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Most reliable transportation I have ever owned.

I have a 2000 Ford F250 Heavy Duty Truck with Turbo for more power when needed. The gas mileage is about 18 mpg. It has side rails to make it easier to get in. It has power windows and locks, a great story but needs better speakers. My truck has a console that can go up to make another seat in front so 3 people can sit comfortably if needed. The motor is diesel but surprisingly it is not real loud and runs great. It has been really dependable for the last 11 years. It has not needed no major repairs. It has over 200,000 miles and I trust it like the day we bought it. If you take care of it and give the oil changes and other maintenance on a regular schedule it will run great for years. I would not trade my truck for anything it has been the most dependable transportation we have ever had. It does not have a lift but sits tall and you feel bulletproof. I would buy another one if anything ever happens to it.

- Sandra C

The pros and cons of a 20 year old super duty

The vehicle I have is one of the first ford super duty models. It has the legendary 7.3L turbo diesel, that is one of the most iconic diesel engines ever produced for trucks. My vehicle has almost 260,000 miles and is still running strong. The only problems I've had is with the transmission. The engine may be bulletproof, but the ford transmissions are not. I had to get it rebuilt around 150,000 miles. It seems to be fine now. The gas gauge on my vehicle has stopped working, could be a corroded connection to the fuel pump, but I'm not sure. The truck has the normal problems every 20 year old vehicle has. Paint it fading, seats are worn out.

- Logan D

Ford f250 super duty lives up to its name of "super duty"! Towing is smooth.

Very reliable! Am original owner for 18 years and never had a serious problem. Tows boat with no problem. Pulled a stranded car right off the beach! Truck is powerful! Attractive interior with very comfortable seats! One and only problem after 18 years was having to change shifter on the column and after repair, works well. Air conditioning also takes the annual recharge.

- Pamela D

Power stroke diesel is the best out there!

My Ford f-250 super duty diesel has over 300, 000 miles on it and is still in really good condition. I have had to replace the basic things on it to keep up with maintenance but haven't had to do any major things to it yet. It drives and runs good and is trustworthy. I am very happy with the truck. Has plenty of power and good working 4x4 system.

- Erin B

Nagging issues with my f250.

My biggest issue is ball joints. They don't last long. Along with the front steering control arm. The most annoying is having to tighten the bolt for the shifting lever once a year. The front steer adjustable bar is bad. Front ends on these f250 don't last long. Durability is big question if I was ever to purchase another Ford f250.

- Ed S

The f250 super duty is fun and sturdy!

My f250 super duty is a 2000 with the v10 engine and stick shift. This truck can go anywhere and get out of just about any situation as well as tow. We live out in the country and go hunting and camping. Has excellent tow capacity. We have also pulled many other trucks out of mud and snow. It is fun to drive and very sturdy.

- Tara W

Excellent condition, inside and out. Green, automatic, low miles.

The only problems with it were the brake system which needed replaced. The body is in very good shape with low miles. Has a camper shell and is an extended cab. Comes with a 5 CD disc changer, automatic, with air conditioning smooth ride. It is two toned green in color. No dings or scratches on it at all.

- Joe T

Big and tough enough to handle almost anything.

Right now n needs timing cover and injectors and ac otherwise always ran great and did a lot of heavy towing going uphill 2 times a week. Was in two big accidents and some smaller accidents that let me and who I was with not only walk away but drive away also. . When they say Ford tough they mean it.

- Barbara A

My truck is painted a real nice.

It is very nice truck rides good. If you buy one you will love it performance is outstanding. Comes in different colors. About 5 miles to a gal. I have no problems with this truck comes with very nice chrome. I am going to give it to my grand daughter when she graduate 12 grade. She in 7 right now.

- Patricia P

Previous owner didn't care

The original owner had tried to remake the truck for off roadIng and had a drive shaft too short attached. They also cut a hole in the bed trying to set up stacks that were never finished. The exhaust blows directly into a tire, wearing it down. Other than those issues the truck runs great

- Elizabeth O

Amenities and creature comforts.

Runs out of diesel additive too fast, has great torque and horsepower. Extremely comfortable and strong. Roomy for long trips. Does what I want it to. The hidden steps are an added plus. This allows for ease of entry. I really enjoy the multiple plugs for charging cell phones and iPad.

- Robert P

My truck built to last and gets me where I need to go.

No problems. Runs great. Hauls large items. Hitch for trailer or boats. Good on gas. Gets me through rough terrain. Drives straight through snow storms. Comfortable seats. Great at getting up steep hills. Starts right up on cold days. Well worth the price for an older vehicle.

- Brenda B

The ups and downs of a F250

I love my truck. Bu like all vehicles it has its flaws. It is hard on gas but excellent in pulling. It turns great to the right but short turning radius to left. Is very comfortable and roomy on inside but to light of a color on interior for truck designed for hard work.

- Timothy H

Ford durability with long life of the f250 make this a vehicle you want to own.

Crew cab is great for passengers or pets. Long bed provides load carrying capacity. Diesel engine offers long life with plenty of power. Cloth seats are more comfortable than leather and more durable. Diesel fuel prices are higher and the engine is much louder than gas.

- Rick K

Our awesome F-250 is unbreakable

We have had this truck for three years now and it has been a very good running vehicle. We use it daily working on the farm so it has been beat up quite a bit. And even after getting beat up it hasn't broke down other than normal wear and tear.

- Becky K

It is a strong built truck.

My Ford f-250 is very spacious and comfortable. My truck meet the storage and pulling capacity needed for my ranch work. My vehicle is mechanically prepared with a four wheel drive system for all kinds of weather and all kinds of terrains.

