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Super duty with pre-owned flaws still provides enjoyment.

After a little more than a year of life with my 2006 ford f250 super duty has been enjoyable so far, even after working through a few issues typical for a 200,000 mile truck. The 6.0 liter powerstroke diesel engine has an addicting rush of torque virtually on demand and the fx4 four wheel drive package is welcome when extra traction is needed. One regret is that an important component of this package, the limited slip rear differential, is apparently a frequent failure point and this one is no different. Fortunately the large majority of miles driven are not off road so it is only a minor annoyance and I can enjoy all the comforts of the lariat package and that great diesel performance and efficiency.

- James B

Work truck has kept up nicely and not let me down.

My vehicle does not have many issues. Mostly with a truck this old you from New England you see a lot of rust but I have kept up with it pretty well. The truck has been used as a work truck and has held up with all that I have put it through. I tow a lot of weight with it often and I have never had a towing issue. The bed is a little rusty but it is often filled with all sorts of stuff and has slowly been ruined little by little. The truck drives great all winter. The only issues I have had with it are replacing the starter after 100, 000 miles. The rest was minor maintenance and has kept up.

- Jorge L

2006 f 250 four wheel drive extended cab.

It's got a 5. 4 v8 about 12 miles to the gallon. I wish it had more power and better mileage but it does the job. The exhaust manifolds are a pain to do when they leak and they will leak. It is not the smoothest riding vehicle but its a truck so it's to be expected. It's fairly confinable on long rides good leg room. Power seats windows doors automatic transmission 4x4. It tows nice and can take the weight just fine.

- Rob D

Ford f250 king ranch. 6. 0 power stroke. Really beautiful. Lot of horsepower.

My Ford f250 is awesome. Its a 2006 crew cab long bed with the king ranch package. I've done a lot of upgrades to it to make it more powerful and more fuel efficient as well. Stock it makes 325 hp after what I've done, it now makes 605 hp and I love the light switch effect it has given me too. I love my diesels and is a truck I would totally recommend.

- Philip D

Best truck I've ever owned. I'm amazed at the towing capabilities with the ouch button "Tow/haul feature which allows the Allison transmission and the 6.0 diesel to work in conjunction with the conditions. Great feature.

The F350 super duty is one incredible truck. We live full time in our 5th wheel. We move around about every 2 weeks and this truck has no problem with towing. We've taken the RV up and down many steep roadway and this truck has no problem towing around 24000 lbs.. it is very reliable, no breakdowns With no mechanical issues.

- Terry J

Big blue as my vehicle tows our camper boat and trailer with ease you don't even know they are back there

I love my vehicle I get 400 miles to a tank of gas the maintenance is super easy the dealers have been great with maintenance parts are easy to find when needed my vehicle has 471000 original miles on the engine and body 150000 original miles on the transmission I can't say enough we use this vehicle for everything

- Denise D

Gas guzzler but also very nice and spacious.

My truck is very spacious. It has plenty of room and never has my family squished, and is also great for loading up groceries and other items. It is great to be high up in a truck rather than low in a car especially around areas that flood quite often. The only disadvantage I would have to say is the cost of gas.

- April F

My ford. Ford did an amazing job with creating the 2006 ford f250.

My ford f250 is probably the best vehicle I have owned, it's great on fuel economy, very comfortable, has a lot of room. The only downfall is that it takes a long while to warm up the ford start of the day. Other than that it is an amazing vehicle and I recommend that everyone should have one.

- Cherokee S

Great driving and pulling truck.

I didn't give a rating of 5 because it is a manual transmission but, that is what we wanted at the time. We use it to pull and it does a great job. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone who is looking for a good heavy duty vehicle. It also has plenty of power driving or pulling trailer.

- Karen Y

My Ford f-250 is great, cab space and pulling capability is the highlight.

Worse thing is it starts to shake when tires start to wear. Other than that it has been a awesome truck to drive. Love the cab space, seats 6 and durable interior cloth seats. Pull our horse trailer with ease. Its pull capability is a great feature. The lights and signals are great.

- Catherine Z

Its heavy duty and it's great to use for a work truck.

