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Good little truck, enough headroom for tall person (6' 4").

It is a reliable, comfortable little truck. It as used almost daily to carry paving stone samples for in-home sales. The front end stayed in alignment despite the constant load in bed. In addition, tire wear was uniform with no cupping or other abnormal abrasion. Only problem was a broken plenum door which necessitated running the air conditioning on max at all times to avoid hot air. V in addition, the vent function provided only hot air with this problem. Out of warranty repairs were estimated at $1000+. As a result, none made as max a/c and loss of vent function were not large enough inconveniences to warrant repairs of that expense. Research revealed this problem was not uncommon and a probable weak point in design/construction. Other than that, I have been quite satisfied with the truck. Would consider another (this is my 3rd ranger) if Ford still made them.

- Brett W

Love the simplicity but could use a better gas tank.

There is currently an airbag recall on it. I enjoy the size of the truck and the ease with which I can drive it in most conditions. It's very basic so there isn't much there in terms of comfort. The weight of the truck can make it hard to drive in areas where the road isn't even or if there are a lot of potholes or construction. It gets decent mileage but has a smaller gas tank than I would like for it to have. I don't have an updated radio system so to plug my phone in I have to use an adapter and have the radio set to a blank station. My windows are manual so rolling them up can be a pain. I also can virtually never have the passenger window down because of that since it requires me to crawl across the vehicle and that side is harder to get down and put back up. It makes me sad sometimes because I love to drive with the windows down when I am on my own.

- William G

It is a sport supercab truck and it is very useful for as little as it is.

I love my vehicle right now it runs like a dream and it has no engine problems. It drives down the road with some tires that are off balance but that is due to driving it down rutted driveways and gravel roads and the balancers fell off. The interior is still in great shape and it is low mileage the little seats in the back are a little uncomfortable for adults but for children they are ideal size and the seatbelts work great. It has a sliding glass rear window. Which is perfect for wind exchange during the summer months when the air is not too hot.

- Bonnie K

I love my ranger. I feel very safe in it.

I love my ranger. It is the 3rd one I have owned, and I will probably always have one. It is reliable, low maintenance, and will go for a long time. I have very few problems with it which is important to me because I do not have a mechanic around. I also feel very safe in it- I like to be up higher so I can see and when someone hit my last ranger and totaled it I am sure I would have not walked out of that accident like I did.

- Colette M

I dig it. Easy to drive. Simple vehicle with little to no hassle

It's a simple truck. No power doors, no power locks. Reliable and easy to service. It is such a common vehicle that I can find parts and knowledgeable mechanics anywhere. It is a small truck and easy to maneuver. The biggest drawback is storage. The spaces in the cab are useless. The door handles have broken off twice already. Some components are cheap plastic.

- Nick M

The ranger is a great truck!

I love my 2008 Ford ranger even though it has 208k miles because: it has 4 doors, has had very few problems & is very reliable. The truck has great performance (v6) and the interior is very comfortable with all the features I desire. My only disappointment is that new ranger's are no longer available. I hope Ford will bring back this great truck!

- John M

I have enjoyed having this truck. I cannot wait to get the newest addition.

I have had it for 10 years. It just started giving me problems in 2018. Overall good truck. 16 gallons to the tank. Around 30 to 40$ to fill up depending on the gas prices. We haven't had any trouble with the transmission. Just under the truck. It does to quiet a bit. We just moved cross country. Took 7 fill ups with the tow cross country.

- Heather G

2008 ranger: reliable, simple, easy to work with.

The truck always starts and has always been reliable. It is decent on gas, great for around the town. A common problem is misfiring on the first cylinder. Check spark plugs and wires. It is a no-nonsense, no-frills kind of truck. It is not fancy but it gets the job done. Good for small jobs and simple moving tasks. I would recommend it.

- Jason P

It has crank windows and very little leg room. People with long legs beware!

I love my little truck, but when you get a little truck you have to expect a small amount of storage space. One major detail I wasn't happy with was that it has crank windows. It is a 2008 vehicle with crank windows, come on. Other than that, it really has been a great vehicle. No major breakdowns or parts going out on me whatsoever.

- Sami E

It will run forever if you maintain it on a routine schedule and if you don't exceed the weight limit with your loads.

The Ford Ranger is a great small truck which is easy to drive but has enough space in the back to meet all our needs on our small country place. It is easy to repair and run. The only problem is it is a bit too high off the ground which results in a top heavy sway when going into a curve even at a safe speed.

- Sheldon B

Reliable little truck, comfortable and enough headroom for tall man.

