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Green. Beige plush interior. Spacious trunk. Safe. Radio with cassette player.

My car is wonderful! I have had the car for a little under seven months and I am so pleased! The only issues I have experienced so far are electrical, mainly the door sensors and lights, but as it is an older model this is only to be expected. The car is equipped with adjustable pedals, which I find very convenient as I am not very tall and am uncomfortable with sitting too close to the wheel. The car drives very smooth, is very sturdy and reliable. The only other issue I face is that she is a little bit of a gas guzzler, but this does not pale in comparison to how comfortable and safe I feel operating it. This is the second car I have owned and by far the best despite it being older and a little more loved! I was a little skeptical purchasing a Ford model at first mostly because of past recalls. I am the type of person to stick to specific brand or manufacturer for purposes of comfort and security. I am also typically inclined to purchase larger vehicles for safety purposes because I am very small, and feel unsafe in tinier vehicles that are typically not built with much bulk. This car feels very secure to the ground, and I feel that if I got into an accident that I would be entirely safe. Another feature that I enjoy is how open my vehicle is. There is so much room! There is even an optional middle seat in the front. Overall, I am very satisfied with my vehicle.

- Holly C

Old Ford Taurus that acts new!

I've had my vehicle for at least 12 years and I e had to do minimal maintenance work on it. I bought it when it had been sitting in a garage for a few years waiting for it's owners daughter to return home from college and claim it which she never did so although it was old, it acted like new. I had my oil changed but not religiously and I've driven cross country with it. Right now the only problems are the sensor for the door being closed and the left turn blinker are faulty. Right now they work but they didn't a few weeks ago. I just have to go over a speed bump! It has cloth interior Which is nice when it's really hot outside and everything electronic works. It has a radio, presets and ac/heater which I use a lot. Overall it's a good car and hope to get even more miles out of it yet!

- Michelle B

Having a v8 engine, my car gets good gas mileage. It is safe and easy to drive.

I enjoy driving my taurus, it is very comfortable and easy to drive. It rides well and there is plenty room for four adults. My taurus has cruise control, but mine happens to be broken. I really like the color of my Ford taurus, it is a nice taupe color with a neutral interior. To be 17 years old, it is in great shape. There are no spots or tears in the upholstery. One thing I would like to change is the radio. It is an older stereo with only a cassette player and the radio. There is no auxiliary in port to plug a cell phone of mp3 player into for additional music. But I have learned to live with that little issue. If you are looking for a good used car, i'd definitely look at the Ford taurus. I think you get a lot of car for your money, and they have a very reliable reputation.

- Renee W

Benefits of 2001 Ford Taurus

My husband and I bought our 2001 Ford Taurus from a family friend for $2k about 2 years ago. My husband is a mechanic, so he made sure to check everything before we actually purchased the car. It was well taken care of and in good shape, and aside from regular maintenance and a few minor repairs/part replacements (which commonly need to be replaced in cars 10+ years old anyways), we have had no problems with it and it has been a great buy! It has been consistently reliable vehicle and is very roomy inside- even the trunk is huge! It gets pretty good gas mileage as well. All controls, lights, and the radio still work fine, and the AC/ heater has never given us any problems.

- Taylor C

Made me a believer in fords.

I never much for ford vehicles, until I purchased my 2001 ford Taurus from my daughter almost 8 yrs ago..My Taurus has been a very reliable vehicle with only routine maintenance needed,I have been so very thankful for making the decision to purchase it, it is a very comfortable ride with plenty of room..Although it is an older model it still runs and sounds good and does not have any exterior issues either, like rust and such. With routine maintenance, oil changes, tires,and so on my car still runs as it did 8 years ago when I purchased it, I have no plans of purchasing another vehicle anytime soon..No need to.

- Tammy K

Telling the truth about the Taurus

The car has been very reliable over the years. However, I do not drive very much. I wish that the car got better gas mileage and had a little more power. The car has a good air conditioning system that cools pretty quickly during the summer months in the south. The car also uses the lowest octane of gasoline, therefore saving some money instead of having to buy premium. During the cooler months of winter, I have never had a problem starting the car when the temperature is below freezing. All in all, I have been satisfied with my Taurus and would purchase one again knowing what I know now.

- Derek C

Great dependable car that has never left me stranded.

Sometimes runs hot, great rides smooth, pretty color,, plenty of space, easy to operate, good sound system alerts work well, starts immediately,,gets good mileage,has plenty of trunk space, seats are comfortable and easy to maneuver, car gauges work properly, this car is performing very well for its age and I will recommend it to anyone who wants a safe and reliable car that holds up well with age. The car is well maintained and rarely has to be seen by a mechanic except for oil change and tire rotation.

- Diane F

The upholstery is basically spotless and I like the console.

