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It's a beast. It can outwork anything out there. And it can survive things that would make other vehicles fall apart.

It's a truck that was made for working. In that aspect it is great. It can haul anything you want it to. And it's strong enough to haul up mountains, through valleys and in any kind of weather you can imagine. One random super cool thing about it is the engine/transmission. When you put the pedal down it sounds like a jet engine taking off. Men like to compliment on what's under the hood. But for an everyday vehicle it is not comfortable in the least. If you aren't hauling or hooked to a trailer it's the roughest ride I have ever been in. It does not have a back seat and the seat it does have is a bench seat so there is no reclining. And as large as it is there is not enough room to be comfortable as the passenger, especially on long trips.

- Amy P

It's mine, and has been pretty reliable so far, but still very low mileage, considering its age.

Wouldn't have gone with a diesel engine, had i known the price of diesel was going to dramatically outpace gas inflation, completely offsetting any cost benefits of such an inconvenient fuel source, not to mention loud engine. Also would have gone with a lighter truck, that gets better fuel economy, as I don't need a 250 anymore and could have gotten by without even then. I'd sell it, but everyone says I'd be a fool too, due to it being one of the best diesels Ford ever made and all the new emission requirements and such of newer vehicles. It is anticipated to have a very long life, being a diesel engine at least.

- Chad M

Super-duty is truly super duty. I have driven other makes of vehicles and Ford has outlasted them all.

I drive a 2003 f-250 super duty 6.0 diesel 4-door long bed that has 215000 miles on it. It was given to me by my father who passed away 3 yrs ago. I like this truck because it can pull anything that I need it to and it gets pretty good mileage. The only dislikes I have is the air conditioner quit working last year and the price of diesel has gone up. Other than that, I enjoy my truck.

- Cody H

The truck is nice to drive and is very comfortable, nice radio and sound system.

Do not like engine-348 v8, have not had to many problems, 4 wheel drive seals on front axle at bearings went bad 2 times just a bad design. Very comfortable to drive and ride in, very roomy and quiet. Has 6 foot bed which is a problem sometimes. Does handle a 32 foot trailer wince you get it moving (not much power in engine).

- Craig G

The joy of having a super duty Ford truck “ Roomy and good benefits.

Big truck, has s lot of room for carrying thing on the back. I like it has a full seat in the back. Which makes it comfortable. It feels good on the road. Haven't had any real problems as far as maintenance. I enjoy the white color that we choose. I do not drive it, my husband do all the driving, but I do love riding in it.

- Joan B

Comfortable and reliable when maintained well.

My pickup has had a few mechanical issues that have been costly, but I will say that it is one of the only diesels that start in my parking lot when it is cold. As for the comfort, I drive this vehicle when it comes to any long rides it is so comfortable. I also really enjoy that is one of the only pickups with a sunroof!

- Kristin N

2003 ford f250 super duty 4 by 4.

I have the regular cab. Which is not the most comfortable. The 4 wheel drive works great. Gas mileage is not what it should be. But it's a great tow vehicle. I have used this truck for several years as my daily work truck. It has always been reliable. My truck now has 375,000 miles on it and still performs as it should..

- Lawrence D

The parts are very reliable and always buy Ford for dependability.

The car is very reliable and steady. I can always count on it to run on the road as needed.. I have not had to replace any of the original parts of this truck yet. The and the tires on it are very good. I would not trade it for a million dollars and for me Ford is what I will always buy in a truck that lasts.

- Marilyn S

Anything but a Ford 6.O liter diesel!

It's an f350 dually, I really enjoy driving it, the ride is extremely conf. Considering how big it is. It's quite responsive, all power needed for towing... The only issue is the 6.0 L diesel motor, it has been nothing but constant ! If considering a large ford truck, get one W/ any motor but a 6.0 liter!

- Mike S

It is a 2003 year model and still runs perfectly fine.

I have owned my vehicle for 7 years. It has almost 300,000 miles on it. All that I have replaced is a fuel pump and that was my own fault. It does not ride as smoothly as it used to, but it is still a very reliable truck. The paint has begun to chip/flake, but it is just the clear coat that I believe.

- Kristin B

Why the next vehicle I buy will be the same one I have had for the last 16 years.

