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ALL in ALL i would still buy the Ford F250 Super duty all over again! Its a strong and dependable truck!

I have had quit a few issues with the turbo, it went out, had replace it 2 times, but when the turbo is working MAN OH MAN the POWER this thing has!! don't like that everything is computerized, including the accelerator is computerized, meaning there is no accelerator cable! buying replacement parts are little pricey when buying them new and are hard to find when buying used. as far as comfort is concerned it is AMAZINGLY spacious! there is so much leg room in the back seat area a 6 foot 5 inch man can sit back there comfortably.


2011 Ford f250 super duty power stroke.

My 2011 Ford f250 super duty power stroke is definitely one to talk about. It is the first diesel truck that I have owned, and there is no going back. With over 200, 000 miles it continues to run like it is brand new. The front left outer tie rod is almost on its last leg, but other than that there are no other major mechanical problems. Buying an aftermarket tuning system would help to increase the fuel mileage, and also keep the truck's performance outstanding for many years to come.

- Dillon B

Dependable, long lasting, ford lives up to it is promises.

The truck was purchased brand new and has had normal maintenance. Oil changes and tire rotations were done regularly, and I have experienced no real big issues furthering my loyalty to ford. Normal wear and tear was experienced such as seat cloth tears and seat adjustment handle breaking. Also, I have experienced some malfunction with auto unlock of the rear doors but this has only happened recently after 9 years. My truck has over 180000 miles and I still trust it tremendously.

- Courtney N

Initial problems followed but a decent truck.

Truck is comfortable and performs well. Drive well for a truck but certainly not the smoothest ride out there. I have had numerous computer related issues with this particular model and year. Several thousand dollars later and I still have issue from time to time but nothing major. Overall now that I'M past most of the issues I really enjoy the truck but because of the headaches it gave me in the past I would not purchase this model year and make again in the future.

- John F

Horrible and costly 6. 4l engine.

The 2008 Ford 6. 4l super duty diesel has had some major engine issues. It is vital to have the extended warranty coverage in order to be able to cover the costly issues that are presented with this truck. They have had numerous issues with this engine so beware of the 6. 4. The cab has to be removed to do any major work on the truck in order to reach all things related to the engine. Otherwise I do love my truck but the cost of the repairs outweighs the love.

- Shannon E

Has a keypad outside the door just in case you were to lock your keys inside.

We have a 12 Ford f 250 diesel. Very nice ride. Great gas mileage. The only problems we have had is some type of senor getting to hot and shutting the truck down. The truck now has a dpf delete which took away all the seniors. Runs and drives great. The inside is very roomy. Starts up every time. The oil changes & fuel filters can get a bit pricey. But other than that an all around great truck.

- Shanna M

Sturdy, reliable work truck.

We've had the truck since it was brand new and have never had an issue with it. It is been a great reliable farm truck and has hauled trailers and gone through muddy fields with ease. It has close to 300, 000 miles on it and is still being used every day. The seats have worn and the gear shift has become slightly loose but other than that it is still great.

- Elizabeth P

Spacious and reliable for any and all kinds of adventures.

The only problem with the vehicle is that it is not compatible for short people (it would viewed as too big). The vehicle is reliable and spacious interior. In addition, the bed is also spacious to include the extra cab. All in all, Ford vehicles in view are excellent for space and reliability. Off course, performance is a plus.

- Betty K

Ford Trucks are reliable and sturdy.

I love that I can fit my large dogs because of the extended cab. I like the extra long bed so I can fit a load of things in it. It has been so reliable since I got it, that it has only been in the garage for regular maintenance and minor repairs. I have had ford trucks for years and they are sturdy reliable vehicles.

- marissa R

I got the inside customized.

Great on gas for it to be a truck. Good acceleration and happens to be easy to keep up maintenance. Radio is loud and the ac/heat is always good. Ok leg room, good for moving heavy appliances. Seat belts get weak after so long, alternator has been changed once. Thermostat replaced twice. Brakes could be better.