All of the features are very up to date, electronic and easy to use. The interior is very nice because I keep it clean and there are no flaws in the interior. It is reliable, although, at its age, there have been several minor repairs done to it. The gas mileage is not as great as I would like it to be. It is still a nice vehicle and there is very little exterior paint damage, although there is some. It is silver in color and presents as a sturdy, reliable car.

- Lori P

oil and all filters changed as the book reads for 2 reasons if you don't warranty is void and the other the car will last longer

like the comfort and gas mileage dislike it only has 86,000 miles transmission needed to rebuilt had to replace front struts inner and outer tie rod ends ball joints now needs both front axle shafts and this car has been in the family since new been serviced by the book and all things said my father bought it new in 2001 and payed over 21,000 for it it was the worst buy ever I have the original bill of sale I would never ever buy a new Ford

- Kenneth L

Great and reliable car for it to be almost 20 years old.

The Ford Taurus that I have is more than 10 years old. Ford are strong cars I have not had many issues with the car, it does leak. Just recently I had to replace the starter. For it to be almost 20 years old I feel it is a great car. The car is very reliable and for me and four kids it is also very comfortable. I like that even though it is an older car I have automated windows and I still have a battery operated key and theft system.

- My B

Great Fuel Efficiency, and Long Term Dependability

My Ford Taurus has been a dependable, easily maintained vehicle.It is comfortable to drive, and has a sunroof and radio/CD player that provides good quality sound while on long drives.At over 180,000 miles, if it were not rusting so badly, I think it would make 250 thousand miles or more with ease. It has also been fun to drive with a tight suspension and steering, and I have gotten just over 30 miles per gallon on a long trip.

- Donald W

2001 ford Taurus ses tan/green.

Some of the most dependable cars I've ever had. I've had some electrical issues and issues with the anti theft system but otherwise I've never had an issue that took longer than a day or two to fix and cost more than 200. I have had this car two years now and I've hit multiple deer, gotten into one accident, and have been pretty rough on it and not too great about maintenance things right away and it's almost never faltered.

- Megan M

Ford Taurus still driving.

My car was made in 2001 so it does have some ware and rare. It always makes the squealing noise and I cannot figure out what it is. My car also will jump when I am holding the breaks. The body of my car is in good condition for the most part. The air condition works good but I do have to put Freon in it often to keep the air conditioner cool. The gas mileage is not bad but it could be better.

- Lindsey W

Ford Taurus. Has been dependable and long lasting.

My Ford Taurus is a model 2001. It has been very dependable and only has just over 100, 000 miles. I have had no major issues, over the years. I have replaced tires, had brakes replaced. I used to take my car to a dealer for getting repairs, done, but found that a private mechanic could do a great job and was cheaper, especially o n parts. If I were to buy another car, I would buy a Ford.

- Carol D

Long lasting and reliable vehicle!

It has been very reliable, which is great. I have had to have transmission work done, but most repairs are minor and low cost. It is still running great. I did have to have the seat belts replaced because they wore out. I love the 6-cylinder horsepower; really great for getting up to speed on the highway. It has a lot of room for people riding with me and a lot of storage in the trunk.

- Erin M

Ford Taurus the pros and cons.

Since I have bought the vehicle it is been one things after another. Oil pump issues, transmission issues, cracked heads, misfires on 3 an 6 every month. It is been a nightmare shocks are worn out and expensive to replace. The headlights have always sucked but it does get pretty good gas mileage it takes about 36 dollars and last a week or so depending how often you drive it.

- Amber S

It is almost as old as I am.

My car is a very old model. It has a lot of problems, both exterior and interior. When I got it there were a lot of scratches and dents. The oil and brake fluid leaks frequently and I have had to take it to the shop at least 4 different times for major maintenance that has cost thousands of dollars. It is a lot of work to keep up with, but when it is fixed it runs great.

- Abbie C

It holds 6 people. In the front, the cup holder and armrest fold into a seat.

It has four doors and can safely seat six passengers. It drives smooth. The gas mileage is okay. The gas in the car burns kind of quick so you have to get gas more frequently. It is a very spacious vehicle. I can rely on it for car trips to get me to locations safely. There are cup holders, all of the windows work correctly, and there is air conditioning and heat.

- Madison K

2001 Ford Taurus great family car.

Great car has plenty of room in trunk and in back seat for kids. Great on gas only problems I've had is heater core went out and now the hose from heater core to coolant system has a crack in it because it is metal Ford. Should of never made it metal since. Water and antifreeze goes thru it cause it would eventually rust out. Other than that it's a great car.

- Amanda M

Drivable for infrequent drivers in moderate weather.

The heater quit working at 64,000 miles and there is an awful odor when I drive it. That was 2,000 miles agoi my air conditioned was worked on a few months later and it now works fairly well. Thank goodness I do not drive much. . I love the extending brake pedal. . I have averaged 11 - 12. Miles an hour gas mileage since I hit the 20,000 mileage mark.