I bought my ford f250 super duty new in 2003. It has 170000 miles and has never given me any trouble. It is a 5.4 liter gas motor. Never had anything major go wrong with the truck just regular routine maintenance. I do not think I would trade it in on a new one because it is still in excellent shape.

- Brian N

My truck is a diesel. It's a little more costly to get maintenance done but it's reliable and gets good fuel economy for a truck.

I like the super duty truck because I do not have to worry that much about tow capacity. I like that it can seat 6 people. I don't like the partial doors. It makes it less convenient for passengers to have to wait for the people in the front seats to open the doors.

- Scott H

F-250, the reliable gas guzzler.

It is an 03 f-250, not much to say about it. Still runs and drives great. Always gets me from point a-b. If you are in the market for a truck then I would recommend this one. Not great on gas, but its a truck so I didn't expect it to be. Drives great on or off-road.

- Chris D

Time of ownership details of truck.

Axles repaired, leaf springs replaced, driver window got stuck and had to take off panel to secure wire, drives good for a 2003, under 200, 000 miles, no engine problems. Headlights need to be brighter. Would like better radio and backup camera. Overall love it.

- Crystal I

The Ford truck with the 6. 0l engine.

Its a 2003 f250 6, 0l. It's got amazing gas mileage for a diesel. It's a very reliable vehicle and is a really great family vehicle if you lived out in the country or such. It does fit three infant car seats in the back and one, in the middle seat upfront.

- Erika S

The benefits of owning a 6.0 powerstroke diesel

My particular truck is a crew cab short bed 4x4 with the 6.0 diesel engine. The 6.0 diesel has some issues but once fixed and properly maintained they are great reliable long lasting engines and the trucks will absolutely do whatever you need!

- David Y

It is my first car and I bought it without help from my parents.

Dislike the seatbelts and the way the spark plugs are in the engine. They are too difficult to change. You have to have a torque wrench and you must be very careful, because the aluminum is so soft. The seat belts are always in the way.

- Ken M

If shopping for a F-250 get one a couple years older than the one I have.

Ford F-250 diesel pickup. Dislike the reliability issues that were created by the emissions requirements that went in that year. Other than that it has been a reliable vehicle. I like the horsepower and towing ability the truck has.

- Zachary M

good towing power and room

Truck drives like a big truck. Takes a football field to turn it around. Has good pulling power. We tow a 5th wheel with it and you can't even feel it. lots of room. Wish it had a key fob. But it is an older truck.

- janell h

That I love it, it is an all around great truck that I feel safe in.

Reliability, towing capacity, safety and ease of use is excellent. This truck handles well in all weather and road conditions. The diesel engine is very dependable. I have no complaints, it is a great truck.

- Tracy R

If taken care of it can outlast most on the road.

I like the fact the truck has room to seat six people. I love the six liter diesel engine. The truck is extremely roomy and comfortable. The only thing I dislike is the somewhat rough ride on rough roads.

- Tyler G

Dependable long lasting truck as long as you keep up with your regular maintenance.

I bought my truck with 260,000 miles on it. Since I bought it, the gauge says 290,000 and still runs and drives great. Only complaint is that the gauges dont work most of the time.

- David T

It was my fathers before he passed a few years ago. I've kept it largely for sentimental reasons.

Like the size and value where it came from. I wish it wasn't a diesel though, as it was purchased before diesel fuel spiked disproportionately higher than gas.

- Chad D

It has a lot of power and is 4 wheel drive.

I like that it is big. It has 4 wheel drive. I do not like that it is rusting out in the box and the outside. I also with it didn't use as much gas as it does.

- Jared J

It does everything that I can ask of it and goes anywhere I need it too.

Everything about my truck is great. The only complaints I have is the fact that the one I own is not a diesel and that one day I'll have to buy a new truck.

- John M

Powerful truck guzzles gas

It's a f350, but there was no option to choose. Poor gas mileage. Brake calipers seizing up has always been a problem. It has been a reliable strong vehicle

- Jillian S

It has 4 wheel drive so it does not get stuck easy and I can pull others out.

I have owned my truck for 8 years. I like the size and power of it. One thing I don't like is that it is rusting out. Also the gas mileage is not that good.

