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The life of a 2004 Ford ranger.

The truck was purchased in 2006. It is 15 years old and just recently that I have had to replace parts to this truck. It tells me that Ford makes a good product. The body has held up extremely well. Replacing a tie rod and muffler and windshield wipers. The mileage is not as good but, it still runs well. Upholstery has held up really well and is fairly comfortable. For a factory made radio with CD and cassette deck, it plays as good as any Bose system. My mechanic simple said that it was the age of the truck and he did warn me that you might find some more wear and tear but, for a 15 year old truck it runs really well. Other then replacing the tires, that is about it. I wondered why Ford stopped making the ranger pick up as it was so reliable. I understand they now are going to bring the ranger back. I plan to keep this truck at least one more year. It has really be reliable. If the price is right, I just might purchase the new rangers they are coming out with.

- Clark M

Great four wheel drive for winter.

I bought my 2004 Ford ranger Edge 4x4 used a little over a year ago. The winters here in northeast Ohio can be treacherous so the 4 x 4 is perfect.. Having the ability to shift to four wheel drive while in the vehicle is awesome, and works really well in these crazy winters. I love having the bed and the ability to haul all sorts of things. I have even towed a few vehicles, other trucks, but we will not mention names! Overall the power and reliability is great. The cost of repairs so far is very affordable as well. The only drawback is the extended cab is not quite big enough for my six foot, 250 lb. son. It is a good thing he does not go with me too often where he is stuck in the back!

- Tina H

Neon blue ranger has cool splash decal, that was flames when I bought it.

I fell in love with this truck when I first saw it sitting on the lot as a trade-in. It looked sporty and so unlike anything I would have normally looked at. I asked about it is history and was told that they had not had a chance to give it a good look over. I test drove three other vehicles on the lot that day every trip made a lap around this ranger, my ranger. The more I looked at it, the more I liked it. I drove my truck home that day and have not regretted my decision once. Driving her still.

- Marsha W

2004 Ford Ranger: My best vehicle choices EVER!

My Ford Ranger has been extremely reliable, especially in adverse weather conditions such as extreme desert heat of Phoenix. Interior convenience amenities have broken over the years such as vent louvers, console armrest, etc. but absolutely no major expenses in over 7 years of ownership. It is a 2004 Ranger with 80k miles, and I remain completely satisfied with the ride, reliability and performance. It is, by far, the best choice I ever made in buying a vehicle.

- Paul B

It has just the right amount of room for a two person truck and get decent mileage.

There are two dislikes for my truck and the first is not their fault, which is the airbag recalls. The second dislike is that rain leaks into the doors. What I like is it is the perfect size, but looking forward to the new four door versions, and it also gets much better mileage than most other trucks. Although I like the bed of the truck, it has the 'flare' sides that looks nice and I prefer, but it does eat up some of the inside of the truck bed.

- Jay F

Classic Minnesota Ford ranger, hunter tested and approved.

2004 Ford ranger xlt fx4 extended cab has a lot of power for a small pickup. The cab is comfortable and quiet, towing capacity is excellent the heat and a/c are reliable, no long wait for cool air in the summer, or heat in winter. The truck handles well, responsive steering, little sway, brakes are excellent. For a 14 year old vehicle, the body/paint condition is very good, a bit of peeling on the side panel beneath the doors.

- Peter B

A truck that only a mother can love

My truck is old and very uncomfortable the computer doesn't work right and the driver seat has a hole in it. It is very good on gas through.the front of the truck is white and the back of the truck is green. The fuel line is giving me a problem it keeps coming off of the spot it is supposed to be hooked to so I had to tape it on there sometimes I have to get out of the truck and fix the wire.

- Stacy T

I am happy with my Ford Ranger.

I bought my truck pre owned so I can't be sure a lot of the issues are from the previous owners but it has had it's share. I've had issues with fuel injectors going out regularly but overall it has been very reliable and minimal maintenance. I find this small pick up to be versatile and comfortable for someone with less to spend. They don't cost much for upkeep and maintenance.

- Jacqueline K

My little Ford truck. Gas hog, but I love it.

