or 5 hundred thousand miles a very good truck. Love it.

- Kathy S

My truck is a white Ford Ranger

2001 Ford Ranger XL

I love my car because it is higher up and is comfortable to drive in. My personal car has no air conditioning though so it is tough when it is hot outside. My breaks also can be a little rough and driving in the rain is scary. The tires on my car are not meant for rain, my car is very susceptible to hydroplaning.

- Veronica P

What a trooper after 6 years still going.

2001 Ford Ranger Edge

I love my truck. It's been super reliable and it's the perfect size. The four wheel drive has been one of my favorite things, not to mention I can easily see over the dashboard. For a short girl like me that's a difficult task. I also really like that as long as I get it serviced it's fine- no trouble at all.

- Angel B

2001 Ford Ranger with lower mileage.

2001 Ford Ranger XLT

We really like the truck. My only complaint would be the typical 'bouncing' that trucks are notorious for this issue. I would definitely recommend this vehicle. The bucket seats are very comfortable and there are 2 small fold down seats in the back. It would be fairly comfortable for 1 or 2 small people.

- Michele S

Overall, it is a good little truck.

2001 Ford Ranger

It is a good little truck, that gets pretty good gas mileage. I just wish it got a little better mileage and was flex fuel. I also wish it had a little more power. It handles very well and it is very easy to parallel park. It corners very well also. With the small interior, it cools down very quickly too.

- Tony D

It's hard to believe I am in a truck because it rides so comfortable.

2001 Ford Ranger XLT

My truck is in excellent condition. It has no exterior or interior scars. I have kept up on maintenance and never had a problem. I live in Minnesota. The truck starts on the coldest days. It has excellent performance on the highway and snow. I get about 28 mpg, which is difficult to get with newer trucks.

- Lisa Y

Dependable 4x4 Ford Ranger with stepside bed.

2001 Ford Ranger XL

Needs a paint job since it's been bleached from the sun. Also, needs new tires. The tires on it are bald. Power steering fluid is low. Rear view mirror needs to be repositioned as the replacement part was installed incorrectly. The ranger does not have power windows or locks and needs a middle console.

- Renee P

Ford rangers are the best!

2001 Ford Ranger

There is no better small truck than a 2001 Ford ranger. I have had no problems in the 10 plus years I have owned it. Plan on driving this truck until it dies. Too bad that Ford discontinued this version of the ranger because I would buy another one. The new version of the ranger just is not the same.

- Joy S

Great handling and value for a pickup.

2001 Ford Ranger XLT Off-Rd

Great vehicle for both on and off-road use. Excellent fuel economy for a pick-up. Plenty of power for hauling loads. The cab seats five comfortable and the level of accessories results in a very comfortable ride. Handling on and off-road are excellent and suspension handles even the biggest of loads.

- Don A

2001 Ford Ranger regular cab, 2.3 liter engine, 4 speed manual with overdrive

2001 Ford Ranger

My 2001 Ford Ranger has not given me many problems at all. With 190,000 miles it is running really well. It has had to have rear suspension work as well as fuel tank straps since I have had it. My biggest and only personal problem is cabin comfort when I have more than one passenger of any size.

- Patrick V

Great midsize truck for hauling stuff.

2001 Ford Ranger

The Ford ranger is a great truck. It had pulling power and the bed is easy to load to haul lots of stuff. The tires are heavy duty so they get plenty of traction to also help with grip on the road. Since the bed is lightweight, the back tires do not have a lot of grip on a hill on wet pavement.

- Dorothy H

Not to efficient lack of space.

2001 Ford Ranger

The Ford ranger gets some of the worst gas miles I have seen in a long time and the 2 seats located in the back half of the cab don't honestly provide the most comfortable of a drive but it is once that the fold up when you are not in need of them I honestly would rate it a 3 out of 5.

- Emily G

2001 Ford Ranger XL

This is not the first ford I have owned. This ford ranger drives like our f350 ford dually crew cab! I feel safe and above the ground. Even though the ranger is smaller it is a comfortable and smooth drive. I would highly recommend the ford ranger. A safe vehicle even for the beginner.

- Carrie V

Great overall truck with great mileage and perfect for lightweight outdoor work.

2001 Ford Ranger

The truck I have is a extra cab Ford ranger that is perfect size for a truck to do light outdoor work the only problem is the gas mileage is not very good! The rims and tires are really attractive and paint and color are looking good, the mileage is great and is an overall nice truck.

