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Ford ranger: the times of vehicles.

My ranger is a four wheel drive five speed. We've owned it for almost four years buying it used from the previous owner. We've had to replace the back timing belt tensioner, but that is all. Since purchasing our truck it has been driven daily all over the upstate. The cloth seats are comfortable and easy to clean. The CD player will play mp3s, which allows me to put a lot of my music onto one disc and have it shuffle through the songs. There is also an auxiliary jack so that I can connect my phone and play music directly from it. The four wheel drive works great for off-roading and snow days. It came with a tow package which is good when pulling a camper. We've owned our previous ranger for 20 years and it has over 100k miles on it. The only thing we've ever replaced is the timing belt and done regular maintenance (tires, oil changes, etc). It is still going strong. I expect this one to be the same. I highly recommend this vehicle.

- Julie C

It's rugged, and dependable. Relatively comfortable for the long haul. Has a great radio and CD player. Fun to drive.

I have the four wheel drive model and really like the ability to go off road, in the snow and inclement weather. It's a tight truck without many rattles or vibration noise. It has a lot of pulling power, especially in compound low. I also have a standard transmission. For the most part it shifts smoothly but once in a while I have a hard time getting into first gear. The cab could have a touch more room and there are some blinds spots because the the roof post structures that you have to be careful about.

- R Y

My ford ranger is fun to drive. It has air condition.

So far I have not had any problems with it. I have had my ranger for over a year and put a lot of miles on it. My ranger is easy to drive and it performs very well. It has been very reliable since I have had it. I am very comfortable driving this truck. My truck is blue, and it has blue interior. It has two seats and a console in the front. It has two little seats in the back of the cab. Four people can ride in my truck. The ranger is a four cylinder and it is really good on gas.

- Betty T

2011 Ford Ranger Sport - A Fun Little Truck

So this truck can haul a good load for its size and can drive forever if properly taken care of. It's got good power for towing or punching it since it has the same V6 that's in the older mustangs. The only issue I've had with it is the coolant housing failing since it's built from plastic. I would recommend replacing it every 100k miles. Other than that, very reliable.

- Seth A

Go ranger but do not go too big.

The ranger is a small truck that with routine care, I never have any problems with it. And I haul a lot stuff that would not fit in a car. It is small enough that I do not have to climb up to get in. If the price is not too much I will buy the 2019 if they ever come out. If the price is over 25000. Then I will look elsewhere.

- Larry W

The 2008 Saturn vue is a great car

It has squeaky power steering but is electrical. Great performance from the Honda 6 cylinder engine. Great pick up from a stop. Quite roomy interior. Great cargo space. It doesn't come with a sunroof but the stereo system rocks. No issues with maintenance as long as you keep up regular oil changes and mileage servicing.

- Tracy W

Ford ranger highlights and downsides.

I love my ranger. It's a stick shift, manual everything. It's basic easy to maintain no frills. It gets great mileage and is has a decent size bed. I drive quite a bit I purchased it at 67000 one year ago and have put 30000 miles on it without any issues. I've changed the oil every 3000 miles and haven't had any issues

- Adam S

Love that its the sports addition and fully loaded.

Love the mid size Ford ranger, decent on gas, rides nice, just the right size. Haven't had any problems with the vehicle. Drives nice. It's a very reliable vehicle. Its is very sporty in style. The features of the vehicle are, its the sports addition and is fully loaded with the tarp cover on back of the truck bed.

- Kim L

Used 2011 Ford ranger pickup.

I recently purchased the 2011 Ford ranger. Although it shows a little wear, it seems in good condition. I like the size and look of the pickup. It has a lined bed. Rust does not appear as a problem. Although the suspension seeks firm, it is a comfortable ride. This is my second ranger and these seem very reliable.

- Clark B

Great but had transmission issues.