Gas mileage stinks, the truck gets about 15 miles per gallon of gasoline. However the truck runs, drives and handles great. The truck is not very roomy. It is made for two people only. So on a rainy day if two people are riding in the truck my purchases have to go into the bed of the truck. There is a recall for this truck, there is a problem with the airbags.

- Lewis E

My truck fits 5 people perfectly comfortable for all five.

I love our truck it really runs smooth its not shaky at all, it has a double cab so it really roomy I have a big dog he fits perfectly in the back seat it is good on gas I love my ranger Ford truck the color is a real pretty deep blue the bed on the truck has a lot of room perfect to go for wood what can I say this truck is perfect for my family.

- Jessica B

Very reliable and very comfortable to ride in.

I love my husbands truck. It is very reliable and comfortable it is very reliable and it falls a lot of stuff in the back of the truck I think it is one of the best purchases we ever made. I have multiple sclerosis and is a very comfortable truck to ride in and be able to put my will chair and all the stuff in the back of the bed of the truck.

- Vicky A

Peppy. Peppy is the name I bestowed upon my truck.

I love this truck! Bought when low miles, a real steal. Performance is superb, drives smooth and quiet! It is also an extended cap, which has let my grandkids ride right behind the passenger and driver seats. I only dislike one thing about this truck, and it is having to climb with arthritis, so that has been painful when using the sidebar.

- Katheryn M

My truck has 2 jump seats which makes it great to ride extra people.

I have not had to put a lot of money into my truck. I use it to go everywhere. It is a manual transmission 5 speed it is very good on gas and is great for hauling anything I want to buy. I would buy another one for its performance. It still has the original clutch and transmission. The next vehicle I buy will always be a Ford product.

- Patricia C

Strong drivetrain with great gas mileage for engine size and power.

Great performance, adequate gas mileage, adequate power, comfortable ride, minor repairs with routine maintenance, good load capacity, reliable and good basic features easily accessible, good visibility at all angles from driver seat. Smooth ride with reliable transmission (manual purchased- automatic available), comfortable seating.

- Malcom O

This is my Ford Ranger story

The ford ranger is a very reliable car. I had an incident wear the car turned over on the highway and entire left side of car was wrecked. Car was not totaled became fixed and I still drive it to this day. I have had my tailgate handle, and my passenger door handle break however ordered a new part and fixed it.

- John M

It would make a great work truck.

I have had it for about 2 and a half years, its been very reliable the only problems right now is the o2 sensor is out and there is a vacuum leak and need to replace the heating unit. It has drove to South Carolina and back to Florida with no problem, it has 150, 000 miles but other then that it drives great.

- Vito M

The extended cab is nice for the extra space

Transmission when out at 60,000 miles. Not happy. Comfort would be better if there were bucket seats instead of a split seat. Jump seats in extended cab not comfortable made of children only. Kinda worthless waste of space. 3.0L V6 engine gas mileage about 300 miles city driving with a 18 gallon tank

- Rebecca W

Why I like my ford ranger!

Performance is better than expected. I have not had any major repairs other than regular maintenance. Comfortable and easy to get into. Plenty of headroom. I use the bed for hauling all the time and it has adequate space. The truck starts easily in very cold weather. Overall very reliable.

- Debra W

An all around great little pickup truck

It's a really reliable pickup truck. It's really tiny but still feels heavy and durable. It gets fairly good mileage, typically about 23 mpg. It's got a lot of great features, like fog lights, remote engine start up, a 6-disc CD player, cruise control and on top of that it just looks good.

- Margaret K

Classic smooth running little cute truck.

Smooth ride. Handles well. Good on gas. Need to put weight in back end in winter for traction. Heats up in winter really quick.. Almost gets to hot. Cab is a little noisy for sound. Seats are very comfortable and easy to move seat forward and back to store items like groceries or whatever.

- Dawn S

Reliable, Sporty, Classy, all Around Great Pick up a Truck

Great size pickup truck with great mileage. Great classic design, always get compliments. No major engine problems. Reliable. Cool. Sporty. Oil changes are easy and accessible. No problem with oil leaks at all. Only great things to say. Classic sized rangers are in demand in New York.