- Craig L

Good work truck with great sound systems

2001 Ford Ranger Edge

It's comfortable, with bucket seats. Truck bed is great for hauling large items or groceries. Low maintenance. Great sound system. Exterior is easy to maintain. Has a radio, as well as a compact disc player. Good gas mileage, even though I do a lot of stop and go driving in the city

- June W

Paid 2400, put 2000 on repairs, 4400/ 7 equals 750/ year.

2001 Ford Ranger Edge

Bought this truck in 2012 with 125000 miles, after 7 years runs great needed very minor repairs now has 240000 miles, put in a clutch, complete brake job, new radiator, replaced both headlights assembly, lights in dash, have to recharge a/c has a small leak, and replaced coil pack.

- Clifton R

The most interesting thing is the sound system and stereo.

2001 Ford Ranger

Drives great. No problems. Brand new stereo system. Brand new fuel tank and pump. Just replaced catalytic converter and fuel injectors as well. Only real problem is that it's crappy on gas mileage. Brand new interior. Needs some body work but it's an old vehicle so that's expected.

- Zachary F

Color is impossible to lose.

2001 Ford Ranger

Small pickup truck, two-door drives well has had a few issues that comes with usage and age of the vehicle, does ok with wet roads but not with snow (not 4x4 or AWD). Has plenty of space in the truck bed, did not come with truck bed cover but was able to purchase one that I liked.

- Tia L

I love my little truck and won't sell it.

2001 Ford Ranger

Well my truck has no problems. It is a small truck so there not really any performance to it. It is very reliable. It is a truck so it is not very comfortable. It has the basic features it is an automatic it has am/FM radio with CD player it is an extended cab pickup truck.

- Ray B

It is only comfortable for two passengers even with back small seats.

2001 Ford Ranger

Power and stability of a large truck, but it is a smaller truck. The ranger has tons of space in the bed and four doors so very easy to access the cab. I would never go without four-wheel-drive and this truck has never let me down. I will keep it forever. I love my truck!

- Mario V

Ford ranger 2001 red Edge.

2001 Ford Ranger

I have a lot of transmission trouble out of it and a lot of wiring messed up causes the battery issues and everything else under the hood. But I love the way it drives when its running good. Fuse blow a lot and the tires wear is horrible. . Gas mileage aren't to bad.

- Amber W

Best vehicle I have ever owned.

2001 Ford Ranger XLT

I have had the ranger since new. I can honestly say that it is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. Very comfortable and simple it does everything I need it to do well. It had a low initial purchase price and has had low cost of ownership. Very good on gas.

- Paul M

Ranch gal must have a pick-up!

2001 Ford Ranger XL

My truck has no a/c, and now an oil leak. Things starting to go wrong a lot now. Don't love the club cab with the jump seats. It's too bumpy. Crappy gas mileage, but I do like the overall size of truck itself and the truck bed. Console is simple yet efficient.

- Tanya D

love this truck. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking

2001 Ford Ranger XL

this truck drives like a dream. It is extremely durable.I was in an accident that I should have been killed in, at the very least had the vehicle totaled. Neither happened, and it still drives perfect.I do wish there was more room in the area behind the seats.

- elizabeth B

2001 ford ranger is very reliable.

2001 Ford Ranger XLT

At the current time the windshield wipers do not work but it still rides very smoothly. Also there is rust on the wheel wells quite possibly from age. I call the vehicle the millenium falcon of star wars fame because I keep having to make modifications to it.

- April K

2001 ford ranger bought used in 2018.

2001 Ford Ranger

Problems with transmission, shifts hard, sprag replacement, headlamps/headlights provide minimal lighting, averages 17 mpg on Hwy, 4wd and light-weight (great for rough terrain, wooded areas, and mud), provides plenty of leg & head room for small truck.

- Kimberly T

Bad on gas and rusting on the bottom.

2001 Ford Ranger

Vehicle is really bad on gas and is uncomfortable to sit in for long trips. The gas is the main issue with some rust on the bottom to boot. Not too had when it comes to maintenance but can be a pain at times. Rust on the bottom makes it very unattractive.

- Tanya S

Good for its age but a new car would be better.

2001 Ford Ranger

The car is old so it has problems with the transmission fluid and I have to frequently add power steering fluid the window on the driver side doesn't close all the way and needs a stopper to keep it up the air con works very well and gas last for a while.