My ranger is awesome, I had some issues with the parking brake release at first but quickly figured it out, my only complaint is that the transmission stalls when accelerating from 20 to 40, at around the 30mph mark, other than that I disliked the radio it came with but was easily able to replace it.

- Kate S

2011 ford ranger a very reliable vehicle.

I love my truck it is very reliable, and very comfortable to drive, I haven't had any real problems with my truck, I am very impressed with the ford ranger, I would definitely recommend this vehicle to my family and friends, overall I would most definitely rate the 2011 ford ranger five stars.

- Jeff J

I have already completed this survey the other day.

I have already did this survey the other day. I have already did this survey the other day. I have already did this survey the other day. I have already completed this survey the other day. I have already completed this survey the other day. I have already completed this survey the other day.

- Rich M

2011 ford ranger aka. Old reliable

The ford ranger is a basic reliable small truck. We have a base model that is used for deliveries at my work. It has good handling and reliable engine.. No major problems in the 8 years we have had it. Sound system IS decent for stock as well. Maintenance is easily done as well

- Jennifer M

Very reliable. I love my truck.

I love my Ranger. It is super reliable and easy to work on. My Ranger gets decent gas mileage and generally fills all my needs. I can tow my boat as well as transport my surfboards. The only criticism I can think of is the AC unit which has sometimes not functioning correctly.

- Richard L

Pickup trucks are for girls!

I purchased this truck because I like to do my own remodeling and yard work. It has a manual tranny and I love the way it picks up when I switch gears. Gas mileage is very good. I travel to md about 2x a year to visit family and have never had any problems with this truck.

- Fran M

The comforts of the Ford ranger.

It is a really nice smooth driving vehicle for a truck. The gas mileage is pretty good and I use this to drive daily and across the country. It is comfortable for the long drives and when I need to pull over I can sleep comfortably in the front seats and continue my trip.

- Jeremy H

Great gas consumption while driving in town

I love the antenna I have, and it is has a long bed, unlike the newer models that have the shorter ones. The wheels is what makes this vehicle. I like the gas consumption of the truck. It does not eat a lot of the gas like most trucks do. The in town driving is great.

- Sharon L

2011 Ford ranger xlt review.

Base model truck very reliable, slow on speed, no power locks or windows. Loud noises when speeding up due to it being 4 cylinder engine. Great on gas mileage gets around 25mpg. White truck gets the job done for light hauling. Minor fixes with 130, 000 miles.

- Ben C

A perfect truck for the average joe that doesn't want to spend lots of money

It feels very well driving, it turns with great ease and it is very controllable. The clutch is very easy to move in and out with very little effort. The truck handles corners and turn very smoothly with a soft ride. Overall the ford ranger is a great truck

- Brian R

It is a very nice little truck.

I have a 2011 Ford ranger. It has been a very reliable truck. It has only been in the shop once. I wish it was a little bigger but it is good. Nice smooth ride. It is gray I with I would have gotten a blue one. It is all right on gas but could be better.

- Richard F

the timing chain is very expensive to have replaced and that the 4 cylinder motor has 8...yes-- 8....spark plugs

My Ranger set high iso night time headlights do not blind me and the high clearance makes for no 'bottoming out' when driving on rough terrain. Major complaint is gas mileage..only low 20s...a manual shift 4 cylinder should get higher mpg.

- joro c

Great gas mileage we have been sharing the vehicle and fill up once a week.

Great on gas and easy to drive. Out of all the trucks I have driven this model is the most efficient one yet. It has a full size bed and a lot of catering copacetic. The only issues we have is the radiator seems to need maintenance often.

- Amanda H

The Ford Ranger is a very reliable low-maintenance truck.

As of yet, I have had no problems with my Ford Ranger. It has run great with minimal maintenance for the 3 years I have owned it. Its features are minimal but I don't have a need for something with a lot of bells and whistles, personally.

- Jordan C

That it has great MPG and you can fit big items in the truck bed to transport.