- William B




It gets good gas mileage.

I really like the fact it has awesome power and towing ability, but gets very good fuel economy given the size and ability of it. I wish sometimes is had 4wd, but other than that, no real complaints.

- Lynn K

This vehicle has great hauling capability and is roomy inside.

It has the ability to haul whatever I need it to. It is very dependable and with upkeep should last another 10 years. Upkeep, however, is much more expensive than that of a gasoline fueled vehicle.

- Missy M

Big strong truck, easy to drive and maintain.

Very strong, diesel, a little expensive, easy to work on. Long bed so it holds everything. Easy maintenance, has enough comfort features to make it nice. Wish it were newer and tires are expensive.

- Harry B

The 7. 3 diesel is a great engine.

I love my super duty f 250 I haven't had any problems with it. Although it is nearly 20 years old it still runs and drives great. I have owned several vehicles, my Ford truck always performs well.

- Dan T

The super duty truck that does not quit 2000 f350.

A great reliable vehicle for the family as well as tolling capacity for the working man teachers depend on you to truck however mine came with wade and I do not like that with a small child.

- A P

Workhorse that never quits and reliable all day long.

Very reliable. Had to replace the cps and the number 8 injector recently. It has 310000 miles on it and it still keeps going. 7. 3 liter motor is what made me buy it.

- Jamie W

Diesel trucks don't lose their value as fast as regular gas vehicles. My truck is 18 years old and is still work $15,000

Its a 2000 F-250 Super Duty with a 7.3L Turbo Diesel engine. In the passed 18 years the only problem that has happened is the power steering went out last year.

- Ethan D

Easily used as a family and work vehicle.

Great tie ability for my 5rh wheel trailer. Very reliable in everyday situations. Have only had to deal with normal maintenance and wear and tear.

- Jason C

Horrible on gas and constant repairs to front suspension.

The v-10 is horrible on gas and very underpowered. The front suspension constantly has problems and needs repaired. Interior is nice and roomy.

- Travis K

That fords are tough for any thing you do with them.

My vehicle is a diesel and it is heavy duty to pull a trailer. I have not had any serious problems with it. So it has been very reliable.

- Judy V

Great work truck or RV puller!

Totally love it. Only complaint for me is the super cheap cup holders and there are only 2 of them. I would still recommend this truck!

- Bill C

US made truck have had it for years, I regularly haul heavy loads, pull trailers, get good mileage for its size and I think it's a very safe vehicle.

Its a large vehicle big and safe. Interior is well set up large AND Comfortable. it currently has 466,500 miles on it Very dependable

- will F

2000 gray lifted heavy duty f-250.

Big backseat, seats three in front. Passenger door opens only from inside. 4 wheel drive does not completely lock out. Battery issues.

- Naomi S

Its a diesel. So you have to wait to start.

I like big vehicles. I will not drive a car. Only bad thing about the truck is the gas mileage and it is hard to find a parking space.

- Tracy M

I love my pickup. I have no complaints with it.

Solid work pickup that just gets the job done. Rides well, drives well, and has not had any problems outside of regular maintenance.

- John H

Some people think that trucks with extra cab or dual cab means passengers riding in the cab will be cramped. However, that is not the case with our Ford. It is very roomy.

I love the power it has, the smooth ride and It's size. But I don't like the fact that it is a diesel, and has a basic car stereo.

- Michele A

I love the for wheel drive

My 2000 F-250 7.3 is the best truck i've ever owned it has for wheel drive and a crew cab that has enough room for five people

- Cliff R

Even though its on big tires and jacked up the fuel mileage is still really good.

Love my truck because of the lift, how big it is and the big tires that I have on it. I hate it because the tires cost to much.

- Miranda D

It is a bit difficult to clutch. Must push clutch pedal all the way down.

Easy to drive. Standard transmission. Pulls trailer's and heavy loads very well. Easy to service. Wish that it were a 4WD.

- Lisa F

It's finally a good truck, now that we have invested thousands into it

it is in great shape. when we bought it we had to put in another motor and transmission though. It is a gas hog for sure!

- Erin F

It is still running strong 300k miles later.

This truck is very reliable and has pulled everything from rv to 3 horse trailer. It is comfortable to ride in and drive.

- June S

Super reliable truck. Hauls whatever I need it to without trouble.

This truck fires up and runs every day for the past 10 years. Very few replacement parts with routine maintenance.

- Eric D

It is a very comfortable ride.

It is a great work truck and family vehicle. It can pull my camper. Great on diesel. It helps me carry animals.

- Hope D

It will go just about anywhere and it will tow anything.

I love the interior 4x4. 7. 3 power stroke diesel. The don't likes is it hard for a short person to get into.

- William C

This truck is a big strong truck with a 7.3 liter diesel.

Very reliable. It is a very efficient for a heavy duty pickup. It is my daily driver. I love this truck.

- John M

best truck i've owned. i'd buy another if i needed to.

been a very good truck. lives up to what ford represence. the only down draw is bad gas mileage.

- dirk s

it is something i like very much

i like that it is a diesel. it is very reliable. it is able to tow what i need it to

- r H

has done all it was claimed to do.

been a good truck. has a lot of miles. does not get good gas mileage.

- dirk S

It is very dependable and gets me where I need to go

I like my truck and the only dislike I have is fuel mileage

- Heath S

gets fairly good mileage for a older diesel

4 wheel drive I can go anywhere and tow any type trailer.

- Paul K