- Gail H

Good starter car, definitely a fixer upper.

The car for the most part has done me well. The gas mileage is good for a car it is age, but is not economic with today's gas mileage. Be prepared for a lot of issues with sensors and related electrical wiring problems. Most DIY engine repairs/regular maintenance on the Taurus may be difficult due to the very compact nature of the vehicles engine.

- William S

small white Ford Taurus, 2001

This car is nearly 20 years old but is in great condition! I have had it for a few months, and have not run into many problems, it drives smooth, had great speaker sound/ac, and >60,000 miles on it, so I plan on keeping it for a long time. The only problem Is that it takes cassettes, but I found an aux converter that works just fine.

- Ann Marie M

The Ford Taurus is comfortable, handles well and lasts.

I enjoy driving my Taurus, it's easy to handle and I'm comfortable while driving. The size is right, I don't have issues parking. It has stood the test of time without major repairs. The only complaint I have is that it takes a while to cool down after being in the sun and that's been uncomfortable this summer. Otherwise, no complaints.

- Harriet H

Ford Taurus 2001. A car that keeps on going!

So far we have had no problems with the car. It runs very well and gets great gas mileage. The ac works great as well as the CD player. We couldn't be happier without 2001 Ford Taurus sees. If I can say anything negative about the car it would be that we haven't driven it more. Really I can say enough good hints about this car!

- Walter J

I love my Taurus and it is a great car for us!

It is comfortable for an average sized family. It gets good gas mileage on the highway and in town. It has ABS brakes, power steering, . It rides smoothly. The only downside is the oil pan gasket seal is too close to the front end of the car. The windshield wipers do not have a fast enough setting for heavy downpours of rain.

- Diane P

Stylish appearance, great performance! Easy to drive, lots of room inside !

Love my car (actually Mercury Sable Wagon; Mercury was not mentioned in list). Comfortable, easy to drive, great performance. Only real fault I have right now is an emissions control device that failed; only way to replace part is to partially disassemble engine to get at part ($80 part, 16+ hours labor at prevailing rate)


The car really has performed better than I thought it would.

I have never had any real problems with my car, outside of regular maintenance. Because it is now 17 years old and has close to 200, 000 miles on it, I have had to put some money into it, i.e., replace the hoses, a sensor went, and the manifold rusted out. It still has a lot of power and gets me where I am going nicely.

- Barbara S

Reliable, safe, and good on gas

Extremely reliable. Rarely any problems with starting the car or needing repairs. It is very good on gas, as I don't need to get gas more than once every other week. It is an affordable car, safe car with loaded airbags, and cops almost never see something so 'basic' on the road so you almost never get pulled over.

- Shannon S

The middle console can be put to make the front seats like a bench seat.

This car was bought brand new from the previous owner who took good car of the car. I'm doing the same and it runs just as good as the day it was bought. Only issues are the normal wear and tear cosmetics. It is a normal, basic car. Nothing fancy about it and it does the job to get you anywhere you need to go.

- Paige N

Ford Taurus lower radiator hose issues.

I have owned several older ford's. They run well. Most problematic part is the lower radiator hose. They seem to crack and split. Other than that they have all ran well till I get another one. Only other thing I can think of is the brakes. But I would assume that is due to my driving and not a design flaw.

- Lynda S

My vehicle has adjustable pedals.

My 2001 Ford Taurus has been fairly reliable. It has comfortable seats, soft material, timing chain instead of a timing belt. It has adjustable pedals. It's been a smooth ride with front wheel drive. Has a good sounding radio, lots of zip and pickup for pulling out. It has a v6 3. 0 liter engine.

- Judy K

2001 Ford Taurus, a good and old reliable car.

It has been a good car. I bought it used at 135,000k miles. It has never left me stranded along the road. Unfortunately, the model is sometimes prone to small issues like broken transmission vents, but nothing that would not be worth replacing. It also has a lot of cab room, and a large trunk.

- Kenneth B

Best car I have ever owned!

I bought this car used in 2014. It is had virtually no problems and never needs a tune-up--just the oil and filters changed every 6 months. It always starts. It has both a CD and a radio; however, it is not loaded with features not needed in a car. The gas mileage is great and it looks cool.

- Clem V

My baby maroon in, comfortable gray cloth seats, a heater that works.

My Ford is 18 yrs. Old. I have replaced the front struts, brakes. Rotors. Also replaced the back struts. My Ford is my baby. She gets an oil change every 3000 mi. As well as plugs she has 4 brand new tires on her and she drives like a Cadillac. Get a wash and wax at least twice a month.

- Austin H

To my car would be that if I was to sell it I still would be a good price for it.