My main likes are that it is reliable vehicle and that I can load big items in my bed when needed. The thing I don't like is that the back window has a leak in it due to faulty design. The gas mileage is really good for mile per gallon.

- Richard H

I took what was available but I got one

This was the last year Ford made the Ranger. It did not have many options. I did not get cruise control or a limited slip differential and there was only 1 model with a standard transmission and 4x4 within 50 miles of me

- Gene K

They have a reliable vehicle with the Ford truck.

This is my second Ford ranger and I have had super luck with it. I go on the weekend ends out in the desert to prospect and the truck gets me there and back there the best truck on the market for me for the money.

- Norman L

They no longer make it. They are supposedly making a new version for 2020.

I like the size of truck. I like the look of the truck and the price. I dislike the fuel economy of the truck. I dislike the seating of the truck. I dislike display of the truck and lack of computer.

- Joshua M

The most important thing that others should know about my truck is that it is an older model and an smaller size.

Although it is an older model vehicle, I am ok with that. It could have better gas mileage, but then, most trucks do not. I do like that it is not a big truck. It is easier for me to handle.

- Linda D

The excellent reliability achieved since I've owned the vehicle.

Like the reliability, like the room, like the performance. Don't like the sound system, don't like the difficult access to the behind the seat area. Don't like the handling in the snow.

- Ken E

That the Ranger is made well and very dependable to operate. One of the most popular pickups ever made.

I love the Ranger pickups. This makes the 3rd Ranger I have had in a row. The are not that expensive and they suit my lifestyle greatly. Plus the are attractive & convenient to operate.

- Jack H

My truck is small, but it is powerful and I would recommend it to others.

It is a white pickup truck that is small. I wish that it was a larger truck to seat my whole family, but it works well for a truck. I do not have any major complaints.

- rich r

The Ford ranger can be reliable if you take good care of it.

My Ford ranger is good on gas. The back seat is too small. There is a lot of miles on it. I've had to buy parts for it like a new transmission, spark plugs and more.

- Natalie G

Great suburban small truck.

I love that it's small, is a manual, and is fun to drive. It has good cargo room for stuff. I dislike: gas mileage, safety ratings, lack of real back seats

- Christopher R

They are good on gas and dependable.

I've had Ford rangers they are fun to drive and very dependable. I do not or haven't had any issues with maintaining the truck other that basic maintenance.

- Gerald Paisley R

It has more interior room than you'd think.

I like the interior room of my vehicle and the gas mileage. I also like the truck bed to be able to haul and pull items. I do not like the truck type ride.

- Kelly G

It's a great vehicle great on gas perfect for one person . Plenty of space in back.

I like it is how it is on gas and that It's the perfect size for me. I like the color it doesn't show up dirt. I love I can transport stuff in the back.

- Travis W

The ford ranger was a fantastic truck for the money. Ford made a mistake in not making them anymore.

I got a crazy deal on my ford ranger. I take it everywhere and I also use it to make money with scrap metal. It is a great work truck for the money.

- lonny s

This set up of the Ford Ranger is great for towing and when not pulling a trailer has rather good gas mileage!

Good fuel mileage for a 4X4, Tows a 24 foot camper without any problem. Still has low mileage and has been very low maintenance. I love this truck!

- Bruce E

great for doing odd jobs around the house but only good for 2 people

I like sitting higher when driving. I like having the pick up truck to do things around the house. The ranger is a fun truck to dive and handle.

- philip H

2011 Ford Ranger good overall Truck

I like my Ford ranger but I wish I would have got automatic transmission instead of stick shift. It rides nice and in general I like my truck.

- Connie H

Cheap on gas, with the reliability of a truck and comfort

Easy on gas, convenience to hall, fairly roomy, comfortable, not a race car, bad sound system holds 2 adults and 2 small children

- Stephen B

It is reliable and made well. Very low maintenance and it will be around for years to come. Our other Ford Ranger has close to 200 thousand miles on it and still runs like a top.

