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Love my ford ranger!! Best camping and kayaking buddy of them all!

Mine is a base model 5 speed manual with power steering, ac, and 10,000 lb towing capacity as only features. It is standard cab. It is a wonderful vehicle for anyone not needing to transport many passengers but wish to have hauling and towing capacity. As a 2.3 liter 4 cylinder power acceleration is not what you will get from this vehicle especially when hauling or towing heavy loads.However, this has been an extremely reliable vehicle with no problems. General maintenance is cheap and has been only requirement for maintaining superb performance. Runs today same as day purchased.

- Toni R

this pickup is dependability

The 2010 Ranger looks and feels much like past years Rangers but has significant upgrades in performance and safety features of my 1998 Ranger. Traction control, TPMS, and anti-roll stability are wonderful additions to an already reliable and serviceable vehicle. The V-6 engine package gives me all the power I need and the 4WD will make this a much more dependable vehicle in less than ideal driving conditions. It's a shame they quit making them.

- trinh t

The range has three seats total though there is a well-sized cab.

My Ford range is an okay car. Due to the certain make, it can be difficult to drive anywhere with a lot of dips in the road and it can feel rough to drive. The space inside is really small. I can barely fit three people in and even that is uncomfortable. A positive characteristic of the range is the gas. I can put in about a half of the tank and it will last me all week.

- Erin T

Four wheel and easy feel.

My Ford Ranger has been one of the best vehicles I have ever owned. Maintenance is easy to take care of and with the mileage on my truck it is still good for long distance driving. I like that it has extended cab. Furthermore, it doesn't have carpet so it's easy to clean. It also does have 4 wheel drive, which is good for where I live.

- Nate R

Great pickup for repair and light construction use.

Excellent on gas and mileage. Great work truck, room for tools and cargo. Comfortable on extended drives(300 miles) just keep the air pressure correct, and keep the oil changed on schedule. No problems except for recall for airbag. Controls and seating are adequate and the vehicle drives well with up to 1000 lbs. of weight in the bed.

- Larry C

Dependable gray pick-up and go.

I use my truck for all the errands I need to complete, I buy building supplies and haul them for my husband. This vehicle is a small 4 cylinder, that gets good gas mileage and does not lose power. I do routine maintenance and have had no mechanical problems at all in the last 8 years. It is reliable and easy to maneuver in traffic.

- Sharon C

A 2010 Ford ranger review.

My vehicle, a 2010 Ford ranger, has great steering, handling, and maneuverability. The truck is dependable and durable. It gets up to speed pretty quickly and works really well in an urban and rural environment. It's great for a small family or a single person. Has good space in the back and it keeps groceries safe.

- Nick S

Easy access. Flat floor (like the old Chevy's) make it easy to get into and out of

Good vehicle. Can't understand why Ford stopped making them. If you occasionally need a truck, but don't want the low gas mileage of a full size truck, this is one for you. I'm a big guy, and have no problems getting into and out of the vehicle.

- BoB U

The stereo system is awesome sounding.

My 2010 ford ranger is the best truck i've ever owned. I have had it for 6 years now and the only thing I have put out money for is an oil change that's it! No mechanical issues strong tranny too. Inside is very comfortable and stereo is loud!

- Jacki S

Ford Rangers Are Very Reliable

i am very happy with my vehicle. I am very comfortable driving in it and the design of it makes it easy to get used to. I have not had any major problems driving with it and i've driven across the country with ease.

- kim s

It does not handle rough road in turns, kind of skips around a bit.

I love the style of my truck and the way it looks. It has a nice interior with some good features. I am sometimes unhappy with how it handles bumps in the road, particularly around corners.

- Rick R

That it is quality made, and that it's very dependable.

There are a few things that I like about my vehicle, such as it gets good gas mileage, and is dependable/ reliable. The complaint that I have is that it's not that roomy inside.

- Josh F

It's now discontinued. The only truck you're able to purchase now will be used.

I like that it is good in gas. I like that I have been the only owner. I don't like that I purchased it brand new, when I could have had a F-150 for the same price at the time.

- Joseph M

It's perfect for the outdoors. I love to take it on road trips, the beach, and camping

I have a small truck that is perfect for me. I love the look and how well it runs. I never have issues with my truck. My only complaint is that it is not four wheel drive

- Keri B

It's very reliable, great on gas.

Its dependable, good handling. Great gas mileage. Runs great with little maintenance. I wish it was a different color than white because it's boring. But its reliable.

- Katherine M

It doesn't have enough power to even pull anything bigger than a small trailer.

I love the dependability and usefulness and gas mileage. I do not like the small single cab size. I cannot fit my wife and my dog in my truck at the same time.

- Jack L

nothing, It's something to use

love the way it drives and handles. get good gas mileage for a truck with over 200,000 miles on it. would love to see another one with more room in the cab.

- eddie U

It's a great vehicle to drive

I like that it can haul everything I need it too. I like it's a supercab. I don't like that it does not get as good gas mileage as a car. No complaints.

- Donna M

I want to kms when I have an emergency with no key ignition.

Love everything about my outlander, very reliable but the only problem I really have is that there is no key ignition for emergencies.

- Marcelo M

4 cylinders are not the way to go for use in a truck.

I like the way i get good gas mileage. I also drives pretty smooth but it has no get up and go. I just wish it pulled heels better.

- Michael J

Good value for the money. Dependable and easy to maintain

Great vehicle, use it to commute, vacation and hauling. good mileage, reliable and smooth riding for a pickup.

- James J

It's very reliable and great on gas. I love my truck.

I like that it's good on gas and doesn't give me any problems. I dislike that it's not bigger.

- Shannon A

It is great in bad weather and it has a lot of space to store things.

It's great in bad weather. The only thing I wish was it got better gas mileage.

- James S

It is different, just like me.

It stands out in a crowd. It hauls all my toys. It gets great gas mileage.

- Terry K

Good gas mileage, its dependable, reliable that's all that really matters to me. Its safe, but small.

I love the gas mileage and dependability. I don't like the little cab

- Kathi M

It requires only the amount of gas of a mid size car

Love the ease of use. Don't like the inability to recline the seats

- Rhonda B

My car is the best. It gets mentioned where I need to go

I don't dislike anything. I love my car. My car is very reliable.

- Tynia v

It is a very reliable truck that is low maintenance

The only thing I didn't like was the gas gage didn't work

- Phillip W

Serves my needs very well. Just what I want. Very nice truck.

Good looking. Easy on gas. Great for light hauling.

- Bill W

It's in good shape and I take care of it.

Does everything I want, not comfortable driving.

- Bryan D

It's reliable and gets very good mileage for a truck.

It's a truck. Gets good mileage. Very reliable.

- Paul W