- Brigid S

It�s been put on the dino and is quite powerful

No cold AC, bad brakes, oil leak. Too small. No radio for my system. No backseat or room for my dog. It's a diff color paint as the bed and the front. But it's so loud sounds so good and drives like a dang champ. Love my little ford. Huge Gas saver. Looks good with a lift on it.

- Sara W

Good work play truck for winter months.

Truck handles well both on and off-road. Routine maintenance being done supports long term reliability. At higher miles some transmission issues appear to be arising. Good 4 wheel drive allows for safe driving during snow storms. Good traction in snow both in low and high gear.

- Michael T

My truck is a collector item, since Ford stopped producing the Ranger in 2014!!

I like the versatility of a pick-up. Mine is the XLT version, so a bit of posh, plus it's got the seats in the back for my grandchildren. It's come in very handy for moving friends! There really isn't anything I dislike about my truck although I do wish it had onboard GPS.

- Jaki R

2004 Ford ranger xlt fx 4.

The 2004 Ford ranger fx4 has plenty of power to tow a large trailer, it has been very reliable with mostly routine maintenance. My only complaint is space in the cab but is a mini truck, plus the front hubs must be replaced as a unit and cannot just replace the bearings.

- Andrew S

Ranger XLT best small truck in America

I bought it in Oct 2018. It only had 43,000 miles and so far no problems. Very comfortable. driven 4 times to Tampa from Greenville, SC (approx 1,200 round trip.) it does have a slipping problem on wet streets... probably due to not enough weight on rear wheels.

- Armand R

Space of Ford ranger 2004.

My vehicle is very handy and I like to use it a lot the only complaint that I have is that it only fits two people and I would like something more comfortable that would fit more people. Sometimes the engine light comes up saying something is wrong but their is not.

- Rosa G

My rangers needed new engines.

This is my second ranger. I had to replace the engines in both at about 170,000 miles. I like the size. It is easy to drive in town compared to larger pickups. Mileage is okay. Both trucks have been easy to maintain. Oil changes are critical for older vehicles.

- Bruce O

Ford ranger is not bad, but not made anymore.

It is very reliable, and good in all weather and terrain. It gets decent gas mileage. It would be better for off-road if it were an automatic transmission. It is pretty comfortable in the cab, and the bed is a good size. Perfect for hauling dogs, bikes, gear.

- Rachael B

the way the seat fit your body

its a 4 wheel drive white in color, I can go anyway I want to,I've had it for about 3 months I've been everywhere in it. It's a solid truck it runs good ac will freeze you out, I've always wanted a ranger because of all the good things I've heard about one.

- nancy M

The truck is reliable and hasn't had many issues.

Truck runs has ran great for over 10 years. Currently it is in okay condition. It drives great in all conditions thanks to the four wheel drive. The seats are cloth so it's a little difficult to clean stains and dirt off. Everything else is working great.

- Derek R

Reliable and low maintenance. handles well on the snow.

2nd ford ranger. 1st on was a little better, but the body rusted pretty bad. This one is starting to rust as well. get about 23 miles per gallon, uses no oil. seems to be mostly trouble free. Seats comfy. I would buy another one if I needed it

- Clairmont B

How to take care of it properly.

Run great, keep my oil changed on a regular basis. New tires, fuel pump, needs some body work but have a great mechanic. Four wheel drive is awesome. Great gas mileage. Have low mileage and just braking the four point I liter kicks butt.

- Pamela R

It has 4 wheel drive and it is a truck.

I have had to fix things along the way but it runs good and is always reliable, it be nice if it was better on gas, I have had good luck with my truck, I like Fords and I have mostly have had Fords.

- Kathy P

Regular maintenance is critical.

I like that my truck is about indestructible, and can take a beating. I like that it has a lot of miles and yet is still very mechanically sound. I like that it is easy to work on. No complaints.

- Brittany T

Good little truck. Runs great. Few issues. Highly recommend

It's a great little truck. Seems like it's been relatively reliable. The only issues I've had is I had to put a new gas pump in at 120,000 mile and the seal for the thermostat failed at 130,000.

- Shaun S

Great for hauling things to the dump or picking up large items.