- Melissa P

Older model car but has a great working engine.

2001 Ford Ranger XLT

It has had a lot of work done, but it works great. Low mileage for a 2001 but I take good care of it. I change the oil frequently myself. Nice tires that have good tread. A little small but it works fine for me. Truck bed is good for fishing and camping.

- Andrew M

Ford ranger is the best mid- sized pick up on the roads to date.

2001 Ford Ranger

Have never had any power train problems, always starts. Easy to drive, comfortable ride. Easy on gas. Being 4 wheel drive which is on the go transfer to and from 4 wheel drive. Has road clearance so your not going to be dragging through any snow drifts.

- David R

Dependability is what really matters

2001 Ford Ranger

This is a great truck for daily purposes. Even though it may be a little small the bed is perfect for moving smaller items you may need to transport. It is very dependable to get from point A to B. Definitely a vehicle I would recommend.

- Jacob B

Has 350,000 miles on the engine and still runs well

2001 Ford Ranger

has very high mileage on it, but has been very faithful. All repairs done on it in the last 5 yrs have been normal maintenance type. I dislike that it is a 2 seat vehicle so taking my grandsons anywhere together is out of the question.

- Barbara C

Comfy and Roomy, but gas guzzler

2001 Ford Ranger

I would say this vehicle is very comfortable and roomy. It seems pretty expensive to fix though. If you travel a lot for work, it takes a lot of gas which is spendy. It gets better mileage on the highway versus in town.

- Aqune H

My 2001 Ford ranger danger

2001 Ford Ranger

I have a 2000 Ford ranger. It is black in color. It has v6 engine.. It drives very well.. It has all brand new tires.. has a very nice aftermarket radio.. the interior is dark grey. It is kind of loud when you start it.

- Marc G

The Ford Ranger is a great little pickup truck.

2001 Ford Ranger

The pickup truck is fantastic to transport items to and from the farm. It gets good gas mileage and it rarely requires any maintenance. I change the oil myself and it doesn't cost much to keep. I suggest to get one.

- Sylvain D

I maintain it and it continues to give me a great ride since I have owned it.

2001 Ford Ranger

It has 374000 miles and still runs well. I just replaced the water pump and starter in the last month. The vehicle is currently burning oil more than I would like, but I am assuming it is a piston ring wearing out.

- James G

My car is great. . Good on gas mileage around town and on long trips. . .

2001 Ford Ranger

Had motor rebuilt twice. . . It needs shocks tail lights. . . Performance is great gets me to work and wherever else I need to go. . I love my truck Its lifted 4 inches. . . Love the style. . .

- Deborah H

It gets terrible gas mileage so I don't drive very far or often.

2001 Ford Ranger

I like driving a pick-up truck, it makes me feel safer. But because this is an older vehicle, I miss power windows and other newer features. My biggest complaint is that it only gets 17 mpg.

- Stormy S

The king cab with rear doors opening backwards makes it easy to load the back seat area with what you want to secure inside & keep in out of the weather.

2001 Ford Ranger

Its a Ford Ranger king cab with back fold down seats. It has a 4.0 6 cylinder with in cab(nonstop) 4 wheel drive. Its step side is nice but takes much needed room the small bed could use.

- Henry R

It is bought and paid for.

2001 Ford Ranger

It is a truck and a manual transmission. I would like something small and compact instead. I would also like something that is an automatic but this vehicle has no payments left.

- Jennifer W

My truck is a white Ford ranger

2001 Ford Ranger

The truck is reliable in the aspect of it gets us from point A to point B but because of how old it is it seems like now everytime we fix something one it something new breaks.

- Kelsey B

The car does kick a lot since it is an older make.

2001 Ford Ranger

It is an older car and tracks in dirt easily. It does have great gas mileage and is handy to get around town and drive distances. Compact pickup is perfect for moving things.

- Daniel R

It is dependable and economical to drive.

2001 Ford Ranger

I like the size and the 4 wheel drive. I do not like the interior quality or the fact that the timing chain can not be replaced without spending a huge amount of money.

- James G

17 year old compact truck with 200k+ miles.

2001 Ford Ranger

Average wear and tear for a 17 year old truck. Good gas mileage. Front end maintenance has been neglected and needs work to improve reliability and performance.

- david p

how it feels to drive it, and how comfortable it is.

2001 Ford Ranger

it's an old ford ranger with all stock parts and rare among the ford ranger community. I like how it feels for driving, i dislike how often i need to repair it.