Its a 2001 Ford Taurus that is in a ok condition besides the door is jam. The engine light comes on sometimes. Most of the paint is starting to rust so I really need a new paint job. Most of the car is in good detail. But runs great. Has good seats. Can get me from point A to point B.

- Tee T

Door lock feature on the door to lock car an unlock car.

It's a older model I've had to replace everything but still runs problem with check engine light on an will not go out and it has been to shop several times for repair but it's a good car very reliable I bought one then my mom bought one but mines was a 1999 and does not run anymore.

- Sandy M

An old car that, has serve me well.

It is starting to have a lot of problems, mainly because it is old. Engine tune ups, muffler system, front end work, brakes, worn out seats, (pass, and drives side), the engines is good for a 2001 auto. Rusts on different parts of my car. Oh, headlights are worn, where it is cloudy.

- Ronny W

Be prepares to need a new transmission.

I am constantly having to fix things. Once one thing is fixed the next is broken. It has been a very good reliable car, and gets me to and from work, but it wont make it on long trips. The transmission is probably the worst part of MY car and how the electrical is slowly going out.

- Dahlia R

It's been a dependable vehicle.

It gets me and my family from point A to point B and is a comfortable ride. It runs well on highway/interstate, but doesn't like to be driven in town as much. The gas mileage isn't great and it doesn't like to idle. If it idles too long, it will start clunking and shut itself off.

- Michelle H

Good, old, dependable ride.

Great car in it is prime. Good mileage, flex fuel, comfortable, dependable. It has been a low maintenance drive for many years and still gets me to work almost every day, I drive a 4WD vehicle when roads get bad. Would love to get something else, but the car just will not quit.

- Lori N

Tinted windows. Ice cold ac Good tread on tires. Good working radio

Great little car in excellent condition with ice cold ac. Great on gas mileage. Very dependable and clean. Low mileage for the year. Has had routine maintenance. Tinted windows. Silver in color. Comfortable seats with plenty of legroom for the type of car. Great sounding radio.

- Brandy H

2001 Ford Taurus red. Some electrically issues but other than that a good car

Nice and roomy but seems to have problems with the interior lights they have gone out on the dash. Also, the door locks are not working. We had a problem about 6 months ago and had a transmission leak. I bought the care about 2 years ago and overall it's a good car for the age

- Patrice H

My rating on the 2001 Ford for my rating I give this car a 3 star.

Not a bad car, and very good on gas, saves me so much each week, the body has very little rust and I have had to do very little as far as repair wise, drives very smooth and I would love to upgrade to a newer one once I am able to do so, but overall it's not a bad car to own.

- John W

Her name is Pauline. There is a hidden rear facing bench seat in the very back.

I love the size of my car because it is roomy, but not too big. Whenever I have the heater or air conditioner on the engine likes to rev up and if I am at a light or something with my foot on the break it will cause it to lunge which I hate. Otherwise she's been a great car.

- Stacy G

Used car hassles. The pros and cons of used vehicles.

My car only has 130,000 miles. My Ford Taurus has had Tranny line leaks. I also had to replace the starter, fuel pump, and head gasket. The AC compressor broke and damaged my serpentine belt. It is good on gas and has a nice factory radio. It has decent acceleration

- Scott H

she's amazing piece of ford technology wouldn't go with anything else

you couldn't find a better car. easy on gas handles like a dream. great v6 will sit & get. Had a recall on struts replaced change oil every 3000 miles my baby is 18 years old has had front & back struts replaced water jug brakes keep her healthy she'll run like a dream

- Kris H

Terrible old car that's still getting by.

There isn't enough room inside the car for bigger people, it runs fine, easy to work on, its half reliable, only has basic features, heat doesn't work in it, has bad ball joints needs new tires very often, hubcaps are loose and missing some bolts. Paint is scratched up.

- Casey L

Make sure there isn't a recall with the transmission.

I like that my car is roomy and comfortable when driving. I don't like that there is a flaw with the transmission. My car is getting old but still has low miles so that's another think that I love about it. There are a few small spots of rust starting to show up.

- Anne N

2001 Ford Taurus that's Spacious

The 2001 Ford Taurus is a very reliable car. I've had it for 5 years now. It's definitely a gas saver and a very spacious car. I have a big family of 7 and we all can fit in there. As far as mechanical issues, the only thing I have had to replace is the water pump.

- Kiara B

Ford cars. Are the best car I had every had so far.

Its comfort to drive on long trips. The problem is you can sometimes smell oil burning but u can check it and have 3 to 4 people that is works on car look and they can't fix the problem other than that I had no problems with it. Is got a big space in the back seat.

- lisa B

My ford Taurus where would I be without you.

Pros: good on gas, roomy, excellent trunk space and automated . Cons: car sits low which is bad for someone with back problems and easy for someone to break into it. Overall: I am happy with my vehicle it has not caused me any major problems since I have had it.