- Courtney M

A vehicle you can trust and count on

Vehicle that I have has not had any issues other than basic maintenance, which includes oil changes, brakes and Tires. I've owned this vehicle long enough to know that is a good vehicle to own with very little problems that come with it. I would think it is a safe vehicle and manufacturer that I can trust

- Steve P

The powerful Luxurious workhorse

The f250 King ranch is very work handy but also very comfortable. It has lots of room and space to relax but is also a work horse when needed. Take the family out to dinner and wake up in the morning and take it to work. The truck is meant for work and luxury. Great truck and I highly recommend it.

- Jonathan T

It is just the truck I need. It is decent on mileage and duties it performs.

Since I have bought the truck it has given me no problems. It is reliable and stylish. Interior has all the needs I desire. It is equipped with the latest technology. It covers my needs like hauling my horse and trailer. My horse weighs 1200 pounds and engine has no problem pulling his weight.

- Kenneth W

If you are looking for a reliable truck to haul heavy equipment I would suggest a Ford F250.

I drive my Ford F250 to work daily. I love my truck. I have not had any trouble with it...and look forward to driving it for many more years. We have pulled travel trailers through multiple states with ease, it was hard to tell we were pulling anything. I definitely would buy another one.

- Paula S

Wouldn't have anything but a ford.

I have over 235,000 miles and still love my pickup. No big problems with it. Service has been great. Will be buying another one if this one ever wears out. Can haul my RV or a gooseneck full of cattle no problem. Very comfortable and reliable. Will be buying again. All our trucks are fords.

- Shirley W

That it is very reliable and comfortable. Can pull just about anything with this 1 ton truck.

I have a 2007 F-350 Super Duty and I would not trade it for anything! It is a great reliable truck and can anything. It is very comfortable, great for long distance trips. The performance is outstanding, depending on what your pulling sometimes it does not feel like there is anything there.

- Kelsey S

Smooth, quiet running for a diesel.

I love my truck because we pull a 5th wheel trailer. We have not had any issues. It has lots of power and it gets decent fuel mileage. It has a tailgate ladder that is quite handy and a long bed for hauling stuff. It is a super crew cab, so it doubles as a car and it is very comfortable.

- Robert P

Wonderfully reliable truck.

It drive and tows our 5th wheel great. The ride is smooth for a heavy truck. It starts every time even after sitting for months between trips. I love how comfortable our seats are, it makes it so nice when we take long trips. We have had no mechanical trouble with our truck at all.

- Terry P

Ford favored for versatility.

2010 f-250 super duty is roomy and comfortable. Back seat easily accommodates 3-4 adults. Dual a/c and heat controls promote individual comfort. It gets good gas mileage and performance. We have always found Ford to be reliable as long as we keep up with the scheduled maintenance.

- Kathryn O

The big red beast that does what I want

Runs great. Gas guzzling hog though. I wish it didn't cost me 44 dollars just to get to work and back. It would make my wallet feel a hell of a lot better. Outside of that the truck seems to be in tip top condition. It's sturdy and reliable in most situations I can think of

- Dave B

Great vehicle, nothing special to say it looks good and does everything we need.

I do not have any issues with anything major. The only issue is the underside of the bed rusted out pretty quickly and it wasn't abused. I would recommend getting it undercoated. We are not the only f-250 owners with this issue, several friends of ours have the same issue.

- Dee H

Rugged and yet very elegant.

The smoothness of the ride and the tow capacity and the many features that are included with this truck makes this a really good buy. There is ruggedness but also elegance making this a great day and nighttime vehicle. Getting extra add-ons just really tops this truck off.

- Don B

Loaded truck has many nice features.

I have a ford f350 dually with a diesel engine. It is a badass truck but it is had some overheating issues. It has heated seats, tinted windows, power steering, a CD disc changer, and it includes a 5th wheel hook up. It is burgundy in color and it is lots of fun to drive.

