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The 2000 Ford Taurus is an excellent vehicle with plenty of space.

I love my 2000 Ford Taurus! It is comfortable and everything is easily accessible as I am a small woman and about 5'7" in height. I have had very few maintenance issues. I love my car air conditioning, my radio and CD player, my spacious trunk makes grocery shopping easy, I have plenty of cup holders in the front and back seats. There's also plenty of legroom for my tall car riders in the front and back seats. My Taurus is great on gas. It is very reliable and always starts even in the middle of winter. I do have an issue with rusting. The Taurus rusts around the bottom of the doors and near the back tire fenders. Under the hood of the Taurus things are pretty accessible. It is easy to refill fluids and get to the battery.

- Augusta H

The family vehicle you have been looking for.

I think this car gets my daily chores done quite effectively! It has good gas mileage and is easy to load my family into. The repair is fairly easy as well considering it is American made and easy to find parts for. I have found the parts are also usually easy to locate. I would recommend a Ford Taurus to any family. I do have to say it is not the best looking ride on the street but overall I am pleased with it is performance. The motor does not have any extra power but it does have enough to get daily needs and appointments taken care of. It not something I would choose to travel in though even considering it is roomy.

- Crystal S

Reliable car that sticks it through.

This is a very reliable car. We have had it in the family for years, and it has made it through multiple teenagers driving it. We used to have another of the same model and year, and the only reason it gave out was because it wasn't up kept and didn't have the fluids it needed. The only problem is that every once in awhile it experiences a strange jolting, usually on the freeway, that we cannot explain, and so far the mechanics cannot either. Other than that, it is a great car. Very comfortable with lots of room.

- Sarah K

Awesome made, extremely dependable vehicle.

2000 Ford Taurus. We bought it pre-owned in 2014. Other than minor issues we have had no problems. The oxygen sensor, has had to be replaced twice. The serpentine belt(for some unknown reason) has broke several times. It is a 20$,5 minute fix however, and a small inconvenience. As far as the motor and transmission it run wonderful. In no way would we change or replace it, short of it totally breaking down, being totaled, or myself becoming unable to drive. Wonderful well built car, highly recommend.

- Brenda H

Not the greatest but a comfortable little car.

The car that I drive, 2000 Ford Taurus, while has gotten me to where I need to go, is not the most reliable. I have had issues with the power steering. I am able to put the power steering fluid in, but it does not last more than an hour before it is messing up again. My finances are tight at the moment, so I am not able to get it looked at. It is, however, a comfortable car. I am able to seat two forward facing car seats in the back and have a third passenger ride comfortably.

- Jessica K

Safety and reliability are a must and my Ford Taurus delivers that and more.

I've owned my Taurus for 18 years and it has about 125, 000 miles. During that time it has been extremely reliable and has only required maintenance. No major breakdowns or failures. It feels like a very safe and substantial car, and has added feature of side airbags. The trunk is huge and the passenger side back seat folds down which is useful when carrying long items in trunk such as shovels.

- Margaret M

Runs & rides very smoothly.

This car has been very reliable. Has over 100 thousand miles on it & is the third Taurus I have owned. Has always had very comfortable seats. It is very roomy & has a large trunk. Even a it is age. It still gets great gas mileage. The only problems I have had, a new transmission & work on the air conditioner. If or when I can afford a new car, I am fairly sure it would be another Ford Taurus.

- Virginia R

Reliable, powerful, easy to work on

I take care of it and it takes care of me. Powerful engine for the size of the car. Easy to work on and quality parts are easy to get. Trunk slopes down and rear bumper sticks out so hard to gauge distance to bumper when backing up Hate sealed "lifetime lubed" bearings - quit being cheap and put a flipping zerk on them! Bad oil pan design - inherently leaks

- Alex H

These cars have I real bad problem with the exhaust falling off.

My Ford Taurus is a good running the only problem I have with it is the exhaust system has falling off of it other then that it runs good it has some rust spots I had to change the rear struts on it because they were broke when I bought it and the front wheeling bearing went out so I changed it now I need to fix the exhaust and it will run and sound new.

