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I love the size of the truck.

Rust is the biggest problem I have with this car, it seems there is a new patch of rust on the body every day and I am starting to notice little patches of rust on the frame. The care is very loud and so I figure there are some holes in the exhaust somewhere due to rust. A few years back had to get the entire brake system replaced (spindles, rotors, the whole thing) because it was so rusted out they couldn't even get the brake pad off. I have also had to replace the clutch. The car does not seem to be too good on gas mileage either given how small it is.

- Zoe G

My ranger is a standard shift without the power windows and everything.

My ranger has been mostly reliable for sixteen years as I am the original owner. I had a few warranty problems and simple recalls that were taken care of at the dealer. The dealer moved to an end of town I do not frequent, so I have been using a third party for maintenance since then. It has over 100, 000 miles on it now and is starting to need some moderate repairs that are more costly. It has been a decent truck but was really to small for my size.

- Lynn D

Considering a smaller ford truck?

I drive a 2002 Ford ranger which although isn't the nicest of vehicles based on room, functionality, or comfort however the vehicle does have positive aspects. One being that the truck is easily maintained and fairly simple to perform maintenance and repairs on if you're willing to watch a YouTube video or two. Overall being that my ranger is an 02 I wouldn't recommend buying one unless you're looking for a small vehicle just to travel around town.

- Jeffrey M

A little worn and tired but dependable.

My truck is holding up pretty well for close to 350000 miles. Has some rust spots and getting a little worn. The engine runs great and the heat and ac both work. Some little things do not work anymore like the door lock with the key fob on the passenger side. The tailgate will sometimes not stay latched. And the abs light stays on but they are fine. Good dependable truck just keep the oil changed and runs like a charm.

- Patti C

I love the size of the truck its not to big, but I am taller than most cars.

I have had the car for about 6 years now I love the truck, but I have many problems with it slowly breaking down. This is probably due to the fact it is so old but the truck is extremely rusted and I have had many issues with the starter and breaks. I would love a newer model of the ranger and would also recommend getting one with 4 wheel drive if you live in a snowy area.

- Rachel K

Durable but drinks gas! Dependable.

Very reliable. Has held up well over the years. Plenty of room up front and in the cab. My only complaint is the gas mileage. This truck really drinks gasoline! The problem is worse for city driving. It seems to do better on the open road. I would still recommend this truck for its durability. Particularly if you cannot find it used for a decent price.

- Rich H

I did get into one mishap in Greenville, SC, where the serpentine belt broke and everything went to hell soon thereafter. The truck overheated because the water pump wasn't spinning and I didn't see any warning lights or the gauges going overboard. So I had the truck hauled all the way back to Roswell, GA.

I'm sentimental about this truck because my dad sold it to me at a fairly good price and it was his truck. I dislike this truck because it gets terrible gas mileage (approx 15 MPG) and is hard to stop for such a relatively light truck. I do like the super-duper stereo they had installed (for that time), except for the overly boomy-sounding bass.

- John S

I really like the chrome like wheels.

This 16 yr old vehicle shows it is age, rattling a lot as it is driven. The windows are not power. This vehicle is family friendly, can only hold a small amount of passengers. The leaf springs squeals as you drive over uneven surface. Otherwise I like how it starts every time and so far as not caused any mechanical problems.

- Melvin F

Ford Ranger is the way to go.

My ranger is perfect for me. High enough to see the roads well and not to big I can't see over the passenger side hood. No major problems have occurred. Comfort rating is low as there is not much leg room for a passenger. Seat are freezing during the winter and your legs stick to the seat during the summer.

- Nancy R

My 2002 Ford ranger it has an extended cab for more room and a six foot bed.

I have had this truck for about 10 years now and have had only minor trouble with it I use this to go target shooting and running around town and I take care of it with oil changes and routine check ups. It has 1018. 000 miles on it. I bought it off my son about 10 years ago and it has serve me very well.

- Edward H

Good little truck, even though old.

Bought it used and in six years have only had work on one brake pad and replaced the fuel pump - pretty good. We have an "edge" which is a step side, which means the bed is smaller. If I did it over I'd get another ranger, but get the full bed and get an extended cab so the dog could sit in the back seat.