- Sharon C

Radio, mirrors fold in, locking tailgate. 4 wheel drive, comfortable.

Engine had to be replaced. Oil change is extremely expensive. Seat belts in back rattle if not latched. GPS navigation system does not work all the time. Tires are expensive. Blind spots when you look out the windshield and are going to turn. Other than that, it is fine.

- Wilma S

Lifted with 24 and 40 its beautiful.

Great running truck once its bulletproofed. Ficm wasn't plugged all the way. Positive cable was worn its been replaced. New radiator new alternator. Stay on top of seat maint. Always check fluids. These diesels will flat out run and pull especially with some sct tunes.

- Thomas M

If you are looking for a workhorse, this vehicle is the one for you.

Performance is great. It hauls very large loads and helped us move our furniture with ease. Great for business and personal use. I have a family of 6 and it fits everyone comfortably. We do road trips with it. As long as you maintain it, the reliability is awesome.

- Bryan R

Even though its a heavy duty, I love my truck.

Have not had any with this particular vehicle. Very reliable, dependable. Comfortable. Have only had to do routine maintenance. Easy for me to get in and out of with my bad knees. The only bad thing is that it is a big engine and does not get very good mileage.

- Lynne T

Spacious truck, with long lasting quality.

The truck is nice, but its old and it's a company truck. The AUX cord is unreliable always shorting out. The speakers don't always work when you play music. The cab is extremely roomy which is perfect for our daughters car seat. Drives well for as old as it is.

- Anna W

It is the ultimate work truck. It can pull trailers to haul work stuff or play stuff like kayaks.

It is a utility body truck which holds all my tools, has 4w drive and is a strong truck. I love that the 4w drive is geared low, so it has a lot of pulling power. I dislike the fact that it has no power windows. My only complaint is that it uses a lot of gas.

- Stephen S

Being a super duty 250 with a V10 engine it has a lot of power and when it is loaded down you get the best gas mileage.

I love the size and the power as I have a F250 Super Duty with a V10 engine. I like the fact that I can haul anything I want. Although not the best on gas mileage when it is empty I get the best possible gas mileage when the truck is completely loaded.

- Jeanne D

It is lifted with wheels/tires and a lot of other awesome accessories.

I like that it has been overall reliable. I like that little is needed aside from regular maintenance. It is a truck so having the bed to haul things is very helpful and it does well pulling a trailer. I dislike the amount of oil it burns.

- Ryan W

It is a diesel pickup that requires diesel fuel.

I wouldn't change much-it does what I need and has enough "amenities". I would like to see it get a little better mileage-although that gets to be a challenge with a 3/4 vehicle that is used to pull loads fairly often.

- Josh H

Pontiac highlights and details.

Horrible on gas, always needs constant maintenance, but when done and good reliability is great. Comfort is not 100% because it is a small car but it is not too bad. No aux, nothing really 'new' or 'nice' about it.

- Tia G

It is dependable, I can count on it to take me where I want to go every day of the year.

My truck is a workhorse. I use it daily to travel to work. I haul a trailer with it. I load the bed with all kinds of stuff for transport. It's reliable and that's good because I depend on it for my livelihood.

- susan H

It's a beast. King ranch. I would recommend to anyone

It's a great truck. Any issues that I've had with it Our normal problems that occur on all vehicles they get used a lot. I take very good care of my vehicle and plan on getting many more miles out of it

- William P

It has plenty of room for traveling inside and lots of room to haul stuff in the back.

I like that it's a full size truck and is very comfortable to travel in. It is fairly good on gas. My only dislike is that it's a long truck so harder for me to maneuver, although my husband loves it.

- Melba D

It's definitely a big truck and putting 10 dollars of gas does nothing for it.

I don't like how big it is. It is hard to get in the truck. I don't like how much gas prices are for the truck. I don't like how much my insurance cost now because of the truck. But It's a good truck.