It is very reliable, it gets me where I need to go. It hauls trailers. , which I use to earn money. I have not had any problems with my truck. I prefer driving a car, but do not mind driving this truck. It's not the best looking vehicle, but it do not have to be it's a work truck.

- Rhonda Rae K

Great diesel truck with plenty of room!

Haven't had any problems from this truck, it is really a great diesel truck. Plenty of room for four people and does great pulling a camper. Plenty of room in the bed of the truck for picking up all those items you need from home depot from home improvement to gardening items.

- George D

2006 Ford f250 goods and bad.

Love my truck but injectors getting stuck are a problem suspension every year needs some replacing especially the sway bar the heads also go bad needs to be studded and replaced and is very expensive the interior is amazing and very comfortable with lots of space inside.

- Jane C

Issues to watch out for in a Ford truck.

Not the best truck to have. It has a habit of blowing it is oil cooler fairly early and is quite loud with it is turbo. It can work if it is all you can get but I would suggest getting a Ford truck made before 2003. Engine works better and lasts almost forever.

- Dark W

It's paid for! We really love the dependability of this truck. Low maintenance. High usage.

We love how dependable it is. We use it to haul everything! It's the only vehicle in our home that has air conditioning. Because we park it in our pole barn, it still looks like brand new and only has 72,000 miles on it.

- Ann M

It has so much room inside! Every person in the vehicle no matter what seat they are in, can comfortably ride.

My truck has plenty of space for a family. I upgraded to it because my jeep did not fit two car seats very well. Now the kids have plenty of space and I don't have to live my seat all the way up to fit them in.

- Jackie S

The truck is very powerful I pull trailers all the time

6.0 diesel engine has had nothing but mechanical problems ford won't do a thing about it. 2006 F-250 is the worst truck they ever built it's also starting to rot around the wheel wells

- Tom B

I feel It is a good work truck

Overall I like for lot. It is a very good truck. However there were some design flaws that Ford didn't recall. This has cost me money over the years that should've been handled by Ford

- Dan W

Its slick and has a lot of power.

I love the 6.0 power stroke diesel engine very fast and strong, love my full 8ft bed easy to load & move things. Smooth strong running truck never had any issues with it love it!.

- David R

My Ford truck is large and in charge, so watch out.

Love the horsepower and torque I get from my diesel Ford 250. Only complaint is I have heard that the engine can start having problems in the 2006 models, but so far no issues.

- Phillip H

You will not be let down with this vehicle.

Owned this my super duty for 10 years only minor issues with motor and I did fracture factory rims off-road however other than that no major issues. Highly recommended.

- Rene Z

perfect truck runs great.

i love our ford f 350.. never have any problems.. runs great.. very reliable.. normal wear and tear on small things that we have had to fix but that's normal..

- natasha C

It takes diesel, don't put gas!

I like my vehicle because it is very roomy. The truck bed is big and I can haul a lot of things. The leather interior is a bonus and the heated seats are nice.

- Valerie C

The amount of cab room, especially in the backseat.

We love the f-250. It is very roomy in both the front seat and the back seat. We use it to haul with several different kinds of hitches with no problem.

- Heather Y

Amazing but almost broken down truck.

Check engine lights on, barely make enough money for my bills and rent and truck is very expressive to fix might end up not being able to fix it at all.

- Adam S

I don't hate anything about my truck.

Love the power and the room in my truck. The way it drives in the snow is great. I have a half cab and it work truck but not big enough for a family.

- Cassandra N

i feel it is the best- my prior f- 250 (diesel) i had for 20 years and just shy of 400K miles.

i have a F-350 not 250- as you did not have it listed i picked the closest to it- i love my diesel it has 4wd and is super cab- it does the job well

- carol s

The Truck is Built FORD TOUGH. Also being a Diesel engine, it gets good mileage.

It's Built Ford tough! The handling and durability is great. I love everything about the truck,it's looks,the four-wheel drive,and th power it has.

- Terry D

reliable in both the city and highway even when pulling 4 tons of personal equipment

6.0 powerstroke turbo diesel, no major complaints it is reliable with only standard items replaced like batteries, wiper blades and oil changes

- andrew m

It is well made and very dependable. It has been one of the best trucks I have ever owned.

no dislikes...I love my truck! It has been very reliable and has cost me nothing in extra maintenance outside of the normal car a car needs.