- kimberly B

My vehicle may be old, but I have never had anything to complain about it.

My car is very reliable I love it! Great car for high school students that will be taking it to college. Love it, never have had any electrical problems or anything. The gas mileage is great it takes about $35 to fill up my tank and I get great mileage out of it.

- Michelle W

Great highway ride and not bad on gas

Our ford has had our back for many miles other than low coolant light. And few overheat issue. Witch has not stopped it, we are still currently driving it with over 280T-mil Otherwise great!! We have had no other problem really just the usual power steering pump

- Michael P

2001 Ford Taurus SEL Red.

Vehicle is more than adequate for daily driving needs. Prone to a lot of problems now that it is finally past the 175,000 mile mark, although it is mostly small issues. As long as the regular maintenance is maintained there does not seem to be any large issues.

- Christopher V

Car needs and the fact the car had issues.

Tires and power steering. I do not like the gas mileage sometimes. I think the interior needs to be done the motor sounds like it needs to be repaired and sounds like an issue is about to happen. I also think the brake system needs to be repaired in this car.

- Derrick B

I love that it has plenty of room for my dogs and kids.

My Ford is a 2001 and only has 65k miles on it. It is needed a few parts replaced over the years and has some problems with the dash lights. Sometimes it takes them a while to turn on, but overall this is a very dependable vehicle and gets great gas mileage.

- Amanda R

It is very reliable despite Its age.

Due to Its age, my car has been giving me a few issues, including brakes and minor transmission problems. However, it has been very reliable for the most part, even through two cross country trips. The interior is comfortables and interior storage is great.

- Bec H

Why I like my used Ford Taurus.

For a car so old, it is runs reliably well. The only things I don't like is no CD player and it is too old to take it anywhere too far out of state. It also has good air conditioning and heat. It is filthy but that's our fault. It gets the job done well.

- Donna P

It�s a 4 door gray sedan Ford Taurus. 2001 still runs like brand new!

The Ford Taurus is a good built vehicle. Mine is a 2001 and it's been a good running car, the only thing I've had to replace on it is the battery. The ac still blows cold as if it were brand new. It's an all around good made car! I highly recommend it.

- Loren E

Smooth driving car will run with the miles.... good road trip car...family car....try it out!!

Overall I loved this car it drove smooth and did not have a lot of issues. There were many miles on it. Have a few issues with the steering column and had to get a few alignments done on it an of course all the normal maintenance done on it regularly.

- Jenn W

Ford Taurus: Perfect For New Drivers to the Most Experienced Drivers

My car has a really long lifespan. At 125k miles, it's still running strong for being an older car. The horn is powerful, gas mileage is great, and it's safe and spacious. The only problems with it are because of its age and are easily fixable

- Jennifer W

I like how tuff the car is. it could have better gas mileage

I like the car it has be a good running car it is also tough been hit a couple of times and damage did not keep it from going. I had a ford wagon before that and I loved it. I wish the dash was a little lower but over all I do like the car.

- cherry n

It's not reliable and has major transmission problems too.

We do not like it at all. The power steering pump is out and it's hard to turn the wheels. The radio doesn't play very loud and can not connect to bluetooth. It doesn't have very comfortable seats. The way you get in is at a weird angle.

- Candise M

It's very reliable and easy to maintain. You don't have to put a lot of money into it all the time.

My Ford Taurus is reliable and easy to maintain. It's a bit bigger than my previous vehicles but the size doesn't bother me. The ride is smooth and it does everything I need it to do. It's kind of plain looking but that's okay with me.

- Alan W

I love my Ford Taurus and it loves me.

I love my car. It runs great. Very comfortable. Love taking long trips in it caZ it's so comfortable.and it gets very good gas mileage. Easy to work on. And also not to expensive if you need to buy parts . Just love my Ford so much

- Cynthia G

It is huge inside. It is reliable. It is a fun car to drive.

I love my SUV. I have room for everything and everyone. The pick up on the highway is awesome. It is really reliable in icy conditions and can get me out of the stormiest conditions. My family and I would never be without out SUV.

- Valerie H

Not stylish, but mostly reliable. Would buy another Taurus.

My Taurus has been a pretty solid & dependable vehicle. It is comfortable, quiet & has good power. But, I have had several problems with the transmission. Had to rebuild or replace it 3 times! Very frustrating! And expensive.

- Nancy H

They're really great automobiles. I think they're very reliable and comfortable riding vehicles.

It's a really reliable car. I've owned three taurus automobiles and have never had a problem with any of them other than some crazy driver not paying attention. It's an extremely comfortable driving and riding car

- Theresa F

The car is dependable and comfortable to drive.