I wanted a small pickup and got one. Got the color I wanted, a larger engine than I needed, extended cab and passenger side safety balloon disconnect. All in all, got just what I wanted.

- Paul L

This Ford Ranger is the King of small trucks

It is the perfect size. It get great fuel mileage It has four wheel drive It never breaks down or has problems It goes everywhere and anywhere It is the best small truck on the market

- eric H

Great storage for a 3rd row vehicle.

My truck drives very smooth. I can haul anything I want in the bed. It has great ac. The only thing I do not like about it is that it is hard to get things out of the extended cab.

- Gail S

Most important, the truck is very dependable, gets me to my destination and back home again.

I like the way it handles in all types of travel. The ride is pretty good, could be a little smoother. Gas mileage could be a little better. All together is a pretty good truck.

- Eric K

My Ford pick up truck was purchased used and fairly inexpensive!

I like having a truck to haul things. I like the separate doors for the back seats. I also like the sliding window in the back. I don't like not having air conditioning.

- joanne p

been dependable mode of transportation for me and my family

2004 ford ranger is a very reliable truck. not too many issues with it since i've owned it, easy on gas. and easy to work on when there is a problem that needs worked on

- bill P

That Ford stands for Fix or Repair Daily.

I like the fact that it has lasted as long as it has and it still runs well. I dislike the fact that it has low gas mileage and I have used it to its full capabilities.

- Terry S

The four wheel drive is great in the winter and sports.

It has everything I like about a truck. It is a small format and max cab size. Four wheel drive is great in the winter. The 4 liter engine is fast and powerful.

- Tim E

The danger ranger is an awesome vehicle!

This is a basic small truck. Single cab with and four cylinder engine and a 5 speed manual transmission. Great gas mileage and can throw anything in the bed.

- George H

it has been reliable since I purchased it in November 2004.

I love my truck. I purchased it brand new with 4 miles. I now have 213000 miles. There have been minor issue over the years, just normal that come with age.

- Melissa G

It is still dependable even with 222xxx miles. Runs great!

It has been dependable driving 4-5 hours twice a week to and from work. It gets good gas mileage. What I don't care for is it has a recall on the air bags.

- Silas B

That just because it is small, that doesn't mean that it's any less of a truck.

The only complaint I have about my vehicle is that the air conditioning is slow. It is better on gas than other vehicles. It is the perfect size for me.

- Morgan B

It is a 4 wheel drive and king cab!

It runs good! The main problem right now is it is starting to rust at the bottom of the door and I just had to replace the upper and lower ball joints.

- Michael D

It's easy to handle, comfortable to ride in and gets great gas mileage!

I like how it's very economical when it comes to gas consumption, but I dislike how sometimes it seems kind of "gutless" when you are going uphill!

- Debbie G

Lots of small issues here and there, luckily no expensive fixes.

Older vehicle with quite a few rattles and other problems now and again. overall it has been fairly reliable but I am looking to replace it soon.

- John b

It is small dependable not only how well it drives and few problems it has but also my ability to haul things

I love that it is a truck so that it can haul things but is still small so it gets good gas mileage. It is very dependable! I have no complaints.

- Jamie M

It is very sought after for a first time car driver.

Good horsepower, easy on gas. Easy to drive the manual transmission. Love the storage in back of front seat and bed. Lots of legroom to drive.

- Annette L

Great off-roading vehicle.

The gas mileage is a bit of a problem for me, I have to put gas in it every couple of days. Overall a really great small truck, very sturdy.

- Daniel V

Keep the oil changed and it will go forever.

I bought my Ranger new and have driven it everyday with minimal problems. Best truck I have ever owned and I was always a Chevy girl.

- Terri P

very dependable, and very economical to operate

It has been a very dependable vehicle. Only problem is it is a pickup, and sometimes weather can be an inconvenience, going shopping.

- Roger w

The Ford ranger is a safe vehicle that I find easy and comfortable to drive.

Air conditioner does not work. Steering column does not adjust. I like the gas mileage and the fact that it has a smaller truck bed.

- Linda B

I like it, and it does everything I need. It is a great in snow.

It is a great snow vehicle. It handles great. It is the right size for me, and does what I want. It carries a good amount of stuff.