- Darren R

She's massive. But gets the work done. We never have to worry if our truck will be able to haul hay or the cattle trailer.

It's huge. So it's hard to park. Otherwise, I love how roomy it is in the cabin. The Diesel works fantastic and we can haul our cattle.

- Deb B

Diesel power has an advantage over gas.

My vehicle is very good for work and carrying all of the tools I need while getting good mpg for my fuel but the maintenance is costly.

- Clifford S

My truck is a work truck that I use quite often for doing many other jobs with our small business

I really like my Ford truck I think it's a really good truck over all that some of the parts I feel fortunate we call them instead of

- Daa P

It is safe and useful and can fit the whole family and some friends.

It is can tow most anything. The motor is not the most reliable. It seats the whole family. It is good for going into the woods.

- Matthew S

My truck is blacked out completely.

There is absolutely no complaint with my truck. With it coming stock with compound turbos it is a great platform to build off.

- Cre F

The F-250 that destroyed your hope.

Easy to upgrade and performance parts really make a difference. Can be expensive but worth it. Do not buy cheap parts for it.

- Zack Y

Great truck. Very dependable.

Great truck. Never had major issues. I did crack factory rims off-road. Never had any issues hauling. Always very dependable.

- Ren� Z

Great ride. It rides like a nice car. Very dependable.

Love my truck. The only problem I have had is with some of the engine sensors. They were covered under my extended warranty.

- Don B

It is very reliable, powerful and comfortable.

Ford has rotting metal on the bed. The powerful diesel engine is great for pulling. Cabin room is great in the 4 door truck.

- Joe F

It's a tough truck that can get the job done when it needs to be done - no problems - reliable.

It's big, tough, and slow. Good enough mileage while towing and strong enough to tow heavy trailers. Plenty of bed space.

- Norman M

It does ride rough like a heavy duty truck. And gas mileage is not the best

This is a reliable vehicle. I have over 200,000 Miles. I am able to haul my camper, and utility trailers with no problems.

- Jody P

It is bigger than yours so do not try to push us.

Love the diesel engine and gas mileage. Love the spacious cab. Love the factory lift. Dislike the cost to fill the tank.

- Stephanie P

can do whatever I want it to do

very comfortable on long trips. Can seat 6 adults comfortably. Gets around 20 mpg highway. Modified diesel with 500 hp.

- kev v

It is my husbands work truck.

It is my husbands work truck he likes it I don't drive it. He has had very little problems with it. Good truck he say.

- Lana S

Good gas mileage for this size vehicle.

I like that the inside has a lot of room we've had to do a lot of work on the motor, and I am sure we'll have more.

- Darcy S




I like my truck it does a good job for me

I like my truck it does a good job for me. I really like the tow package It has and the stonge pulling power

- Ralph B

Diesel gets better miles per gallon.

I like that it is a big diesel truck. I like that it has four wheel drive. And I like that it can tow a lot.

- Matthew S

if you got to drive back and forth to work,this is not a very economical truck for that

other than it doesn't get very good gas mileage and could use some new shocks it's a good reliable truck

- jerome m

It's simply awesome and has everything I want on it

I love everything about my truck, fully loaded with all the options. Nothing to dislike about It

- Daniel m

I have no complaints. I would purchase another one. I would also buy a 2018

The 6.0 is not a bad truck like others say. If you do regular maintenance it is a great truck

- David H

Diesel engine.

Love my truck, but would like it better if it had Bluetooth, USB port, back up camera.

- John r

6.0 has a lot of issues in 2006 model, earlier models like 2004 and before and 2010 and above don't share the same issues.

It has 6.0 turbo Diesel and it's caused me over 10,000 in repairs in the passed year..

- Amber D

I have a ford 250. It is a great truck. There is plenty of room for the kids in the back seat.

It is very dependable. I have had no problem with this vehicle

- Mic T

The truck is mine. My truck gets really good mileage when pulling a load

my truck runs great. It pulls my 5th wheel very well.

- mike g