- Ronald A

Ford Taurus!! Good value for your money.

My Ford has been a very reliable car. It has over 100, 00 miles and we have had very little engine problems. The inside is very comfortable, lots of legroom. The gas mileage is good. It's also very easy to work on the engine. Changing oil and every day maintenance. I never thought I would have a car with over 100, 00 miles and still going strong.

- Sam L

The most important thing about the car is that the car is reliable.

The vehicle is quite roomy and has a nice interior and controls. The car is usually reliable minus a couple of nonessential issues that have arisen over the years. One thing I dislike is that there is not AUX jack in the car for music, simply a tape player, which can be annoying but does not affect the overall performance of the car in any way.

- Arvind D

Very good car gets you were u need to go.

My car once very well all it means is the break minor bodywork other than that it runs great if it was a 2000 Ford Taurus the color is gray has a minor rust stains all doors open and shut the back window does not let down on the driver side and very clean gets to where you need to go not very fancy but it gets you where you need to go.

- Michelle J

My ford Taurus is very reliable car. If get another one if I could.

I haven't had many problems for even as old as it is. It seems to be a reliable car. It comfortable and runs good. It has fairly good gas mileage and doesn't overheat. I've had to repair the starter and there has been minor engine problems.. The interior stays fairly good, it's easy to drive and it's comfortable for long rides.


A reliable car is always best to get you where need to be.

My car is a 2000 Ford Taurus it gives me issues at times with the front end ball bearings and the comfort level is the best it makes u feel like your riding in a foreign car from the inside the features are all electronic and I put a new system in the car as well to really have the comfortable feeling inside the vehicle.

- Cassandra L

Ford Taurus with two hundred and fifty thousand miles.

It is a 2000 with 250, 000 miles on it and have had no issues with it. I got it about 6 months ago and just had to change the battery in it. My mother had a Ford Taurus when I was younger as well at it was one of her favorite vehicles. I think they are very good cars and they seem to last a very long time.

- Megan B

It is a Ford Taurus 1999 with 40000 miles on and in good shape. An old lady car.

It uses more gas than it should. The body still in good shape. Drives good. I need to fix heater. Windows do not roll down when cold. Inside interior is still in good shape it has 40000 miles on it which is good since it is almost 20 years old. Brakes squeal when wet and needs a tune-up. Radio works.

- Donna R

ENGINE TRANSPLANT RECIPIENT: The engine has way fewer miles on it than the car as a whole.

It is a 19-year-old rust bucket with than 147,184 miles on it that I bought in 2015. Cost me more in repairs the first year than the buying price. Then almost 2 years ago, it received an engine transplant; an engine with only 25,000 miles on it. The car has been comparatively trouble-free ever since.

- Bruce M

My little red Ford 18 year old.

It seems that this will be my last car, but have good experience I no longer drive far just to dr. App. It has been a good card and comfortable good on gas and maintenance, it's my little red car, my son bought it for me, for mother's day, easy to drive all works even if it 18 years old. . .

- Kate C

It's a great, dependable car with few problems and little excessive maintenance required.

I like my vehicle because it is very efficient and gets me where I need to go. It's reliable and I can fit people or objects in the back seat if I need to transport them. The only thing I don't like is the low gas mileage, but that's to be expected with a car that's almost twenty years old.

- Josh B

Dependable, reliable. Low to the ground.

Reliable. Wish front area was bigger. Dash sticks out too forward. The fenders also sit low so it scrapes on driveway. It is comfortable enough. It has been a dependable vehicles for many years for my elderly parents. Not the greatest in snow but not the worst. Nice big trunk.

- Patty S

Put together better than other cars.

I love Fords they are built tough and that is what police use. You feel safe in them and I don't worry about accidents as much. I don't. Have any problems with either of my Fords. They do have some rust though but that's normal. Fords are really reliable and don't use too much gas.

- Brittany L

That this is a good car that is comfortable drive and can be relied upon.