- Larry w

It is a manual transmission.

2001 Ford Ranger

I like how reliable my vehicle is. The parts for it are not outrageously expensive, either. The only downside is that it is a manual rather than an automatic.

- Clare B

My truck is Great on gas and extremely reliable. I love driving it.

2001 Ford Ranger

I have owned my truck for about 18 months now and I love It. The only thing I have done on it is replace the brakes and rotors, and replaced the tires.

- James V

Long lived Ford Ranger rolls on

2001 Ford Ranger

It's been very reliable with only a few issues. The transmission was replaced after 9 years. The inner workings of the door handle are cheap and break.

- Lee D

They last a long time. I have not had to much money in it to keep it in good condition it just keeps going and going.

2001 Ford Ranger

I love my Ford truck it belonged to my husband. After he passed my car broke down and I liked it so much I am still driving it.

- Arlene N

Never race me. Fast sporty. Almost paid off.

2001 Ford Ranger

Ford makes a great little pick-up truck. This is the second ranger I have owned. Great mileage, quality vehicle. Plenty of power to tow a camper too.

- Mark R

how reliable my ford truck has been.

2001 Ford Ranger

i like the gas mileage it gets. i like the size of my truck. i like the extended cab on my truck. i dislike that the bed on my truck is not bigger.

- ray K

Red small bed pick up, good for carrying stuff.

2001 Ford Ranger

Small truck good gas mileage, Versatile. Comfortable cab that holds 2 people, 4 cylinder engine so not too much power but only has 42, 000 miles.

- Jim D

It is reliable, even though it is 17 years old.

2001 Ford Ranger

My 2001 Ford ranger keeps running pretty well after 17 years, no oil added between changes, but it needs new tires, and some body work as well.

- Richard L

I particularly enjoy the extended cab

2001 Ford Ranger

My Ford Ranger is extremely reliable and very convenient. It has a great engine, and the only problems I have experienced with it is the body.

- andrew p

It's safe! I rear-ended another car going about 35 mph and I had some small bumper damage but my car held up extremely well

2001 Ford Ranger

I like that my truck is safe and smaller than most pickups. I wish the back seat was a little bit bigger. I have no complaints about my truck.

- Taylor E

It was the best thing ever.

2001 Ford Ranger

Well, my vehicle was awesome, until I totaled it due to rain, the road was slick, so I fish tailed right, then left, thus totaling my vehicle.

- Joseph H

Treat it well and it'll get you through the years.

2001 Ford Ranger

No real complaints, it is a trustworthy car. Just takes a little bit of maintenance and part replacing, but that is expected over the years.

- Haley R

It is dependable and have had to spend very little on repairs.

2001 Ford Ranger

I have had this car for 17 years and it is very dependable and the mileage is low. My only complaint is that there could be more cabin room.

- Edward A

It's been great for me for the past 18 years..

2001 Ford Ranger

My Ranger is 18 years old - How can I complain about it? Sure, I've had to replace parts (fuel pump, battery, etc) but it's still running.

- Bob F

It is important to me to own a truck because of my outdoor lifestyle. However I chose a small truck to be more economical. I like the trade off that I get.

2001 Ford Ranger

I like the gas milage and the ability to tow my boat. I hate that is is a standard transition. I also do not like the maintenance on it.

- Matt H

Oldie but goodie. It is not always about looks. Performance is key.

2001 Ford Ranger

I got the vehicle used, complete with rust, a loud muffler, and 140,000 miles. But, it works wonderfully. Very reliable. Gas hog though.

- Emily A

I like that minivans are tall and roomy.

2001 Ford Ranger

I like the room for my bicycle to be loaded and unloaded easily. I like how it looks. I do not like the relatively low mile per gallon.

- James C

The one thing others should now about my car is the reliability is top notch.

2001 Ford Ranger

What i like about my vehicle is the comfort and reliability. I never have to worry when I go on trips. I dislike the gas mileage.

- sean l

Ford ranger 2001 (White truck)

2001 Ford Ranger

i have my truck. it is good and reliable when you need it but one thing i really don't like about it is the battery dies easy

- kaela s

It is very reliable despite being 17 years old. However, it only gets approximately 15 miles to the gallon

2001 Ford Ranger

My vehicle has no significant problems and runs very well. It has been extremely reliable, and has an excellent A/C system.

