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2007 Ford Ranger Sport turns heads on the road, track and even trails!

First of all I would like to start off by saying The 2007 Ford Ranger Sport is the most versatile truck I've ever owned. The Sport Edition makes it compatible for everyday use as well as off road, and track use. The comfort of the vehicle is amazing, from the interior to the suspension. The material of the seats are very plush and comfortable. Also, the material makes clean ups very easy such as spills, mud, and even pet hair. The cab is very spacious and roomy. Plenty of room for a taller individual and even adequate seat adjustments for a shorter individual. The suspension offers an extremely smooth ride on the road and off road. The 3.0 Liter V-6 engine offers power on command, with very flexible fuel economy (16/21 mpg). This particular truck offers a lot of customization as well. For people who like to build their truck, look no further. A sleek looking midsize truck that you can do just about anything with. Overall, the 2007 Ford Ranger Sport deserves a 5/5 review. It is a very reliable truck and can be easily fit in to anyone's lifestyle.

- Leonard B

Affordable to work on, reliable, and the perfect size.

The ford ranger is the most reliable vehicle I have ever had. It is very easy to access all the parts for repairs and the cost is low. Gas mileage is awesome and its drives great. The seats are comfortable and it's handy to have for hauling stuff. I chose the ranger because of its durability and reliability. All the city workers in my hometown use the ranger and most parts stores company vehicles are rangers. It's a great step between a small truck and a full sized truck. I have had my ranger for 12 years and have never made any major repairs.

- Mary M

Long live manual transmission!

I, love my truck. It has 4 wheel drive, the largest engine variant possible a 4. 0 lt v6. It is manual transmission which I personally love, gives me much more control of that big(ish) engine. It is turned over every time for me, and I have got a slick black toolbox in the bed to carry all of the necessary accessories you need for your truck. One downside is the beds starting to rust and that ruins the looks. 9/10.

- Tim L

Perfect first truck for teenager or young adult.

I love this truck! It will get me anywhere, very reliable & enough room for about 2 people. I live in north Idaho so I need a vehicle that is good in the snow and this truck is perfect with that. My only problem with this truck is that it does not have a backseat. It has bucket seats in the back but they're so small and uncomfortable that I wouldn't really consider it a backseat for someone over the age of 14.

- Mikaela J

I would tell anybody that the ford rangers are great. I love my ranger

It is a comfortable riding truck and comfortable to sleep in on camping trips. I love the looks of the rangers and the running of it. The ranger keeps on going like the energizer bunny. My ranger is a very nice red color. It is a very nice looking truck. It is also not bad on gas for a truck. The 4 wheel drive works really great. I love my truck. It does need a new or used bed cause that is rusting a little.

- Rita W

Ford range best little truck.

Love this truck but it is old it has rust the tailgate latch is broken. It rides nice interior still looks as good as it did new ride is great of course gas is not. Lol. I like the smallness but yet you can haul things. Bed is what rusted the cap did not. I also like the small window on the back of the cab. And them small seat once the grandkids can ride there but for now about only good for the dogs.

- Gl H

My vehicle is called a light duty truck, and is under a 1500 series.

I haven't really had any problems with the vehicle. I have had to replace the wheel bearing on both front tires, and just basic maintenance to it. The vehicle has been.Extremely reliable and perfect for what I use it for, I.Don't like that it's not dual climate control and it does burn antifreeze from. Time to.Time. It gets decent gas mileage for. A truck and it fits everywhere a car does.

- James D

Not really very happy with the truck. Always something going wrong with it.

I like it because of the 4 wheel drive. But, the radio and CD player quit working years ago. The heat and air quit working. The driver side door gets a lot of water inside the door (don't know how it gets in there). The running boards started rusting. There's an airbag recall. I wouldn't buy another one like it. Also, it only gets 18 miles to a gallon of gas.

- Bonnie D

It is still a truck can't haul as much as a full-size pick up

I just recently bought my 2007 ford ranger xlt, and overall I am pleased with it. Before I use to own a full size pickup truck but was wasting too much gas on my commute. Now with the ranger gas efficiency is great. It's a 4 cylinder truck save me money , great pick up speed for a small truck. Not many features on it but I will add some myself eventually.

- Elver T

My personal review of the 2007 Ford ranger.

Good on gas, small enough to haul stuff around sometimes when you don't need a big truck. Mine has no extras whatsoever everything is stock and that's the way I like it. Overall pretty good truck my last vehicle was a 2003 Ford ranger and I liked it so much that I got myself another one just a few years newer which is the one I currently have.

- Richard P

Good starter vehicle with minor issues.

I often have to replace parts but other than that it really is perfect. Sometimes the check engine light will come on for no reason but it is still gas efficient, the perfect size, easy to drive. And a great starter truck for a new driver. I would suggest getting some tools just in case you have to work on it if it cuts off on you.

- Kay M

It is a pity, the series was dropped from production, so examples in good condition are somewhat pricey now.

It is surprisingly reliable, economical and powerful. The extended cab allows for inside stowage or extra passengers. The maintenance is pretty straightforward, and most work I can do myself. My only complaint is, that the starter motor is in an impractical place and not easy to access (I needed to replace it recently).

- Joe R

Ford Ranger: Simply Simple

A Ford Ranger is a good pickup for a simple person--nothing too fancy or flashy. Inexpensive to maintain, it gets good gas mileage for short trips and in-town traveling. Very reliable, but outdated due to life being more demanding. Highly recommended as a starter vehicle for anyone just getting their driver's license.