Reliable little truck. Was used daily to display paving stones in bed. Stayed in alignment despite load. No maintenance problems with drive train. Plenum door broke. Cost of repair caused me to use max air only as anything else blew hot air. Doors, power windows, switches, etc. All work well.

- William W

Best small truck on the market. Wish Ford would go back to this.

The ranger is the best purchase of a truck I have ever made. It is small, easy to park anywhere and handy when hauling things. It gets great gas mileage and it's' my hope that Ford will return to making trucks in this size. It is sad to see that newer trucks are all huge compared to this.

- Ben S

Ford ranger highlights - ten year owner review.

It has lots of power and the 4WD works great in snow. The bed accommodates supplies for my woodworking hobby, (lumber, sheet stock, etc. ). The rear seats on the extended cab, (not a crew cab), are small and are not very comfortable for any large person but are fine for kids.

- Raymond L

Ford ranger: truck that feels like a car.

I purchased this truck new from the dealer, and I have been very pleased with it. I have had no service issues with it, other than routine maintenance, it is very fuel efficient, and a pleasure to drive. It is also very comfortable to ride in - more like a car than a truck.

- Gary T

The Ford ranger has most of the power of a regular truck in a more compact size.

No major issues pretty good truck the only thing I can think of is the bottom is more or less rusted out and there have been repairs due to this not a big talker so I apologize for not putting more information in and the Ford ranger is a good truck and I hope this suffices.

- Lauren G

Great truck. mileage, and radio.

It's a great truck, great gas mileage, . Small for me and I love trucks, . The wheels squeal in the rain and the radio changes itself with the clock. White short bed, no tailgate. Great pulling boats, in the river and doesn't get stuck in the mud. Radio is great and loud.

- Barbara L

For sale it has low mileage.

My ranger works great it is not that great on gas but it does the trick. It has plenty of legroom. It is a v6 and 4. 0 liter. Body is in great shape and has a sliding window and the 4 wheel drive works great. Black interior is a little warm on those hot summer days.

- Steven D

Dependable small model work truck.

Dependable, low maintenance cost, preventative maintenance on schedule with the exception of a air bag recall on the passenger side, that Ford dealership repaired at no cost. Current vehicle's mileage is 150k & still runs fine. Great smaller model work truck.

- Stephen J

Had small extended cab but is very sturdy nonetheless.

My truck is all rusted out on the bottom. Other than that it has a solid frame and is very dependable. It has low miles and when I got it I didn't have major issues with it. I'd like to change the color but that is not my decision. Along with so much else.

- Lauren G

Ford ranger, great buy for few bucks!!

My ranger performs great, almost never had to fix it. Rides excellent and it is comfortable the only thing wrong it two wheel drive not 4 so in the snow it is horrible, but other than that it great. I would recommend to buy one for two people it is great.

- Angelo M

Ford ranger great bad weather vehicle.

It is very reliable but it is not comfortable. When you hit bumps in the road you really can feel it. The gas usage is not to bad especially for a truck. I like the 4 wheel drive part because we can get up hills and get out of muddy and snowy situations.

- Elaine S

I have a tough little Ford Ranger. It's a tidy little truck and it's just me most of the time so it's perfect for me.

My truck has been great for the most part. It gets good gas mileage, the air works great, and it rides smoothly. The only problem I've really had is I had to have the transmission replaced about 2 years ago. Other than that, it's been a great vehicle.

- Racheal G

This truck gets great gas mileage. Most trucks don't, but the small size of this truck makes it very affordable to drive.

I own a white ford ranger. I love the small size of the truck; it's perfect for me and my boyfriend and my dog. The only dislikes really would be that I can't drive more than one other person and that the a/c is not very strong.

- Emilie C

Love my truck. (Ford - Ranger)

I love my truck for several reasons. It is good for taking cans and bottles for recycling. As I don't have a large family the truck is perfect space wise. I do wish that the passenger side had a little more leg room.

- Doug M

It's very reliable, or gets good gas mileage and adds long as you keep up the maintenance it will last a long time.

My truck is reliable, it doesn't have all the fancy gadgets that today's cars have but that sits me just fine. You do have to be careful in bad weather as the back of the truck is light unless you weigh the need down

- Wesley N

It is valuable and a lot of people often ask to buy it off of me.

I like it because it is clearly reliable and has had minimal issues. It is sturdy and I have taken it on several mini road trips. I don't like how much gas it takes but given it's make and year it is understandable.

- Melissa L

Its affordable for college students.

I am really comfortable with my truck, it is affordable for college students here in Texas, one thing that some people will not stand, it would be the window mechanism, its a 2008 pick-up truck, its a old model.

