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Small but powerful. Comfortable for long distance trips.

Only problem I have had with my ranger was I had to replace the fuel pump. At over 100, 000 miles and 9 years I consider that to be expected. The ranger drives good, is easy to park, and is capable of carrying a load. I regularly pick up feed and hay for livestock with this vehicle. It is a small truck in size but can be used as a work truck. With ac, radio, DVD, Sirius, power windows and locks it does everything I need.

- Martha W

Extended Cab Rangers in the City

Ranger Extended Cab is a reliable small truck, comfortable to drive around town in as well as useful for loading and carrying cargo - even an small upright piano! The back fold down seats are not very large, but okay for small kids - the only drawback is you cannot put a car seat in the truck because the back fold down seats are too small and there is an airbag in the front seat. I like the size and ride of my ranger.

- Stacy R

Great one person or family truck.

I love my truck it has a lot of room extension cab nice 4 wheel drive it gets great mileage per gallon. I love everything about it inside and out it has. A lot of room for 4 people a lot of leg room up front. Handy gets me from point a to point b never breaks down on me I have owned another one just like this one it is a great truck for one person or a family. Great to haul big objects just so great.

- Nicole R

The Ranger is dependable and reliable, we have had no problems with mechanical issues, it is good on gas mileage.

The Ranger is dependable, great gas mileage, is reliable, the comfort is lacking and the extend a cap is only used for things, you cannot set back behind the seats. it has the minimum features, with power windows and locks, air conditioning. All around the Ranger is a good pickup and is perfect for what we need to haul.

- Lora B

It fits my uses. It came with a camper top which is really great.

My truck is an older model. It is a no frills truck except for power steering. For being from 2009 it runs really good. No mechanical problems so far. The only thing I have had to replace were the tires last year. Most likely were the originals. Only problem is the cab size. Not very much room or storage space.

- Mary G

A dependable truck that perseveres through rough conditions.

It does its job and works great. As a truck, I can use it to transport furniture, boats, debris to take to the dump, sandbags. Drive carefully with the vehicle as best you can, for I drive in a region with heavy seasonal shifts with cold, icy winters and rainy periods that leave roads slippery.

- Cody M

Great small truck made in the USA.

The 2009 Ford ranger is a great vehicle. It provides ample power with a v6 engine and I really like the 4 door model that I have. The heater works great same with the air conditioning radio is great also. The weight capacity is excellent I can put 30 cinder blocks in and it is not a problem.

- Ee A

Not any would prefer a better one.

Its okay size is a little to small for me and it don't handle good on wet road. Would myself rather have a full size or car. The paint is coming off something Ford should redo there self. The road sounds high would be a good off-road truck. I myself do not like the truck for a everyday one.

- Teresa C

Small lightweight dependable truck.

I own a 2009 ford ranger. It is a small lightweight truck. It is a no frills vehicle, no electric windows, but the a/c is very cold. It is dependable and sturdy. It is great for hauling lightweight cargo and helping you and your friends move just about anything. Love this truck!

- Lucille M

Interesting small truck to drive-very economical.

Very economical, fun to drive, almost drives like a car. Has limited towing capacity with also a very rough ride. Other than that, is a joy to own. Next time I would purchase an extended cab version. Has limited room for passengers. Other than that, I have had no issues.

- Thomas C

Avoid the 2009 ford ranger.

Very uncomfortable, quality issues, poor mpg, underpowered, mechanical issues, ride quality is poor, cheap parts, stiff seats, limited storage room, no room in back seat, low towing capacity. Limited engine options, stiff ride quality, poor night time visibility.

- Collin R

Get sandbags for heavy rain/snowy driving to prevent fishtailing.

My Ford ranger is highly reliable and has never given me issues a all. The only issues are with the relatively weak engine making accelerating uphill onto the highway difficult a times, but it is a small vehicle and a small engine so what're you going to do?

- Sean S

Loads of room with extended cab, great gas mileage, hauls heavy loads.

It is uncomfortable to ride in for long distances, it gets great gas mileage, hauls oversized loads for size and weight, all around great pickup. It looks sharp, can haul extra inside with extended cab feature. With the five speed it gets better gas mileage.

- Lora B

We bought it pretty cheap, but it runs great. We love it.

It's a great vehicle. But we are going to have to buy a new one due to the fact that it is not big enough for our family. But we are keeping it because it's been great to us and my husband will use it for work

- Renee G

Great gas mileage for a truck and my truck has lots lots of the room

Love my vehicle very good on gas I love how it sets high off the ground easy to get in to. It has a lot of room for all my stuff like tools extended cab bud truck bed. Looks great on outside good paint job .

- Nicole M

It is easy to drive and get around town and on the open road.

I like the ability to park like a car; with the convenience of a Truck. I have the XL which allows me the ability to take the grandchildren with me. I would prefer better gas mileage.

- Tommy J

Its small and light, so don't expect much.

The truck is ok if you are not 6ft or taller. It doesn't do well in sand. The truck is more for light pickups. A/c isn't the best. All in all, there are better trucks out there.