I like that the vehicles dependable. I like that the vehicle is comfortable. I'm not particularly fond of the gas mileage. I love the sportiness and reliability and the way the vehicle is held up and still looks good. I like that the vehicle has been maintenance-free lately.

- Patrick C

It's a work horse and not only is it a wagon but you can use it to haul stuff.

It's paid for, perfect for hauling animals, etc., good seat height, good pick up speed, no blind spots, and dependable. It's getting old and parts are having to be replaced, but it cheaper than monthly payments. As I'm getting older seat height could be a few inches higher.

- mjj j

It does. It eat to much gas.

One of my windows do not work. Other than that ac is awesome and cold. Runs good and inly been with 1 user before me. Bought 4 new tires and did oil change. We keep the inside and outside very clean. It is always maintenance. It does not eat a lot of gas and that is a plus.

- Ashley A

Best Ford vehicle from the 1990's.

I love old station wagons. I have a Ford Taurus wagon. It is roomy and comfortable. The gas mileage is ok and it burns a little oil. The engine definitely has a kick to it. It has power windows and doors that I love. The backseat is so big I feel like I could sleep in it.

- Sandy B

The vehicle is very comfortable and reliable.

Very comfortable. The only problems we ever have is basic maintenance such as breaks and tires. We occasionally have power steering problems but it is never too serious. It is always something that can be easily fixed. The car is reliable and good for people with kids.

- Amber W

My Taurus. Never had one before would like to have a newer one to drive.

Struts go bad, power steering pump. The car is very comfortable and drives nice. Not the best on gas but is a older model. The trunk is large which is nice when shopping. I have a 4 door which helps when I have passengers. Overall pleased with the car.

- Bobbie G

Keep up with all the maintenance and if you buy it used know who you are buying it from and how well they took care of it. Otherwise repairs can get expensive.

Bought it used about 2 years ago at 88000 miles, Since then I needed to replace the transmission and the catalytic converter so it got expensive. Other than that it runs fine. Not my favorite color but I couldn't be picky when I bought it.

- Andrew B

It's a dependable car that has a lot of space and is safe to drive.

My Ford Taurus is reliable, safe, easy to drive, and spacious. It has held up quite well in the 18 years I've owned it. It doesn't get great gas mileage, and it's a rather large/long car. Overall, it's been a dependable car to own.

- Kimberley C

It works well. Comfortable seating and very reliable

I have had my car almost two years and have had little problems with it. I have taken it to Orlando several times in the time that I have owned it and had no problems. Gas tank had a couple issues but nothing that put it out of order

- Cheyenne K

Others should know that this car has great storage capacity!

I like how much storage it has. I can move myself to a new state using only this car. However, I don't like how long it is, the turning radius is horrible. It is also getting older and breaking down more often.

- Laura K

Very few mechanical problems.

What I like about the Ford taurus would be that it is small but has enough room to fit 6 people with a lot of cup holders and what I dislike about the Ford taurus is nothing it is actually a very good car.

- Courtney H

It can still get normal keys made up for it. It is dependable and has never left me sitting along the road.

I like that it still has a key that I can get a spare made for at the hardware store instead of paying $200 for an extra one. I dislike the miles on it. It's not going to last for very many more years.

- Debbie S

Ford's are American made.

The Ford Taurus gets me where are need to go. It will is basic without frills. It is not that good on gas mileage. Being an older model it needs some repairs. I like it is a Ford and an American car.

- Rae c

Reliable car that will last you for a long time and get you your money's worth

It has been running for eighteen years now and for being that old doesn't have many problems. It's old though so I'd like a new car that has newer features. However overall it's been an amazing car

- Derek N

The best truck I have ever owned.

I like the car's pickup speed, reliability and style but I dislike that it sits so low to the ground, has begun to rust around wheel wells and has had three recalls of parts since I have had it.

- Norma T

Awesome older vehicle, comfort and luxury.

Comfortable, reliable, love the color, blue. Just a great vehicle! I purchased it used with 58000 actual miles and it was in perfect condition. Have only had to replace two small things on it.