- Brandon T

My old grey reliable truck.

My truck his very reliable, never had any issues with the engine, transmission or body. The bed is long enough to pack and transfer anything. It runs on very little gas, I get 32 mile to the gallon on the highway. The air conditioner blows very cold and an extended cab to carry groceries as well.

- Ramon G

I love my ranger because it gets great gas mileage

I really like my Ford ranger because of the gas mileage I get 25 around town. This is the reason why I bought the truck and it's been great. I like to do a lot of camping and outdoor stuff and I gets the job done perfectly for me. The only problem it is it not a family vehicle

- Jake A

Very dependable. If maintained regularly.

Love it. A little small of a cab, not much leg room. Seats are pretty uncomfortable. But it is mainly a daily driven. And used for a work truck. Engine etc. seem to be strong. All and all pretty happy with it, for the age it is it has taken a liken but keeps on ticking.

- Brenda M

My review on my second Ford ranger.

I don't particularly like fords I just happen to keep finding good deals on them. One bad thing is the transmission seems to go out often in these particular trucks. A positive would be the gas mileage they are pretty good on gas and just my size since I am only 5'0.

- Amanda B

Review of my ford ranger.

I love my ranger. It definitely has its flaws. It needs repairs often. Almost every other month I'm in the shop. This is due largely to the fact however that it's getting old and isn't nearly as reliable as it used to be. Still, it's easy to drive and I just love it.

- Bryan A

It's a company vehicle and has a rack and company logos on it.

A 2007 Ranger with 186,000 Miles. A work truck with a rack provided by my company. They pay for fuel and maintenance and allow me to use it all the time. I like the truck and enjoy driving it. It is starting to have a coolant issue but I have no dislikes.

- Tim M

Yeah it is alright, especially for the gas.

Great on gas for a truck. Nice for hauling but still manageable in town. If you are looking for real hauling power I'd go with an f150. The ranger drives nicely though.

- Chelsea D

Awesome running truck, despite of the rust.

I have driven this truck for 7 years. It has always ran great. I have replaced both front wheel bearings twice. The bed rusted in the center, under the rhino bed liner.

- Jeffrey R

You can't stop a ford. This truck starts no matter how cold, wet, hot or dry. This truck is unstoppable.

This truck is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. It runs great. The paint doesn't have a chip on it. I love it. It has held up beautifully for a long life.

- Tracy P

It is dependable and affordable to maintain.

I like my vehicle because it is very dependable. It has good gas mileage. It has a camper top and can keep what I haul dry. Most of all it belonged to my dad first.

- Jennifer L

The Truck that doesn't Quit!

My truck goes and goes. I use it for work and pleasure. It has 144,000 miles on it and with regular tuning and oil changes, it gives me zero problems. Great ride!

- Christa C

poor gas mileage but a reliable car that drives wonderfully

It is extremely reliable but the gas mileage is awful. easy to maintain and smooth on the road. getting a bit old so the wear and tear is getting to be obvious

- Hanna D

Good, Dependable Truck will get you there

Great vehicle, okay gas mileage for a 4-wheel drive truck with a 4-liter V6. Some of the interior and exterior plastic trim hasn't held up well over the years.

- Shane G

Dependable economic cute truck

I love the color and it's the perfect size for me. It's good on gas and very dependable. I have no complaints because I have not had any problems with it.

- Phyllis S

Overall not a bad truck, air conditioner works great.

Runs fairly well for most part, but having overheating issues quite often, engine light comes on often, interior light only works when it wants to.

- Tammy H

It is good to get from point A to point B and then some.

No problems really good small truck bought it used rusted out but solid frame got most of the bugs worked out so down to regular maintenance.

- Lauren G

I have invested far too much into repairs on this truck.

I like the model and the fact that I can haul.... I dislike the many mechanical issues I have had with this truck and the coloring..

- Crystal J

It is the best size for everyday use and I don't why they stopped making it

I have always loved the Ford Ranger. It has always been very reliable. It needs to have better undercoating to prevent rust.

- edmond l

It's a nice little ride with good but simple amenities on it.

It's a nice little pickup that isn't too big. It gives me a sense of being up above some of the cars and has a nice ride.

- Kim V

Really dependable, have put a lot of miles on it, very few mechanical issues.

Seats do not move back far enough. Seats are uncomfortable to sit in for long period of time. Other then that it is good.

- Brenda M

It is four wheel drive. It gets around 28 miles per gallon. Takes 95 octane only.

I like the style and simplicity. It works well in the snow and there's is just enough room for my travel tools

- Kyle B

Its safe. And drives well.

For my job and I like it is one good truck end strong nice for any job.. It is my favorite cars for the color.

- Alejandro G

It is dependable and I can rely on it to get me to work and everywhere.

I love the size of the bed. I love the size of the cab and the wheel. I love the way it drives on the road.

- Bree N

That it gets good gas mileage

It's good on gas mileage, very easy to drive. It has a good size cab for a small truck. It's pretty.

- Marie M

Does not consume too much money in repairs.

Very good car. Does not consume too much gas. It helps me doing a lot of work.

- Nelson L

4 cylinders are nice but if you want any power for get up and go or just pulling hills go for a 6 or 8 cylinder vehicle

I like the truck it just has no get up and go with 4 cylinders.

- Michael J