- Madeline G

I feel extremely safe in my truck. I can see better than when in a car that is low to the ground.

I love the size of the truck and all of its features. the only thing I don't like is how much gas it uses but I live on a farm and need a truck so no little electric car is going to do for me.

- Joy S

That is a car that would last you many years, it is a good investment.

It has last many years and it is still working very well. Mainly use it for business purposes and it is a stable vehicle. It speeds up fast and when I am driving on the highway I feel safe.

- Cristina M

Built Tough for hauling and safety for your family.

I like the vehicle because it has safety features. This model does not have a fixed center console and like it. It can carry my family of 6 and also haul heavy loads at the same time.

- Bryanna R

truck is great for work - very spacious

Front and rear calipers freeze up and need to be replaced yearly, there are multiple issues with ford extended warranty - Ford will not replace the product if they can just fix it.

- Mikel G

Driver's seat has very many different positions. Any height, everyone can find that right fit for them to sit at and be comfortable.

It drives great. Fuel mileage is pretty good for its size. It has so much room for long trips, everyone is comfortable. Plenty of space for carrying items and having hideaways.

- raeanne k

It's built Ford tough, runs great with a strong, pull anything 6.7 Diesel engine.

I love everything about it. It's a fully loaded Lariat Platinum edition. This truck looks great and can go anywhere and haul anything. Nothing bad about this truck at all.

- Daniel C

Nice Ford F250, wouldn't trade it

Comfortable seating smooth ride, spacious, no wifi capability, lights are extremely bright, love the moon roof, love the navigational system ,the sound quality Is awesome.

- Dan S

That it's paid for and it belongs to me and it's not for sale It's a strong running truck and it will go anywhere you want it to

Things I love about my truck Plush interiors 4x4 Diesel 7.3 power stroke It will tow anything I ever need to tow. The only thing I don't like is the high step to get in

- William C

It's a workhorse, reliable not a lot of modern amenities or technology but it serves its purpose.

It's a work truck, I have had to fix many things on it over the years but it gets the job done. I try to keep it going by doing the regular maintenance work it needs.

- Russ C

It is a good deal. You get a lot for what you pay.

Love the look but do not particularly like the rough riding, but all in all very good vehicle. Do wish it was a gas burner and not a diesel burner but it will do.

- Tracy F

It have great towing power.

I like my vehicle because it tows our rv very well and is comfortable. I do not like how big it is. Can be a challenge to fit in a parking space. No complaints.

- Karla M

It is a very dependable truck. It has a lot of pulling power and can pull just about anything. I have ever been stuck! I always feel safe in it, especially during bad weather

The truck is a very dependable vehicle. I like the fact it has plenty of room on the inside and it is a 4-wheel drive. No complaints, it was very dependable!

- renee r

Good solid truck that will last.

It is a great truck there has served me well for many years. It won't be winning any drag races, but it has pulled everything that I have hooked up to.

- Bronson R

The best truck I have ever owned.

I truly love my truck. It has all the space in the cave I could of ever needed. It also has all the towing power I need right now for my small family.

- Tyson O

It is great for hauling stuff and towing small to medium size trailers.

I have not had any problems or major breakdowns only have had to do routine maintenance.it is not the most comfortable vehicle but it works.

- John W

It uses diesel fuel, not regular gasoline.

Like that my vehicle has great mileage. My vehicle is more reliable than most and is also diesel. My vehicle can transport heavy materials.

- Karen T

Good dependable work truck

Really good dependable truck not really any issues. Pulls good and has a lot of power, being there is no aftermarket parts, its all factory

- Dillon S

Even though it is a diesel, it is great on gas and has better gas mileage than thought.

I like that it is very reliable and it can get me through the snow and ice. I also like that it is a diesel. I don't like that it is rusty

- rene s

It will last me forever, and has very low operating costs.

I like the power, towing capability, and interior features. I have no dislikes, about the vehicle, it does everything I expect it to do.