- Dolores M

It has no power steering so not everyone can drive it. It has no heat for winter.

It has no power steering. It has no heat. It leaks oil and had a busted windshield. The shocks are busted so you feel every bump and it sounds like it is about to fall apart when you drive it.

- Danielle L

It is a very reliable vehicle.

Very reliable, just old with minor rust and has major engine damage. The engine has been rebuilt and still has problems but it still runs well and I'll drive it until it no longer works.

- Shelby H

it runs great but the paint has chipped off the trunk.

it's the best car i've ever had.i have owned it since 2005. it had 55,000 miles on it when I purchased it. its now 13 years later, and it now has 130,000 miles and is still going strong.

- bradley t

It is reliable and very roomy. It is a family friendly car.

My vehicle is in great shape at 18 years old. I have low mileage and great MPG. There have been a few things that needed to be replaced but that's normal wear and tear over the years.

- Leslie P

Its reliable and is a very comfortable ride. It is a good quality car

I just like the feel of the car. Love how it handles and the quality of ride. It's a reliable car. I like how it handles and the comfort i feel with the car. There are no complaints

- Tony V

Great vehicle if you don't mind a little rust cancer & counting miles because fuel gauge failure

Totally comfortable, good performance, wish that it was easier to change factory music system, major issues w/ fuel gauge failure, issues w/ rust side skirts gone & fan rusted out.

- Ashley M

i got it from my uncle in virginia, and i drove it across country here. it used to be an escort car for big rigs.

Well its a used car so it has more miles than I like. it also looks like an older car. i like that i got it from a different state and that so far it has been very dependable.

- rebekah a

If you are going to buy a ford taurus wagon or mercury sable wagon between the years of 1995 and 2005 it is hard to find parts to fix it.

The only thing I really dislike is that they do not make the parts for my car anymore. Plus There are a lot of electrical issues. I like the fact that it runs pretty well.

- Karen W

It's a very reliable vehicle and it has great gas mileage. It could use a tune up an front end alignment.

It's reliable transportation an good on gas, but the Taurus just isn't an suv. It isn't big enough for me and the shape and body on top of it's color just isn't for me.

- Chase M

It's been a good car. Gets pretty good gas mileage.

Ford Taurus wagon. Seats 7. Has been a very reliable vehicle. It is 18 years old with around 199,000 miles and is going sting. But things are starting to break down.

- Kathy B

That it has gotten a lot of use. It has been worth every dollar i've put into it

I like that It's paid for and the insurance is affordable. I dislike that It's old and has no air conditioning. I don't feel comfortable driving it a long distance.

- Gail S

2000 Ford Taurus Se - Works for me

At around 20 years old, its taken its fair share of beatings and is still running. 150000 miles on it and it can still make its way safely anywhere I need it to go

- Shaun B

It's a reliable car with lots of trunk space.

It is a very reliable car. It doesn't have very good gas mileage though because it is a wagon. It's not an attractive looking car, but it is functional.

- Yvette H

This is one of the best vehicles I have owned in my lifetime.

I love the comfort and smooth drive of my Taurus. It had a lot of new parts on it when I purchased it used. It is still going strong one year later.

- Stacey G

The start system. The cost for the services. Alternatives for auto parts.

I like the speed and its really good. Its spacious. Its comfortable. The trunk is bigger. Expend too much gasoline. The auto parts are expensive.

- Elba A

It's comfortable and a great car if you're older but not popular among the youth.

It's an okay vehicle for comfort but not great on gas mileage. The engine seems to work fine but other than that just your typical American car

- Rodney H

2000 Ford Taurus new water pump radiator and starter runs good minor body work needed up-to-date on tags one owner vehicle all maintenance up to date and for brand new Michelin Tires must come see

That it has a brand new radiator a brand new starter brand new water pump runs excellent for brand new Michelin Tires everything's up to date

- Anthony C

It only drives for fifteen minutes before I have to let it sit for a couple hours.