- Doug H

It looks good and have a cap with shelves and doors.

It's still going good, motor is strong. It is great on gas. Manual windows and I hate the radio, I cant play CDs or internet radio.

- Gary G

Ford ranger. Great light truck.

Well made. Very comfortable for a light truck. I get about 24 mpg in the city and about 31 mpg on the highway and long road trips.

- William W

Ford stands for Fix or Repair Daily. The parts are cheap material and the body is of cheap material as well.

I like the durability and longevity. I dislike the gas mileage and that I have to have it serviced more often than most trucks.

- Terry F

I think what you need to know is that it's sizes comes with pluses and minuses.

I get good gas mileage. It's not quite as large as i'd like. Rides comfortably and has enough room to haul medium sized loads.

- Morgan M

It has 4 wheel drive and is a heavier car for accident wise.

I enjoy my vehicle because it is reliable. I like the color of my vehicle. It helps for long hauls and is not bad to look at.

- Jay S

It looks good, very nice style and shape, it is not boring to look at.

Great on gas, run nice it is very reliable easy drive small, but not real small, I can see fantastic all over no blind spots.

- Vicky S

It is a good running truck.

It is a used truck, it has some small issues with it that needs to be fixed. It is a small truck and gets good gas mileage.

- James F

Just keeps going and going and. . .

Overall a good truck. If you follow the maintenance schedule (including oil changes) you should be relatively worry free.

- Vincent A

Found A Great Truck That Always Works

Air conditioner, power everything, V6, topper, extended cab. Comfortable and practical. Purchased to carry lots of tools.

- Bill K

It is reliable and the bed is a perfect size for everyday transport.

The truck is a perfect size. Love all the features and how it drives. There have been recalls on the airbag though.

- Dane K

It slides in even the littlest bit of rain which is dangerous

The truck is good at hauling stuff and for when we moved but it slides a lot in bad weather which is very dangerous

- April G

Our vehicle gets about 17 miles per gallon.

Love how it drives, if I need to haul something I have it covered, the maintenance on our vehicle is very minimal.

- Edward L

Ford is bringing the Ranger back, whether new or older, it is a small truck that should be considered when shopping for a small pickup.

I like that I have not had any mechanical issues at all. It has good four wheel drive and gets fair gas mileage.

- Ryan N

It is very reliable and good on gas.

It looks good, very reliable, good gas mileage, it is a clutch manual transmission, I would prefer an automatic.

- Gary T

Good reliable truck. Economical to drive and maintain.

It's a good, reliable truck. 2 door with good vision all around, Has plenty of payload room for a small truck.

- mark f

Good tires, black and runs great.

Nothing to tell, vehicle works fine. The performance and reliability are great and nothing is wrong with it.

- Amanda C

This truck is very dependable, and easy and inexpensive to keep running.

Drives well for having high mileage, easy and inexpensive to keep running. Very dependable. No complaints.

- Rob C

it gets great gas mileage and I can put things in the back of it.

gets great gas mileage and has been very reliable.I have had a long time and it's time for a new vehicle.

- grady B

It is not as great on fuel as everyone thinks it would be.

Easy to drive but not a lot of power. Love that it is a five speed. I think it would be better on fuel.

- Quinn M

I love it and it gets good gas mileage.

It is a comfortable ride. It is very roomy. My mom left it to me. It can hold three people in the cab.

- Pamela C

It is a work and play truck

I like almost everything about the truck, but would like a four wheel drive with towing package.

- Rick M

very good truck with very little repair cost

have no complaints about truck. it has been a very good truck over all the years.

- jody N

Changing the tire in an emergency is key. Maintenance must be performed regularly

Good basic truck, good mileage and hauling capability. Repairs can be costly

- Michael T

It is reliable and it is easy to drive with the ability to haul things if necessary

It is reliable and drives good. I like that I can haul things

- Diane L

Performed better than expected over a long lifespan.

Long lasting value and low maintenance costs are convenient.

- Adam T

It's very loud, and very slow. But it gets me where I need to go.

It's old. Buts it's reliable. Wish the interior were bigger.

- Darren S

great for hauling things great mode of transportation

I have no complaints gets me to where i need to go

- Leslie P