- Robert O

Ford super duty is the best to take care of everything

I love my truck. Takes care of all the jobs I need done and makes me feel even powerful. Love the towing capacity and the dependability.

- Susan D

My truck is customized and one of a kind.

I like my truck because it's big and sturdy. I had it modified so that it's painted camouflage. I like the amount of power that it has.

- Kaitlyn D

It's a FORD.my family have always purchased FORD vehicles because of their dependability.

Ford f250 super duty.diesel, roomy, comfortable, quote. Serious power for towing my 32ft TRAILER.crew cab seats 6 adults comfortably.

- Mary M

Tire wear on dually for towing

We were battling tire wear on new tires. Always had alignments and tire rotation performed to figure it out. So far we have it solved.

- Joy H

Good quality and sound engineering

It is sound and reliable. Never had a problem with the truck. Could be a little more fuel efficient but not expected as it's a truck.

- Kyle M

This is a decent car get a lot of highway miles still works good

Ac problem press on gas and blower drops out and we had the brakes work on several times The spark plugs blew out one of the plugs

- Doug S

It is dependable and can go anywhere.

it is a workhorse and yet a very practical family truck. Strong and reliable. Just routine maintenance, it never seems to break.

- Lin D

Love my Ford Truck! It is great mechanically and for reliability. It needs better back seats.

IT is a great truck. The only thing I would change about it is the backseat. It is very uncomfortable and too small for adults.

- carla c

It makes for a great work truck. Fits six easily, and carries 2000 lb. easily.

I like the size and capabilities it has. 4 wheel drive, and not bad on gas. I dislike the package; its a fairly basic model.

- Jared H

Power plus and very reliable vehicle.

Heavy duty and reliable. It has plenty of hauling power and does a good job at plowing. I would recommend it to my friends.

- Charles C

It is very dependable and very much needed for every e

I love that it is tall and rugged. I like that it has a lot of power to it. I dislike that I ended up getting it in white

- Juan S

My car had a very fragile window if you slam the door hard it will break

There are no problem with my vehicle its very great but i think the ac is going out but i will get auto parts to fix it

- Kendriko E

I love the king ranch package

Love it I plan to buy another one in 2019 I also will get 4x4 king ranch I recommend my truck to all I talk to about it

- Kevin W

Nothing special to tell other than before.

Vehicle has not had any problems and has been dependable and a good tow vehicle for pulling trailers in the mountains.

- Bob A

It's a pulling livestock trailer, hauling machine

Have not had any major problems with our trucks, the seat has some wear on it where I have to slide down to get out.

- kim b

Diesel- lots of room and comfortable.

Most comfortable and quite vehicle. It's great being a diesel. Lots of room for 5 people. has heated/cooling seats.

- Justin B

It is a super duty work truck but also it is great for the whole family.

I love have roomy it is & it has a great air conditioner,it gets super cold & I don't like the gas mileage though.

- Nina G

Fuel guzzler. Only gets 12 mpg. Mot an economic vehicle, Hard to park

too big, gas hog. Bought to pull a travel trailer that we no longer own, Would like something that uses less fuel.

- Patricia M

It is a good truck for work.

I like the power that my truck has. I like that it is roomy. I don't like how rough it rides in the back seat.

- Joseph C

that it is a diesel so do not put gas in it.

i like the fact that it has plenty of power and it is very comfy but i wish it got a little better fuel mileage

- ruel G

My truck had power that can't be matched, and it's strong enough to get the job done

I love my truck, it's strong enough to haul all my tools in the back, and an extra full trailer if needed be

- Erik S

It has a lot of space for people and things.

I love my truck. I have not had any problem. It takes me everywhere and a lot of people like my truck too.