We have bought Ford vehicles for years now. They are dependable and last for a long time. Our other vehicles are Fords also.

- Nancy r

It is very reliable. What else do you want me to add to the one thing?

My little truck has paid for it is self many times over. Reliable, low cost, low maintenance, good looking, fuel efficient.

- Jim J

It is a small lite duty truck.Two wheel drive but still carries half ton.

I find it to be comfortable to drive. It is good on gas and I use it for work. Also it tows my trailer with no problem.

- marty B

It's a very dependable truck.

I love that it is small, but big enough to haul what I need. I only thing I dislike is that it's only a four cylinder.

- Jason b

great little truck to use for everyday use

no problems. Good for all around pick up and use to haul various items. Good gas mileage and comfortable to sit in.

- Leroy P

It has been cost efficient requiring almost no work except for regular maintenance

We love this vehicle; it has been reliable and has had very few issues; however the bed has a few rust holes in it.

- nancy t

It would be better to hold off until they start being made with steam engines.

It's a crummy gas powered light pick up that does what I need. The world would be better, if it had a steam engine.

- Peter L

There is no information about my truck I would tell others.

I do not have any issues with my truck. Runs great. Simple for me. Nothing fancy. Plenty of room for grandchildren.

- Cathy S

2011 white ford ranger, ran over a mailbox.

I love my truck, 2011 white ford ranger, the radio works, A/C works, windows work. Need a bigger truck for work.

- Christina K

It rides a little rough if you aren't used to a truck

I wish the cab were a little bit bigger, and I have had a few issues with the doors freezing in the winter.

- Mariel P

It's roomier than it looks and gets good gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage. I also like the room to carry people and things. I also like the efficiency of it.

- Kelly H

Nice little truck. Little bit pricey.

It has been a nice reliable vehicle. Nice ride and control. A little expensive. Nice on gas. Comfortable.

- Rick F

It's a steel cage and people should not hit it.

Nice small size pickup. It is a 5 speed manual which I enjoy driving. What I dislike is poor gas mileage.

- Claude M

It's incredibly useful. I've hauled so much crap for friends and family and volunteer work, plus it's very sturdy and gets great mileage for a truck. It's honestly the best truck.

It can take a hit very well with only scratches and maybe a tiny dent. The gas mileage is also amazing.

- Elizabeth A

They should know it is made in the USA.

I like the size of the truck and the gas mileage. My only complaint is the lack of power it has.

- Peter V

That it has low mileage and still looks good

It runs great. It looks great. It gets good gas mileage. I don't dislike anything about it

- Chris T

it is just very reliable, love to drive the truck

very reliable, love the small pickup. easy to take care of. Gets good gas prices.

- Terry P

My truck is great. Currently no issues. I can sit 4 of my granddaughters in the truck comfortably. Ty

It's a four door truck. Auto windows. I can have all 4 grand daughters with me

- Catherine S

My truck has never given me a problem.

It's the right size. It's fuel efficient. It's versatile. No complaints .

- Orris Y

reliable, good on gas and very good shape. Love it

I have a very reliable truck. It has not given me any trouble. Good on gas

- cynthia n

It runs very well. It gets decent gas mileage. I have never had.any trouble with it.

It runs okay. It doesn't get good gas mileage. Could have more frills.

- Darrell L

four wheel drive and you won't see it during hunting season

It's the perfect truck 4wd gets me in the woods to pursue my passion

- Jim B

It doesn't have a lot of miles on it at this time.

I like the smaller pickup. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Linda K

It is affordable and comfortable little vehicle and nice.

It is a nice little vehicle. Affordable comfortable.

- Rick F

that it is mine and I use it for multi purposes everyday

it is a small truck that packs a lot of punch

- Ernie C

it's Reliable. No problems

Low miles.space for hauling. No complaints

- Michelle B