- Liz B

It is safe and that it looks really nice on the rims and tires I have it on.

I really enjoy my Ford ranger. It seats 4 comfortably with room for a little one in between. I love the length on the bed of the truck. The ranger drives very smooth and has the ability to get up and go when I want. Took it for a road trip and it was one of the most comfortable driving trips in a while.

- Danica W

Small, comfortable and gets me anywhere I need to go.

Gets me to grocery stonework and pretty much anywhere I need to go. Smooth, reliable, good on gas, and my husband loves his stereo system in it. Fits 2 and owner dog, hauls trailers like its nothing! Overall great little truck. Owned it about 2&1/2 now and still running like a champ.

- Beverly R

Very reliable Ford truck.

Very reliable for what it is. The body quality could be a lot better a lot of rust and damage. Not sure if it is worth it to get repaired. Very good on gas and roomy. It always starts even in sub zero weather, also very inexpensive to repair the engine when something goes wrong.

- Rick W

Chrysler Sebring is good beginner car.

The car battery is underneath the car tire. So it is very inconvenient to get to or change. Has great gas mileage though for its make. Has some blind spots. Cannot tow larger items. The ceiling of the car is too low. The visors are low as well. Ac has had problems in the past.

- Katherine P

Not expensive, good mileage, stereo is awesome.

It's a great vehicle, 5 speed, good on gas, as long as you do regular maintenance. . . I haven't had any major problems with it. . The air works real good, I freeze in it. It's a regular size truck, 2 seater, console, great for 2 people or just one, not a family vehicle.

- Susie R

I think it is the best rig I have owned for handling and for ride on long drives.

My ranger xlt 4x4 gets fair gas mileage, gets me around whether its is to the store or up in the mountains for getting firewood or hunting, the on the move 4 wheel drive switch is great on snow and ice covered roads, has saved me a few times from going over the hill.

- Theron W

Ford ranger handles Montana winters.

Currently having engine issues. The windows and gauges stopped working this summer. For a small truck it handles well in the snow and mountains. It does all we need but we will likely be upgrading soon for hauling bigger things like a boat and multiple snowmobiles.

- Mackenzie A

The Ford Ranger is the most durable, low maintenance on the road today and for years to come.

I like the utility of the ranger especially for home and yard improvements. It is a very capable in handling both good bad weather. The Ford Ranger looks tough and feels great on the road. It the most reliable vehicle that I have ever owned, multiple times.

- Steve w

The rough riding rainbow ranger.

It rides rough - you can feel every single bump or divot in the road as you are driving. Poor gas mileage. My version has no power anything. The speakers just went out. I love the clearance and the bed. Paint has oxidized, giving it a rainbow/oil slick look.

- Stella D

Probably that it is a very reliable vehicle that with basic care will hopefully keep going for another 10 years

I like that it is very basic, does not require a lot of care. It has had very few mechanical problems, it has been mostly normal things that at some point have to be replaced. It has plenty of space for me and to bring things inside or in the bed

- Mario G

Old reliable but nothing fancy.

My car is anything but fancy. It is reliable and continuous to run. It does a great job of getting from A to B. Never gives me huge problems. Always ready to haul a load of stuff. Like I said it is not fancy but it does its job.

- Troy D

That it is dependable and you take care of it like changing oil etc it will last a long time.

The dependability of it, it has close to 350,000 miles. The fact that I can do a lot of the service on it, like oil change. It is also an American Company and I will only buy American. I have no complaints about it.

- Patti J

It is built tough. Goes in the snow very well. Will climb steep hills.

I like that my vehicle is 4 wheel drive and is a good brand but, I don't like that it is compact it feels that there is not enough room in it. It looks very good and drives good. Over all I am satisfied with it.

- Patsy S

It has a smooth ride, and lots of room. It is very quiet riding and not bumpy. You can carry many heavy items and not worry about anything breaking down.

My vehicle has a lot of room with an extended cab. It is great for hauling big items. I have no complaints about my truck as it has come in handy for many things. I love this truck for the room it has.