- Erwin M

Very comfortable to ride in gets great fuel mileage

Very reliable. Has tons of power for Pulling. No problem so far knock on wood best truck I've ever owned

- Chris C

It's high off the ground so when you get out you have to hop down

It's got custom made sitting that I love it has a built in DVD player only dislike I have to jump up in it

- Caroline C

It's a workhorse, very comfortable and lots of room on the inside

It's a F450 dually, I live on a ranch, used it to haul horse trailers and heavy equipment, and my camper.

- Mike R

It has a smooth ride in as very inexpensive for what you get good value.

I like this vehicle with all the features, but I do not like that it does not have a backup camera in it.

- Amy T

Lots of room for cargo, nice and compact otherwise.

Lots of power and nice ride. Ease of maintenance. Color. Ability to haul stuff. No complaints at all.

- Mike L

It is comfortable and and dependable. 2011 to 2018 no engine problems.

We bought it for towing our rv and it does a great job Rides like a car plenty of leg and head room.

- Betty D

2007 Ford Super Super Duty

So far this truck has Been great and I'm looking forward to many many many many more year with it...

- Travis R

It's a good model has good mileage and has good gas

I like the fact that it's easy to drive and can carry a lot.i also like the many features it has

- Ambrosia R

It's a diesel pickup, and it will pull anything. The survey didn't give me an option for the right year. Is a 2011.

Great truck. I've had it since 2011, and it's never given me any trouble. Nothing else to say.

- Richard A

It works, so far. It runs. It is functional. It has not broken down yet.

I like that it carries our camper. I don't like having to drive to clean out the air filter.

- Kr G

The interior is very spacious..seats 6 adults comfortably!

It has very roomy interior. Body style/color are perfect. It has had engine fuse problems.

- Desari B

It is very dependable and worth every dime I spent on it.

I can haul anything I want with it. It's very comfortable and I feel like a queen in it!

- Kina W

My truck is wonderful. It has always ran great. It pulls trailers exceptionally. I have never had any problems with it.

It is extremely reliable. I can always count on my truck to take me where I need to go.

- Lane S

The one most important thing others know about my truck is it really gets good gas mileage!

It's tough, rough and bad! It is the truck of my dreams and I am so proud to own it!

- RJ W

It has been great it has 189000 miles on it hauling a large 5th wheel half of the time. Change the oil (Mobil Delvac 1) regular basis and tires. Never had a single problem.

It is very comfortable and extremely reliable tows 41 ft 5th wheel with no problems

- Bob M

It is a beast. I haul a heavy stump grinder with chips in the back and I have no problems at all.

I love the room in my truck. I love that you can haul heavy equipment with it.

- Corey C

it's dependable and it can tow any trailer it needs to in the mountains

good truck. dependable. tows whatever is needed. reasonable mileage for size.

- g n

It is heavy and safe. It is great for contractors and workers hauling things.

Great vehicle. I have no complaints. Good for work and hauling materials.

- Lee B

it gets the job done, it is big enough for my family.

the truck is great overall, the air conditioning is not the best.

- Andrew W

Repairs cost a lot of money. If possible buy a new one.

Somewhat dependable. Decent fuel mileage for being a pickup truck

- Jaime M

it's the best truck in the county no one should try me lol

i love my truck green its a dream truck nothing could be better!

- charlene a

Rough ride. Would prefer a much smoother ride. And a larger fuel tank.

Prefer a King Ranch. Tailgate very hard to open. Rough ride

- Dusty S

Great power and handling fuel is a problem burns a lot

Love the power and handling and the steering it's been good

- Henry S

not fabulous mileage - could be better

like it - tows everything i need to tow in the mountains

- g G

it's American made and also American owned by a carpenter who is proud to be one

it works hard, It's a powerhouse' it is made in the USA

- greg b

It gets poor fuel mileage. It is a diesel. It has low miles.

It's large and roomy. It's comfortable. It looks good.

- Christina C

there is not any truck better than a FORD

I have had my truck for 10 years and i love it

- Anthony M

It is heavy duty and so far the only thing I have replaced is tires.

It's a great truck but the gas mileage is bad.

- Charles F