The transmission is going out. It hasn't had power steering for ages. The defrosters don't defrost. I do like the access to the engine though

- Benjamin L

A generally reliable vehicle that runs smoothly.

The vehicle is comfortable and drives smoothly. There are some occasional maintenance issues but the vehicle will last a while if cared for.

- Jimmy J

Ford Taurus: One of the best family vehicles on the market.

My taurus gets great gas mileage, it is very roomy on the inside, I like how it looks on the inside and out, all in all a great family car.

- Sandara C

It is a gas guzzler. Needs to be gas savvy.

Its a 2000, so it's not too old. It runs great. I got it for a deal. Its color is white and it's a sedan, so there's room for everyone!.

- Betsy F

I love my car, it has its problems but it gets me from one place to another. Plus I can fit 8 people in here.

My car gets about 16 mpg. I have really bad suspension problems. In the last 6 months it has developed a gas small that is untraceable.

- Elizabeth B

The Ford Taurus is a great, reliable family car that is very spacious.

Our car is very spacious which is important when you have three kids. It is great on gas mileage. There is a lot of room in the trunk.

- Erin M

Low gas mileage all way keep the oil change do not hot rod the car

I love my car its a four door sedan lots of room in the front and back love the silver color I love the way it drives low maintenance

- Johnny M

It still runs despite all the problems it has and does not want to die.

It gets me back and forth to work. With the age of the car it has a lot of problems. It dose however handle very well in the snow.

- Cindy L

It gets me where I want to go which is what cars are really for.

Although it is a 2000 model it only has 58000 miles on it. It gets reasonable gas mileage. Unfortunately, it is starting to rust.

- Jim B

It has been reliable.. Until recently I have never had any problems with it.

I hate that it looks like s grandma car... It is ugly body shape... And it sucks.. What I like is it does go from point a to b..

- Mathew B

It is my car! It isn't fast. It isn't the latest model. It is reliable. It gets me from point a to point b without problems.

It is a reliable vehicle. My autistic son loves it. It cannot go faster than 75 MPH without shaking. It needs some engine work.

- Tina D

It is a very large/long vehicle, some people find it cumbersome to drive it.

I like it because it has held up through many years with minimal service. Only complaint is that the gas mileage is not great.

- Brandon C

It's a reliable car, and it's very nice when well taken care of.

It's kind of old, but it's pretty reliable. I like the color and I like the interior. However, the speakers aren't very good.

- Makenzie M

My car is the very best Ford ever

My car is older but very reliable. I've had it for a few months and it drives like a dream. And It has great gas mileage and

- Diana T

The most important things that others should know about my car is how good the gas mileage is.

I don't really dislike anything about my vehicle. I just wish the seats in the back seats of the car were more comfortable.

- Kat F

Even though, it's an older car, it still in good condition.

It gets great gas mileage. It's the perfect size for me and a few friend. I've never had problems that weren't easy to fix.

- Ruth T

The car runs great and no bad problems with it and good on gas.

It's a nice comfortable car and nice to drive.Runs good on gas.I have not had to take it in to the shop to get it fixed.

- Louise H

Whether it is in good condition for the highway and how did it cost.

I like the way it drives I like the low maintenance I like the internal of the car l like the silver color of the car.

- Johnny M

Very strong and decent gas mileage. Very comfortable.

I like that it still runs well and feels strong. I dislike that it's starting to break down. Gas is pretty decent too.

- Jonas T

It is 18 years old and runs great.

It is a great car to be 18 years old. It runs great and is very dependable. It is comfortable. The heat work great.

- Gary N

Can be a very dependable car if maintenance is kept up with.

I. Like the durability of the car. I am not a fan of the gas mileage or some of the placement of parts on the engine.

- James F

The easy of maintaining the car, the reliability of being a Ford.

The car is easy to maintain oil changes etc... Good gas mileage.. The inside is well crafted design, easy to park..

- Garry L

Small but compact reliable transportation.

Older model family car owned by a relative. Gets everyone from point a to point keeping routine maintenance etc.