- Susan P

It's my truck and it gets used a lot. It may not be the prettiest, but it has been reliable for me.

My truck is the perfect size for me and the activities I have. It has been reliable and has seen me through a lot of challenges. The only thing I would have liked is for it to have manual transmission.

- Scott L

Ford ranger small but durable

My 2002 Ford Ranger is an awesome little pickup. While it does not have the pulling power of an F150 it sure has incredible durability. Mine has over 200000 miles on it and it's still going strong

- Jonathan D

My gas gauge is unreliable after it gets to 1/4 of a tank.

I like how it is reliable and gets me to where I need to go. I don't like how it is tiny and there is barely a backseat. I also don't like the gas mileage on it and how much it costs to fill up.

- kristina B

It's a simple car with less moving parts of a newer car so it lasts longer.

It's a 2002 ford ranger with a manual transmission. I enjoy that it's standard because I have more control over the vehicle. The only thing that bothers me mainly is the gas mileage it gets.

- Anthony C

Hauling capabilities with good fuel economy.

The Ford Ranger is a great all around vehicle that gives me the ability to haul stuff that I need to move but also provides good enough gas mileage on my 30 miles to work and back everyday.

- Kurt S

It is the perfect vehicle for getting around town or hauling a small amount of whatever you'd like, even a small trailer is handled without issue.

The only real problem I've ever had with this vehicle is the transmission. I've put in two different transmissions but I've finally found a solid one. It didn't fail until it was over 100k.

- Erich H

Ford ranger is a good truck.

I really like my Ford ranger. I enjoyed the options that came with my ranger; like the racing seats and hydraulic bed cover. Overall my Ford ranger has been a good reliable vehicle.

- Walter C

It is a Ford truck which means my next truck will be also be a Ford. Ford makes great vehicles.

My truck draws the attention of a lot of people. It is trustworthy, reliable, and I enjoy riding in it. It gets me where I need to go. I have not had any major issues with my truck.

- Mari B

It's just an old Ford Ranger, it has been running rough and I'm really thinking about getting a new one

I think it would be important to know that it is a two door truck which has two seats in the back that face each other attached to the sides. It is not made for children to ride in

- Robert V

Gas mileage is fantastic with this model and make.

I like the clean engine and its easy maintenance. However the engine is a bit lacking in horse power and the front wheel drive makes it more of a 'flat land' vehicle.

- Brendon F

It is a reliable vehicle even with 150,000 miles.

Like the pick up. Dislike: it is not very quick and takes a while to speed up. Dislike that it is small, but I do not want to get a bigger one because of gas prices.

- Christine C

Other than mild issues, Ford makes reliable vehicles.

Gets us where we need to be. The door design needs to be improved as it leaks and shorts out the electric lock and window controls. It gets very good mileage.

- Leonard M

The most important thing is that my truck is only 2 wheel drive.

I like that it is just a simple truck. There is nothing fancy about it, it's just a truck. The only thing I do not like about it is it is only 2 wheel drive.

- Kailynn N

Always keep an eye on your fluids. Know how to do your own simple repairs. Saves you money that way.

It's a small truck. I could use some more room in my vehicle. It's starting to nickel and dime me on repairs. Cost to much to put gas in it anymore.

- joseph w

The back seats are very small, so don't expect to be comfortable in the back.

My ford ranger is an average truck. I have no complaints with it. I like the design of my truck. It gets me where i have to go and that's what matters.

- Grady C

If you treat your Ranger like a member of your family, take care of it and keep up maintenance up, it will last.

I like the Ranger because it suits me for shopping. I dislike the fact that it does not have a tilting steering wheel. No complaints, 160,000 miles.

- Shirley G

Gas mileage and good running gear.

Very dependable, good to fair gas mileage, comfortable seating, not to reliable on snow or ice, has rear wheel drive, good little wood etc. Hauler.

- John D

Dependability- It is exceptionally dependable. Beyond routine maintenance I have never had an issue with it.

Beyond routine maintenance I have never had a problem with my truck. I is exceptionally dependable. I could not have asked for more in my truck.

- Ellen R

The gas mileage isn't very good, unfortunately. That makes it expensive if you travel much.