- Manuel C

I love my truck and worked hard for it. .

Great on gas and reliable. Not very spacious. It is very affordable to maintain. There are affordable parts available. Only thing is it is not very roomy for my kids so I use it mainly for work and back.

- Adam G

The gas pedal is slow. If you need to accelerate quickly, make sure you have plenty of room to move.

It is a little slow to accelerate, doesn't handle very well, and it not as roomy as I would like. However, it does provide hauling capacity and is good on gas for a truck. It could be a worse vehicle.

- Jackson M

Love my truck It's the perfect size for me.

I love my Ranger. Dependable and fun to drive. We bought it used. It has seen lots of salty roads because it has lost of undercarriage rust. Besides that it has never left me stranded.

- Mariana S

Its a truck, it is economic, great gas mileage.

Great gas mileage, easily loses tracker in rain or snow, comfortable interior, runs great, has 6 cylinders, truck bed for hauling things, fun and easy to drive, automatic transmission.

- Rita M

The Ford ranger is great for a homeowner who may need to occasionally haul furniture or lumber.

What I love most about my Ford Ranger is its simplicity. It has a vinyl floor and seats, manual locks, manual windows. What I dislike most is the lack of cruise control.

- Tom B

Overall, I am very satisfied with this vehicle, and I plan to keep it for many more years as long as it continues to provide dependable service.

This vehicle has been very low maintenance and dependable for me since I purchased it new, but it does not have the degree of acceleration and power that I would like.

- Gary T

Even though it is a classified as a light truck, it only gets 20 mpg or less.

I like that it is 4 wheel drive. I like the interior space for a smaller truck. The only thing I dislike about it is that gas mileage is not great for the size.

- Nathan A

great light work truck. great for carrying small loads.

It's a great sturdy vehicle. but to be so small it can be a gas guzzler. doesnt cost alot to get fixed. and only has 41,000 miles on it.

- Celica W

That it is a good looking car that is safe and dependable.

It is a very dependable truck. There is very low upkeep. Decent mileage, and has not required significant work during my ownership.

- Rebecca B

It's in great shape and has only about 70,000 miles on it.

It's 4WD and has plenty of power in a 4 Liter 6 cyl. engine. I wish it were a crew cab as the 2 jump seats are really small.

- Raymond L

Life of a truck! Bought the ranger so we could haul what we needed to.

It's gas hog and it rides like a tank. But its a cute little truck, charcoal color with glitter. Its sits up high, too high.

- Jeanie M

That it drives and handles well! Great gas mileage!

I love my truck. It gets great gas mileage. Has plenty of pep and handles well. I only wish it had more space behind my seat.

- steven r

Good dependable small model truck.

Dependable, low maintenance costs, preventative maintenance cost only & has performed well since owning in the past 9 years.

- Steve W

It's convenient and a safe vehicle to drive in. Doesn't take up much gas.

I like that it gets me to and from the places I need to go. Though, it is pre-owned, it comes with it fair share of problems.

- Dean C

Great gas mileage and good for hauling.

Only 2 door not very comfortable for more than 2 people. Great on gas. Good to move big items. All in all its a good car.

- Carlie S

Well constructed comfortable for a truck drives well roomy

Easy to drive it is a small truck which I like . It gets good gas mileage. Dependable never have had any major 4 repairs

- Kevin O

great gas mileage and it has lasted for over 200K without serious maintenance

The gas mileage of this manual is awesome, and 200K - it still runs strong. I couldn't ask for a better light-duty pickup

- Tim K

My truck is very strong, and it can haul a lot of weight that a regular car can't do.

I love my Ford. It's very dependable.It's economical, and it makes me feel like I own the road when i'm driving.

- Francisco D

Four wheel drive, blue, no horse power my baby runs on faith and a little sweet tea

The compound default is the shocks from time to time but thru of most issues that is all that applies here

- Kayla M

The ranger is a great vehicle. It drives like a car, but has the utility of a truck. It can be a be cramped, but if you can the options of getting the extended cab, get it.

It drives like a car, even though it is a truck. That makes is super driver friendly.

- Adam M

It gets me where I need to go

I bought it for a good price with low mileage and it runs great

- Keith B

easy to get into and out. has enough room in the seating area for all sizes of passengers

great for moving. gas mileage could be better fits my lifestyle

- Joesph B

It's paid for. It is very dependable and gets good gas mileage.

I like my truck. It is comfy yet it is a workhorse.....

- Darrell I

Great gas mileage worth it

Gas mileage is good. Nice to package. Not big enough.

- Jose H

reliability and fun to drive

size and gas mileage easy to drive, no complaints'

- tom H