It is reliable, somewhat comfortable, has over 90, 000 miles, unknown on ownership, runs well. Power steering, auto door locks and windows, good gas mileage/ 20 miles to gallon 4 door sedan, auto headlights,

- Crystal H

It is a fighter. I have messed up a few times and it hasn't gone out on me and has lasted for longer than I thought it would.

I like that for as long as I have had it there haven't been too many problems or at least not high costing. It has been dependable for the last 6 years that I have had it. It gets me to where I need to go.

- Branden M

It runs well, gets fairly good gas mileage and is very solid.

It's red and has a few dents. It's pretty reliable with very few problems. The main problem is a small electric glitch. Sometimes all the doors don't unlock when the key is put in the lock and turned.

- Susan B

Brakes go bad often. It's uses an average amount of gas. It feels more prone to overheat.

It is an old vehicle, but has lasted a long time. I've had to replace things here and now again, but all cars take maintenance. I like its smooth look, and cruise control. It has been pretty reliable.

- Kelsey M

I like how easy the engine is to work on.

Just a well rounded good running car! Very low maintenance if you keep it up! I recently had to replace the clutch, and the compressor, and to my knowledge it is the first time this car has needed it!

- Bunce L

The gas tank is on passenger side.

I like that my car gets good gas mileage. The interior and outside of car are good for the age of the vehicle. I don't like that it has a lot of miles on it and that the gas tank is on passenger side.

- Ashley c

Very comfortable, long running car that has provided many years of service.

My car is a very dependable vehicle. The engine and transmission has never given me any problems. The interior of the car is very roomy and the drivers controls are easy to use and understand.

- Gary B

Good quality and solid automobile.

Good solid car. Have had little issues. The problem now is the a/c. I believe the compressor is out. The fan does not come on. . I haven't really checked into price but it is not a big issue.

- Linda Q

It has 2 seats in the trunk that can be raised up to allow 2 more passengers.

My vehicles is a maroon color and is also the hatchback edition. The turning is not very smooth and the mileage is not very impressive, but that is to be expected for a 17 year old vehicle.

- Lane C

It takes a lot of gas. And is troublesome if it's low on power steering.

It's an older model so I have many problems with it. I am dealing with a power steering issue and oil leak. Also the drivers window is broken. But it still drives so that's what matters.

- Malyssa H

It has a great air condicter and it is good on gas

I like the car because it belong to my in laws before they past away.. It has a lot of sentinel value for my family. The only problem we had was we had to work on the car a little bit

- Myra s

That i had it for years and it still runs pretty good.

What i like is that it is easy to drive, it is roomy yet compact, and has a spacy trunk. What i dislike about it is that it is unreliable, not awd, and not a nice looking care.

- Crystal S

It's a reliable car. After many many miles it starts having transmission issues

It's been a very reliable car for the last 17 years. It has almost 500,000 miles and it's still running. Having some issues now but given the year and miles that's expected.

- Jennifer F

It is a used car that has held up quite well.

I like the mileage being good. Not any major repair work, so far. Insurance prices good. Do not like the hump in the back window. Makes it hard to see when backing out.

- Sylvia B

The roominess and comfort of the ride. Very smooth especially on highway.

Comfortable ride, rides smoothly on road. Roomy, I'm very tall so the leg room is nice. Trunk space is great. I installed a speaker box and still have plenty of room.

- Grady B

i really like the metallic blue sparkle paint , i haven't seen this exact color on any other car

i have had this vehicle for over ten years and it has never let me down , recommend the car for anyone who want a reliable vehicle and doesn't drive a 1000 miles a day

- charles d

fords are reliable and long lasting.

it has been a good car. It has taken very little extra maintenance. Mostly just oil changes and brakes and tires. It still looks good and the paint has held up well.

- mick C

It is quite long, so parallel parking can be a challenge.

I like that it is comfortable and has quite a bit of room. The trunk is large also. I dislike that the gas mileage is average and it doesn't look like a "cool" car.

- Ashley G

Outstanding Ford year after year.

The performance has been exceptional as its reliability has been. Featured in this model is a wonderful radio that offers am and FM selections with great volume.

- Barbara G

it most likely will leave you sitting on the side of the road

Has over 200 G miles,have replaced transmission,have replaced the cooling reservoir twice,actually have replaced everything under hood twice except the engine

- Larry D

Reliable car strong car with gas mileages.

It is a good reliable car. It gets good gas mileage. Good strong body. If taken care of right last a long time. Repairs are the basic no really major repairs.

- Sherry S

It rides nicely on the road.

I like that my car runs good. The engine and transmission are in good shape. What I do not like that it is not a newer car with updated features like camera..

- Alfredo C

It is still reliable after all these years.

I like that it is easy to drive and it is comfortable even though it is getting old. No longer like styling. It is dated and interior leather looking poor.