I like the convenience of being able to carry large things. I like the look and color of it. Unfortunately, only two people can ride at a time.

- Glenda K

That it is able to get me from point a to point be safely

I have not had many issues with my vehicle other than cosmetic issues that were caused most likely from neglect from the previous owner.

- Kristopher S

Very reliable. I have not had any issues ever having it start.

This truck runs great. It could use more power for me. I should have gotten 4WD. The step side is not great if you haul a lot of stuff.

- Mark H

Ford ranger is a tough little truck.

My truck is great. I can slide into the seat and back out. She can haul anything that I need to. My truck to me rides like a Cadillac.

- Son Se Rae S

The Non Fancy Ranger Danger

My truck is nothing special but it is a great truck. It is very Reliable. Never does me wrong. Gets me where I am going every time.

- Troy D

A reliable little 4x4 if you know how to keep it running

It's beer affordable compared to similar vehicles. I don't trust the transmission. It is easy to work on and parts are cheap

- Shawn S

It's functional for everywhere I want to go plus I can use it for moving almost anything I need.

It's a good size for most of my chores. Has extended cad to to keep items dry or safe. Sometimes wish it had bigger payload.

- George G

Getting ready to fall apart at any minute leaving me stranded

Check engine light is on, clutch is slipping, most dash lights are burned out, radio stopped working. it creaks and rattles

- Joseph S

Not much, really, because it's a pretty modest vehicle.

It's compact, but is still a truck and can do "truck" things. It's not the greatest on gas, but also not the worst.

- Taz b

My Ford Ranger suits my lifestyle.

I like my Ford Ranger truck. It has nice racing seats. It has been very dependable. I also like the bed liner.

- walter A

Just that it is way to small.

It is way to small for my family only a couple of people can go at one time. We need a bigger size car or truck.

- Melissa D

Nice to move things when you need to.

Good, reliable vehicle. Parts can be expensive. Four wheel drive failed. Need the four wheel drive in winter.

- Nicole B

It's a Ford and Ford hasn't been assisted by the taxpayer.

Ford's seem simple and dependable and they've not been assisted by the taxpayer like other American brands.

- John C

My ford truck is very dependable.

I like my ford ranger pick up truck. It is very comfortable. My pickup truck get reasonable gas mileage.

- Walter G

It is small pick up truck and gets low mileage.

Have had almost no problems with my Ford ranger - Edge. It gets low gas mileage but it very reliable.

- Meredith D

Great reliable truck for multi purposes.

Having a truck comes in handy for hauling. There is room inside to seat 4. No complaints so far.

- Robin B

My car is rough and I like it. I am not worried about accidents, scratches and I would like to use it to collect scrap metal.

I got it though peer to peer sale. I paid $2,300 for it. It works well but could use some work.

- Quenten D

I bought it used and got a good deal because it was an unusual color.

I like that it's been reliable and does what I need it to do. I don't like the low MPG.

- Trish G

This truck runs great and starts every time and has not let me down.

Small and easy to park. Able to haul. Has power to haul a small trailer went needed.

- bill w

It is an old truck not a car. It is a Ford so there are all the problems that come with that.

It is old. It is a Ford so it runs rough. I am always having something fixed on it.

- Sherrie H

It is a small pickup but it has a large engine and doesn't get good gas mileage

no complaints yet. Needed a pickup to haul stuff in and it works well for that.

- bob t

Just take care of if and it will last you a good amount of time

It still runs well and gets me where I need to go. Not much I don't like

- Jessica E

I have only had minor issues with my truck but had nothing to do with the performance, only a flat tire here and there. The performance is great as long as you get the services up to date (ex. Oil, tune up, etc.)

It us not a family car. It does not have room for more than 2-3 people.

- Carmen T

That it is easy to drive, and gets good gas mileage.

I like that it is reliable and I am able to haul things if I need to.

- Christi K

Ford should import rangers from Mexico again and America's don't know they have them in Mexico

It's a little noise while I drive and a little small at times

- Thomas N

good working condition engine runs good had new paint job a few years back

truck runs good still in good shape no problems with it

- kim d