- Jared J

Very few engine problems and no transmission problems at 180,000 miles. Tows very well.

It's actually a F-350 but you didn't have that option. It pulls a trailer very well. It's large and easy to see out of. It has been a good farm vehicle.

- Sandy N

This truck is a good strong truck with lots of room in the cab. Best when kept stock.

Good truck when left stock. Will need to replace/update egr cooler and oil cooler eventually. The EGR valve will also be replaced more often than not.

- Brent G

Large and powerful. Watch out!

Great vehicle. Lots of pulling power. Crew cab long bed, sometimes hard to find parking, but plenty of room for family, friends and a full load.

- James G

It is a diesel truck. Takes a lot of gas, maybe $100 to fill up.

I really enjoy the f-250 because first off it is big and very spacious. Fits up to six people and of course we have kids and they love it also.

- Jacqueline G

It does not take diesel gas.

Gas mileage is very bad, all the features are outdated and one of the extended cabs doors does not open at all. Petals are very un sensitive.

- Megan O

Ford is a great brand. Dependable.

Very dependable. Have always drove Ford's. Never have to worry about it getting to my destination. I have taken it on vacation lots of time.

- Pamela M

It is a reliable truck that gets me from point a to point b.

I like the size of the crew cable. I like being able to just throw things in the trunk bed. I do not like the miles per gallon.

- Taylor C

Drives nice in the winter time.

The only problem I have with my truck is the gas mileage sucks for my vehicle. It rides nice, it is good in the winter time.

- Haley K

Downside to owning a 2000's Ford F-250

Common rust spots behind rear doors. Exhaust studs have a tendency of breaking after a few years due to wear and tear.

- Dennis M

That Ford is the best made truck out there on the market.

Like that it can pull heavy loads dislike the fact that it's really hard to get out of mud has no power to get out.

- Samuel D

It's very durable and dependable.

I love my Ford truck. I have over 200,000 and it still runs great. It pulls my 40' 5th wheel with no problem.

- Mark M

Workhorse fulfills it purpose as a workhorse

It is sturdy very reliable not great on gas mileage runs very smooth when loaded needs minimal maintenance

- Nelson D

Gets me where I want to go

It is reliable, gets us where we want to go. It's a gas hog. The air conditioning doesn't work very well.

- Jeffrey F

2003 F250 greatest 7.3 ever. No regrets!

Will keep this truck forever can't replace it's pulling power, if you maintain the engine it's great

- Laurel B

My truck is super handy when working around the house.

I love driving my diesel truck. It also has seat warmers which make it great to drive in the winter.

- Nick P

It's 15 yrs old and still runs great! Love ford vehicles

It is a nice looking vehicle. Has lasted 15 years without too many repairs. Hauls trailer well

- Shelley J

This vehicle is very well built and reliable. I enjoy driving it 16 years after purchase.

Vehicle has been very reliable. Diesel mileage isn't too bad. Comfortable on long trips.

- Perry L

It is reliable and make for farm work. Can pull and haul trailer and livestock

I use it around the farm and like the four door can for to carry the entire family

- Ryan O

Grey Supercab, 4x4 gas 5.5l v8. This truck is a good 3/4 ton truck, but lacks power due to the relatively small gas engine. Classic design and decent comfort.

It has no trouble towing anything I've thrown at it, although it drinks down gas.

- Anthony R



- Daniel b

It's a lot faster than they would think.

Power stroke Diesel. What's not to love? 7.3 liter 4x4 and it's unstoppable.

- Kave W

The paint is starting to come off is a complaint. The truck holds up very well. Is a great vehicle I would buy another one. Very good and reliable.

That it is a great truck that can take a lot. It holds together well.

- Bruce C

This truck will last you a very long time

I love the motor. I love that it needs little work to it. Drives well

- Chris P

Has plenty of power and pulling power

Like the ability to see above everything. Dislike the fuel economy

- Dale m

It's dependable and comfortable Easy to drive and get serviced

E350 van love it dependable Used daily and for overnight trips

- Mickie S

The back seat is as comfortable as the front seat & it is a great ride

The cab is roomy, 4 doors, smooth driving. Great stereo!

- J J