- joanne s

Recent car starting issue.

I have owned my car for 4 years. Recently I have had problems with my car starting. After replacing a few different parts and now it runs without a problem.

- Hannah T

Very good mileage and drives smooth. Great for seating lots of passengers.

I like that my car has a tape where you can play music off your phone. I also like that it is great on gas. I do not like that the gas gauge does not work.

- Summer L

It looks good and I am proud to own it.

The comfort, looks, dependability. It is like a luxury car. There is nothing I really dislike--one lock doesn't pop up and has to be manually lifted.

- Brad H

Ford Taurus 2001. Very Satisfied.

There is a persistent rust issue around the rear wheel-wells. Engine is solid, has never given me any major trouble. Very pleased with this vehicle

- Rande D

It has adjustable pedals.

I had to replace a fuel pump relay, features include adjustable pedals. It has a timing chain instead of a timing belt. It's been a reliable model.

- Judy K

Fords are great reliable vehicles.

My Ford its old and run down. It needs a lot of work and I don't have money to put into it right now. Its a Ford vehicle and its red in color.

- Mandy B

It was worth the money paid when I bought it. I liked the color and style. Was dependable for a lot of years.

It is old and paid for but I have had to put a lot of parts on it lately. The body is also rotting around it also. But it has been dependable.

- Betty O

Airbags van stops nice.

My 2001 Ford taurus is ok but just is very big for a sedan. Although I have only used it once, it's nice to have the option of a sixth seat.

- Hilary P

Excellent ride quality and solid engine.

It's actually a Mercury Sable, but no option to choose that make. Very comfortable car. Ride quality is outstanding. I like having a wagon.

- David B

it has almost 180,000 miles on it and yet it just keeps going for me.

It's an old car that has been very dependable. I love how it's hung in there for me over the years. It's like an old friend. No complaints.

- Barbara B

It breaks very fast. Good speed.

Lots of problems because it is old but it gets me where I need to go. The driver's seat is taped up and the breaks need to be fixed a lot

- Kaylee Q

It is very dependable after all these years. I have traveled to several states, some over 800 miles in this car.

it has a smooth ride. the interior is fabric that easy to clean my car is low maintenance. It is my favorite color. The color is fading

- sylvia c

Reliability, fuel economy for the year, full size sedan, just a great car.

Fuel economy isn't to bad, and it's pretty reliable. Has over 180,000 miles on it and still runs really strong. I'd buy another one.

- Mark B

Nice simple lines and roomy interior

I have only basic mechanic work. It rides comfortable ,it's roomy it's reliable because it's a older car no one looks twice at it

- Victor R

Sucky Taurus: car that's always messing up.

Engine sucks have fixed so much already and yet still not fixed tires go flat easily starter has went out to many times to count.

- Selina C

Great gas mileage with a smooth ride.

The Ford Taurus is a great first car, it rides smooth and is good on gas mileage, it is big enough to comfortable fit 5 people.

- Eve B

It's dependable despite its age. In the time I've had it we haven't had to have much work done on it.

Despite its age this is a reliable vehicle that seldom causes problems. However, the heater and AC both experience some issues.

- Arthur M

It last a long time. I have had it for 10 years and it still runs fine.

The car's overall performance is amazing. It is very reliable. Its steering could use some work, but that is the only problem.

- Dia F

My car has both comfort and safety while also being economical and good looking

I have driven a Taurus for years because it has crash tested number 1. Also very comfortable and roomy. I have no complaints

- Patricia R

The transmission leak that it has.

My vehicle has dents. The vehicle also has a transmission leak. It is outdated and has panels falling off on the interior.

- Damon M

It's a Ford and they are dependable

I like that it is a station wagon.I can haul a lot of things in it.I dislike nothing about it has been a good car so far.

- angie A

It has airbags. It drives nice.

I like that my car is easy on gas. I don't like that it has so many miles on it. I like the color. I also like my radio.

- Jennifer C

I doesn't run very well, but only because of its age.

I like it's size. I'm short, but can still see all around the car when I'm driving. It's old & starting to fall apart.

- Jo S

Good old Ford Taurus it won't let you down.

Good car and roomie. It performing is fine. I drive it back and forth to work.i out 80 miles a day on the car for work.


Its red and it has soft interior.

It is a great car. It drives really smooth but the problem with mine is the alternator is constantly getting replaced.

- Jay P

It's been reliable for 17 years now! We do love how roomy it is!

My car was a higher end model, but it's old and is slowly dying. I guess that's to be expected with over 200k miles!

- Melanie R

It is comfortable to drive.

I like it is station wagon. I can haul a lot of things in it. It is easy on gas. I do not care for the color on car.

- Angie S

Lasted a long time with minimal maintenance.

Traction control went out. Exterior is in bad condition. Sound system is bad. It gets me where I need to go though.