- Battle T

Size of a car but works like a truck.

Ford ranger has all the benefits of a truck while also having the driving experience of owning a car. Four wheel drive and hauling ability but not the size of a big bulky truck!

- Brenda K

Airbag recall is taking a long time.

Ok vehicle but there is a recall issue that is taking an extra long time to be resolved I will probably trade the vehicle in before it is resolved it is the airbag.

- Deb A

Mike's take on my Ford ranger.

Very perky get up 6 cylinder smooth ride no defects except slight rattle in door. Gas mileage could be better. Rear jump seats are ok in a pinch. Love the full bed.

- Mike T

It is tough, durable and a long lasting ford vehicle.

I love my ford ranger it is dependable truck. I have had no problems with it. I bought it new. There was even a air bag recall, and i still love my truck.

- diane o

It is a two seater, is extended cab, nice looking, economical.

It is uncomfortable, easy on gas, reliable, drives great, it is a five speed, it has been good mechanically, no problems with electrical or mechanical.

- Lora B

It is gets me from point A to point B and she’s mine.

My vehicle is very reliable, dependable, and cost convenient. Only problem I have with it is it is older and I am going to eventually need a new one.

- Michael D

It is very dependable and gets great gas mileage.

It gets good gas mileage. It has had few maintenance issues. I wish it was larger in the cab. I wish they still made them so I could buy a new one.

- James C

That it is to be respected, kept looking good and keep it's ageless look.

I love fords, it is fun to have a truck so you can haul large items in the cab. Nothing to dislike, it is a cool blue color. No complaints

- diane D

I bout it with very few miles. I have had no problems.

My vehicle is great on gas dependable. Great for road trips. And vacations. I love the fact it only has 2 seats so no one can ask for rides.

- Stacey K

Our Black Bison Plants Truck

Great truck in performance. Good size for our business. Installed a custom canopy I'd recommend to anyone. Has lots of good passing speed

- Michael T

It is red with doors and window.

None my truck is great I have no problems with it whatsoever, it's go straight when I press gas and stops when I press brake thank you.

- Greg B

Very durable and could probably last 20 more years.

The truck is very reliable, and I have grown to love it over the years. Only didn't start a couple times due to the battery.

- Cale H

She can be a little slow accelerating into the interstate.

I like that it is stick-shift and gets good gas mileage. My only complaint would be that it is a 4 cylinder, instead of a 6.

- Ray A

It's a good truck, no mechanical issues.

I love the performance. I dislike the gas mileage. I love the ride. I love the color. I dislike the bed size when moving.

- Matthew P

I drive the ranger most out of 6 cars and 2 motorcycles.

My truck driver and runs great no problems at all. I do not know what else to say about my Ford ranger it is great.

- Randall E

The good and the bad of Ford Rangers

As far as gas wise, I am very satisfied with my truck. Right now I have problem with a knocking sound with it.

- Richard B

Gets 30 miles to the gallon.

I like the small truck. Especially since they do not make it anymore.. I should have gotten an extended cab..

- Rick B

Good over all to get around in. . . Just in town.

Needs more room on in side. . . Bed in back needs to be longer very reliable. . Good on gas. Not comfortable.

- Marilyn H

It's a great truck well worth the money spent and has been a great truck

this is the perfect size truck and i have over 300,000 miles on this and no major repairs just normal upkeep

- charles T

That it runs really well to be an older model vehicle.

I like that it goes well in the winter months. I like that it gets good gas mileage. I have no complaints.

- Marcy F

Without a doubt it will get me were I want to go.

It is a very reliable truck, but kind of small compared to other pickups. Also is a very big gas guzzler.

- Sandy N

It has lasted for nine years and is still going strong

It's dependable. It gets good gas mileage. It has had few maintenance problems. I wish the cab was bigger

- James C

It runs. It is useful. It is paid for.

no complaints, it is a little rusty on the steps, the body has not rusted. i want a bigger bed.

- John C

It is always reliable and enjoyable to drive.

I'm just a Ford truck person from way back. it lets me tackle about anything I need to do.

- Roger P

It is extremely reliable and it very rarely has any problems.

It is very dependable. It was also very affordable. I do wish the gas mileage was better.

- Michael K

It has great mileage and doesn't have many mechanical problems.

It runs well, it just doesn't have enough space in the cabin for anything.

- Toma W

No problems, great gas mileage, comfortable seating with cab room to keep shopping inside and dry with the plus of a pickup bed.

Great gas mileage! Low fuel and oil consumption with enough power.

- Nellie V

It is a truck and you can haul items in the back of the small truck.

Very small. Make a lot of wind noise. Doesn't have a lot of power.

- John L

it's paid for and I own it gets great mileage and is very reliable

great mileage sporty reasonably priced efficient and reliable

- thomas k

Maintenance how to check oil how to change a tire how to add oil

Great on gas smooth ride. Comfortable too. I like my truck

- Mary K