- Joshua B

Don't waste your money on these. They are unsafe and fall apart fast and easy.

2001 Ford Ranger

Well since I got it I have had nothing but problems with it. It slips and slides to much on ice. It's just not a good car.

- Krystal D

The car is very smooth. Accelerates quickly too.

2001 Ford Ranger

It serves my purpose. It's fun to drive. It is a reliable truck. It is a classic and still looks good. It easy on gas.

- Charles H

The size is perfect can fit in garage and gas mileage not bad

2001 Ford Ranger

Like the size of the light weight truck to do everyday work. Also like the extra cab so can pack stuff around indoors

- Craig L

This is a great vehicle. Very dependable although it has mileage on it.

2001 Ford Ranger

Love it! Handles well. Pretty good gas mileage. Love that I can have the canopy on or off depending on need.

- sharon g

It is a very reliable vehicle.

2001 Ford Ranger

I like my truck but it is too small. It gets me to and from work, store, etc. It needs a tune up and other things.

- Melissa M

It gets great gas mileage. Compared to full size trucks you get way more per gallon. Highway and city!

2001 Ford Ranger

I use it for my gardening business. It needs maintenance somewhat often but overall is easy and affordable to fix.

- Chris D

Good on miles on gas and also, rides good and it drives good.

2001 Ford Ranger

I have no complaint about my vehicle. I would tell my friends that they should invest in buying a ford vehicle.

- Laura G

Ford ranger great to own fun to ride

2001 Ford Ranger

Nice truck fun to drive easy on gas great power easy to maintain worth it to keep gets me from point a to b

- Richard W

It is old and holds a lot of stuff, being as it is a pickup truck.

2001 Ford Ranger

Love my vehicle. Gets bumpy on occasion, and had to have some major work done, but overall reliable.

- Heather M

It's very dependable and so far I've had very few problems with it.

2001 Ford Ranger

I like it being a 4 wheel drive, it's roomy and easy to drive. I don't like the gas mileage I get.

- Darrell C

Good for carrying large loads, I can carry three others with me.

2001 Ford Ranger

I like my truck as it can carry the things we need in it. I have had no problems since owning it.

- Denise F

It's tough and can handle whatever you throw at it

2001 Ford Ranger

I like how slick and rugged and powerful the truck is cabin is a little small bed holds a lot

- Dustin T

It's a Ford. That's all that needs to be known.

2001 Ford Ranger

Ford is quality. Ranger is the right size to haul stuff, but not too big. I'm a Ford man.

- William B

It's very comfortable and dependable. Its my favorite.

2001 Ford Ranger

I love my ranger. It has lasted 18 years. If I get another truck it will be a ranger

- Tracy G

It's a reliable vehicle. I would recommend one to any and everyone

2001 Ford Ranger

It's been bullet proof reliable Haven't had any problems It has 250,000 miles on it

- Larry P

It runs, bottom line, that's all anyone needs to know

2001 Ford Ranger

There are no complaints. The truck runs fine. It gets us where we need to to go

- betty k

I like that it's a pickup and is useful for camping and activities like that. It doesn't spend to much gas for a truck which is nice. But I don't like the look of it or the power of it

2001 Ford Ranger

That its reliable and easy to work on. It's not my first choice whatsoever

- Daniel C

The reliability is excellent for the age of the truck. I would recommend.

2001 Ford Ranger

I like the reliability of my ford ranger. I dislike the poor gas mileage.

- sean M

The one most important thing about my truck is that it's blue and gets me around.

2001 Ford Ranger

I can use it to haul stuff. It gets me around. It is hard to get into.

- Dorothy H

It drives really smooth and very easy to handle , love it !

2001 Ford Ranger

It's a awesome truck ! Love having something like a Ford Ranger.

- Kim B

Passenger door doesn't open from outside A/C doesn't work

2001 Ford Ranger

Like It gets me to places Dislike It is old and worn down

- Lauren K

its paid for. the truck runs good.is a good looking truck

2001 Ford Ranger

it's a good truck. Get good gas mileage. A tough truck.

- Mitch P

They don't make these models anymore, but they are very reliable. Since they're getting older, they have some maintenance issues, and they're not work horses like F250s, but they are good trucks to get the job done.

2001 Ford Ranger

Trusty and reliable without much of a hassle to keep.

- Luke O

It is a manual transmission.

2001 Ford Ranger

It is a nice truck. I wish they still made them.

- Matt l