- Courtney G

That the shifter and brakes don't work so well. Need to use the emergency brake when parking.

I like the fuel economy of the car. The starter and alternator went out on it. And the steering column is broken.

- Michael N

Its old and unreliable now.

I like how much it carries. I also like how comfortable it is. I dislike how often it breaks down at high mileage.

- Kevin C

It drives fairly well. It is paid for. I am impressed that it doesn't need more work at 150K miles.

It is old. And therefore very slow. Needs constant work at this age. It does get me where I need to go though.

- Rebecca M

Wonderful car passed down from deceased sister-in-law.

My car has been a great car but now am having thing go wrong, i.e. alternator and the trunk latch has broken.

- Dawn H

229,000 and counting. daily driver

Overall very dependable. Nothing catastrophic in over 229,000 miles. Decent fuel milage. Comfortable interior

- Jason Y

I feel safe in it and it also has some nice perks which makes it even better.

It is a sturdy and dependable sedan that has safely gotten us back and forth sometimes 1000 miles at a time.

- Ellie B

It's good on gas and the parts to fix the car are very cheap.

The car is very dependable and has very good gas mileage I have had no issues with it since I purchased it.

- Silvia M

It is reliable. Will last you years.

No complaints. It is a very reliable car. Have had no major repairs on it & we've had in nearly 16 years.

- Sally D

this car has been a dependable form of transportation

I like it but a smaller car might be better. It gets fairly good gas mileage. It has been a reliable car.

- Donna N

Cheap to fix and mostly reliable

Cheap replacement of parts/easy to find parts. Some issues with the display and starter. Good gas mileage

- Clayton M

It's big, which can make parking sometimes difficult. However there's lots of room for passengers and lots of room in the trunk.

It runs well. It gets me everywhere I need to go. It's not super efficient with gas. And it's pretty big.

- Natalie S

This model of Ford is the ideal car

I really like this model of Ford. It drives really smooth and quiet. The air conditioning works amazing.

- Nick C

Keep the gas tank filled.

It drives smoothly, it is very good on gas, very comfortable, I go everywhere in it, no problems so far.

- Sarah H

My car belongs to me and I have the title.

It is reliable for the most part but it needs an alternator. It runs and drives good, very good on fuel.

- Trey Y

My car is old, but solid to drive

I love my car so much. I like the sturdy way it drives and the size. I wish it had better gas mileage

- Morgan M

Car still functions as should and it is paid for

Controls are easy to see Comfortable Ease of entrance and exit Back seat folds for extra trunk space

- Kenneth D

Has been reliable and good on gas. Was reasonably priced when I got it used.

Have to keep putting money into it now that it's getting older. Has been reliable up till recently

- Betty O

It's comfortable, but too many mechanical repairs that are not wear and tear.

I like the size and how comfortable it is. I like how it looks. Too many mechanical repairs.

- Faith K

It's my livelihood. Without my car i wouldn't be able get to work.

My car is fine. It's plain looking. It runs without issue other than maintenance issues

- Cecily H

It's old but a work horse. It is a station wagon which is hard to find these days.

17 years old and still going strong. I can't complain about much after all this time.

- Albert C

needs a lot of repairs. Is not bad on gas even though it's a full size sedan

Always need to repair something, was over priced for all the work needed to it.

- Lisa H

It is a small car an great on gas mileage.

It leaks oil an is a two door car which is inconvenient with an infant car seat

- Amanda A

It is good on gas. Make sure they let the window down because it get hot

I like the ride. I like the gas mileage. I don't like the fact my ac went out.

- Derrick B

The ow thing of that kind of car it is the door handler it always stuck

I like it because it is strong enough that it can take you anywhere

- Mustafa A

It's not worth spending money on, because it has no special features

I don't like anything about it. It's ugly. It has a slow startup.

- Stephanie H

It does the job. It ha a few mechanical issue they worry me

Like the size and functionality. The appearance I would like more

- Rebecca P

It runs and looks decent, decent gas mileage......

I like my vehicle because it runs. It seems to be a good vehicle

- Andrea H

It's old but gets me to where I'm going. Good on gas.

It runs good. No car payment. It's reliable and has low mileage

- Amy A

the car doesn't always go into park. and the ac does not work

good on gas. but small.needs to be bigger.good on maintenance

- jason v

Reliable with good gas mileage. Good car for travelling

I liked it cause it was reliable. It got good gas mileage.

- Kellie H

It drives nice and gets good gas mileage. Nice interior.

Drives nice gets me where I want to go. Good gas mileage

- lee b

It is good and easy to drive and has a good mileage

Small and it easy for an 92 year to get in and drive

- Betty E

It still works, gets fairly good gas mileage still, but doesn't look very nice.

The car still works well, but it is still very old.

- Steve B