- Avie C

It is very reliable with few mechanical issues.

It is too small and uses too much gas. I like that it does not cost too much for repairs. And I like the color.

- Amy M

Not to get it because once one part starts messing up everything begins to mess up.

Great spacious car. Terrible gas mileage, always falling apart. Too big to drive. Insurance is crazy expensive.

- Jeff F

It's not quite as rugged as some other SUVs.

Like durability. Dislike style. Like heated seats. In need of more seats due to number of children we have.

- Adele C

It sucks very bad do not buy.

Everything falls apart right after you fix one part, it has terrible gas mileage and no room for anything.

- Jeffrey F

It's an older car so it has some issues such as the heater can be iffy and the car idles hard when the A/C or heater is on. For the most part, it's a good, reliable vehicle and I'm glad I bought it.

Watch the acceleration and speedometer because they can be touchy, especially if the A/C or heater is on.

- Natalie T

It's a good family car, but not good if you are traveling a lot

I like the room and that it runs good. but dislike how big it is, the blind spots and the gas mileage

- Laurain M

Almost maintenance free and is comfortable. it is a good color.

I like the color and style. It has good gas mileage. I bought used and it has been very dependable.

- Juanita A

It's very reliable even though it is rather old. it gets good gas mileage and has a strong engine

It runs really good and is very reliable..it is getting old though and needs to be replaced soon

- Stephanie M

It's functional and bonus: no one wants to steal it!

It's not pretty but is very functional and safe. It is in great shape with regular maintenance.

- Emily B

it's good on gas, for going on long rides

i like the size of it for shopping and i don't really have anything that i don't like about it

- louis S

Good gas mileage for the most part. It's a good small family car.

Actually PONTIAC was not listed. I have a PONTIAC Grand Am and I like it for the big trunk.


It doesn't have a CD player in it like most vehicles do.

It's a good vehicle with decent gas mileage. We wish it was a bit newer and drove smoother.

- Sarah C

The car lasts a long time and has not had that much work needed on it.

I dislike that it is having brake issues. But I do enjoy that I have had it for 10 years.

- Travis L

It may and will break down. But if you are only traveling short distances it gets the job done

It keeps breaking down. I have never in my life had a car that had so many issues

- Samantha B

Reliable. This is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned.

Love the leather interior. It is comfortable. I dislike that the trunk leaks.

- jeff h

low operation costs good gas mileage

best car I ever owned gets good mileage but I still want to buy a pickup

- robert F

It will get you where you want to go,it does have a good heater -

It is a good car, it just needs a lot of work and has since I Have had it

- Pamela G

That it can get to from point A to point B but you have to be careful with bumps since the bottom of the vehicle could fall out at any moment.

Anytime it breaks it's quite expensive to fix. Along with not good Mpg.

- Brittney S

I have hit a deer with it last year and I am still drive it daily

I don't like the body type of the car, it's too low and very old style.

- Lin L

runs great for an 22 year old car with little repairs needed

has been reliable, little repairs, runs great for a car made in 1996

- char s

you must keep your car well-maintained to get good performance

comfortable driving. good gas mileage. it's dependable. easy to park

- sandra d

Low expense and good gas mileage for size of auto.

No complaints. Good gas mileage. No maintenance problems. Easy ride.

- Agnes M

It is paid for, free and clear., I do not owe anything on it.

It uses no oil.It drives smoothly. It has no major problems.

- Jane P

it has a large trunk and it sits people comfortably

not real good on gas i like the fact that it is a four door

- john e

it last a long time and is easy on gas, and the body does not rust easily

t runs great...it is dependable...it is easy to work on

- Janelle P

Good gas mileage usually but harder to park than motorcycle

good gas mileage usually, hard to park than motorcycle

- Debbie B

motor has started to run rough as head gasket may be ready to blow and the front end has some play and runs hot sometimes

That it is an older car that has been very reliable

- Steven D

that it seem to always have problems

It's a used older vehicle and it breaks down a lot

- chris d